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Bruce twp, Mi
Verified Buyer
Stokke high chair
May 11, 2024
Easy clean. Loved so much I bought a second for my twins
Provo, UT
Verified Buyer
Quality product
May 7, 2024
Chair is a lovely natural wood color and serves our needs very well. Baby sits comfortably.
Suwanee, Georgia
Verified Buyer
April 15, 2024
My boy really loves it :)
Cameron, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Good product
April 4, 2024
I bought it three years ago, and still in good use. It's very sturdy and stable
New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
February 20, 2024
Great chair and good price for all the items included! Very happy with this chair! we have 3!
  • grows with the child
  • easy to use
  • looks nice
Sunnyvale, CA
Verified Buyer
Sturdy highchair!
February 15, 2024
this high chair with baby set is super sturdy. My now toddler climbs in and out of the seat (very roughly) and it is still as strong as ever! The chair itself is easy to wipe, though crumbs can get stuck in all the crevices.
Dallas, TX
Verified Buyer
Worth it!
January 4, 2024
This is our second Tripp Trapp, had to get one for the grandparents house too! Such high quality, beatifully blends into the family table, and will grow with the little ones!
Alexandria, Virginia
Love it!
December 24, 2023
Love the color and sturdiness. We can tell we will use this for a long time!
Colorado Springs, CO
Verified Buyer
Our 2nd!!
December 16, 2023
Just purchased our 2nd Tripp Trapp. I have never loved a baby item more!
  • Versatile
  • Long lasting
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend the splurge bc it grows with the baby!
December 9, 2023
I am an SLP and am heavily educated in pediatric feeding and I’m telling you, THIS is the chair to buy. It is so good. The footrest is more than just a little board - it’s an entire platform to provide security as they eat. We have two and we love everything about how they look to how easy they are to clean!
Verified Buyer
Fantastic investment
November 27, 2023
The Tripp Trapp is so easy to set up and incredibly easy to clean. Being able to use it for years and years really off sets the price tag. It places children at the ideal height for eating with family from infant to pre teen and beyond. Easily an heirloom piece if taken care of so pass it along to friends and family when you are finished using!
New York
Verified Buyer
Practical, beautiful, easy
October 31, 2023
Practical, beautiful, easy highchair. Love that it puts the baby right at table height. Looks great and fits in with normal decor. So happy we will be able to continue to use it for years. I really appreciate that it will grow with the child and remain practical. It seems durable and high quality. Easy to use. Definitely expensive, but I appreciate that the materials are sustainable and will remain useful longterm.
  • -Materials
  • -Quality
  • -Appearance
  • -Durability
  • -Adaptability
  • -Price
Amesbury, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
A purchase you won’t regret
October 6, 2023
Awesome high chair. Did a ton of research and very happy with it. Color is really lovely (white oak) - no yellow undertones. Kid likes it
  • Easy to clean, stable, good looking, easy to move around, seems ergonomic for my kid and easy to adjust as she grows
  • Expensive but you get what you pay for
Calabasas, California
Verified Buyer
September 7, 2023
looks okay and is trendy, but not user friendly at all...no wheels to move, no ability to adjust easy, nothing lemo system is much better..i have both
chicago, il
Verified Buyer
Nice chair to grow with bebe
July 27, 2023
I just love the design of this chair, and the fact that it will grow with my baby. It was pretty easy for me to setup by myself. I do wish that there were clearer markers on the two platforms, so you know how far they should be pushed in or out. The buckle is a little tricky, but not horrible. I had a friend's kid in the chair who was kicking the table, and the chair remained firmly on the ground thanks to the little infant adapters on the back foot.
Skokie, IL
Verified Buyer
Great chair but don’t love the infant insert
July 10, 2023
This chair is great, we already had two of them for my twin 6 year olds that we bought a few years ago. Little sister felt left out so we got her one too and this time we got the infant insert because she was small when we started with it. While we love the chair, the infant insert is pretty annoying to take on and off and is so stiff. Otherwise the chair is great to adjust for various ages/heights and easy to clean. We primarily use it at our craft table.
Dickinson, North Dakota
Verified Buyer
Perfect Long Term Chair
July 9, 2023
We have loved this chair from day one. It does take a while to assemble, but overall we had no issues. It’s a beautiful chair, easy to clean as it doesn’t have all the annoying cracks and crevices many other chairs have, and the tray snaps on and off with one hand. I do remember reading some reviews of users complaining that the tray is hard to use, but we’ve never found that to be the case. We love that after our kids have outgrown the high chair stage if it, it can become an extra chair in our home or at their desk, instead of another piece of baby gear that was only useful for a couple years.
  • Probably the easiest high chair to clean. No cracks or built in padding for food to stay stuck in. Light weight and easy to move about your kitchen. Long term can be kept as an extra dining chair or moved to your kids desk when they reach the age of needing one for school work.
