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Fairview, OK
Verified Buyer
Smooth Strollin’
March 10, 2022
I love this stroller. It’s smooth and very high quality. Can’t ever go wrong with Maxi Cosi. Took me awhile to learn how to fold it up, but once I did, it was easy.
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Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Great purchase
November 9, 2021
I bought this stroller and the car seat set and has been very pleased with them. Before placing the order, I've read all the reviews and noticed there's a saying that it's not easy to control or the wheels are not those huge ones. However, after using it for over 3 years for both of my kids, I can proudly say that it's NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL! It's just right to use and you won't regret.
New Mexico
Verified Buyer
Works for it's intention.
August 12, 2021
I bought this stroller to match my Maxi Cosi car seat in the same color. I liked that it had an upscale look and that it was good from birth plus had rear facing and front facing. It's a pretty bumpy ride but I have not compared it to other strollers. I like that it came with a cup holder and storage attachment as so many strollers do not. The basket is also very generous, it fits my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack perfectly. I am currently in the market for a new stroller after only 5 months because it is so big. I have a 2016 VW Tiguan and this takes up almost the entire trunk, it would be impossible to take this like on a road trip, there would be no room for our stuff. Plus I have to remove the car seat adapters every time for it to fit. Even going out shopping is a chore because there is really no room for grocery bags.
  • ? Nice style
  • ? Easy to fold
  • ? Easy transition from rear facing to front facing
  • ? Can use from birth
  • ? Very heavy
  • ? Very large when folded
  • ? Not good suspension
Murrieta, CA
Verified Buyer
July 8, 2021
It’s a very nice stroller. It’s comfortable for the baby and the seat can be moved to face you. It also has a fully recline position where you can lay the baby flat. However it’s hard to fold and pretty bulky. Takes up most of the room in my trunk of my car. Also the cup holder and phone holder are placed on the side of stroller and it gets caught on a lot of things when shopping.
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful
  • Forward facing
  • Fully recline
  • Cup and phone holder placement
  • Bulky
  • Not easy to fold
El Paso, TX
Verified Buyer
Beautiful stroller
April 2, 2021
The stroller is beautiful and it has a lot of padding. My baby loves it. Very easy to control with one hand, the basket is big.
Good until this happened........
March 30, 2021
My friend gave me this stroller as a gift and it is the first time I use it after I closed it to put it in my car the stroller broke. I called the company and asked if I could have a replacement part and they said NO ... I'm so disappointed with this company and also they told me they can't do anything !! being such a large company !! I asked them if I could buy only that piece and they told me NO .. just like that " NO if you want that part you have to buy it completely. AND THAT THE REASON BECAUSE I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.
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Christina C.
March 24, 2021
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Tulsa, OK
Great for baby- Stroller not good for toddlers!
March 24, 2021
Loved the look and worked great for baby! But the stroller alone has now posed a problem for my toddler. Disappointed to find out there's no snack tray attachment available for my guy! Never crossed my mind as a FTM till now. Now looking into other strollers all because of this.
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Best s.
Port orange
The best travel system ever
March 23, 2021
Dorel (maxicosi) has the best customer service ever! You can chat with them in English or Spanish or call them and promptly they take care of you! My experience was so good that is not necessary To mention my issue because they send me a new full travel system that was in excellent condition. The person that I spoke was China and Pedro!!! Thanks again and looking forward to buy another item
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Verified Buyer
Classy and Practical
January 13, 2021
Love this stroller
The stroller is very comfortable for children, but the botto
December 29, 2020
The stroller is very heavy but comfortable for my son
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Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Ehh it’s ok
November 12, 2020
It is a beautiful stroller with a nice design, however quality was lacking for me. The canopy constantly pops off, the shoulder straps are very awkwardly positioned, and the foam handle cane off in one side. All within a year of use.
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable
  • Quality
Pacific grove ca
October 23, 2020
I was really excited to purchase a maxi cosí travel system for my 3rd child . I love the style and colors looks beautiful. I was dissatisfied at how difficult it is to remove the car seat maxi cosí mico max 30 from the stroller . The buttons are in an odd spot. I wish there was an easier option for this very frustrating when having to put car seat back into the car
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Love it but..
