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By Evelyn
Chula Vista, California
Love it!
July 22, 2019
Nice and plush and no flame retardants!
By JadeS
New Orleans, Louisiana
Great deal for a great product!
July 17, 2019
After months of research, my husband and I decided the Nuna Pipa 2019 was the best option for our third child. I checked many sites and Albee Baby was the best choice for ordering the seat. I was so surprised and pleased with how quickly the seat shipped (less than 12 hours after I placed the order) and it arrived in perfect condition three days later. Not only is the seat attractive, but it is well cushioned and has many safety features other seats are lacking. The seat is beautifully made and I am completely confident it will excellently serve our family. We will be sure to order from Albee Baby again in the future.
Pros-Lightweight -Attractively made -Dream drape -No harsh flame retardant chemicals -Can be used without base -Stability bar Pros ordering from Albee Baby: -No tax -Points for ordering -Fast shipping
ConsI have not found any cons.
Great, lightweight carseat - perfect for city living
July 16, 2019
We love this carseat. It's easy to use on the base and more importantly, is nice and secure with a belt install. We live in a city so often use this in taxis or rental cars. It also works great on our stroller!
ProsLightweight Belt install
Best UsesTravel City
By Aaron
Houston, TEXAS
Great car seat
July 6, 2019
This was a real nice car seat to take our baby home from the hospital, but I would encourage you to buy a car seat that can adjust from infant to older. We used this car seat for maybe 6 months and had to buy another one. Bright side is now we have this for our next baby on the way and the bigger Rava for my 2 yr old. I love Nuna products.
By Brandon
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Nuna but the best
July 2, 2019
We just had purchased the Nuna Mixx Stroller and used the points to purchase the matching Infant Car Seat and once again we were not disappointed. Packaging was perfect, ship time was quick and the product it's self is beautiful. I love the Dream Drape that stores inside the cover very conveniently but when its in use it's great ventilation and easy access. Rather than the covers that go over the whole carseat and allow for none of that. The handle detail is beautiful and we love the base which is incredibly sturdy and easy to install. Overall very very happy with the product and would recommend.
By Mimoza
Easton, Pennsylvania
June 29, 2019
I am very happy with this car seat and will recommend it for anyone that is looking for a safe and light car seat! It is a life saver.
By Mackenzie
Lafayette, Indiana
Safe and cozy!
June 26, 2019
Love how fast the shipping was, we were getting down to the wire nearing my due date and this shipped the next day and arrived two days later. Very easy to install and feels like it will be super comfy for our little guy.
By Vivi
Longwood, Fl
Amazing Carseat
June 26, 2019
We ordered this car seat when my water broke and I was in the hospital. I shipped to us within two days. Our son came a little early so he was expected to pass the car seat test before going home. This seat proved its worthiness during that test. He was so comfortable and didn’t make a peep during the test. We’ve used it only a couple of times since coming home from the hospital, and every time, it been simple and easy to use. It takes mere seconds to strap him in and he loves the car ride. I’m really happy with my purchase and am excited to choose a matching stroller to go with it.
ProsComfort, base functionality, 5 second installation
By MDavis
Very nice seat.
June 16, 2019
I have not had a chance to actually use the seat yet, but I have installed it in my Mazda CX-5. It is not quite as roomy for the driver as I would like with this seat installed with the base, but it is doable. I also own a Cybex Aton Q, and although I like the no rethread harness of the Cybex, the Pipa still comes out on top for me. The weight of the seat, the dream canopy and the extra 2 inches; on the hight limit are just some of the pros. Also the shipping was much faster then I was anticipating. I think it was here in 5 days.
By Maria
Great car seat
June 13, 2019
Love how comfortable my baby is while in the car seat. The base was easy to install and the car seat is easy to put in and take out of the car. The shade is a great feature for sunny days.
By Tamara
Bremerton, Washington
Easiest to install and love the base
June 8, 2019
After much research I finally decided on the Nuna Pipa. I went back and forth between the different models and for me the extra weight wasn’t enough to dissuade me from wanting the ability to install without a base for times that we travel. That was one thing I hated about my last infant seat, the base was so heavy and traveling was such a pain. This can literally install in seconds and there is no question if you have done it correctly, it is just that simple. Highly recommend this car seat!
By Melissa
Plymouth, Michigan
Met expectations and then some!
June 7, 2019
I did a ton of research prior to purchasing this seat. It was easy to install, easy to use with our Vista, and our daughter seemed to love it. Our daughter was always in the 80th percentiles for height and 50th for weight. She fit into this seat until about 15 months old, although we stopped taking it out of the car and carrying it around 12 months. The dream drape does not always stay when out but that was a minimal issue for us.
