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Love it!
By Emily
from Louisiana
on June 30, 2022
I was surprised by how big/tall the wagon was compared to a stroller. But it pushes very easily, the kids love using it, and I love that it hold all of our stuff. Got this in preparation for a third child and can see us using this wagon for year to come. A grow with you item when the seats are removed.
Love this wagon
By Kate
from Ashland, Kentucky
on June 30, 2022
We love this wagon. It was a great purchase for our family. Our kids love it, we love pushing it. Family outings are much easier and fun for all. BUT I will say, it is sooo big. It’s difficult to maneuver through doors, heavy to carry up and down steps, and does not fit in our mid-size suv without removing the wheels. It is not the sort of thing we’d ever have space to take with us on vacation, etc. which is a bummer. Families with lots of storage space and large vehicles would not have some of these issues we’ve had, and the wagon itself is really top notch.
  • Easy to push
  • Smooth ride
  • Lots of storage
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Space
  • Heavy and oversized
Love my wagon
By Colette
from Solon, Iowa
on June 29, 2022
I use it for my inhome daycare. Love it folds up and holds 4 kids. Love the pockets and canopy. Easy to work with and move.
Best Uses
  • Park and walks and splash pad
  • Don’t overload it
Fits all 4 kids perfectly!
By Matt
from Wooster Oh
on June 25, 2022
I really did not want my wife to spend this much money when we have 3 other strollers but it definitely is worth it....even for hauling out twin 4 month olds and 2 and 5 yesr old. Just pay the money upfront and dont mess around buying the other models, it will save tou money in the long run!
  • Fits 4 kids under 5 years perfect with years to continue to grow
  • Break system is awesome
  • Very concertable depending on scenario
  • Wished steering was a little easier when all 4 kids are riding
Love It!
By Jade
from Florida
on June 24, 2022
I absolutely love. our wagon! I was eyeing this wagon for a couple months and I finally pulled the trigger on Sunday the day before Memorial Day! The best purchase I've made with three children who ride in the wagon. I have a pricey Baby Jogger Double and my kids hated riding in the stroller and it was fight. Now my kiddos don't fight to ride in the wagon because they don't look at it as a stroller. I have a 5, 4, and 3 year old who ride in our wagon and I'm so happy I went with the Luxe because of the bigger wheels! I have no issues pushing it or loading it in my van. I'm having more fun accessorizing my wagon then anything. If you are not sure I promise you will not regret this wagon and AlbeeBaby shipping was amazing. Like I said. I ordered Sunday the day before Memorial Day. I had a shipping label printed the same day, they were closed on Memorial Day and I had my Wagon at my front door Thursday morning! That is a win in my book with a 20% discount, and free shipping! Thank you AlbeeBaby!
Too heavy and bulky
By Jess
from Ohio
on June 24, 2022
I was looking for something that would keep my four kiddos comfy, was easy to tool around town with, and would fit in the trunk of my SUV. While the design of the Wonderfold is brilliant and would do an amazing job keeping my kids happy while in use, I have to return this item as it is just too heavy to put in the trunk of my car easily. More importantly, it didn’t fit in the back of my highlander (with all four seats up in the back-I have four kids so I can’t fold them down).
Great purchase!
By Lauren
from North Royalton, OH
on June 21, 2022
I went with the all-terrain wheels as we were going on vacation and would be using it in the sand. The wheels were not great on sand, but it was perfect for hauling the kids as well as all of our belongings to the beach. It is not the easiest to fold and pick up to put in a trunk. It takes up a lot of space even in a medium-sized SUV with the 3rd row down. However, I still do not regret my purchase. Cannot wait to take it to the zoo as well as other places!
Love this!!
By Kayla
from Saint Charles, Missouri
on June 16, 2022
We love our wagon! Have been using for a month now and zero complaints!! We have two kids 3.5 and 1.5 and everyone enjoys it. Fast shipping. Highly recommend!
Love this!
By Kl
from Ormond
on June 16, 2022
This is the second Wonderfold we own. They’re pricey but so worth it.
