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Solid chair
April 21, 2019
Very solid chair that’s also easy to clean.
San Ramon, California
Verified Buyer
Very happy with the purchase! I'd recommend adding felt pads underneath.
April 10, 2019
I won't repeat what's already been said, but if you are considering this chair and is within budget, go for it. Looks great at our table, baby can get right up to the table and share (once he/she outgrows the white clip on table), and can be used well beyond infant stage. I would recommend adding felt furniture tabs underneath. Although there are some plastic protectors that come by default, we had something get stuck under the plastic which put pressure on our hardwood floors, causing some deep scratches. Only downside to the felt tabs is that baby will learn to push back! The crotch strap is also insanely difficult to remove, if you need to remove the strap for cleaning (e.g., if baby vomits milk all the way down the front). You'll need some help -- there's no trick to it, just brute force and pray the plastic prongs will bend and not break!
San Francisco Bay Area
Verified Buyer
This High Chair is AWESOME!
January 20, 2019
While expensive, getting this chair was absolutely one of the best decisions we made! It is beautiful, solidly constructed, we love that it adjusts with our child's growth, and it is attractive and comfortable for our child. We love that it matches our d├ęcor and will be a chair that our child will have for years. We did end up ordering the padding, but did find that it got dirty after only one use, what with our child learning to feed himself, however that was to be expected and it was not an issue. We used it until it was not necessary anymore and removed it and the chair is fine without it. The straps do not rub or cut into our child anywhere. We looked at all the other high chairs out there and this one is totally worth the money in terms of looks, longevity of use and especially stability and safety--especially with the sections that pull out of the back of the back legs--which keep the chair from tipping backwards when your child pushes off from the table. Our child has done this numerous times and the chair simply slides back slowly...no hazard! This chair is so worth it--and we are so glad we got it!
Irvine , California
Verified Buyer
Piece of art chair
October 4, 2018
Design and function are exemplified with this piece. Solid construction and adjustable so baby will always be at right level to eat at table with us.
  • Design, durability,
Margaret K.
Rockville Centre,NY
Verified Buyer
Great high chair-can be used through child hood!
September 18, 2018
Love this high chair /doesn’t look like your traditional high chair!it can be used for older children as well!Bought this for my daughter!Very Happy -fast delivery & free shipping-can’t beat that
  • No cons
San Mateo, California
Verified Buyer
Beautiful chair and must have !
September 1, 2018
Must have chair for toddler so that we can really share meals together as a family. Our daughter has kept hers for years. The aqua blue color is very beautiful
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Beautiful chair, love the ergonomics
August 15, 2018
The chair is beautiful. Baby loves it and can sit in it for a long time. We love how the ergonomics of the chair encourages a proper upright sitting position for the baby. We'll be using the chair for a long time!
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Love the bundle
August 8, 2018
We love this high chair. The only drawback is that the legs take up a lot of space, but it's sturdy, adjusts easily to fast growing babies, fairly portable when we decide to put them in the car and take them someplace, and it's great with tray or without it and pushed up against table.
  • Adjustable, and quality materials.
  • Takes up lots of space, but we've managed with two of them in tiny space.
San Francisco
Verified Buyer
This one is it...
August 2, 2018
This is probably the only baby purchase that we will keep forever. Everything about it is great.
  • Design
  • Made to last
Asheville, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
A classic!
July 23, 2018
My daughter did a lot of research before choosing this high chair and we both love it! There are only a few non-toxic high chairs out there. The bundle of products provides great versatility as the baby grows and the chair itself will be functional for many years. This helps justify the cost. It has a minimalistic vibe and is sure to become a piece that is passed on between generations!
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility
  • High quality
  • None
Lynnwood, WA
Verified Buyer
Love It!
May 13, 2018
I love this seat. It's easy to use and grows with your child. It's also very sturdy and easy to clean. The only downside is how pricey it is. Still worth it in my opinion!