By Katherine
Spring, TX
Super Light, easy to install, and safe!
May 28, 2019
I love my Nana Pipa car seat! I chose this one because it is one of the lightest ones not he market so makes it easier to carry with baby inside. We were able to use ours for 8 months before baby boy was growing out of it. He is 95 percentile for height. He did not reach 32 lbs or 32 inches but he seemed squished and also was not wanting to sit at such an incline anymore so we switched him to a convertible car seat. This car seat is so easy to install and easy to move the base from one car to another when needed. Also love the rebound leg to provide the extra safety. The dream drape is nice too so you don’t have to buy another blanket to go on the car seat. Definitely recommend this car seat for it lightness and safety factors alone! Even though we only got to use it 8 months I would buy it again. Very easy to transport baby into stores and around town when he’s fallen asleep.
ProsLight Safety Easy Install Easy portability
By Momof4
Cleveland, ohio
May 22, 2019
So excited about the sleep canopy on this car seat. No more loose blankets to tie to a car seat for shade/sun protection. Sleek car seat with super easy installation.
By Reagan
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Love the new Granite color!
May 21, 2019
First impressions is that I love the new Granite color! I had only seen the black in stores, so we took a gamble on this gray. It’s a perfect shade where it’s not too light and will show stains. Super classy! Also super happy with how lightweight the car seat is. We chose the Pipa because we travel a lot and wanted the option of not needing the base in a pinch.
ProsLight weight Color is so pretty Love the safety of the load leg on base
By Kara
Newberg, Oregon
Easy to Use and Great Materials
May 8, 2019
I was doing a lot of research to find a car seat with non-toxic materials and no added flame retardants. This is a great car seat to meet those requirements. The company has high standards for the materials that they use and I was easily convinced that this would be a good choice. And, it's so light! Any amount of weight that can be reduced from an infant car seat is welcome. :-) I would recommend this car seat over and over. It's comfy, safe, easy to install, and it looks great too.
By Christina
land o lakes, Florida
The best car seat!
May 7, 2019
I had a Cybex Aton and bought the pipa because my newborn was so uncomfortable in the Aton. The Pipa well exceeded my expectations. The easiest car seat base I ever installed. My son looks comfortable and secure.
ProsSuper easy to install Light weight Great fabrics
By Kylee P.
Howell, Michigan
Love the car seat!
May 2, 2019
Beautiful car seat! My twins will be here in July and can’t wait to use them!
By Erin
Madison, Wisconsin
Beautiful car seat
May 2, 2019
I love the look of this car seat, I get compliments on it every time we go out. The base was super easy to install and it fits perfectly into my Mixx stroller. I had to wait a couple weeks after my daughter was born to get it, but it was worth the wait. She is so comfortable in this seat.
ProsLight weight Style
By Jennifer
Miami, Florida
Great product - leg prohibits placement in middle seat in some cars!
May 1, 2019
The Nuna Pipa car seat has been a great purchase. The car seat is sleek and beautiful. The Lite LX is SO light and awesome. We chose the regular so we have the option of using the car seat without the base, which is a nice perk in an emergency! Note: The base features the security leg. We were not able to put the base in the middle seat in the back seat due to the leg not fitting with the "hump" on the floor (model was a Honda Accord). We also could not place the car seat with base behind the driver seat because the hood of the car seat is too big witch the seat positioning when my husband drives. We had to place the car seat and base behind the passenger seat and move the seat a little closer than ideal. We don't foresee this being a problem in my SUV! I am excited for our baby to come and start using it in action every day! It already is so easy to click in and out of the base!
ProsEasy to click into base and remove from the car Easy to install the base Great to be able to use the car seat without a base
ConsDue to size and the security leg, we were limited to wear to install in Honda Accord
By Briana
Colorado Springs, CO
Worth the hype
April 29, 2019
This is such a popular item, and for good reason! I have loved my Nuna Pipa for my son. The dream drape and peek-a-boo features are my favorite. I have never seen an infant base so secure before the Pipa!
By Megan
Solid car seat
April 27, 2019
Love the safety of the load leg and the convenience that it can be installed without the base. Just wish the peekaboo area in the back of the canopy was held together by magnets and not Velcro.
By Katie
New Jersey
Lightweight and very smart
April 26, 2019
The seat is very lightweight, and the materials feel very soft. I love that there is no additional flame retardant - there was no smell pulling it out of the box. It clicks easily into the nuna mixx 2019 with ring stroller. The base is heavy and seems sturdy and safe. I saw in another review someone said their handle doesn't go further back than upright - mine definitely does, it swings all the way over the top to behind the seat.
