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Great seat option
April 26, 2024
Absolutely loved transitioning my oldest daughter into the seat, but starting off as a newborn with my second daughter it is amazing
San Jose, California
Verified Buyer
Simply the best
March 14, 2024
Have purchased two love love love slim comfortable and amazing quality!
San Marcos, CA
Verified Buyer
Excellent premium car seat option.
February 19, 2024
Expensive convertible car seat but you get exactly what you pay for. A premium car seat with very nice quality fabrics, easily adjustable head rest/shoulder belts, crotch belt. Adjustable foot rest is a great premium add on, not common in car seats. I can see wider kids having a harder time fitting w/ the booster seat mode. Also, very heavy car seat in general but speaks to its quality.
  • Adjustable, reclining. Checks all the features that almost every other car seat has.
  • Love the hidable cup holders.
  • Heavy
Verified Buyer
Nontoxic and grows with your baby!
February 13, 2024
It's a great investment, the only car seat you will need! Doing the math my husband and I realized we were saving tons by buying this car seat. It's sturdy and easy installations. Shipping was fast and came in great condition!
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
The only car seat you’ll ever need
February 5, 2024
This is the best car seat after an infant car seat. It is sleek, comfortable, easy to clean, easy to install, and most of all it’s an all in one car seat that can be used until a car seat is no longer needed. The foot rest is a plus for the kids! The only complaint is that the cup holder doesn’t hold a regular thermos kids bottle.
Anaheim, CA
The only car seat you will need
January 8, 2024
I have this one for my toddler and i love it!! The only car seat i will ever need im thinking about getting one for my husbands car. and will definitely get one for my baby when he grows out of his infant car seat.
Verified Buyer
January 8, 2024
Such a great quality car seat, chose Exec so it can last us the longest as it turns into a booster later on.
Customer Images
  • Great quality
  • Comfortable
  • Slim enough to fit more car seats on our bench
Verified Buyer
Luxe car seat that we lovvvve!
December 9, 2023
We love this car seat! We actually have two because we loved it so much, we splurged again for our other car. My son is in the 99th%ile for height and weight and we love how this one adjusts to fit even bigger kids but we’ve also used it for our newborn before too (obviously changed the harness/settings). It’s very well made and easy to clean plus look at it - it’s beautiful!
  • Can be used from birth - childhood!
  • Is on the expensive side! Learning curve for front facing install but once you do it once, it
Belton, Missouri
Verified Buyer
4.75 stars
December 6, 2023
This car seat has been great so far! We have used it since birth with no issues. The removable infant insert was super easy to take out and wash when needed. Baby is currently still rear facing, so I can't speak to the forward facing or booster configurations. The carseat is very easy to install, clean, and adjust. The anti-rotation footrest makes the seat feel incredibly secure, especially compared to our cheap travel carseat. I love the added leather footrest cover that came with our version, especially once my baby started walking and wearing shoes. My biggest complaints are: 1. The cup holders - it's great that they can fold down, but they just don't feel very solid and are oddly hard to pop back into place. Also since the seatbelt runs through underneath them, they can't be fully popped back into place in the rear facing configuration. I also wish they were slightly bigger as neither my son's main travel cup nor his snack holder fit fully in. They just kind of have to balance on top. 2. The magnets to hold the straps back are essentially useless. 3. It takes quite a bit of effort to tighten the straps once baby is in. However, I don't feel like any of those cons are enough to warrant a drop to 4 stars.
STAMFORD, Connecticut
Verified Buyer
Love the exec
November 28, 2023
My son has had the exec for over 2 years. We are now getting one for our second child. It’s is so comfortable, easy to clean with the bottom slipcover do easily removable and great for my tall kid. I’m one and done on car seats and boosters!
Parrish, FL
Verified Buyer
Great carseat
November 24, 2023
The Nuna Exec is a great car seat. Upgraded from the REVV and my son enjoys riding in it.
Bristol, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Best Car Seat We've Used So Far!
November 16, 2023
This car seat is hard to beat. It comes with complete interchangeable organic padding in case your little one is allergic to synthetic materials. We have a Graco 4-in-1 luxury car seat and it honestly doesn't compare to this one. It's sturdy, easy to install, and padded very well for your child.
Verified Buyer
October 25, 2023
Could not love this car seat anymore than I do. It’s amazing! We were struggling with a different brand infant car seat and bought this and are now Nuna fans forever! Baby is not at all chin to chest, and sits in a perfect comfortable position. We’re planning on buying a second one for our second car! So worth the price!
