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By Debbie
Portland, Maine
Cybex Sirona S
August 19, 2021
I procrastinated installing it because I was intimidated, but it wasn’t as hard as I feared. I used the YouTube instructions. I have not been successful hooking up to the safety sensor, but working on it. Will call help line if I am not successful today. Seat, with all the padding, looks really comfy, though wish it inclined a bit more. I have a tiny 2 month old(within weight limits) who is a bit more upright than I like. I have a bad back, so love that it revolves towards me so I don’t have to twist to get little guy in. Expect it to be even better as he gets older and bigger! -Overall, it’s expensive, but hopefully worth the $ in the long run.
ProsSafety Looks comfortable Technology (safety sensor )
ConsHaving trouble connecting to technology Heavy - it?s not coming out of the car until it?s outgrown! Expensive
By Jessica
Miami, Florida
Convenient, cozy and complicated
August 11, 2021
I initially got this car seat for my rear-facing son but often used it for my forward facing daughter as well. The swivel and no re-thread hardness made it very convenient to switch between forward and rear facing. I will say, however, it was very difficult to install securely. I quickly realized I had been spoiled with my Britax Clicktight car seat. No matter how hard I tried I was never able to get the installation quite as secure as my clicktight. I now have this car seat in my husbands car so he can take one of the kids without having to totally re-install a carseat to be forward or rear facing. One major plus to this carseat is that its machine washable and does appear to be very comfortable for my little ones. Biggest con is the installation. If you are going to be taking the car seat in and out, I would recommend a different one.
Prosswivel, comfortable, wipes cleans
Consinstallation, big and bulky
By No R.
Seattle, WA
Love the swivel
August 2, 2021
I love this car seat! Definitely watch a youtube video for the installation, but once you figure out how to use that lever thing, it's pretty easy. We had the nuna before with the same stability leg thing, so having that on the Cybex is comforting. The swivel makes taking baby in and out of the seat SO much easier! No more head bumping against the end of the car. It's also great when we're waiting in a parking lot or something to turn baby towards you to play for a bit. There's a gap between the top and bottom cushion which is a little annoying because I know there's a pile of cheerios gathered in there but that's probably true of any car seat. The senor is super annoying so we disconnected but the temperature gauge on the seatbelt is great. I'm sure the Evenflo is also wonderful but I don't regret paying what we paid for the Cybex.
By Brooke2294
Walla walla, WA
Saved my daughters life
July 31, 2021
I don't ever write reviews but this is extremely important to all the parents in the world. 2 days ago my daughter and I got hit by someone running a red light at 50mph (15 mph over the speed limit). I had her buckled in the Cybex Sirona S and right where my daughter site is where we got hit. She doesn't have one cut or bruise on her body. I'm fact she has been cleared by both paramedics and the ER that she is perfect okay. She is 11 months old and of course rear facing. This car seat saved my daughter's life. I was told this by 8 cops, 2 doctors, 4 nurses, 2 paramedics, 4 emts, and 6 firefighters. I will never use another car seat again in my life, Cybex will forever be the brand we purchase, it is well worth every penny. If your trying to justify spending the money look at the picture of my car, right where the triangle window is is where my daughter was.... She didn't even get a scratch. I have whip lash, a concussion, my neck and back got strained and bruised. Thank you Cybex for taking the time to make these car seats. I will be getting another one soon!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tammy
Great car seat!
July 30, 2021
I have always used Britax or Chicco seats with my 3 children and have always been very happy with them. I decided to get the Cybex seat because with my bigger SUV and also being on the short side it was difficult to put my 1 year old in the car. This seat has been a life saver, I no longer struggle to get him in the seat. I love the swivel function and my son is happy and comfortable. I am so glad I purchased this seat.
By Katherine
Athens, GA
July 8, 2021
Love this car seat. It's so easy to put my little one in it and get his properly fastened! I swivel him around and off we go. I will say it's very hard to install and I had to call one of their professionals for them to help me install it. The seat is very comfortable for my big boy!
By Summer
Plainfield Illinois
Instal is difficult but worth it
July 3, 2021
The install is annoying & difficult. Customer support from Cybex is a week long wait. Watched many YouTube install videos & finally figured it out. There’s a lot of info to know if you installed it properly. Example, only use the base to see if it’s done well. Don’t sway the top, it’s supposed to sway. Really easy to turn, amazing recline! Head never goes forward when toddler falls asleep.
ProsSwivel Easy to put child into carseat
ConsDifficult to install Not much assistance available from Cybex Conflicting information from Cybex
Brooklyn, NY
Hard to install but features are great
June 21, 2021
This was not the eaiest car seat to install and it had some wobble at first, so you will need to put in the time to get it in snugly. That said the wivvel feature is usful for so many reasons. It's easy to load your little one into the seat and roating it when they are not with you allows the front seat to be used!
ProsFeatures and look. Rotation is great for different use cases.
ConsInstallation is difficult. Takes up alot of room in car.
Best UsesPeople with bad backs.
By Melissa
Money Well Spent!
June 13, 2021
We LOVE this car seat! It may be one of the most expensive car seats on the market but it is worth every penny. It’s so convenient to get the baby in and out without straining our backs. I can tell it’s a comfortable ride for the baby too. He stopped screaming at red lights once we installed it. I was nervous about the price before we got it but 10/10 I would recommend this after using it.
ProsNo more straining your back Quicker to strap baby in than traditional car seats Comfortable ride for baby
By Jenni
Absolutely Worth the Price
June 10, 2021
I've had this car seat for about a year now and have absolutely loved it!! The swivel is great for daycare drop-off and pick-up, I love the SensorSafe feature (we thankfully haven't needed it, but it gives me peace of mind), and the load leg is a big win in my book as well! It's super easy to take the cover off to clean and put back together. Overall, a great car seat that I would definitely recommend.
By Keendra D.
Atlanta, Georgia
Cadillac of car seats
May 17, 2021
Thus car seat feels so luxurious and hugs my baby so perfectly. I love the swivel and I helps to not break my back.
By Latoya M.
Oklahoma City
May 17, 2021
I recently purchased this car seat, and so far we are all loving it! I definitely wanted the swivel feature, and it has been so worth it for me. My daughter didn’t care for her last seat as time went on, but she’s been happily sitting in the Sirona S. I highly recommend!
ProsSwivel Sensor
ConsHad a bit of issue with the sensor app, but figured it out after a short time.
By Chelsea F.
May 16, 2021
This car seat is HUGE and heavy But I must say the swivel helps a lot since I just broke my elbow and use 1 hand a lot And the sensor safe works well with the app and the chest buckle even glows blue for a second after the baby is buckled in My son is 11 months and fits nicely with room to grow Not sure how comfortable when he’s 2 with longer legs
ProsSwivels smoothly once you get the hang of it
ConsHeavy takes up a lot of room in the car
By updateCategoryParent
Knoxville, TN
Cybex Sirona S Sensorsafe
May 8, 2021
We have been using the Cybex Sirona S for 5 months now and it is wonderful! The swivel feature makes getting out LO in and out of our vehicles so easy! The Sensorsafe alert reassures us that we will be less likely to forget about the LO in the car - especially when tired, full-time working, parents of a toddler are sleepy and have not yet had enough coffee or rest!
By Hilary
Dallas, Tx
So Easy to Use!
May 2, 2021
Love love love this car seat!! It’s so easy to get my son in and out now with the swivel feature. Also the install was pretty easy and it feels very secure with the load leg. Love all of the safety features and know we will use this car seat for years to come. My only con was that it’s so expensive. But I am so happy I found it on Albee for a discount!! Love using this site for big purchases.
ProsSafety Easy to install Load leg Sensor Safe
ConsExpensive Heavy
Best UsesPermanent car seat/ not moving it around in cars
By Kyung
MARINA, California
Life saving
April 29, 2021
This is by far the best convertible car seat. My husband and I have back problems and this really makes parking our baby in and out so much easier. Shipping was excellent. I am pleased with this buy.
By Aviva
New York
Love this car seat!