By Nelly
Fort Worth
Absolutely in love
April 24, 2019
Car seat is so light weight. In love with the color can’t wait for the baby to use it!
By Deborah S.
Luxury carseat
April 21, 2019
With being a mom you always want the best for your kids this is not only a safe carseat but the cutest carseat i've seen! The luxury handle is so soft and comfortable to fit on your arm while carrying the baby.
By Stephanie
Humble, Texas
Light, Comfortable & Perfect
April 19, 2019
This seat manages to be light, while still remaining plush and comfortable for baby. The 2019 fabric doesn't have flame retardants in it, which I love. The frost color is very nice - reminiscent of the suited collection from a few years ago, but the sides of the seat fabric are grey instead of black. The dream drape is great for outings and older sibling activities. It shades baby and keeps prying eyes at bay.
Proslight comfortable fabric
Consdream drape is good, but magnets should be stronger
By Bianca
New Orleans, LA
Exactly What I'd Hoped For
April 15, 2019
I purchased this car seat because I needed something light and easy to install without a base. I don't drive and use car shares to get around the city I live in. The Pipa is very easy to put into any car, and as long as you're good about leveling it with the ground, you're good to go. It does have a significant footprint in the seat, so you may need to scoot the front seats up a bit for it to fit properly. It's light but that's only great in the beginning. As your baby grows, it's going to feel heavy no matter what. Initially, my daughter was uncomfortable in the seat. She was small (under 6 pounds) and the seat seemed to swallow her. The shoulder pads in particular were quite big around her neck (though they aren't large at all). With an adapter, it's easy to use with my Uppababy stroller as well. Doesn't hurt that it's quite stylish as well. The "dream drape" is lovely, and helps my baby settle into sleep on a car ride, but you do have to be careful about the magnetic closures, it's easy to knock them out of place. All in all, I'm happy with the Pipa.
Proslightweight, stylish, easy to install with/without a base, adapts to non-Nuna strollers
Consexpensive, dream drape can be tricky to secure in place
Best Usesgreat for people who travel in different cars (taxis, car shares, etc.)
By Diana
San Diego, California
Great quality
April 13, 2019
Worked perfectly for my twins and easy to install base. Love the quality of it and all of its features
By Jessica
Crestline, CA
The best
April 7, 2019
I am kind of a car seat snob, and I must say I love this seat. It is extremely easy to install, it’s comfy and stylish and loaded with features. The newborn insert with optional low birth weight pillow is great for super new babies, and I love the dream drape. The load leg is an added safety feature that was very important to me. My only complaint, if I’m going to be picky, is that the magnets on the dream drape could be a little bit stronger. But it wasn’t that much of an issue.
By Sam
Campbell, California
Very good quality
April 7, 2019
Solid built quality, light-weight, works with Cybex Priam Stroller perfectly. The canopy is not so easy to fold/unfold.
By J
Vancouver. WA
Great carseat
April 7, 2019
We love the Nuna Pipa quality and look. Especially the fact that it does not have any harmful chemicals in the fabric. It also does not take to much space in the car and allows us to have 3 carseats in a row without any problems.
By Abigail
Charlottesville, Virginia
Perfect for our needs!
March 29, 2019
This stroller is lightweight, sleek in design, and fits the super small backseat of our jeep - which is a big bonus. We went with the Pipa instead of the Pipa Lite or Uppababy Mesa because we fly to our parents a few times a year - so having the European belt path is great. The lightweight factor is also hug for me - I'm still recovering from a torn rotator cuff, so the lightweight and ergonomic functionality is very helpful. So much lighter than our friends Chicco Keyfit 30. I appreciated I could get a good amount of rewards points from Albee even though I couldn't use a coupon. But every sight I checked wouldn't let me use a coupon for the Pipa. So, Albee's rewards definitely made it worth it for buying from them.
Pros-simple, yet elegant look -lightweight -European belt path -harness holders for when putting baby in -safety standards
Cons-Wish the newborn insert hugged baby's head a bit more. You can buy an additional insert that will hug baby's head better, but at this price I think it should come with the car seat. -Price -At this price, I also think it should have an adjustable harness like the Mesa or Keyfit verses a rethread.
By Megan
San Antonio, Texas
In love!
March 29, 2019
This car seat is gorgeous and fits perfectly into my silver cross wave stroller! Lightweight and high quality.
By Perrie
Roseville, California
Great Car Seat
March 27, 2019
I love my new 2019 Nuna Pipa car seat! The caviar color is really nice and it has great quality!