Northern New Jersey
Verified Buyer
March 14, 2018
Bought just the chair for my son when he was about 15 months and loved it; bought this one with the full baby set for my 6 month old daughter and love it! Perfect for bringing her to the table and so much better than a normal high chair. My son (now 2) still loves his so I know we will use both for many years. Pricey but so worth it!
  • Perfect size, easy to clean, suitable for many years of use, kids love being at the table, aesthetically appealing
  • pricey
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Excellent high chair
March 4, 2018
This is an amazing high chair, great quality, easy to clean. My baby loves it and mama too.
New York, NY
Verified Buyer
Believe the hype!
March 3, 2018
We've been using this chair for a couple months now with our adorable not-quite-one-year-old. It's very well designed (e.g., the bolts fit into metal elements, not just wood, so that making adjustments to the height of different elements won't cause the bolts to lose their grip). The only -- very minor! -- thing we can't figure out is if there's a better way to combine the tray and padded seat cover in a tidy fashion. They're compatible. But it seems like parts of the padded seat cover is designed to affix in a way that's blocked by the tray. This really isn't a big problem. In fact, it's the exception that proves the rule: everything else about this chair is fantastic.
Denville NJ
Verified Buyer
Fancy highchair
December 6, 2017
First time mom. I wanted a nice-looking chair. This was on a bunch of recommended lists. Significantly more expensive than others, but I guess it lasts a few years and it's nice quality. My six month old was sitting up already when we started using this which seems necessary. I like that I can tuck it away and it's not obtrusive.
Rancho Palos verdes, CA
Verified Buyer
Stylish, great high chair
November 27, 2017
Our son loved using this until he requested he sit at a "big chair" at the dining room table so we don't use this anymore but loved it when we did. It cleans easily and is stylish and comfortable. Our son seemed to wiggle out of the seat pretty easily, but that's probably our fault for not securing the seat belt as tightly as we needed to.
Bronx, NY
Verified Buyer
Excellent high chair
November 23, 2017
Bought two of these for my twins. High quality chairs, which look great. They are comfortable, safe and easy to maintain. Children are almost three and now we use them without the baby inserts. I would definitely recommend them
Verified Buyer
good quality
November 5, 2017
Easy use and clean, baby like it.
Verified Buyer
October 22, 2017
1. Shipped quick! (Althougg I had to purchase it thru my laptop bec their website wont load in my phone)2. Nicel packaging3. My husband didn't have a hard time with set up4. Baby girl loves it!!!! Its light yet sturdy, easy clean up with the tray and very stable!
  • Easy clean up
  • Stable
  • Light weight
  • Grows with baby or adults can use it
  • Cost
Verified Buyer
Tripp trapp chair
October 20, 2017
Works great from 6 months to even teens! My friends all have them and raved about them also looks great with furniture!
Verified Buyer
Perfect high chair
September 23, 2017
I've been wanting this high chair but been hesitant because of its price. I saw it on sale with the bundle on Albee baby and I had to get it and so glad I did! It comes with safety belt but it's designed in a way my baby can't get out even without the belt and it's so easy just putting her in and out. (Hope she stays this way until she finds a way to get out!) I can wash the cushions easily and wipe down when it gets dirty. The bundle is perfect and the walnut color is beautiful! I'm so happy I found this deal!!
  • Easy to clean, can use it until baby is adult, less bulky and looks nice.
Best Uses
  • For eating or sitting with adults on a dining table.
  • Taking out the table attached to the chair is super hard.
Verified Buyer
Great quality!
September 14, 2017
Very solid chair! Easy installation. It's ready for our baby coming.
Gilbert, Arizona
Verified Buyer
Great quality!
July 31, 2017
Beautiful chestnut chair with high quality fabric. Item arrived quickly. Hardware had fallen out of box, but Albee Baby was quick to ship brand new chair, and I sent first chair back. Great customer service! Would purchase again for future children! :-)
  • Great quality, sturdy, safe
Best Uses
  • Grows with child
  • Pricey, but great quality comes with a cost
San Diego, California
Verified Buyer
Favorite High Chair/Booster Seat by far
July 29, 2017
This is such a great chair! It is easy to clean and once my daughter started to climb into it we took made it into her booster seat. At 2 yrs old it's great to have her just climb up into her chair for dinner at the table with the rest of it. We purchased this for her from the beginning and now plan on getting another for our second on the way. It's truly a wonderful chair and we highly recommend it.