April 28, 2021
My son totally Outgrew the Doona and I was totally lost what to get for a car seat. This one is amazing, the material is so soft and comfortable, he looks so happy in it with plenty of room to grow, but extremely safe. He also likes the options of sitting up or reclining. It was not difficult to install once we actually figured it out and besides it being heavy wouldn’t be the end of the world if we had to move it from car to car.
ProsCozy, easy to install, easy to put baby in.
By Jason
I want to love this, but It's got a safety flaw
April 16, 2021
Let me first say that I love this car seat, but we are having to send it back over a major safety concern. Our 15 month old continues to push the chest latch release while driving. The spring on the single button release takes no effort to release and we can't take that risk. Thank goodness for the OBII sensor for constantly notifying us that this was happening. This is only the only complaint about this seat, but it's a huge one for me and my family as I'm not willing to take that risk.
ProsSwivel is awesome, safety features, ease of in and out
ConsChest latch spring rate
By Kayla
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Can't put a price on convenience!
April 14, 2021
This carseat is worth every penny. It's a task just getting out the door with a little one so making it quicker and easier to put them in their car seat is such a time and tear saver! It's not super easy to move from car to car so wouldn't recommend if you have to move it around often.
ProsRotation for easy buckling Less tears because you're not digging around No stepping on the baseboards to strap in
ConsCumbersome to install Not easily moveable from vehicle to vehicle
By Juli
North Carolina
April 8, 2021
We love it
By Jaydin B.
North Carolina
Love it, difficult to install
March 24, 2021
The product is great, baby loves the seat and gets so excited every time she goes in it. The downside is, I have a 2013 Dodge Durango and I had the worst issues getting it installed correctly and took forever!
By Nora
Northborough, Massachusetts
great buy
March 22, 2021
makes my life ten times easier getting my daughter in and out - just a little bulky.
By MikeAW
Worst Car Seat Installation
March 14, 2021
The installation of this car seat is not easy, not logical, and does not fit the seats of a VW Tiguan. Do not buy. For the price this should be better designed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Hc23
Great features but has some minor cons
March 1, 2021
We've had this seat for a few months now and I love it. The swivel feature is life changing, the magnetic harness locations make putting my child in a breeze and install wasn't that hard. I would like to see a way to lock the seat during transportation, my husband had it swivel back onto him while, and possibly relocate the "lock/unlock" window for the seat. Overall I am happy with my purchase but definitely think for the price it could have felt a little higher end.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Allison L.
Boston, MA
It’s all about the swivel
February 20, 2021
This car seat is very well made, and feels modern and cool. The swivel feature is the main reason to buy this car seat. Because otherwise I would just buy something less expensive. Installing it was a little hard, but now that’s it’s in its nice to know it sits in rear facing it forward facing so I don’t have to install it again.
ProsSwivel and safety features
ConsHard to install
By Cathy
Las Vegas NV
Rear facing is amazing. Front facing not so much.
February 17, 2021
I actually don’t agree with the other reviews saying it was hard to install, I thought it was very easy to install actually. I love the swivel affect, during my pregnancy I ended up having a really bad back. I drive a Tesla model Y and not having to bend over to put my son in the car is amazing. The only downfall is when you have the car seat facing the front, you have to use the tether. This does not allow your car seat to swivel, which defeats the purpose of the swivel affect. I’m sure you can use the car seat without the tether,But I like my car seat to be very tight and sturdy. The leg was a little janky, every now and then it would turn red. So if that is some thing that concerns you, you might want to get another car seat.
By Mallery
League City
Second one
February 15, 2021
I love this car seat so much I purchased a matching one for our second car.
ProsRotating seat
ConsDifficult to install tightly.
By Mallery
League City
February 15, 2021
I am so happy with this purchase. I don’t know how anyone lives without the rotating seat. My son doesn’t always enjoy being strapped in, so the rotating seat makes it much easier to get him in safely and gently.
ProsRotating seat
ConsIt was a little difficult to get the seat tight.
By Loralyn
Amazing car seat
February 10, 2021
My sister in law recommended this car seat and I’m so happy we got it. It’s so convenient with the 360 mode and the safety features are unbelievable. Everyone asks about it every time they see us taking baby out the car. Highly recommend!
By Michael
Shreveport, LA
My kids love it!
February 7, 2021
The swivel feature is super handy and the seat is a wonderful and comfortable delight for my daughter. SensorSafe is awesome! Upgrading from the wonderful Cybex Aton Q. Wife and I have been Albee Baby and Cybex fans since 2015. Cybex has proven its quality for our family with long lasting products that stand the test of time for car seats. Can’t say enough! Her twin brothers are on the 2nd row with her in the 2020 Volvo XC90. This Sirona S works best for us set up behind the front passenger. Twin A sits behind the driver in his Evenflo Maestro Sport. Twin B sits in the middle seat aka Volvo’s integrated booster with Volvo’s excessively over priced booster seat overlay to make it function more like a high back booster than a booster alone. I’m 5’8 and my wife is 5’3 and we’re comfortable at the moment not using the third row for the twin boys with the high back boosters. One of the boys is happy and the other is happily tolerating it (the one in Maestro Sport). We have a Maxi Cosi RodiFix ordered and on the way. Hoping it’s narrowness might be even better than Maestro Sport and the seat more comfortable than the Maestro Sport and easier for child to buckle himself independently. As a fan of German engineering, I seriously considered a Cybex Solution booster. In my quest for 3-across comfort on a second row, I’m trying RodiFix instead. Love the Albee shopping process and prices. Thanks Albee Baby!!
ProsEasy installation. Safe & comfortable. Promotional prices.
ConsIt?s large from front to back when considering impact on front seat passengers. I?m glad my wife and I aren?t any taller. The the back seat where this eat is installed is pushed back and reclined back as far as the second row will allow of the 2020 XC90. Still worth it to have it, but I?m glad I don?t have this Sirona S installed behind the seat of this 5?8 driver.
Best UsesFor parents or the grandparents because it?s super convenient as long as your car has the space. My family prefers European cars and this is a European engineered seat, but I wish somehow European cars and SUV?s were a little more forgiving. My recent experience is with the 2020 Volvo XC90.
By Danielle
Central New Jersey
Difficult Install
January 31, 2021
My daughter hated going into her infant carseat, and when I saw this seat could swivel I figured it would be a lot easier to get her in/ out of her new seat. The installation was very difficult, because the isofix system prongs are a little longer than the isofix on our Uppababy. Once, we did get it installed the seat was nicely secured and didn't move. My daughter seems to love her new seat! The app can get a little annoying, and if your phone is connected to Bluetooth it'll stream notifications through the speakers. The carseat rotates seamlessly while my daughter is in it, and offers her (32 inches tall) a lot of leg room in rear facing. So far we're very happy with our purchase and considering buying another one for my husband's car.
ProsSwivel seat Plush padding Sensorsafe app Load leg base
ConsInstallation was difficult Sensorsafe can get annoying
By Mk
Rochester mn
Awesome carseat
January 23, 2021
It works great and easy to install. Only downside was you can’t take out the car seat from the base. Also it’s heavy. But otherwise I love all the features.
ProsEasy to install Able to slide cars eat easily Tons of safety features.
ConsHeavy Un-attachable from base
By dina
Seattle, washington
January 16, 2021
I recommend this car seat to everyone I know!! I would pay the price over and over again. I was so excited to find out there was finally a swivel car seat approved for the US market!!! Makes loading my toddler in such a breeze! Can’t imagine how difficult it would be without the swivel option.
ProsSoft fabric Easy to remove fabric and wash Great recline Easy to adjust strap Magnet buckle holders Swivel!! Load leg
ConsHeavy Difficult to install Price point (but worth it!!!)
By CYndiz1997_babylove
Worth every penny!!
January 10, 2021
I have a really bad back due to a car accident, the feature of being able to get my 9 month old in and out without having to bend and twist in the car is just amazing! She is much happier as well not being in the car carrier seat. She can see better, is more comfortable. I am very excited about this purchase overall!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Maggie
Best car seat
December 23, 2020
I absolutely love this car seat. Easy to use. Only reason I did not give it 5 stars is installation is very confusing. My husband looked at several utube videos to install correctly. Read instructions. Now that it’s done it is perfect!