By Kasandra
Chico, California
Worth the wait
March 26, 2019
I’m so excited to have the 2019 model. I fell in love with the look and safety features of the Nuna Pipa but I had to have the new natural flame retardant feature of the fabric for 2019. It was totally worth the wait too! The softness of the fabrics... it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to bring home our baby in this. Oh and the dream drape is the perfect extra. And the brown leather handle is chic!
ProsDream drape Infant insert
ConsNot the lightest model
By Andrea
North Carolina
Best carseat
March 25, 2019
This car seat is amazing! Safety specs initially sold me and I couldn’t be happier. It is beautiful, easy to carry because it’s so light, cushioned, and has great extra features: the drape extends for maximum coverage - it stays put by magnet, and even has a mesh side panel to provide additional air circulation. It will always be Nuna Pipa for me!
ProsEase of installation, extra features, quality!
By Katie
Cincinnati, Ohio
Amazing seat
March 21, 2019
I cannot love this seat anymore than I do! The light weight makes it so easy to carry around and it’s narrow! I have 3 of these seats side by side in our car and they are easy to install into their bases with ease
By Kimber
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Safest Car Seat Around
March 19, 2019
I had been eying this carseat for months when I was pregnant. I had been in a car accident prior to being pregnant, so I had some anxiety about driving and especially with my new baby. All the research for safe carseats led me to nuna. The base is just amazing and a genius idea. Not to mention it is so chic looking. We have this and the coordinating stroller.
By Denise
Oyster Bay, New York
Gorgeous Car Seat
March 16, 2019
I just got this, I’m in love, can’t wait to use, due in 5 weeks!! Super fast service with Albee, product as pictured.
By Tin
Great Quality
March 5, 2019
Such a great car seat! I looked at other car seats for a long while before finally placing my order for the Nuna. Yes, others are inexpensive but the quality did not compare when compared to other car seats. I was even more excited when I received it in the mail and immediately knew I made the right choice.
By Ayonna
Bethesda, MD
March 2, 2019
While I haven’t used this yet (still pregnant), this carseat is beautiful and feels to be very safe! Excited for baby boy to try it out.
By Rachel
Chapin, South Carolina
Great car seat
February 24, 2019
Overall I am very happy with this purchase. The canopy is hard to fold all the way back so it can make it difficult to see your child from the front seat of the car, is the only con. The car seat is light weight, easy to install, easy to clean, and good looking. I would recommend to anyone on the fence.
ProsGreat look, light weight, comfortable for the child, and easy to clean.
ConsThe canopy is hard to get to fold all the way back which can be annoying to see your child from the front seat of the car.
By joanna
Really Good car seat
February 22, 2019
My babies seem to like these car seats . They dont cry in them and can go on long trips without much of a fuss. We had different brand for our older kids and they would always cry in their seats. Stop as soon as we switched them to diffrent car seats. Would definitely recommend
By Anne
Great form and function
February 21, 2019
The Pipa combines beautiful style, quality materials, and easy functionality. Love not having to choose which features matter most. This seat has it all! It is lightweight and super quick to install. It gets high marks for safety from multiple sources, including car seat techs. The carry handle can be used in any of the 3 locking positions when installed in a vehicle, which might be helpful for tighter spaces. (The only tiny improvement I'd like would be a fourth position to allow the handle to act as an anti-rebound bar when using without the base or without the load leg.) The fabric is plush, the insert provides support for smaller infants, and the strap adjustment is smooth and simple. The release mechanism is easy to squeeze and doesn't require any struggle to lift the seat from the base.
By Luz M.
new york, New York
Love this car seat!
February 20, 2019
I love this car seat!! This is my first one so I don't have any other to compare to, but it's really lightweight and easy to manouver. It fits perfectly to my Babyzen Yoyo stroller (I love I don't have to take the adapters out of the car seat) making it a great travel system. I also love that I can use it without the base with the european belt system, so I can get in any car at any time. It's stylish, sturdy but soft, baby seems pretty comfy in it.
ProsLightweight, safe, looks nice, compatible with yoyo stroller.