Verified Buyer
Love it!
May 10, 2017
This is our second Tripp trapp with bundle as we have two small children and love the chair! Would highly recommend, not bulky as some high chairs can be. Easy to clean!
  • Great chair for small children plus looks great!
  • The clips could be a little more user friendly.
Manhattan, new your city
Verified Buyer
Twins in a Manhattan Apartment
February 2, 2017
I have twins and stretching a budget for one chair is one thing, but for two is quite another. I cannot say enough about the Tripp Trapp. My children love it because they feel that they are at the table with the grown up and we love it because in a mid size Manhattan apt, it looks like part of the furniture. When someone wrote a review about other high chairs folding nicely I was like, "great, but then where are we going to put the folded chair!?!?" The Tripp Trapp was first sold at the MoMA Design Store and now I know why. I highly recommend this highchair. My children have Learned to sit propoerly, which has stopped my son from throwing up his food. Design, form and function.
New York, NY
Verified Buyer
November 10, 2016
We purchased this for our six-month old daughter, and loved everything about it! The chair itself is not very hard to assemble, and the baby seat and tray are easy to snap on. The first few days when we put it up, our three-year old loved climbing on it and sitting on her own to eat with us at the table. So the next day, we bought another Tripp Trapp in another color! :) Now both of my girls are loving their own chair. I look forward to seeing the chairs grow with them, with many years to come!
  • Easy to clean, easy to move around, grows with child
columbia heights, MN
Verified Buyer
Baby loves it!
April 4, 2016
We bought this high chair during christmas and my mother brought us the infant seat from europe, which isn't available in the US and it made our family dinner so much easier since our baby was able to join us on the table. We love the fact that this is not another baby item that you'll use for a few month until your baby grows out of it, but instead it will grow with your child. It was easy to assemble, and the quality is nice.
  • grows with your child, good quality, not bulky
Verified Buyer
Love it!
March 27, 2016
This is my second Tripp Trapp and entir of my family love it. We use one for three year old son. He loves it because he can be much confortable on it than any other adult chairs or babish high chair. We also have regular plastic high chair and our youngest have sitten there for last two months. He started solid food at age 4months and enjoyed the reclined high chair till we got new Tripp Trapp for him. We ordered this one because I am tired of reach my arm out to baby who sits in high chair far from our dinner table. Now he refused to sit in plastic high chair. He loves to sit on Tripp Trapp and shares same table with entire family. Although bundle set comes with a tray, we never used it yet. The color matches with dinner table set so it looks beautiful. It is pricey, but I tell you you won't regret!
  • You can share the dinner table with your baby!
  • Price is high and cannot find coupon
Verified Buyer
We love this high chair!
March 17, 2016
This is our second Tripp trapp and we are still so happy with the quality and design. Easy to assemble and adjust as our child grows. Easy to clean as well.
Astoria, New York
Verified Buyer
The best!
March 8, 2016
I was looking for a perfect wooden high chair for my 6 months old baby girl and this one has no competition! The quality is great, it is easy to assembly (I did it very quickly and without my husband) and easy to use. My baby and I fell in love with it immediately, it's so beautiful, safe and comfortable for her!! You can put on/take off the tray in a second. It's light enough to move it from living room to kitchen. And the grey color looks even better in person (it's brighter). The Albee Baby deal is the best on the market and the delivery was extremely fast!! I can highly recommend Stokke Tripp Trapp!!
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  • -quality
  • -design
  • -ease of use
  • -safety
  • -weigh
Best Uses
  • -feeding
  • -playing
Columbus, Oh
Verified Buyer
Perfect high chair!
February 4, 2016
No only is this so pretty, but it's a great chair too. It's the perfect height to slide up to the table, easy to wipe down, and the cushions come off easily for washing.
