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Fairfax, Virginia
Everyone's favorite stroller
August 12, 2023
My favorite stroller and I have gone through so Manu different ones. My kids all loved this stroller and when given a choice would always choose the uppababy minu over any other option.
Sarasota, Florida
Verified Buyer
The Best Travel Stroller
June 8, 2023
All around a great stroller. It folds up really well, is very light and is compatible with our Nuna carseat. I truly wish I got this instead of a Vista with our first. My only complaint is that the basket is a little small, but that's to be expected with a travel stroller. The one handed fold is also a plus!
  • Easy and small fold, car seat compatibility
  • Basket size
, Israel
Verified Buyer
Highly recommended!!!
November 23, 2022
Highly recommended! I owned 2 uppababy vistas and loved them both so it was only natural to go for the minu! Very sturdy and comfortable to push especially for tall people like me...
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Perfect travel stroller
September 29, 2022
Lightweight but will all the perks of Uppababy. The difference in weight makes this model slightly easier to steer than the larger Cruz. Could be used for every day
Clovis, Ca
Verified Buyer
August 8, 2022
Favorite stroller by far! It’s the only stroller you need. Compact in size, easy to carry when not in use and easy to drive and store.
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Great travel stroller!
July 10, 2022
This makes for a great travel stroller. We are looking for something smaller and more compact than our Uppababy Vista and landed on this after looking at several options. It’s sturdier than the GB Pockit and has a legitimate sunshade, which was important to us. It’s easy to fold up with one hand.
Kittery, ME
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I needed!!
June 10, 2022
My daughter was going to be going to the doctors/hospital a lot and I wanted a stroller that wouldn’t take up much room in the office. After a ton of research and recommendations, I purchased this stroller. It was perfect and exceeded my expectations! I also love that it fits with plenty of room for other stuff in my suv. I was even able to fit my other stroller in as well. Definitely recommend this stroller!
  • Folds up small
  • Easy to push
  • Good height for taller parents
Best Uses
  • Places that are small
  • Small basket underneath
  • Toddler seems to be almost outgrowing it
Verified Buyer
Lightweight, Portable and Handles Well
April 29, 2022
We absolutely love our UPPAbaby Vista, but I knew I needed a lightweight stroller to use while pregnant and, therefore, being concerned about lifting relatively heavier and awkwardly shaped objects. This one hits the mark -- it's lightweight and portable without compromising the handling. My only wish is that the cargo space below were bigger (by raising the seat higher), like with the Vista, but I imagine that would make the stroller heavier.
  • Lightweight, portable, handles well
Best Uses
  • Travel, certain medical conditions such as pregnancy or back pain
  • Limited cargo space
Atlanta, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Perfect daily stroller
March 20, 2022
Lightweight and folds down pretty small this stroller has been perfect. The only con if there was one is that the basket isn’t as large as I was hoping
New York
Verified Buyer
Great stroller
March 18, 2022
This is my second Minu and they are very sturdy and durable. I like the fold, though not as compact as others, never has given me any issues. It’s a great travel stroller even every day travel where you can grab and throw around as needed. Would recommend.
Verified Buyer
Favorite stroller
March 4, 2022
Love how compact and light weight this stroller is! Perfect for daily errands
Verified Buyer
Want ease and convenience in a stroller?
December 11, 2021
This stroller makes sense in every category. The ride is comfortable and sturdy for any size kid plus you can add adapters for car seats. On top of that it is terrific for city living as it collapses down to the size of a brief case for commuting and storage purposes. You and your kid will love it!!
Verified Buyer
Amazing lightweight/travel stroller!
November 18, 2021
I absolutely love this stroller. I had a hard time convincing myself to get such a nice travel stroller but am so glad I got the minu. It’s so easy to open and close - I’m able to do it with one hand. The basket feels small compared to my regular stroller but it actually holds a lot! My daughter seems comfortable. I wish things like the bumper bar or snack tray were included for this price, but overall I feel that this stroller is worth the price and should last a long time. I haven’t flown with it but plan to soon.
  • Folds compact, sturdy, comfort for baby, good storage for a travel stroller, one-hand open and close, large canopy
Best Uses
  • Travel, convenience stroller to keep in 🚙
  • Cost, accessories sold separately
Bakersfield, California
Verified Buyer
I love my uppababy minu!
August 7, 2021
I searched high and low for the best travel stroller and I found it. My favorite thing about this stroller is how easy it is to fold! I tried the babyzen yoyo and the silvercross jet and the minu was my favorite.
  • easy to fold
  • easy to push
  • pretty
  • have to buy accessories separately
  • bigger than other travel strollers but the others don't have as good a fold
Verified Buyer
Great travel stroller!
