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In love
February 12, 2022
Absolutely love this set baby boy is almost 5 months and we use it every day!
  • Everything about it is pro
Laredo Texas
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July 31, 2021
excellent service arrived very well in a timely manner. perfectly meets its characteristics and performance, very good product and we are satisfied. Tanks Jamc
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Verified Buyer
July 3, 2021
This is a great stroller/carseat combo. Once they out grow the carseat then u can switch to the stroller seat. It pushes well and doesn't get stuck on objects like others do.
  • Best stroller ever owned
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New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Great buy
February 1, 2021
Great stroller a little heavy but worth the price!!
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high qulity with low price
December 30, 2020
the price you pay and the quality you got are really nice, not to mention the special design. use 4 month now, I like so much
Rogers Arkansas
Verified Buyer
December 4, 2020
Mine came in really good terms i love everything from it
Bradenton Florida
Verified Buyer
Love this set
November 18, 2020
The fabric is so soft compared to other car seats we have used. I also love all the different positions the stroller seat can go into.
X M.
Verified Buyer
perfect gift for friend
November 13, 2020
I bought this Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System for my friend as a gift for her 1st baby. she loves it. The Travel System comes with the car seat and the Stroller, which means that they can easily carry the baby out with the basket and put on the stroller, when the baby needs take the car, they can just put the basket car the car seat without taking out the baby from the basket. (think about if the baby is sleeping, how nice it is!)
Strongsville, OH
Verified Buyer
Love, love it!
October 8, 2020
So practical and cute!
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Verified Buyer
Perfect find!
September 30, 2020
I am so happy I was able to find this stroller again. I thought I would never see it again once it came out. And, the price was incredible!
Moorhead, Minnesota
Verified Buyer
Great product
September 7, 2020
This has been a great travel system!
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Great Choice!
September 5, 2020
I did research on many travel systems and although this wasn’t my first choice. I am really glad I went with it. It looks really nice for the price. We are waiting for baby to arrive and I can not wait to use this travel system. The car seat feel super comfortable and the car seat itself is light weight! I love that the handle bar extends if you need it to. I can’t wait to use it more once the baby is here.
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Rochester, New York
Verified Buyer
Travel system
August 24, 2020
As other reviews, this travel system has its pros and cons. But overall I like it. Its very convenient for us and we haven't had any major issues.
  • The car seat can be used with or without the base, very convenient for anyone with more than one car.
  • Stroller has a lot of space for storage at bottom.
  • Both carseat and stroller are light weight and easy to take apart and clean.
  • The straps in the car seat can be a little challenge to adjust
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Very Good..
August 6, 2020
Great value fot the price
Downey, California
Verified Buyer
cute but heavy
August 3, 2020
It is a little heavy, the color is a little light but it is a cute color, I love that you can remove the lining and wash it
  • heavy, a little expensive
Los Angeles
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Great so far
August 3, 2020
We've been using this stroller system since April and we are very pleased. We also went on trails and as much as I was worried that the wheels won't last on uneven terrain, to my surprise the stroller held up pretty well. Yes the front wheels lock all the time when we collapse the stroller but when I unfold it I always make sure to unlock the front wheels and I wouldn't consider this a deal breaker. We've had Maxicosi strollers and carseats in the past with our eldest and we were pretty happy so we're satisfied with our purchase this time again. The only thing I miss is the wheels used to be made of rubber not plastic.
Mohammad M.
New York
its a great product an price.
July 5, 2020
I love to shop albee baby. They are really trustable. Thanks Albee baby.
New York
Verified Buyer
Quality not so good
June 25, 2020
Very comfortable and a big basket but it’s a little bit big and some bottoms get off when I was just installing the stroller, so I can’t use it perfect with my baby!
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Verified Buyer
Love this system!
May 2, 2020
So happy with this purchase!!
  • Very comfy, stroller steers well
Staten Island, New York
Verified Buyer
May 1, 2020
Good as the price is
Verified Buyer
Love my Travel System
April 11, 2020
Great value for the price! Travel system was very easy to assemble and I love the fabric! I look forward to using it with my son!
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Baltimore, Maryland
Verified Buyer
Really awesome travel system
March 17, 2020
Really nice only one con thus far kind of hard to turn stroller wheels when navigating stroller.
Manitoba, Canada
Verified Buyer
Very good price and decent quality
March 14, 2020
We bought this stroller because of good price in spite of not the best rating on this website. The biggest complaint was about the front wheels that could stuck after short term of usage. But we found a couple videos showing that it can be easily fixed with WD, so we decided to try. The material quality satisfied us, so will see how it will work with our baby.
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  • Good quality, excellent price
  • Bad reviews
Kathy H.
Princeton, Ky
Verified Buyer
Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System - Disney-Pixar Incredibles 2
January 19, 2020
Bought this for a baby shower gift, delivery was fast and the items were packaged extremely well. The item has not been used yet but the quality looks to be extremely durable and the colors are vibrant.
melanie l.
New York
Verified Buyer
Great Product
January 8, 2020
This stroller is fantastic! Great quality, easy to assemble and moves with ease. My daughter loves it for my grandson.
Perrysburg, OH
Verified Buyer
Good but could be better
January 7, 2020
Great infant seat. Great stroller. Easy to assemble. It’s just a pain to fold and take apart into two bits every time I collapse it. Already looking to buy something else.
pamela m.
Verified Buyer
January 2, 2020
excellent and easy to assembly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
Love it😍
December 5, 2019
I just received my stroller yesterday and I am in love. My baby boy is not here yet I have 2months left but I'm sure he'll love it as much I do....... the fabric is so soft and seems so comfortable for the baby, it also ride smoothly at least around the house lol...... it took my husband about 20mins to put it together.
  • Only con I have is that you have to have inserts to put the carseat on the stroller I wish you can just put the carseat on the stroller without it....
Verified Buyer
Awesome travel system
November 24, 2019
super recommend this product
Alhambra, California
Verified Buyer
Great materials but not easy to manipulate
September 27, 2019
I'm impressed with the material as well as the design. However, it was an epic fail for me since this stroller is very heavy and very hard to manipulate when it is in/out of the car trunk. The cot needs to be removed in order to fold.
