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Great stroller/car seat
By Marissa
from San Antonio, Texas
on March 5, 2018
Verified Buyer
I been in the market for a convenient stroller and car seat as in the past I hated waking my daughter up when she fell asleep in the car seat to move her into the stroller. The Doona made it easy to not wake up my new addition and I would not have to deal with carrying a heavy car seat. Love this product.
Baby #4
By jessica
from Long Beach, California
on February 24, 2018
Verified Buyer
I have 2 already in a double stroller so this is perfect for my 8 yr old to push along with me!
Love it!!
By Carla
from Las Vegas, Nevada
on February 21, 2018
Verified Buyer
We travel a lot, and its the best car seat stroller ever, super convenient and easy to take.We get lots of complements about it. The best purchase that we have ever made.
Great service
By Mary S.
from New York
on January 26, 2018
Verified Buyer
This is the 5th one i bought. Love this product
By Aly
from Pittsburgh
on December 21, 2017
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat. Convenient and very easy to use . Highly recommend!
  • Convenient, made well and easy to use
  • Price
Cool with me
By Madinah
from madinahabdullah@hotmail.com
on December 20, 2017
Verified Buyer
HavenEtmt used it yet but the purchase and shipment was great. I got this for my second baby because I didn't want a double stroller but I also didnEtmt have space in my trunk for a second stroller.
Doona Car seat
By Laila
from Newyork NY
on December 18, 2017
Verified Buyer
Doona carseat is convenient, light weight and beautifully designed
Highly reccomended
By Gal
from NYC
on December 16, 2017
Verified Buyer
Great product! Very convenient and easy to use, makes being alone with the baby and commuting in taxis/ubers very easy. Love it!!!!!!
Great product
By Jun
from los angeles california
on December 14, 2017
Verified Buyer
this product is ergonomic and easy to use.
Love it!
By Lydia
from Monterey, CA
on December 13, 2017
Verified Buyer
This was the product that my husband and I were most excited about on our registry, and my mother gifted it to us! Baby hasn't arrived yet, but I love it. It is so easy to operate, it's not too heavy for me, even at 5 months pregnant. The quality is wonderful and the color is beautiful. It is a little more subdued than it looks in the pictures, but I really like it.
  • Easy to operate
  • Multifunctional
Doona Where Have You Been All My Life
By NHx
from San Antonio, TX
on December 12, 2017
Verified Buyer
This Carseat/Stroller is a dream come true. My first child was born over 10 years ago and back then I had real battle scars from carrying the seat around using my back and arms; often times I just gave up on even taking it out if the car. Now, the future has come to my reality and Doona is IT!!! Less time to load and unload and safer for the back and especially after a C-Section! Plus super deal on Albeebaby.com
  • All the features and benefits...
  • Price; outside of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal
Best baby purchase
By Luana
from Sandy, UT
on December 11, 2017
Verified Buyer
I love love this car seat. It has been the best purchase I've made for my LO. It is definitely worth the price especially if you will be using it again. I love not having to carry a car seat around. Its so convenient to pull it out of the car and pop the wheels open. The Doona diaper bags are spacious and work perfectly with it. If you fly I recommend buying the padded Doona travel bag. Other bags are thin some are too large for it.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient.
  • Stylish.
  • Well made.
  • Lots of accessories.
By Denise
from Bronx, New York
on December 6, 2017
Verified Buyer
the best car seat ever mus have
Genius Design
By Nina
from NEWARK, California
on November 24, 2017
Verified Buyer
This car seat/stroller caught my eyes the moment I saw it. A life saver for sure. Our trunk is not big, so this solves all the problems for us.
  • Car seat and stroller in 1. How much better can it get.
  • Pricing.
I love it
By Torri
from St. Louis, MO
on November 8, 2017
Verified Buyer
The best thing invented, this car seat stroller combo is very convenient. Its worrh every penny I paid
Such a great product!
By Mandy
from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
on November 2, 2017
Verified Buyer
This makes getting baby in and out so much easier.
Best purchase ever!!!!
from Springfield, MA
on October 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
Seriously I loveeee my stroller. I should get paid for advertisement , because everywhere I go people asked me about it and I love showing them how easy and convenient this stroller is. From stroller to car seat in a matter of seconds. I wish I knew about this stroller with my first son. Seriously my best pregnancy purchase :)
What a great invention!!
By Reianne
from sweetiebabe30@icloud.com
on September 30, 2017
Verified Buyer
I love it! I can't wait to use it for my baby girl!! I difinitely recommend it!
Life saver
By Lauren
from Melborne, Florida
on September 25, 2017
Verified Buyer
As a mom that travels alot this Doona system is a life, time and energy saver! With just the pull on a latch wheels fly out and we are on the go!! Wish they made them in toddler size !
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Heavy
Worth E V E R Y cent!
