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By Alex
Columbus, Ohio
July 3, 2015
Great carseat
Are countless hours of research we landed on the maxi cosi pria 70. I'm so glad we did because this carseat is great! It's compact enough for our 4 door car so we are able to keep it rear facing as well as soft and comfy for our little guy to ride in. The cup holder has come in handy as well. We didnt notice any difference in the black coloring either like stated. Overall so glad we got this one!
Milpitas, California
June 5, 2015
My daughter loves it
Very well designed. Head side support is good. Head pad is thick and soft. Cup holder is very good that saves room. Includes additional parts for infant.
ProsHead protection Shoulder pad
April 29, 2015
It's for my newborn . TheTinyFit System is great.
ProsComfortble, Awesome Material ,Great price
ConsButton of the seat belt is a little tight.
April 27, 2015
very nice car seat
very light and easy to install.
By Yue
City Of Industry, CA
April 6, 2015
Like it!
My son 4 months old loves it and feel comfortable in this car seat.
By Chris
Chicago, IL
March 25, 2015
Great Buy
The design may not be as intriguing as other products. However, it is very durable and comfortable that baby stopped crying whereas he kept on crying on an infant car seat we bought a while ago.
ProsDurable, Comfortable, safe
By Victor
Fresno, Ca
March 10, 2015
Well Worth the money.......
We purchased the Maxi Cosi 70 with the tiny fit system, and we have no regrets. It's super comfortable for our 7.3 lbs baby; with out the additional back support pillow. As we loaded our baby for the 1st time at the hospital, we got some compliments from the nurses. My sister is not pregnant...yet, but when it comes time, I will be purchasing another one as a gift to her.
Pros- Super comfy. - tank-like, feels secure and well designed. - Ample space for the baby to grow in to, some of the other car seats felt like our baby would be cramped and tiring on his spine. - Car install is fairly simple, but not easy. It does take some strength to really get it to specified suggestions.
Cons-A bit bigger than expected,takes up a tad more than a third of our Rav 4's back seat. - We opted for the dark tan, to avoid staining. But it still stains more than expected....given the choice, I'd go with the blk or gray.
By Kasey Bankston
March 1, 2015
fits in a Toyota 4runner.
My 8 month old 15 lb. Baby boy loves it and fits perfect. This carseat fits perfect in a Toyota 4runner in the backseat in rear facing position.
By Darya
Los Gatos, CA
February 20, 2015
The best seat ever!
We got it when our baby was around 6 mo. It is very comfy, reclines very well and fits perfectly in my compact sedan fully reclined! My son is 19 mo now and still rides fully reclined and looked very comfy and happy. Fabric is soft and easy to clean. Very quick installation after you figured it out at first place - it takes me only 3 minutes to move it between cars. Going by another one for a new baby
By John
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
January 12, 2015
My toddler loves this car seat
My 2 year old toddler loves this car seat. She sleeps right away once she's on it.
By Kame
Houston, TX
December 20, 2014
Not as comfortable as the reviews and picture make it out to be...
I was so excited about this carseat until I touched it! The seat cushion of the tiny fit system was as minimal as the entire back with the tiny fit system off. It was about a half an inch of foam covering hard plastic. You can knock on it and it creates a loud, knocking on plastic sound. The sides sure were comfy!! Why they decided not to be consistent with the back is odd. I really thought this would be a really comfortable seat... but feeling it, I wouldn't want to sit in it. For the price, and the name, it shouldn't feel like that.
Prosseat and side cushions are nice!
ConsYou can feel the hard plastic (which isn't flush... it has ridges) behind the minimal amount of foam covering the seat back. Feels like it would be terribly uncomfortable. I'd imagine physics would ensure a hard break would hurt the back of my child's head, as well.
Best UsesI'm sure it performs great in a side impact crash.
By Frances
Ontario, California
November 19, 2014
Saved my daughter's life
This was our first maxi cosi. We also have a foonf and a britax marathon. We got in a huge car accident a few weeks ago where our vehicle spun multiple times and flipped, landing upside down. When I crawled to the back to retrieve my 6 month old daughter, she was fully secure, without any scratches. Despite being hung upside down, the seat (with proper installation) performed amazingly in saving my daughter's life. I highly recommend this seat.