October 11, 2020
I recieved this as a gift and absolutely loved the stroller. Its so comfy and I love how you can recline my baby is one easy pull button(its so hard to find the old fashioned strollers), but the only negative thing is I feel I recieved a defective stroller. When I tested it out at the store I closed it with one hand but the stroller I recieved I would need 2 people to close it. It constantly got jammed and now I can't even close the stroller to even put it in my car. Its really disappointing when you spend alot of money for a stroller and I cant even return it at the store because of course it was used. I understand it being used but for the money you spend, the company should send a new stroller- or at least a new frame. Is there anything this company can do?
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Atlanta, Ga
Would be cute but..
October 11, 2020
I got this because it's GORGEOUS. But unfortunately it comes with HUGE warning stickers that you can not take off. I understand they must be there for a reason, but it completely ruins it for me. Wish the pictures they use would show them.
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Wobbly and locks on its own
September 30, 2020
Aesthetically pleasing stroller that's why we chose it. After less than a month of use it starts to shake and is wobbly. Not sturdy at all. Also ghost locks while you're strolling. For the price it should be much sturdier. Would have preferred to save my money and get a 20$ umbrella stroller with the same sturdiness.
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Vero beach, Fl.
Verified Buyer
Love it
September 24, 2020
I love it! Great price for a great stroller.
  • Big storage, great materials, beautifull stroller.
  • it's heavier and bigger than i thought, but for the price, is ok!
Overall pretty good.
September 11, 2020
pretty good overall! Easy to assemble and looks great. Only con I have is the front wheels are too small so if you go over a bump sometimes the stroller stops and you smash into the stroller and it startles the baby sometimes even big cracks
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Raleigh, NC
manufacturers defect
August 30, 2020
When I received my stroller I found manufacturers defect
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Riverside, Ca
Great so far, with a minor inconvenience
August 9, 2020
I bought this travel system for my baby. My baby isn't born yet so this review might change in the future. I unboxed this travel system which was very easy to assemble, done in less than 15 minutes. I tested the stroller first, which I loved. The looks are perfect and it is very sturdy. The wheels were very easily maneuvered. However, I am a bit unsatisfied with the amount of rocking the car seat does when placed on the stroller. I know it is not the stroller as it is so sturdy, however it may be the adapters. I contacted Maxi-Cosi and sent them a video but they said it is normal. I hope the movement minimizes with my baby on the car seat.
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Asbury, New Jersey
Love the Look... that's about it
July 23, 2020
I love the look of this stroller. However that's the only postindustrial. It's heavy, bulky takes up most of trunk and I have a Honda Pilot. It's horrible to take apart to clean. But above all it's poorly made. My baby was born 12/9/19 and it's broken. The two claps in the front to release the wheel brake broke... both of them ... and now as of today the clap to actually hold her in is broken. She literally almost came flying out of the stroller! I will be contacting customer service to have them send me a new one.
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Verified Buyer
Maxi cosi adorra
June 13, 2020
I purchased the maxi cosi adorra stroller in red and I absolutely love it... took 10 mins to put it together and very easy to use! Shipping was very fast also
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If i lost the sun shade , what i can do ? I cnt find one to
June 4, 2020
Its very good stroller but the sun shade is separate piece and i lost it and there is no where i can find new sun shade
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Verified Buyer
Beautiful stroller
May 2, 2020
I love this! Baby isn’t born yet but we tested it out and it’s fairly easy to switch to the car seat and it’s so pretty. Love the leather look to it too.
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Columbus, IN
Love it!
April 24, 2020
I've gotten so many compliments from this stroller! Easily folds, reclines flat for newborn baby (and can easily be turned into a bassinet, has a decent sized sunshade (though could be slightly larger for sunny days). Although this isn't an all terrain stroller, I've locked the front wheels and taken it through grass and gravel and it does pretty good! Love that it has machine washable fabrics so you don't have to hose the strollers off and wait for it to dry. Storage basket is HUGE (at times a little tough to get to, but great nonetheless). My husband loves the adjustable handle -one handed and simple. Very sturdy, but because of this, it can be difficult at times to go over curbs or bumps. My biggest complaint mostly is that there is only one car seat that can attach to it. There's no adapter for any other brands, and though I love my Maxi Cosi car seat, my baby grew out of it at 4 months old (because the SHOULDER WIDTH, not height and weight restrictions). Overall, I love this stroller, and if they made it to where it could be a double (with some different car seat adapters), I would most certainly consider it an option! And as a side note: Maxi Cosi's customer service is top notch! Anytime I've needed something, they've been helpful, kind, quick, and efficient.