By Yolanda
from Norman, Oklahoma
on September 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
As a first time mommy... I did my research. My little one is a month now. He looks so comfy in it. We love it! We get so many compliments.
  • It's very practical. Compact ( room/trunk saver) no need to carry around a stroller.
  • It is a little heavier than traditional car seats.
  • But again it is a stroller too!
  • Worth the difference.
By Hilda
from Lockney, Texas
on September 11, 2017
Verified Buyer
Love the color and it's exactly what I needed now becoming a mother of 3.
The best purchase!
By Elena
from Warrior, Al
on September 6, 2017
Verified Buyer
My baby is 17 months old now and she is still in this car seat! I have returned some of my baby shower gifts back to be able to get Doona, and never regret about it.It is easy to install, easy to operate, it attracts a lot of attention everywhere we go, too.I decided to clean it and leave for the baby number two, in case we have one.
  • Very mobile, can be used instead of stroller.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lasts very long (I do not need to wake up my big baby, just get the car seat out).
  • Beautiful and attractive.
  • Gets heavy to pick up when baby gets older. I just put it between my feet and pick it up with two hands.
Best purchase ever
By Alejandra
from Concord ca
on August 13, 2017
Verified Buyer
I have two diferente car seats this is my third one since my husband and my mom need they're own so I was trying something different for me and I pick this one with I'm I love with it it's so practical I got it in black wich I feel is perfect cuz I'mPregnant again so it's neutral, it's so easy so put it in the car and it turns into strollerWith just one button totally in love even my family try it and they all regret the ones they pick
Best Uses
  • Fast shopping, restaurant meals
Looking forward to using
By Whit
from Alabama
on August 6, 2017
Verified Buyer
I bought this car seat for my fourth child. I always felt like the most cumbersome part about baby praphernalia was the baby carrier. I was skeptical that this seat would take up too much space in the car as well as be difficult to get in and out of the base. I tested it several times and even with my big belly bump it was easy to maneuver. The only adjustment that I would make to design is that the canopy be extended so that it can cover more of the baby. I thought about purchasing the additional eytended but as a 4th time mom will probably just use a lightweight blanket for shade. Overall very impressed that someone thought of a way to solve lugging these seats around without having to get an additional stroller out of your trunk every time.
  • Mobility, stylish, still relatively small, well padded
  • Canopy too short whells pop out suddenly and may startle baby.
Best invention ever!
By Ashley
from Winchester, TN
on July 27, 2017
Verified Buyer
This is the best invention ever! So convenient having the ability to turn into a stroller as soon as you pull it out of the car!
Customer Images
  • Heavy
A dream come true!
By AmberV
from Treasure Lake, PA
on July 25, 2017
Verified Buyer
What I would really say is this seat is bad @**! Finally something made that makes sense for those of us not wanting to cart around all these different seats and strollers. The simplicity is truly peace of mind! Love the Doona. Can't wait to see how much it makes my DAILY life easier with 3 kids! It's a dream come true!
  • Smooth. Nice fabric. Overall good quality. Buttons that are actually easy to push. You don't have to push the handle buttons simultaneously to adjust the angle, as you should be annoyingly aware of if you have a seat with an old adjustable handle... They're a real pain! You do not have to force this thing around at all.
Best Uses
  • If you have multiple kids or are on the go alot, this will be a life-changer!
  • Being that it's a car seat AND stroller in one, there are none! Think of the weight of your old car seat IN/ON your old stroller... This is nothing compared to that!
Absolutely The BEST EVER Infant car seat-stroller! THIS IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!
By Robin
from SAN ANTONIO, Texas
on July 23, 2017
Verified Buyer
I am so pleased with this car set stroller combo. It is so much easier to get the baby in and out of the car by myself when I have other things or not in my possession. It comes with a car seat base with the car seat, so I bought a second car seat base for the other car. that way it can go form car to car with no problems. I want to thank Simple Parenting for this DOONA, because it is the BEST! I would also like to thank Albee Baby for the nice free gifts of bags that came along with purchasing the DOONA during a certain time frame.
  • It truly is all in one and easy to use. The all day bag is perfect to use attaching to the seat, now that is just Genius it holds everything so you do not have to carry the diaper bag separately. Love, Love LOVE it!
Best Uses
  • You don't have to buy a separate car seat and stroller because it is one in all.
  • The price, but it's worth it.
By Santy
from Long Beach, California
on July 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
We purchased this stroller for our first family trip with baby (going on a plane). Our baby is 6 months old, and it seemed silly to buy a second infant car seat this far along. I debated purchasing for weeks and am SO HAPPY I bought this stroller/car seat. It was a life saver on our trip. Easy to fold and carry. Drives very smoothly. Straps in quickly & easily without the base (for uber and taxi rides). Looks great in all black, super sleek. Fit perfectly on airplane seat. Great for restaurants as it's small. Albee Baby not only has the best prices but I was so impressed by their customer service. I purchased this just a few days before the promo for gift with purchase started, and they honored my purchase / sent the free storage bags. So happy with the product and the service, I will be back to this site for all baby purchases possible.