Best UsesEveryday use.
United States
September 25, 2014
The 3 stars is for the shipping and condition it arrived in. Our package arrived rather beat up. I was concerned the seat inside would be void warranty as it looked like the box had been in an accident. Upon inspection, I could see no physical damage. I hope it remain just as safe during the rough ride to my door. The seat itself looks very comfortable. I like the cup holder...I haven't tested how easy it is to clean yet. We just installed the seat, and rear facing we had to have it reclined in the #3 position because at #2 it was way too close and his legs looked super cramp. The material is soft but seems like it would be hot and sweaty, not breathable. We have the Britax Advocate which I like very much but wanted to try something different for the 2nd car. So far it's okay, the padded shoulder seems to be more comfortable than the Britax. It will probably grow on us and be better forward facing.
By Lucy
Bergenfield NJ
August 14, 2014
Good Purchase
It's for my grand daughter. All I can say was this was recommended and chosen by my daughter-in-law. I know she did her research on the quality. I believe this is a good purchase.
By Emiliya
Minneapolis, MN
August 13, 2014
Perfect fit even to a small car
Our baby is super comfortable in this car seat and I highly recommend it. You do not need to deal with extra isofix etc, its easy to install and the best part is it doesn't take much space even in a small car. Its very comfortable for long distances, our baby girl always falls asleep in it :)
By Jackie
Westchester, NY
August 13, 2014
Can't wait to use it!
Great price for a wonderful car seat- my husband and I noticed no difference at all in the color from the full price one. It looks very comfortable and we're excited to use it when the baby comes! My only complaint is the condition of the box; it looked like it was tossed around quite a bit which made me nervous, but the seat itself was fine. I would have appreciated an extra layer of packaging, though...
By nicola
South Bend, IN
August 4, 2014
I bought two ,one for my baby,the orther one for my friend's baby.We both love it !
By zzwuikj
los angeles
July 22, 2014
very good
I bought this for my son after he outgrew his Maxi Cosi Mico 30 and it's wonderful. We have a smaller car and even rear facing behind the passenger seat, there is plenty of leg room in the front seat. It was easy to install, especially considering I installed it in the parking garage at work because the giant box wouldn't fit in my trunk. It looks great and my son loves the cup holder, which more often than not is used as a toy holder and provides minutes of entertainment. The adjustable seat back is very easy to use and the straps are easier to use than those on the Mico. I do have a little trouble sometimes with the five-point release button as it seems that it must be pressed from the right angle to be released. We love the Pria and cannot recommend it more
By Molly
San Diego
July 11, 2014
Love this car seat and great price!
As of June 2014, this convertible cart seat received the highest safety rankings in the market. (My brother is an attorney re: car seat safety and manufactures). I wanted this car seat but couldn't stomach the price. Jumped at the opportunity to score the discount however and with the tiny insert seat that's even better. I've only had this now for 2 months but so far it's been great and our daughter loves it.
ProsSafety - currently the safest convertible car seat in the market Price - I can't tell the difference from the original vs. the slightly off-colored fabric that resulted in this discount. Comfort - the fabric is very slick, cool for the summer months and is comfortable Instructions to install - very thorough plus they have instructions on the actual car seat so that you can refer to that if you loose the manual Travel - TSA approved for Airplane travel Cup Holder - this is key
ConsSize - I think this is a big car seat... but then again... what convertible car seat isn't?
By Sarah
San Francisco, CA
June 30, 2014
Perfect Car Seat
I bought this for my son after he outgrew his Maxi Cosi Mico 30 and it's wonderful. We have a smaller car and even rear facing behind the passenger seat, there is plenty of leg room in the front seat. It was easy to install, especially considering I installed it in the parking garage at work because the giant box wouldn't fit in my trunk. It looks great and my son loves the cup holder, which more often than not is used as a toy holder and provides minutes of entertainment. The adjustable seat back is very easy to use and the straps are easier to use than those on the Mico. I do have a little trouble sometimes with the five-point release button as it seems that it must be pressed from the right angle to be released. We love the Pria and cannot recommend it more!
By John
Huntington Beach, CA
June 25, 2014
Great carseat and even better price!