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Excellent product and safety
March 17, 2020
Safety is a must for my family and adora travel system is fulfilled what I am looking for
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Dimitri K.
Staten Island, NY
Verified Buyer
Amazing product
January 15, 2020
Amazing stroller I give it 5 stars. Very easy to use and set up as well as a smooth ride for your little bundle of joy. I love this stroller and I am very happy that I made this purchase.
New York
Verified Buyer
So cozy
December 29, 2019
The material is so soft and the stroller just glides!
  • Lots of space
Best Uses
  • Shopping trips, walks in the park
  • Heavy
M&J Q.
Quality, Well-Built Stroller
September 8, 2019
Pros: - Feels and looks like it is well made and with quality parts. While it didn't necessarily feel heavier than other strollers to lift, it has some heft to it that makes pushing very smooth. - See above. Takes bumps and bangs as you are pushing it with ease. Our baby fell asleep much more quickly than he usually does with our other stroller. It is wider as well, which probably makes it even more comfortable for baby. - Comes standard with a cup holder on one side and a storage pack/cooler on the other side. Very convenient accessories that are overlooked on other strollers. - The sun visor pulls way down if you want it to. This is especially helpful since it can be a huge pain to walk the baby with half of his body receiving direct sun. There are screen windows/inlets that open so that he still gets fresh air and can see out. - Tons and tons of storage in the bottom. Useable storage as well. We had huge box to return to a store in the city and it fit with ease. Pocketbooks, supplies, etc will all fit without issue. Cons: - Strapping the baby in is somewhat odd. Both straps need to be put together like a puzzle piece and then they both need to go into the actual latch at the same time. Kind of tough to do with a kicking and wiggly baby. - Not sure why the parking brake was put in the dead center area at the bottom. Depending on how you walk, it can be difficult to completely avoid hitting it with your foot. - It seems as if the foot rest for the baby only has one position. Either that or I still cannot figure out how to put it in more than one position. - The seat is pretty darn big. Comfortable but big. I think any baby from 0-4 months is going to be swimming in it. We started using the stroller with our baby at 5 months and any sooner I don't think he would have fit without using a bassinet. - The back support of the seat only locks in a few positions (like semi laying and seated. It would be nice if it had more locking positions.
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North Shore, MA
High End Stroller Without the High End Price
August 20, 2019
I will start off by saying that this is a full-size, full feature stroller, there is nothing lightweight about it and it doesn't claim to be. If you are looking for something lightweight this is not the travel system for you. This stroller is extremely well made and durable. The quality of the materials is on par with high end strollers that will cost you much more. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, durable and luxurious. I love that is it moisture wicking and will help keep babies body temperature comfortable and dry. The fact that it is all easily removable and machine washable AND dryer safe makes it a life saver for those unfortunate yucky accidents that are bound to happy with little ones! You would not believe how difficult it is to clean other brand stroller and car seats, not to mention having to wait for them to hang dry! I love the leather accent on the handle and bumper bar. I love that the handle is height adjustable for taller parents. The flat recline is amazing and perfect for newborns. I love that you can make the toddler seat into a bassinet without the need of trying to store another bulky piece of baby equipment. The storage basket under the stroller is MASSIVE. I can store my diaper bag along with my shopping bags while out. The push of the stroller does feel bulky and heavy but this is not a lightweight stroller so that is to be expected. The wheels seem durable, they were able to navigate over pavement,bumpy sidewalks,gravel, and grass with ease so far. I don't love that the cupholder is on the side. I would prefer to see it within the inside of stroller frame. The standing fold feature is nice; however, I find the folding mechanism to be awkward and difficult. I love that the seat can be folded in half to save space but trying to fold the stroller with the seat attached, while do-able is really annoying. As for the car seat, I am even more impressed with as my other seat is the Nuna Pipa Lite LX and much less money it is very comparable.
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K O.
