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By Alexandra
Portland, OR
A budget all-in-one model
October 18, 2021
Not as easy to use as my previous Maxi Cosi. Car seat adapters don't remain fixed on the stroller so it's easy to forget them at home. Front breaks are not intuitive. Cloth quality is really nice and overall it's comfortable. So far I've not yet tried the buggy setting.
By Try i.
Los Angeles, CA
October 1, 2021
As a first time parent it was so difficult trying to figure out what car seat, and stroller is best for our baby. I decided to choose this stroller because it had great reviews and it looked like a lux stroller for half the price. I wanted to love this stroller so bad but uncomfortable it disappointed me in so many way. I'm getting rid of it definitely will not be using it for our next child. The material of the car seat isn't the best. I constantly have to be removing lint balls from our babies blankets from it. After the first wash it already looked faded. Then there's the maneuvering. It's the worst! Our wheels are constantly getting stuck it's definitely not a smooth ride. Finally, my other con is the plastic they used on the clickers on this stroller. I constantly have trouble pushing down on the buttons to release the handle of the car seat. They constantly get stuck! Finally, the switching between the car seat and stroller is a pain. Don't forget the adapters because of you do and you're only carrying the car seat you're doomed. I guess all I can say is try it out if you'd like. You may end up regretting it like me.
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By T
New York
September 30, 2021
PLEASE save your money! This stroller has driven my husband and I crazy. Our baby is only 4 months and we have already donated it and invested in a new stroller. The main problem are the WHEELS! Oh man where do I begin?? Not only do they get stuck and not turn properly but it also can be extremely embarrassing when you can't get your stroller to move forward. By the looks of the reviews I guess we aren't the only ones who have had this problem and it's pretty sad being that it's not the most affordable. Performs like a $50 stroller and should get recalled ASAP.
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By Ajt123
Seattle WA
Love this stroller car seat combo!
September 25, 2021
Amazing product! Maxi Cosi is an outstanding brand and I love the functionality and price point of this stroller car seat combo. Overall Comfort 5.0 stars Travel System Quality 5.0 stars Travel System Ease of Use 5.0 stars Travel System Maintenance/Care 5.0 stars
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By Jesse R.
Madison MS
Excellent and super functional
July 21, 2021
The 5 different settings is so nice for every occasion. It's amazing that you can utilize the stroller as a car seat and stroller. The build on it is fantastic and it is extremely smooth
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By Lindsay J.
Bronxville, NY
Great infant car seat with a versatile stroller
July 8, 2021
I need to break this review down into two parts: - First, the car seat. It weighs in at just under 9 lbs (8.7) which makes such a big difference when carrying a baby in it! It fits up to 32" and/or 30 lbs. which seems standard for infant car seats. It was easy to install - both the base and using the seatbelt (if traveling or not in your primary vehicle). Compared to another infant seat brand I've used, I found it comparable. - Next, the stroller. I wanted to love this but it was just okay. My biggest complaint is the ease, or lack thereof, of closing the stroller. It was a lot of work. I really liked the different set up options. I could use it in a bassinet type of mode, without needing a separate bassinet. I could also use it with the car seat itself or as a stand-alone stroller, forward or rear facing. The sunshade went down a good amount which was very helpful during the summer months (when I got it). Other features I liked: the adjustable handle to fit both my husband and I, the cup holder (so I didn't need to buy another!), and, of course, the under carriage storage which I felt was spacious!
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By Mei L.
Portland, OR
Good system for the price
July 7, 2021
I liked the sleek design and it was relatively lightweight. The car seat was easy to remove from the base and was easy to fold down. Had some trouble initially getting the car seat off the stroller but once I figured it out, it was easy. The large sun canopy came in handy in these summer days. Wheels were a little bumpy and not as smooth as I would've liked, but my 10 month old didn't seem to mind (would worry more if my baby was younger). Overall, good travel system for the price as other similar travel systems are more expensive.
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By Christine
Love the stroller, not the color
July 7, 2021
I have always thought that black was not the best color for strollers and carseats. It retains heat and inhibits best vision. It has been over 90 degrees for basically 2 weeks here, so going out, let alone in a black stroller is not the best idea. Babies can be dehydrated just by sitting in this heat retaining stroller for a short period of time. What about a mini solar fan in the hood or some thing like that. I have a battery fan but it has no way to connect safely to the hood of either the seat for the stroller. Otherwise, this is a great stroller. Love the reversible seat. Love the four sturdy wheels. Love the handy mesh basket below the seat. My 2 older kids love to push this as well with the baby inside.
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By Kim
Perfect travel system
July 6, 2021
This new travel system is perfect. My baby is always comfortable in the car seat and the stroller, and the fabric and padding is great quality. The stroller is also lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to fold. The car seat also attaches to it without issues. I love all of the different features and the stylish black design. I'm very pleased with all of the components of this travel system.
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By Emma
Bronx , new york
Excellent ?
June 30, 2021
Im more than happy with this product. I did my research before buying it. And there was some bad reviews about the wheels and parts been missing , but i got mines and wheels are good and no parts missing. It's also a plus that is light weight , and also the brake it's awesome , my fav part. Not like other brakes from other strollers that are hard to take off . Definitely worth spending the money.
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By Megan
Amarillo Texas
Love this modern travel system!
June 28, 2021
I have really loved this Maxi Cosi Zelia travel system! There are a few improvements that could be made, but overall this is a great car seat for the money! The good- this stroller is easy to push with one hand! There's ample storage under the stroller which is nice, and I love the design. The colors haven't faded, the material is nice and durable, and the car seat is easy to put in and out of a car which is a must for me! It's easy to remove the car seat from the base and attach it to the stroller. It's lightweight for such a sturdy travel system, and it's rather smooth when pushing the stroller with the car seat attached. The not so good- the material, though beautiful and well made, is a little hot for our Texas summers. Each time we take the baby out, he's sweating- but that could be the case with any car seat for him. My only other complaint is that the stroller is not super easy to fold up. It takes a little more time than I'd like, but that isn't a huge deal. Overall, this is a great travel system and we would definitely purchase one for any other children we have. I have gotten compliments on how beautiful it is, and I love that it's gender neutral. Don't miss out on this travel system! 4.5 stars!