This carseat is super comfy and easy to adjust for height. We can remove all the stuff to wash except the side headrests but we found they can be washed easily with a wet towel.
ProsSuper Safe and easy to adjust the height without adjust the belts
By yongqing
June 10, 2014
good price & good goods
not used yet, but it seems strong and can cover the baby very well. the surface is smooth and soft, make me feel good and feel safe. hope my baby will love it in the coming days.
By Hannah
Lakewood, CO
June 8, 2014
Great Seat!
I didn't notice any color difference so I was happy to get such a deal! The seat was easy to install rear facing in the middle of our Subabru Impreza with the front seats pretty far back and reclined. It fit perfectly and looks great with our black leather interior! We're currently expecting our first child so I don't have an experience with actually using the seat but it came highly recommended by several of our friends who have the same seat. Seems really sturdy and well built!
By Su
Northwest Arkansas
June 5, 2014
My infant likes it
The free delivery just took a few days. The installation would have been much easier if the buckles would come from the factory in the rear facing position. I would prefer a firmer snapping action on the chest latch. I drive a honda minivan and the seat fits easily the front passenger seat just had to be moved up a few inches.
By Hanna
Atlanta, GA
May 29, 2014
a great buy
we purchased this item for our 10 month pld, who was growing out of her infant seat. it is easily adjustable, and I've used it twice now for my 3 year old nephew as well. I couldn't tell you why or in what way it isn't "true" black, as it looks identical to the photo on the Maxi Cosiwebsite, but I was very happy to get it at such a great discount!
Prosadjustable recline when rear-facing, very comfortable padding
Consbuckle is hard to tighten/loosen, seat cover is not machine washable
By SaraJ
Novato, CA
May 28, 2014
Not the first one we've purchased!
My oldest has the same carseat and we love it! I haven't tried the infant insert yet, but am sure it comes made with the same quality. We are very happy with our purchases of the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 carseats!
ProsSafe, comfortable, attractive. Fits well in our small sedan, as well as our large pick-up. Easy to install, adjust and move from one car to another.
By Mrs. Tee
May 21, 2014
I'm a 1st time mom and I tend to be overprotective of my sweet baby muffin. I read the review on this car seat and saw that is was prices down due to coloring so I purchased it (after hours of research and comparisons). I could be more pleased with this purchase! My 11 month loves how comfortable the seat is and rides like a king. Easy to installs and clean. This seat is almost too perfect. #happymom
ProsRecline Cushion Beauty
Best UsesReclined
By Tiffany
Great Bend, KS
May 19, 2014
Great seat
I just moved my 3 month old into this seat. She is about 12lbs and 23 inches long. She fullmits great with the tiny fit. I drive a 99 ford windstar with a bench seat and I can fit 2 of these there. It is heavy as expected. It took my husbands muscle to install it with the seat belt but I dont plan on moving it. When its time I will be able to rethred the seat without taking it out of the car. I have a safety first on board air for my son (same manufacturer) but I want this seat for him as well now. Lol
By Laura
May 18, 2014
love this
I am not using the tiny fit. We have the Maxi cosi micro but our baby outgrew it (she is 8 months and 20lbs) This seat got here in less than a week. It wasn't hard to install. It is so comfortable, my baby loves it. She can see everything. Great carseat. You can't tell the color is off. Its pretty. This is a great deal!
By tinylittle
May 16, 2014
LOVE this car seat! I had my eye on it and when I saw it at the discounted price I knew it was mine. When it came in it looked the exact same color as the one I had looked at in store. I think you have to have it side-by-side with one that is total black to see the difference.
By Diane
Tampa, Florida
May 7, 2014
Great car seat for great price
Grandson needed second car seat and we found the same one he already had at a great price. They received it in just a couple of days and we're extremely satisfied with our purchase.
By Eugene
May 1, 2014
Does not recline with child in seat
Good seat, fits well, but missing a key feature - can't recline while the child is in the seat. We had a Maxi Cosi Priora for our older daughter - could recline if she fell asleep in the seat, which is very helpful.
By Mandy
April 24, 2014
Car seat is perfect. A little confusing to put in car securely, but it feels very comfortable and fits my little one perfect. We love the reclining option and air safety features. I cant tell a difference in this color vs total black... they look the same to me. Great buy! Well worth the $.
