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Vestavia, AL
Verified Buyer
May 10, 2024
Love! Has been such a blessing for my 2 year old and 4 year old!
Valentine, Nebraska
Verified Buyer
February 7, 2024
Great for travel with toddlers. I love pulling these around airports and when kiddos get tired they can jump on and ride! Absolute lifesaver for long trips changing gates!
Birmingham, Alabama
Verified Buyer
The best
September 21, 2023
These are the best! We travel a lot with our kids and only use these on every flight!
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Happy with purchase
June 12, 2023
Just got back from a trip to Asia. Very essential for toddler to be comfortable on such a long flight. Storage is okay but beware of overstuffing since the lid popped up a few times - still locked but not fully closed. Toddler loved riding on it which is a plus. Bit bulky to carry but overall very happy with it.
, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Love love love!
March 24, 2023
Love this! Bought one for my son and one for my niece. Totally saved us in the airport. What a great buy!
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Hugely disappointed
March 9, 2023
Very disappointed in this item. For the extremely high price, I was expecting so much better. The suitcase barely fits anything inside, especially with the bed pad inside. The sides bulge out when you close the lid when you have even the slightest bit squeezed in. There is no footrest for the kids, and I can’t believe the only way to pull the suitcase is with a strap. You have so little control pulling it with a steap (rather than a pull like other ride-on suitcases). My own was flying around on it as we made our way through the airport and had to make turns. I’m so disappointed. I’ve had my eye on this for so long because I assumed it would be the best of the best. Not with it. We have another ride-on that was half the price. It fits 6 times the amount of stuff inside, my son is so much more comfortable riding on it, and I am so much more comfortable pulling it through the airport.
United States
Broke after less than 7 months and 2 trips
February 26, 2023
The trip that we had it was good. Kid lots the luggage but it broke at the wheels within 7 months (bought in Aug 2022 and broke in Feb 2023) and having only gone one 2 trips, it broke on the 3 trip. Never checked and always with us and handled with care. My child is just three years old. The costs for the luggage is just insane if there is no warranty given the poor quality.
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Verified Buyer
Love this product
January 26, 2023
Love love this! And so do my kids. They actually pull around their own luggage!
Mountain View, CA
Verified Buyer
Great for travel
January 16, 2023
I was deciding between this and the inflatable, glad we got this.
  • It stores easy-to-access toys in the top compartment when in 'bed' mode
  • Lighter than I thought it would be/ easy to carry while running after a toddler
  • The toddler loves using it as a table when we are landbound
  • Easy to assemble in air/ with a toddler in the seat
Best Uses
  • Travel, organization
  • It can run over its leash but that can be due to the user's lack of attention.
  • I am fearful that if you were made check it, (given no room in overheard storage or a flight that doesn't accommodate- check the list!), the plastic may not be hard enough to survive baggage handling.
St. Louis, no
Best thing ever
November 28, 2022
Best thing ever! Keeps my oldest toddler and my youngest toddler busy at home and at the airport!
United States
Just a Gimmick
September 21, 2022
I was quite disappointed with this product. I actually plan on contacting Stokke and seeing if they would potentially refund me for this. I don't want to return it to where I purchased as it is a small business and not their fault that it is a poorly designed product. Several aspects of this suitcase make it difficult to use. It is hard to roll and it wiggles all over the place, constantly bumping into our legs as we walk. The lid is barely held on by the buttons that push in on the ends. What a bad design! The slightest bump and the lid pops off! So easy for your child's important sleeping items to fall out and get lost and or dirty, whether while being loaded in the car or going through security. There is no way to secure it closed and the lid comes off with the slightest pressure. Also once you take the lid off and turn it over whether to use as the bed or as a small kid friendly container for snacks and toys, it it quite difficult to slide the lid of the inner compartment open. It does not slide easily but takes at least 4-5 tries every time to get it open. The pull strap is also a poor design. It falls on the floor of the airport or car rental station or generally anywhere you stop at the drop of a hat. Despite trying to wrap the strap and tuck it into the riding handle to prevent it falling down, it quickly became discolored and disgusting just on our very first trip. I would never again purchase a suitcase that doesn't have a solid handle. I definitely would not want my small child pulling this and handling it. Very disappointed. I feel this is a gimmick and just an instagram prop (useless to me as I am not active there). I know two airline pilots took 6 years to design this but I am extremely surprised at the many many design flaws. I will say it has 2 stars simply because having a place for baby to spread out and sleep on the flight was very useful. But I wish I had paid $15 for a simple inflatable pillow instead of wasting nearly $200 on this.