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By Tinad03
So cute!
June 27, 2021
This travel system is SO cute! I love how the stroller converts into a bassinet and can face out or face you. The one thing that was really a downside for me was that there is not extract tray for this system and universal snack trays do not work for this travel system which is a huge disappointment.
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By Patrick
Cincinnati Ohio
5 in 1 Heaven
June 24, 2021
The stroller itself is fairly lightweight, and the attachments are equally lightweight for what they are. That's not to say there is any lack of quality to the construction. On the contrary, it's a very sturdy stroller with a wide base that doesn't tip easily. The straps in everything - from the car seat to the "pram" attachment - are pretty easily adjustable, and I have no trouble strapping my son in. I'd say this is one of the best out there right now. I definitely recommend it.
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By JYo94
Great for on the go parents.
June 23, 2021
I absolutely loved the 5 in 1 travel system. Everything is great once you get it all set up. It took me about 20 minutes or so to read the instructions to the car seat and the stroller and the setup of both. The car seat was ready to use straight of the box the only install was the base and only took five minutes to set it up. The seat was a perfect for my 4 month old. I had no complaints. The stroller took a lot longer to set up because of all the extra parts. After all the pieces were together the stroller was super nice and easy to control and maneuver. The two features I love the most is you can change the position of the seat. It can go from sitting up like a regular stroller or you can lay it down like a basket , it was perfect for my baby to get comfortable and sleep. The second feature is that everything can be folded down without having to everything apart. Perfect for traveling. The only problem I had with the stroller was the canopy staying on. The first button on the right side would come undone causing the canopy to droop. Other than that this is an excellent 5 in 1 travel system.
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Austin TX
June 21, 2021
Pros: (1) I love how lightweight the car seat is, especially helpful as a post c section mom. (2) the stroller is beautiful and lightweight. It is nice when on smooth surfaces, i.e. indoors. Cons: (1) the car seat/rebound bar doesn't fit behind the drivers seat In our mid size sedan which is a bummer. (2) the stroller has zero suspension, so on a stroll in a neighborhood with sidewalks baby feels every crevice / gap in the concrete and startles. Summary: I would buy the car seat again, I like the wicking fabrics, but I wouldn't purchase this stroller unless you are just wanting to use it indoors and to/from the car.
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By nstoulig
Great Stroller For Precious Cargo
June 19, 2021
We could not be happier with this stroller that we received as a gift from our friends. I'm a pretty tall guy and my wife is pretty short so having an adjustable handle is something that makes this product stand out from other strollers on the market. It has a good deal of underneath storage for the necessities of transporting a baby to and from places. We all know that babies are going to create messes and get their car seat padding and stroller material dirty. The removal portion of the stroller easy cleanup and the material is forgiving when it comes to tiny accidents. The stroller is not very heavy. I believe it's around 20 pounds. As a bigger guy it's easy for me to move where I need it. Might not be the case for individuals who may not be as strong. In conclusion, this stroller provides quality, ease-of-use and great value for money.
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By Tiff
Orlando FL
Love the bassinet
June 19, 2021
I wish I had this for my oldest because it has a bassinet. I really like this stroller and car seat system but there were a few things that could be better. I was excited when I saw how large the bottom storage compartment was however there is a large bar at the bottom which makes it difficult to get the diaper bag and/or other bags I have in-and-out. I really like the size of the bassinet and the fact that it has a bassinet unlike my Chico 360 Bravo travel system. I wish the stroller in the seating position was a bigger, my daughter has always been tall for her age and is currently too big to sit in it. I think this system is great for the price and for the 1st 2 years I would say. It also took a long time to initially set it up because I couldn't figure it out right out of the box. It's really lightweight which is really nice also.
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By Leanna
Convenient stroller
June 19, 2021
This stroller is very convenient and easy to use. I love the dark color which makes it look new even there's been an accident before washing.
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By Sadie
Birmingham, AL
Best travel system option by far
June 19, 2021
This is baby number three, the first two we used two other brands for their travel systems. This one was easiest to put together, and feels like the best quality compared to our other two that were in the same price range. We LOVE the longer canopy for extra protection from the sun or rain. The large rubber wheels on the stroller make it SO easy to push on all different terrains, and I loved that you can lock the front wheels to keep them from turning. It was SO easy to put together, and is extremely easy to fold. I can't believe how small it folds up!! It fits in my husbands small sedan's trunk with no issues! The car seat is nice and light, easy to carry or clip into the stroller. The base installs quickly and easily. I can't say enough good things about this travel system! Helps that the Mico 30 is one of the top safety rated infant seats, too!!
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By Marj
Convenient Travel System
June 18, 2021
I wish I had this travel system with my first two children. It is so convenient to have one system that covers each step of growth. This is definitely on par with other systems!
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By Heatherrr
Charlotte, NC
All You Need
June 18, 2021
The Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5-in-1 Travel System with Mico 30 is a very complete kit and totally awesome set! It includes absolutely everything you need to grow with your baby. This system is the perfect combination of durable, lightweight and functional. It's very easy to move and adjust. The basket at the bottom is huge and fits everything you could possibly need. The stroller is much easier to maneuver than similar products I've used in the past. It's easy to use on different types of terrain and the radius that the wheels turn is sharp! All of the coverings are easy to detach for cleaning. Installation of the car seat was very easy and straightforward. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with this product overall. If you're looking for a durable product that has all the features you need, is comfortable, is easy to move, use and wash- this is it!
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By Magi
Houston tx
June 17, 2021
It's pretty but poorly made. First of the carseat is comfortable yet you have to be very careful with the roof of it because if pulled a little hard it will brake. The stroller 100% is the worse. It gets stuck everywhere, you will be that person holding on traffic trying to make it go. I reached out to costumer service and they send out a new front, back wheels and stroller frame, It does the same thing. Would not recommend it at all. Sucks because i am actually expecting again and was hoping to be able to reuse everything.
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By Isamplepr
Springfield, VA
June 16, 2021
I love that this Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5-in-1 Travel System with Mico 30 is so versatile, but at the same time is very complex and bulky. Other the that I have a happy and secure baby thanks to Maxi-Cosi.