By HuntersproudDad
A game changer for loading child in seat
December 14, 2020
This car seat is absolutely incredible. It is an absolute game changer for loading your child into and out of the seat, especially as they get bigger and heavier. The safety features and engineering put into this seat give me absolute confidence that I am protecting my child the absolute best that I can in our car. Would 100% recommend this seat!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Michelle
Great quality and unique!
December 6, 2020
Fabric quality = soft and plush Recline positions = so many to keep kiddo comfy Swivel = must have! Style = classy and polished Load leg.... = may not work in ALL cars or with LARGE dogs that share the space Installation = a little tricky Overall, I really like this car seat and will be buying another for baby #2.
ProsSwivel Fabric
By Tiffani
Glencoe, Minnesota
Love the swivel!
November 29, 2020
This carseat is a great plush quality. It swivels very easy and has many great options.
ProsSwivels Plush Load leg
ConsHarder to install
By Mika
Orlando, FL
Baby approved!
November 17, 2020
We bought this for our road trip up to NC & baby loved it!!!! Our son is 8 months and weighs about 24lbs. This car seat was perfect for him. It seems spacious and comfortable. Worth every penny.
ProsAbility to turn to pull baby out & comfortable
By Nana
Kansas City
October 29, 2020
We got these car seats for our twin grandsons at 16 months, because their baby sister is coming. My dil loves them! It makes it so much easier to get the twins in and out. The seat is so soft and comfortable. They never complain when getting in. The installation took us longer than anticipated but is pretty straight forward. The load leg needs to be checked every time they are loaded in. They haven’t used the senor safe yet.
By Sarah
Fort myers,FL
October 11, 2020
This car seat is a godsend. It was a little difficult to instal, but once it’s in, it’s the best car seat you could have ever purchased!
By Nana A.
October 10, 2020
So I was going back and forth on this car seat and the nuns exec since we already had a nuna pipa but hunny, this car seat comes with everything I need as I first time mom and more... my baby loves it and sleeps or stays quiet and enjoy his car ride. . Love it
ProsSensor safe and magnets to hold seat belt out of your way. That 360 swivel is a big YES.
By Denden
Aurora, CO
Good gift
October 7, 2020
I bought this for my best friend’s son. It is pricey but I think it is worth it since it will last long time. The best feature is that it spins when you take your baby off the carseat! The Manhattan grey color is beautiful!
By Shelby
Worth every penny!
September 28, 2020
Not going to lie it is heavy, the videos make it easy to install. The rotating feature is the best part of this seat. No more hitting heads or getting frustrated with my daughter not sitting in it correctly and trying to buckle it.
ProsRotating feature and all the safety it comes with.
ConsIt is heavy and the video goes very fast so you have to watch it a few times to make sure everything is right.
By Thomas
Wonderful car set
September 26, 2020
This is a great car seat. It is quite large, and barely fits in my wife's Volvo XC90. Definitely check the product dimensions before purchasing. We assumed we would have no issues fitting this in a SUV, but it is a tight fit.
ProsSwivels 360 degrees, looks great, sturdy
Consbulky, the latch system is basically useless
By Eibi
Reno, Nevada
Great product
September 13, 2020
Love it!! I wish I bought it sooner. I bought it for my 1 year old baby girl. Fit really good in a Lexus Gx 460 with captain chairs. Sturdy, comfortable and beautiful! It feels really good to have it because it has a lot of features that makes it safe. Came in time.
Best UsesBest if bough when you have little babies to enjoy for a longer time the 360 feature.
By Justinejx026
Savannah, GA
Love it!
September 12, 2020
I was really skeptical about purchasing this car seat mainly because of the price. I was captivated by the fact that it swivels which would be extremely helpful for me. As a person that has rheumatoid arthritis and has limited mobility with my elbow and wrists its makes getting my child in and out of the vehicle a lot easier. The Sensorsafe feature was a bit more complicated to set up than I would have liked but now that its set up I think its pretty awesome.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Atlanta, Georgia
Swivel is amazing
September 8, 2020
The rotation capability of this seat can't be overstated. Not only does it make it so much easier to get baby in and out of the car without bumping her head, it also means you can swivel it when not in use and gain that much needed leg space for the passenger in front. Plus Cybex gives you a video appointment with a car seat professional to ensure you installed it correctly, which is the most important factor when it comes to car seat safety! I also really wanted the peace of mind from the sensorsafe.
By Anne A.
Simpsonville, Kentucky
Almost perfect
September 7, 2020
Obviously the swivel feature is fantastic. Other features including fabric, straps/adjustment, load leg, anti-rebound, recline are all very good too. Difficult installation is the one negative. The length of the vehicle belt or lower anchor strap through the belt path is VERY short. Taller buckles may not allow for a snug enough fit. Vehicle belt is the recommended installation method, and lower anchor strap may only be used until the child weighs 35 pounds. Anchor guides might help with a more secure lower anchor strap install, but they are not included. Given that Cybex and Evenflo are by the same company, I would love to see Evenflo's Easy Click system adapted to this seat.
ProsSwivel, safety features, comfort, easy to remove seat cover
ConsDifficult install
By Parent
Bossier City, LA
Easy to get child in and out.
September 3, 2020
This seat makes it easy to get our child in and out since the seat can turn toward you. The load leg makes it safer than any other convertible car seat I have found. The only problem is as for rear facing the child grows you have to make sure you have their feet up to get it locked into position but that is a minor issue.
By Laura P.
Brooklyn NY
Greatest car seat
August 15, 2020
Love this seat. Easy to install and the swivel is LIFE CHANGING! Not a huge clunky car seat either.
ProsSwivel, load leg, sensor safe
By Anonymous
Seattle, Washington
Cybex Sirona S
August 15, 2020
Since out little guy is just about to grow out of his infant car seat, we have been looking around for the next step. Initially, we had our eye on the Nuna Rava, but then saw this guy. We love it and so does our little one. It feels much safer than its competitors with the load leg and rebound bar. It also fits nicely and securely in both our sedans. Because the seat swivels, getting out active little guy into the car is a breeze. The only annoyance is the sensor safe app. It literally went off anytime we put our LO in the car due to the temperature outside. Since the app is somewhat archaic, you can't tell it what you want to be alerted for. I see how this can be a great safety feature, but it needs to be improved.
By AshleyB
Orlando, FL
Safety features provide peace of mind!
August 13, 2020
We had a Cybex Aton for our first child and really loved it. So much so that we were disappointed in how fast our daughter outgrew the seat. The Cybex products provide a level of security and confidence that we didn't find with any other brands. We've only been using it a month or so, but the Sirona S is the perfect car seat. Installation was a little tricky, but once it's in it is solid as a rock. The side impact protection, Sensor Safe and load leg provide me with peace of mind that our child is well protected! Having had a Cybex with our first I can't imagine using a car seat without a load leg- the stability is unmatched. The swivel seat makes it easy to get our newborn in and out of the car. I highly highly recommend this seat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By miriampenn28
gastonia, nc
Easily accessible
August 7, 2020
As a person in a wheelchair it was hard looking for the right car seat. The Sirona S makes it so much easier to get my child in and out of the car. I have only had the car seat for a couple of weeks but for me there are two things I love about it. First is the swivel base, instead of feeling like I have to reach half way across the car to put my child in the seat and buckle him I now just turn him around and reach in front of me and do it. I will admit that because of how I am sitting at the car door turning the car seat took a couple of tries to get it to work smoothly but it is well worth the effort. The second one is the one time entry has completely taken away the worry of rushing to find someone to take the time to re-install the car seat for me, and from watching people do it it is not always an easy task. The instillation and setup of the car seat was done by someone else so I have no review on that but I did install and set up SensorSafe. Installation just from my point of view wasn't too hard but wasn't extremely easy. I think it really all depends on your ability to get under a steering wheel and insert the plug in the right spot. Slightly tricky for me but I got it done. After that the app was a breeze to install and get set up right. I didn't think SensorSafe would be much help at first but it has been a big reminder that the back of the car is never the same temperature as the front. Since it's summer I'm reminded that just because I'm freezing up front doesn't mean my child is freezing in the back.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dalila
Luxury and convenience
August 5, 2020
My order came in three days! So quick and easy. Lovely car seat.
