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Richmond, California
Verified Buyer
Perfect !
August 5, 2023
Beautiful car seat, the grey color is really nice and the car seat seems so comfortable. It fit the Bugaboo Fox5 perfectly with adaptators.
Nelly C.
Verified Buyer
What i was looking for
July 3, 2023
So easy to install in the car. The colors are perfect. Easy to carry
, Nashville TN
Infant carseat
June 16, 2023
I have used this car seat with both babies and loved it. You can’t beat the quality, size, and price.
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  • Weight, quality, price
Best Uses
  • Infants comfort and quality.
  • Mine
Verified Buyer
Maxi cosi car seat
June 10, 2023
I love this car seat, it’s very stylish and price appropriate. Also unique color.
Rapid City, South Dakota
Verified Buyer
Must have!
March 20, 2023
This was my 3rd mico seat! Love it! Best infant seat I’ve owned hands down.
  • Everything about this seat is great!
  • Wish it had no rethread but worth it anyway!
Palm Beach, FL
Verified Buyer
March 8, 2023
Perfect car seat. Love the color and arrived in 2 days. So happy with this purchase.
McAllen Tx
Verified Buyer
Loved it!
February 26, 2023
Color is super cute! Carseat is nice and comfortable, strap adjustments also supeer comfy for baby!
West long branch nj
Verified Buyer
Maxi cosi car seat
February 1, 2023
Beautiful car seat and very easy to install
New M.
Asheville, NC
I would not purchase this product again
December 10, 2022
I will start with the only pro to this seat; the infant insert was very lovely. It kept him snug and secure, now that he is too big for the infant insert though his head slouches over when he falls asleep. He will not be able to use this seat until he is 40lbs. He is now 3 months old and I am sadly looking for another car seat already. I honestly try to limit my kid's time in this seat. I can tell he is uncomfortable in it when we run errands. We use this car seat with a Thule Spring stroller and getting it in and out is a pain. Everything about it is awkward. I feel like it is squishing him. I really wanted to like this car seat. I wanted to use it for a long time but it just isn't going to be that product for us. This was my first Maxi Cosi Product.
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Hobart, NY
Verified Buyer
Very light weight and pretty color
December 4, 2022
I got this instead of the uppa baby mesa. My babies each only stayed in an infant seat up until max 9 months so I really didn’t want to buy another mesa that was so beyond heavy. This is very pretty, very light weight and I like that the canopy is bigger.
The only infant car seat you will need!
November 10, 2022
I use this car seat every single day. It perfectly fit my first son from the hospital until he was 15 months old. I have never had to worry about the safety of my babies which is an amazing thing as a new mom. We're in Canada with long icy winters and I wouldn't trust my babies in any other seat! I know they're safe and comfortable with Maxi Cosi! Not only that, but when a part of my seat broke, I was instantly offered a replacement. Buying from maxi-cosi is really an investment in your child's safety and into quality care/products.
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North ridgeville ohio
This product has faulty issues
November 5, 2022
The stroller and light and nice. However, the car seat gets l stuck in the base everytime!! We ended up buying a different Carseat unable to return. Our son is 3 month old so it stinks that I can't return it. I wish I would have just bought the stroller.
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Nope stay away from
October 25, 2022
This car seat I'm surprise it passed inspection the base moves while strapped in no matter how hard you tighten it which isn't secure the canopy is flimsy fight with trying to get the seat out damage the canopy
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Denver, co
Would not buy
October 10, 2022
I wouldn't buy this car seat. We've been using the maxi cosi mico 30 carseat and base for 10 months and I agree with other comments - the car seat gets stuck in the base and it's also not as secure as the uppababy car seat (we do a nanny share with another family who has this and their uppababy car seat is way more secure than the maxi cosi mico 30
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Would not buy
September 1, 2022
The car seat gets stuck in the base 9 out of 10 times. If your baby's asleep. They won't be once you finally get the car seat out. The base itself no matter how tight you make it moves around, more than us acceptable. The canopy when big in use just dangles off the back of the car seat. When you're trying to unlatch the seat from the stroller it's so awkward and difficult because of the placement. And to top it off there no strap holders so you have to dig under your baby to find the straps.
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New Orleans, LA
Verified Buyer
Great infant car seat
April 26, 2022
I’ve used it fur about 9 months now and still love it. My daughter gets sweaty but never in this car seat. It’s super lightweight and easy to carry. The base can be switched between vehicles in less than 5 minutes.
Elk City, OK
Verified Buyer
January 12, 2022
I love this carseat so much. It is lightweight and I love the color. cant wait for our baby to use it!
  • lightweight
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • safety ratings
Salem, OR
Always gets stuck to the base!