By Ashley
Plano, Texas
Really Love this Seat - Few Minor Annoyances
February 12, 2019
Used a Graco for our first and it was fine, but for our second I wanted something different and did a TON of research. Landed on the Nuna Pipa for a few reasons: 1. Lightweight. Our previous graco was also one of the lighter on the market and I knew I needed something that was not heavier. 2. Added safety features. Love the base with load leg (and SO EASY to install) 3. Ability to use without base for travel. 4. DREAM DRAPE <3 5. Nice premium fabrics and materials. We have also been looking for a new stroller, and Nuna seems to be compatible with most of the high-end strollers, which is a plus. A little more tricky (or impossible) when you stick with more mainstream strollers like Chicco or Graco. Baby isn't here yet to testify to every day use or longevity, but overall i'm excited to use this seat! In playing around with it, there are a few MINOR things that irk me, however: 1. peekaboo window is velcro closure (WHY???) 2. without using the dream drape, the canopy does not really extend far or do much 3. the handlebar doesn't seem to have as much manueverability as our old Graco - it doesn't extend backward past the upright position. Not a huge deal, but bugs me a little that I can't move it back out of the way more. 4. the canopy seems to get in the way when adjusting the handlebar, or when holding the handlebar While I do feel these minor things will bother me some day to day, the pros definitely outweight the cons with this seat!
By Jenna
Los Angeles, Ca
Nuna Pipa Car Seat
February 9, 2019
The Nuna Pipa car seat is beautiful. I love how it’s one of the lightest car seat. My baby isn’t born yet so I will add on to my review once baby boy is here but so far based on looks and how easily it’s installed and goes into my Silver Cross Wave stroller I’m happy so far. To be continued....
ProsBeautiful Love the extended sun shade with ventilated sides for my summer baby
By Rachel
encino, California
Love our Pipa
February 7, 2019
I love this carseat. It's very lightweight and feels sturdy at the same time. Snaps easily in and out of the base. We did have to get the canopy replaced by the company because of a defect. The sent a whole new cover/canopy set free of charge. Great carseat and company.
By NewMommy
Love this carseat
February 4, 2019
I am a pediatrician and spent weeks researching car seats for my little one. I wanted a car seat that was light and convenient to use but most importantly safe. This hit all my requirements. I have a Mutsy Ego stroller, and this car seat works with Maxi Cosi adapters, so have been using this as a convenient travel system as well. The car seat snaps in and out of the base easily. I also love that you can use it without a base, so when traveling or if we find ourselves in a different car we don't have to bring along the base. Only complaint is that the support leg will pull out when you lift the car seat out of the base sometimes and needs to be readjusted periodically which is annoying, I wish it would lock into place once you set the leg at a particular length. I would give the car seat 5 stars if this issue was fixed, 4 stars now since it does seem like a pretty big safety flaw.
ProsOne of the safest car seats Lightweight Looks nice Easy to take in and out of car Can be used without base Works with Maxi Cosi adapters for use with different stroller systems
ConsSupport leg pulls out and requires readjustment
By Abe
Brookline, Massachusetts
January 31, 2019
We live in a 3rd floor walkup so a lightweight setup was important to us. The Pipa is light, and still allows use without the base in a pinch (unlike the Lite version). Goes perfectly with the Babyzen Yoyo for a very light package.
ProsLightweight Stylish
Best UsesGreat for walkups
By Devorah
Columbus, Ohio
Great carseat
January 25, 2019
Awesome car seat. Easy to install and lightweight.
By Kaitlin
Indianapolis, Indiana
Great lightweight option
January 18, 2019
Great car seat. I love the peace of mind of having the foot bar. Looks very sleek and lightweight.
By William
San Francisco, California
Loving the Nuna Pipa Car Seat
January 7, 2019
The car seat is great, loving the dream drape. Very easy to install in the car and pretty light weight.
By Joanne
Just what my son wanted for his newest son!
December 30, 2018
My family is so happy with this purchase for their 3rd child. They've bought several car seats and this is THE ONE they wanted for their third baby. We highly recommend it.
By Katy
South Carolina
Love the light weight and features
December 24, 2018
This car seat fits my baby so well. It is lighter than most other car seats I have held and I love the flexible canopy and dream drape. I chose the Nuna pipa over the Nuna pipa lite because you can install it without a base with a seatbelt if needed.
By Emily
Los angles
Amazing purchase
December 16, 2018
Love this purchase. I did a lot of research for my firstbaby. I finally decided to choose Nuna‘s stroller and car seat&#65292;and I'm so glad I made the decision to buy it. It is very comfortable and safe. Beautiful color and great material. Good quality&#65281;I also love Albeebaby’s service. There were a little problems when I was shopping&#65292;but they took care of itvery quickly. I am very satisfied. Now I enjoy shopping here&#65281;
By Daisy G.
Lubbock, Texas
Worth it!
December 13, 2018
Great quality, stylish, and the car seat easily unlocks from the base! Infant insert feels amazing!
ConsA bit heavy.
By Julie
Great choice ! Very light!
December 9, 2018
love the car seat after a research online, and after receving it , I found it is very light and convience to use as described. love! love!