By Steve W.
August 5, 2020
We had the Sirona M car seat but decided to upgrade due to swivel function of the Sirona S! We love it! Install was not as bad as anticipated, but watching the instruction installation video is a MUST!! I didnt even bother trying to follow written instructions. But we love the car seat so far!!
By Katrina
Excelsior, Minnesota
July 30, 2020
Love the swivel feature! Makes taking a baby in/out of rear facing so much easier! The car seat also looks super comfy. My little one has no complaints! The sensorsafe is a okay feature. I can take it or leave it. I can see where it can be helpful to a sleep deprived parent. Only downside is that it can only pair to 1 cellphone.
By Olivia
Charleston, SC
July 18, 2020
I wanted to love this car seat so much. I love all the safety features like the loading leg, SIP, and the sensor safe technology. However after installation the car seat was very loose. I tried several times and even sent a video to Cybex and they said it was normal, but I was not comfortable with the movement. Also, after removing the tape from the SIP one of the sides would not close back. Very disappointing. I will be returning it for the Nuna Rava which we have already in my husbands car and love it. Hopefully I won’t have an issue returning it and exchanging for the Nuna Rava.
ProsSafety features.
ConsLoose install in my car and SIP not closing.
By Molly
Myakka City, Florida
Love the swivel!!
July 17, 2020
We got this to use instead of a Nuna Rava and I LOVE it. We have a forward facing toddler and I haven’t quite figured out how to tether it while still being able to rotate it to get her in and out but other than than that we are in love! We plan to buy another for my husbands car. Our little one is immobile and has special needs and isn’t able to help at all at climbing into her seat so this will save our backs!!
ConsCan?t figure out how to tether while forward facing/swiveling
By patrickccctx
Corpus Christi, TX
Breakthrough for those with bad backs or older parents
July 17, 2020
This is a breakthrough for the North American infant car seat market as the rotating seat is just a must for anyone with a bad back or for older parents or grandparents. It just changes the whole process of putting your kid in the car and taking them out again. The only thing I would like to see improved is that several times I have put my baby girl in the car and forgotten to rotate the seat to the backward facing position. There should be an alarm or something to indicate that the seat is not locked in place once the SensorSafe seat lock is in place. Also like nearly every other car seat I have looked at, this seat is Made in China, so the quality of the plastic exterior is not wonderful and my drink holder broke on the first use.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Chellsey
July 16, 2020
Can’t say enough good things about this seat!
By Jeannie
Bayside, NY
Love the rotating feature
July 15, 2020
With a toddler that doesn't not like to be strapped in, having the rotating feature was a selling point for me. Less of a struggle each time to try to put him in the car seat. WIN! The car seat itself is of great quality and I like the Sensorsafe feature for added piece of mind. Just a FYI- we have a BMW X3 and the seat belt harnessing worked in our car with no issues as well as in the X5.
By Garrett
Logan, UT
Great seat - doesn't work for us
July 1, 2020
This seat seems super awesome and was our number one choice for convertible car seat. I would give it 5 stars, but after trying to install it, it became clear the seat belt anchoring system would not work with our vehicle, the Volkswagen Atlas. This was confirmed through technical support with Cybex, so we had to return it. I would recommend it, but make sure it will work with the seat belts in your vehicle first.
By EllieK
Tacoma WA
Super convenient
June 17, 2020
Toddler loves it. We are road tripping family and comfort and safely is always a must! This car seat is both and much more!!
By Kedbach
North Carolina
Great features!
June 4, 2020
I received this seat for free for testing purposes. I had difficulty installing the seat at first, but Cybex was very helpful with their tips. I specifically had difficulty locking the seat in, in order to install. Even on flat surfaces, it continued to rotate. I feel that a locking mechanism would be helpful for installation. I do love that the seat rotates. It is incredibly easy to put your child in, tighten, and rotate into place. The load arm also works well. I would definitely recommend this seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jrog627
Salt Lake City, UT
Comfiest car seat
May 21, 2020
Unfortunately, I received this car seat right before the pandemic hit, so I can't say we're gotten the use out of it that we would like. However, I have been super impressed with it the few times I have used it. My little one had gotten to the point he would resist getting into his other car seat and never has complained about this one. This may seem small, but I absolutely love how easy it is to tighten the straps. I also love how easy it is to adjust the recline and how it can swivel. The major downside is it was a little more complicated to install and it's pretty big so it takes up a lot of room in the car. I would definitely recommend making sure it'll fit in your car before buying it. We have a Prius and my partner is 6'4 and he can't fit in the passenger seat comfortably with the seat behind it. But, if it'll fit in your car I highly recommend the seat
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sarah
Favorite car seat ever
May 17, 2020
I bought this solely for the rotating feature and was very pleasantly surprised that, aside from that awesome feature, it’s still my favorite car seat (out of about 8 or 9) that I’ve ever used. The rotating feature works as easily as the videos show. The seat is super padded and very comfortable. The fabric is very high quality and definitely the nicest I’ve ever seen on a car seat. The harness loosens and tightens very smoothly which has been a huge issue on our past convertible seats. I haven’t set up the Sensorsafe yet so I’m not going to speak on it, but given the very high quality of the seat in general, I’m assuming it works great. The install was a bit tricky, but mostly due to the fact that I hadn’t read the directions carefully enough - I’d watched the video. I do recommend carefully reading the full installation instructions AND watching the videos. I had somehow missed that you close the belt tensioner with the EasyLock. Not sure how I missed that, but don’t make that mistake because it’s MUCH easier if you do it the correct way. When I move the car seat at the belt path, the install is rock solid. However, that was a little tricky to achieve because the more slack you pull out of the seat belt, the harder it is to lock the belt tensioner into place. If you don’t pull enough slack out, the car seat isn’t tight enough even after closing the tensioner. So you have to find the balance. Even with the seat being totally unmovable at the belt path, it’s still slightly loose feeling towards the load leg end. I’ve never used a seat with a load leg before, but since the load leg is locked into place correctly (there’s two indicators - one to show that you’ve folded the load leg out fully and the other to ensure adequate contact with the floor of your vehicle - the indicators are red if the leg isn’t in place correctly and are green if it is) and the seat doesn’t move at the belt path, I’m assuming the little bit of give there is normal. Also, the seat doesn’t take up much room from front to back when rear-facing. It’s about the same footprint as our infant seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) - maybe even a tad less - and that’s with it fully reclined. My 10 month old doesn’t hate the car, but she had been fussy lately when putting her in our other convertible seat. She seems to like this seat much better and doesn’t fuss in it. Oh and lastly, the harness shoulder pads are fantastic. They’re super soft and snap instead of Velcro. It seems like a small thing, but we’ve had several seats with pads that we’ve ended up just taking off if they were removable. These are by far the softest and most useful. I’m very happy with this purchase and am fighting the urge to buy a second one for my husband’s vehicle. 😬
ProsRotating!!! Super padded, high quality fabric Nice, well made and easy to pull harness straps Soft, snapping shoulder harness pads Easy to adjust headrest Easy to use recline
ConsSlightly tricky install, but easy once you understand the process
By Judiii
Irvine, CA
I've found the BEST car seat for all parents!