December 20, 2021
Ive had the car seat for about 4months, it seems plushy and comfortable but having it in person it looks cheap, very disappointing. The car seat always gets stuck to the base and I always have to wiggle it to get her out properly.
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Kansas City, Missouri
Verified Buyer
LOVE this car seat!
November 18, 2021
Light, elegant, super cozy!
Verified Buyer
Nice cartseat
November 13, 2021
Loved the esthetic babe almost here I read other reviews that hard to pulled out. But it’s not
Castle Rock, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Can't Wait To Use It
November 8, 2021
This car seat is so light and the fabric is very soft. Have had previous Maxi Cosi seats and they have always been fantastic!
Car seat gets stuck in base
October 20, 2021
We have had the car seat for 2.5 months now and I totally regret my purchase. We bout the the stroller and car seat together now I love the stroller but the car seat and stroller is a terrible design . The fact you have to hold the car seat up and push on button at a time to unlock it front he stroller is absolutely terrible. And half the time when I go to put the car seat on the stroller it doesn't connect properly I have to do one side at a time and lust the sides in . As for the car seat it got stuck in the base a few days ago and we tried everything to get it out and couldn't . We shock it like crazy. We had two people pulling it and nothing finally my husband took the whole car seat apart and had to jab a screwdriver in a slot and push some sort of metal or plastic piece in and it magically unlocked from the base . I wish I would have just bought Graco brand
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Verified Buyer
Best fabric for carseats
October 17, 2021
My go to brand for baby car seats
Dover De
Good product
September 30, 2021
I'm a first time mom so the only experience I have with all these baby gadgets are the ones I went with based on reviews so I wanted to be sure I gave mine on this car seat. In regards to the adjusting of straps. The other reviews are correct, they are hard to adjust and cannot be done once the baby is in the seat or the seat is locked into the base. However, that's really only in regards to loosening them. They can be tighten once the baby is in the seat. So it may be occasionally inconvenient but it's not been an issue ever for us. The seat can be hard to get out of the base. Probably the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. Sometimes I have to use two hands to get it out if I don't want to jiggle it and mess with it while the baby is in it. Otherwise I think it's a great car seat. It's got great cushioning. The straps and buckles work great. The sun shade while flimsy, works great and has never given us any issues other than we wish it was longer cause sometimes the sun just finds the spots where it doesn't reach. I haven't had to do much else with it. It is actually very lightweight and has made having to carry it a tad smother. I have a tan colored one and love the neutral color. The base is definitely too big for my back seats in my Rogue but not to the point where we can't secure it properly, but the seat does have the features to use it without the base and just a seatbelt which we have done and it's actually still just as secure as with the base. Overall it's a great car seat. Is it worth the money? I have no idea because it's really the only one I know and it was put on my registry as a whole stroller set but I do know it's been a great car seat for us and I'll be sad when my daughter outgrows it, which will be very soon.
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Chicago, IL
Basic Infant Car Seat
September 14, 2021
We purchased this car seat as it fits into our purchased stroller (Cybex Gazelle) without buying additional adaptors. We did not purchase the stroller bassinet so we used this car seat as the newborn option for the stroller. It's an alright car seat. The padding does come off fairly easily for cleaning and can be put in the washer for those blowout cleanups. It's fairly easy to install with the latch system and the elevation in the base. I have not used the seatbelt only install option. It is fairly long car seat which prohibits the front passernger seat from moving back. The sun cover is annoying. It doesn't pull down very far and there is little space between the cover and the handle which makes it difficult to carry when the sun cover is in use. I have not had the car seat get stuck in the base as other reviews note. I have attempted to loosen the straps while the car seat is in the base without any luck. It has to be removed from the base in order to loosen the straps. It is difficult to tighten too and the strap that hangs down the front does get stepped on or trapped places.
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Verified Buyer
September 11, 2021
SHIPPING WAS SO FAST! Product came in perfect condition
Yucaipa, CA
Not impressed! Safety hazard!
August 18, 2021
Bought this car seat and I have been using it for about 6 months. It is inpossible to tighten or lossen straps while in the car which is frustrating. The canopy is always lifting from the back so we try not to even use ot (what a waste) and the worst thing is that the car seat is constantly getting stuck in the base! It is a bumpy ordeal.to get the baby out of the car having to jolt and jerk the car seat to get it out. My husband said it is bad and dangerous because if ever in an accident...it would be an ordeal to get the carseat out of the car or even the baby out of the seat due to the straps issue. Really disappointed in this car seat.
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Appling, Ga
Verified Buyer
So pretty and smooth feeling
August 16, 2021
Cant wait to install it soon, my favorite part is you wont necessarily need the base
Northborough, MA
Caution: Product gets stuck in base!