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By Breetalks
Kansas City, MO
Lightweight & Versatile!
June 16, 2021
This is a great lightweight and versatile travel system! I love all of the options for getting baby from here to there, whether they're in a car, sleeping in the bassinet while you walk or sitting in the stroller. It was easy to snap together, although I struggled a bit getting the sun shade hood on. Overall, easy. I was really impressed with the modern sleek unique design. The carrying handle on the car seat is much more ergonomic than other car seats I've owned. The stroller comes with convenient storage space underneath and everything clicks in and out easily once you get the hang of the buttons. My favorite feature is the stroller brake! It locks easily and unlocks easily! I've struggled with that on other strollers and this one hardly takes any force at all! The stroller rolls smoothly forward, backward and on turns and the option for forward facing or rear facing is one that I've never had before so that's fun to let the child decide. Overall, this is a really great system for the price and a perfect gift for first time parents or extra system to keep at grandmas house. It comes with everything you need for on the go and looks great too.
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By V
Pennsylvania, PA
I hate it :(
June 16, 2021
No cup holder for the baby. The cap holder on the side of the handle looks very very cheap and it broke the firt day we put the stroller together. I wish I could have bought another brand. Too late now :( please read reviews before you purchase!!!!!
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By emrue
Nice Leightweight Travel System
June 15, 2021
Overall I was really impressed with this travel system - especially for the ease of use, lightweight yet sturdy design and really nice fabrics. As a mom of two, I really appreciate all of the different functionality this system has and wish I would have had something like it with my first child. The flexibility and different set ups of the stroller are amazing - I love the carriage feature for when baby is brand new and that the stroller recline can grow with your child. I also love that it can flip so that the child is either facing you or away as there are instances where my child feels more secure seeing me and other times that they are interested in their surroundings. The stroller maneuvers nicely and although it has a larger profile it doesn't feel that way during use. It is a little bit wide for single handedly getting through a door with a handle. The basket underneath is much larger than my other stroller and is very handy for days on the go. The cup holder definitely feels like an after thought and feels cheap in comparison to everything else. I will just remove it and use a hook on attachment that I have purchased elsewhere. The fabrics are really nice and soft - I am hoping they are still durable for how cozy they are and we will just see over time. My one major complaint about the stroller is that its a 3 step process to collapse it. I am a little spoiled as my other stroller can be collapsed with one pull and one hand. This is really handy if your hands are full with a clingy baby. That being said, it collapses to a really compact profile and is SO lightweight and easy for a postpartum mom to lift which is a huge benefit. For the car seat - my number one favorite part of the infant seat is just how light weight it is. It is amazing how quickly baby becomes heavy in the seat and if the seat itself is already heavy your back starts aching immediately. This seat is so light for how durable it feels. The clasps are easy to maneuver and the soft fabrics are so nice for babys skin. I am less worried about the fabrics on the infant seat as it takes less of a beating. It is great that they are washable though as you never know when spit-up or a blow out might get the best of you. The base is very easy to install and fits nicely in my SUV. It is longer than the base of other infant seats we have used and should be measured to make sure it will work for your car profile. The handle of the seat is very ergonomic. It does feel like it has more flex than it should, probably to eliminate weight. But I am sure that is not an issue during use. My major downfall of this seat was that the release lever is pretty far back behind the seat and makes it a little hard to remove the seat from the base if you are in a car with close quarters like my husbands SUV. Overall this is a really nice system. It feels on par with luxe competitor products that are at least $200 more. There are definitely a few features that could be improved but overall its a really nice set that I have enjoyed using.
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By Mommyhuggies
New York
5 in 1 stroller
June 14, 2021
First, I like how there are clear instructions to assemble it together. The only problem was trying to place the canopy on, it took some time but once it was on, it looks great. This stroller comes with a car seat and a bassinet that can be converted into a stroller seat. I like how this stroller have front view or facing me. There is a small peekaboo view that I can check on my baby when she is having front. The car seat can be attached to the stroller with attachments and removes easily to place in the car. The car seat looks very comfortable for my baby. There is a large canopy that can be adjusted for blocking the sun. I love the sleek black color, it is neutral and can be used for boys and girls. This stroller feels sturdy and easy to maneuver. This also came with a cup holder and a handle bar that can attach and detach with no problem. The bottom of the stroller have a basket for placing items like toys or some lightweight items. Last but not least, folding the stroller wasn't hard and like most travel system, it is bulky but I think this is very lightweight compared to others.
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By SnowMonkey2
Lightweight, Attractive and Easy to Use
June 13, 2021
I absolutely love my Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5 in 1 Travel System with Mico 30. It's an amazing value for the price and has everything I need to take my child out until she reaches the 30 pound limit on the Mico 30 infant car seat and the 50 pound weight limit on the Maxi Cosi Zelia 2 stroller. For not much more than the price of a high quality infant car seat, I got both a top-rated, lightweight, attractive and comfortable car seat and base AND a versatile and easy to use stroller. The Maxi-Cosi Zelia is relatively light weight, extremely versatile, folds easily and can fit in even a smaller trunk. It also stands on its own when folding, making it easy to store in my home. I really appreciate how the Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5 in 1 Travel System with Mico 30 comes with 'extras' that are often sold separately including a (convertible) bassinet, car seat adapters, a cup holder and 'bumper bar' which all my children love more than I ever could have expected. The adapters quickly and easily attach the Mico 30 car seat. The Zelia stroller seat is easily convertible from a bassinet perfect for a newborn baby to a seat that will hold a child up to 50 pounds facing outward or inward. My infant and four year old both love riding in the Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 Stroller. I love how easy it is to switch the seat from pushing my infant facing me to pushing my four year old facing the street. I was surprised that my tall four year old fit in the stroller but instead of resting his feet at the base of the stroller seat, he rests them on the base of the stroller and is comfortable and happy. I like the ease of pushing the Zelia 2 with either child, collapsing it for my car or storage and how relatively light weight it is to push and lift in and out of my trunk. My favorite parts of the stroller are the huge basket under the seat for storage, the easy to use foot brake, and the adjustable handle making it comfortable for me and my husband to push. I also love the size of the canopy which makes it easy to keep the sun off my child's face and to make it nice and dark when she falls asleep. The peekaboo window is well positioned to see into the seat without disturbing my daughter. The Mico 30 car seat base was simple to install in my car. The Mico 30 itself is very light which makes it easy for me to take it in and out of the car, even with my child in it. It is attractive and expensive looking and very plush. My child seems really comfortable sitting in it and I find it easy to buckle and unbuckle her. I love the expandable canopy to keep the sun off her face and to keep her covered while sleeping to transfer her more easily. I haven't had to wash it yet, but I love that the fabric is washer AND dryer safe, making it faster to get back on the road after cleaning instead of waiting for the shell to line dry as I've had to do with other brands. I received the Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5 in 1 Travel System with Mico 30 for free in exchange for my honest review. I truly believe that it represents a great value for an infant travel system. It is lightweight, easy to use, versatile, and attractive. My children are comfortable and happy in both the car seat and stroller.
