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New York
Verified Buyer
Great stroller, great price
May 7, 2021
Bought this stroller to have on hand for visiting grandchildren. Arrived quickly and is exactly as expected—bought our Mclaren for own children 30 plus years ago from Albee’s.
Milford, Connecticut
Verified Buyer
Gorgeous stroller
October 26, 2020
Absolutely loved this stroller pushed so easily
  • Lightweight
  • White easily soiled
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Why didn’t I already own this?
September 5, 2019
I’ll admit it. I was the woman who didn’t understand the need for multiple strollers. I bought (correction: invested in) the Cruz and figuring it was the only stroller I’d need. For the price tag I kind of hoped so. Yes, my arms were getting buff from hauling that 35 pounder in and out of my car for every minor errand, but after one trip I’d had enough. Did some research and discovered this little gem. This is the newest Volo and the improvements saved me. Took my nugget to the Boston aquarium on a random 90 degree day. Expanded hood kept him covered. Extra distance off the ground kept him from being exposed to intense pavement heat. Large basket held my diaper bag (to minimize my unsightly back sweat). And the one handed fold got me the eff out of there when we both had enough. Love 👏🏻 This 👏🏻 Stroller 👏🏻
Dallas, Texas
Verified Buyer
Adorable and Affordable
August 18, 2018
I love this stroller. The limited edition Dylan’s candy bar strollers are all adorable but this one seamed more gender neutral to me. It’s easy to fold with one foot and the basket is big enough for a small diaper bag. The handles are tall so I can use it (5’5”) and my husband over 6 ft. There are only two things I would change. The sun canopy doesn’t go far enough and depending on the suns position it doesn’t protect my son completely and the mesh may be cool but it isn’t very supportive (but perfect to sleep in like a hammock). Most strollers have some sort of issue but this ones cute and very well made so we recommend it to all who are looking for a durable and cute umbrella stroller.
  • Durable
  • Cute
  • Tall
  • Easy close
  • Comfortable carry strap
Best Uses
  • Indoor or sidewalk
  • Short sun shade
  • Mesh not supportive
Maria J.
austin, Tx
Verified Buyer
Light and nimble
November 1, 2017
I love the Maclaren Volo! I've had a couple and they are my favorite of the Maclaren's because they are light and maneuverable. The hood shades sufficiently and the seat keeps baby cool in the summer. The extra seat liner is a nice bonus and I love the nautical theme. If your baby doesn't nap I suggest the Volo. It's perfect for 1 year and up.
  • Light
  • Compact
Best Uses
  • City
  • Travel
  • Errands
  • No recline
Verified Buyer
Awesome Light Stroller
December 2, 2016
I love how lightweight this stroller is and how it has a strap to carry it over your shoulder. Perfect for the city or trips to Disney.
sejal p.
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
October 24, 2016
The most convenient, light, and sturdy stroller. In fact, I lost my 1st one and had to replace it asap! Also, the best price for this brand is on albeebaby!
Orange Beach, Al
Verified Buyer
Great stroller
May 7, 2016
This is a great light weight stroller. It folds easily and rolls much better than the previous umbrella stiller we had. The handles are also at a much better height and we don't have to lean over to reach them. We really like the mesh fabric so that my little one stays nice and cool in the stroller. The rain shield is also a plus. The only issue I found is the straps are not easy to adjust quickly.
Wading River, NY
Verified Buyer
Yes! Yes! Yes!
May 2, 2016
We borrowed a Maclaren from my friend and knew instantly we needed our own. It's light and folds easily! Love this stroller!!
Verified Buyer
Lightweight stroller
April 24, 2016
Nice lightweight stroller. Mesh seat is definitely different.
Washington DC
Verified Buyer
Maclaren Volo
April 22, 2016
Easy fold up, durable, lightweight
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Love this lightweight stroller
April 9, 2016
This stroller is light and easy to fold with one hand. Every where I go i get stop about how cute the stroller is.
Newark, NJ
Verified Buyer
March 15, 2016
This stroller met all my expectations, super light weight for a city mom. I got it in pink, my baby loves it. I've been looking for the perfect maclaren for my 10 month old daughter for months. My mother always used maclaren with us growing up, so why not keep the tradition! Thank you Albee Baby, my mother's go to store when I was a baby.
  • Easy to put together, Light weight, easy to maneuver, rain cover included, very bold color(got mine in pink) and smooth
  • Not easy to close, brakes are weird but takes some time getting use to, the safety belt is hard to adjust.
Queens, New York
Verified Buyer
Love it
February 25, 2016
It's very light and folds pretty easy, which makes it easier for me to carry on the go in the city. live the strap feature and rain cover. It fits through narrow spaces. Perfect height, I'm 5'7" and the handles hit just under my chest. Good stroller for taller parents. I was a nervous about not having a recline but my lo is comfy. It will grow with her. Oh and the stroller came fast!