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Grand Rapids, MI
Verified Buyer
Great Toddler Suitcase
September 9, 2022
Have not had the chance to travel with this yet, however, it's roomy, sturdy and fun for my son to ride on! Also, the stickers are a nice addition! Looked everywhere for this product and Albee Baby shipped it within one business day!
United States
Cute and must have for traveling
September 3, 2022
We haven't used it but it seams well made and the quality is great
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United States
Tot loves it
August 27, 2022
So cute!!! Worked great for my 2 year old.
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Toddler m.
August 19, 2022
This product and anything like it are banned by most leading airlines! As Stokke writes, some may not have a "specific" policy against BedBox (except Emirates, who expressly forbids its use as seat extender/leg rest), most websites declare forbidden (quote British Airways, Aug. 2022) "Seat extenders (including suitcases that convert into a leg rest or bed)". Same for Lufthansa, Swiss and Edelweiss. I suggest Stokke has this product certified by an international aviation authority or take it off the market.
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Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
Good overall
August 18, 2022
We used it for the first time on a 1-stop + 15-hr international flight. Overall, it was great for pulling my 5-yr old child through the airport(s), and we were pleased that it kept him happy even on long lines. The body and wheels of the JetKids are sturdy and offers a smooth ride for my child, although it was significantly more difficult to pull on carpeted areas. 4 out of 5 stars because the JetKids did not fit under our economy plus seats on our domestic flight. It also doesn't fit many things, so it was more a kids ride/accessory than anything else.
United States
August 16, 2022
We love this!! Toddler slept for the whole flight.
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United States
Perfect for my little
August 16, 2022
With airports getting busier and busier this product was the perfect way to get my little through security and to gates without having to slow down and without the hassle of debating a toddler in an already stressful situation. Her in-cabin items fit right into the suitcase too so I had easy access throughout the flight. Thank you Stokke!
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United States
Official airline approval is meaningless
July 29, 2022
We used this successfully once and loved it! Unfortunately the next time we used it, the flight attendant told us it wasn't allowed and we weren't able to use it on a 13-hr transatlantic flight. It was on Turkish Airlines, which has supposedly officially approved this product. Be aware that the official approval means nothing and you are at the mercy of the individual flight attendant- if she is having a bad day you won't be able to use it.
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Carla 2.
Updated review - much better second time around!
July 11, 2022
Last summer, I got one of these for my then-five year old and unfortunately, it broke on its first round of air travel. However, Stokke reached out to me immediately to send a new replacement and made it so easy to exchange the faulty one. Later, we ended up buying another one for my younger child. Both kids love them and we get some many comments and questions from intrigued families when using them! Yesterday, my daughter and I had a nightmare day of travel -- waiting hours for checking in, baggage drop, security and then immigration upon arrival. This suitcase saved us, as my daughter was able to sit comfortably the whole time and not have to stand. I was so, so glad that we hadn't given up on this product and would fully recommend it to all! In terms of product design, it's not always super easy for my kids to steer this, because it has a soft leash-like handle. We have a number of instances of the suitcase bumping into their feet, especially when walking down ramps. I'd love an improved design including a more rigid handle that would allow them to better control their own suitcases. But it's a breeze for grown-ups to pull once you get the hang of how it handles moves and turns, so it's easy enough for me to pull along with my own bag when necessary. Overall, we've been so pleased with these suitcases!
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Zu schnell kaput
May 19, 2022
Tolle Koffer aber zu schnell Kaput. Nach 2 Reisen in 2 Jahre ist ein Vorderrad bei normalen Fahren durch dem Plastik Boden nach innen durchgebrochen. Es ist deutlich eine Schwachstelle.
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United States
Not acceptable for use on Emirates
May 14, 2022
Bag is good, great concept. Unusable as a bed on Emirates so a complete waste of time for us living in Dubai.