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By Sanali16
Awesome features
June 13, 2021
This is a pretty awesome travel system. The stroller was mostly straightforward to assemble and I was able to put it together quickly. The only part that was not clear to me was how to recline the seat versus flatten it into a carrier. The instructions were not clear and I ended up having to find a video online for it. Once I knew where the lever was, it was easy to go between the different seat positions. I absolutely love the flat carriage position for complete comfort for a sleeping baby. I have never had this option in a stroller before and this feature makes it stand out from other stroller systems. The basket is also generously sized and can easily fit a diaper bag and much more. The cupholder is not the best and I don't like using it. It feels flimsy and not as within reach as I would like it to be. I would have preferred a tray with cupholder instead near the top of the stroller handle bar so I could put a water bottle, keys or a phone closer to me. The canopy is also huge and provides great cover from the elements. It was straightforward to attach the adapter with the infant car seat and use it with the stroller frame. The car seat is sturdy and well padded. It's quite comfortable and pretty spacious. I wish there was a way to use the stroller seat in conjunction with the car seat so that it wasn't necessary to remove the stroller seat to attach the car seat. This would make it convenient to interchange between the two options but would likely make it a bulkier product. Overall this is a great product. It has a lightweight frame and is easy to maneuver.
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By Ty
Redondo beach Ca
Like a lot of the feature, some I do not
June 11, 2021
Overall it's not a bad stroller. This is my first and only stroller ive used. Looking forward to trying others. My son was born 6lbs 11oz and now going on 4 months he's 15lbs and can't fit in the car seat. Have to find an alternative hopefully we don't have to get an entirely new system.
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By Jaddy
San Francisco, CA
Easy, safe and sleek!
June 10, 2021
We Really liked this new travel system. First off it came packaged really well in one box, with the Mico Max 30 infant car seat, stay-in-car base, and Zelia Max stroller. We really like the sleek stylish look and nice fabric of both the car seat and the stroller. The car seat attaches easily to the stroller and latches off fast. The stroller itself is easy to fold and to maneuver (we live in SF and that was important for us). Another big plus was the amount of storage the basket has, if you want to go shopping or go to the park (or anything) it fits it all. This definitely rivals the other brands with similar design (like uppababy) but for a way better price.
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By Blondiful
Great travel system!
June 9, 2021
Glad I purchased this travel system. Baby seems very comfortable in car seat and stroller, love the padding. I see a lot of reviews saying they have trouble with the wheels, honestly mine is perfect, don't have any issues with them at all. I get a lot of compliments on this travel system, definitely recommend!
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By AOakes
Amarillo, Texas
Sleek, Lightweight, Durable
June 9, 2021
The Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2 5 in 1 Travel system with Mico 30 is perfect. It is compatible and fits in my trunk with ease. The fasteners are secure and durable and do not slide around. I would buy this product, it is light enough for me to transport, and is chic and fashionable. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.
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By LindaA
Brooklyn, Ny
Really nice traveling system
June 8, 2021
First off I have to say I love the look of this car seat & stroller, so sleek in the black. The car seat is fantastic, very cushiony & comfortable for my daughter with all the pads & headrest. Love the bassinet feature, even use it in my home for naps. Have no issues getting it in and out of the car. Also very easily attaches to the stroller and folds nicely. The stroller seat has different recline options, long sunshade & a nice size basket. The versatility of this set is just great & hopefully see myself using it for a long time. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review.
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By Nickyd1233
Boston, MA
June 8, 2021
Really liked this stroller, was so thrilled to have received it to test and review! Just a great stroller for the age my child is at right now, 6 months. She has a lot of room to move and seems to really enjoy it. I like that it has a shade that extends well especially in New England where its hot one minus cold the next. Really looking forward to using it this summer.
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By Kelsey
Fort Worth
Great, comfortable & lightweight
June 8, 2021
This stoller system is much better than the grace brand I had before. The infant carrier itself is much lighter and the shape of the handle is much easier to grasp and use. The carrier goes up to 30lbs. The stroller is also lightweight and folds up easily. The padding on both the carrier and stroller are too notch. 5 out of 5!
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By BGet
Blown away!
June 8, 2021
The way this travel system is streamlined and adaptable, I regret not having it for my first baby! The material of the car seat is soft on skin, it works very easily with the LATCH system (I can't speak to it working with the seatbelt method); the stroller itself is AMAZING, even down to the storage underneath. Despite having the black model, the fabric doesn't even seem to heat up to the touch! I'm blown away by the versatility and adaptability of this set.
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By Julia
New London, CT
Received my stroller with missing pieces
June 4, 2021
I had received the Maxi Cosi Zelia 5 in 1 travel system with carseat & bassinet stroller for a baby shower gift mid 2020. I had my son December 2020, which I then opened the box and only took out the car seat since it was needed for him to come home ( love the car seat no complaints!) Since I live in the northeast we didn't need to use the stroller since it was freezing winter time and was snowing every no and again. Once it turned spring I took the stroller out with the attachments to hook up the car seat too was easy to put together, stroller is easy to open and collapse again and fits in my tiny Hyundai Elantra trunk perfect. Biggest issue is now that my babes is going to be 6 months he's already 20 lbs and I'm converting him out the baby car seat and into a bigger carseat now that he sits unassisted, my bassinet portion of the stroller has no sun shade/canopy with it? There's also no bar to go across the front of the stroller that I see in pictures ( I had to look it up online just to make sure I wasn't going crazy! None of those pieces were inside of my box that I received so I'm Upset because now if there isn't a sun shade I can buy to replace it, I have to get a whole new stroller! Also the front wheels can be horrible at times and don't want to work! There's times I've had to literally dragggg the stroller across the store, so embarrasing !