  • All around best baby gear I have purchased to date.
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • None, seriously.
By Michelle
from Bronx, New York
on June 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
Best Uses
Doona Black
By Amie
from NY
on May 25, 2017
Verified Buyer
Love everything about it. Quality durability and comfort. Great for quick stroll and for travel. Definitely a luxury style car seat.
Uniquely Convenient
By Sandee
from Boise, Idaho
on March 10, 2017
Verified Buyer
This car seat/stroller is great! It's compact and super easy to use - love that we don't have to pack a separate stroller!
great car seat/stroller
By HC Z.
from Arlington, Texas
on January 10, 2017
Verified Buyer
already received compliments, very practical car seat/stroller combo, little heavier than a regular car seat as expected, probably requiring just a bit more opening of the door if you are in a tight garage because of the wheels, would love to have an easier way to move the handle between the three positions if there isn't something like a safety consideration behind it. Came with the base. We just love it.
Awesome product
By Matthew
from Gaithersburg, Maryland
on December 17, 2016
Verified Buyer
Very easy to use and makes getting into and out of car super easy as you don't have to get stroller base out of car. Makes things like doctors appt, grocery shopping, etc much easier as you can get quickly out of car. The legs fold out and retract very easily. Overall we are very pleased.
By Clarissa
from Norfolk, VA
on December 14, 2016
Verified Buyer
I love how easy to use this seat/stroller combo is. Almost everyone uses an infant car seat today that is removable from a click in base (also easily installed with just a seatbelt!), and this car seat doubles as a stroller and removes the extra piece of equipment. It's a brilliant design. The ooooonly con is the seats do add some weight. Be sure that you can use it day after day and get in and out of your car easily.
  • Car seat stroller in one!
Best Uses
  • All the time
  • Heavier than typical infant car seat
The best thing in the world
By Jessy
from Ohio
on December 4, 2016
Verified Buyer
I just absolutely love it. It's really practical and easy to maneuver. My husband couldn't believe that he did not need to carry our chuncky car seat with our baby anymore! The assesories are worth to buy.
By Kelly
from Worcester, MA
on November 30, 2016
Verified Buyer
My daughter loves it. Nice item and shipped very fast. Great company
Amazing fit for me and my family
By Temi
from Maryland, Silver Spring
on November 25, 2016
Verified Buyer
It's so easy to use and manoeuvre. Especially compared to my previous chicco stroller
  • All in one travel system
Best Uses
  • Travelling
  • No storage
Amazing Stroller!
By Margolit
from LOS ANGELES, California
on November 24, 2016
Verified Buyer
This magnificent stroller is so convenient! It collapses and re-opens so easily, I love using it!I already recommended it to so many of my friends!
A must have for travel!!
from San Francisco
on November 17, 2016
Verified Buyer
We got this for our 2 month old baby to travel with and it's amazing!! Easy to use and definitely necessary. I decided to get this even though we have a stroller and car seat to ease the load my husband would have to lug when we go on vacation.
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
Best Uses
  • Best for travel
  • None
Was doubtful, but...
By Robert
from North Carolina
on November 3, 2016
Verified Buyer
When my wife showed me this car seat, I tried to talk her out of it! I wasn't on board with the price point, but when it arrived, I was the main one trying it out! It rides smoothly, and the concept is amazing. Can't wait to pop some wheelies with this car seat.
  • Easy to use
  • None
By Jow
from SD
on October 18, 2016
Verified Buyer
I was pretty hesitant to buy this car seat. I didn't feel like spending the money on it and I am beyond thrilled I did. It is so convenient to never have to have a stroller to haul around in my back end. It is a little heavy so when my baby gets older we will see how easy it is to lift up into my suburban.
  • convenient
  • Nice padding
  • Surprisingly smooth for how small of wheels it has
  • Heavy
Game Changer!
By Carol
from Jacksonville, NC
on October 7, 2016
Verified Buyer
With 5 kids i can understand all kind of deals and pains of having to take out the infant car seat from the car and put it in a stroller or trying to carrying in your arm or if your baby is finally asleep waking him up to put it on a stroller or in a baby carrier... so the doona is a game changer! I bought it when my baby (the last one) was 4 months old. She is going to be one year soon and i totally love our Doona. We as a military family travel a lot and this has being a live saving! we took it inside the plane, taxis, everywhere i go my child can be secure and comfortable. One of the things that i like most is the fabric! Never get too cold or too hot!
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • is heavy but you only have to lift it for put it in the car and i would love if i can use it up to my baby is 50 pounds!!!