Redondo Beach, CA
Verified Buyer
3rd times a charm~!
October 21, 2015
This is our 3rd high chair- and its definitely a keeper. Ease of use, simple yet beautiful design added with being able to use the chair for years a come are all pluses in my book! The foot print is smaller than what I had expected, which is awesome- the last thing I wanted was another behemoth sized high chair taking up room in your dining space. Once we're done with the chair, we just tuck it away in the corner. Overall, I love this chair- baby loves it.. a win win.
  • space saving, tray is easy to take off and clean, chair is also easy to clean.
  • adjusting the height will take some time, you'd have to loosen the bolts to be able to move the wooden slats down vs. the ease of a click. But, this is no biggy as you're not going to be adjusting the height too often.
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Good highchair
October 15, 2015
The chair works great; however, the seat belt strap is very difficult to use. Also adjusting the seat levels is a lot of work based on your child's height. Good value overall.
  • Will grow with the kid
  • Seat belt difficult to use. No instructions on how to install the cushions. Had to youtube it.
Annie B.
New York, NY
Verified Buyer
Beautiful design, perfect functionality
June 26, 2015
I admit, I was not too jazzed about the high price tag on the Stokke Trip Trap. But, after seeing it in person in the store, I changed my mind. We wanted the high chair to fit with our living aesthetic and not be an ugly eye sore and trust me, it is not! We got the bundle package which saved a bit of money, but in retrospect, not sure if it's necessary - the padding isn't needed for our baby, and the table, while nice, will have limited purpose once we have him sitti with us at the table. Overall, great that it adjusts to his growth and will be with us for a very long time,
Best Uses
  • Feeding!
Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer
The Perfect Highchair
June 23, 2015
Not only is this chair beautiful in comparison to the bulky chairs you see everywhere else, but it's functional and very well made! The design is genius - everything from the packaging and construction down to the fun colors and ease of use. I am not the handiest person around and I managed to build this high chair in a matter of minutes (full disclosure: I had to watch a video on how to install the cushion and baby set). Most important, my 22 month old adores her new high chair! We had issues with her old high chair (which was a high end, but more "traditional" type of chair). She was constantly wanting to get out of it and don't get me started on keeping that old monstrosity clean...dried food in crevices we're a constant issue! My daughter loves this new chair so much she tries to get in it herself plus it's a breeze to wipe clean. She not only uses it to join us for meals at the table but she also uses it for art time with the tray! I loved that this chair was offered as a set with the cushion, baby set and tray...the price was unbeatable and shipping was fast!
  • Design, color options, light weight, easy to clean and minimal packaging material!
Best Uses
  • Meal time, art time and iPad use.
  • Tray slopes ever so slightly away from baby when installed. Instructions for installation of cushion and baby set were unclear, however, with the help of online videos, it was easy to figure out!
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Our twins LOVE this!
June 8, 2015
This was easy to put together, and our boys love sitting in it. The bundle made the price a little easier to swallow, but I also know we'll be using this for our future children as well. It has meal time happier for all of us (especially mom) since we can all sit at the table together.
Customer Images
  • Small footprint, fits nicely in our small dining area
Fort Worth, TX
Verified Buyer
LOVE this highchair
June 4, 2015
We have the stokke xplory and they do not disappoint with this tripp trapp chair! It's so sleek looking and the color is perfect! The bundle is a fantastic deal if you're looking for all components! We will keep this chair at our table for many years to come because it's so versatile!
Verified Buyer
great item for my son
May 22, 2015
This is a must item for baby who just started solid food. My son really like to sit in it and enjoys his food. It is pricy but you will not regret getting it.
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Very Pleased!!
May 13, 2015
We just discussed last night about how this was the best baby purchase we have made to date. It has a classic/non-baby look and looks great next to our walnut dining table. We love the easy of the tray and the usability of the high chair.
  • Works well without cushion.
  • The tray is AWESOME and never stains.