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Very c.
United States
Do not buy especially if you don't plan on using right away
May 8, 2022
I bought this as we traveled a lot before having our son and knew we would most likely travel again after having him. Well that didn't happen until a little later than I thought so at this point we were apparently over the warranty & the 1st time we ended up using it, it broke ( the wheel snapped off) on our last leg of the trip! It was always with us and never handled by the airlines or anyone but us so it definitely was not abused. So now that we bought it way before we actually ended up using it, even though it was new stokke does not want to back their defective products. They even pretend to care in my previous review with a response which is as follows: Merchant Response Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about the wheel. Obviously this should not happen with the normal use of the JetKids BedBox. Please contact our Customer Support via the product reclamation form and they will be happy to assist you. I'm assuming just to try & look good when they receive a bad review but ended up saying I basically was out of luck. Not happy for the money spent!
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United States
I would buy this product again!
April 30, 2022
It was a great product!!!!
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United States
Best invention that had the whole airport talking! ­čśé
April 26, 2022
Hands down the coolest kid invention that had the whole airport talking! We bought this for our 4 year old daughter to use for an international flight from the US to the UK and it was a lifesaver. The front rotating wheels made it easy for our daughter to maneuver her way around and we were able to tow her along with us when necessary. The storage capacity is great, just enough space for activity books, small pillow, blanket and snacks. The bed feature was easy to set up and made the 7+ hour flight much more comfortable for our kiddo. She slept like a champ! We also bought the little backpack in case we needed the extra space. It was helpful to have but found that the water bottle pocket is far too small to fit a slim bottle inside of it. All in all, if you are a parent looking for a great carry on option for your little one, this is IT.
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United States
Highly suggest for kids and long trips
April 15, 2022
We bought this for our 18 month old for a long flight, he slept on it comfortably on his belly . Thankful for this .
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flight g.
Not FAA compliant
March 14, 2022
Great idea, but as a flight attendant, I will say that you cannot use the bed feature, as it would be on the floor and not stowed under the seats in front of you. This would impede other passengers from evacuating in an emergency. I was so excited to see this product advertised and when I researched the pictures, as shown, it violates FAA safety regulations.
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Bj├Ârn Z.
Grenzt an Betrug
March 1, 2022
Ein Produkt, f├╝r das nur eine schwammige Liste der Fluggesellschaften, mit denen man (noch) keine Probleme gehabt hat suggeriert, dass man es problemlos verwenden kann. Nur ist dem NICHT so. Die Lufthansa Gruppe, unter der viele der gr├Âsseren europ├Ąischen Airlines zusammengefasst sind, verbietet den Gebrauch ausdr├╝cklich, obwohl auf Jet-Kids.com Swiss und Edelweiss aufgelistet sind. Mit genau diesem Code Share sind wir n├Ąmlich nach Thailand geflogen. Insgesamt waren 4-5 JetKids an Bord, die alle darauf hingewiesen wurden, dass es aus Sicherheitsgr├╝nden nicht erlaubt sei, den JetKids zu verwenden. So haben wir einen Haufen Geld f├╝r genau den Trip ausgegeben in der Hoffnung, unseren Kleinen mehr Komfort geben zu k├Ânnen. Einen Rollkoffer h├Ątten wir auch g├╝nstiger haben k├Ânnen. Nun werden wir versuchen, unser Geld irgendwie zur├╝ck zu bekommen. Absolut nicht zu empfehlen!
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Point pleasant
Great until it wasn't
February 24, 2022
So my son absolutely loved this but I'm going to start with the bad because I think that is the most important in this case. So It broke after 1 trip! I can't see spending this kind of $ if it is only going to last for 1 trip. We didn't abuse it and it always was with us on the plane- we never checked it. He was riding it in the last leg of our trip and the wheel completely snapped off. So the good (only if it was built better). It made traveling long trip so pleasant because it kept him happy having his own piece of luggage that was just his. He kept all his toys in it to keep him occupied on the plane. My final though. I wouldn't recommend it due to it not being well made and lasting more that 1 trip.