May 7, 2020
I'm sure other mother's can relate, but when it comes to my baby, I only want the best. I bought a few other car seats, but there wasn't a car seat that I was in love with. After hours upon hours of research, I found the Cybex Sirona S and I am in love! PACKAGING The Cybex came packaged very well and it was tucked in with moldings to prevent any damage during shipping. Car seats are only meant to take one hard hit (for instance if you get into a car accident, you have to replace your baby seat), so I was impressed with the packaging. FIRST IMPRESSIONS After taking the seat out of the box and freeing it from the packaging, I was very impressed with the design and the materials. It's a heavy seat, which typically means the material is good and the weight adds to the sturdiness of the chair. The cushions were plush and soft to the touch, and the color was a very elegant, deep blue. INSTALLATION At first, the installation of the seat was tricky. However, Cybex offers a number of helpful tools to assist with installation (e.g. manuals, online manuals, and Zoom conferencing with an installation tech). I went for the Zoom conference with the installation tech, and they were both friendly and helpful. They first showed me how to install the seat on their demo, and then watched me install mine. They then provided feedback on my installation to ensure the seat was properly installed. Cybex offers a few different ways to install the seat, but they recommended to install the seat with the lap and shoulder belt, so I went with their recommendation. USE This is where Cybex takes a lead above all other brands. This seat swivels at the base to allow parents to strap their babies or toddlers into the seat without contorting your body and twisting your back. You simply push the seat back to the upright position and spin it around. I also noticed that the straps were much easier to put on than the other brands I've tried. Also, the seat has magnets on the side to hold the clips, so you don't have to pull them out from under your child or worry about them burning your child, while placing them in the seat. Adjusting the straps are really easy, so you can make sure your child is securely fastened. Then you simply turn the chair back around, and recline it to a comfortable angle. It's that simple! BELLS AND WHISTLES/SAFETY This seat comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. The chest harness is bluetooth enabled with Sensorsafe technology, allowing you to check the temperature of the seat and whether the harness is connected (in case of an accidental unharness by a curious child) through their app. My child loves it when I buckle it and the blue light comes on. The seat comes with a stabilizer leg, which you can use or tuck away, depending on your install needs. The stabilizer leg (if used) provides additional load bearing safety, which makes me feel more secure. I also love that it has these impact wings on both sides, to provide additional coverage and protection for your little one. As I mentioned before, the seats are very plush and can be easily adjusted to fit your child. There are magnets on the side to hold the buckle clips on the shoulder straps, and it has the swivel function. There's not much more you can ask for in a child seat. FINAL THOUGHTS I absolutely love this seat. My husband and I use to fight over who had to put our child in the seat, because it was such a painstaking process, but not with the Sirona S. We simply open the door and the seat is already facing us, welcoming our child. We then tuck our child into the plush cushions, and strap out child in. Then we slide the seat back and go on our merry way. This car seat checks off all of the boxes, and I finally found a seat that I am in love with. When you go to see this car seat in person (as a demo or something), you will see the difference. No more straining my back or twisting and turning to get my child into the car seat. This seat gets a 10/10!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sunny
All in one!!!
April 30, 2020
We are thrilled with our Cybex Sirona S car seat. The car seat swivel 360 degrees on its base. This way we can turn the seat towards the door and helps reduce stress on back when lifting child into the sat. It is also convenient as you sit the child facing you to help ease any tension they may have going into the car seat. It also reduces chances of bumping child's head. We are only using rear facing as this point but are looking forward to using the same option with friend facing. The seat clicks when locked into its position but there is also am indicator on the load leg will show when the seat is engaged in rear-facing or forward-facing mode. The load leg is an added feature that helps secure the seat in place. It increases sturdiness of the seat. The seat can be reclined to multiple levels. The seat has a leveler to help recline the child to the correct age and weight. and able to see which recline is appropriate for the weight of child with the label on the side. The leveler is on both sides, so the seat can be placed on either side of the car. The sensor safe feature is an added benefit especially as our child likes to play around with her seat belt. There is a reduced stressing knowing that if the seat belt becomes undone, we will be notified right away through our phone. The L.S.P. system is easy to use with a push of a button and helpful tool to reduce impact to car seat for side impact. The fabric is soft but sturdy. Its robust and easy to clean as our child spills all her meals. Our child appears comfortable in the seat and has tolerated a 3 hours drive without any issues. We are very pleased with our cybex sirona s and recommend it for its safety, workmanship and reliability.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By NYCitywithKiddies
Brooklyn, New York
Safety, functionality, and all the extras
April 7, 2020
This is the third carseat we've owned, and it's a keeper. As a Brooklyn mom, we are on the go quite a lot -- and escape the city nearly every weekend for a little fresh air. We recently upgraded our carseat with the Sirona S -- and we're never going back. I'll start by saying that this is a heavy seat -- it's not one that can go wherever you do, but we've traded convenience for safety, which is our top priority. Here are the top things we love about our seat: - SAFETY (again, I know). Obviously, safety comes first here, and this seat us one of the top on the market for safety features. The side safety feature is an added bonus. Plus, the stabilizing load leg makes this seat sturdier than the other two we've previously owned. It's noticeable, and the seat seems to rock less. - EASE OF USE. Once installed, this seat is so easy and convenient - it's really easy to get our LO in and out of, without what feels like a full body workout. Seat adjustments are simpler than our previous seats (straps can be extended really easily) and there are a host of functional adjustments that can be made. - LOOK AND FEEL. Though style isn't our biggest determinant in purchasing a seat, this is by far the best looking carseat we've seen. It's quite sleek and stylish (I know this is a carseat here -- it's not haute couture), and we love the blue color. Plus, we've noticed the everyday spills are somehow less visible. The only drawback that I can really point to is the installation process -- which seems to be challenging for me regardless of the seat (let's chalk it up to tired mom brain and lack of handiness). But thank goodness for YouTube, because I was able to follow another user's install guide -- and voila, we're ready to roll!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Naturally_T
Baltimore, MD
This Carseat is Awesome
March 31, 2020
I got the Sirona S Rotating Convertible Car Seat with SensorSafe for my mom to have in her car for my little one. I thought it would be ideal since it has the swivel seat. My mom absolutely loves and keeps going on and on about how easy it is to get my daughter in and out of the car now.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By abbyliz424
Dallas, TX
Great features!
March 31, 2020
I was so excited to receive my new seat. It has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. Pros: The seat swivel is great for getting my little one in and out easily. Installation is tight and secure. The sensorsafe is a fantastic feature. Load leg is nice for added safety. Cons: the chest buckle can be a little tricky to get open. Installation was a little tricky - instructions could be more detailed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By SarahRVA
Richmond, VA
Smart car seat gives me peace of mind
March 29, 2020
We got this as our "big girl" car seat, so I cannot speak to the comfort for infants, but I really love this seat and my daughter does too! It's stylish and highly functional, and I highly recommend. It worked well for us, but make sure you review the dimensions before purchasing because it is large. Pros: -I love the Sensor Safe technology! One of my greatest fears is forgetting a child in the back seat, and this really puts my mind at ease. Once installed, it chimes as soon as you turn off the car to remind you that baby is in the back. Simple, but effective! -My 1 year old daughter is on the smaller side (20 lbs), but it's still a wrestling match to get her in the car seat. With the seat being able to rotate outward I can easily put her in and get her properly fastened before rotating to rear facing. (I will say this takes some getting used to, but once you're there, it's amazing!) I can only imagine how nice this will be once she's bigger. -The cover is fully washable! However, I didn't find it intuitive to take off, but there are plenty of videos on YouTube to show you how. The manual just doesn't do it justice, you need to see it. Cons: -Keep in mind that it's pretty heavy and I found installation difficult, so I wouldn't recommend if you are needing to move it another vehicle regularly. -Double check the size of your backseat before you buy. I have a compact SUV, and it is tight in the back seat. It easily fits behind my seat (I'm only 5'3") but my husband is 6' and he can't move the seat back to his usual position with the seat in rear facing mode. I think if our daughter were forward facing this wouldn't be an issue. -This is an expensive seat, but if it fits in your budget, the features for both safety and convenience make it worthy of purchase.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By EssTea
Portland, OR
Stylish safety and easy to use! 360 YES!
