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Very easy to use
July 1, 2024
Absolutely the best car seat stroller combo
Wiggins, Mississippi
Verified Buyer
Great purchase
June 30, 2024
Great price. Quick shipping.
Verified Buyer
Get it!
June 3, 2024
Great service! My only regret is I didn’t buy this sooner-quick shipping and baby loves it! It has made our life so much easier!
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Great car seat stroller!
June 2, 2024
We love our doona. We used it from day one taking our baby home from the hospital. We live in a city and don't have a car so it's so easy to use on the go and from car to car. The only down side is, it gets very heavy to lift as the baby grows. The handlebar is also low for my husband who is tall but it works great for me.
Nicolas H.
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Love this product
May 10, 2024
Great product!
New York
Verified Buyer
Must have!
April 13, 2024
Very convenient for travel.
Verified Buyer
Best car seat there is!
April 1, 2024
I loved this car seat! It is so easy to use and very convenient especially having two older kids. I didn’t have to worry about a stroller and could pop the wheels out and go! Would definitely buy again!
Mcallen, Texas
Verified Buyer
Built in stroller is very helpful
March 13, 2024
We use the stroller feature EVERY day. It’s been super helpful.
  • -How much the actual car seat weighs
  • -The base seems less secure than just using the seatbelt feature
Cape coral, fl
Verified Buyer
Super convenient
March 6, 2024
Very convenient and easy to maneouver once you get the clicks. My only dislike is how heavy it can get and that the wheels and dirt are exposed to the car.
Fort lauderdale, fl
Verified Buyer
Love this stroller
February 25, 2024
This stroller is so easy to use and I feel very safe using it as a cause at also
Verified Buyer
Great lifesaver
February 18, 2024
This car seat is such a life saver. It makes it easy to take the baby out. Into the car seat and out of the car. No carry the baby or heavy car seat. The wheels pop out and walla there is a stroller
Arlington, Ma
Verified Buyer
Great Product
February 8, 2024
Best carseat stroller.
Verified Buyer
Soo easy and convenient
February 7, 2024
Easiest car seat and stroller for on the go parents! so easy to get on and off the car and dont need to worry about waking baby up to move to stroller
Verified Buyer
Just buy it! You won’t regret it!
February 2, 2024
We love our DOONA! I’ve tried other brands and the click to stroller is so convenient!
  • Easy to use!
  • None!
Greer, South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Great product
January 8, 2024
Works great, very convenient, it gets your car interiors pretty dirty but nothing too bad
Lawrence, MA
Verified Buyer
Love the Doona
December 29, 2023
Very practical, great quality. The color is perfect, neutral. I bought the gray one. Perfect for my car, I don't have much space and I have 3 dogs so the fact that is a car seat and stroller is very helpful.
Lakewood, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
December 20, 2023
So convenient
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Best car seat/stroller for parents who don’t own a car
December 13, 2023
This was the most recommended stroller/carseat convertible for newborns for parents who live in cities like NYC where many people don’t own a car. It’s very well made and easy to use.
Best Uses
  • Best for Ubers and airplanes
Kansas City, Missouri
Verified Buyer
December 4, 2023
Perfect for travel and every day use
Hobart, Indiana
Absolutely Perfect
November 30, 2023
This is the best car seat to stroller system ever made. My friend recommended it and I'm so glad she did. It's so worth the money for the convenience of car seat to stroller. It's so easy to go from car seat to stroller, no hassle at all it's amazing. Also it's so convo to have an extra base in my husbands car and one car seat can be used in both of our vehicles (it actually saves you money.) We love it great quality product. We highly recommend it to any new parents.
  • With an extra base it can be used in more than one vehicle. Very pretty and exceptionally well made(many color choices.) The car seat to stroller is amazing and is hassle free (it's so easy and convenient to go straight to a stroller. There are so many amazing accessories for this car seat/stroller also. Easy to install and take in and out of vehicle. It's amazing!!
Best Uses
  • We use it to take baby to the store, the drs, on walks...it's so convenient that it turns right into a stroller with ease, and no lugging a heavy car seat around & having to take an separate stroller along, this is all in one. It's absolutely the best thing we've got for the convenience of ease getting baby in and out of our vehicles & wheeling into the store the drs office and for taking baby on walks. Not to mention what a wonder safe car seat it is. It's amazing!!
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Smooth Ride and ease of use
November 27, 2023
So easy to use and the stroller moves so smoothly.
Palm beach gardens, Fl
Verified Buyer
November 21, 2023
The Doona is so convenient. I love how it collapses to become a car seat
Bristol, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
A TOTAL Lifesaver!
November 16, 2023
Where do I even start with the Doona..? I first bought this car seat when I found out my wife was pregnant. It was a total impulse buy, and holy cow, it was seriously one of the best purchases we made. When it arrived, I wondered to myself if it was really worth the price tag. I could easily have gotten a carrying infant car seat for much cheaper. But once the baby was born and we used it, I never doubted the amount we paid. This stroller glides easily in public, easy to steer and turn on a dime. Its all-terrain capabilities are lacking, but you can still push the car seat through gravel with little issue. It is a simple motion to fold and unfold the legs, and the car seat easily snaps into its base in the car without any issues. For your back, this is absolutely worth the purchase.
  • Easily compact, versatile, portable
  • Does not do very well outdoors in unpaved areas.
Twentynine Palms, California
Verified Buyer
Wish I had it for my other babies
November 14, 2023
Had to get this product for my 3rd baby since I don’t have enough trunk space for my other stroller now that I need the back seat up. The doona is amazing and I wish I had it with my first two kids.