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By Moe
Seattle, WA
Love this Travel System!
May 13, 2021
Great travel system for our kids. It really has grown with our family. Highly recommend!
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By Moe
Seattle, WA
Love this Travel System!
May 12, 2021
Great travel system. Easy to get in and out of the car and love that it's modular.
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By Phx M.
Nice stroller- trouble with car seat
May 3, 2021
The car seat got stuck to the base first time we used it. Unfortunately- this was when we were bringing baby home from hospital. Eventually we got it out of the base with a lot of wiggling but now it won’t go back in. So we bought a Doona and have been using that as a car seat and light out and about stroller and this Maxi Cosi stroller for walks. The cup holder also broke right away on the stroller... Maybe just an unlucky purchase- but make sure car seat and base work before it’s time for baby to go home from hospital!
ProsHappy color instead of trendy and depressing gray for baby Stroller is nice with big basket
ConsCar seat and base were unable to be used They got stuck together on first use Came apart after a lot of wiggling and now won?t click back together
By PandemicMom
Doesn't grow with baby
April 26, 2021
Bought this before baby was born. Didnt get much use out of the stroller as I hoped because of the pandemic. Finally got around to converting bassinet to toddler use and even w the straps extended, my 12 m/o 22lb baby could not fit. Couldnt find specs anywhere for precise weight limits but come on a 1 y/o is more baby than toddler and can't fit? If the stroller doesnt do what it claims, pieces should be sold separately, like adjustable straps, to accommodate growing baby. I shouldnt have to buy a whole new stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By patricia
Pharr, Texas
Carset stroller
April 21, 2021
Great carseat and stroller combo. Would definitely buy again.
By CLL1225
Kansas City, MO
The stroller is garbage
April 15, 2021
While I like that the infant seat can be used with the stroller, and it's very easy to use, the stroller wheels are terrible. We've used this stroller about four times total and the wheels have started sticking - meaning they no longer rotate when they're in pivot mode we're turning the stroller. We've tried locking the wheels to the front, but the stroller is extremely hard to navigate when the wheels are locked. We're very disappointed, as this was a pretty expensive travel system and we were hoping to get lots of use out of it, but instead we're looking at having to replace the stroller so soon - we've only had our daughter for four months and we've only used it 4 times.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Fatima
Bought this for my sisters baby and she loves it
April 14, 2021
Albee baby has the best prices for the best products! So happy I found this site. This stroller was a lovely last min gift and arrived super quick! I definitely will be shopping on here more often
By Danielle
I love it
March 26, 2021
I brought this stroller for my grandson who will be here early June I’m super excited I love it I can not wait to push him in it the navy blue is beautiful the stroller isn’t heavy at all so in love excellent choice
By Nana7819
Brooklyn NY
Bulky but amazing
March 24, 2021
Bulky but one of the best you can see your baby or the back can turn forward and see the world
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Melanie222
Horrible Wheels
March 20, 2021
I wanted to love this stroller. I saved up cause I love the look of it but the wheels are absolutely terrible. You can't move the stroller on anything without the wheels getting stuck.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Saria
Brownsville, Texas
March 20, 2021
I purchased this stroller for my son and daughter-in-law, as per their request for my granddaughter. It is very difficult to insert or remove car seat from base and usually takes two persons to do this task. My daughter in law had a horrible accident with my granddaughter upon trying to insert car seat in base and having a difficult time car seat flipped causing my granddaughter to fall while strapped to car seat and sustained fracture to her head and was admitted to intensive care unit in hospital. It had definitely been the worst purchase we have made. I regret having purchased this item. I would definitely take this stroller of the market due to safety concerns.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Daniel
San Diego
Do not buy!
March 18, 2021
Horrible front wheels. It keeps getting stuck you get more tired pushing the stroller than just carrying your baby.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Bee
Fort Myers, FL
Love color
March 17, 2021
I love for my kids to be different! I love the color! I’ve never seen anyone around me nor in my area with a stroller this brand nor color. Plus for me which is exactly what I wanted!
By Wheels
Reseda Ca
Poor wheels
February 6, 2021
The worst wheels ever. So upsetting. Used 3 times and every time I do I regret going out. The wheels get stuck and turn the other way. And the stroller doesn't go anywhere. I have to keep moving the wheel towards so it can work.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By AleJ
Wheels are awful
January 22, 2021
I love the look of the stroller but the wheels are constantly locking up and going the wrong way. It's not a cheap set either which is depressing.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Frances R.
250 west 131 st apt 5B ny ny 10027
November 22, 2020
By Markus
Boston, MA
Great product - don`t give too much about negative reviews
November 22, 2020
Great product - especially if you don`t want to carry your kid around too much but drive to the car and just lift her in. The only downside after 6 months of using is the front wheels which got squeaky and hard to maneuver after some months of heavy usage, BUT nothing a few drops of WD40 (or some other oil) can`t fix.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mom 1.
Love it but hate it
November 13, 2020
I love that it's lightweight and has plenty of room for storage. I HATE HATE the wheels! They always get stuck. Also, the cup holder broke off and the bassinet tilts back when facing parent.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Samantha S.
Long Island, NY
Don't waste your money - wheels are terrible!
October 29, 2020
I had high hopes for this system. It is not a cheap set so you would expect it to be worth the money. It is not! Trust the reviews you see .... the look of the stroller is nice, the fact that it is a travel system is good but THE WHEELS are that bad. I don't care how nice it looks or what you can interchange if you can't push it and use it without being frustrated. Anywhere we go the wheels get stuck, lock up or go the other way. It is so frustrating and embarrassing when in public. Sad because it is not cheap. The wheels are everything, find a better stroller.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Lost w.
