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Starting to randomly shut off before due time
July 7, 2018
My baby loves this thing, I turn the projector on at night before bedtime and then again when she wakes for the morning. I haven't had this long and today it started randomly shutting off before it's due time. I'm very disappointed
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Columbia SC
Verified Buyer
Love this buy, minus one thing!
March 24, 2018
I recently purchased this item online through wal mart. I had previously had this item passed down to me from another mamma. Just the remote and crib attachment, no mobile. I did not know at first the remote was a remote. But then it worked great and always did, no problems! We moved I misplaced this item and we had another baby I I searched to purchase the item. It's came with everything no parts missing. I have had this items for 2 days. And I love it and well as the baby. Only problem is that it does turn on and off by itself. Some glitch that can be annoying at times and a bit weird but but at the start and end of every nap and bedtime so worth it!!
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Waite Park, MN
Verified Buyer
Missing dolphin -- please help
October 27, 2017
I recently purchased this mobile and love it except it is missing the dolphin. I tried to email customer service a few days ago and haven't heard back. Problem is it will not turn with just three of the animals. How can I get a replacement dolphin so that I can use this when my baby arrives? Thank you,.
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Twin M.
Buffalo, NY, United States
Verified Buyer
My #1 Baby item!
October 15, 2017
This is by far my favorite baby gadget. My twins are 3 and still use these in their bed every night. I have 2 mobiles and both were received as hand me downs. The mobiles are now about 8 years old and are still going strong! I recommend them to everyone that has a baby.
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Galway E.
Belfast, United Kingdom
Verified Buyer
Great Toy missing clip :(
September 22, 2017
Hello I purchased this for my first baby and unfortunately it is missing the male clip part to attach it to the crib. I can't seem to find a replacement so I can't use as it is. Really disappointed. Can anyone help with finding a replacement or can fisher price send me one as the product can't be attached without it :( Emma
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Atlanta, GA, United States
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Turns on by itself
September 3, 2017
My son loves the mobile, it soothes him at night and keeps his attention. But sometimes it will just turn on by itself and it's so creepy.
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Jackson, MO, United States
Love this mobile!
December 18, 2016
My daughter is two and a half and still loves this mobile. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she fumbles to turn the music on and goes right back to sleep. When people come to our house, she has to show them her "music". We loved being able to turn it on with the remote when she was a baby and this mobile still sees heavy use today.
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linda M.
Verified Buyer
June 24, 2015
Really satisfied
el paso, TX
Verified Buyer
June 1, 2015
Awesome mobile. My son is 2 months and he is in awe at the projections. I love the remote feature so when the music stops I just hit the button and it starts with me having to go in and him seeing me. The first night he drifted off to sleep while watching the pictures listening to the music!
  • remote! restart with out baby seeing you
Best Uses
  • entertaining baby and helping them go to sleep
  • none
Arcadia, CA
Verified Buyer
Awesome Mobile
May 26, 2015
My baby loves the projection so much. The music is the right length of time for her. She is so happy to see the bear and lion!! Best baby purchase we have made!!!
Flint MI
Baby Loved this!
April 13, 2015
This mobile was excellent! It had awesome features, lights were great, music was enjoyable and had long enough songs for baby to enjoy and then fall asleep!
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kansas city, mo
Very disappointed.
February 25, 2015
My grandmother bought this for our son. We installed it several weeks before he arrived and gave it a brief trial run and then didn't touch it until we brought our little guy home. The first night we went to use it and it continuously shut off after a couple of minutes. We went straight the booklet and changed batteries and did everything it said with no increase in time. I took it back to the store and got a replacement after a lot of complaining from the staff and management since it had been 3 months since my baby shower. Got the new one home and it did the exact same thing. I tried to take it back again to exchange it for something that might work and they refused stating they had already given me a replacement. Now I am stuck with a very expensive crib decoration.