Doona Infant Car Seat
By Rebecca O.
from Cullman, AL
on October 5, 2016
Verified Buyer
I purchased this for my daughter's first baby. After seeing how beneficial and efficient this car seat, stroller combination is, I would highly reccommend this to other mother's to be. We are waiting the delivery of our new baby and first grandchild. We will send more reviews on this combination as it is used in the future.
By Hila
from Seattle, WA
on September 16, 2016
Verified Buyer
Probably one of the best purchases we've made for our baby (and us)! It saved our backs, made going out with the baby so much easier and I will recommend it a 1000 times to any new parent who's planing to have more kids in the future (just because of the high price).When I first had my baby the weather was still cold and rainy, so I likes bringing the car seat in the house and put the baby in it before leaving. It was so convenient being able to just roll it all the way the the car or everywhere basically. The only not so negative thing is that it weighs a bit more than a regular car seat but then again, you don't really have to lift it.
  • Easy to carry, comes with a comfortable memory foam padding for newborn
Best Uses
  • Everywhere
  • A little heavy
Baby Gear Awesomeness!!!
By AmazedByDoona
from Illinois
on August 18, 2016
Verified Buyer
I just received my Doona and I'm absolutely in love!!! I first saw a promo video for this baby gear awesomeness well over a year ago and I knew that if I had another baby this would be first on the list of things to buy. I purchased my first travel system through Albeebaby.com and was so pleased with them that I immediately went to their website again hoping they carried the Doona. Baby J isn't due until December but I couldn't pass up the amazing accessory bundle with purchase. Price is a bit on the high end but it's worth every penny not to have to lug the giant stroller around to click the carseat into and the quality it top notch!!! I'm having a girl but decided on the Storm color so we can use it for future children as well, I was a bit concerned it would be too drab but it's absolutely stunning. My 6 year old already loves it and can't wait for his baby sister to get here so he can push her around in it. We travel often and I can already tell this is going to be amazing and super convenient. I've watched MANY videos and read many reviews on the Doona explaining the quality and I was still amazed by just how awesome it really is.
Good concept
By Ruxandra
from Sterling , Va
on August 17, 2016
Verified Buyer
After using the stroller for 3 weeks while traveling I can say that the stroller is ok. I do not recommend this as your every day stroller! It is very heavy once you put your baby in it and lifting it to put it in the car can be a hassle. The cushion is plasticky and the baby was sweating like crazy, it is very narrow and if you have a heavier baby it's not comfortable for them. After 2 weeks I had to purchase a different stroller because my daughter wouldn't stay in the Doona anymore. I think it's an amazing concept and a good quality car seat overall. I recommend this for babies from birth to 5 months for traveling purposes only.
  • Good quality materials
  • Foldable wheels
  • Sturdy and safe harness
Best Uses
  • For traveling or in the city
  • The fabric of the stroller makes the baby sweat more than other car seats
  • A little heavy once the baby is in it
Excellent purchase
By Dubert
from Fargo, North Dakota
on August 11, 2016
Verified Buyer
Definitely heavier than our old car seat but once it transforms to a stroller, you can't beat the convenience. I wish we had this stroller when we had our older kids. No more lugging around another stroller with your car seat. Probably our best purchase this time around.
By Alejandra
from NY
on August 10, 2016
Verified Buyer
This is the most convinent stroller/car seat I've ever had
Love it!!!
By Sara
from California
on August 10, 2016
Verified Buyer
I love my doona!! I was debating on the doona or the quinny buzz xtra and ended up getting the doona because my step son plays sports and I love the fact that it's a 2 in 1 and there is no need to carry the stroller separate from the car seat. It's very convenient and easy to use! Would totally recommend it and re purchase it in the future if i have another baby.
TRANSFORMER carseat/stroller- the coolest on the market! THE DREAM stroller for the flashy parent :-)
By Shannon K.
from san antonio, texas
on August 8, 2016
Verified Buyer
My husband and I already have our first batch of kids, our son is almost 14 and our daughter is 10. We were so stoked to find out that we are having another baby, and we had seen an ad for the Doona stroller a few years back. We made a blood oath (okay, a regular promise) that if we ever had another baby, we were going to splurge on that killer awesome TRANSFORMER stroller!But being the huge dork I am, I still did a million hours of research to make sure that the Doona was the BEST stroller on the market, and I researched to death the best price I could get. Albee won up and down, we ended up buying the stroller earlier than intended because they were running the INSANE free accessory package deal if we bought it now and also the FREE shipping. We didn't want to miss out, so we bought it!We haven't used the stroller yet, because our little package isn't due until December, but we got everything out with our over excited kids and checked everything out with the excitement of 10 Christmases. It's so amazing!!We can't wait to use it all the time!! Thanks for the amazing deal Albee, I admit this is our favorite purchase for our little Christmas elf due on Christmas Eve :-)God Bless you!

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