Most versatility and longevity
By Jade
from Charlotte, NC
on June 10, 2022
I’ve used this for approximately 5 months now for my 2 and 4 year old - both of which are super tall for their age and outgrew our double bob. My W4 luxe is noticeably heavier to push BUT it offers more versatility than my double stroller did and also offers longevity because of the seat weight limit capabilities. I highly recommend if your kids have gotten tired of sitting in a stroller, are tall for their age, or you plan on adding a 3rd down the line. It CAN accommodate 4 but is great for 2-3 kids! I even use it with just my youngest on days when my oldest is in preschool and it’s fabulous. They have enough space to sit comfortably with a snack, a stuffed animal or doll and some books, etc but it takes up less space than my double bob did. It goes EVERYWHERE we go and no issues fitting through doorways - again, less wide than my double bob and not much longer than my chicco umbrella stroller - it will just FEEL massive because it is high on all 4 sides unlike the typical stroller design
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Came fast and flawless
By Alex
from Kansas City, Missouri
on June 8, 2022
Great interaction where the wonderfold came quick and in good quality. Those that are on the edge for a wonderfold, as a dad I recommend. We use it for grocery shopping, hikes, zoo, etc.
  • All terrain wheels handle most things pretty well. Large for plenty of room for our kiddos. Plenty of accessories to buy. Versatile.
Best Uses
  • Literally everything besides probably rock climbing.
  • Expensive but you get what you pay for. Heavy but the product is sturdy and would last a lifetime.
All-terrain wagon for kids and cargo
By Val
from CA
on June 3, 2022
There are a lot of wagons out there but most of them are cheap and won’t last long. With this one you get what you pay for which is quality. It is clearly well made and sturdy which is why it is heavy. Can put kids in there and still have space for cargo. I plan on using this for many years to come even when the kids outgrow it and to use it for cargo such as taking all the beach equipment in it. Surprised by how many pockets there are. Spacious storage bag in the back. Can also store items under the seats. Seats recline which is a bonus. Seat straps are sturdy. The handle is nice and smooth and looks classy. There’s even privacy screens on the sides of the wagon. Canopy is a plus as most wagons don’t come with it or you have to pay extra. It’s a very smooth ride. I bought this wagon from Albee as opposed to other retailers because of the 20% off.
  • Well-made sturdy has many uses and will clearly last many years. Worth the investment
Best Uses
  • Park, zoo, walks, shopping, beach, trails, pretty much anywhere
  • Heavy but it is still maneuverable
By Kayla
from , San Antonio Tx
on May 30, 2022
Assemble is very easy! Its like a pack n play on wheels. My children love it!
Nice Ride
By Ken
from New Jersey
on May 27, 2022
I get a lot of complements when cruising this wagon around the mall or the parks. Heavy stroller but it’s so sturdy that it is amazing to push around with my three kids.
  • Accessories selections are great but there is a supply issue right now. I love the canopy. Here is an accessory I would like to see. A collapsible canopy rods so I can store it in the van easier.
Love it
By Katelyn
from Cincinnati
on May 26, 2022
Love our Luxe wagon! Though it is huge, it is very easy to push and has a very luxurious look to it. The kiddos love it and so do we! Albee baby customer service is on point. Will be ordering from them again!
Must have
By Alyssa
from Delaware
on May 25, 2022
If you have multiples this is a must have
  • Space
  • Easy to clean
Best Uses
  • For lots of little ones
  • Heavy
Love it
By Ariel
from Belleville, Michigan
on May 18, 2022
Do not even question whether or not to get it! Just do it! This was the best decision for my family, we have Irish twins 9m and newborn plus our 5 year old we love our wagon!
Do not regret at all!!
By Vanessa
from San Antonio, Texas
on May 17, 2022
Got this because I was dreading the double stroller use when my 2nd comes along in June. So far only have used it with my 1 toddler and he LOVES it. Definitely easier to get things done outside of the house with this! I'm recommending this to all my mommy friends! it is a MUST HAVE
By Pamela
from Kalamazoo, Michigan
on May 17, 2022
I am a mom if 20 month old twins. My moms of multiples groups that I am in kept raving over this wagon stroller. I went back and forth for a year whether to buy it. Albee baby had a 20% off sale with free shipping last month and I decided it was time to try out this wagon. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to buy this! It’s seriously a game changer. My twins don’t fight like they did in a double stroller. They love riding in the wagon!!!They have safety harnesses, and the wagon moves very well. I have been using it practically every other day the past month. I am in love with this item! Definitely worth every penny. I sold my double strollers the next day and I am not looking back! Albee baby sent me the stroller within 5 days of purchase. Everything way perfect and brand new. No damage. It’s just perfect!
Customer Images
  • So much space for my twins!
  • It?s 60lbs. But not too heavy to lift.
Best purchase ever!
By Ashley T.
from Marietta, Ohio
on May 8, 2022
The kids and I love this wagon! It hasn’t left my car since I got it! I definitely have used this more than a regular stroller. I get so many compliments on it.