By Anna K
Los Angeles, Ca
April 7, 2014
Impossible to open latch without help
The red latch at the thighs jams and is nearly impossible to open. You have to use so much force and have one person push as the other pulls. Very frustrating when you have a crying infant in the car! I gave it two stars because the aesthetic design is nice and soft, but this is inconvenient as well since this is a PERMANENT seat.
By Taneisha
Pembroke Pines
April 3, 2014
Love it
Perfect for my 13 month old baby, it's very comfortable, cup holder is a big plus too. He usually hates his car seats but now he relaxes once he's strapped in.
By Pregnant Momma
March 23, 2014
Great price!
Haven't used this yet but will be placing a newborn in it soon. Researched lots of infant and convertible car seats and decided on this over Chicco Nextfit because the Maxi Cosi is made in America (chicco is made in China! No thank you lead!) Car seat is heavy and well padded, I feel very secure in placing my child in it and material appears to stay cool in hot summer temps! Car seat came with only one restraint clip (manual said there should be two sizes) so I called maxi cosi and they sent a replacement that day! Awesome customer service. Happy with my purchase and with Albee Baby's price!
By Robyn
Alton, Illinois
March 19, 2014
Couldn't be happier!
It was delivered in record time! The car seat is in perfect condition. There is nothing wrong with the "not so black" color. My 10 month old loves it!
By S
March 16, 2014
Great Seat
So far, this seems to be a great seat! The only 2 minor dislikes I have are that lo looks like the car seat could swallow her, so when I turn around, I can't see her (but this probably means it's super safe and would protect her well in an accident). The other issue I have is that the straps are hard to tighten. Hopefully as we use it more, it will get a bit easier to tighten and loosen. Otherwise, this seat seems great! It fits my car beautifully and she seems quite comfortable! Those features, as well as the safety ratings and the higher rear facing weight/height limits, make this a great seat!!
By julie
Durham, NC
March 12, 2014
maxi cosi car seat
This is not a car seat to drag along with you places outside of the car, but comfort-wise for the baby, it was definitely time to make the move out of the Graco snugfit. And given their recent recalls, the latch system on this car seat is noticeably better. The cup holder is great. And honestly, if the 'defect' with the color had not been pointed out, I would have just thought that's the way it was designed, it looks nice.
Prosvery high in terms of safety standards, comfortable, cup holder
Conslarge, bulky
By Riverdale Mom
Riverdale, NY
March 7, 2014
Excellent Purchase
We originally went all out and purchased multiple Britax Advocate 70CS carseats for our toddler. But there were numerous things we didn't like about them - sweaty material, our daughter's head was never supported and her legs hung/ hit the edge of the seat at an uncomfortable place so we just decided to try another brand. This seat had excellent safety features, reviews and was of excellent quality. It also came with the tiny fit for an unbelievable price. She loves this seat and the built in cup holder is wonderful!!
By Kylee
March 7, 2014
Great upgrade for "big boy car seat"
We used the britax travel system car seat prior and when our 8 month old got to big for it we did lots of research for his next car seat. It was between this maxi cosi or the britax boulevard. I'm so happy with this one! The material is awesome and it fits perfectly in our bmw which has a "smaller" backseat. My son seems to like it as well and he looks comfy in it. I also like how it can do the tiny fit for our next baby if needed. Definitely would buy again!
ProsMaterial is awesome.
By maria
nyc, United States
March 3, 2014
Very satisfied! !
I bought this car seat 2 weeks ago and only used it twicw. My son is 11 months old. Firstly the color is black and looks like the original color so I was hesitant when I seen it said wrong batch dye. Seat is comfy yet sleek. I always swear by britax but when I seen both in person the maxi cosi side impact cushions sold me. Unfortunately my car was hit yesterday from the back in a moderate crash with extensive damage... A young kid plowed into me while texting..thank god my son was not in car but the car seat was and I will be purchasing another one of these car seats as I will not use a seat involved in an accident. I keep getting different opinions to have the seat checked out but I am not taking any chances..both front seats of the car were dismounted from the hit so the car seat had to take some of the impact being in the back. Ashame I had seat for 2 weeks but thank god my son wasnt in car. I would rwcommend this to a friend absolutely!