Salem, Oregon
Verified Buyer
Love it!!
September 7, 2019
I am very impressed by the Travel System. The material is amazing soft and exact as the picture. It’s light, easy to instal, so far I haven’t had any issues with the wheels (I keep reading the wheels was one of the issues) One thing I did hear from my partner is this could be more sturdy. But I’m over all he really likes it and I just love it. Very convenient and not complicated to carry. I would highly recommend it to a friend or family.
Verified Buyer
Very high quality product
September 5, 2019
I have purchased this travel set for my first baby girl. She loves the infant car seat so much that she falls asleep every time she sits in it! Also, the whole set has very high quality, using nice material!
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Verified Buyer
Love It!
August 5, 2019
We've been using this stroller/carseat for 3 months now and have really liked it! I love that it attaches to the carseat really easily. It might not look like it but it's pushed through rough terrain and grass really well. We haven't used the actual stroller seat much but when we have my son loves all the different position you can put the seat in and changing diapers is a breeze! The only reason I took away one star is the handle on the stroller has already started ripping, it has been taken out of our truck multiple times but I would have expected it to hold up a little better! But overall great stroller/carseat for the price. And really comfortable!
Verified Buyer
easily removable seat pad and large size stroller
May 29, 2019
Both the car seat and stroller have easily removable seat pad, which will save my life when my baby has a diaper explosion. The car seat is quite light. But the stroller is a little larger than usual size and it is not so easy to be folded.
Dallas, Texas
Verified Buyer
Good to have
April 22, 2019
This travel system is overall pretty good. Infant car seat is very comfortable for babies. We took this back to China, it worked perfectly! The only thing I want to mention is the wheels on the stroller is not very strong, and the front wheels always lock itself which makes it very hard to push. Other than that, it’s a perfect travel system.
Homestead, Florida
Verified Buyer
Great price
February 3, 2019
Great price, arrived on time!
McLean va
Verified Buyer
Love it
December 8, 2018
Great stroller and car seat. Easy to use and great design
  • A bit too heavy for me
La canada, California
Verified Buyer
Soft and cozy
November 2, 2018
The cushion on car seat and stroller is very soft and cozy. Some reviews states the front wheels lock up while pushing sometimes, however, we have not encounter this problem so far, the wheels run fine for us. One thing we didnt like so much is the part where the seat clicks to the stroller is plastic, so all the weight of the baby is holding by plastic, we were worried it would not last as long as steel. So far it works great!
Verified Buyer
Love this travel system!
October 24, 2018
Researching travel systems, I came across this one and LOVED it after doing some research Albee baby had the best price and super fast shipping. I highly recommend this product.
Charlotte, NC
Verified Buyer
Very Good One
September 24, 2018
I got the best offer in albee baby and we like the product, material is very soft. i recommend this...
Verified Buyer
Maxi Adorra
September 19, 2018
I just received the travel system a few weeks ago for my little one and it is absolutely stunning. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but, I cannot wait wait. It was very easy to assemble, the color is nice, and lightweight but safe. Worth the buy. Thanks Albee!
Wheels don't turn
March 8, 2018
After a long long search I decided to buy a Adorra Travel System and invest on that stroller for my daugther expecting it to be awesome. However, wheels never work properly. It always stuck. I bought in USA and brought to Brazil. Here has Dorel group but they say garantee is only for USA plus as Brazil does not have that model, they cannot fix or replace it. Invested a lof of money for a poor item. =(
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Northville, Michigan
Hate hate hate it
February 23, 2018
I bought this travel system because it has all the great features I was looking for. The car seat was one of the main reasons I bought the whole system. It had very soft fabric and cushioning for my little one. I loved that the stroller had the function to remove the toddler seat so it could be reversed.  However. This is literally the worst item I purchased for my baby. She is still pretty small (5 months, 13 pounds) but the thigh buckle dug into her legs to the point where she would cry all the time she was in her seat. She would be fine before I buckled the leg portion.  The stroller front wheels locked which was so frustrating. It got so bad to the point where I left the stroller in a store and walked out (my husband went and picked it up later). It's unfortunate to have paid over $600 for this garbage. 
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Disappointed m.
West Palm Beach
This product has serious quality issues and is a hazard for
February 18, 2018
I have had nothing but disappointment with this stroller. It never worked well. First the wheels were stuck and had to ne W40'd to roll. Then to my susprise i find a loose screw in the baby seat. God forbid my child would have put it im his mouth or else. The screw came out of the top cover which went lose and fell over mu child's face. I absolutely urge you to review your quality process. This product is a huge risk to children. 
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Daly City CA
January 29, 2018
I was expecting a stroller strong and easy to manage with one hand, light to put in the trunk, but is the opposite, is heavy! The front wheels stuck all the time and is heavy to drive to! If you need use one hand like when you need open a door and push the stroller you will have a bad time trying it! I bought it in November and it already does noise like all plastics are falling out! I am really unhappy with this product!
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We love it!
January 21, 2018
Save, very easy to handle, big space for kid and for stuff below, pretty, walkable in the woods as in the city. Perfect! 
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New m.
Valencia, Ca
Worst stroller EVER!
January 14, 2018
I wish I didn't have to give this even 1 star. I received this Travel System as a gift and I was initially excited to have a lovely set for my baby. HOWEVER, I have some major complaints about this product and am sad that am likely stuck with this disfunctional set since I do not have the receipt to submit for the product warranty.  The car seat base is pretty generic. Plenty of other manufacturers' offer much more sophisticated bases that are easier to install. The car seat which connects to the stroller is wobbly even when it is properly clicked into position. It appears to be attached and sturdy but it's still completely unnerving. Furthermore, after a few months of light use the stroller is now utterly useless!! The front wheels lock up as if the brake was halfway on making it impossible to steer safely. The back wheels make a weird squeaky noise and do not spin properly. The stroller will glide normally and then randomly lock all of these issues make using it feel like torture. Seriously, do not let the esthetic appeal sway your decision to register or invest in this set!! The reviews about these defects are honest experiences and I wish I would have seen them. Save your money and invest in a better brand!!