Overall a great product though the car seat is small
August 19, 2019
I received this travel system when my daughter was 4 months old love the look of it. The fabric is soft and has been easy to spot clean. My daughter was 17 lbs. when we reciecwd the travel system and she did not fit comfortably in the car seat, which seems to have a narrow seat. It would probably work well for smaller babies but I grow them large. I like the stroller features such as parent and outward facing, along with the seat laying flat. The buckle is somewhat difficult to manage as both shoulder pieces need to be together before going into the crotch buckle. There is a bit of a learning curve in folding and unfolding the stroller and I definitely need 2 hands to do so with out scratching the frame on the ground. The basket is a great size and more then able to hold a diaper bag and small cooler when out for the day. My husband did not like the placement of the brake as he frequently kicked it down while walking. He also noted that the middle of the handlebar is cumbersome for him as he likes to push the stroller one handed and isn't able to comfortably do so (I didn't have any complaints about the brake or handle bar but felt it I important to hear pros and cons. My daughter seems to like the stroller very well, she has taken some great naps in the seat fully reclined. Overall I think it's a good product, the cons or things I don't care for about it are not enough that I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.
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Boston, MA
amazing bundle, for an amazing price.
August 19, 2019
What we loved: The Adorra has a very sleek look. The shiny black frame is gorgeous in person, and the large basket is easily accessible (perfect for groceries, and shopping bags). We love the amenities included with this stroller. The parent console is large, and easily fits a bottle and cell phone. The cup holder is another bonus. We also loved that the break is conveniently located, and flip-flop friendly! Our very petite daughter fit comfortably in the Mico Max car seat. We especially loved the rebound bar built into the seat's base. (A great safety feature in case of an accident). What we didn't: The fold is not as intuitive as we would have hoped, and took longer to get the hang of than we had anticipated. The materials are not as rich as some of the other stroller on the market, but with the travel system costing a fraction of the price, it's a sacrifice our family is willing to take. Finally, the included adapters for the Mico Max to fit into the Adorra frame are looser than we would have hoped. Despite being securely attached, there is still a lot of wiggle room. Overall, it is a great stroller with a smooth ride. Meets all our needs for a stroller, without hurting our wallet.
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Connelly Springs, NC
Too heavy, too big, just all wrong :(
August 15, 2019
I wish we had gone with something smaller and less expensive now. This isn't worth the money that was spent. It takes up half of my trunk in my Pacifica van. I can't take it out with baby on my hip because it's SO heavy. The only time I loved it was when we used it for the maxi cosi infant seat (which we all know is a very short while). Then and only then is it light weight and you can get to the awesome storage area on the bottom. Once the Stiller seat is on it it's super heavy, hard to close, and so hard to get in and out of the bottom. I'm disappointed to say the very least.
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Marcie K.
Adorra/Mico vs Nuna Mixx/Pipa
August 3, 2019
I've owned a lot of strollers over the years (I have three kids), and the Maxi Cosi Adorra's closest competitor, in my opinion, is the Nuna Mixx (which I've also owned). So if you're considering these two strollers (and their respective car seats), I hope you find this review helpful. Car seats: the Mico Max 30 and the Pipa are similar in terms of weight. I'd say the Mico is very slightly heavier, but just barely. I like the curved handle on the Mico much better than the straight handle of the Pipa. Much more comfortable to hold and carry. The rebound bar on the Mico is a great safety feature, as is the load leg on the Pipa. I like the canopy on the Nuna better (dream drape). The canopy on the Mico is noisy to open and close (makes a loud clicking noise which can wake a sleeping baby), and doesn't have as much coverage. I also find it's easier to take the Pipa in and out of the base than the Mico. Install is easy with both seats. It's much easier to remove the Mico from the stroller. The push buttons to release the seat from the adapters are much more responsive and easier to push than those of the Pipa! The Pipa buttons are super annoying to use and subsequently it's more difficult to remove it from adapters. The fabrics on the Mico are a LOT nicer than the Mixx and soooo much easier to remove for washing! I've had to remove fabrics from the Nuna numerous times and it's very difficult. So I think overall ease of use is better with the Mico if you can live without a smaller canopy. I'll review the strollers separately.
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Boston Massachusetts
Love it!