March 27, 2020
I am so excited this swivel car seat is now available in the US! It is a beautiful, sleek car seat, easy install and easy to use, and has many safety features. These are the most important things to me when searching for a car seat! My daughter is turning two in two weeks, and we are expecting another little one soon. I have used maybe 4 different convertible car seats up until now (through our own, and others traveling) and let me tell you why we love this new Cybex Serona S: Easy to use: · Seriously easy to install! We installed with the seatbelt option and it took no time at all, and super straight forward. What I love the most? You can change recline positions without having to reinstall the entire seat! So if baby is sleepy, you can recline back, or if awake or older, you can put them more upright. This is huge! Also, you only have to install once, before changing from forward to rear facing. · The rotating feature is a back saver! This allows you to put in child and tighten the straps so easily without having to bend and twist. This is currently the only car seat available that does this, and it's truly a treat! · The magnetic clips are so easy to use! Other top car seats have buckles that require two hands just to push to open, it can be so frustrating to use these hard buckles, but this Cybex seat is so easy to open and close! The straps easy adjust to tighten and loosen too. Safety: As a mother, my child is my most precious possession. Safety is a very important factor for me when shopping anything baby related. Here are some of the safety features I love in this car seat: · This seems to be the only convertible car seat with the load leg you usually only find on some infant car seats. This load leg can minimize forces from rear collision. · Sensor safe will send notifications to your phone and vehicle receiver when a child has been left in the car, when the car temperature is unsafe, when a child has unbuckled the chest clip, or when the child has been left too long in the seat. · The base of the seat also acts as an anti-rebound panel, to further prevent movement. · Indicators: The lock indicator notifies you that the seat is locked in place, and the load leg indicator notifies you when the leg is properly positioned. · LSP pops out of the sides to prevent side impact Finally, I love how this car seat looks and feels. I would love to be able to get all cozy in a seat like this! I can tell my daughter is comfortable and enjoys the seat. It's a simple, sleek design, with premium materials. This car seat looks and feels great. Overall this car seat is a total win! Super easy to install and use, tons of safety features, and looks great. I am so glad I don't need to compromise on looks for functionality and safety! I highly recommend this seat for anyone out there shopping!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Laura2334
Reading, PA
Absolute must have with incredible safety features
March 24, 2020
We have been using this seat for the past few weeks and couldn't be happier! It is an absolute game changer. We have a Buick Enclave SUV with 2nd row captain seats and a bucket 3rd row. Our 4 year old is seated in the middle of the 3rd row, forward facing, in a Cyber Sensorsafe convertible seat. Our 2 year old is rear facing on one side in the 2nd and our baby is in this seat on the other side of the 2nd row. Until we found out about this seat, we were starting to car shop. The only way the seating arrangement worked in the past, was because we could get in and out to the 3rd row from the side the infant carrier was on, with just the base, before putting the seat in. Our issue was that once we transitioned her out of that seat, to a convertible seat, we would no longer fit between the seats or be able to make it work. This seat changed all of that! The ability to rotate the seat to the side, is not only extremely easy and convenient to put her in and take her out, but allows us to fit between the 1st and 2nd rows, to get to the 3rd. This literally saved us from needing to buy another car! The sensorsafe, side impact bars and load leg are just amazing safety features! The overall quality, safety, convenience and ease of use make this seat unmatched by anything on the market and worth every penny! It also helps that my daughter absolutely loves her new seat and is always so happy and comfortable. Knowing that my baby has every safety feature possible, makes me happy and comfortable!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mama M.
New Orleans, LA
So many awesome features!
March 24, 2020
This seat is next level. We are a Cybex carseat family and I was so excited for this new Sirona S. We also have an Eternis S, so I was familiar with some of the features that were also on the Sirona S. We have had this car seat for a few weeks now, and while being quarantined at home recently we haven't done as much driving, I still feel like I've gotten enough use to write a review. I love that I will only have to install this once since the installation is good for both rear and forward facing. That being said, I watched videos on installation before I did it, and it certainly looks easier in all the videos than it was to do myself. I installed with the lap and shoulder belt and had a really hard time getting the tensioner to clip in place when the lap/shoulder belt was locked. My husband was eventually able to get it and I am now grateful that this does not require me to re-install. Now that it is in, it feels very secure. Some of the features that I love the most are the load leg base, swivel, the ease of adjusting the headrest and SensorSafe. Having a load leg base is in itself a great feature, but the base also shows you red/green if you are installed securely and also has a lock showing a check mark if the seat is securely clicked in or an "x" if the seat is not securely clicked. This is especially helpful if you utilize the swivel feature and are constantly swiveling the seat back in forth to get your kid in and out. The swivel is simply genius and makes putting your kid in SO much easier. I currently use this seat for my almost 1 year old, however, I also have a 3 year old. When I'm just taking my 3 year old places he now asks to ride in his brothers seat. Both are still rear-facing, but even if he was FF, it would still be incredibly easy to allow him to use this seat with a simple adjustment of the headrest or swivel from RF to FF. Having an Eternis S, I am familiar with the SensorSafe technology. The SensorSafe app was helpful guiding me to where to install the sensor in my car (I had installed the sensor when I got my Eternis S, so I didn't have to re-install). You are able to add more than 1 seat to the app, so you can have multiple seats using the same technology. I have always been impressed with Cybex and this carseat is no exception. It has safety features galore, looks incredibly comfortable and is so easy to manipulate. I can easily recline the seat if I think my son will fall asleep in the car, or I can keep him more inclined if I think he wants to look out the window. The only "downside" that I can come up with is that when he is RF but sitting in the upright most position, there is a lot of "dead space" at his feet. As in, the seat does not sit flush with the backseat of the car, so things can fall down past his feet and he isn't able to reach them. On the flipside, this is likely a bonus if you have tall kiddos you want to keep RF because that is extra foot space for them as they grow. All in all, I love this car seat. The only "issue" was the harder-than-expected install but since I only have to do it once, I don't mind. The safety features and the swivel certainly make it stand out from other seats on the market. We are very pleased with this seat and love that we'll be able to use it for years to come!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anna
Great product! Safe and comfy!
March 24, 2020
Cybex Sirona car seat is amazing. Great quality, easy to use and looking amazing. I'm very serious about car safety and this car seat can keep my little one totally safe. Pros: 1. This car seat looks very cool and stylish. I have it in Indigo blue color that's looking amazing. 2. Easy to install in a car, easy to use. 3. I love the fabric of the car seat. It's seems very comfortable and easy to clean. 4. Car seat have sensor safe technology and looking very safe for baby. Love that I can rotate it in both directions. 5. Have a cup holder. Which is really great. Cons: 1. Car seat is really heavy. Overall I can say that car seat is awesome, I'm happy to get it and would definitely recommend it. My baby feels very comfortable and I feel pease, cause I now that she is safe during our car journeys. Thank you, Cybex for amazing product!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Phimmy
Features No other seat has!
March 22, 2020
Standout features: € 360 rotation: Our little guy is on the taller side and that has usually made it hard to lift him up and into the traditional rear facing car seats. Add to that the fact that he isn't always willing to get in (grabs on the door frame or kicks the seat back) being able to turn the seat 90 degrees to the door opening makes it so much easier to get him in and out. We will also turn the seat forward facing and he is able to climb in the seat himself. Once he's buckled in, we turn seat to the rear (safest for his age). This rotation feature is great for Grandma who has an even harder time lifting the little guy in and out. € Refacing Recline: When the little guy falls asleep in the car seat, we have the option to recline it while he is in the seat. This prevents his head from falling forward. And then when he's awake, we can adjust the seat more upright to allow him to look out the windows. Our other car seats cannot be adjusted once installed. € Sensor Safe: The chest clip has a sensor in it and the car seat comes with a transmitter that you connect to your car. You and your family members can download the app on your smart phone which shows current info (car is moving or stopped & child's current temperature). The app will notify you and the transmitter in the car beeps if the car is parked and you walk away with the child still buckled in. This feature gives me piece of mind when grandma takes the little guy out. I can check the app and know when they are on the move and would get an alert if for some reason, he was left in the car. € Magnetic: Magnets on either side of the seat hold the seat belt off the seat and out of the way so putting your child in is easier. The way the seat is designed you can also easily sling the belts out of the way. € The super easy adjustable head rest and harness means the little guy will always have the correct fit (no need to wait and find time to re-thread the harness). As with all Cybex products safety and style are the standout features and it's no different with the Sirona S. When looking for a car seat if these two things top your list like it did ours, then the Sirona S Rotating Convertible Car Seat with SensorSafe checks both boxes. However, there are two key features that make life with a toddler just that much easier (the 360 rotation) and that much safer (the sensor safe technology). Immediately you can tell Cybex put safety at the top of their list. The car seat Is very substantial. Out of the box you can tell it is very sturdy and quite heavy. It's meant to stay in place once installed. While the installation was straight forward and easy, I wouldn't suggest moving the seat from one car to another. I had a tough time with one of the installation steps and had to ask for help. The Latch system was easy to engage, but I couldn't push and lock down the belt tension arm. It takes a bit of hand strength, but once installed you don't have adjust it anymore. We installed it behind the passenger seat in a Chevy Bolt 2017 and it fits easily. It has a somewhat narrow footprint but the chair itself it wide which makes it very roomy and comfortable for our 21-month-old boy who is on the bigger side. The high-quality fabrics/textiles are soft and luxurious adding to the comfort. This is one of the only convertible car seats that still has a load leg which I love. The button to release the harness and the chest clip are a bit tough to press but I've noticed that with other car seats as well and gets easier over time. If you have weakness with your hand you might want to test this out before buying. You can also purchase one of those "car seat keys" to help. Overall the safety and the features listed above make it an outstanding car seat if you have the space in your car. Definitely recommended.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By ajtc
Columbus, in
Great Features
March 22, 2020
Pros: SironaS seat has very nice material and padding, feels very comfortable for my daughter. Love the adjustments that can be made as she grows and the ability to rotate the seat so I can easily get her in and out. I have midsize sedan, so getting in and out of the car is a hassle. Feels very safe, the harness and interior padding is a plus. Easy to install. Really liked the upgraded feature of the SensorSafe, gives me peace of mind knowing the temperature is good and my daughter is not left in the car. You can also add anyone else to receive the alerts, so they also can have peace of mind. App install was easy, and user friendly. Cons: Its sooo heavy and bulky. Don't expect to move this seat on a regular basis. Sensorsafe- I don't like having my location turned on all the time, so that is the drawback for me. Pricing is high
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kajelu04
Hermantown MN
Game changer!