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San Diego CA
Worst travel system ever
January 11, 2018
DOESN'T DESERVE THE ONE STAR!!! We have been using our maxi cosi adorra travel system for only 7 1/2 months and already the wheels on the front are locking up. I spent over $600 on this stroller system and I am 100% disappointed. We can't even use it. Total waste of money. With my middle child we used a graco stroller travel system and it lasted for 3 years with NO ISSUES. I wish I would have stuck with that brand. I guess the amount of $$$$ spent on this stroller means nothing, the product is poorly made. Cheap is a good description.   
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Product to be improved
January 6, 2018
Unfortunately at the time I bought this stroller i didn't read comments about it but now I found on other post the same problems I have The front wheels are hard to maneuver. Constantly are blocked or take their own way. The foam from the handle bars came off om both sides (see the pictures) after six months of use only.
Customer Images
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Glendale NY
I would never recommend this product to anybody
January 3, 2018
The stroller is beautiful but it is horrible! The front wheels lock for no reasons its literally a workout to push the stroller around , the foam cover on the handle bar ruined the first month fwhich i had no choice but to rip off because it looked ugly , i struggled so much to fold and unfold the stroller base , total inconvience ! Never again!
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New G.
Weston, Fl
Do not purchase this system
November 11, 2017
We bought this product as a gift to our daughter and what a nightmare. The front wheels locks up and it becomes impossible to navigate the stroller even becoming dangerous because it jerks the baby. For such a costly product, the quality is poor. This product needs to be taken off the market and be reviewed.
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Angry f.
Stay away from this product.
November 6, 2017
We received this product as part of a gift from our baby registry. I told my wife that for the price we could get 2 separate travel systems of the same or better quality, but nooooooooo. This is a very attractive looking travel system, but it has tons of cons that overpower the few pros. I have search for reviews on this same model and ALL state the same issues. Front wheels are constantly locking making it almost impossible to steer and even dangerous. When using the carseat adapter, the entire carseat wobbles as you stroll. Carseat canopy seems to not lock on its open position, and have to keep opening it constantly. After all you are better off purchasing a more cost effective Item that will provide the same safety standard and avoid the headache.
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Miami, Florida
It's a big beautiful stroller
October 23, 2017
I knew I wanted this stroller since the first time I saw it, it had the convertible option and faces both sides, i bought it and fell in love with it, loved the design, the color and how much space it has! Its a great stroller overall, my baby is 4 months old and I still use the car seat on it.  I do feel it's hard to operate, sometimes its smooth and then it blocks itself and its hard for me to maneuver, prepare to fill your trunk, its big but its worth the space for your baby and things...  i love it i just wish it could be smooth all the time
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Shakeena U.
New York,N.Y
October 17, 2017
This stroller was a gift me and Initially when I first received it I love it nice color it seem sturdy but after  3 or 4 Months the front wheel started to act up but it was still  manageable but not my son is 6 Months and I had to buy another stroller because the front wheel Barely rolls now smh I think this company should take this stroller off the market and make some improvements 
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Littleton, CO
Love this stroller and car seat combo!
October 7, 2017
This set is fabulous! The stroller is sturdy and easy to maneuver. Easily folds up for stowing. The car seat is great and fits nicely in the stroller. The adjustable handle makes it easy for my husband and I to take turns pushing the stroller (he's 6' 2" and I'm a measley 5' 3"). I've had to remove the pad to wash, because babies sure are messy!, and it's very easy to do. I'd recommend this stroller car seat combo to all my mom friends. 
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Busy G.
Jersey City, NJ
I would not buy this stroller again
September 19, 2017
I am VERY disspointed as I had high hopes for this stroller. After only 3 months of use the front wheels constantly stick and it is SO frustrating. I dont think its possible to steer this stroller with one had, which is annoying for a busy mom. Also, it is HUGE, even when folded up. It takes up the whole trunk of my SUV. Considering the price point this is overall more trouble than its worth.
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Bronx, NY
Had better hopes for this stroller
September 10, 2017
The pros of this stroller is the fact that everything comes together and super convenient. I didn't give 5 stars because the front wheels get stuck really bad and makes it hard to push. It also gets stuck while trying to close it. I've been using this for almost 4 months and with that alone I wouldn't purchase it again. 
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Blue Spings, Missouri
Not Worth The Price
August 28, 2017
I am a mother of 8 and am picky about what I buy. I like strollers that are easy to manage and be able to deal with other children, but this stroller is unmanageable most of the time even with 2 hands. The handle being adjustable I felt was very helpful since it makes it more comfortable to push when you are taller, however it is flimsy and gets stuck to where you can not move it up or down. The car seat handle is very weak, and is positioned weird to make it awkward to carry on the side of you. The stroller gets stuck and will not open all the way, which is frustrating having to fight with it when you are trying to baby in it. We have a Denali and this stroller is so big that it takes up most of the back area. I originally liked the stroller combo since it laid down really far, for newborns that is a plus because of them not having the neck strength. I do not like seeing babies with their head leaning forward or to the side while sleeping. I loved the bigger basket along with the fact of being able to put things in from the front, since when the stroller is laid all the way back it is difficult to put things in basket when opening is in the back of most strollers. We paid over $500.00 for this system and I am extremely disappointed and wished that I had bought something else.
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Ravenna, Ohio
I would not buy the stroller
August 23, 2017
I'm a FTM and I wanted to buy the safest car seat for my baby girl and this car seat had great reviews on safety. I went with the combo package bc of course we needed a stroller. My LO is 11 weeks old. The fabric in the car seat is still pretty nice and soft after washing. I do love how much softer this car seat is compared to others. The car seat handle is a little too far towards the head of the baby to hang toys on also, which I don't like. What my husband, my dad and I cannot stand about this combo is the stroller. It is incredibly hard to steer. I do a lot of walker and was hoping to have a nice smooth steering stroller. Even in the grocery store you are unable to push with one hand! I'm so disappointed bc this was not a cheap combo package! I was hoping to use it for baby #2 and that will definitely not happen. 