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Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Cute but not functional
January 10, 2022
I had higher hopes for this. It's adorable and useful for moving kids through an airport. However the backpack isn't very large, and easily gets stained (even with stain repellent that I sprayed on it). I have three children, so in economy there just wasn't time/space/opportunity to bring the luggage down and make beds. The suitcase is not easy to open/close and there isn't a lot of space. I had imagined that there would be all this time to open it up and use toys, but there really wasn't at all. There is no reaching in real quick to get something, each time I got something it was a big two-handed production. If I were to go back in time I would get another brand, one that was less expensive and had more room. I think with this one you're paying for the design/brand, but not so much functionality which can be had much cheaper with another brand. It got a lot of looks and attention at the airport. I bought three of these and two of them broke internally on the first use, on the latch mechanism and I'm in the process of dealing with Stokke for a refund/replacement. Like I said, I had higher hopes for this "quality" piece.
San Francisco
Used once SFO-NYC and it broke!!
January 1, 2022
Button ripped whilst 20 month old needed to be reposition in his sleep. Very disappointed in the poor quality!
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United States
Great child's suitcase
December 6, 2021
This is a great suitcase for children. My 2 yo grand daughter loves to tow hers when we go on holiday
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United States
I bought this for a gift for my Grandson's.
November 21, 2021
It was a gift for grandsons. They will use it for traveling.
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United States
Worth its Weight in Gold
November 8, 2021
I purchased this after reading about it on Travel & Leisure specifically for an eleven hour non stop flight from Boston to Hawaii with my three year old daughter. This gem was the envy of every parent with a similar aged child and beyond. While we waited in line for check in (20 minutes), she applied the stickers to the outside of the case. While we waited in line for Covid screening clearance (15 minutes), she rolled it back and forth as entertainment. While we waited for TSA security clearance (30 minutes), she sat on the case and watched her iPad while I pulled her along. On the airplane, all of her snacks and toys, toothbrush and pajamas were easy to find and access. She was able to keep her feet elevated and when she was tired, leaned her seat back and dozed. In the airport, she pulled her Stokke and felt very grown up. Best purchase by far. It made a world of difference on our flight and our airport experience.
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United States
Makes running to connecting flights easy!
November 3, 2021
My kids loooooove this suitcase. We were able to make it and run with our kid to our next flight because of it. It was definitely a big help.
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Verified Buyer
Worth it
October 24, 2021
This is definitely a want type of purchase rather than a need but…. my daughter loves it. It feels sturdy and well made. Although we bought it during the pandemic, we didn’t actually use it for trips until this year. My daughter plays with it when we aren’t traveling and I pull her around the house pretending we are at the airport.
Fun and Functional
October 5, 2021
My kids absolutely LOVE to ride on the jetkids bedbox. It is a great idea for travel and they have so much fun just riding it throughout our house. I have 4 kids ages 1-7 and this gets used daily!! I can't wait to travel with it. The backpack is also very well made and comfortable for my 3 year old
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United States
I would buy this product again
September 19, 2021
I used this for an overnight flight for my 2 year old. It's a cool idea but it's not inherently easy to set up.
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Mom t.
United States
September 1, 2021
My son and I both love it so much. It makes traveling so much easier and functional. I wish I would of had one earlier!
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New York
Broke after 1 usage
August 11, 2021
I had such high hopes for this product but it broke after our first trip with it. When packing to go home, I noticed the top part wouldn't lock into place. The top part has holes on each side that latch onto the poles in the bottom, bigger part of the suitcase, and that's what keeps the suitcase together. Upon inspection, I saw the latch on one side was broken - instead of its bar going all the way across the opening to allow it to latch onto the pole, the bar was pushed out of the way and only stuck out a little, so it wouldn't lock firmly in place. We had been pretty gentle with it so don't know how this happened. It was really disappointing and the only way we salvaged it for the trip home was to wrap a tight bungee cord around it so it would stay shut. Inconvenient and seems like a safety hazard.
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Austin, texas
Verified Buyer
Kids love it
June 8, 2021
Our daughter loves putting all the stickers on it. A good thing to travel with.
United States
Verified Buyer
Definitely worth every penny!
June 8, 2021
This thing is a game changer! 3yr old loved riding around on it. It kept her happy and more willing to go where needed. And the extra space on the plane made it easier for her to nap. She loves it - we love it!