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Davidson, NC
Must have
February 5, 2015
We purchased three of these mobiles. One for our daughter, one for our twin boys, and one to use at the grandparents house. All three of our kids LOVE this mobile. Very entertaining for smaller babies and easy to use for when they get a little bigger. We took the canopy off once the kids were mobile and they love looking at the projection on the ceiling. Our 4 year old daughter still uses it for a night light!!
  • removable canopy, rotating projection onto ceiling, easy to push buttons, many sound choices, remote
dallas, tx
Love it
December 10, 2014
My son is 18 months and still loves this thing. He goes to sleep with it every night. The projector is awesome. Battery life isn't the best, but I would definitely recommend this product.
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Failed us twice, would not recommend
October 4, 2014
When the first one failed us after a couple of months of use we thought hey no problem isolated incident. So we bought another one that one lasted a month. So basically you will get about a few months worth of use for $100.00. Unlike the entire rest of the precious plant lineup which we bought, lasted and loved, this is a low quality battery hogging piece of junk. Definitely do not recommend buying it.
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Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
September 2, 2014
Amazing. Our baby just loves it. Brilliant idea.
July 29, 2014
My daughter LOVES her mobile! She has loved it since the first time it was turned on when she was first brought home. Some of her first words were "bear" and "whale" because we would tell her the animals as they shone on the umbrella or ceiling. She just turned 2 and still loves it! She likes to turn it on and lay back down and watch her animals on the ceiling. It is easy to use, secure to the bed, and change the batteries. It grows with the child from tiny to toddler (and probably beyond that considering how much she loves it). I HIGHLY recommend this!
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Donalda, AB
July 9, 2014
I'm very dissatisfied with this product. We got it as a baby gift 10 weeks ago and I set it up just now the music only plays for like 30 seconds if even that. I would have to stand beside the crib all day pushing the button to play music. I'm very dissatisfied. :(((
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Southeastern PA
Fantastic nighttime soother
March 21, 2014
We first bought this mobile 4 years ago for our older daughter (then a baby), after a different Fisher-Price mobile would not attach to her crib. I cannot say enough good things about this mobile. My older daughter is almost 4 and a half and still uses the projection part nightly. She loves the classical music and the image projected on the ceiling is soothing for her. She likes it so much that we bought the exact same mobile for our 3-month old, so now they each have one. This mobile really grows with your child, since it can be used as a mobile, a projector, or both. Love that there are two volume choices. The strap on the back allows the unit to be attached to cribs with non-standard side and back panels. Battery life is decent. This mobile is a home run and worth every penny.
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Dallas, TX
High hopes but poor durability
February 7, 2014
When I discovered that there was a product that would fit my crib I was very exited. I own one of those cribs that won't take a standard fixed mobile. This mobile seemed like the great solution for all kinds of cribs. I purchased my mobile at a Walmart probably about 5 months ago or less. Now my son is 2 months old and ready to use it, when I tried to turn it on, it just wouldn't. I thought it were the batteries at first, but after changing them the mobile still won't work. Since I don't have the receipt I guess I won't be able to get a new one.
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Goodyear, AZ
Great purchase
January 18, 2014
When I was purchasing a mobile for my new baby I really had no idea what I was looking for. There are not many recommendations when it comes to this type of product. But I saw this one and it matched my sons room colors so I got it. When he was just born and I would lay him in his crib while I did some chores he had interest in it but for a short time. Now he is 6 months and I lay him down for naps and this mobile puts him right to sleep. He always gets this big smile on his face when I turn it on. I know he soon will be sitting him on his own and we will have to take this down but for the 6-7 months that we've gotten use out of it, it was money well spent.
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Lawndale, CA
Super fun
October 9, 2013
My child is 3 months and this product was able to hold her attention longer than any other toy item so far. She actually tries to talk to the little animals. It's adorable We absolutely love this mobile.
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Los Angeles, CA
Cute Mobile!