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Midland, Texas
I would not buy this product again
July 25, 2017
I'm a first time mom has this travel system with hopes to use it again after my second child grew out of it. I like the stroller part more than I like the car seat, however, I won't be using it for baby number 2. What I love about the travel system is that you can flip the seat facing you or away from you. You can have baby sitting up or laying down which is very nice as well. What I do not like about it is that it's not very simple to fold up and load into your car. When it is folded it's very large and takes up a lot of space. It's not easy to switch seats between car seat and seating options without the car seat. If you go back and forth between those two options you have to bring all the attachments with you every time. I wish that it was simpler to switch back and forth. As for the car seat, I hate it. The infant head insert has absolutely no support for a new born. I had to buy additional support for his head and found other car seats with much more support. I thought that the fabric was going to be really nice, soft and easy to wash but it's not (except for the washing part which is pretty easy). After 2 months the fabric started to ball up where my son's feet were and the canopy fabric started to stretch and now just hangs from the back. All in all I just like the design and the look. The car seat would have been must better if he held up nicely and made with good fabric.
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can´t seem to find extra adapters for the car seat
July 24, 2017
Great Travel System, can´t seem to find a replacement for the car seat adapters
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Juju's M.
Little Elm, Texas
Nice Travel System
June 9, 2017
Received this travel system as a gift. Can't wait to put it use.  It was extremely easy to put together.  The stroller frame feels sturdy. The fabric is soft and feels durable, not thin and flimsy.  I love the size of the storage basket at the bottom.  Will easily fit a diaper bag, blanket and toys. The storage pack on the side for Mom and Dad to use is a wonderful feature to have and a sturdy cup holder will come in handy.  I'm thrilled that the seat can be facing towards me or facing out so that my little one can take in the sights while we take walks. And the fact that it reclines all the way and has the option to make the seat into a buggy for my little ones first few months is a huge plus.  I'm in love with the car seat. Super easy to install in my Ford Edge with plenty of room for two more people to sit in the back comfortably. I've installed the seat in both the center using the lapbelt and behind the driver seat using the latch system. Both provide a secure install. The rebound bar is another great feature to this system.  The padding in both the car seat and stroller are very soft and plush. And the infant insert in the car seat is great for helping secure a newborn in the seat for their first few rides. It really cradles and holds baby in place.  With all these great features and options, I still couldn't give it 5 stars. When I place the car seat on the frame of the stroller, it rocks back and forth. I'm hoping this won't be an issue. Maybe when baby is in the car seat, the extra weight will help to stabilize it a bit more. 
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Sea isle city, New Jersey
I had so much hope for this!
May 30, 2017
As much as I love the look of the stroller and the car seat the front wheels are so hard to turn they get stuck easily and make it annoying to use. At first it was a reliable stroller. But I've only used it a few times ( my son is about to be 2 months old ) and I feel like it's so hard to steer. Also the handle looks loose. I take care of my stuff really well for this already to be wear and tear. I would recommend this to someone if the wheels were better and easy to navigate 
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Richardson, TX
May 23, 2017
I love this stroller so much and all the versatility it offers! It looks great, feels great, but the front wheels are terrible! They will randomly lock (as noted by another review) and I literally have to make a 3-point turn just to get through the doorway. I want to keep the car seat, the base, the additional stroller attachment, even the cup holder, but PLEASE do something about the stroller wheels. Thank you so much!
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New York, NY
Not the best experience
May 1, 2017
Overall i have mixed feelings. It was a great system but I ended up having to return it twice and finally ended up buying a different brand altogether. The main reason for the return is because I had used the stroller for about 4 or 5 months when a rip occurred in the seam of the storage area under the seat. I called customer service and they were really helpful. They shipped me a replacement and took the old one back. However within about 2 months of receiving the replacement the stroller started becoming very difficult to maneuver. And yes I made sure the wheels weren't locked or that the brake was on. It degraded pretty quickly so I called customer service back again and they offered to replace it again. At that point I said maybe this system isn't for me. I don't really feel like I abused it, but I live in NYC so we use it a lot. But really nothing out of the ordinary. By the time baby was 7 months I got a new brand.  Pros: Sturdy Easy to use once you get the hang of it Lots of room for baby  Lots of room for storage under the seat Customer service is also really on point  Cons: Bulky Had to replace twice I'd say keep the receipts just in case. 
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Bronx, NY
Got as a shower gift
April 28, 2017
The front wheels don't turn. 
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Discouraged with the stroller
April 27, 2017
I love the car seat and the detachable stroller.   My HUGE complaint is.... the front tires get stuck and do not steer.  It is VERY hard to maneuver this stroller.   If you lock the wheels, you can't turn, so doing that while walking isn't an option.  When the wheels are unlocked, the front tires go their own way.  So you end up crashing the stroller into a lot of things.   For the hefty price tag, this stroller should maneuver with one hand easily.   It does not.   Please keep this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing this stroller.   We bought it because at the time no one posted any negative comments.   The seat is the lightest on the market which is great.  But not being able to steer the stroller is tough and disappointing 
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Spartanburg, sc
Not as good as I thought
April 17, 2017
The stroller looks great. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The fact that it's padded and folds inone is awesome. But I bought this stroller brand new and I only had it for a few months and the front tire gets sticks while I'm walking, so when I'm walking the stroller stops or starts to go sideways because the front tires is stuck. The back tire also makes this loud kind of scratching noise so when we are somewhere when we need to be quiet the stroller is loud that I have to pick the back up so the tires aren't really touching the ground. I was very happy about it at first but right now I'm not happy with the fact that the tires are making noise and getting stuck. I take good care of this stroller.
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Maggie S.
Columbus, OH
Easy to connect latch system and very padded
March 17, 2017
I participated in a market research study and received a product to evaluate the Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System. The latch system was easy to use. To connect the car seat to the base, you just pushed it to the base instead of having to hook it like some other travel systems. The car seat appeared very comfortable and padded with quality material. There was even an infant insert for extra comfort and support. The seat carry handle was nice because it was ergonomic and fit nicely in my hand. The instructions were clear, and it was easy to assemble. The base felt secure; however, it extended pretty far forward. With the handle downwards, the car seat took up quite a bit of room in our sedan. The front seat needed to be pushed far forward. That being said, it fit nicely in our SUV. The stroller was easy to put together. I liked the adjustable height of the handle. The single wheel lock was convenient. Folding it down was a little difficult to do though, and it could take a little practice. One of my favorite parts about the stroller and car seat is that they look nice and expensive compared to some others that I`ve seen. I also liked how comfortable and safe my daughter looked with all the padding around her.
