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Love the Nuna Rava
By Steph W.
from Chicago, Illinois
on December 2, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is our third Rava we have purchased. Our children seem so comfortable in this car seat and we love the look of it. It’s very easy to install so it makes taking out of the car for cleaning a breeze. We have the colors caviar, frost (now discontinued) and just added ocean and all are beautiful. The car seat shipped quickly even though it said it was coming directly from Nuna and may take an additional 3 weeks. Overall very happy with our purchase!
Best of the Best
By Melissa
from Baltimore MD
on November 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
Nuna Rava is hands down the best convertible car seat! Easy to install and feels secure, amazing quality and so easy to remove cover to clean
Simple design and not bulky
By Jenny
from Washington, District of Columbia
on November 28, 2022
Verified Buyer
Well made! Glad we purchased!
Nuna rava
By Jessica
from Rhode Island
on November 26, 2022
Verified Buyer
Absolutely the best car seat easy install
So comfortable!
By Jessica
from Mount Vernon, Indiana
on November 25, 2022
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love this car seat! Very easy to install and my son is super comfortable in it. No complaints here. We’ve bought 3 for all caregivers. Bonus - love the color options!
By Inah
from Savannah, Georgia
on November 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
The best car seat out there. It’s both sturdy and comfortable for my daughter.
  • Sturdy, easy to install
Great for the City
By Caroline
from NEW YORK, New York
on November 14, 2022
Verified Buyer
We love this carseat! It relatively light and most importantly, very fast to install/uninstall. Very important if you are often using rental cars.
Comfy and easy to install
By Mamoona
from Jersey city, New Jersey
on November 10, 2022
Verified Buyer
Super comfy seat, makes our baby fall right asleep :D. Watched a YouTube videos and was able to install it pretty quickly. Very nice quality but we have gotten some spills which requires taking off the cover and that was a bit time consuming. Hoping to get the hang of it for the next time.
Beautiful and comfortable
By Elizabeth
from Bronx, New York
on November 7, 2022
Verified Buyer
Excellent car seat, luxury and comfortable.
The Best Non-Toxic Car Seat on the Market’
By Chris
from Richmond, VA
on November 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
We were between this car seat and the UppaBaby Knox Convertible Car seat. Our previous infant car seat, stroller, bassinet, etc. were all Uppababy Brand and we were really happy with the quality of their products. However, when I did more research I found out that the Nuna Rava Car Seat had no toxic chemicals whereas the UppaBaby Knox (while flame-retardant free in some fabrics) did still contain PFAS and a few others. This is why we opted to purchase the Nuna Rava. The fabric is really nice and the car seat was easy to install (although the directions were a bit confusing so we used a YouTube Video). I like that the car seat can be used up to 50 lb. and that it has many positioning levels. It does have a cup holder which is a nice additional feature. Another nice feature is the leg strap cushions (just like the shoulder cushions) which is very comfortable (at least I think? Baby isn’t talking yet). With making the switch from infant car seat I was a little nervous if our baby could still sleep in the car with being in the more-upright position but she is still able to sleep fine. I do think she likes being able to see outside when not sleeping. Lastly, we like purchasing our large ticket baby items from Albee Baby because we get rewards that we can use towards other baby products we need. You don’t get that at other stores so we will definitely keep buying from here (at least the large ticket items anyway).
  • You can use car seat for a long time
  • Many different positions
  • Easy to install
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cup holder
  • Leg cushions for comfort
  • Price and does not turn into booster seat
Beautiful, Functional & Comfortable Carseat!
from NYC
on October 31, 2022
Verified Buyer
18 month old loves this carseat!! It is super comfortable for her and fits in our car nicely. She loves that she is elevated and can see out the window! The purple color is so cute and really unique. We did a ton of research on carseats and ultimately settled on this one - super easy installation, very functional and safe. We used the doona for awhile then switched to this and I'm so happy we did!
I love it
By Amarilys
from Miami, Florida
on October 28, 2022
Verified Buyer
I received this item super fast. It’s very practical and great material. I can’t wait for my granddaughters to arrive .
Nuna rava
By Sam
from Virginia Beach, va
on October 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is my 4th rava for my 4th baby. I love this car seat! Easy to install, easy to adjust, and my kids are comfortable. Shipping is always super fast! 100% will order from Albee baby for all my baby’s needs.
Great Car Seat
from Georgia
on October 19, 2022
Verified Buyer
Very nice quality car seat. We purchased this for our newly one year old who outgrew his infant car seat. I had heard many great reviews about the nuna but was super hesitant to purchase because of the price but we ended up deciding on it because of the steel frame and amazing reviews of how easy the installation is. It really is so easy to install rear facing literally took less than 10 min. I will say because of the steel frame the car seat is very heavy. It's okay with us because we only have one car so we won't be moving it around from car to car. one thing that I do not like is that I feel that the straps are not long enough in how far they come out. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong in that aspect but currently at the height my son is his straps do not stretch that far out so as to put him in the car seat better. Besides that we really like the car seat and the Granite color is super cute.