ProsSleek, comfy plus perfect for tall babies like my son
Best UsesInfant through toddler years
By Kim Bennett
Altamont, Kansas
March 2, 2014
maxi cosi 70 convertible car seat w/ tiny fit
I love these car seats! I bought my grandson the maxi cosi travel system. I have now purchased the maxi cosi convertible. I would never buy a different kind. It is such a peace of mind to know that my grandson is safe while traveling. He appears comfortable. The material is soft and it is super padded. I got this carseat and it was marked down due to color problems. However, we cant tell any problems on the color. I rate this car seat a 10 out of 10. It is also easy to instal. Fabric easy to clean.
By Julie Masterson
San Diego
March 2, 2014
Love this!!
Very nice safe carseat!!!!
By Lisa
February 27, 2014
Very good
The maxi cosi was an easy install (RF) using latch. Love that there is 2 seat recline positions with RF. Probably the coziest, softest car seat I've ever felt. So easy to adjust the height, no more hassling with the straps!!
By Lacie
Athens, GA
February 22, 2014
Our favorite car seat!
We purchased the Britax marathon but after borrowing my cousin's Pria we had to have one for ourselves. Also own a graco. Nothing compares to the plushiness and ease of installment of the Pria. Also able to easily wipe clean which is a huge plus. My daughter loves having a cup holder. Also easy to adjust. We are very happy with our purchase!
By Megan
February 19, 2014
Great product for the money
This is perfect for a smaller car. You have full leg room even with seat facing back and in the middle of the seat. Nothing wrong with the color at all.
By Priscilla Di Cesare
Seabrook Texas
February 19, 2014
Maxi cosi pria car seat
We love it!!! My son would cry all the time in his old car seat, but in his new one he is all smiles.
By Nikki
Miami, fl
February 15, 2014
This car seat is amazing! We had originally purchased an infant seat, and my now 5 month old hated it. Every time we put her in it, she would scream and cry the ENTIRE time to the point where we didn't want to leave the house anymore. Since using this seat we no longer have that issue :) it gives her better visibility, while still keeping her just as safe. Also we could not tell the difference with the color at all, it look perfect!
ProsBreathable material, good size, comfortable, stylish
ConsThe only issue I had was the strap to lock it in couldn't seem to get tight enough, so we just used the seat belt option instead
By Elisabeth
La Habra, California
February 12, 2014
Fantastic for newborn
I didn't want to spend the money on another briefly used infant car seat for our third son after the one we had expired, so I tried to find the safest convertible car seat for a newborn and up. This seemed to fit the bill, and I am quite impressed so far. My 7lb newborn seems snug and secure with the tiny fit insert. It takes a little tugging at the straps behind the back of the seat to adjust them, since the straps feed through so many layers with the tiny fit, but I knew this going in and it is a small price to pay for such a comfortable and safe seat that will last my little one a long time.
By Bernie
Sandy Hook CT
February 7, 2014
Great product, seems to be extremely safe. Purchased to protect our grand daughter
Just begun to use this product, so far it seems to be perfect
Proseasy to install and use
Consno steel frame
Best Usesfor transporting our grand daughter
By T
February 5, 2014
Excellent car seat
We had the maxi cosi mico for an infant seat and have now converted to this seat and my toddler loves it! You can't even notice that the color is off.
By K Lee
Houston, Texas
February 5, 2014
It's the perfect fit for my small car and so comfortable for my little one.
By Luna's mommy
Mission, Texas
February 5, 2014
Tiny fit was a no-go for me.
Tiny fit is only for babies up to 22 pounds, and rather short ones too. My baby is 21 pounds but about 2 inches too tall (she's 29). I thought she woulda been able to use it; I should've read into that. Overall the seat looks and feels great.
ProsFeel, look, features, price
ConsBuckle, kind of bulky,
By js
January 30, 2014
no color fading visible - comparatively good seat - happy baby
certification/declarartion about phasing out nasty anti-flamatory chemicals would be nice to have. Are they still in there? you would think more padding upholstery would be nice for a child - if adult seats have it. It looks plusher than its is. There is disproportion of allot material to hold it self up and fewer material to hold the child …. Its one of he best designed seats available I guess - but still to much plastic bulk for what is actually does. - to heavy in the end. can you please design a next generation car seat as equivalent to the Smart of Mini?