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Sonya B.
St. Charles, MO
Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System
March 16, 2017
I received this travel system for free in exchange for this review. The travel system is easy to use and the stroller was light weight and easy to maneuver. Also, easy to get in and out of the car. The color was gender neutral. My baby was comfortable in the seat and stroller system. I love the fact that we could snap the seat into the stroller and not disturb him. Everything appeared seamless. The top was easy to steer and push for my husband and I, the height worked for both of us!
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Danielle L.
Roselle, NJ
Maxi- Cosi Addorra Travel System
March 7, 2017
I received this travel system as a free sample to review. Really nice travel system! I definitely prefer the stroller over other travel system strollers I have used in the past. The car seat feels very nice and is padded well. My daughter looks very comfortable in it. I started using the car seat when my daughter was about 10 months. At 20 lbs. and 28 inches. Her feet dangle some at this point but I think I would have really liked this car seat more when she was a newborn again the padding looks and feels nicer. She seems more supported and comfortable. The handle is a little awkward and feels a little thin not as comfortable holding as I imagined. The base was a little difficult to install, but I drive a compact car and I was able to fit the base in my car. I have tried other travel systems where the base was too large to fit comfortably in my car. The Stroller material is nice as well. The padding is easy to remove to wash. I love the fact that it is so compact. I have a compact car so it is nice to be able to separate the seat from the wheels and fold it into 2 parts. The under bin storage is large and spacious. My favorite features are the adjustable handle bar and foot brake. I am from a tall family, I am 5'10 but I have family over 6ft so it is very convenient to adjust the stroller height to what is comfortable at the moment. I also love that the travel system allows for the car seat to be its own attachment(a lot of travel systems have the car seat sit over the stroller seat), however I am not fond of the fact that it needs a different attachment piece that has to be carried separately. Another attachment that is helpful but awkward is the cup holder. I find that it sticks out awkwardly, but when you have a bottle for baby or you it is nice. There is also a cooler pouch that is nice as well, but I did not use it. It is a little difficult to close the stroller, but you adjust overtime. Overall, I really enjoy the stroller. it was easy to put together, feels sturdy, easy and strong wheel locks, the material is nice and easy to clean. I love that the seat is super adjustable to suit what is most comfortable for your child at the time. It's a great value!
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Amy S.
St. Louis, MO
Great travel system!
March 7, 2017
Great travel system! The Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System comes with a car seat, stroller and a variety of attachments. Car Seat Pros- The first thing I like is the super soft cushion padding- my previous seats did not come close to the softness of the fabric or the cushy padding. The second thing I like about this seat is that is it so very light to carry. I found it very easy to remove from the car seat base as well. The visor provides great coverage. Cons- This seat is large so if you are looking for something space-saving it may not be your best option. The bar at the end of the base may impact the fit in a smaller vehicle. We installed this in the bucket seat of our mini-van and it fit fine. Stroller Pros- This stroller has soft cushion padding and it is very easy to switch between the large seat and infant car seat. The ability to adjust the backrest to a recline position and the handlebar height is simple. The storage basket under the seat is much larger than my previous strollers- great for storing those extra blankets, water bottles, etc. The added bonus is the stylish look of this stroller! Cons- The buckle and collapsing of this stroller are a bit tricky. It look me playing with it a few times before I had it down. My biggest concern with this stroller is that both the infant car seat and larger seat seem to wobble a bit. I don`t feel it is unsafe or will tip but it does rock front to back a bit. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a travel system. I received this product for free to use for this review.
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Karina F.
Chicago, IL
Great Quality and Easy to Use
March 6, 2017
I love this stroller! Sometimes higher cost doesn`t mean higher quality, but in this case it definitely does. It is so soft and comforting for my child. It is easy for me to maneuver and use on my own too. The car seat is easy to get in/out of the car and lock into the stroller. I also love the way the stroller can be used multiple ways as my child grows. It also makes me feel like my child is safe in both the car and stroller whenever we are using it. I should mention that I was sent a free sample to use for this review.
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Peggy F.
Florissant, MO
Comfortable stroller for a tall parent!
March 4, 2017
I received a free sample of this stroller/carseat to use and write a review. This was very easy to assemble. I love the height of the stroller, as I am a tall person. It is very comfortable with the adjustable handle. It is a very sturdy stroller and carseat. The material is a little different from any strollers/carseats I have had in the past. It is more of a jersey-type material, rather than polyester or nylon. I`m not sure at this point (with it being new) if it will eventually get `pills` on it or not, but right now it is great! The stroller is easy to fold. One thing I did not care for with this stroller/carseat, you cannot put the carseat onto the stroller very easily. You have to take off the stroller `seat` completely in order to attach the carseat. I was used to opening my stroller, and setting the carseat onto it until it clicked on. With this stroller, you cannot do that. If you are using the carseat for your baby, I would suggest removing the stroller seat at home and leaving it stored there. When your baby is bigger and will sit in the stroller without the carseat, then put the stroller seat back on the stroller and leave the carseat stored at home! Or you can leave the carseat in the car and take baby out of it, put baby in the stroller, and not be changing the seats around. Kind of a pain!! Overall, I love the stroller! The only issue I have with the carseat, I drive a minivan, and this carseat base is kind of big. I had a hard time getting it onto the middle row captain`s seat of my van. It stuck out so that the front passenger seat had to be moved forward to allow room for this carseat and base. The carseat/base did it`s job for the baby, but moving the passenger seat forward wasn`t a comfortable fix for that person! Overall, the stroller and carseat are nice and sturdy, but they do take up some room in the van. I would recommend this stroller/carseat, but you have to be able to `adjust` to the two different seating arrangements on this stroller. It is a nice stroller combo!
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Kelly S.