Verified Buyer
It’s worth the money
October 13, 2023
We have 4 nuna exec and had the nuna pipa lite rx. We love nuna!
Verified Buyer
Save money with the all in one car seat
September 18, 2023
Purchased this before for my 1st LO, and again for my 2nd LO now that he's outgrown the infant carrier. Easy and quick to install w/ seatbelt. Relatively easy to remove fabric in order to wash. Love that it grows with the child from infant seat to booster seat. The cup holders fit the munchkin 360 miracle cups, but unfortunately not the munchkin water bottles. Wish the cup holders were a little bigger.
Moon P.
Santa Clarita, California
Verified Buyer
August 9, 2023
You won’t regret it. I had it in my cart for months and months, and when I finally pulled the trigger, it was over $50 more expensive. I had the Nuna Pipa Lite and have the TRVL and Demi Grow strollers. Needless to say, I’m a Nuna mom. Nothing is more important than our LO’s safety. And I can rest easy that my baby is in one of the top rated car seats for safety that will grow with her to a booster seat. It’s a great investment in my opinion.
North Wales, Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
Best product
August 7, 2023
Really love Nuna products, we used infant car seat and base, but our baby growth too fast, we need a bigger car seat. This one is easy to set up, and cushions are soft and comfortable for baby. Easy clean, we already washed it and easy to put it back. Fit in big car and small car.
  • easy set up, easy clean, soft cushion, more protective, can use up to 120lbs
  • It's a expensive purchase, but if you purchase on Albebaby you can have 20% store credit to purchase other baby items.
HI :.
Bakersfeild, CA
Verified Buyer
Worth it!
July 17, 2023
This is by far the best carseat I've owned. It's very durable and great quality. It's worth every penny especially since it's an all in one car seat .
  • -Durable
  • -great quality
  • -all in one
  • Heavy
Verified Buyer
Best all around
July 10, 2023
This is our second Nuna Exec (baby #2) and we wouldn’t consider another seat for our babies!
Hershey, PA
Verified Buyer
I’ve bought 7
July 5, 2023
Favorite all in one seat by far. I currently have a 6 year old, 2 year old, and new born in this seat. Prior to mom life I was a nanny. I found carrying infant seats to not be where it was at. Although my first had an infant seat. Our second, we started him off in an Exec and haven’t looked back. They fit great in the back of my Wrangler 4xE. But also a solid fit in my Sienna. I’ve purchased 7 of these seats. Two, where involved in a horibble head on collision, with each vehicle going at least 50 mph… My children walked away with barely a scratch… We’re also a military family that have traveled back and forth across the country to visit family, zero complaints.
  • Perfect for small vehicles. Truly grown nicely with the child.
  • I like the riveted material best! But already had two of the ocean. So I got a third to match.
Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
One and done
July 3, 2023
I couldn’t ask for a better car seat! This thing is large, but it’s comfortable, washes up well, easy to install, and will easily grow with my kid. I also have a Rava that I love, but this one does it all!
Fayetteville, New York
Verified Buyer
Love the leather aspect of this color choice!
June 22, 2023
Very nice car seat! Very slim, fits in our Mazda CX-5 Middle Seat! Very happy so far, Love that the rivited color has a dark brown LEATHER cover vs. Fabric. Much easier to clean, and keep clean for the next 10 years!
  • The Leather Cover! Fits in middle seat!
Stanwood, Washington
Verified Buyer
Nice seat
June 20, 2023
Finally made the big purchase and like it so far!
  • We love the material
  • The cup holders seem flimsy
Simpsonville, SC
Verified Buyer
Never buying another car seat
June 17, 2023
We were hardcore clek foonf lovers for years. The clek is a great car seat but it’s so hard to clean. The nuna exec is very plush and comfortable for my 40lb 5 year old. She loves the extended foot rest. I will definitely be purchasing another exec in the future.
Verified Buyer
Great all in one car seat!
June 13, 2023
We love this car seat so much! Both our kiddos love it and my oldest refuses our spare graco because it’s uncomfortable. The install is so easy and quick! No fighting or kneeling on the car seat to get it tight enough.
  • Comfortable, cool, kids love ir
Best Uses
  • Every day
  • The crotch buckle pad comes off easily, can be a pain esp if my baby thinks it
South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Best Car Seat EVER
June 12, 2023
Absolutely LOVE this car seat! Top quality in general, comfortable for my daughter, and super easy to install.