September 23, 2013
I got this mobile for kid #4 after my old one died. I loved the look of the cute animals and the fact that they were tilted down towards my baby. The mobile didn't disappoint. Here are my experiences: When I first opened it up from the package, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the pieces. It only took a few minutes to assemble, so it wasn't really that hard! I attached it to the crib and I was not very fond of the piece of string you had to tie around a bar to make it stable. I prefer Velcro or a buckle/snap thingy. However, once I got it I place, I loved it. The noise types are fun and my baby loved looking at the light projection. I can keep her there for a while as she enjoys her mobile. The one downfall in the "fun" category is that the time-off duration is a bit too short. When the mobile has lulled my baby and then times off, she cries! Starting it again does not seem to be enough to calm her again. However, I am excited to have a product that will last much longer than a typical mobile since I can remove the umbrella and just use the projector. Great idea F-P!
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August 6, 2013
We're lucky to have two of these- and we love this item! We have one on his crib and another one in our room (attached to the headboard- metal, swirly- it attaches perfectly). He loves love loves this. He's 5 months now and since his birth he's been soothed by this thing. We keep the one in his room with the mobile attached and he likes to watch the animals. You can remove the animals easily and we switch them out with other mobile animals, which has kept his interest. We don't use the projection in his room much, we mostly use the mobile with the sounds. For the one in our room, we removed the mobile so that the projector beams the images to the ceiling. He loves this too- I'd say he started looking at the image on the ceiling at about 2 months. The images definitely keep his attention- especially now- he's absolutely riveted. We use this as a kind of night light when he wakes up to feed. I'll turn it on when feeding him and when he some times wakes up after being burped I can lay him down and he'll happily watch the images until he falls asleep. The remote is handy, but we don't use it that often. We love the sounds- when he was a newborn, we played the heartbeat ALL the time. Now that he's older, we tend to play the instrument/classical when he's not sleepy, but just enjoying watching his "friends" above him. When we'd like him to sleep we'll play the nature sounds and it soothes all of us lol. I have absolutely no problems with either of the mobiles- and their battery life is looooong! We use them almost every day and night and we've changed the batteries twice (the batteries literally just died last week)! The only time the projector has gotten loud was when the battery was running low. We would definitely recommend this item- I know I'll be keeping it for the next little one we're planning. It gives a great light, entertains, soothes, and the music never gets old (at least for us). The only thing I would mark down is the value...if it were a lower price, more people could have two, it's just that good.
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San Diego, CA
Would have been great if it worked for longer!
May 3, 2013
I was so excited to get this for my third child. I put it together, put fresh batteries in it and it only would turn on for 10 second incriments. I would literally have to stand there and push the button over and over which defeats the purpose of having the mobile! She really seems to be interested in it in the 10 seconds it's on, but I'll never know for how long as it doesn't stay on! Extremely unhappy.
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Queens, NY
Verified Buyer
Best Mobile
February 19, 2013
My 2 year old grandson has had this mobile since birth. When he was too big for the revolving umbrella/animal part, the base remained on his crib as he enjoyed music and watching the animals projected on his ceiling. He loves it still. I just purchased one for my newest grandson. He is enjoying it right now. This is by far the best and most useful projection mobile out there! My 2 year old grandson will have a new sibling in a few months. I'm sure I will have to purchase another one because he will not give his up!
  • I love that the animals are projected under the umbrella for infants and then on the ceiling as they grow.
  • There is nothing to dislike!
Chicago, IL
January 1, 2013
I got this at my baby shower well over 2 years ago now and it has been the one thing we couldn't live without. It has grown with our now toddler and he loves it. We took the canopy off so now it just projects onto his ceiling. After learning to stand on his own, my son quickly learned to turn the mobile on himself if he needs it in the night. Just last night I heard him turn it on around 3 am (he didn't call for Mom and Dad until 8 am!). It runs for 20 minutes, which is key because it allows time to entertain and soothe before drifting off to sleep. We pack it with us on every vacation (takes up some room but totally worth it). I initially thought it was too expensive but now I'm recommending it to all my friends since we've happily used it for 2 years and have no plans to stop anytime soon!
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Rural Michigan
Still using at 3 years old.