St. Charles, MO
Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System
March 3, 2017
I received the Maxi-Cosi Adorra Travel System as a free sample to use for my daughter. I was able to take it through an airport experience. We only had the car seat and the stroller base. We arrived in New York and I was able to use the base to hold many of my items. We manuvered in and out of all kinds of people on this travel. I also had people ask me about the stroller.The base is light weight, but mighty! The car seat is ergonomically balanced around female curves to help when carrying the base. Which all moms and dads know it gets heavy. The actual seat for the stroller is great in many ways. The several position options are awesome. I really love how she can face me and have the awning oversized keeps out the blazing sun. The buckle is a little challenging when she is a squirmy-wormy, but looks comfortable once shes all buckled. Overall, I recommend this product to parents` that like light weight and a well designed travel system.
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Anica T.
Santa Rosa, CA
Most comfortable travel system you will find
March 3, 2017
I participated in a market research study and received the Maxi-Cosi adorra travel system to review. I installed the car seat base using the LATCH connection, however it can be used without the base as well, using the standard seat belt. My daughter seemed very comfortable in the car seat, it is sturdy but very lightweight, much more padded than the other brand we had. I ended up removing the strap covers as my daughter kept playing with them and using them as a teething toy. You can order additional seat bases but they are considerably more expensive than other similar brands. Now I absolutely LOVE the stroller. The assembly instructions were very clear, it took us 10 minutes to unpack and put it together. My favorite feature about this stroller is all the recline options, the baby can sit upright, feet up, half reclined, or fully reclined. The fully reclined option comes in very handy if you're not home at naptime. Seat is nice and comfortably padded and can face either way. Much like the car seat, I removed the strap covers, they didn't really affect the functionality, and my daughter just kept trying to chew on them. The shade is nice and thick and offers good sun protection. The stroller offers a smooth comfortable ride, and is very easy to navigate. The break is very reliable, we tested it on an incline and the stroller didn't budge. You can also lock front wheels separately - definitely a bonus. The storage basket underneath is a generous size and comes in handy. You can also use just the car seat and the stroller base. My only complaint would be the space it takes up when folded. I have a mid-size sedan and if I put the stroller in the trunk I hardly have space for anything else, maybe a diaper bag. Don't be discouraged with the price, although there are cheaper brands with similar products, this has been my favorite stroller comfort-wise
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Alyssa S.
Reno, NV.
Cadillac of Travel Systems
March 3, 2017
I recently participated in a market research study and received this product to evaluate. The Adorra Travel System, by Maxi Cosi was shipped to me in a neatly, well packaged sturdy box. When I opened the package, the components to the stroller and the car seat were wrapped perfectly and there was extra padding to protect the product. This was not your usual suspect with hundreds of pieces to sort through and figure out. I pulled the owners manual and instructions out and began assembly. I would like to first state that I am the WORST person to put things together. I was surprised by the easy assembly directions and how clear the instructions were, complete with pictures. I was able to fully put this travel system completely together without struggle nor frustration. The hard part was done, if you can even call it hard. As I was assembling the stroller, I noticed the incredibly soft, breathable cotton that the seats were made of. The stitching was neat, tight and there were no visually unappealing aspects of the stroller. I would have to say the materials used in this product are by far my favorite feature, and exceeds competitors products by a long shot. I placed my baby in the stroller and buckled her in. I tend to have a baby that gets hot and sweaty easily, so the soft cotton that the stroller is constructed of is a huge plus for us. She enjoyed her seat, it supported her well and there is even room to grow with an area that extends for their feet to lay straight out. Compared to another name brand stroller I have, I can appreciate the quality craftsmanship that was put in to this particular brand. There is a super nifty weather proof bag that hooks on to the side of the stroller for your cell phone and keys, which is great when you want them easily accessible to you. On the other side of the stroller, hangs a cup holder as well. This always comes in handy when we go to the mall, festivals or just for a walk around the neighborhood. Another benefit to this stroller is that it folds up nicely in the back of the car and is not bulky or hard to take down. There is one handle that folds the entire stroller down which then you can easily stow away in your trunk. The infant car seat that comes with this package is nothing short of spectacular as well. The installation is easy and the seat provides ultimate comfort for the little one. Again, when she sleeps she tends to overheat and get sweaty, however I have noticed with the soft cotton seat that is extremely breathable, she is not sweating and enjoying her car rides. Overall, I highly recommend this travel system. This product exceeded my expectations and has by far left it`s competition far behind in the dust. High, quality craftsmanship is the best way to describe this product.
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Shelbie D.
Kansas City, MO
Maxi-cosa Adoreally Travel System is a great product
March 2, 2017
I received a free stroller and car seat to review. Overall, I was very pleased with the product. For starters, the stroller had a ton of storage compared to other brands and styles that I`ve used. The car seat easily latched onto the stroller. The handles of the stroller were adjustable for height. My husband loved that feature. I was more focused on the storage. I could fit the whole diaper bag underneath! As for the car seat, the ease of installation was comparable to other brands we`ve used. It was also light weight and easy to carry. I was very pleased with this product. The quality and ease of use was superior to any other brand that I`ve used. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.
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Lisa J.
Bradenton, FL
This system - car seat and stroller are a DREAM TEAM!
March 1, 2017
I participated in a market research study and received the Maxi-Cosi travel system to evaluate - which was a HOME RUN! What a product! I LOVE IT! This travel system is amazing! It exceeded my every expectation. 5 Stars for sure and A PLUS PLUS! My infant was in absolute heaven with this comfortable and cozy seat. The last three times I brought my newborn babies home from the hospital, I kept turning around in my seat begging my husband to hurry home for my little baby was not secure and comfortable (head leaning and too little for the straps) in the other brand seat we had. With the Maxi-Cosi, I didn't have to worry, my baby was secure and held nicely in the Maxi-Cosi seat. It was perfect for my newborn! I also have an 18 month old little girl which the stroller works perfectly for. I can lay the seat back and change her clothes or diaper anywhere... and let me tell you, with four kids and on the go every weekend - Disney, Zoos, Museums, Aquariums..etc. this was a perfect fit for us. The storage compartment on the bottom is HUGE! It's great for my diaper bag, purse, 3 kid cups and snack cooler... nothing falls out and everything fits nicely. This system folded up nicely, quickly and tightly. I could lift it easily (surprising, very light and extremely durable) and store it in the back compartment of our Honda mini-van. I love being able to adjust the straps easily and taking it apart to wash the seat was effortless... I always had my husband take apart the other brand because I could never figure it out. BUT with the Maxi-Cosi, I simply unhook and drop it in the wash machine. I have the Navy color and it is simply stunning (yes, I'm a "soccer mom" and very excited about this stroller - it makes my day - everyday!). The sun shades are made with a solid durable fabric. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! This system - car seat and stroller are a DREAM TEAM!