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Wadsworth, IL
Adventure Ready, Toddler Approved
May 7, 2021
Unfortunately our flight plans were cancelled, but adventure was not! Our kid's were thrilled to take their new suitcase and backpack in the camper and to grandma's house. My daughter loved applying all of the neatly designed stickers to the bedbox. My son (3.5- who loves anything with wheels) loved the ride-on option, and we zoomed him around the house in it to test it out. I really look forward to using it in an airport, and I feel like it adds an extra element of fun to traveling for my kids. My daughter was able to pack enough clothes for several days in the backpack with its extended design option (genius!). We were able to pack several days clothing in the bedbox as well, but needed to play around with the bed-pad to optimize space. While we didn't get to formally use the bed in the space it was intended for, we tried it out in the camper and the kids were of course arguing over who got to lay on it first. I'm going to need another one. I think this will encourage my son to snuggle in and at the very least, stay in his seat in flight. We were so thankful and excited to receive the bedbox and backpack through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Plainfield Illinois
Fun flight addition
May 5, 2021
We took the bed box and backpack on our flight to Mexico with our twin 4 year olds. It came in handy as entertainment at the airport for them to scoot around on. On the flight there we set up the bed box portion but only having one with twins posed a problem for us. They fought over it. The backpack was perfect for storing their toys. On the way home we didn't use the bed box for the sake of the other flyers ears! I would definitely recommend one per child especially if they travel a lot. We had several other parents take interest in it and look up where they can get one. Thanks to Stellar product testing panel we got this product free in exchange for our honest review.
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Brilliant luggage for traveling with kids
May 2, 2021
I received this kids suitcase and sleeper from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This is a product I never would have imagined needing, but it is truly amazing. When traveling through the airport, it was so much easier to use than a stroller for my 3 year old son. When riding, he was stable, comfortable, and thought he was the coolest kid in the terminal. It fit right in front of his seat and he was able to use it as a footrest. Our flight was very short, so we didn't convert it into a bed, but we will definitely be using it on our next flight. It was so nice to have his items right in front of him instead of them being stowed up above. The backpack is adorable, and my daughter loves to wear it. It's the perfect size for kids and holds a surprising amount of stuff. We have also used it on a car trip, and again, my son used it as a footrest in front of his seat. We can't wait for an opportunity to use it again for travel!
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Salt Lake City
Such A fun Product
April 30, 2021
We received the Jetkids by Stokke from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and we have been so excited to try it. Unfortunately we haven't been able to take it on any Jets yet but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying this fun product. My kids have loved it. It is so easy to ride and roll around which I can see being a huge benefit in an airport. We do love to travel and I have traveled with kids quite a bit and I can imagine how nice it would be to turn their seat into a bed. The instructions are simple and it does seem very easy to do. The backpack we received with the Jetkids is so cute. It has a buckle that looks just like an airplane seatbelt buckle and everything about it I love. I really like that the Jetkids can hold so much in it and it can double as the kids carryon. I look forward to the day that we will be able to use it on a plane but for now my kids are loving riding it around the house.
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Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Absolutely amazing - won’t fly without it
April 28, 2021
I had the opportunity to crack this baby out for the first time last month when flying with my toddler 3 hours each way. While he was too small for the ride on function, it fit perfectly under my stroller until we got to gate check. These is a compartment for the mattress, that also fit his blanket, a few stuffed animals and 2 favorite books. Also, there’s an additional compartment where I was also to add a few extra toys and didn’t have to sacrifice my precious carry on space. This device gave him room to play far more than he would have on just a seat. If you’re on the fence, don’t wait, the bed box was a lifesaver!
Nancy D.