August 2, 2019
I usually have my husband set up my strollers and car seats but I was able to set this up myself with ease and fairly quickly. Our experience with our first two children was using the Chicco keyfit. The car seat for maxi cosi is much lighter! I do like the base for the keyfit because it has the bubble that indicates if it's level but this base is slimmer making it easier to fit my 3 kids car seats across my suv. The straps are a bit hard to pull in and out of the car seat but I'm hoping they will break in after time. The car seat appears very cushioned and comfortable for my baby. She is less fussy being strapped into this car seat than she was in the Chico. The umbrella on the car seat is a nice light material for a good breeze. The stroller seat has such a great range with the levels for recline of the seat as well as the legs. The leg recline is something I have never had the pleasure to experience with my children in our other strollers.
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Rhode Island
High Quality Travel System
August 2, 2019
This a very high quality travel system! I really like how sleek and sharp-looking it is and how comfortable it is for my baby. It was very easy to assemble. The stroller is easy to maneuver and lock/unlock. My husband (6'4") really likes how high the handle adjusts, while I (5'3") like the lowest handle setting, so it's perfect for both of us to use. The stroller is so convenient with the different positions it offers: rear-facing, forward-facing, and multiple reclining levels. I also appreciate how large the basket is for storage and that the parent pouch is secure enough to hold my cellphone and other small items. The car seat is lightweight and easy to carry as well. I rated this system a 4 instead of a 5 only because folding/unfolding the stroller can be a little cumbersome. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!
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Liz K.
Boston, MA
Very Cozy High-End Stroller System
July 31, 2019
I really like this stroller! I rated it a 4, but would have given a 4.5, if that was a choice. Only removed a half star for the fold, which I think could use a slight improvement. Here is my honest feedback: Things I liked: Super cozy for my baby. Very easy to assemble and feels very sturdy right off the bat. Love the fabric color, quality and how plush everything is. Very easy to push (even one handed), easy to use foot brake in a great location. The air flap on the stroller canopy is great. Overall the stroller system is very flexible - can be used with infant seat, reclines to multiple levels for naps and smaller babies, rear or forward-facing seat and has a big basket under for hauling my junk or grocery shopping. Like how easy everything is to adjust and the adjustable handle since I am short and my husband isn't. Lastly, love that it comes with a big cup holder (which fits my massive water bottle), washable liner, and parent zip up holder. There was certainly a lot of thought put into this design. Areas I would love to see changed: The fold for the stroller is 2 steps- seat and then stroller base. It's stiff and not easy to get used to. It is a little heavy to fold/lift with the seat on (but I do like that you don't need to remove the seat to fold). I don't love how the buckle clips- they need to be together before going in, which isn't always easy with a squirmy baby. I wish the sunshade extended a little further to cover the baby's legs on both the infant seat and the stroller seat. I don't like the idea of draping anything over either, but don't want to get too much sun on his legs. I wish it were easier to convert this to some kind of double with a rider board or an attachable second seat. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high-end comfortable travel system.
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Boston, MA
Excellent Value!
July 31, 2019
Purchasing a stroller is a big decision with so many options on the marketplace. I've found this travel system to be an awesome option for my family. The overall quality of the product is great, and once you run through adapting/maneuvering everything once, the ease of use is very intuitive. The car seat adapter seemed a little unstable at first, but once the weight of the baby is in the car seat it doesn't move. As a bonus, the car seat is very light which makes carrying easier. Overall this travel system is a great value, as well as stylish & functional! I would definitely recommend this product to others.
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Great travel system
July 31, 2019
An ode to stroller height: The first thing that I noticed immediately is how comfortable the height of the stroller is at the lowest setting. I am petite at 5 feet even and at the lowest setting it is an amazing 39in tall only. Beyond the height, the stroller has lot of key features that are nice to have, such as the leather handle that helps with shock prevention (super important when you have carpal tunnel),durable lightweight metal frame(~22lbs), ability to switch easily between parent facing or facing out, large basket capacity(can fit 4 gallons of milk with plenty room to spare), ability to fold with one hand, large wheels for dealing with bumpy brick sidewalks. Another key feature that I find helpful is that the stroller is infant ready because at the lowest setting, it lies flat. Beyond the infant stage, having a horizontal seat surface help makes nap time more comfortable for my toddler. I use it for both my children and I love the fact that I can switch between toddler seat and bassinet feature in less than 2 min. It comes with three bonus accessories: parent cup holder, washable stroller liner with head rest and a baby bottle/toddler cup compartment that you can attach to the side of the stroller. The canopy has a nice peeping window allowing you to see when the nugget is zzing away and a 2 level fold. Would be nicer is if extends more, but my toddler prefers to push it back so she has a side view. The car seat was super easy to install. The base is very heavy which didn't bother me since that part doesn't move. I like how the car seat comes with a wedge for the infant seat so the baby isn't lost in the car seat and it props the baby up. Car seat is light, which is the more important part, plus I can easily transport it from car seat base to stroller without a problem. Again the car seat material is something that can be removed and tossed in the washer. A bigger canopy would be great, but it doesn't affect the functionality of the product.