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Old M.
St. Louis MO
Awesome product!!!
November 30, 2016
2nd baby after 11 years and this seat seat, stroller is great. The Cadillac of stroller systems is what my husband calls it. Not sure if there has just been so much progress in the making of these systems in the past 11 years but this is great, everything you need as the mother of a newborn and I'm sure it will be great as the baby grows. Love it and would recommend to everyone that asks.
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I adore the Adorra
September 30, 2016
From start this system was super easy to put together. Car seat base and stroller were installed and together in under 10min. The material is super soft, almost like a jersey knit, and generously padded, but the shoulder strap pads are a bit bulky in my opinion. The "cosi-dosi" is nice for my almost 2m old, but it has to be adjusted every time she is taken in/out. A way to keep it in place like Velcro or something would be nice. The car seat is very light, and I am so happy to have this seat for that one reason. The handle is easy to grip and seems ergonomic in its placement and shape. The underside of the handle has a raised line, where two edges come together. After holding the seat in my hand with a 12lb baby, it started to irritate my palm. This can easily be addressed with some tape or one of those handle cushions. The base is minimal and light as well, and the seat quietly snaps into place avoiding waking a sleeping baby every time you put them in the car.  The stroller is a nice addition. It has the same jersey like material throughout and a generous sized canopy. The seat back reclines in several positions, one of which is almost flat. An additional feature to the seat flat is the foot rest sides folding up, essentially making a little bassinet on wheels. The sides are low, and I can't see pulling them out and snapping them together just to contain the baby's feet. It does look cool though. The ride on the stroller is smooth, and the basket is HUGE! There's a sturdy cup holder and bag for storage close to the parent. The handle extends up for taller folks, but would be better if there was tilting option. There are adapters to use the car seat and this is a nice feature, but I would expect for something this expensive, you wouldn't have to have a separate adapter to use the same brands together. The child seat is well padded and able to turn forward or rear facing as well. The unit folds easily and with one hand, but don't hold the baby at the same time as yo
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I am in love
August 25, 2016
When I had my second child I thought we would reuse the infant seat that we already had. Unfortunately, we had major fit issues for some reason. After weeks of trying to get the straps to stay on, I gave up and we got the maxi-cosi adorra travel system. I have a maxi-cosi for my 4 yo and love that its so comfy, so I was so happy to see how comfortable this infant sit is too. The padding is perfect (except for the shoulder pads that are too big for my 2 month old). The seat looks like she's sitting on a cloud. The seat is also pretty light compared to other seats and the stroller is awesome! I love that the seat goes all the way down eliminating the need for an extra bassinet attachment for infants. It has great storage and isn't crazy big. It's a nice size. My only issue with the stroller is the adapters for the car seat. I hate that they are so big and need to come on and off depending on your seat. That being said, its a tiny dislike compared to the rest. This car seat stroller combo is really work considering.
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Cleveland, OHIO
AWESOME Stroller
August 11, 2016
My son is almost at the weight limit for the car seat, so my review is only about the stroller. As a newer mom who has used a handful of strollers now for my 1 year old, I have to say that this is my favorite by far. The quality of the stroller is evident compared to some of the other I have used or own. The fabric is SUPER soft and my little one seems to be more than comfortable while riding. We love the long shade as that is key for these summer/sunny hot days in Cleveland. The basket underneath is larger than most, so I have no issues with fitting my diaper bag that is packed with extra clothes, snacks,etc. An accessory that I would absolutely purchase is a tray, since we are at that stage. Needless to say, we love this stroller and will absolutely look to purchase other Maxi-Cosi products in the future!
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Cleveland, Ohio
Great System!
August 5, 2016
I was sent this to try and review and let me tell you it is really super nice! The fabric is AMAZING, super cozy. The other thing I really like about this seat is the shade, it really helps keep the sun out of the little ones eyes. The Stroller was super easy to put together and easy even compact to transport. One cons about the stroller is that there is no tray for when they are older and the brake is in an weird spot so it is easy to accidental hit.
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Cleveland, Ohio
Nice travel system
July 28, 2016
Overall I think this is a great system. I like the style and color and love the material. The car seat and stroller seem extremely comfortable for my son. It was easy to put together and fairly easy to fold up, although it's not as easy as some and a little bulkier. There is plenty of storage room and easy to access. I also like that the handle bar can extend. We haven't turned the stroller seat, but I think it's a great option. I do wish there were more recline positions.. it's either straight up, very angled, or flat down. I would prefer a slightly angled position. But my son does love sitting up straight. Also, the brake is in a bad position in my opinion. I have hit it multiple times with my foot while walking.
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A J.
Rhode Island
What a great product
July 28, 2016
This is a great all around product. We were lucky to receive this product and it was great from day 1. The assembly was very easy with everything being snap and go. We love the versatility of the stroller and all the features it offers. The adjustable handle for us is great for when each of us go for a walk. The fact that we can position our son either forward facing or rear facing is great especially when the sun is directly in front or behind us. The reclining adjustments for our son are great. The versatility of the product as a whole are very convenient. The stroller does fold up nicely and as compact as all the other strollers this size do. The storage compartment underneath has come in very handy and is quite spacious compared to other brands. It is made out of very sturdy material and is not heavy. The only thing that we would like to have had with it is a tray for our son to put his sippy cup on and toys when we are out with it. The fact that you can put the car seat directly in the stroller is very convenient especially when going shopping and walks. The car seat offers very nice protection and is very spacious for our son at the same time. The base installed very easily in our vehicle and has adjustments on the bottom to fit each incline of different seats. The car seat is not overly heavy and is easy to move. We will definitely be recommending this product to family and friends.