Verified Buyer
Worth it
November 13, 2023
I absolutely love this car seat stroller. It made life as a first time mom so much easier trying to juggle everything in and out of the car and get baby around. Yes there is no storage like a typical stroller but I put baby in the cart in his folded doona or carried items in a tote bag on my shoulder. I just really appreciated not having to carry an infant seat around. We did a ton of walks in it (probably close to ~50 miles or more). My son is ready to go in a bigger seat but only because he can (and wants to) sit more upright. He’s 6 months old. I’ll be getting his new car seat soon and already have a big boy stroller so while there is no rush to get out of the doona, I might not wait for him to outgrow it. In fact I might give it to his grandparents for emergency daycare pickups while he still fits. The seatbelt installation without a base is easy. Love it, but looking forward to gaining some seat back space moving him into a more upright seat.
  • Portability
  • Ease/Convenience
  • Easy to clean
  • No storage without separate accessory bag
Verified Buyer
November 10, 2023
Life with an infant can feel like an endurance race. I purchased this carseat for my daughter as she is going back to work. I want to help her save her energy where possible. Taking the baby to daycare will be so much easier as she can pop out the wheels instead of carrying the carseat and the diaper bag. It is great for times that getting a big stroller out of the car is not worth the trouble. The wheels to do make the carseat a little heavier for lifting into the car, but it clicks into the base easily. This seat will no doubt make life with an infant easier.
  • Wheels
  • Large Canopy
  • Weight
East Windsor, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Best infant car seat
November 9, 2023
Best for easy in and out into stores and day care pickup. My husband is 6’5 and is able to push it.
Happy Valley, Oregon
Verified Buyer
Best baby shower gift!
October 9, 2023
Love how simple this stroller is. Best baby shower gift!
Verified Buyer
October 8, 2023
North Logan, Utah
Verified Buyer
September 19, 2023
I am obsessed with this car seat. It is heavy, but since it has wheels they are not many instances where you have to carry it, I love how it’s a stroller and a car seat.
Happy Valley, OR
September 18, 2023
Would 10000% recommend it. Was very hesitant because yes it is expensive, however it is worth every penny. Was super convenient and came in handy when I had to bring my little one around town by myself.
Verified Buyer
The best car seat! Registry must have item
September 10, 2023
This car seat has been a lifesaver! It’s so well made, makes getting in and out of the car so much easier and safer… especially when out and about with multiple kids. It’s worth every penny!
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Great option for on the go families
September 10, 2023
Love, love, love this item. It is great for a busy lifestyle and on the go. It works best on pavement/hard floors which is to be expected with the small wheels. We also have a regular stroller and a jogger to cover all terrain but this works well for day to day use.
Verified Buyer
August 28, 2023
Amazing all around
Inman, SC
Verified Buyer
Bought for second time
August 14, 2023
Love this convertible car seat, he is amazing and comfortable!!
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Don't hesitate to buy - you need this!
July 31, 2023
I was on the fence about getting a Doona because everything is always so overwhelming when shopping for your first child. I am SO glad I decided to invest in this purchase bc it has been a GAME CHANGER.
Verified Buyer
Albee Baby Does It Again!
July 4, 2023
This Doona was gifted to my baby sis. I can’t review the actual product as I didn’t buy mine from Albee but I can talk about the purchase process and such. Ordering was extremely easy, what was hard was choosing the color. Albee has a lot of Doona color offerings to choose from. The shipping was fast and no issues with delays during stormy season when I am. I wouldn’t shop for my Doona anywhere else.
  • Great Selection of Colors
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Customer service
  • None
South Florida
Verified Buyer
Must have!
June 17, 2023
Highly recommend! Convenient use for fast in and outs with your baby!
Verified Buyer
Perfect for first year
June 13, 2023
Exactly what we were looking for and super convenient. Love the different colors as well.
Cheyenne WY
Verified Buyer
Amazing baby car seat
June 2, 2023
Amazing and super durable. I feel safe using and that it is extremely comfortable
  • Helpful durable easy to use
  • Heavy but has the options to stroller so not lifting
Tampa, FL
Verified Buyer
Super convenient when traveling
May 27, 2023
This stroller was such an ease to use while we traveled before getting on our cruise! So convenient!
Best Uses
  • Traveling/ on the go
Gainesville, Florida
Verified Buyer
Must buy!
May 25, 2023
Get it!!! Took me 4 babies to try it and I wish I had it sooner!
Pasadena, California
Verified Buyer
Obsessed with the doona
April 30, 2023
Obsessed with the Doona, it is the best stroller for baby’s first year. The only downside is that toddlers will outgrow it but it’s completely worth it for the initial travels.
New York
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend!
April 18, 2023
Great quality and looking forward to getting a lot of use out of our doona once baby comes!
South padre island, Texas
Verified Buyer
Love it
April 12, 2023
Love it! My toddler loves moving the baby, its light and convinient. I bought it again for my 3rd child.
  • Light
  • Saves space
  • Easy to use
Best Uses
  • For eveythday or traveling
Madill, OK
Verified Buyer
Doona Love
March 29, 2023
We purchased our Doona and an extra base. Love the convenience of car seat and stroller combined. I feel like it’s so safe. Baby is snuggled in perfect. I would highly recommend.
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Amazing product!
March 23, 2023
The best infant car seat and stroller!
Bryant SD
Verified Buyer
Love this
March 18, 2023
I absolutely love this!!! Would highly recommend
  • Very easy to use
  • Heavy!!
Hallandale beach, Florida
Verified Buyer
great duna
March 11, 2023
the most adorable and wll made portable car seat stroller. my baby was in duna from birth until 4 months with youth any other strollers or car seats
Los Fresnos, Texas
Verified Buyer
Best Carseat Stroller
March 9, 2023
Best purchase I’ve done. Saves you time since it’s all in one.

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