Absolutely love it
By Maria
from New Hampshire
on May 8, 2022
Its amazing absolutely love it
Customer Images
By Savannah B.
from Texas
on May 3, 2022
Absolute dream with twins! Makes everything so much easier!
By McKayla G.
from Georgia
on May 3, 2022
Best purchase I’ve ever made!! And I mean it. It’s amazing. It is so convenient, will roll through just about anything. My kids absolutely love it!!! Makes life so much easier when getting out with kids
Wish we had bought it sooner!
By Sarenity
from Houston Tx
on April 28, 2022
We debated on this wagon for MONTHS. We finally decided to jump on it with the 20% off deal here! We received it in 3 days and use is as our sole stroller for our 4yo and 2yo! The all terrain wheels and the reclining seats are totally worth the upgrade to the luxe! Like I stated, I wish we would’ve just bought this wagon the minute we had our first born! I’m so excited to use it for many years to come!
Customer Images
So Worth It
By Destyne
from Fort Campbell, KY
on April 25, 2022
Perfect for my 3 kids. They are 6, 2, & 1!
Gorgeous wagon !
By Penny
from Florida
on April 21, 2022
I love the white frame so so much. It stands out. Best wagon !!!!! The w4 is amazing and super spacious
Customer Images
Love it!
By Cassandra
from Texas
on April 21, 2022
I really wish I had gotten this when my kids were younger. With two under two this would have saved me! It's big, it's heavy, but my big 5&6 yos fit with room for stuff. I almost want another kid just so I can use it more!
  • Amazing
Best Uses
  • Two under two
  • Big and heavy
Love the color
By Ashley
from Brooker, FL
on April 21, 2022
I was worried I wouldn’t love the white frame but it is beautiful in person! I absolutely love my wagon and would buy it all over again!
Best Purchase/Money Well Spent!
By Kimberly
from Van Buren, IN
on April 15, 2022
The wagon is the best purchase I have ever made! My kids LOVE it!
  • I can fit all 3 (soon to be 4) kids in comfortably
  • It glides with ease.
  • I love the adjustable hand. My sister have the elite and had to get an extender so I'm glad I don't.
  • The off road tire are the BEST!
Best Uses
  • Walks
  • Vacations
  • The Zoo
  • Museums
  • Grocery store (if you aren't full on Grocery shopping.
  • It doesn't fit in my suburban as well as I thought it would. But I think if I take the wheels off it will.
  • I do wish it came with kid cup holders
Best wagon ever
By Kylie K.
from Knoxville, Tennessee
on April 12, 2022
This is our second w4 and we love it! The product is amazing, and shipping was SO FAST!! Highly recommend!
A Must Have!
By Julia
from Columbus, Georgia
on April 12, 2022
I love this wagon and so do my kids! 10/10 recommend!
So happy with this purchase
By C
from Clovis, California
on April 11, 2022
I couldn’t believe the deal I found on this website for this wagon. I was thinking it was too good to be true but the item came today and I’m so happy with it! Shipping was less than a week and the item is in perfect shape. So happy I chose Albee baby, I’ll be buying a lot more from here!
Must Have Item
By Virginia M.
from Richmond VA
on April 6, 2022
This is beyond the best baby item on the market. It is well made and worth every penny. I am the mother of five and grandmother of six grandchildren and I can put all the babies in the wagon with the toddler and take them for a walk. I can not tell you how much I wish this had been around when my 4 were little. Perfect for a day at the park or beach too. Recently took the kids to the zoo and it is was so easy with the Wonderfold Wagon.
Love it!!
By Olivia
from Texas
on March 31, 2022
my order came in pretty fast. Once I put it all together. I loved the look. This past week I was actually able to use it at my daughter's soccer game. I had lots of compliments and people asking where I got that.
  • My kids are 8, 6, and 3. They are pretty small in weight and height for their ages. I mainly wanted it for when we went to theme parks or went on vacation where we had to walk long distances. Their little legs get tired haha. I have been searching and searching for something that could hold all our stuff. I bought one of the wagons but wasn't big enough for them or to hold our stuff. Even a double stroller was hard to push with everything in it. With the Wonderfold all my kids are able to sit together. I put the oldest and youngest together and then my middle sits on the other bench. Along with all of our other things. I get a lot of compliments on how awesome it looks and how all the kids can all sit together.