  • Easy to wipe up
  • Easy to put together
Best Uses
  • Baby high chair from 6 months to adult
  • We took off the cushion because our daughter gets food all over it anyway!
Verified Buyer
very good
May 7, 2015
The shipping is very fast and perfect. After I opened the package,everything is good.
Verified Buyer
High chair
May 7, 2015
good buy!
Jacksonville, FL
Verified Buyer
Changed our mealtimes!
May 6, 2015
We previously had a nice Chicco highchair that our previous three children were happy with. We thought that #4 would be just as happy. It was not the case. We were all miserable at dinner time. Enter the Stokke Tripp Trapp. We mulled over this purchase for a while. We weren't sure if #4 would like it and the risk came with a pretty hefty price tag. After the last miserable meal time, we bit the bullet and ordered it. SO WORTH IT!! #4 loves it and so do we! It fits with the rest of our dining room well and has a smaller footprint than our previous highchair. We could not be happier and meals are now much more enjoyable as a family of six. The tray is super easy to clean and I am so thrilled with how much our baby loves this highchair. Definitely recommend getting the whole baby package!!
  • -Baby sits straight and looks very comfortable
  • -The footrest encourages confidence in baby when both feet are planted while sitting in the seat.
  • -We would absolutely recommend this friends and family as an investment piece--other parents have probably done the same as it was next to impossible to find this thing second-hand!
  • -Having to buy the "extras" separately, which means more $$$$ if you choose not to buy the package.
washington, d.c.
Verified Buyer
Love this chair!
April 16, 2015
i love this chair so much, I have two of them. My older son is 3 and he uses it instead of a booster seat to sit at the table with us. My younger son is 6 mos and sits in the chair with the tray but the height is so perfect, it still feels like he is sitting at the table with us. My only complaint is that it's a little annoying to take the fabric cushions off to wash them because of the way you need to unhook the straps but it's not a huge deal. An added bonus is that these chairs look nice so they compliment our kitchen and dining room. We'll be using these for a long time!
Verified Buyer
Everything I expected and easy to use!
April 10, 2015
Great quality chair love everything about it and best of all baby loves it, she gets so excited when I put her in it. The Albee baby offer was great!! So pleased.
Verified Buyer
The chair is good:)
April 7, 2015
The chair is good. But!! Some of parts were defective!!!And I'm still waiting for recieving new parts from Stokke:(
Grace Y.
Los Altos, CA
Verified Buyer
Great bundle pricing, very attractive and useful
April 3, 2015
Recently upgraded our dining table set and bought two sets of this chairs to accommodate our children. Love that they can be used for multiple age groups, and the colors and style are very attractive as well. I wish it was easier to take our toddler in and out of the baby set (and maybe we will just get rid of the baby set after a while, though I like having the higher back and ability to attach the tray). But overall, great highchair (even though it's higher priced than most others).
  • Attractive, functional
Best Uses
  • Multiple children of many different ages/sizes
  • Expensive
Sonoma, Ca
Verified Buyer
Stokke Tripp trapp bundle
March 29, 2015
Love everything about it! Arrived sooner than I expected, was easy to assemble and looks fantastic. My 5 month old will start eating solids in a couple weeks, but she's already enjoying this seat. She sits comfortably scooted right up to the table with the rest of the family.
  • Grows with your child, scoots up to the table, easy to clean, solid durble construction, easy to assemble,
  • When using the optional baby attachment, the seat resembles a bucket swing. Kind of awkward to get baby in and out and use the buckle but I'd still give it 5 stars overall. Once the baby is in place she is safe and secure.
Verified Buyer
5 stars
March 22, 2015
My little one just live his high chair, even better than his bouncer, he loves to play after eating
Phoenix, Oregon
Verified Buyer
Not Aqua!
March 2, 2015
Sadly, I actually had to send this chair back as it is not the color indicated. I was quite disappointed to open our package and seea light powder blue high chair. Aqua as defined is a greenish-blue color, not baby blue. It does not look like the picture. If you are looking for a 'boy' blue, this is your chair....
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