By Rachel
Saint joseph, Missouri
December 8, 2018
I have nothing but good things to say about this seat. We owned a britax before that had great reviews by customers and officially for safety. The nuna far surpasses our britax and I could never go back. It's so plush, soooo light weight, and so so very safe. We bought it for our 6 month old who was traveling a long distance after a spinal cord surgery and felt so good about putting him inside of it. We have never regretted our decision and were 100% positive we wanted another when we found out we were pregnant with twins. Also easy to clean (necessary with all the blowouts and spit up my babies have) - it looks brand new after two babies with extreme spit up and normal blow out frequency.
ProsLight weight Super comfy for baby Easy to install Extremely safe Easy to clean
ConsPrice, I guess, but absolutely worth it. You can tell its high quality and it has so many pros that other cheaper options don't.
By Jeannie
Bayside, NY
Loving it
November 30, 2018
After extensive research on car seats regarding portability, lightweight and most importantly safety, Nuna Pipa was def my top contender and it didn't disappoint. I love how light it is, its not awkward at all for my to carry the car seat with a newborn in it and I'm quite petite. The car seat is extremely well made, sturdy and soft. It is no wonder that this car seat has been rated one of the best in the industry.
By Ali
Destin, Florida
Love Nuna!!
November 27, 2018
Absolutely love the nuna pipa! Seat is comfortable and well made! Easy to install. I have the baby jogger city select and the adaptors work perfectly with the car seat.
By Elizabeth
Boston, MA
Safe and Stylish Car Seat
November 25, 2018
My husband researched a ton and felt the Nuna Pipa was the safest car seat and the best value on the market. We are thrilled with how easy it was to install and use and I adore the limited edition Suited color.
Irvine, California
Love this color
November 22, 2018
I bought this BlackBerry color on sale. It is very nice design.
ProsDreamy shade
By Jing
Sunnyvale, California
Nuna or Cybex?
November 21, 2018
My husband and I wanted a safe car seat with European belt path. So it came down to nuna pipa or cybex line. Albee baby made the choice very hard because the cybex are so heavenly discounted. All online reviews and in store try ons considered, we went with nuna pipa. Sure it is larger framed, does not have the rebound bar nor the no- retread harness, but it is lightweight and easier to clip on its base.
ProsWe got a cybex balios s stroller. And although it was not mentioned anywhere on websites. The nuna pipa does fit with the included adaptor.
By Anna
Woodland Hills, California
Great car seat
November 21, 2018
Very cool looking and the blackberry color is awesome. Built in extended sun canopy is useful. It's lighter then most of the infant car seat out there.
By nicole
orwigsburg, Pennsylvania
November 7, 2018
I love this seat! It's lightweight & easy to use. I've used it for 3 out of 4 of my babies.
Proslightweight infant insert looks nice
By Ashley
Milan, Michigan
great quality
November 5, 2018
really nice fabric, and great quality. Love the quick latch system installed it in less than 30 seconds. Glad I made the decision to splurge on this car seat.
By Sarah
Sarasota, FL
So light!
November 4, 2018
This seat is for baby #2 that is due in a week and a half. For baby #1, we had the Orbit baby car seat. The Orbit was great to use - made getting baby in and out of the seat a breeze. But, it was REALLY heavy and only compatible with the Orbit stroller which we sold when baby was about 6 months old. With a 3 year old, I needed an infant seat that was light and would be easy to tote around with a toddler. The installation of the base could not have been any easier. It took less than 3 minutes to install two bases in two cars. So happy we went with the Nuna Pipa and look forward to its ease of use.
By Aaron
Houston, Texas
High Quality and Ease of Use
October 22, 2018
We purchased this seat and an extra base for our infant. Everything was high quality as expected with the Nuna brand. Switching between the bases within our cars was incredibly easy. Seat was easy to carry around with the handle. Everything seemed very safe and solidly built. Will definitely continue to use Nuna products in the future.
By Stacey
Great car seat
October 20, 2018
Our little one hasn't arrived yet, but this car seat it super easy to install and feels very secure. We love the Dream Drape feature!
By Britnry
Love it!!
October 19, 2018
So excited to use this when my baby comes!!
By michelle
Louisville, Kentucky
Light and easy to install
October 18, 2018
Very happy with this base. Had the britax before....this one is much lighter and easy to install.
By Michelle
Harbor City, California
October 15, 2018
This Infant car seat is very safe, steady, well made !