August 1, 2021
Bought this for air travel and to keep in the car. This fit in the south west over head compartment fine. Little tight but it did fit. I keep it in the back of my car for on the go! Very easy to use! Was between this and the yo-yo but ultimately I went with this for the one handed fold and the option to have a snack tray that the yo-yo did not offer.
Fullerton, CA
Verified Buyer
Perfect travel stroller
July 27, 2021
I spent hours researching travel strollers and am so glad we chose this one! It’s worth the price. It’s super lightweight, the one hand fold is super handy, and it steers as smoothly as my uppababy vista. Love the leather handle grips. The storage underneath isn’t super spacious but it’s a travel stroller so that’s expected. Would recommend!
  • Lightweight, smooth handling, cute
  • Expensive
Dayton, OH
Verified Buyer
Great, versatile stroller!
July 26, 2021
Got this for a trip with my little one and love it. Much lighter than our main stroller. We loved it so much that it's now what we use around the neighborhood as well.
Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Excellent Stroller for travel and daily use
July 9, 2021
It is one of the lightest stroller in the market. We are expecting any discount of this stroller, but unfortunately there is no discount at all, you can see how popular this stroller it is! It is so easy to fold and unfold, and it is very comfortable for my kid. We all like it so much. Highly recommended of this UPPAbaby MINU stroller!
  • light for travel
  • comfortable and easy for daily use
  • cost a lot
New York
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller for Travel
June 29, 2021
We purchased the Minu for traveling/time away from home as we needed something that was easily folded and less bulky than our Cruz. While the price is much steeper than others, the stroller is well worth it (like most Uppababy stuff) - easy to steer/fold with one hand, recline is great for naps and basket still fits a huge haul.
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Love the Minu!
June 28, 2021
We have used this as our everyday stroller in Brooklyn. It’s a pretty smooth ride, better than expected with the tire size IMO. We were in a third floor walk up, now a second, and I can’t express how nice it is to be able to carry my son and the stroller in/out all at once. I also love the compactness in stores and restaurants. I am going to miss these features for when baby 2 comes and we need a bigger stroller. UB customer service is also impeccable. Our frame stopped opening seamlessly, and they overnighted a brand new one. This has been such a good investment, even with two kids I think it will be very useful! Got the from birth kit, I recommend (being in a car seat so long isn’t great for an infant, and we can use that for second baby vs buying a bassinet attachment for a double stroller). Storage is another big factor - this takes up barely any room!
  • Small, easy fold. Smoother ride than expected.
Best Uses
  • City
  • The parent pocket on the back is kind of small
New York
Verified Buyer
Gr??t stroller!
May 12, 2021
We wanted something sturdy but light, this stroller is perfect. We picked the black color in order it wouldn’t get dirty quickly. It’s light, easy to maneuver and elegant.
Best Uses
  • Every day
  • We didn?t buy the travel bag, it?s very expensive
  • Doesn?t come with a cup or a rain cover
Verified Buyer
The best lightweight stroller!
April 20, 2021
We’ve been using the minu since it came out and we’ve taken it on many vacations. We got the model with the all black frame and it looks super sleek. Since we purchased the stroller we added the snack tray and oxo stroller hooks and this thing is a beast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Verified Buyer
Nice balance between lightweight and durability
February 23, 2021
This has been my only stroller for my child. I needed something lightweight and one that doesn’t take up much space but also something that can be a main stroller. Minu has been good for three years until my child grew out of it. It is still super sturdy after several airplane trips.
Verified Buyer
January 23, 2021
Love how sturdy it is for a lightweight stroller. I have the Vista and am so glad I'm staying within Uppababy brand for all my strollers.
  • Leatherette handle bars
  • Sturdy & strong
  • Wheels are smooth
  • Folds well and easy
  • Shoulder strap
  • Big basket under
  • "Mommy pocket" back of the seat
  • Seat lies all the way down
  • The leg part doesn't flatten, its folded at all times
Palo Alto, California
Verified Buyer
highly recommended
November 26, 2020
We tried out many strollers in the store before we decided to go with this one. The other one we were considering was the yoyo. It is compact and easy to use. We travel a lot so this stroller made a lot of sense. Highly quality material and very sturdy.
  • compact, good material, sturdy, easy to use
  • on the pricier side but affordable compared to other uppababy strollers
Gilbert, az
Verified Buyer
Perfect little stroller
November 5, 2020
This stroller is great for long trips with my 4 year old. She comfortably fits in it with some room and its so compact and light weight. Our other compact stroller had a horrible push, but the push on this is amazing for it being a lighter stroller with small wheels. We took it to the botanical gardens where there were some dirt trails and it did better than expected although it's not made for all terrain.