August 8, 2021
We were very excited to buy this car seat for our little one. Once we installed it, the seat locks into both sides and it only unlocks on one. It is now stuck on one side and defective. We now need to buy a new car seat the day before our baby is due.
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Springfield, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
July 28, 2021
We got this one for our first baby. It works with Microlite stroller that we also got from this website. Looks amazing. I like the baby support and the color.
Savannah, GA
This is the worst car seat ever!
July 13, 2021
We have had a Graco, Nuna, and Baby Jogger. We purchased this for our new baby and hate just about everything about this seat. It screams cheap! It is so unsafe as it does not sit properly in our car. You can not loosen the straps at all. It has a strap that hangs out the bottom and drags on the ground. I cannot say one positive thing about this.
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Verified Buyer
Super Light, elegant and practical
June 28, 2021
Before we bought this, we owed a red Mico Max 30 that is currently 3 years old. This Mico 30 is lighter and prettier, we absolutely love the color. Maxi Cosi makes excellent car seats. I highly recommend.
  • Light, elegant and durable.
Best Uses
  • infant and toddlers below 30 lbs. Watch for the height as well.
  • None
Good CarSeat
May 25, 2021
I received a free sample to review. Overall this is a good car seat. It's surprisingly lightweight, making maneuvering it easy. Compared to other infant carseats I've tried it meets the mark on most aspects, but it's disappointing that the handle grip isn't on this.
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Worcester, MA
Verified Buyer
So Perfect
May 21, 2021
I’m obsessed with this car seat. There’s so many features I love and I can’t wait to bring my baby home in it. Not only is it a show stopper, but it’s also extremely functional. I love the variety of color that Maxi Cosi uses. Most car seats tend to rely on basic black or gray. The varying shades of blue is a nice change of pace. It’s also super soft and plush. Great purchase and worth every penny.
  • Luxurious
  • Easy to clean
  • Functional
Blue Springs
High quality car seat! I am in LOVE!!
May 16, 2021
I received the Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat and I have nothing but glowing things to say about it. At a glance it just looks to be very high quality. The design was very well thought out. It is lightweight which is a huge plus!! It is very easy to carry and also to install in the vehicle. The fabric is beautiful and very soft to the touch. I love the canopy on it too. We bought the stroller base to go with it too! I just could not be more pleased with this car seat!!!
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Rhode Island
Light and Easy to carry.
May 13, 2021
I love how this car seat is very light and easy carry. It made it much easier for me to carry than other seats I've used. I also love how comfortable the cushioning is. Great infant car seat!
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Light & Comfortable
May 8, 2021
I found this car seat to be very light and easy to transport, which I really appreciated. It made it much easier for me to carry than other seats I've used. I also appreciated how much cushion there is. My newborn fits in the seat well and appears to be comfortable in this seat. My only negative is that it is a little longer than some other seats, so when placed in the car, the seat in front of it has to be pushed up more than I would like. But overall, I really like this seat.
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Costa Mesa, CA
Cozy and Safe
May 3, 2021
Recently took the Maxi Cosi Mico 30 traveling with us. Our almost 4 month old loved it! The inserts and padding are so comfy and I could tell it provided comfort and support for our little one. I was very pleased with the product. An added bonus was how light weight it felt (while still feeling safe). Our normal car seat is the nuna pipa but we might have to change that after experiencing the mico 30
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New York, NY
Verified Buyer
Perfect car seat
May 1, 2021
This car seat is everything we needed. It's not heavy and the materials are high quality. The base is an easy one button lever to unlock the carrier and it's everything you truly need.
Excellent, easy-to-use car seat
April 29, 2021
This Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat is an excellent addition. This car seat is solidly made, well constructed and easy to use. It goes in and comes out of the car quite easily - the instructions were very easy to understand. Quite satisfied with this car seat.
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Aiken, SC
It's All Black
April 29, 2021
Love the fabric, comfort, color and weight of this car seat. The padding is very soft. Carseat seems safe and durable. When the carrier is locked into the base in the car, there is absolutely no movement at all. The locking mechanism is very sturdy. However, the way the base releases the seat can be a pain. You have to have two hands for it or it will click right back in if you don't lift up quickly enough. I do like that this carseat base can be adjusted up or down to allow the seat to sit even with your seat. I like the long handle, but wish it had some type of grip on it.
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Bel Air, MD
Much larger than I expected, but very plush and nice.
