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Bonita Springs, Florida
Verified Buyer
So glad I purchased!
July 1, 2024
This car seat is amazing! I wish I found it sooner. It makes getting our little girl in and out SOOOOO much easier. She is a lot taller for her age and every time we tried to get her into her old seat her head brush along the ceiling. The nuna rev rotating seat is the only car seat we will be buying from here on out. Absolutely love it!
  • ? none that I can see
Verified Buyer
Love it
July 1, 2024
Great car seat
  • Easy to turn wish I had it for my first
Bastrop, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
June 8, 2024
I love this car seat!! The fabric is great and the rotation is very smooth. The only thing I wish they would have done better is more recline when rear facing. My only regret is not buying a Nuna sooner
Brandon, WI
Verified Buyer
Hands Down The Best Seat!
April 9, 2024
We cannot brag enough about the Nuna Revv. We have been a Nuna family for years and have owned the Pipa, Rava, and Ace. We have loved them all but the Revv really takes the cake and makes it easy for school pick up and drop offs for our large family!
Verified Buyer
Game changer!
April 4, 2024
This is my favorite baby gear item ever!! I bought it for my second child and man do I wish I had this for my long legged first son too! You can easily swivel with one hand, it’s super smooth, and the material is plush as to be expected with nuna. The one negative is the low weight limit which gave me pause for quite a while before buying it. But if you plan on having another baby or your other child will soon outgrow his convertible car seat to free one up for when your little maxes out on the Revv then I so recommend this! A
  • Smooth swivel, comfortable fabric, one hand swivel , easy install
  • Low weight limit
Verified Buyer
Buy it from Albee
March 22, 2024
I love this seat so far, high quality and easy to rotate. I went around several stores (nordstrom and some local shops) to see if I can match the deal I got off of Albee baby for this pricey chair but albee offered the best deal. Highly recommend especially from Albee
  • High quality, comfortable, easy to install, comfortable
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Great car seat option
March 10, 2024
I really have been enjoying my new car seat! This is my second 360 car seat and while the first one did the job this is clearly so much better. I love that the reclining options are for anyone either rear or forward facing! I also love that you get recline options while forwarding facing as my first 360 didn't do that. Originally I hesitated going with it because of the 40 lbs weight limit because it felt low compared to others but I not concerned about the length of time I'll be able to use it with my daughter. Overall I think the quality of this car seat is worth the price.
  • Overall build
  • 360 design
  • Reclining options
Pleasant Grove, Alabama
Verified Buyer
Great Seat
February 12, 2024
After a lot of research, I decided to go with the Nuna Revv for my little girl. I am so glad we did. She gets so excited to get in her new seat. She said it was cozy. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
  • Smooth spin
  • easy install
Verified Buyer
Love this
February 12, 2024
This seat is wonderful. Installs in the car within minutes and it feels super secure. My baby seems very comfortable and the cup holders are great. The seat rotates like a dream, so smooth and with 1 hand. It's way easier to load and unload her into this seat vs a non rotating seat. Definitely well worth the price and we might buy 1 more for the other car even though we already have a convertible carseat.
  • Easy of use. Loading and unloading child. Installing in vehicle.
  • Size limits but I believe my girl will fit in this until she's ready for a booster.
Verified Buyer
Initially sturdy but wearing our fast. Loosens over time.
January 28, 2024
Initially positive review and would give 4.5 stars. However has been loosening over time. Seems to wobble more over time as well. Just does not seem as sturdy as other Nuna products. Will be going back to Nuna Reva.
  • Initially sturdy.
  • Swivel is easy.
  • Heavy
  • Difficult install
  • Poor longevity
Verified Buyer
January 8, 2024
We love our Nuna Revv in hazelwood. Already had to clean it because little one threw up but it was so easy to remove and put back, that was a game changer since car seats can be so meticulous with their covers. Definitely recommend.
Customer Images
  • Easy cover removal
  • 360
Verified Buyer
Nuna Rev car seat
January 2, 2024
Easy to install in car
Glen Allen, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Fantastic upgrade seat
December 30, 2023
This seat has been a great upgrade from our first infant carrier. It’s super convenient to rotate the seat to get our child in and out of the vehicle. There’s a lot of room to grow, it’s easy to adjust and has a wider seat which is more comfortable for a child that’s ready to move and see more. Installation was easy and I love how easy it is to take out the covers and padding for cleaning. It’s very well made and was worth the price.
  • - Easy to install
  • - Wide seat
  • - Easy to adjust
  • - Easy to get child in and out of seat
  • - Easy to clean
Best Uses
  • Stays in vehicle
  • - Uses belt to attach to latch mechanism in vehicle
  • - The magnetic buckle holders work best when you loosen the straps fully instead of leaving them at the tightness needed for a safe ride
  • - lower weight / height limits than other rotating seats
Franklin, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Lifesaver for moms!