The worst travel system ever
September 17, 2020
Worst travel system EVER, so flimsy and almost flipped over with baby various times , and when I called customer service they brushed it off initially until I demanded a new stroller , and there customer service is the WORST.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By It's h.
College park, md
The actual stroller has serious steering issues
September 11, 2020
The wheels are absolutely horrendous. I struggle with steering this thing every single day. I regret asking for it smh
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Happy D.
Baltimore MD
A company that stands behind its products
September 8, 2020
The steoller is amazing but its that customer service that is truly exceptional. We have had some minor issues, none even worth mentioning in this review, but they absolutely go above and beyond in handling the issues. You will not be disappointed!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tess
I love mine!
September 7, 2020
I'm glad I chose this for my first starter up car seat and stroller! It's a convenient usage. I can easily recline the seat or turn it to a bassinet. It's easy to maneuver and runs very smoothly. It's also easy to take out material to wash. The car seat is great too!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Looks nice, but stroller is a nightmare.
August 28, 2020
The main problems I have with this set are: the car seat is not breathable and gets extremely hot. The stroller is bulky and hard to maneuver. It does not switch between the car seat and bassinet attachments that easily. It is not single-parent friendly. The stroller is an absolute nightmare. First off, it's incredibly bulky. The stroller itself takes up almost the entire space in my Honda Fit's hatchback. It's easy to open up by yourself if you're willing to throw it around in the air a little bit, otherwise it's a bit of a pain, especially for a smaller person. When you're using it, the whole thing shakes like it's barely put together. As most people have mentioned, the front wheels ALWAYS go sideways and end up locking up, so whether you stop for a second and try to go again, or hit any small bump or crack in the sidewalk it happens and it's not as simple as just back tracking and going again, it takes a little effort to get the wheels back. The car seat is comfortable and seems to be well protective, but it is not breathable at all. Even a quick trip to the store and back, my baby's back ends up soaked with sweat... so the occasional 2 hour road trip to visit my parents is always a tough time because of this (even with the AC on.) Because of this, we always try to bring the bassinet along with us if we plan to walk around with our baby, because it's more breathable, but then it takes up even more space in the car (good bye grocery room) and to switch between the car seat and bassinet requires the addition or removable of two attaching arms. Connecting and removing the car seat to the stroller is very troublesome and almost always requires two people for a smooth operation. If you're a single parent, I'm sorry if you're using this car seat and stroller. Honestly at this price, I would expect so much more. I feel like they put all the effort in making it look nice and modern and forgot to make it functional.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Liz
If I had to give 0 stars I would
August 20, 2020
I purchased the stroller 1yr ago at a baby store in NYC . I paid almost 500$ Which is EXPENSIVE . I didn't care because I needed a good stroller for a newborn baby. Anyways, I used till he was 5-6months, then I started to have problems because the front wheels wouldn't work , they would get stuck & the back wheels were folding in. Made it very difficult to use & ANNOYING. I called the company and asked for a new frame, they send me one. A month after that one also got messed up. I gave up and threw both of the frames to the garbage. Very DISAPPOINTED & will never buy from Maxi Cosí.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Fine Stroller with some big flaws
August 11, 2020
We have used this product for about 5 months now and have had a good experience with the car seat and bassinet feature. We have had some concerns that the bassinet seems to tilt downwards, so the baby's head seems almost angled down when laying in it. I also wish it was easier to insert the car seat since it comes with the stroller, without having to use the provided adapters. The stroller looks great and it is very convenient how you can easily move the seat into different positions. The biggest problem we have had with the stroller is how the front wheels get stuck. We live in a city and are constantly in and out of doors, elevators, having to move around on the sidewalk and on truly every time we are out walking in the stroller, the front wheels get stuck making it very hard to maneuver. We have a second smaller travel stroller and it's making us regret getting the Maxi Cosi at all when we see how easy it is to use in comparison!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great System
August 8, 2020
Looks great, feels safe and easy to use
By Very d.
Las Cruces, NM
Very disappointed
July 25, 2020
We were thrilled to have chosen this setup in the beginning. We were in love with the quality of the material and the easy setup/removal of the attachments. However the main disappointment is the wheels. They lock up and jam up. Our little one is 2 months and we can't enjoy the stroller because the simplest walk has the wheels jamming up/locking up. It's highly annoying that even using it inside our home (we have carpet, tile and hardwood floors) we can't get the wheels to provide a smooth ride or turn without the wheels jamming. It seems like we are always draggging the stroller. Definitely not worth the amount of money we paid! In a desperate need moment we bought a safety 1st duo for a third of the price we paid for our maxi cosi. Let me just say as far as functionality and price we wish we would have never invested in our maxi cosi and went with our safety 1st since the beginning. We would need to buy a different stroller base in order to be able to use our maxi cosi car seat and bassinet duo. But hate the thought of spending more money. We hate the fact that our expensive stroller is now back in it's box.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Brenda
Lakewood, CA
Lightweight and easy to haul around
July 22, 2020
Love this stroller and how easy it easy to hook up the car seat to the stroller. My baby loves the bassinet as well however the handle already broke off even before I can use it in the upright position. A little disappointed in that considering the amount it costs
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By buena303
Los Angeles, CA
Not the best option
July 15, 2020
Very frustrating the front wheels get locked and you cant move it. I try rocking the baby to sleep sometimes in it and the tires get stuck.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Buena303
Stroller is ok
June 8, 2020
The whole system is kind of confusing. When you put the car seat into the base it takes years trying to figure out how to take it out. Placing the car seat into the stroller is also hard to do and same with having to pull it out. The front tires on the stroller get stuck all them. I probably would've gone with a different one if I hadn't receive the car seat as a gift.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By ava
San Diego
Looks great, functions not great!