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Plain City, OH
Nice stroller - love the fabric!
July 26, 2016
I received this travel system for free in exchange for a review. Unfortunately, this review will only pertain to the stroller, as my son is 14 months old and no longer uses and infant carrier. The stroller was really easy to assemble (did it on my own in less than 5 minutes). I love the fabric, really soft and seems to be super comfy for my son. I also love that the stroller is machine washable and dryer safe. The basket beneath is very large, so plenty of room for diaper bag, snacks, toys, etc. The stroller has a very large canopy and is great for sun protection. One thing missing is a tray. My son does not have a place to put his cup, crackers, little toys, etc. My only other complaint is that the brake is right in the middle, instead of off to the side. I kick it a lot when out on walks.
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August's M.
Cleveland, OH
LOVE this travel system!
July 21, 2016
This travel system is very nicely made. The quality of the materials is high end and it assembled easily. This Adorra stroller is by far the best stroller I have used. My son will sit comfortably in this strollers for hours while visiting a zoo or park. He can easily reach the cup hold to get his soppy cup- this is nice since there is no tray for the stroller. The adjustable footrest and ability to drop the back down on the stroller make it great for long days when my kiddo needs a nap. My husband and I are about a foot apart in height so the adjustable handle is a VERY nice feature. I also love that I can easily wash the padding in my washing machine- something other strollers don't offer.  Some reviews mention that the cup holder and pouch make the stroller too wide but we have not had any issues. The bumper bar for the stroller was a nice bonus.  The Mico Max 30 car seat is equally as nice. Very comfy and both the straps and buckle are adjustable to grow with your babe. However, and this is the only reason I didn't give this product a full 5 stars (I wanted to do 4.5 but there's not option), the strap to adjust the chest belt on the car seat is difficult to pull tightly. The strap itself is looped so there's no dangling end (originally I thought this was a great feature since my son always plays with the strap on other seats) and I wonder if that design is what causes the difficulty in tightening the belt.  At any rate, it is very useable but could use a slight upgrade on this one feature.  I would highly recommend this travel system to friends and family! Great products!
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Cleveland Ohio
Awesome product!!!
July 20, 2016
I love love love this stroller car seat combo!! Very easy to assemble. The car seat is very light and easy to carry. The car seat is also very soft and comfortable for baby.  The stroller is easy to fold and carry. I love you can flip it and very easily at that. I would most defiantly recommend this product and or give as a gift. 
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North Ridgeville, OH
I would buy this product again.
July 19, 2016
What I really like about this product is the look and colors! The fabric is very soft, cleans easy and is machine washable. I also like the extra large basket to store items in the bottom. I have 2 kids under the age of 2 and the more storage the better. I feel the car seat is lightweight compared to others. The only downfall to this travel system is it doesn't include an infant/toddler cup holder.
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Columbus, Ohio
Nice quality stroller
July 17, 2016
This stroller is really nice. It was super easy to put together, the material is good quality. Love the padded seat and the huge under carriage storage. The stroller handles nice while out walking with it. Love all the different positions you can put the seat it. It is very stylish! It is heavy and a little awkward to fold, but no different than comparable strollers. Wish it had a snack tray too for toddlers. And the lock for the wheels is not in a good location-it is right in the middle of the stroller so when you walk you kick it with your toes-the lock rattles which my husband did not like. My son is only 30 lbs and he is average height ( he will be 3 next month) and he looks way to big in the stroller. The stroller says up to 50 lbs but it looks more like it is better for 2 and under. Overall, it is a nice stroller! Excited to put it to good use!
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T B.
Columbus, Ohio
Adorra Travel System Review
July 8, 2016
I like how the carriage can be rear-facing & switched to forward facing alllowing me to see my child. Other perks are the the adjustable handle that lets you customize to your height and the breathable fabric that the carseat & stroller canopies are made of. The downside is the stroller is only made for children from birth to 50 pounds. I have a very tall 3 year old who is too long to ride in the stroller, expecially if I extend the leg rest. If looking to purchase a stroller that a child can grow with, this may not be your best option.
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Celina, OH
Stroller could have a tray
July 8, 2016
The material this stroller has is amazing! I'm in love with how it feels and how easy it is to wash, navy is a good color! I like how it can be used as a bassinet if you didn't want to cart the bulky car seat that clicks in, plus you can also switch the seat for the baby/toddler to face you. Easy to install, 20 mins tops! The only thing missing is a tray for a toddler. I am a firm believer in the tray because when your out and about with toddler, it's nice to give them a little snack in that tray. Plus since there is no tray, there is no way to place toddlers sippy cup.
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Britton's M.
Cleveland, Ohio
Nice high-end stroller but has some room for improvements
July 7, 2016
This stroller has a lot of nice features from easy pull out and wash seat cushion to a very large basket underneath. I love that it comes with accessories such as the bottle holder and parent cup holder! Typically, these higher-end strollers have an al-la-carte attitude toward accessories and you end up buying them separately. The removable chair and the ability to face forward or backward is a great feature as well as switching it out with the carseat. The design of this stroller is far superior than other strollers where the carseat sits on top of the toddler seat. The maneuverability of this stroller is great and I love the option to lock the front wheels. The peak-a-boo window at the top is nice to monitor baby with snacks etc. and I love that the toddler seat reclines all the way into a full bassinet without needing a separate bassinet as some other brands offer. Overall, my son was very comfortable and happy in this large seat.  Areas for improvement include: 1. The way the stroller collapses. This is so inconvenient to HAVE to take the toddler seat out before you fold! They need to develop another way to fold the stroller and keep the toddler seat attached. 2. The fact that there has to be an attachment for the infant car seat to attach is ridiculous when it is the same brand carseat and stroller. This should only be necessary if you are mixing a different brand car seat with the stroller.  3. Unfortunately, and this could be an isolated case, but my bottle holder accessory came with a hole in it.  4. Would totally love if this stroller offered the option of a second seat to be added when another child came along. 5. The cup holder, although nice, widens the sides of this stroller making it even wider than it already is! Making it difficult as a stroller in department stores etc where walking between clothes racks can already be a challenge. 
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