Verified Buyer
Awesome stroller and amazingly fast delivery
February 25, 2016
My son is seven and tires easily if we walk longer distances. He has Down syndrome and I was looking for a nice, durable stroller without having to spend hundreds of dollars. This stroller is perfect. He loves it and so do I. My husband is tall and with other strollers he had trouble not bending forward to push the stroller. These stroller handles are also higher than other umbrella strollers yet comfortable for those not over six feet as well. And the delivery was amazing! It was shipped very shortly after it was ordered and I received it very quickly. Loved the free shipping! I will be ordering from your site again and again!
  • higher handles
  • sleek and durable design
Best Uses
  • indoor and paved areas
  • none
Verified Buyer
Quality/ Best Value
February 23, 2016
We purchased this stroller after much research. We were looking for an ethical company (environmentally/ socially responsible) from which to purchase an affordable stroller. This stroller fits the bill, is well-made, folds easily, and is incredibly lightweight. The basket is a nice size as well.
East orange NJ
Verified Buyer
Super practical!
February 9, 2016
Albeebaby thank you so much for such a great service! 2days shipping! Love this stroller super lightweight, great prize and comes with the rain over!
Miami, Florida
Verified Buyer
Love my Maclaren!
January 13, 2016
loving my new lightweight Maclaren. So sleek and comfortable. Perfect toddler stroller. Great price and quick shipping. Thank you Albee Baby!!
  • Lightweight, stylish, durable, meah fabric
Best Uses
  • From 6 months to 5 year old child.
  • None
Brea, California
Lightest Maclaren, great quality
September 9, 2015
I trust the Maclaren brand very much. You do pay for what you get and I believe this is one of the best made umbrella strollers out there. Living in California, this is a great stroller for those hot summer days. However, I would not put a smaller baby in it as the back is made of mesh and baby tend to be really cradled into the seat. If you are looking for a more fully functioned stroller, use the Quest instead.
Valley Stream NY
Verified Buyer
Great stroller
August 24, 2015
This is a great lightweight stroller A++
  • Lightweight and folds easy
Best Uses
  • Mall, street anywhere
  • 0-cons
Seattle, Wa
Verified Buyer
Good quality
June 12, 2015
I do like the quality of the stroller. I wish it reclined but it's roomy enough if baby falls asleep. Having the pad insert is essential for two reasons 1) it makes it much more comfortable; 2) it helps baby sit more supported. The stroller fits on the larger side which makes it easy for my 8mo to grow into. I prefer a canopy that covers lower in front of baby, but it is longer than most that I researched. Overall I'm happy with it. It's easy to put up and take down and its light.
  • Light, feels sturdy, good size basket underneath. Long canopy.
Best Uses
  • Day outings
  • Canopy doesn't have the lip that hangs in front of kiddo. Not necessarily supported in the back or seat, but cushion inserts help a lot.
New York
Verified Buyer
The best
May 29, 2015
The best stroller ever!!!!!!!!very light!me and my son love it !very fast shipping!!!!! Thank you albee baby
New York, Ny
Verified Buyer
Great product but...
May 8, 2015
The product is great, looks amazing and works as described. The only set-back is that the sit does not recline so when baby sleeps the baby's head hangs forward.
  • Great product. Works as expected.
  • Sit does not recline
Verified Buyer
Great for on the go Parents
April 13, 2015
I bought this stroller for my toddler and love it! It's lightweight and very easy to use. It did seem a little tough to use on grass and does not work as well as my jogger, but it's not made for that. Even though the stroller does not lean back your little one can still nap in it. Very happy with this purchase!
  • Lighweight, easy to fold and unfold.
Best Uses
  • Everyday use.
  • Does not go over large uneven cracks in sidewalks without serious effort.
Los Angeles, CALI
Verified Buyer
March 23, 2015
My baby loves it just after we opened the item. It's light weight and it is comfortable :). Shopping at AlbeeBABY is easy and quick too, did i mentioned no tax for me ?
Austin, TX
Verified Buyer
Love the Stroller! Love the Great Service from Albee Baby!
March 3, 2015
I had a Maclaren Volo stroller for 12 years and loved it. I accidentally hit it with my car and damaged it beyond repair. We were out of town and I went to Target to get a quick replacement. The replacement that I got was a similar style and cost but different brand. However, it was super heavy, difficult to maneuver and did not fold very flat. So I returned it and and went back to the Volo. Albee Baby sent it super fast and I even got if for 20% off with the President's Day Sale. Best price by far on the internet!