  • The only thing I do not like is how huge it is! I have a GMC Yukon Denali XL. In order for it to fit in my vehicle and still have extra space. I have to take all 4 wheels off in order to have extra room. I also wish it wasn't soooo heavy! If I was pregnant there would be no way I could lift and push it in my vehicle by myself. Just me doing it now is super hard but I don't care because it is so worth it lol
In love!!
By Amber F.
from Minnesota
on March 31, 2022
I have a 3.5 year old and almost 2 year old twins. This has always been on my dream list and I finally caved and got it! We are in love! My only downfall is that it is super hard almost nearly impossible to push in snow, I can’t imagine it will be any easier in sand.
Wow…game changer
By Jessika
from Lithia, Fl
on March 29, 2022
We were so excited to receive our wonderfold wagon as we have a 15 month old with severe hypotonia. We wanted to find away to increase her daily activities and engage with her big brother. The first time we used it was so much fun. Our little one smiled the entire time and her brother loved being able to ride with her and sit across from her. We’ve only used it around our neighborhood so far but plan on taking it to the beach and theme parks.
Customer Images
  • The seats are versatile and can be positioned many different ways.
By Lorie
from NE Indiana
on March 29, 2022
I love this wagon. I bought it because I watch my granddaughters every day and we like to do things outdoors. I can’t wait for the zoo to open! It’s pretty heavy for me to get back in my car but it’s doable.
  • All terrain wheels make it easy to push
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Lots of storage pockets
  • Heavy
  • No decent pull handle, only a strap
Go with these bigger wheels
By Cathryn
from Kansas
on March 29, 2022
I have owned 3 wonderfold wagons. The original w2, original w4, and the w4s 2.0 luxe. The bigger wheels on the luxe makes all the difference in the push. Yes it is a bit heavier to load and unload, but the push is actually possible. So far this material on the camo wagon has been awesome as it can wipe clean. We have not ripped or stained it. The wagon will feel huge for 1 kid, but 2-4 and it is amazing. We love that 2 kids can ride and all our stuff. We use our wagon at flea markets more than anything and it is amazing.
Customer Images
  • Size
  • Wipeable material
  • Large wheels
Best Uses
  • Outdoor events
  • Weight
  • Set up and tear down time
Fast shipping, great product
By Shanna A.
from Arizona
on March 27, 2022
Love the W4 elite! My kids are 3, 4, 9 and 10 and all fit in it just fine. We already took it to sea world and the zoo and on so many walks to the park and it is so convenient.
By bryanna
from Michigan
on March 27, 2022
this wagon is HUGE it fits both our kids and me in it! the kids love the entry flap and the amount of room to move around!
By Shannon
from Salisbury, NC
on March 23, 2022
I am so in love with this wagon. Also, Albee had my item to me in two days. I will definitely order more things from here.
By Andrea H.
from Boerne, TX
on March 22, 2022
Love our new Wonderfold wagon! I bought the white frame because of the discount associated with it (President's Day 25%off). I really wasn't crazy about the white frame in the beginning, but now I LOVE it, it will go with all accessory colors I add to it in my opinion... and boy have I added. So glad I went the frugal (LOL) route and bought the "limited edition" white frame through Albee Baby. Ordered on Thursday afternoon, it shipped Friday and if it weren't for shipping delays (not Albee's fault at all) I would have had it on the following Tuesday (my LO's 1st Birthday), but it arrived 2 days later unfortunately... still a great BD present for her and she loves it! Perfect investment for the future (and future children ;-) ).
  • Heavy duty, 4 seater, high weight limit, super fast shipping, neutral colors
Best Uses
  • Shopping trips, outings with little one, antiquing, etc.
  • Heavy (but I expected that... and I've become a pro at losing and unloading it from my expedition)
By Lesly R.
from Dallas, Texas
on March 21, 2022
We bought this for our 5yr old, 2 yr old & 2 month old and love how easy it is to keep all of my kids in one spot and not worry about one running off . It’s so convenient for our family.
Customer Images
  • Storage
  • Wheels are amazing
  • Can fit 4 kids
Best Uses
  • Multiples
  • Grocery shopping
  • Long trips
  • Walks
  • Everyday use
  • A little heavy for me to put in my car.
Wonderfold W4 Luxe
By Miranda
from Illinois
on March 21, 2022
I’m loving this wagon. Albee shipped it out quickly I had it a couple days after I placed my order. It’s heavy but I’m 4’10 100lbs and I’m still able to lift it in and out of the trunk of my Yukon. It does take a little bit to break the fabric in to make closing the wagon easier. My kids both really enjoy it (3yo and 7mo). My 3yo doesn’t care to ride on my double stroller anymore but she loves riding in the wagon so it makes outings much easier. I was worried the push would be hard being it is 60lbs but I think it pushes better than my double stroller so I’m really happy about that.