  • One handed fold, compact, large seat, high weight limit
  • Calf rest is unadjustable
Raleigh, NC
Verified Buyer
Best convenience Stroller!
September 29, 2020
Loveeee this stroller! It’s the perfect size to keep in the trunk of my car at all times without having to have a large stroller taking up room. I love that I can fold it up and down with one hand and how compact and light it is! Plus it’s super stylish!
Verified Buyer
Should have bought this sooner
September 11, 2020
I was looking for a replacement for our mountain buggy for toddler. We also have a pocket+ but she always looked uncomfortable and slumped down in it. I finally bought the Minu after comparison shopping the Yo-yo and Ant. The Minu looked most comfortable and easy to operate. It is the BEST compact stroller! Fold down is super easy, smooth wheels, great basket and canopy. Great quality, totally worth it.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fold
  • Good size basket with easy access from front and back
  • High quality and materials
  • Smooth stroll
  • Seat size for larger babies
  • Unfold requires two hands
Bronx, New York
Verified Buyer
Absolutely amazing stroller
June 22, 2020
I would recommend to everyone UPPAbaby mini stroller. Very lightweight, easy to maneuver, can fold with one hand, my LO loves this stroller. Has strap to hang it in shoulder , easy to travel with , compact , specially if you ll get the travel case.
  • Lightweight, good for traveling, can fit In overhead bin if the airplane is big. Can push it with one hand , easy to maneuver.
Best Uses
  • Travel, daily
  • So fAr nothing
Kansas City, Kansas
Verified Buyer
It’s so versatile!
June 5, 2020
Absolutely loved how fast albeebaby shipped my product to me! This stroller is amazing! 5 Stars Affordable, durable and smooth strolling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality
  • Light weight
  • Nice height
  • Secure and sturdy structure
Best Uses
  • Affordable first time baby travel system*
  • Comes with an array of accessories
  • Multi functional
  • Travel friendly & compact
  • A little difficult to switch out other accessories such as the infant car seat Mesa adapters*
  • Or infant from birth kit
Yanka L.
Verified Buyer
Happy with the purchase
June 3, 2020
Love the stroller. Arrived quickly, well packaged and is super easy to fold and unfold. I am using it for short neighborhood walks and cannot be happier. I also purchased the cup holder and rainshield with the rewards points. Albee baby has great customer service and ships quickly and professionally. I was worried about the issue with the back seat being only attached to the umbrella of the stroller. However, so far we have not had problems with that. Looking forward to purchasing the snack tray when it becomes available in July hopefully. All in all- stroller is easy to fold unfold, lightweight , easy to carry with the shoulder strap. It fits nicely anywhere. Handles the cracked sidewalks in our neighborhood well. Well it is not the jogging stroller that I have but ?€? it is light and easy and the push is amazing. Pushes very easy.
Mary K.
Williamsburg, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller
June 3, 2020
We bought this stroller to carry our infant seats on short errands and for the baby to grow into as he gets older. It is so easy (with the adapter) to convert to the car seat version, and the fabric comes on an off easily to transition back to a stroller. It is extremely lightweight and pushes so well. This is a great multipurpose stroller for any family.
  • - lightweight
  • - steers easily
  • - folds easily
  • - converts to a car seat caddy
Best Uses
  • - travel
Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
LOVE this stroller
March 19, 2020
This stroller is great for my tall/heavy 2 year old! He has lots of room in it and the canopy is high, so there's lots of headroom. The push is super smooth. The basket is pretty large and easily accessible. The only thing I don't love is the latch that keeps it shut when it's folded seems to be the opposite direction I would like it to be - but that's probably because my last stroller's latch was facing the opposite direction. I'll adjust to it with some time. I'm sure you could take it in the overhead of an airline, but I'll be honest that it's not as small as my previous flying stroller (Ergobaby Metro City). I upgraded to the Minu because my child is too big for the Ergobaby - and to be honest, if the Minu had been available when I was choosing a travel stroller, I would have chosen the Minu over the Ergobaby because the Minu will last longer as my child grows. I love that a baby seat also clips on - planning to do that with a roller board behind when #2 arrives.
Lodi, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
the best
March 11, 2020
im so glad I found this stroller, it runs so smoothy. it is very lightweight, perfect for my toddler. it is the best stroller I have own.
  • easy close
  • reclines
  • newborn freindly
  • runs smoothly
Verified Buyer
February 27, 2020
This stroller was recommended to me by a friend since I am constantly in and out of stores/parks/libraries/etc. with my little one. SO lightweight and SO convenient! Plus, my toddler loves riding in it and especially thinks the longer shade is the best! Definitely recommend to "busy" moms!