June 3, 2020
The materials are high quality and soft, the system looks great and seemingly comfortable. The car seat itself functions well for me, no complaints. The strollers bassinet rocks and seems loose although it's installed properly. The front wheel(s) get stuck sideways and lock up randomly making it both hard to turn and simply walk. Quiet annoying! I haven't even taken it out for anything other than neighborhood walks and its already frustrating, nervous of more stressful situations like shopping or on crowds. Preferably I could just return this but being semi expensive I had full trust in it and threw the packaging away. So I'll be stuck hearing my husband complaining everytime we use it!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kaysha
New Mexico
May 4, 2020
I absolutely love this model! I was so excited when we purchased it, because it looked so comfy for our little one. We loved all the extra cushion and the safety that it provided. Our daughter has not had any issues falling asleep in it! I love that when I go to the store and she is sleeping in the car seat, I can actually just click it in the stroller and be on our way without taking her out and waking her up! I have also adjusted it now that she has gotten bigger and she loves the stroller to! I love that it converts over into a bassinet style for when she is tired and we are still out and about!! I would definitely purchase this again!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Candice
Placerville ca
March 20, 2020
Cheap The base is incredibly cheap. I am so upset. I installed it and my baby is due in 2 days and now it's to late to return because I need it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sandy
Moreno Valley
baby Shower gift
February 7, 2020
Very great stroller system I would recommend it to anyone but there is a couple things they can improve on. Sadly my wheels lock and drag all the time & my cup holder always falls off..
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Renee'
Frustrating using it , only been a month too
January 23, 2020
I've had a baby recently and got this as a gift . I'm so so disappointed with it . When clipping in the infant car seat, Im literally standing there for a few min trying to do it on My Own ! It's the worst feature ever ! Also removing the car seat is annoying . And this isn't a cheap car seat/stroller . You'd think they'd make it easier on parents . Save your money and go for the old fashioned strollers or try a different brand . I'm stuck with this, as I said it was a gift . I hate using it .
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Wheels
New Jersey
Not the best wheels
November 30, 2019
Wheels Tend lock up in the and drag when turning the swivel mecanizam is horrible. And I'm not talk when the wheel is locked positions
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Brittany
Amazing stroller
November 28, 2019
This stroller has been a game changer in our lives. My son needed a need infant seat because he hated his old one. This amazing deal was just what I was looking for. I will say it is difficult to get the seat into the stroller caddy but we manage. The stroller itself is great the fact it turns into a bassinet is what is life saving. My son loves this he takes naps in and likes to look around. The stroller itself moves great and we have no issues
By Maria
Not the easiest to use
November 24, 2019
When we bought this, we thought we'll get over the fact that this is not a 1 hand collapsable stroller bec it has so much other features. Unfortunately those features are not so seemless as well. Putting the car seat in the stroller was just difficult to do if you're just one person. Taking it off was even worse, it won't get released easily from the stroller that you have to second guess yourself all the time. I also agree with some reviews that the stroller gets scratches easily, I don't think from usage but from just folding it up and we don't even use ours weekly. The carseat was also another story, adjusting the straps were so bad, it gets stuck and out of place all the time that I have to always fix it from the back of the seat. It was just a dissappointing.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Lewisburg, PA
Travel System
November 22, 2019
Bought this travel system for my second child. I love the modern look and the storage space at the bottom of the basket. The adjustable handle bars are great especially for the taller dads who may push the stroller. The one big con for me is the fact that the wheels don’t turn efficiently, I can work with it but it is an inconvenience. Overall I would recommend, definitely worth it for the car seat alone.
ProsCar Seat Ample basket space Adjustable handle bar Modern look
ConsWheels don?t turn efficiently. Wide
By Brittany E.
elk grove ,Ca
Not recommended.
November 18, 2019
This was a recplacemnt for our dana Stroller that issues with the latches releasing to collapse the stoller. We still have the same issue the latches get stuck and there is significant scrapes and scratches from collapsing this stroller. We have only had it for two months and it look like we have had it for years. My husband and I take great care in our products and thibgs we use for our son so this was a disappointment. The cup holder also comes off the stoller and is unreliable.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Regretting P.
Waynesboro PA
Not a product I would recommend or gift to any expectant mom
November 13, 2019
My initial excitement at purchasing this stroller did not last long. And has left me regretting the purchase and now looking to buy an entirely new stroller. The travel system as a whole, is outrageously inconvenient to use. From the way you break the stroller down, to the car seats multiple release buttons. Definitely not a one handed job, sometimes it's not even a one person job. Besides the inconvenience of the stroller, ours has had multiple parts break, without any wear and tear on our part. Within 8 weeks and barely any use, one of the buttons located on the bassinets handle bar popped out. A couple of months later the notch for the cup holder attachment broke. Leaving us unable to use the cup holder. We were sent replacements for both, but were informed that there is no longer an active warranty and our stroller is no longer covered. I would absolutely NOT recommend or gift this product to any expectant mom.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Natalia
Miami go
It's alright
November 7, 2019
I have used the stroller for almost a year but it's impossible to clean the stroller it doesn't let you take it apart and now we're just gonna have to throw it away cause it's so filthy and stinky my baby has dropped so much milk on it and now it sucks that it doesn't give you the option to take it apart like the car seat honestly they messed up with that model cause of that
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mom 2.
Orange County, California
Save your money
November 1, 2019
After doing some research, I decided on this travel system for its versatility and esthetics. After 1 month of use, the handle had multiple scratches from collapsing the stroller. When you collapse the stroller, the handle bar hits the floor leaving scratch marks. The canopy is made of a very cheap material that was dented when we stored the stroller in the trunk on grocery run. The stroller does not maneuver easily and front wheels of the lock. It's also a rough ride for my now 6 month old. The cushion on the stroller is made out of cotton ball like material and it goes through the seat cover so you can see little white lint mark looking spots on the stroller seat. The stroller is a hassle to collapse since the seat needs to be positioned in a very specific way. The car seat is well built. The cover is machine washable so that's a plus. However, the headrest doesn't have much support.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Frustrated 4.
Clearwater, FL
Too narrow for 4 month old
October 29, 2019
My LO is 4 months old and has already grown too big for the car seat. The car seat is extremely narrow and he gets pinned once buckled in. The stroller has all kinds of adapters and is not user friendly. I was hoping to get more use out of the car seat but honestly, after 4 months of constantly have to tighten the base in with each use, I'm glad we can say goodbye to this infant seat and get another brand. Extremely disappointed. The concept is good but in the end it all is just poorly designed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By MsyBar
Gray, Louisiana
Nice Travel System
October 26, 2019
I purchased this for a friend and she loves it. The Travel System works very well together and great for on the go parents. Just attach the car seat to the stroller without even having to take the baby out. Now that's convenience.