December 21, 2023
If this was available when I had my first born, I would have had such a easy time to put my baby in and out of the car seat! This rotating function is so convenient and definitely a lifesaver. So far my husband and I are very satisfied that we currently own 4 of it for my car and my husband's truck for our 2 sons!! If I have to think of any cons though, then it's such a light color that it shows some stains easily but I can wash the cover easily so not bothering me so much.
Brentwood, California
Verified Buyer
Best car seat money can buy
December 20, 2023
The best car seat you’ll ever buy! We started with the Pipa Lite LX and moved to the Rava, but hated how annoying it was to get my toddler in that we broke down and ordered the Revv - we have been using it for a almost a year with zero complaints. All we need now is an extended rear facing version Nuna!
December 3, 2023
Terrific carseat. Gave as baby shower gift to granddaughter. It truly is very convenient and easy to handle.
Algonquin, Illinois
Verified Buyer
One of the best car seats
November 22, 2023
Great seat to save your back. Got Rava already and purchased the Revv for our second. Nuna doesn’t disappoint. Awesome quality.
Sammamish, Washington
Verified Buyer
love it
November 16, 2023
Fast shipping, Easy to install Could not be more happier with my purchase!
Alyssa p.
Marion, ohio
Verified Buyer
Love love love
October 30, 2023
Very easy to install
Sullivan, IN
Verified Buyer
Very happy
October 27, 2023
We transitioned from Doona to this when our little girl seemed to want to start being more upright in her seat. The unexpected benefit of this seat was it’s a little wider too. She seems a lot more comfortable in this seat than her Doona, even thought we loved the convenience of our Doona and it was great when she was smaller. This seat is expensive but we felt that it was worth it for her to travel comfortably. We’ve been very happy with the seat!
  • Comfy, easy to install
Best Uses
  • Best to not transfer between vehicles as it
  • Expensive
West Virginia
Verified Buyer
I love this seat
October 4, 2023
We are a nuna family and love all nuna products. Yes this seat does have lower limits for weight however if you plan on having more than one kid in it it’s worth the investment. So easy to use and install and incredibly comfortable for our kiddo.
Cleveland, Ohio
Verified Buyer
5 star car seat!
October 3, 2023
We have tried several different brands of revolving car seats, the price tag was a bit steep but, I couldn’t be happier and my little one loves it! Just purchased a second one for my husband’s vehicle and we’re excited to get it!
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Nuna Revv for the win!
October 1, 2023
The best car seat ever that I bought two! I love the color and the way it swivels! If your wanted a quality product to keep your baby safe and easy to get them in and out of a car seat definitely get this! They didn’t have this Nuna car seat back in the day for my first child which I wish they had. They only had the orbit baby car seat at that time but she grew out of it real quick. I was in between the Nuna and the Maxi Cosi car seat which I used years ago for my oldest cause of the comfort level and but picked the Nuna Revv & have no regrets. Yes it’s a bit pricey but the quality is there in the details. Looks beautiful and comfy! Just buy it!
  • Swivels, easy install, cute colors, washable, materials aren
Best Uses
  • Fits my Honda Pilot and a Tesla 3 with no problems!
  • On the pricey side but you really pay for what you get which is quality!
Verified Buyer
Love everything Nuna
September 28, 2023
Absolutely love this car seat. We upgraded our babe from the Nuna Pipa Lite RX to the Revv and I wish I had just done it sooner! The 360 swivel feature is beyond helpful for ease of use. Only thing to consider/keep in mind is you can’t have another car seat next to it and use the swivel feature. We did check that you can have the Nuna Pipa lite RX base next to it and have full functionality so if you put the Pipa in last you could use that feature.
  • 360 swivel
Mission, Tx
Verified Buyer
Nuna Revv
September 6, 2023
Great color, so sleek and baby seems really comfortable
  • Color Size
Best Uses
  • Growing baby
  • Price
Georgetown, Maine
Verified Buyer
Not as good as RAVA
August 20, 2023
I really love this car seat, however I feel the quality of the Revv compared to the the RAVA aren’t equal. The Rava seems to be a better quality. But the rotation makes my life easier so I kept it!
Verified Buyer
Love this seat
August 8, 2023
This seat has helped my baby who hates cars so much! We have been able to get out of the house more and stay content. The reclining I think helps because she has a hernia so I think it’s more comfortable for her. Definitely worth it.
  • Rotates and reclines
Sunrise, FL
Verified Buyer
August 5, 2023
Not only it’s the best car seat, it’s saved my baby from being injured in the big car accident we got to! Been using it for 5 months now and have no regrets that we got this one! Now we’ll have to get a new one after accident. It has no damages at all but they say you need to replace the car seat after accident anyway. I’ll get the same one. Oh, and I washed and dried and put it back with no troubles!