March 21, 2020
I was so excited to receive this car seat and was eager to get it installed. It has so many amazing features and safety devices within it. I had seen the European versions of these seats online and thought the swivel concept was fantastic. I have scoliosis and along with that comes some pretty bad back pains. This car seat can easily swivel to turn it to the side and be able to load your child in and out without twisting your back. This is huge for me and I'm sure many other parents out there. I also loved the extra protection that comes from having the load leg safety protection. I found this car seat was very easy to install and I used the latch hooks. I love how I only need to install this once. I currently have a 7 month old and a 3 year old so technically they could each take a turn riding in it without doing separate installs. The headrest is easily adjustable as well. Another one of my favorite features in this seat was the magnets on both sides of the seat that holds the straps so there is no more scrambling underneath and behind my child to locate the straps. This is especially helpful when your child is not so happy to be placed in the car seat! The Cybex Sirona S is also equipped with SensorSafe technology on the chest clip. This comes with a receiver that is plugged into your vehicle and then you download the app onto your smartphone. This amazing technology will let you know through the app if your child is too hot, if they unbuckled themself, or if they are left in the car too long. I personally think all car seats should be equipped with this in order to prevent many accidental child deaths due to overheating by being left in the car. My absolute only negative about this seat is that it is rather wide and I am unable to have my older child's convertible seat right next to it if I want to utilize the rotating feature. This is really not a huge deal as I just have to place it in another spot within my vehicle. All in all, this seat is absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to be using it for a long time. It is going to be so helpful especially on the days when my back pain is bad and I need to get my child in and out of their seat a few times. This seat has amazing safety features and there is no doubt in my mind that my child is riding as safe as can be. I will be recommending this car seat to everyone I know!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Stacia2014
Miami, FL
Super safety features
March 21, 2020
I'm really happy with the flexibility and technology of this car seat. The safety features are excellent and it's been a huge upgrade from our previous baby-specific travel system seat. We especially love the easy-in-and-our function that allows you turn the seat to the side, that's been a game changer in our vehicle. The safety features are so critical, and give me peace of mind. Really appreciate the thoughtful design and tech innovation that went into this car seat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Citymom
San Francisco
Revolutionary technology
March 20, 2020
I have been obsessed with this car seat since I saw it in my cousins car in Germany. It makes taking my daughter in and out of her seat such a breeze. It is the only car seat in the US with the swiveling technology. It also feels incredibly safe and makes me feel secure taking my child in the car. It's also aesthetically nicer looking than most other car seats out there. I LOVE this seat and highly highly recommend it to all parents. Safety, ease of use, aesthetics, comfort - it checks all my wants and needs. Cybex exceeded all expectations with this seat
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By BkMom17
Brooklyn NY
Awesome Rotating Car Seat
March 18, 2020
I am in love with this car seat!!! It's is so comfy and cozy for my big nine month old who outgrew his infant carrier by the time he was six months. I needed a convertible car seat for him already. This one is great. Infant stage all the way to big kid! So you only need to buy is one car seat and save money this way. This car seat has an extended pole that pressure woo it's in the car's floor for added stability and security for safety. The most greatest part of this car seat is that it rotates for easily to get your child in and out especially when they are smaller to take out yourself. Very easy to install in my Chevy truck. I really feel my child safe in this car seat due to its durability and the side impact features. Can't wait to use this more for our frequent road trips I am over the moon with this new gear and will totally recommend this item.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By mrscheapskate
San Diego, CA
Safe & Sleek
March 18, 2020
I have been using the Cybex SironaS rotating convertible car seat with SensorSafe in my 2011 GMC Terrain for a couple of weeks and it has exceeded my expectations in regards to style and safety. My son usually whines after sitting in the car seat too long but this seat has proven to be comfortable and he has not complained since we started using it. Pros: - Installation was simple with Isofix system and it is optional to use the bar depending on your cars setup. - Safety features include SensorSafe which hooks up to your cars computer system and makes a noise when you park and the seat is buckled or if unbuckled when the car is moving. SensorSafe can also be easily connected to an phone app which gives the temperature of the car and status of the seat (ie. buckled or unbuckled). - Easily able to swivel the seat 360 degrees, great if you need to rotate the seat toward you to place your child in the seat with ease. Also great if you are using the seat for different age kids and want to quickly make it forward or rear facing. - The material is soft and can be easily wiped down; cloth portion of the seat can be removed and washed - Leg room when rear facing - Spacious seat with great head support Cons: - Somewhat bulky, can only fit 2 car seats in a row with not much space between. - Only for usage up to 65 lbs Overall, I would definitely recommend the Cybex SironaS car seat. The safety features and quality of the seat are unmatched and both my 5 month old and 2 year old appear to be extremely comfortable.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By MrsMeliH13
Ontario, CA
Best car seat by far
March 17, 2020
This is really by far the best carseat ever, no doubt about it. You can always be sure it's on properly, so that's one less worry. When you are alone with the your baby and they won't stop crying you can turn them real quick to give them their pacifier and turn them back to rear facing. This is a genious idea. I saw the struggle other have with a normal car seat, this is safe, baby looks super confy and secure. This is seriously a must have for all parents.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Miah12
Awesome car seat
March 16, 2020
We got this car seat to be used as both a rear facing and a front facing car seat for our little guy! He's kinda on the short size due to him being born 3 weeks early and only weighing 4 lbs at birth and now he weighs a little under 20 lbs so he's not big enough or to sit front ways just yet and he's pretty short so we needed something other than the car seats that you carry around due to it getting pretty heavy with him in it! So we needed something that we could just mount in the car and leave it! And we sound this car seat and we absolutely LOVE IT and it is so cool to use we love the way it looks and the 360 degree feature that you can turn it from rear facing to forward facing with a push of a button this is a great buy!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Crpaulson
Easy to Use
March 16, 2020
The product arrived in a box that was clear of what it was. This could be problematic if you live in an area where items are taken off your door step. However, this product is heavy and by myself I was not able to move it without the assistance of my husband. The shoulder straps/ clips clip very easily and release easy when pushing the release button which is easier than a previous model that I had tested. The device to plug into your car is beneficial especially if you are a new parent and often rushed with the tasks of everyday life in order to ensure you do not forget your little one in the car. The fact that this car seat can be used from 6pounds to 65 pounds is amazing. You can literally use it from newborn up. However, it is problematic to have to take the infant out and carry around if you do not have them in a car seat with a removable base. Many car seats go up to 100pounds and for this reason I gave it 4 stars. It is also pricer than many car seats that do go up to 100 pounds and for this reason is not as cost effective as others. The installation is more difficult than another car seat we have. However, after completing it a few times it does become easier and easier to install.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kevin
Long Beach, CA
Overall excellent product
March 16, 2020
About installation : It took me about 20 min to install the seat. I had to use both system to attach the seat. Seat belt and adjusters. Instructions are easy and clear. You just need to check out the instructions on the car seat back panel and repeat few step instructions. About usage : Super comfy and roomy. My 1 year old daughter loves it. Baby is easy to sit in by using the rotation seat feature. Security : As you can see all the features, functionalities for that car seat are baby and security centric. Your baby feels really safe. Sensors and app are a good plus I did not use much so far. It alerts you when the seat belt is suddenly unlocked and such things. Quality : Seat materials are really good. We had the Cybex Cloud Q before and this one is as good and as safe as the cloud Q.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Johnson0225
Columbia, SC
Easy to install
March 16, 2020
We've had this seat for a couple weeks and we love it. It's very easy to install and the anchors are easy to get in and out. I haven't used the sensorsafe feature yet but I think it's a great idea but I'm not really a big fan of the leg.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Product J.