April 29, 2021
This rear facing infant car seat is much larger than my husbands Camaro can handle. Just right for my Tahoe though. I did notice that it would require some finagling in order to adjust the shoulder straps, but given the seat is for infants only it may only require adjustment a couple of times before needing to upgrade. In comparison to the Graco Connect that I have I prefer the Graco over the Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 simply because of compatibility ease. As far as function the Mico looks bulky, but is surprisingly light. If you have a larger baby I can certainly say that they will outgrow the Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 faster as it is plush and may become restricting. Installation was simple and uneventful for the Tahoe. I would not recommend this car seat for smaller vehicles, i.e. pony/sports cars at all. It requires quite a bit of seat and space for installation. The inside is removable with is awesome for washing, but again a bit of finagling to actually remove the material is needed.
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Henrico, Virginia
I like my other brand a bit better
April 28, 2021
I received this as a free unit to try and review. I have another popular brand and prefer it much more that this item. I would say this would be a good budget seat, but feel it is cheaply made. On my unit, the handle has a somewhat sharp lip where the plastic is welded together. and should be buffed down, In order to collapse the handle, the spring buttons require a lot of effort. To take the padding off to wash, it is easier that the other brand I have and is a Plus for this unit. The base does adjust for tilt and works well. The seat removes from the base easily, but there is A LOT of play between the seat and the base. As I understand it, seats are supposed to be tight in the event of an accident. Some of the reviews I saw for this seat said there was no head support, but mine came with a pillow that hooks into the seat strap and does a decent job for baby's head. The sun visor works ok, and is a little flimsy, but does the job. This seat will be going in the grandmothers car, but I will use my other brand that has a better safer feel and integrates with a stroller. Thanks to Maxi-Cosi for the
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Easy to Wash
April 28, 2021
I have a Nuna Pipa as my kiddo's other car seat. So in comparison, the maxi cosi is a little more difficult to install with the base and tethers. However it is still not difficult. I wish it had a level for installation. I like how washable it is. Washing car seats can be a nightmare and this one is the easiest I have come across. I am not a huge fan of the infant insert and how it just easily comes falls out. I feel like I am going to loose it and not sure it really does much for my baby. I do like the carrying handle and how it is curved.
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Shakopee, MN
Like more than the Chicco Keyfit 30
April 26, 2021
We had a Chicco Keyfit 30 and decided to go with this after it expired and we like this one better. This seat is much softer in the padding, and the installation of the base was so easy! The base installation was easier than the Keyfit base! I also really liked how light the car seat is as well! Only minor complaint is the canopy, but once it is fully extended open, there are no issues with flimsiness. SUPER pleased with this product!!
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New York
Verified Buyer
Car seat
April 25, 2021
I love this car seat and color for my uppababy minu stroller can’t wait to put my babygirl inside thank you aleebaby great price.
Brick, NJ
Sleek and comfy ride for your infant!
April 24, 2021
I have always been a fan of the Maxi Cosi brand. We had the Pria 70 convertible car seat for my son when he was a toddler and got so many compliments on the fun patterned fabric. When friends asked for recommendations for convertible car seats I always recommended Maxi Cosi. I was very excited when I received the infant seat to try with my 2 month old. Straight out of the box, I was impressed with how sleek and elegant it looked. Compared to the infant seat we currently have, it appears to have more cushion and therefore a more comfortable ride. When lifting the car seat, it was nice and lightweight which is important because once you get a baby in it, it could be quite heavy! The handle has a nice curvature which makes it easy to carry. The canopy is sleek and a thin material which will breathe easy in the summertime. The straps are easy to adjust to your baby's size, and easy to tighten and loosen. As far as install, it is pretty straightforward how the base installs in the car. There are instructions on the actual base which is easier than finding the manual, and trying to follow that while installing it. The car seat goes in/ out of the base with ease. My baby was very content while riding in this seat, and he will continue to enjoy it until he reaches the weight limit of 30 pounds. Thank you Maxi Cosi for giving me the opportunity to try this seat, I am very impressed and will recommend to all new parents!
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Nice - feels safe
April 19, 2021
I enjoyed this carseat and felt it was a great value. I've used others for previous kids and, for the price, this was right there. It's a good car seat and good value - can't go wrong!
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Arnold MO
Solid car seat
April 19, 2021
This was one of the few infant carriers that fit into my car. It seems safe and durable. When the carrier is locked into the base in the car, there is no movement. The locking mechanism is very sturdy. It's lightweight, compared to others that I have had to carry.
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North Dakota
Amazing carseat with one minor flaw
April 18, 2021
We absolutely love this car seat. It is easy to install. The carseat clicks in and out of the base like a dream! I love the padding on the shoulder straps and near the buckle. This is one sturdy and durable carseat! Love it! The only minor flaw and thing I would even consider changing is making it compatible with the graco strollers.
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