Verified Buyer
Worth every Penny!
August 1, 2023
This car seat is AMAZING!!! So convenient to just spin the car seat and not have to uncomfortably put the child in the car seat. Don’t regret a single penny spent.
Kansas City
Verified Buyer
Good quality and very convenient
August 1, 2023
We've had this car seat for a few months now and are very happy with it. The rotating aspect is more convenient than I ever expected. I reccomend this to everyone I know. The grandparents are replacing their new car seat with this one because the quality and ease far surpasses their current one. Yes, its heavy but we are not moving it from car to car. The only issuse we've had is finding the button to loosen the straps but now we know where it is. Highly reccommend.
  • Hot
South Plainfield , NJ
Verified Buyer
Most comfortable car seat on the market!!!
July 24, 2023
I love this item and it’s rotating feature for my special needs baby. She has joint contractors so it’s difficult to get her in and out of any carseats. I had originally purchased the Nuna RAVA but had to ship it back for $28 due to wrong item being ordered by mistake. I’m glad I was able to repurchase this one. She LOVES it and is most comfortable in the car rides to the many doctors appointments. There’s at least the huge relief of not worrying about her discomfort and safety. Price was a little on the higher end but it’s so worth it for my baby :)
  • Extra safety features alone with comfort
  • Price
Rhode Island
Verified Buyer
Hazelwood Revv
July 17, 2023
LOVE! The convenience, safety, and aesthetic are unmatched
Goliad, Texas
Verified Buyer
July 11, 2023
I absolutely LOVE our nuna Revv, by far the best car seat and it is so comfy for my little! You will not be disappointed
  • The swivel , the comfort
  • None
Verified Buyer
Not for Tesla Model Y
May 28, 2023
This car seat is great EXCEPT we could not securely install it in our Tesla Model Y. We tried six times to get it installed correctly following instructions and watching videos and no matter what it moved significantly and was not secure. No matter what we did the lap belt would not go through both belt guides on the sides. After this we decided to try it in the other car and we installed perfectly in our Chrysler Pacifica. I'm not sure what the issue is or if it was user error but we got it to work in the other vehicle so it seems like this might be a Tesla issue.
  • Installed securely in Pacifica, love the rotating feature.
  • Could not securely install in Tesla Model Y.
La Mirada, CA
Verified Buyer
Best carseat in the market!
May 1, 2023
If you’re looking for a quality car seat that can grow with your child, this is an excellent option! Even though we bought this as our child’s forward facing seat, it has every beginning stage for a child and would be excellent even for an infant. We ended up going with this option over the other forward facing for the fact that it swivels - game change for easy in and out of the car! I can’t speak highly enough of the quality, their above and beyond attention to meeting safety requirements, and the overall look of it.
Dallas, Texas
Verified Buyer
Worth it
April 29, 2023
Expensive, but car seat is great. Swivel is super easy to use. Car seat is top of the line quality. It's a bit smaller than other convertibles which is a pro to me.
Alex C.
Staten Island
Verified Buyer
Fantastic product
April 29, 2023
This is life changing! Wish I had this with my other kids.
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Worth the Expense
April 18, 2023
Recently received this car seat, and we were a bit hesitant about the price, but decided to bite the bullet, and we are SO SO Glad that we did! This car seat is so much more comfortable for our baby! We had the Uppa Baby infant seat and our 99th percentile baby outgrew it even though she is only 6 months old! This car seat has saved us, and our backs! its so much nicer for all of us, including baby to be able to just turn and seat or remove baby from the car. If you are on the fence, this is so worth it!!! We have a smaller car and were worried about the fit, but it hasn't been a problem at all! Hoping that by the time she outgrows this one, there is a larger seat that also turns!
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to install
  • Simple use
  • once touch turn and adjust
  • baby loves it
  • saves your back
  • price
Verified Buyer
Love it
April 8, 2023
We bought this when our baby was 4 months for our second car. We intend to use it for a very long time. Our baby seems to love it more than her removable infant car seat.
  • I love that it can rotate. It js so easy to put the baby in. The straps are comfortable.
  • Rear facing Weight/height limit lower than other car seats.
Altoona, Iowa
Verified Buyer
Best car seat
March 23, 2023
Love this car seat!
  • Easy to use with a toddler
Jupiter, Fl
Verified Buyer
Best carseat ever!
March 9, 2023
This carseat will save your back, in addition to meeting the current highest safety requirements. Highly recommend!!
Mount Vernon, KY
Verified Buyer
Truly the best rotating car seat
February 23, 2023
Truly the best rotating car seat on the market! The quality all the way around is exceptional! Very happy with it!
  • Turns smoothly and the quality of the material and just the entire car seat is exceptional! Very happy with it!
Verified Buyer
Worth every penny! Don’t let the weight limit scare you.