By christina
Boston, Massachusetts
Nuna Pipa
October 12, 2018
This carseat is incredibly well made. It's one of the lightest on the market and has excellent safety reviews. I especially like it because we live in the city and often take different cars. This carseat can be used safely without a base (most others cannot claim the same). It's fast and easy to install. The dream drape shade comes over almost the entire seat - no need for a blanket to be draped over the top. With the adapter, it can be used on other strollers. We have the Vista and it connects with the adapter. Pricey but worth it.
By Tanya
Draper, Utah
The best carseat
September 26, 2018
I am in love with that car seat, everything: material, style, size. It will be the best car seat for my girl.
By Monica
Portland, OR
This car seat is Top Notch
September 21, 2018
The best thing about this car seat is the weight! It buckles nicely, and baby looks comfortable sitting in this seat!
By Erica
Williamstown, New Jersey
September 18, 2018
Absolutely love our Pipa, this is the second one we've purchased and they install so easily and baby is so comfy and safe. Jett color is sleek and classy.
By Meghan
Jacksonville, Florida
September 5, 2018
I love this carseat. VERY easy to install, lightweight, and great color. Obviously a little pricey, but I'm a firm believer of "you get what you pay for". I like knowing that my babygirl is safe in the car.
ProsEasy to install, safe, versatile, lightweight, adaptable
By Michelle
Great Car Seat
September 4, 2018
I did a lot of car seat research before purchase and settled on the Nuna Pipa due to it being one of the lightest seats on the Market (I have to walk up several flights of stairs). So far the Nuna is living up to expectations. It's really easy to carry around and the Dream Drape is an awesome feature. One quibble - I find it awkward to moving the handle down past the canopy as it doesn't move smoothly over the canopy. Great customer experience with Albee Baby!
ProsLightweight Stylish Dream Drape is awesome
ConsHandle gets stuck on canopy when moving it in the down position
By Jenny
hoboken, New Jersey
sturdy, beautiful, and easy to install
September 1, 2018
We have the uppababy vista stoller and after much research decided on the Nuna pipa car seat because of safety not only in our car but in case we're traveling (we live in the city). love it!
Prossturdy, beautiful, and easy to install
By Xinning
Alhambra, California
Great choice
August 25, 2018
I brought 2 for my twins. This is one is very light and convenient to use. Love it!
By Barbara
Cedar Grove, New Jersey
August 24, 2018
Top lightweight car seat!
By doris
New York
easy, safe, light
August 23, 2018
great car seat for apt dwellers who use taxis and have long flights of stairs. bought as gift for 1st granbaby. chose nuna with back clip for taxi rides with newborn. installed base using shoulder seat in back row driver side. since I couldn't find latches on car, Rav4. Worked fine and easy install with clear guides on how-to. seat snaps in easily and disconnects fine. shoulder strap adjustment is easy press of button and pull of straps at bottom. Intuitive, especially as you begin first trip back home from hospital. ds has yet to use attachment to uppababy cruz. but it's such a popular combination, there should be plenty guidance looking forward to more use on car trips!
Proslight, rear seat belt guide for taxi/uber rides, easy
By Liz
Apex, North Carolina
Nuna Pipa
August 23, 2018
We purchased the Nuna Pipa for my husband's vehicle and the Nuna Pipa Lite LX for my vehicle. Although it will mostly be used with the base, it's great that the option is there for use without the base. We plan on using it when we fly as well.
By Daisy
Cypress, Texas
August 14, 2018
I love everything about this car seat. My husband and I spent a lot of time looking into different travel systems and finally settled on getting the Pipa car seat to fit into the Joolz Hub. The car seat is so easy to use. If something isn't clicked in well, it doesn't turn green- it's very basic. The manual is extremely user friendly so even if you can't figure something out on your own by playing around with the car seat, it's right in the manual. I just installed the base in my car and it really was a 5 second install. Even if you don't use the latch system, I have no doubt that the base will sit just as securely in the car especially with the stability leg. Now we're just waiting for baby to come so we can use the car seat and take advantage of that amazing dream drape!
By Lauren
windsor, Colorado
Best car seat
August 13, 2018
This is the best car seat out there! So safe, light and functionable. We thought about ordering the newer lighter version but liked that the original can be used without a base if family is picking our daughter up from daycare or for travel. Very happy with our purchase and Albee Baby’s customer service!
By Abbigail
Groveland, Florida
In love !
August 11, 2018
Absolutely in love with our Nuna PIPA ww ordered ! Not only is it amazing and beautiful but the shipping was so quick and speedy !!!! Thank you !
By Monica
Portland, OR
Amazing Car seat!