September 12, 2012
Our nursery was done in Precious Planet and we had this on my son's crib. As an infant he was mildly interested. We took off the canopy at 5 months and continued to use the projection feature. When he switched to a bed we hooked this up somewhere else in his room. Interestingly, the older he gets, the more he likes this product. We have names and stories for the animals and he really enjoys it. Suggestion to owners: use a can of air (like you clean your keyboard with) to clean where the image comes out. Dust particles will collect and it will look like the animals have little black spots!
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Vancouver, BC
Best Mobile Ever Made!!
April 17, 2012
My son has used this mobile since the day we brought him home from the hospital. It held his attention and helped him soothe himself to sleep from a very early age. He didn't like it as much once we had to take the canopy off, but we have attached it to the headboard of his toddler bed and he loves watching the images while playing with the different buttons to make different sounds. He has fallen asleep to it every night since the move to his big boy bed, and I can honestly say this is one of the few 'infant' items that has lasted past his second birthday. While it seems a bit pricey to begin with, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.
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deerfield beach, fl
most used baby item
April 15, 2012
I bought this mobile for my son over a year ago and he's almost 16 months old and is still using it. He loved it from the beginning, semi retired it for 3 months because his soothing needs changed, but started using it again in September and never looked back. I have had zero issues with it and this unit has held up extremely well. I have it mounted on the tallest part of his crib and still have the rotating mobile part still attached because he loves it so much. He cannot reach that part of it and loves turning it on himself. He slaps the buttons on the front panel to turn it on and he happily squeals with delight. I am well aware that the mobile part of the unit should have been removed many months ago, but my sons crib has a very tall rear panel that allows me to have the unit mounted in a way that he cannot touch the part that moves. I am happy that he still enjoys the mobile and that its held up to withstand a toddler slapping the front panel (he does wail on it a LOT).
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Excellent Choice
March 13, 2012
Well worth the extra money. Put's my son to sleep every night. He love's it! The only thing I would change is the mechanism to place product. My son is in a co sleeper. We had to be inventive to attach it.
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Saskatchewan, Canada
Best Projection Mobile EVER!!!!
February 5, 2012
We bought this for our son before he was born so he would have a mobile and it is almost 3 years later, and he still loves it!!! After he was about 6 months old, we took the top part off so that it would just project onto the ceiling and ever since then, our son still loves to fall asleep watching it. The batteries last a decent amount of time (4 battery changes in 3 years) and is still working as great as when we first bought it. We even travel with it so that he has a "home comfort" when we're away from home. I absolutely HIGHLY recommend this mobile for anyone looking for something other than those small wind-up ones!!!
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Pittsburgh, PA
Seems awesome, if it worked...
October 5, 2011
We bought this for our daughter, who is due to arrive in one week. My husband put the batteries in it and set it up last night. Everything works great, except the projector. It doesn't come on at all. We love the music/sound choices and think that she'll really enjoy the heartbeat. But we're very disappointed that the projector doesn't work right out of the box... Makes us a little nervous to get a replacement, in case the next one stops working quickly...
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LOVE it!
August 5, 2011
We have used this mobile since our little one was born. It was great to have the heartbeat sound, so that in the beginning we could play that for her. As she got older, we used more of the music. The projection holds her attention so well! Our daughter is 16 months old and we still use this every night! The big buttons that are easily accessible are wonderful! When my daughter was about 9 months old and could pull herself up on things, we would hear the mobile start playing in the morning sometimes! She had learned how to turn it on herself and it would even keep her content for sometimes up to an hour longer in her crib! The remote feature is a big plus if you need additional mobile time, too! This is a great product and I'm hoping it lasts through a couple more kids, but if not, I won't hesitate to buy the same exact thing again!
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Las Cruces, NM
Love It!
July 21, 2011
My son LOVES this mobile and so do I! It's been a life saver. We've had it since he was 2 months old and use it every day for naps and bed time. I love that there's the 3 different sounds and that they go on for a long time. It has the traditional mobile features, but also has the projection on it too! That's been awesome for when my son could reach the umbrella animal part and we took it off, he still had that extra interest in it. BONUS: It has a remote control that you can use without having to go completely back into the room to turn it back on if your little one didn't drift off the first time!! Perfect for not making your kiddo cry because they saw you again. My son (now 1 year old) has now learned to change the sounds himself and gets so tickled by this. I highly recommend this product!!!