Verified Buyer
Not bad, worth the money
July 4, 2014
Before I bought this volo, I did a very detail research online, so I know the pros and cons. After I received it, love it at first sight of the bright color and then the amazing light weight. I have a Quinny buzz which is good but really heavy for me to carry on and off the SUV back trunk. All I need is a light one for shopping with my daughter. The volo doesn't have recline position, so if this is only stroller you will have it's not a good choice. My daughter is about 8months when I put her into volo she didn't sit as comfortable as she usually does in buzz because the seat back is just a piece of fabric not firm enough to support as a full size stroller. After couple time, now she gets used to it. When I know she is going to take a nap on the way I will change volo to buzz. The stroller is really a good choice for a second stroller for baby above 6 months.
  • Light weight
  • Pretty design
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use and store
  • Seat back is not firm enough to support young baby's back and neck
Verified Buyer
Good stroller
May 1, 2014
It is a good stroller and the color is very beautiful.But the belt is not convenient to adjust.Anyway, we like it.
South korea.
Verified Buyer
March 26, 2014
Easy to use and light weight
February 13, 2014
I did lots research on purchasing stroller. It turn out this brand name rated on the top 5. Then I bought it to give it a try. It is very easy to use and light weighted Many rooms for baby to sit in. Overall, I am very happy with the product.
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Great umbrella stroller for a bigger kid
January 31, 2014
This is a great lightweight umbrella stroller. We got it because we have a big toddler and the extra weight limit will come in handy. It's sturdy and he seems very happy in it!
  • Super lightweight, Pretty easy to fold, High weight limit
Best Uses
  • Quick trips with a toddler, when they can't quite walk but you don't want to drag out your heavy stroller
  • Can be a little difficult to open/adjust; small wheels not great for varied terrain, seat doesn't recline
Washington DC
They really mean lightweight
January 24, 2014
This stroller is great.
  • - It really weighs in at 8.8 pounds and is lighter than any other stroller I have had the pleasure of hefting into my car.
  • - The maneuverability is great, and can be pushed one handed if need be
  • - the suspension and comfort are quite good considering its a mesh seat (note mine did come with the maclaren pad which is waterproof on the underside and velours on the seat-side (golden)
  • - the stroller is really easy to put together and use
  • - the nautical coloring is quite cute (the yellow piping is actually quite dusk-visible too) though I bought it simply because this version was on sale with rain cover and seat cover ;)
  • -the thread and rethread for the straps is super easy and the straps fit my quite tall 2 year old (the reason I sold the last expensive lightweight I had)
  • -the five point harness is great - my son'll never figure the doublesided click-to-open out
  • -the basket is a decent size considering the size of the overall stroller
  • -the fold is quick and easy - lift right lever with one foot and pull on carry strap and voila - excellent. Unfolding is a bit more but still super easy. Just have to make sure you click on the red brake to ensure it is fully unfolded. -
Best Uses
  • Quick stroll, when on the go, for 6months plus kids that are quite active and you need something simple
  • -the brake takes a little getting used to, and if you don't engage fully the stroller can slip away - its left to brake and right to release but does not always indicate when fully engaged so now I always check just to make sure
  • - the stroller does not fold and lock with a bunting bag on (its winder armageddon here right now so no way I am threading and rethreading the footmuff each time)
  • - with the seat cover its a little tight to lock in the folded compact mode but is totally doable
Upper West Side, NYC
Great for Grandmothers
September 17, 2013
I love this stroller. It is lightweight and great for me on subways and buses with my grandchildren.
Best Uses
  • Great for outings with children around the city. An excellent traveling stroller, also.
Good buy
September 4, 2013
Easy to fold and unfold. My hyperactive son was able to sleep after 5 minutes of being on it.
New York, NY
Perfect for travel!
August 27, 2013
We purchased two of these for traveling with our twins (15 months). They were perfect -- lightweight and easy to fold/unfold, even while holding a baby and managing luggage in the airport. Easy to fold while going through security and small enough to gate check. We traveled without the sun-visor. And while they don't recline, the seat isn't straight up -- so our babies easily napped while we were strolling.
Best Uses
  • travel
Cherry Hill, NJ
Verified Buyer
Very nicely designed and light weight
August 21, 2013
We have a heavy duty britax b-ready already. This one is a great addition and we expect to use it a lot while travelling.
Visalia, CA
Back+time+space saver!