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Boston am
Great stroller & affordable
July 30, 2019
Great stroller for the price. Cup holder and bottle bag hook on and are included which is nice. My baby loves to parent face so he is happy. Smooth ride, comparable to uppababy vista. My husband thinks this stroller is in the same class as the vista with some differences noted- plastic wheels on adorra but still a comfy smooth ride, not as many recline options, seat buckle a little hard to figure out at first, and canopy doesn't provide as much sun protection. Perfect for my baby, but my 4 year old has a little more room in the vista. Great quality stroller for the price. Easy to clean and easy to use!
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Stylish and comfy
July 27, 2019
Switching from our previous car seat to the mico max 30 car seat that is included with the travel system was a God send. My son was miserable on car rides and today was the first time he didn't fuss once! We have only had this system for a few days, but I'm already really enjoying it. It was very straight forward and easy to put together. I was a little confused on how to fold it up, I had to Google a video, but once I figured it out it was alot easier than I had first thought. I LOVE the look and push of the adorra, it handles beautifully and is comparable to another, more expensive, stroller I was gifted at my baby shower. Highly recommended if you want high end comfort for you and your baby, but don't want to break the bank.
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Harrisonburg, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Great lightweight stroller!
July 24, 2019
Love that it lays more flat than most strollers!
Merced ca
Addora travel system
July 18, 2019
I just purchased this installed it and when the car seat is in the stroller it moves everywhere i don't think my baby will be safe in there
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Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Nice stroller but hard to steer
June 9, 2019
The stroller is very roomy, and the fact that it reclines to horizontal position is very important when you travel. My only compliant is that it’s so hard to steer. But overal very good for the price.
Savannah, Ga
Very pretty yet hard to maneuver
June 5, 2019
Upon receiving the stroller I was so excited! I got the "sand" color. However, from the first ride the stroller was a nightmare. It is extremely difficult to move and it is pretty heavy.
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Fontana Ca
Very Disappointed
May 30, 2019
I got this stroller in November 2018 for my baby shower and honestly I was so exited when I seen it. I got the car seat and the stroller, sadly the stroller gets stuck when I'm pushing it. I can't push it with one hand either because it goes all over the place. I don't recommend this stroller at all.
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Verified Buyer
Better in person
April 3, 2019
I’m so excited about my purchase! The stroller was way easier to use than I anticipated and it’s much more sturdy as well. I chase the black metal finish bc I’ve had a friends complain that gray finish shows scratches very easily. So far so good! We really enjoy the drink and pouch accessories that come with it as well as the ease in in transition from car seat, seat and bassinet. My mom is also excited to finally have a stroller that doesn’t stress her out when taking grandkids to the Zoo.
Verified Buyer
Love it
April 2, 2019
Great look. The only downside is that’s too heavy.
Ariel C.
Dallas, United States of America
Not worth the money
March 20, 2019
I received the Adorra Stroller as a gift from my Uncle at my baby shower (Feb 2018). By September of 2018 the stoller had broken in multiple different areas and the biggest problem was the front wheel locks. One of them had broken off and made it impossible to push. Now, March of 2019 it's happened again. The same wheel locks have broken off and are making it impossible to go for a family walk or enjoy the over $400 (after taxes) stroller. It's cheaply engineered and I thought I was getting better quality with Maxi Cosi. I'm pretty disappointed with this stroller. Especially it's cheap plastic, easily-breakable parts that don't seem to last more than 6 months. I would think when spending so much money on a product it would last longer.
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Chicago Illinois
Does not last
March 18, 2019
I've only been using it for three weeks. I got the bundle, car seat, toddler seat and stroller. The car seat balled up so quickly. And my son is only 3 weeks old. And the toddler seat is already balling up a bit and I have seven used it!
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