  • - Simple installation
  • - ALL fabric comes off for easy washing
  • - Magnetic strap holders make life easy
Best Uses
  • - Everyday travel
  • - Longer road trips
  • - Cup holders are a little small for my daughter's sippy cups
  • - A bit pricey but certainly worth the long-term investment
Verified Buyer
Great investment
May 31, 2023
Easy to Install. Not bulky. Colors look so good together.
  • easy to install
  • A little heavy
Verified Buyer
May 25, 2023
My set was totaled in my car accident so I knew we wanted them again! So this is our second set and I stand by these are hands down the best car seat. It’s an investment but one I think is well worth the money!
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Plush fabric
  • Heavy duty
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Wish I used it for newborn
May 5, 2023
We already have the rava but decoded to try the EXEC. Same great features like belt installation and multiple recline positions. It is so easy to install and we live Nuna’s click install system. Insert is also heavenly.
  • awesome newborn inserts. So so soft.
  • None!
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Another baby another carseat
April 12, 2023
When we had a surprise baby I was both happy to know this was a safe from birth option and grateful for the super speedy shipping from Albee
Colorado Springs, CO
Verified Buyer
100% recommend
March 21, 2023
Love this carseat so much! The install is so secure and everything about it is made with quality parts!
Lakewood, IL
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat
March 11, 2023
We purchased second one and love them. They fit new born to toddler to big kid. The only car seat you need. Best part the cup holders fold up and down.
National City, California
Verified Buyer
I really love this car seat.
March 9, 2023
Beautiful car seat. I have no complains, I'm very grateful that it is heavy, sturdy metal. I will definitely purchase another one for my second baby.
Aleisa C.
Verified Buyer
My daughter loves this car seat!✨
March 3, 2023
My daughter loves this car seat! We already bought one for our oldest so we had to get another for our newest😊 Very comfy for the girls and cuts down half the fussy time for long car rides so that’s definitely a plus in our books hahah!love the fact that you can prop the feet up or down with the foot rest too! One of the safest car seats to own. Best car seat for us🥰
  • Safe, comfy, multi purpose, stylish
  • None!
Pearland, TX
Verified Buyer
Exceptional QUALITY!
February 24, 2023
This is our second EXEC. Nuna car seats are the best! Exceptional QUALITY! My daughter loves it! I love this color too so LUXE!
Becca C.
Great for an average sized child
February 23, 2023
I love this seat, I don't know if I love it for my child. The exec is very easy to install. I read the manual, adjusted everything the best I could, and then putting it in the car was simple. You don't have to yank on anything to tighten it. Just buckle, close the tension door, lock the seatbelt. The fabrics feel great. I love the look of the seat. The extra sets of padding and cover for the footrest are great. I also love that the inserts are wool. I was looking for a seat with extra anti rebound features and a 50lb rear facing limit and this meets those needs. The reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is the leg room. My son is only 13 months old and he already looks cramped. He's in the 90+ percentile for both height and weight. His older brother stayed rear facing for 5 years in a much cheaper extended rear facing seat. I hope to keep this baby rear facing until he's at least 4 and I don't know if his legs will fit in the exec at that age. If your child is not a giant it's probably fine.
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Southern California
LOVE it!! But the cup holders are too small
February 21, 2023
We absolutely love our new car seat, wow, it is really high quality, and our 2yr old is finally falling asleep on some car trips, where he had stopped snoozing in the old one cause I think he wasn't comfortable. I only have 1 complaint. The cup holders are too small for most of our water bottles, and and cups, which is super inconvenient. I can't even find any new ones to buy that are the right size. All of our bottles are 3" and the nuna cup holders on here are smaller. They come off, so I am really hoping nuna might make a replacement. I later saw this same complaint in a few other reviews.
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New Port Richey, Florida
Verified Buyer
Worth every penny!
February 8, 2023
We love this carset! We also have the RAVA but this one seems to keep our daughter much cooler because of the design. Love that it turns into a booster seat down the road and the little footrest is amazing for road trips! About to buy this again for my husbands car. And Albee Baby always coming in clutch with their amazing customer service and quick shipping.
  • Everything!
Best Uses
  • Great car seat for long road trips.
  • Price
Jill M.
Falmouth, ME
Verified Buyer
February 5, 2023
This is our SECOND purchase of this car seat. We bought the first one for our first grandchild and now this one for the next one and will certainly be purchasing a third in the spring for the next one coming. Nothing like repeat purchases to let you know what a STELLAR product you have!