August 8, 2018
This car seat is so light. I end up carrying my baby in the infant car seat for long periods of time and getting the lightest seat was my priority. I have had several infant car seats in the past and this one by far is the nicest I have owned. The other car seats were much heavier, clunkier, and bulky.
By Nance
Santa Clara, CA
Happy with my NUNA!
August 7, 2018
I did my research before purchasing the Nuna Pipa- and I have NO regrets! Its beautiful, easy to install and safe for the baby! the DREAM DRAPE was a deal breaker for me :) Its def with every penny.
ProsEasy install Fashionable Light weight Dream Drape
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Best Infant Car Seat EVER
August 7, 2018
We LOVED LOVED LOVED our Nuna Pipa!! We purchased this seat for our second child. I was looking for something light weight and a little girly. I literally googled "light weigh infant car seat" and the nuna pipa popped up. Before this search, I never heard of the Nuna brand. I talked to other parents in my friend circle and they had never heard of it either. So off I went to Nordstrom to take a look (the major baby stores do not carry the Nuna brand"). The first thing to catch my eye was the privacy shade AND the fact that it had a magnetic closure!! No buttons or clips..whew hoo!! After seeing the privacy shade, feeling the fabric, checking out the infrastructure and the stability leg on the base I was pretty much sold. This seat is everything and more. I loved the plum purplish color, the weight, the fabric, and its compatibility with my baby jogger stroller. The Pipa was a breeze to install and my baby looked comfortable and was never sweaty. Honestly, I have no cons..i would buy this seat over and over again. My child is now 24lbs and we are anxiously awaiting our Nuna RAVA!
Pros-privacy shade with magnetic closure -compatibility with several strollers -beautiful fabric -breeze to install -stability leg -light weight
By Susan
Columbus, Ohio
Perfect Car Seat
August 6, 2018
This car seat is absolutely wonderful!! Easy to get baby in and out of, safe and secure. Love Albee Baby!!
By Brittany
Orem, Utah
Love this seat!
July 21, 2018
Going on 9 months and I have really loved this seat! It is so easy to use. Others that have seen this seat envy how easy the instillation is for the base. I haven't ever questioned if the seat was installed properly. I always feel safe knowing he is in such a safe seat with the added protection of the leg on the base. Baby has always been comfortable and never objected to being in the seat. The fabric is really soft and easy to clean while looking really good. The only improvement that could be made would be a way to hold the straps out of the way while putting the baby in, like the little slots the Nuna Rava has.
By Jennifer
San Diego, California
Love it!
July 16, 2018
I absolutely love my nuna pipa car seat!! It’s light weight. It’s easy to instal without the base since we travel a lot. I love it and would recommend to anyone
By Krystal
Amazing car seat
July 11, 2018
Amazing features including the sun cover and safety features. Love the easy instillation and the lightweight of the car seat. Daughter seems content and comfortable, best infant car seat purchase so far!
ProsSafety, easy instillation, sun visor, comfort, lightweight
ConsIf the metal clips that help attach your car seat base in your car are deep in the seat it?s a bit harder to Snap them in.
By Kim
Barry Illinois
Exceeded expectations
July 9, 2018
Beautiful, easy to use
By Cristal
Los Angeles, California
Nice and Sleek
July 6, 2018
I love the Nuna Pipa car seat. It has a very sleek design and super lightweight. I heard a lot of people complain that the dream drape is hard to attach because you have to pull it very hard, but I think they may have improved that feature because I had no issues with that.
ProsEuropean Belt Path Latch system Lightweight
By Adrianna
Great Car Seat!
July 2, 2018
I'm so happy we went with this car seat. It's design is beautiful and it's not too bulky. It's very easy to snap in and out of the car seat base. It's also comparable with our stroller (Silvercross Wave) and it fits perfect with the adapters. I don't have any complaints!
By Marie M.
Quality made Car Seat
July 1, 2018
I recently purchased the Nina Pipa Infant Car Seat for my daughter's baby shower. The package came quickly and well packaged. Upon opening the package, I found the car seat to be a well made seat that will last. Although, it hasn't been used yet, I can assure you that it will be put to the test and I am certain that it will live up to my expectations.
ProsQuality made
By Caroline
hooksett, New Hampshire
Great product
June 24, 2018
This product was easy to install! And looks amazing really enjoy this carseat
By Michelle
The best infant car seat
June 20, 2018
I had a different infant car seat for my first child and the Nuna Pipa is so much better. Even though this isn't the lite version, it's still lightweight and lighter than most car seats on the market. The newborn insert works well and doesn't make my son's head droop forward like others do. The base is so easy to install. My only complaint is the dream drape doesn't always stick to the magnets at the end of the seat.

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