  • comfortable, Easy install,
  • HEAVY, short straps,
Nuna all the way!
By Kyla
from Holladay, Utah
on October 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love, love, love Nuna seats after trying many other brands. Don't question this choice!
The best!
By heather
from starke, Florida
on October 12, 2022
Verified Buyer
We love our Nuna seats! So comfy for my girl and so easy to use! Highly recommend.
Great, sturdy carseat
By Kelli
from Verona, Wisconsin
on October 12, 2022
Verified Buyer
My one year old definitely looks comfortable in this car seat. Nice features and cushioning.
  • Cushioning, easy to instal
  • Price tag
By nicole
from New York, New York
on October 6, 2022
Love! Super easy to use and clean. Will be getting for my second child.
Love it
By Kayla
from ND
on October 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat! It's a breeze to uninstall and reinstall when we've had to. My child has never complained about being uncomfortable (she's 4) and it was an easy transition to switch from RF to FF. I am now hooked on no re-thread harnesses now.
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable
  • No re-thread harness
  • Price
  • Heavy
Only convertible seat we use!
By Jess
from New Hampshire
on September 23, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is our third Nuna Rava. We love it! It's comfortable, easy to install, and I feel that it is our safest option.
  • Easy to install
  • Rear facing until 50 pounds
  • Price, but worth it!
Pretty good
By Hannah
from Seaside, California
on September 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
I love this seat the only bad thing I’d say is the cup holders are a bit annoying and washing the cover is a challenge it’s hard to thread it back through the seat.
  • Heavyweight
  • Extended rear facing
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
Best Uses
  • Car safety travel
  • Cover is hard to wash
  • Cup holders not great
By Flora
from Spring, TX
on September 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
It was beautiful finishing and very easy to install. We have it in rear facing in our sedan and its pretty compact.
buy it!!!!
By jenn
from pelham, New Hampshire
on September 12, 2022
Verified Buyer
our new go to for items is albee. super comfy and daughter is much happier in this seat
Great carseat!
By Christen
from Springdale, Arkansas
on September 9, 2022
Verified Buyer
We love our Nuna Rava! Finding a car seat without flame retardants was a priority for our family. It's well made and the seat seems comfy for our baby.
Easy install, beautiful, and convenient seat
By Stephanie
from Kohler, WI
on September 8, 2022
Verified Buyer
I am in love with this seat! It is the easiest seat to install that I have ever used, and having 4 kids, and I used to babysit a lot, I have seen a lot of carseats. It literally takes me 2 minutes using the vehicle seatbelt. Aesthetically, it's beautiful, and it looks comfortable. I get a lot of compliments on the color (Lagoon). My daughter is comfortable in it and doesn't cry or whine in it when we take her places. It's very easy to change the recline angle, and I love the ease of the no rethread harness. I also love that being as big as it is, it doesn't take up much room from front to back when rear facing. I am overall so happy we decided to splurge on this seat for my daughter.
Customer Images
  • -Easy (and fast) to install
  • -Easy to adjust
  • -Soft and comfortable fabric and padding
  • -Easy to use side impact pods
  • -Collapsable cupholders
  • -Good fit behind the front seats when rear facing
  • -Fire retardant free fabric (if that's your thing)
  • -Visually pleasing
  • -The bottom buckle can be a bit finicky to open, but you have to pull it straight up to get it out sometimes. May just be my particular unit.
  • -Price
Life Changer!
By Brittany
from East, TN
on September 5, 2022
Verified Buyer
This carseat is a life changer! We originally had the Graco Extend2Fit but my son would cry every single time we got in the car. Since we live 40 minutes from town, outings were a nightmare. I seen where it was rated with the lowest comfort rating on BabyGearLab so decided to try a different, more comfortable seat. The Rava has nearly just as high safety rating but was at the top of the list for comfort so we decided on this one. Just the feel of quality felt way better than the Graco. I had my husband install it and he says it's easier to install than the Graco, especially if you have larger hands. The first trip out of the house was amazing. Our son didn't complain even once and even FELL ASLEEP! He has *never* fallen asleep in the car before! He would always fight naps, no matter how tired he was, which made for an even worse car ride. We even went on a 4+ hour roadtrip and he never once complained! It was like having a completely different child. We plan to stick with Nuna for our second baby due in December. The only thing I am not a fan of is the cup holders. We ended up buying the Munchkin Brica snack pod because our son couldn't reach them.