  • None. Literally no regrets on picking this chair.
Brooklyn, New York
Verified Buyer
Beautiful high chair, easy to clean
June 26, 2023
Love the look & quality of the Tripp Trapp. I find it has a relatively small footprint and think it was worth the investment since it will grow with our baby. Looks great in our neutral modern kitchen. Definitely get the tray as well!
  • I find taking this apart to adjust the bottom bar as my child grows to be a bit of a pain. Straps get quite dirty with food but I imagine that happens with every high chair!
Lexington Park, MD
Verified Buyer
Love love love
June 25, 2023
This thing is the GREATEST. Sooo easy to clean, minimal footprint, will grow for years with my child, and allows for true all-inclusive family meals at the table. It is absolutely worth the investment.
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows child to pull right up to table
  • Looks nice at the table
  • Easy to adjust footrest
  • Harness is very difficult to adjust
Brookfield, WI
Solid chair
June 20, 2023
Solid chair, nice ways to transition between sizes
Verified Buyer
love it
June 16, 2023
The chair+bumbo combo was starting to seem less stable and safe for our 16 month old (able to rock if he kicked against the table etc). Problem solved! this thing is stable as horse, easy to use, easy to clean.
Verified Buyer
Oak Brown
May 30, 2023
Love this high chair! The Oak Brown is a beautiful warm medium brown color. It fits perfectly under my island and looks just as nice as one of my counter stools.
Customer Images
Kate S.
Boston , MA
Verified Buyer
We Like It
May 17, 2023
This chair is very well made and versitle. Great for BLW. My only complaint is how hard it is to get the straps off for cleaning. Yes, you can spot clean them but there is only so much banana and spaghetti sauce that they can handle without a trip to the washing machine.
St. Paul, MN
Verified Buyer
The best high chair.
May 16, 2023
This is hands down the best high chair. This was my third purchase for my sister's first baby. My five year old and 2 year old have each been using their since 6 months. I absolutely love how it grows with the child. My children love the independence it gives them at meal time. We've never had issues with them not wanting to sit at the table and it's made mealtime an enjoyable experience for us all.
  • Grows with child.
  • Provides proper body positioning for child.
  • Fosters independence
  • The baby set is sometimes difficult to remove for full cleaning.
Wall Township, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
The Influencers Were Right
April 27, 2023
I've been raising other people's babies for over 20 years. When I was finally pregnant with my own I figured I would use one of the bulky high chairs like the ones I had fed dozens of babies in before my own. I didn't need to spend hundreds of dollars on the chairs the influencers use. When my little guy was ready to start using a high chair I found the bulky one to be overwhelming for me, him, and my house's floor plan. I caved and bought the Tripp Trapp 50th anniversary high chair. Wow. What a difference this chair makes. Clean up and foot print are a breeze! My apologies, influencers. You were right on this one!
  • Foot print, ease of clean up, size of the chair
  • I don't LOVE the buckle, it's not an easy break away buckle in case of an emergency
Verified Buyer
Great chairs
April 14, 2023
This is our third child for our third child. We’ve enjoyed these chairs through the baby, toddler, and young child stages. They are easy to clean and easy to adjust.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Expensive but grows with the child for years.
Kansas City, MO
Verified Buyer
Just get it. It’s so worth it
April 14, 2023
This chair is so great. We really noticed a difference in how our daughter was eating right away thanks to her being able to sit upright and have her feet grounded. She’s a little chunk and her thighs were too big for the original high chair we got but this works like a charm. It’s also compact and lightweight so it works wonderfully at our kitchen table and we move it around the house if we are eating in other places. Wish we would’ve just gotten the Tripp trapp from the start!!
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pull up to table (no tray needed)
  • Grows with child
Best Uses
  • Making a huge difference in our baby led weaning journey
  • Cost
Verified Buyer
Best out there
April 13, 2023
Best high chair out there. I returned the Lalo for the Tripp Trapp because of the adjustable foot rest.
Verified Buyer
Second hazy grey chair
December 28, 2022
Great durable chair and easy to clean . This is our second chair - had another baby. There is a gap between the tray and where the holds front side sits. Not sure if it’s much different from other high chairs but food does have a tendency to drop through that gap. Still worth it to me to have chair. It’s a nice piece of furniture
  • Cleans easy
  • Looks nice
Verified Buyer
Solid purchase
December 24, 2022
Sturdy and works well.
Denver, Colorado
Verified Buyer
4 Years Later and We are STILL using these Chairs.
December 17, 2022
These high chairs seem pricey compared to others, but what you don't know is that you will be using them for YEARS to come, so they are actually the most affordable high chairs on a cost per year basis. Plus they have awesome resale value once you are ready to part ways with them.