San Jose, CA
Fun travel essentials for little ones
April 28, 2021
My husband and I love to travel, so once we had our daughter, I was excited to find her a suitcase and bag that she will be able to take with us on our future adventures. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this Jetkids By Stokke BedBox & Crew Backpack. I received the green aurora color and it is a nice soothing mint color. This suitcase and backpack are well crafted, beautiful, fun, and functional. Unfortunately with the pandemic we haven't been able to use the BedBox on a flight, but we had a fun time testing out all the features. The smooth swivel wheels and multipurpose strap made pulling, pushing, and carrying the suitcase a breeze. Of course my favorite feature of this suitcase is the sleep mode. We set up the BedBox sleep mode in front of our chair. My daughter usually hates lying down on her back, but to our surprise, she liked lying down on the mattress and she looked so relaxed and comfortable. The storage capacity of the suitcase was decent. We were able to fit the mattress, a large knitted doll, diapers, wipes, snacks, clothes, and accessories, with room to spare. The expandable travel backpack is beautifully designed with functionality in mind. It is lightweight and made of high quality fabric that is easy to clean. The padded shoulder straps and chest straps make it comfortable for my daughter to wear. The backpack has a large storage capacity and the expandability of it will allow my daughter to use it for years. We were able to fit a large can of puff snacks, a doll, a water cup, and some toys. I love that it comes with a seat pad that fits effortlessly inside. My daughter loves wearing her backpack to the park and people always comment on how cute it is. We can't wait to use these amazing items on our future trips. I would highly recommend this travel bundle to anyone looking to make traveling more fun and comfortable for their little ones.
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New Jersey
Pretty genius product
April 28, 2021
We were so excited to receive this Jetkids by Stokke BedBox & Backpack - the quality is great! It is a beautiful mint-green color, the design is incredibly sleek and modern, the wheels ride very smoothly, and it is so easy to open. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and I love that they're printed right on the inside of the BedBox itself. The interior is surprisingly spacious when empty (plenty of room for several days worth of clothes/gear), but a bit tighter when the BedBox mat is tucked inside. There's even a little "secret" compartment in the top part. I imagine it would be great for snacks or toiletries or other random items that might otherwise fall to the bottom. Overall, it is lightweight and the carry strap is a really great option to have. My 4-year old was immediately drawn to the backpack. She took it straight out of the box and wanted to start stuffing her things inside. It is the perfect size for her and it is well made. As a parent I very much appreciate that it is expandable for additional storage. The straps are easily adjustable and will grow with her. The drawstring top is a great feature and I love that there are multiple access points. She is currently using it to store her stickers in! Our favorite feature so far is the ability for her to ride on it! What an awesome idea. She loves currently riding it around our living room. We are well past the point of strollers at this age, but I can absolutely envision her being willing to ride on this through an airport without argument. The strap is sturdy and is adjustable, although the attachment clips are difficult to unclasp - maybe a slimmer metal clip would have been better than the bulky plastic? She also adored that it came with stickers so she could decorate it herself. We have been unable to use this on a plane yet, but are hoping to get back to traveling this summer and are really looking forward to using the BedBox feature! We are also moving next month and she is excited to use h
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New York
Best modern day kids travel item!
April 28, 2021
Less than 10 minutes inside the airport and we got stopped by a stranger complimenting us on our bed box and backpack! She just loved it!! This was not the only compliment we received on our trip. We love everything about this thing!! It is so very durable. Withstood our travel and our rough and tough toddler. We all loved the included sticker sheets! Of course my kids needed to put all the stickers on the bed box and I was fine with it, it customizes it and makes it super fun! I also love that they come off easily without any sticker residue! Bravo Stokke! We absolutely love the maneuverability of the wheels. They glide effortlessly across mostly smooth surfaces. The strap is also easily moved from one side to the other if you choose to carry it over your shoulder or pull your toddler along. The storage space inside is also surprisingly large. I like the "hidden compartment" in the lid of the bed box. We put snacks in there that we didn't want to get crushed during travel. The bed cushions themselves do take up quite a bit of room but we had plenty of room for water bottles, snacks, books and games for our flight. I tested making it into a bed a few times prior to our flight so I wouldn't be frustrated. Super easy to get the hang of it! My 4 year old loved riding on it through the airport. It fits perfectly underneath the airplane seat in front of you and pops right out when needed for the bed portion. Elevated my kids legs so they were super comfortable! The jet kids backpack is also wonderful! I love the long pockets inside for sticker books and coloring books. The ability to change the size of it is awesome. The side has a strap to hold a water bottle in place with an adorable name tag too! It is so chic and modern looking yet so functional. The ingenious hook designed to hang on the hook on the front of the airplane seat is just spectacular! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing us this product.
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