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regret not buying it
June 8, 2011
I didnt buy this for home but sure wish I did. Im thinking about getting one for number 2 due in July. My sons daycare had purchased this for him. He loved it. He would actually fall asleep in the crib watching the projections. He hated the mobile with dangly monkeys we had at home lol. So far all of the babies that have had the privilege of using it at daycare love(d) it!
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Not All It's Cracked Up to Be :(
May 7, 2011
Well, I purchased this for my second son who is almost 10-months old. The Fisher-Price music box that my first son loved (and still loves), stopped helping him sleep, after we came back from our trip out-of-state. I was desperate to find something good for him, to keep him from screaming when I put him down to sleep. This did NOT work, to my dismay. He looked at it for all of 3 seconds and then tried to roll over and started screaming again. I thought this would be neat for him to have---especially since we've never used a mobile OR projector before, but appparently, he did not care for it. I like the idea of having a mobile and projector in one. The remote is a nice touch too...though I wish we could use it without having to open the nursery room door (ours sticks and makes a loud noise when we try to open it). I also wish that it was a little louder. Compared to the other Fisher-Price (Rainforest) music box that we have, this one was waaay too soft to hear over the air purifier we have in the room too. But even with the purifier off, it was still too soft for us. I even tried putting in a different set of batteries in hopes it would be louder, but that didn't do anything. The length of time that it plays is pretty good---even with everything on. The moving pictures is kind of hard to see, in my humble opinion. It's more like looking at animal shapes, rather than actual colorful pictures. Maybe it'll look better on the ceiling...??? Anyway, I hate writing negative reviews, but this one gets it. I'm hoping it'll end up helping....SOON...but for right now, it definitely isn't doing A THING. I still love my other Fisher-Price products though!
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San Jose, CA
April 26, 2011
Not only does my child love the projection, the musical sounds, heartbeat and nature sounds put my hubby to sleep too! We have it on a co-sleeper right now and shall move it to the crib soon!
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Chicago, IL
We Love This!!
April 3, 2011
We purchased the projection mobile about three months ago when our son was two months old. I cannot tell you how much he LOVES this product. When I took the umbrella part out of the box to assemble it and he smiled and stared and then jumped and laughed, I knew we were onto something. We use it exclusively for bedtime and when I hold him over his crib just before putting him down (even before we turn it on!) he breaks into a wide grin and points his face toward it. If he is facing it during his nighttime feeding he smiles like it's an old friend. And the he talks and laughs "to it" when we do put him down. It has made bedtime for him easier and the joy it brings him is an added bonus. I just wanted to share the happiness the product has brought to our family. Thank you so much.
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Marietta, Ga
Stopped working
March 20, 2011
My fiance bought this mobile for our son for Christmas. We used it for the first time and after that it stopped working. I've tried new batteries after new batteries and everything I could think of. Still cant get it to work. Nothing works on the mobile anymore.
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Seattle, WA
Makes Crib Perfect
February 24, 2011
My son will lay down, completely awake, coo at the animals, and then settle down for sleep. He loves his mobile, especially the light show. The remote is key, as you can reset it without him seeing you, or turn it off when he crashes out. We've used it every day for over three months, and the batteries are just starting to slow down. I didn't really want a mobile at all, but this one is a lifesaver.
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Definitely worth it!!!
January 20, 2011
I started using this with my daughter when she was 2 months old and moved into her own room. We started with the mobile attached and she loved the animals. She was never interested in the nature or heartbeat sounds but has always enjoyed the classical music. She has used this every night since and is now 10 months old. At this point we only use it as a projector on the ceiling and figured she would have outgrown it by now but still won't go to sleep without it. I was very impressed with how clear the projection on the ceiling was and even though it takes so many batteries they seem to last quite a while.