  • lightweight
  • beautiful
  • smooth push
  • great height and weight limit
  • price
Springfield, MO
Verified Buyer
Easy to use
February 8, 2020
Love this stroller so far. It’s difficult to find ones that fit with the Mesa. The stroller is super light and feels durable.
  • Light
  • Looks nice
  • Comfy for baby
  • Expensive
MIAMI, Florida
Verified Buyer
February 4, 2020
Love my minu! Just wish you could fold it with the adapters for the car seat on.
Quincy, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
Perfect compact stroller
January 12, 2020
Perfect for on the go however my 3 year outgrew it fast. One thing is I wish there was more accessory for it.
Irvine, CA
Verified Buyer
My friend loves it!
January 10, 2020
Got it as a baby shower gift. It is light and beautiful, every mom’s dream!!
charlottesville, Virginia
Verified Buyer
light stroller
December 15, 2019
very easy and light,I love it
Rhode Island
Verified Buyer
Such an awesome compact stroller
November 24, 2019
First, this thing was delivered in 2 days - I was so surprised! Second, this is such a cool stroller! One hand fold is an awesome feature. I bought this for traveling with my toddler. The shoulder strap is as great feature and worked perfectly for our plane ride! It would absolutely fit in an overhead compartment in a regular sized airplane - however, it didn’t fit in the plane we went on (two seats on each side).
Columbus, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Perfect for travel
October 29, 2019
This stroller is amazing for travel! Have used it for 4 flights on Southwest and so far it’s fit in every overhead compartment. No need to worry about damage by gate checking. It’s so easy to carry and lightweight even when I’m holding my 2 year old in the other arm. We use this most of the time now in general even when not traveling but I still like having my Nuna Pipa for longer walks
Norfolk, VA
Verified Buyer
The best light stroller.
October 11, 2019
I’ve owned a Vista stroller and I always love Uppababy. I’ve travelled with Vista and it’s just too heavy. Finally I decided to purchase Minu. Best decision ever. It’s been my stroller now whenever I’m going somewhere.
Verified Buyer
So Lightweight
August 16, 2019
For my 5th baby I wanted a stroller that I could use for a long time. I have tried many strollers, they have great features, but for everyday use they are heavy and take up so much space in the car. I always found myself buying a second more lightweight stroller and ditching the larger stroller. This stroller does it all! So lightweight and compact! I’m using it with the Nuna Pipa Light and it folds perfectly with the adapter attachment! It is easy to move through tight spaces and I can fold it with one hand!
  • Lightweight
  • Folds small
  • Folds with one hand
  • Works with Nuna car seat
  • Well made
  • None
ANN ARBOR, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Great as a second stroller
August 12, 2019
It's not going to get you through a walk on rough terrain like a full sized stroller would, but it's sturdy for a travel stroller. Easy fold, easy one-handed push, comfortable seat for my 7 month old. I researched travel strollers for days before deciding on the Minu. One of the most expensive options, but you can feel the quality of the product, and it seems like it'll be more multi-purpose than some of the lighter, less sturdy options. One warning though: don't hang a diaper bag from the handle. I took my son out of the stroller while my diaper bag was attached and the stroller tipped backwards. Could have been worse if my son was a little lighter.
Hillsboro, OR
Verified Buyer
best stroller for flights!
July 29, 2019
we bought this one because we are flying a lot of long distance flights, it is super easy to fold and unfold, you can do it with one hand, very lightweight, enough storage space for all the baby stuff and in case you need to fix smth so uppa baby having the best customer service just don't forget to register the stroller
Best Uses
  • for airport or city travel
Verified Buyer
June 20, 2019
Light, comfortable for baby, great manuerability, great color, just a solid product overall.
  • Lightweight, well made, ease of use
Alexandria, Virginia
Verified Buyer
great travel stroller
May 30, 2019
Love this stroller. We have an UPPAbaby Vista for everyday use (especially walking to the grocery store, because the basket is so big), and we bought this for travel. It folds up really easily, stands up when folded, is very well made, and seems comfortable for our 16 month old baby (much more comfortable than the Mountain Buggy Nano). The foot brakes are great, the basket is easily accessible, and the sunshade is very protective. Great stroller.
Customer Images
Best Uses
  • travel, airplanes
Verified Buyer
I like that stroller.
April 20, 2019
I like that stroller it is really light weight and compact. My doter like seat, sleep there and it is looks like she feel comfortable there. I can store it in by apartment.
cape cod
Verified Buyer
great stroller
March 15, 2019
lightweight and moves easily. we are currently using it inside the house for our 8 week old to nap in- works like a dream!

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