  • Comfy, safe, easy to use, & STUNNING
  • None
Boulder, CO
Only Car Seat You'll Ever Need
January 15, 2023
Hands the best car seat! This is the only car seat that we'll need for the lifetime of our little one and it's narrow enough that we can fit two side by side and still be able to use the third seat. Super high quality construction and smart design.
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Nacogdoches, Texas
Verified Buyer
Highly Recommend
January 13, 2023
Great quality & comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Quality material
  • Heavy
Spring Hill, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat, easy to clean
December 27, 2022
A great car seat that our son loves and that Mom & Dad feel safe with him in. Super easy to clean all the components. Everything just unsnaps real quickly. The two cupholders are great as our little man has gotten older. Very easy to adjust the straps. The biggest downside is that it is quite heavy, but this is not a car seat you remove often since it is the convertible type. The color-coding makes installation easy.
Seaside, California
Verified Buyer
Love it
December 16, 2022
Much easier to install than others Ive tried. Durable quality fabric. Buying a second for our other car.
Ridge, NY
Verified Buyer
Great all-around car seat
December 2, 2022
Absolustely love this car seat... obsessed with the Nuna brand in general. The install is super easy. Baby seems very comfy. And its the only seat my babe will need.
  • Lasts for YEARS
  • Pricey
Verified Buyer
We love our Nuna Exec!
November 23, 2022
Despite the few cons of this car seat, we would purchase again!
  • It is compact and easy for my daughter to get in and out of with minimal help. We love the magnets on the sides and the adjustable let rest. It is SO easy to install and get a safe/good fit in my SUV and in my husband
  • Most of her water bottles (yeti etc.) do not fit in the cup holders. Not that big of a deal, she can put them in her lap, but she was used to all of her cups fitting in her previous car seat (Chicco nextfit). She also complained of her back hurting sitting forward facing on a four hour trip. The pad on the bottom buckle also just slides off as there is no way to properly secure it.
Elgin, Illinois
Verified Buyer
The BEST Car Seat EVER
November 22, 2022
This is the best car seat I've ever bought! I have Graco Extend2Fit 4-in-1 car seat, Safety 1st convertible car seat, and a Chicco Infant car seat. Compared to the other three car seats I have, Nuna exec is the NO.1. Nuna exec has better looking, better body support, and higher quality materials. The granite color is slightly darker than I expected, but it is ok. Maybe it is an even better color to hide some stains. There also come with replacement pads/covers. Nuna is very considerate and knows what a toddler will do when eating snacks in the car. I love the design of the pillow/head support and the plan to hide the extra straps. The method of multiple levels/spots of harnesses is excellent! The distance from the groin to the sacrum grows as kids grow. None of the other three car seats can move the saddle to the correct position; ONLY Nuna exec does. In addition, Nuna exec is very easy to install. The design of the cupholders is good. It is great for those who need multiple car seats in the same row.
Customer Images
  • Better looking (multiple color choices);
  • Better body support (for legs and neck),
  • Higher quality materials.
  • Replacement pads/covers are awesome!
  • Multiple levels/spots of harnesses are excellent! The distance from the groin to the sacrum grows as kids grow. None of the other three car seats can move the saddle to the correct position; ONLY Nuna exec does.
  • Foldable cupholders are great, especially for those who need multiple car seats in the same row.
  • The granite color is slightly darker than I expected, but it is ok. Maybe it is an even better color to hide some stains.
A great carseat with safety and comfort in mind
November 19, 2022
Wish I would have purchased this car seat at the beginning since it can be rotated to sit forward or backward. It's made of very high quality material, well thought out, our daughter loves riding in it, and it's well worth the money for what you get. The only downside is if you need a carrier for a newborn, you will need a different base / carrier than this one, but once our daughter was over 35lbs, this fit perfect! Only minor gripe is I wish the entire insert came out without having to take the carseat out (our daughter threw up once and we had to take the whole car eat out of the car to get the insert off to wash. Minor, but so close to perfect.
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Franklin, TN
Great Car Seat!
November 17, 2022
Great car seat! Sharp, elegant, and versatile. Comfortable for our little one.
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November 17, 2022
Great car seat I gave it a four because it is a little pricey
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Love this car seat
November 16, 2022
My toddler has been so happy and comfortable since we switched him to this car seat. We even flew with it and he was safe and content.
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