Must Buy
By Momof2
from Midwest
on March 21, 2022
I was hesitant to buy bc of the price, but so happy I finally did. Works great for both my 2 year old and 6 year old. And the white frame has a very luxurious feel.
Multiple Must Have!
By Haven
from Alabama
on March 19, 2022
We absolutely love our WF! I am 5’1 and I have no issues lifting it in or out of my vehicle, or steering it. I was concerned with its large size because I’m small, but for my kids (5,3,1) it works out perfectly. My double stroller was more difficult to steer and awkward to load. I love all of the storage, and the ability to use it as basically a pack n play when we’re at ball fields all day! As a special needs mom and a mom of multiples that is usually out and about 3:1 it’s a life saver for me.
Customer Images
  • Weight limit, ability to hold 3+ kids, storage, leaves more room in my van for luggage or groceries
Best Uses
  • For multiple children or children that may need to ride instead of walk or have equipment.
  • No cup holders for Mama unless you buy separately, if you don?t place heavier children closer to you it can get heavy.
Absolutely in love!
By Elizabeth H.
from Capo Beach, CA
on March 19, 2022
I love it sooooo much. It’s the best thing ever if you have kids but I can see why some people wouldn’t like. All in all I don’t mind the cons because the pros far outweigh the cons. I take it everywhere and get compliments everywhere. It’s the best thing ever invented for kids when you’re out and about. Way better than a stroller. If I had known about this wagon sooner I would have never bought a stroller.
Customer Images
  • 1) It’s like a walking playpen if you take out the seats, which is how my kids like to be in there.
  • 2) There are so many accessories available to customize to your liking. I belong to a group on FB where people custom make things for the Wonderfold.
  • 3) My kids fall asleep in there whenever they get tired so it’s like I take a bed everywhere
  • 4) It rides smoothly. Easy to maneuver. Truly all terrain wheels.
  • 5) Very aesthetic. Best looking wagon. Looks very fancy compared to others. It’s like the Bentley of wagons. No other wagon compares. I’m really impressed with the quality. It’s versatile for so many uses.
  • 6) There is a lot of room for storage.
  • 7) I can honestly go on and on with the pros.
Best Uses
  • Taking your kids everywhere.
  • Cons
  • 1) It’s bulky and heavy. You definitely have to learn to figure out how to make it fit in your car.
  • 2) I have to take out the front and back wheels to make it fit in my small car trunk. There is a tool on Etsy that makes it easy to take the wheels off in 5 seconds so it’s not a big deal.
  • 3) I have a bit of trouble going up curves. I’m still trying to figure this out.
  • 4) Disney doesn’t allow it unless your child has a disability. But that’s okay because we prefer going to Knott’s Berry Farm more.
Great wagon
By Jenni
from Nc
on March 16, 2022
I recently purchased this wagon for my 2 year old and my 4 month old twins. I was trying to find something all 3 of my kids could ride in if we went places, I seen triple strollers and knew that was not what I wanted due to the size and they wouldn't be able to move or see that well if we went to the zoo or outdoor places. I found this wagon and it really seemed like the perfect solution! I ordered and I really do love it! My 2 year old loves to ride and the twins love riding to. I can finally have a wagon/stroller that all 3 fit in and they are comfortable. 10 out of 10 would recommend to parents of multiple kids!
  • Great space, looks good, multiple kids can fit, steers well, can take out seats or recline them
  • A little heavy
Great for the Soccer Field
By Jesse
from Alabama
on March 13, 2022
Can fit all the cousins and our chairs on GameDay. Great for flat even terrain with plenty of shade.
  • Fits 4 children
Best Uses
  • Flat sidewalks, farmers markets, attending sports
  • Heavy
Super happy
By Delaney
from Hodgenville, Kentucky
on March 12, 2022
Really pay attention to the measurements of this wagon. It is a lot bigger than I expected, but my kids (3&1) love it and definitely believe we'll get our moneys worth. I got the 4 seater because we do so much with friends kids in the summer time, it'll be nice to only need one stroller. My kids have been playing in it for a week, just sitting in our living room!
  • Quality
  • Smooth push
  • Lots of storage
  • Nice wheels
Best Uses
  • Zoo, parks, shopping
  • Heavy

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