Verified Buyer
Never hesitate to buy this!
December 13, 2022
Love the chair. Never regret buying this. Cant imagine without the chair as I start solid food with my baby.
  • first of all, I love the design of the chair. It goes well with interior of my house. Also, very stable. I always worry my kid’s getting hurt when I do something. But as I put her sit on the chair, I feel very safe, and can do whatever I need to do. And the best about is my baby likes it :) She seems more enjoying eat something or do something on the chair. Cant imagine without the chair.
  • Of course the price. Except for that, everything is perfect. And the shoulder strap is little bit hard to adjust.
Winnetka, California
Verified Buyer
Sturdy and looks great!
December 6, 2022
Super sturdy and looks nice in the dining room. We've used this chair from 6 months all the way to now almost 2 years. Easy to adjust and easy to clean.
New York
Verified Buyer
Great purchase!
November 26, 2022
This has been a great high chair for our baby and is now transitioning perfectly into toddlerhood. I love that my daughter can slide right up to the table and eat right alongside us. The little tabs on the chairs back feet prevent her from being able to tip backwards, which I appreciate! The high chair insert unclips to transition this to a regular Tripp Trapp and we now have it adjusted for our toddler. Love that this can continue to grow with us--and it's easy to clean too!
  • Usable for many years. slides right up to table, easy to clean, ergonomic
Denver, North Carolina
Great high chair
November 8, 2022
Functional and versatile
  • Very versatile and functional
  • None
Verified Buyer
Great quality
November 7, 2022
Great high chair. My 6 months old seems very comfortable with a good posture. No regrets!
Verified Buyer
Best high chair!
October 8, 2022
We have several of these high chairs and they’re fantastic. Easy to clean, look nice, and grow with your child.
Verified Buyer
Tripp Trapp
October 6, 2022
Love the fact that I can push this right up to my table. It's easy to clean, adjust, and long-lasting.
Verified Buyer
Excellent and streamlined high chair
September 5, 2022
This streamlined and sturdy high chair is easy to clean and without tray can be pulled right up to the table and the child can eat with the family! GreAt colors!
  • Sturdy but easy to move
  • Easy to wipe and keep clean
  • Can pull up to table without tray
Mountain View, California
Verified Buyer
Good looking and sturdy
September 2, 2022
We really like this color and it is easy to install.
Verified Buyer
Worth the investment
August 30, 2022
This is worth the price. It is not huge, does the job, and baby can easily move around in it. The Graco blossom that we had was too bulky and she would get her arm stuck on the sides. This is minimal and easy to clean. I wish the tray would allow things to stick to it, but I understand that it was made to hide scratches. I ordered a cushion set and it fits perfect and all was easy to put together. High chairs are expensive, spend a little more and get this one!
  • Size, look, feel, baby
Best Uses
  • Eating, not so much art projects.
  • The tray add on doesn
San Jose, California
Beautiful chair
August 13, 2022
This is a fantastic high chair that can grow with your child. Very well made and the adjustable foot rests provide great support.
  • Adjustable foot rest and height
  • Can be used at dining table
  • Sturdy construction
  • Need to purchase accessories to use before 6 months of age
Verified Buyer
Love out high chair!
August 11, 2022
Our kiddo loves the new high chair. Also a plus that it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can be used for a long time! Worth the investment!
Verified Buyer
There is a reason why they are popular despite the price tag
July 27, 2022
Very sturdy and simple design. Takes a bit more time to assemble than other high chairs but it's for safety. Love that I can use for years!
Verified Buyer
Very happy with this high chair
July 22, 2022
It is the perfect high chair, well-made, and will last for years to come. Very happy that we chose to buy the tripp trapp! It is an investment but worth it.
La Jolla, California
Verified Buyer
July 13, 2022
beautiful and good for my 9 months baby!
Customer Images
Alice, Texas
Verified Buyer
Best high chair
July 11, 2022
Bought this high chair in January and it is perfect for my little one! Super easy to clean, doesn’t take up a lot of space and looks great!
West Linn, Oregon
Verified Buyer
Not comfortable for my 6 months old
June 28, 2022
I wouldn't buy this again. This is not an easy chair. Strapping baby in doesn't look comfortable for my 6 months old baby. And the reviewers complaining about the harness are right: it is very hard/frustrating to adjust. Maybe it would work baby for a toddler.
Tobias B.
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Excellent chair
June 10, 2022
Great product and design We and our baby love it
LEXINGTON, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
May 30, 2022
This was our third highchair. I was so sick of digging food out of tiny little crevices. THIS IS THE ONE. Easy clean. Looks brand new when we're done. And my toddler has no issues climbing in and out of it, so we've kept her in it longer, which saves my dining room chairs from all the mess. Should have gone with the Tripp Trapp from the start!

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