February 22, 2023
The only mistake I made was not purchasing this Nuna Revv sooner!! Don’t let the weight limit scare you at all. You will get your money worth, 100%. The fabric, the swivel, the buckles are all perfection. The ocean color is beautiful in my black interior and my daughter loves her big girl seat!! We love Albee Baby and their customer service!
  • Sustainable and fire resistant fabrics.
Best Uses
  • Perfection to get a toddler loaded and unloaded with ease!!
  • The way it installs is a little awkward but the seat itself makes up for it.
Verified Buyer
Worth every penny - love Ocean color!
February 18, 2023
Arrived quickly after ordering! I couldn't find the color Ocean at other stores but Albeebaby had it! This car seat is worth every penny with the turning ability. It makes my life so much easier putting my toddler in the car and when I don't have the baby in the car but have a passenger in the front I can quickly turn the car seat to front facing so my passenger can comfortably adjust their seat without worrying about bumping into a rear facing carseat. If you're considering buying it - do it - you won't regret it!
Milford, New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
Best out there
February 6, 2023
LOVE the swivel feature
Williamsburg, Va
Verified Buyer
Price sucks, but it’s well worth the investment!
January 5, 2023
We love these car seats! I researched for months on what would be best for us. We knew we absolutely wanted rotating for us and the grandparents. The options out there were limited and even the “affordable” ones seemed pricey. In addition I was really concerned about the age limit on these due to height and weight restrictions. We had uppa baby car seat before and knew the quality of it. We really wanted to stick with that high quality. Below is what I gathered from all my research on each option: *Turn 2 me graco- 180 degree turn radius. Height and weight limit wasn’t much higher than nuna Revv *Evenflo 360- I kept hearing the quality wasn’t great, but it was nice that it was most affordable and could last the longest *cybex serona s 360- I kept reading that the load bar was annoying. I also read that you would have to install it again if you wanted to do rear facing and that the incline features weren’t as nice as people thought (but it came down to this one or nuna Revv for me because I kept hearing quality was there. I also liked the safety features). I also heard it was difficult to install. *Baby jogger city turn- I read that this was nice, but the quality wasn’t there as much, and you would have to reinstall to go forward facing and once forward facing it wouldn’t rotate. Nuna Revv- honestly the huge downside for me was the height limit for me and price. We needed 3 of them and I wanted them to all be the same. He did so well in his car seat and I didn’t want that to change. My son is also 99 percentile in height, so I didn’t want this to be done at 3-4 years old. I finally decided that ultimately I wanted nuna Revv for the safety and quality. It about killed me to pay $2000+ for his car seats knowing that it would be done in a few years, but I’m so glad we did it. It’s soooo nice! We love the rotating feature. It’s so easy to install. The recline and rotating features are amazing. We don’t regret the purchase at all. And when he grows out, we will just get a booster seat. Even the nuna boosters are under $200. So i figure that one won’t hurt as much. Ultimately, if you’re waivering between nuna and others, just do the nuna! You won’t be disappointed! Ps at the time of my research I saw maxi cosi is coming out with a new 360 rotating seat. That is probably what I would have done if it was available but it wasn’t out yet when I had to purchase. So it wasn’t an option! I would consider looking at it if that was an option!
Customer Images
  • *quality
  • *360 rotating feature
  • *incline options
  • *easy install
  • *top safety rating (most important to us)
  • *price
  • *height and weight limit
Pickens, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
LOVE this car seat!
November 30, 2022
LOVE this car seat! It is so handy to be able to turn around to get him in and out, and adjusting the recline without redoing the installation is wonderful! It does make a little jingle sound from metal vibration somewhere in the base, but still very much worth it as long as you aren't going in debt to get it.
  • Turning to get in and out, recline change without reinstalling.
  • A little vibration sound between the seat and base, but minor.
Leesburg, Virginia
Verified Buyer
So happy!
November 25, 2022
I love this carseat. After months of research I finally decided to purchase it and its been fantastic. I'm a short mom and so being able to rotate the seat to face the door for buckling has been a game changer, it makes the process so much easier. It also has a really simple install. If I could change one thing, I would make it recline more in the backward facing position.
Verified Buyer
Wonderful car seat!!
November 23, 2022
Obsessed with this car seat! Got this for baby number 3 who’s already 16 months old. I SO wish I purchased this sooner. I was hesitant because of the price but, its truly been 100% worth it for us! It’s amazing to be able to turn the seat towards you, no more twisting and turning to try and get them into the seat!! Very comfortable fabric. This is my first car seat from this brand. We will definitely stick with the Nuna brand as I think this is the best quality! We had super quick shipping and awesome customer service with Albeebaby. Thank you so much!
K A.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Well made and Sturdy
November 3, 2022
Well made and sturdy. It is worth the money!

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