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Excellent product & I Love the remote!
November 29, 2010
I love that you can choose between 3 different sounds. I only wish it had an actual volume knob. Sometimes the low volume seemed too loud and it would disturb my LO. The projection provides enough light in the room to feed and rock my LO before putting her down, and enough light for me to navigate the room and even get items ready for the next day, but not too bright that LO can't sleep. I had to replace the batteries after 3 months of use. I love the remote so I don't have to fully step into the room to turn the mobile back on, and chance waking LO up again.
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Columbus, GA
Perfect after another didnt get her attention
October 26, 2010
We bought another mobile from another manufacture and she was totally uninterested. Pro Light show (You can turn this off during day time) Selection of music nature, classical, heartbeat Movable Remote control Con Animals interrupt the light show 15 minutes not full 20 since purchase I know people have complained about battery use but we liked being able to position it anywhere on the crib not tied down to a cord in the wall. The remote only works within sight which is why we pit it on the door way and can grab it and turn it back on without her from seeing us. Its perfect and a great buy.
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Best Purchase
October 21, 2010
I bought this mobile for my grandson when he was 1 1/2 mo. old. At that time nothing would soothe him so that he would fall asleep. It worked like magic the first time my daughter used it and it is still soothing and entertaining him while he is settling down to fall asleep - at 8 mo. old. He still enjoys the music and the movement of the bright colored animals. He is still fascinated with the light show. Thank you so much Fisher-Price, this mobile brought peace to the whole family. By the way, the remote control always worked perfectly and we have not found the mobile to be a battery eater.
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October 9, 2010
The monitor itself is fine although it goes through batteries very quickly. I wish it had more options for volume it only has high and low and the low is still pretty loud when you have new batteries in it. The part I am disappointed in is the remote. I was very excited when I first bought it thinking I could turn it on and off the end of the hallway or my bedroom door which is right next to the babies room but it doesn't-in fact most of the time it doesn't work at all. It is very cheaply made-it looks cheap and feels cheap. The remote does me no good if I have to walk into the room where she can see me.
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Puerto Rico
The long song
August 8, 2010
The best. 20 minutes of souds and the projector to sleep my baby. She like animals toys, music and the image in the roof. I use to my baby and my three years old girl. I like the adjustable belt to set in the crib for security.
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Jamestown, MO
Second Try a Winner
May 25, 2010
I love the Precious Planet theme and received this mobile at my baby shower. It was easy to assemble and fit my son's convertible crib. However, the mobile would never stay on for the promised 20 minutes. Over the next few days, it would run for shorter and shorter amounts of time, until I was having to turn it on every 20 seconds or so with the remote or by sliding the switch off and then back on. Needless to say, this was defeating the purpose of a crib mobile. And yes, I tried switching out the batteries. I wanted to give this mobile a second chance and exchanged the one I had for a new one. The new one worked just as promised from the moment I took it from the box. It runs for the full 20 minutes, offers exciting variety for my son, and he loves it! Depending on his attention span for the day, sometimes it only holds his attention for a couple of minutes, but other times he's still looking at it when it shuts off. He seems to especially enjoy the polar bear toy and nature sounds. As the parent, I appreciate the variety of music/nature/heartbeat sounds...listening to the same thing over and over can get old pretty quickly. Overall, I would recommend this product to a friend with the disclaimer that I had to buy it twice before I got a good product. But when it was good, it was great.
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Virginia Beach, VA
Great purchase
May 22, 2010
My grandmother bought this for my son. Its a great product. The only two downfalls, are the shadows from the animals, mess up the little light show, and it also goes through batteries way to much. Other then that, great fun for my son in his crib! i LOVE the remote for it! It comes in handy
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i loved it
May 20, 2010
I got this as a baby shower gift.. I put it up on the crib, my son seemed to like it at first he used to laugh and just look at it. But then all of a sudden i put him in his bed and turned it on he would scream and cry like he was afraid of it lol. So i had to take it down. but i thought it was a great gift and it was supper cute only wished my son was not afraid of it.. i would get this again
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