By Ciara
January 26, 2014
Great seat
Bear car seat ever. Was in auto Accident this kept our child safe!!
ProsSafe and comfortable
By Hannah
January 25, 2014
Good quality, nice price,
By Dina
January 23, 2014
Great design! Great Product! Highly recommend!
I had a different brand car seat for my oldest child so i was able to compare since i bougth this model for my youngest. The best feature i think is the side headrests for added protection. I love that this car seat was easier to install and seems way more comfortable. I love that all you have to do i press a button to lift the headrest go fit your growing child as opposed to having to removed the straps and put them in the higher slots. I feel like my son feels so cozy in this seat and that is why he passes out everytime he is in it. Would highly recommend this.
By Briana Williams
victorville, ca
January 23, 2014
It's a little hard to instal once you read through the instructions you'll get it but overall I love it
By Kirsten B.
Merritt Island, FL
January 21, 2014
Love this car seat!!
I bought this car seat first back in June. It is absolutely perfect and I can't tell any difference between Not Quite Total Black & Total Black. I loved it so much that I just bought a second one for our other car. It is the same quality you expect but at a great price. The only down fall is that it's a bit bulky but I think that's what makes it feels so safe & secure. The fabric is really nice & wipes clean well and the seat is very padded and comfortable.
By Florida chick
January 18, 2014
We bought this car seat for my husbands car when our baby was born, since we only needed one car seat that fit in the stroller. When out baby outgrew that, we needed a second convertible car seat for my car. There was NO question we would buy this again. The price on this one is lower because the color is "off" but we can't tell! Worth the $80 lower price. Our daughter is incredibly comfortable in this and it has great air padding around the head. We would buy this again and again and recommend it to others! Love the cup holder too!
ProsCup holder, air around the head, super comfy.
By Diana
Laredo, TX
November 30, 2013
Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Excellent Car Seat, Security, Image and Price in one item, in love with AlbeeBaby as always!
By Mel
Philadelphia, PA
November 15, 2013
Love this seat!
I did a ton of research on carseats before purchasing one! My 6 month old is very tall and outgrew his infant seat. The maxi cosi is so soft and comfortable! I love the no thread adjustment! He seems to really like this seat. The coloring didn't seem off at all. Installation was very easy, too! The seat also reclines! Love this car seat!
By Adriana
Sylmar, California
October 10, 2013
Perfect! !
Absolutely what I wanted. I was a little apprehensive about the purchase because they said the color is a bu t off but I can't tell at all. I'm due in January so I haven't yet use the seat but I've taken it out and made the adjustments and checked to see if it fits in my car and everything is perfect! Can't wait to bring my little girl home!
By Joanna
Boonies, PA
October 7, 2013
Awesome BUT BIG
4 stars only because its bulky and now I can't use my third seat in the back. I have one car seat for my 5 yr old and one seat for my 8 month old so no one can fit in the middle unless they weight around 50 pounds. But the seats are super comfy, safe and sturdy!!!! My 5 yr old loves it and my 8 month old falls asleep more than the cosi chicco seat I had for him. Got it on sale too so I am very happy!
By Arielle
Los Angeles
September 19, 2013
Love this car seat!
We bought this car seat for our son almost two years ago. About 6 months ago we bought a different one for our daughter... Only to be sorely disappointed! It isn't as comfy, it's too ht, the padding moved every time she moves and it didn't click into the car as securely as the maxi cosi. So when I saw the amazing deal here for the maxi cosi in a slightly off color, we decided to use our daughter's original seat as the extra and replace it with the new maxi cosi for everyday use instead. As we have a new baby on the way we also love that it is useable with infants just in case it's ever needed in that capacity!
ProsVery sturdy, keeps cool, nice design, easy to install.
ConsThere is a small protrusion in the back that seems it would be uncomfortable and when my son was younger, it would leave a slight mark on his back when he was in te car for a long time, but he's never complained about it and has always said he's comfortable in the seat.