Houston, Texas
Rollin like Kim Kardashian
March 16, 2020
I fell in love with the Cybex Sirona after seeing Kim Kardashian use it for North (in KUWTK). It was super sleek and looked like a very robust car seat. Stylish but practical- like it would be affective and really protect the child in the event of an accident. Now with the new model S, they really did think of everything. I love it and my toddlers seem to love it. I used to bump my daughter's head on the top of the door opening every time I put her in the rear facing car seat. With this one, she snaps on easily facing me and the seat just glides right back into the rear facing position. She used to fight and wrestle with me getting into her car seat. And even though she still does sometimes (lol), it's so much easier to get her strapped in while she's facing me instead of trying to do it sideways through a small opening. And I absolutely love that you don't have to reinstall the base if you want to switch it over to forward facing. Omg sometimes it takes me an hour+ to learn how to install and actually install a car seat correctly- especially when there's different instructions to install it forward facing or rear facing. The base has a stability leg so it's pretty safe either way you flip it. Overall, the quality of the car seat is excellent. Everything works/snaps/glides so smoothly. It's definitely a luxury product and I feel that my children are absolutely safe in the Sirona S. My only complaint is that I can't fit 3 car seats in a row in the backseat, but then again I guess very few car seats can.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kidstuff15
Knoxville, TN
Love this rotating seat, a real back saver!
March 16, 2020
I was a certified Child Passenger Safety technician for several years and have installed many different car seats in many different types of vehicles. I have only tried the Sirona S in my vehicle (Toyota Prius V) for my toddler (25 months 30lbs. and 33.5" tall). I installed the Sensorsafe app on my iPhone, it works well and the setup instructions within the app were easy to follow. I love that you install this seat using the same belt path for rear or forward facing, less things to have to remember! I highly recommend the using the seat belt to install this car seat because it was easy to get a tight install with the seat belt and you must cease using LATCH at 30lbs rear facing and 35lbs forward facing, just more things to have to remember. I really like the lock off in the base (the bottom of the car seat is called the base, but the top part does NOT come off like an infant car seat) it was very easy to feed the seatbelt through and lock it down with the Easy Lock lever, I did not have to put my weight in the car seat to get it tight. I like the pull strap release on the LATCH buckles. The rotate feature is my favorite feature by far! My 25 month old can climb in by herself when the car seat is rotated to face the car door. I hurt my back from lifting the toddler after having my second baby. The most difficult lifts I had to do with her were getting her in and out of her rear facing convertible car seat. If I had this car seat back then it would have really helped, maybe even avoided the 10 weeks of physical therapy I ended up having to do. Be aware that the user manual requires the top tether to be used forward facing (and you want to use it, it greatly reduces head movement in an accident), the rotate feature will not work unless you detach the tether each time. This is not huge negative for me because I plan rear face until at least 3 years old, by that time she will easily be able to climb in and out of the car seat without rotating. When I checked out the seat in the house I was very excited to see how upright the seat can sit while rear facing. I thought my toddler could sit upright and have lots of leg room and see out the window better when she is awake and I could easily recline the seat more when she takes an occasional nap in the car. When it is installed in my car however, the only positions that can be used according to the level indicator are the 4 most reclined positions. There is not really any more leg room than with our other convertible car seat and she is at about the same recline. I only had to move my front passenger seat up one notch to allow the Sirona to recline fully for a newborn, it is very unusual for such a large seat to take up so little front to back space! For forward facing, only the most upright position can be used in my car, the level indicator was barely in the red zone (red is for forward facing, blue is for rear facing). Pros: -A load leg and L.S.P on a convertible car seat! -Looks like it will work well for a small newborn -Does not take up much room front to back even in the most reclined position -High rear facing capacity, 4-50 lbs. and 17"-49" -High forward facing capacity, 22-65 lbs. and 28"-49" -The headrest adjusts smoothly and easily up and down -Very well cushioned and comfortable for babies and toddlers, when I press the seat bottom cushion with my hand I can't even feel the plastic through the very thick cushion -The harness adjuster moves very smoothly and easily when loosening or tightening the harness -Retractable L.S.P. only takes up extra width in your car when in use -LATCH strap pull release mechanism is easy to use -Clear, easy to understand user manual and stickers on the car seat -10 year expiration date Cons: -The chest clip is stiff to buckle and unbuckle, this may get better with use -Only 5 of the 12 recline positions are usable in my car -The rotate feature isn't really useful in forward facing mode because of the top tether -The user manual is clear, but very long with many rules for using the different features, it took me several days of spare moments to read the whole manual, it is a little overwhelming -Not certified for use on aircraft, this is not a huge con, I assure you that you do not want to lug this gigantic car seat onto a plane I recommend this car seat for a newborn or a toddler! I used an infant car seat for both of my newborns but the Sirona reclines enough for a newborn and would still allow an adult to sit comfortably in front, I will definitely consider it for the next baby! I think the rotate feature is especially useful with larger rear facing toddlers, they are so heavy to lift in and out. I received this car seat for free in exchange for my honest review.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Serahope
Extremely Convenient!
March 13, 2020
This carseat is truly so convenient. I love the ease of putting my son in and swirving the carseat back to rear facing. It's extremely cushioned but doesn't seem to make my son sweat so that's a plus. The carseats appearance is very elegant, the stitching is nice, it looks extremely well made. The only issue I had with this carseat was the installation. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to install and a few times going over the manual. You just have to find what works for you when it comes to installation. The mounting post did not work for my car so I don't use that feature but all in all it seems very secure and hardly moves. My son overall loves it and seems so cozy.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Suehey
March 12, 2020
Honestly this it's the best car seat I ever had for my kids I love it and works perfectly for mi family because I don't have to re-install every time I have to use it either for my toddler or my baby I just install once and that's all honestly this it's he best!!!! I highly recommend this car seat
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Trey
Harvey IL
Treyan next seat
March 10, 2020
It came in the mail two weeks ago. I ordered it maybe two week before. So far I love the style of it, it's nice and heavy. The best part I love about it is, you can turn it around and punch from infant to toddler.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Joyfulday
Hartsdale, NY
Best carseat we've used!
March 10, 2020
We had over 5 carseats (all from different brands) so far and this is by far the best carseat we've ever had! Pro: - the belt is easy to put on and easy to adjust the length - baby's head does NOT move around! (we had this issue with some other carseats) - baby is very comfortable and happy in it (he doesn't complain) - it feels very safe and sturdy - I love that we can technically adjust the carseat positions and move it 360 degrees. - I love that my son can grow in this carseat. It manages wide range of height and weight. - love the design! Looks very high quality. Con: - compared to other carseats I have owned, it was slightly more complicated to install but its easily managed if you watch their manual video - heavy - it may be heavy for a single mom to carry it - I still have a hard time moving the carseat 360 degrees.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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