July 16, 2013
I bought the 2008 version of this stroller and had to come back and share. Over the last four years this has been my right hand travel resource. We started using it at 6 months old. Our Volo became a great place for nap time as we rolled through the bank, zoo, library, beauty shop, and older sibling events. Mesh allows cooling air to flow through. Tilting the shade cover forward hides baby from the sun. Light weight enough for older siblings to push. Fits in small space and through any door. It conveniently stores in my trunk and sets up quickly. My sister just had a baby and asked if I was ready to "pass-it-on." No way!! Skip the big more expensive designer strollers, pick this simple well-engineered unit that you will rely on for years. I'm buying a second for my sister. She will love rolling with it!
  • Lightweight.
  • Well engineered.
  • Strong.
  • Stores in a small space.
Best Uses
  • Transportation.
  • Child safety and restraint away from home.
  • Great for standing in line at the bank, zoo, DMV
  • None.
Plainfield, IL
Verified Buyer
measures up
May 24, 2013
My son and daughter in law are taller parents and the umbrella stroller they had purchased had them bent over uncomfortably while pushing. This stroller is very comfortable for both them and my granddaughter. It is also very well constructed. Grandma scores points!
ROSEMEAD, California
Verified Buyer
Light weight stroller
February 23, 2013
Light weight and good price.
ROSEMEAD, California
Verified Buyer
One of my favorite!
February 23, 2013
I got it at very good price. This is the special edition 2011. It is super light and easy to be controlled. Totally worth the price!
Brooklyn ny
Verified Buyer
Not so great
February 14, 2013
I ordered this stroller without doing much research, I love the color but I'm not happy that there is no hard back to support baby's back while she sits in the stroller, it is pretty ez to transport iin n out of the car but im not used to the fold yet and I wld prefer to know baby's more comfy, I expected more from maclaren
  • Color
  • Lightweight
  • The way it folds
  • No hard back to support baby s back when she sits
Verified Buyer
Cute, Lightweight Stroller!
December 15, 2012
We bought this stroller for travel, and it has worked out great. It is super light weight but good quality Also, the nautical stripe pattern is so cute.
Miami beach
Verified Buyer
Three kids 10 strollers later
December 14, 2012
I have had every stroller, and with my first baby 11 years agoAnd with my third, I love my MacLaren. It's so light. Easy in and out of the car, easy to travel with, anything else is just too much stroller.
  • Light. Easy.
Las vegas
Verified Buyer
October 10, 2012
Very light weight stroller but not comfortable for children to sit for a while; only for short period of time. The back does not recline and the biggest thing is the safety lock of the seat belt is way down low so my daughter can put her arms outside the belt all the time; not safe enough to hold the child in place..
  • Very light weight but the lock for the seat belt is way down low..
  • The seat belt way down low
St. Louis, MO
Verified Buyer
Maclaren Volo Stroller in Carmine Rose
July 30, 2012
We have a special needs granddaughter age 7 who cannot walk. She has a wheelchair, but we find traveling with the wheelchair cumbersome. This Maclaren stroller is superb for her. It is so easy to use and get around with her in it. Deep pink is her favorite color!
  • how easy it is to collapse and open up
  • light weight but strong
  • moves and turns easily
  • none at all
Great Falls, VA
Verified Buyer
Nice, lightweight stroller
July 29, 2012
This is a nice, lightweight stroller. My son is comfortable riding in it and it is easy to transport. We have taken it with us on several trips, including a recent trip to Australia (from VA), and it was easy to carry, collapse, and use. The clip on the five-point harness is *very* secure, although slightly counter-intuitive. We like the color and pattern on the seat. The seat is mesh, which is cool in the hot weather. The stroller comes with a dark blue plush cover for the seat for colder weather, which extends over the lip of the seat by about four inches. The other side of the cover is smooth and white, which we've occasionally used as well.
Verified Buyer
easy to collapse
July 22, 2012
The stroller is cute. It rolls nicely and it is very easy to collapse and get in and out of the trunk. And it is tall enough for my husband to push it comfortably. Great since I am higely preganant!!
  • portability
  • easy to collpase and carry
  • I do wish it had a cup holder
Matt F.
Minneapolis, MN
Extremely Travel Friendly
June 28, 2012
This stroller rocks for any time you need a portable stroller. Great for air/train/automobile travel. Very light. Backpack strap for carrying & weighs 14 lbs. It is extremely maneuverable and can be operated easily with one hand.
  • Almost everything.
  • Wheels could be a little larger for better clearance.
Mayumi's M.
New York
Does its job!
May 31, 2012
Light, easy to maneuver and fold. Only 4 star because it cannot be reclined. My baby sloutched when taking a nap during walks.
  • Weight
  • Accessories that came with it. Rain cover and carrying strap
  • One position.
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
wow wow
May 31, 2012
It is really nice this stroller and the price is very good .Hope it will stay good for a long time.
  • It is light and the color is very nice and real.
  • Removable washable seat I wish it can have clip to hold it straight.

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