  • Comfort
  • Installation
  • Safety
  • Cup holders
Love this car seat
By Maria
from San diego
on September 4, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat, second one we got for our second child this time.
By Taylor
from Alexandria, Virginia
on September 3, 2022
Verified Buyer
This car seat is just the best. My toddler loves it and I love how easy it is to use and keep clean!
Love this seat!
By Mikey
from LOUISVILLE, Kentucky
on September 1, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is our second Rava. We started with a different seat for the second car with our oldest. Regretted it almost immediately after being spoiled by the Rava. It's so easy to reinstall after taking it out to clean or transport adults. I also love that it doesn't take up as much room head to foot when rear facing. This is super important if you have tall people in the front seats.
  • Easy to change the recline & not too big head to foot.
  • Heavy for moving between cars
Worth every penny!
By Kelsey
from Chippewa Falls, WI
on August 31, 2022
Verified Buyer
I can't say enough about this car seat. My son has two of them and is still rear facing at 3 with no complaints. I love the added safety features, ease of install, and fit. They are relatively slim for a high end car seat and fit well in both my Honda pilot and my husband's Jeep Compass. I love that this seat is Green Guard certified (Albee needs to advertise this) meaning there are no chemicals on my kids skin. I have purchased all my car seats through Albee as their rewards are unmatched and their shipping is quick!
  • Extended rear facing to 50lbs!
  • Easy install with seatbelt!
  • Steel frame
  • Harness holders make it easy to get your child in.
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Price (but still worth it)
Absolutely love this car seat!
By Reagan G.
from Bradenton, FL
on August 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
Second one of these seats we’ve bought for our girls! Our absolute favorite seats by far. The quality is unmatched. You really do get what you pay for and this is worth the investment!
By Jennifer
from Fort Worth, Texas
on August 29, 2022
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love our Nuna Rava. It’s very sleek for a car seat, it’s not too heavy and the material is very soft and comfy. It’s very easy and minimal to install and to clean. The cup holders fold in unlike other car seats it makes it easy to make space for others sitting next to it.
  • Easy installation
  • Soft fabric
  • Heavy heavy
By Chelsea
from Springfield, Missouri
on August 26, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is my second Nuna Rava. This time I bought the Oxford and I LOVE it. It is soooo handsome in person! The materials are what I expected. The reality is, this is the only car seat that fits my needs. It rearfaces to 50 lbs without a limitation on height, like other seats that rearface to 50 lbs. It is flame retardant free. It is the MOST compact out of any seat that is both flame retardant free and that rear faces to 50 lbs! Honestly! I researched and researched and spent hours upon hours, BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY AGAIN, especially for a spare seat…. But it was the only option that would work for us. And honestly, no regrets. I put my son’s one year old Nuna Rava in Daddy’s car as the spare and he has this one in Oxford as the one he uses daily and he is happy and comfortable in it. The only improvement I think could be made is some manufacturers are doing the air vents for air flow, near the head rest. I think that would be a great addition, but as it sits, I do really like the seat and absolutely recommend it! It’s an easy install, too!
Love it!
By Nate
from Detroit, MI
on August 25, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love it! Looks great. Sturdy. Comfortable.
Love this seat
By Polina
from Oregon
on August 25, 2022
Verified Buyer
This car seat is really comfortable. Easy install, beautiful color & comfortable for my 8 month old. Top quality product and seems as though it will last forever. I would recommend this car seat to everyone!
Safe and sturdy
By Barbara
from Hailey, Idaho
on August 25, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is a very substantial car seat. Bought it for my growing grandson and think it will serve him well for many years. We wanted something that would last and I am never disappointed with Nuna products. This one does not disappoint. He seems very comfortable.
  • size, comfort, ease in installing
Worth every penny
By Kelsey
from Chippewa Falls, WI
on August 24, 2022
Verified Buyer
Honestly nothing compares to this carseat. I have tried almost every brand of carseat on the market and I can say hands down the nuna rava is my favorite. The install is a breeze, added safety features, extended rearfacing to 50 lbs, and fabrics are Greenguard certified (Albee should advertise this)
  • Added safety features
  • easy belt is best install
  • Greenguard certified fabrics
  • Comfortable
  • extended rearfacing
  • It can be a bit difficult to wash
By Katie
from Boston, MA
on August 24, 2022
Verified Buyer
Easy install, easy adjustments and comfortable. My little one loves it, we love the high limits for extended rear facing
Buy it! Worth it.
By Diana
from Phoenix, AZ
on August 22, 2022
Verified Buyer
Second Nuna Rava we buy and we just love it for our boys, they are 3 and 16 months. Easy to wash and put back together, easy to install.