By Isis
Anaheim ca
I love it!!
October 17, 2019
I was leaning into the uppa until my husband came across this one I love it so far love the car seat baby looks so comfy in it easy adjustable belt my baby is 2 in a half months and I use my stroller with either bassinet option or carseat daily !! Yes it scratches easy and my cup holder broke within the month since it faced out it got stuck going thru a doorway the bottom storage is large enough for groceries and diaper bag. Reason for 4 stars is my foam is tearing on the handle :( and the canopies are alot flimsy !!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Paula T.
Awesome stroller
October 11, 2019
This stroller is very easy to use, very comfortable for my baby, and it has all you need in a stroller. Maxi Cosi's after-sales service is excellent, all doubts are solved and the guarantee is excellent
By Adri
Pharr, Texas
Great Travel System
September 18, 2019
I loved this travel system. Very easy to install on the car/suv and the YouTube tutorials were very helpful on how to operate the different positions. Love that fully reclines into a bassinet. Baby is almost a year old and he still uses the bassinet mode. Where we live is very hot, and the fabric it's not the coolest. May be that is something to consider.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mom 3.
Boston, MA
Easy to carry carseat and stroller
September 12, 2019
The car seat base is easy to install and the car seat itself is light weight and easy to carry, but trying to get the handle down every time we put it into the car is a pain. The stroller folds easily and holds a good amount of stuff underneath but the adapters needed for the car seat to fit get stuck easily and make it difficult to get the car seat out and to go between that and the bassinet easily.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Alex
Lathrop, CA
Great stroller
August 23, 2019
Loved the stroller it was easy to use, comfortable, and makes life easier when it's the same seat/bassinet transition. The car seat on the other hand was not amazing at all. I was happy to transition little one quickly into the big boy car seat. The carseat is comfortable, yet gets so hot quickly. As a winter baby he would sweat through his clothes! It's not easy to clean and as others mentioned it pelts quickly. He didn't use it often at all max. 20 times and it pelted horribly. Another note I was never able to carry the car seat by myself it was slightly heavy and my little one gained weight rather quickly but it was manageable with my husband. Also you need two people to click into the stroller because it's so difficult to find the right position. *I did buy the more expensive infant car seat for the new little and although I haven't used it the quality is so much nicer and the difference shows so quickly(Max plus).
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sanja
Naples Florida
Absolutely love this travel system !!
August 22, 2019
We love our Zelia travel system ! Both car seat and stroller look super comfortable, our baby enjoys it. Transition from bassinet to the reclining or seat up stroller is very convenient. It's easy to assemble and looks so good. The only downside is a cup holder which won't stay on. But no big deal cause basket storage is huge and I love it ! Stroller is easy to use, extended handle is also a great feature for us as my husband is much taller then me. We couldn't be happier with this travel system. Looking into Maxi cosi convertible car seats now as our baby is growing fast, and we will need it in a few months.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By B
Omaha Nebraska
August 21, 2019
I am so disappointed in this travel system. We purchased and were so excited once we got it all put together- which wasn't easy. It looked so nice and comfy. First off- it hasn't held up well at all. Pieces continue to break and is very cheaply made. Second my baby is not comfortable in this seat at all. The stroller is not easy to get the car seat on. And honestly the bassinet attachment is so small. The straps on the car seat are constantly getting turned and the strap to pull to tighter doesn't work well at all. I am constantly taking this seat apart to fix the straps. CONSTANTLY. The bar/ handle is a weird shape- it doesn't have a good grip space for Me to carry my son. This is a very small stroller and don't feel like it will last us long. And don't even get me started on the cup holder. I had very high expectations for this seat/stroller and was failed. It is so disappointing. All in all, I would not recommend. :(
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Ontario ca
Poor quality
August 12, 2019
I purchased Maxi-Cosi® Zelia 5-in-1 Modular Travel System in Night Black but I am not happy with my purchase it is very cheap feeling the cup holder keeps falling and the car seat is hard to put on the stroller
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Vale
Do not buy
July 20, 2019
Hard to maneuver. Canopy broke the 1st week we used it. Cup holder flimsy, doesn't work. Car seat need adapters to install to the stroller. Just NOT user friendly. Very disappointed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Laura
Roseville, California
Purchased for travel
July 12, 2019
I purchased this set to use for air travel when I didn’t want to bring my Nuna/Uppa baby. For the price, this set was worth it since I don’t mind it getting scuffed up. Comparing this to my more expensive car seat and stroller it definitely feels cheap material wise but for the price that is to be expected. Stroller folds up nicely. The car seat works great on the plane and in the car without the base, making this set excellent for travel.
By Michelle
Troy, MI
Do not get
July 1, 2019
It may be cute, but it is not easy to maneuver or use. It is cumbersome and my little man, at only 6 months, barely fits in the carrier. I wanted this system for my 3rd because it appeared cute, but I can definitely say it is not worth the money and that I've had better systems with my prior two children.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Liah
Love this stroller!
June 23, 2019
Such an all around great stroller! My 6 month old loves the different positions! He never seems fussy or uncomfortable in it! It's so easy to push around to fold up and put away! As for the comment under me there's a part where you can tighten the upper part so the head part isn't lower than the legs just look under the bassinet, I hope customer service helped you!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mario
Doral Fl
Do not Buy it!
May 29, 2019
The product is difficult assemble and does not stay on a horizontal position it tilts back so the legs are higher than the head!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Cris
Loved at first...but now...?
May 21, 2019
I was preparing for my first baby and fell in love with this stroller. The different features and the look, I was sold. 6 months in...the cupholder broke immediately and the wheels are wobbly and malfunctioning. And oh how I wish it had the option to make it a double. I loved this stroller but has left me disappointed, and in need of another stroller that can convert to a double
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Joana
Odessa, Texas
Perfect gift
May 15, 2019
I gifted this travel system to my sister and she absolutely loved it. So pretty and light and loves that it grows with baby.
By Paula
Santa Barbara, California
Grows with Baby
April 28, 2019
We love this set! Plan to use it with our future children. We have had no issues

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