By Panna Migotka
September 18, 2013
Great product
The Pria 70 is really great. We bought it for out 11-month old after she outgrew her infant seat (we want to keep her rear facing as long as possible) and she loves it. She seems very comfortable in it and enjoys riding in it a lot. The seat is sturdy, cushy, fabric nice to the touch. The seat is a little bulky, but that's not a problem for me - it keeps her safe, and that's what really matters. We've never used the tiny fit, but it seems to be comfortable and will keep a baby secure. Overall, we're very are very happy with the Pria :)
By Karen
Los angeles , California
August 9, 2013
Good quality
Very good quality, it looks better than britax
By Carolyn
Tenants Harbor, ME
August 7, 2013
Thank you!
Received our car seat as described, in a timely manner. Great price!
ProsGreat protection for the grandchildren
By Happy momma
July 28, 2013
Deal of a lifetime!!
I love, love, love this car seat-wish I would have bought it from the beginning! My baby cried in the newborn carry seat but loves this one. I use a wrap when she is sleepy so I can't think of any reason not to start out with this and it seams so much safer. I really like the color too.
ProsTiny fit actually works just like it claims:)
ConsCan't carry baby in her seat. A good reason to try a wrap, you will only wish that you did it sooner.
By Rouge
Baton Rouge
July 22, 2013
Love this car seat so comfy
We love this car seat the material seems so comfortable & it seems so secure. It is very difficult to install if you don't have latch & do rear facing but to me it was so worth it
ProsComfortable Safe Accommodates infants better than any convertible caraway I've ever seen Cool
ConsDifficult to install
Best UsesToddler Infant
By Nicole
Sioux Falls, sd
July 21, 2013
Great deal!
I'm so happy with this purchase. I was nervous buying this particular car seat with the notice that the fabric coloring was off of the normal factory production. I'm a very detailed person, I honestly cannot tell the difference from what we received and the photo online. My daughter seems so much happier and more comfortable in this car seat compared to our other seat, the britax boulevard 70 g3.
ProsEasy to instal Fabric is very comfortable and breathable Reasonable size
ConsDoesn't have a system that prevents the belt from being sat during boarding (similar to the britax ez-buckle system)
By Jules
July 20, 2013
Love love love
I absolutely love the carseat and so does my son.only negative I that of can't wash the headrest covers.
By Karen
LA, California
July 15, 2013
Great quality with great price!
Great quality with great price!
By Megan
Colorado City, Colorado
July 13, 2013
Overall a good seat, thats fairly easy to install.
I got this seat for my 18 month old prior to our new baby being born. Its pretty easy to install, both with LATCH and the seat belt. Prior to this seat we had a Britax Boulevard which is also easy to install and a good seat. We also had a Graco My Ride that was nearly impossible to install securely in my vehicle and my son was able to undo the chest clip on it, we returned it for this Pria and he has never been able to get the chest clip open. He seems very comfortable in the seat, I was worried that the head rests would be to intrusive, but he seems to like them. The fabric stains easily and doesn't come off for washing but does wipe up with a wet wash cloth fairly easily. I LOVE THE BUILT IN CUP HOLDER!!! My son has to have a drink or he gets really upset, that was my main reason for replacing the Britax. The Britax has a cup holder that attaches to the side, which is unusable when you have to put another car seat next to it. Overall a very nice seat.
ProsSits up high so they can see out. Built in cup holder.
ConsFabric stains easily.
By steve
Los Angeles
July 10, 2013
Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Excellent comfy car seat, wish we had bought this when babies were new borns to make use of the included infant insert. With this adapter the seat will service your children from birth to 5 years? depending on size and weights. The air cushioning seems the most effective protection on sides of head. Because of the various options available you just have to be more proactive in setting up the straps etc. to accommodate the changing configurations, none of which is difficult but may be forgotten as time goes by. Just keep the booklet handy and add a reminder in your calendar to when it's safe to go from rear to front facing and how to stra it in.
By Ashley
June 27, 2013
Love it!
I went from using the infant bucket seat to this one and my child loves it! She was too old for the tiny fit so we took the insert out. It was very easy to remove. The seat is so spacious and comfortable. The fabric is amazing and my child loves the cup holder. We still have the seat rear facing and she has plenty of room. I would highly reccomend this carseat. Very pleased with this purchase!

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