By Lauren
from Jasper, Alabama
on August 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love Albee Baby! Great company & always great customer service.
Not for tall kids
By Hope
from Dallas, TX
on August 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
I purchased this seat because it’s so highly rated. My toddler is 2.5 years old and 39 inches tall. Manual states harness fits children up to 49 inches. This is not the case. My son fits but maybe for 6 more months. I have 2 notches to raise on the headrest level however only 1-2 inches left of harness. The harness once tightened between his legs is so short and I can tell we will outgrow in a few months. Really annoying to buy a $500 car seat for it to only last until 3 and we will have to upgrade to a seat that has a higher torso limit. Most car seats say 49” but they are not all created equal with the torso height and harness length. He is not chubby whatsoever just tall and lanky. Another complaint is the cup holders. Some cups do not fit, annoying but whatever. The most frustrating part is the holders are so low that the toddler cannot place to cup back into the holder. They cannot see the cup holder in the rear facing position. Installation is easy but with seatbelt & my car (Hyundai palisade) the seatbelt is tight and about 2 inches from the car seat so it sort of interferes with loading and unloading. This is pictured in most installs so I guess everyone is just dealing with it. The belt path under the seat I guess is so far away from the car seat itself that this leaves the belt crossing right over the loading zone. Mostly love the other features. Seat seems nice and comfy. Installation is easy. We came from a Cybex Sirona S and already miss it. I purchased from Albee baby and would love to return however I don’t feel like paying 30% for restock & the seat is no longer new as we have been using it. Overall, I’m disappointed in this seat. Would not recommend to most families & feel jaded that I did the research and still am dissatisfied.
Luxurious convertible seat
By Meghan
from Decatur, Georgia
on August 17, 2022
Verified Buyer
I love this car seat! We have this and another major brand seat that starts with a “G”… there is no comparison! The install feels great and wasn’t difficult. The seat itself is so easy to use and the fit is great. It is an amazing car seat!
  • Ease of use, ease of install, luxurious feel, sturdy
Best Uses
  • extended rear facing
  • Hard to let the slack out
Easy install
By Mark
from Troy, IL
on August 15, 2022
Verified Buyer
I love this seat and so does my child. Install was very easy and fast. I would definitely purchase this seat again.
  • Easy install, flame retardant free, plush fabric, compact front to bac
  • Price
We love, and so does our toddler!
By Rachel
from Spokane
on August 15, 2022
Verified Buyer
Great well-made seat that even our toddler loves to sit in :) love the safety and beautiful design doesn't hurt either!!
The Best
By Chelsea
from Illinois
on August 15, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love this seat! It arrived quickly and is great quality!
Great Carseat
By Brandi
from Sunset Beach, North Carolina
on August 11, 2022
Verified Buyer
I love my Nuna Rava. Its so easy to move from car to car if needed. Shipping was FAST! I also was very happy with the price that I paid!
  • Easy to move from car to car and install.
Best Convertible Car Seat On the Market
By Marlie
from Vestavia Hills, Alabama
on August 9, 2022
Verified Buyer
Hands down best convertible car seat out there, purchases another brand and never could get it installed correctly. Bought the Rava and it is a breeze to install. Also delivered extremely fast. Love the Rava and Albee Baby!
Great car seat but runs hot
By Nicole
from San Antonio, TX
on August 8, 2022
Verified Buyer
The Nuna Rava is as beautiful as it is sturdy. Since I often sit next to my baby when my husband drives, I like that it doesn't take away as much space as other car seats and it helps that the cup holders are retractable. My daughter enjoys it a lot more than her infant car seat, which I believe is owed to more reclining options and padding. I love that we can use it rear-facing for a long time and the installation is super easy which makes it less of a hassle when you have to switch cars. The only downside, which is quite a big one regarding that fact that we live in Texas where it gets extremely hot in the summer, is that the Nuna Rava runs super hot and my baby often sweats in it even though we have the AC running.
  • sturdy, heavy, easy installation, streamlined design
  • runs hot
In love with the Nuna Rava
By DeAysa
from Las Vegas, NV
on August 4, 2022
Verified Buyer
We tried several different convertible car seats before going with the rava, but this is the only one that met alll of our requirements: easy to install correctly, comfy for baby, and compact enough for adults to be comfy in the back seat. My toddler has been using his rava for 2 years with no issues, and my baby has used his for 3 months with no complaints. I’ll never purchase another car seat brand.
Best Uses
  • Great for compact vehicles if you want to rear face for a long time
Love this Car seat!
By Samantha
from Pleasant Hill, Missouri
on August 4, 2022
Verified Buyer
Received this seat so fast. Installation was SO EASY. The fabrics feel really nice. Love that there are multiple reclines for both rear and forward facing. Overall amazing seat.

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