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Tallahassee, Florida
Great Stroller and good customer service
December 17, 2021
Great stroller, easy to use if you get hold of it, just pay attention to how you fold it as it's not obvious but once you get it it becomes natural
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Chandler, Az
I love this stroller!!!!!
November 7, 2021
I'm a ftm and I did a lot of research on strollers. One main factor is that I live in the 3rd floor so I needed something that wasn't too heavy or bulky. I am sooo happy with this stroller!! My baby is 6 months old now and it is one of the best buys I have made. I also have received several compliments on it.
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Norwalk CT
Smart Designs and Thoughtful Features for your LO!
February 15, 2021
We've been a fan of Cybex since our first LO in 2018. My husband gives impromptu tutorials / sales pitch to all of our expecting friends with our previous Balios S and Cloud Q care seat. We're expecting our 2nd LO late summer and living out in the burbs will be a completely different experience. The Balios S Lux stroller is a nicer upgrade. Leather trim adds a sophisticated element. The S Lux stroller was slightly heavier than our old one, which now isn't as much of a trouble. However, when we would travel or when I traveled alone with my son, weight of the stroller and car seat was always my concern. I can see the extra weight of the S Lux making it more of a challenge. I was nervous venturing to NYC on my own knowing some of the stations lacked elevator access. Maybe I just need to power lift more and build up my upper build strength. Wished the under basket was a little bigger like the Eezy model. I wasn't hauling a bajillion toys and bags, but in the transitional months in the city. Sometimes, the under basket just couldn't handle my winter puff and my diaper bag. The Aton 2 car seat is lighter which would've have helped my initial needs shuffling my son in and out of the car to doctor. We had the Could Q which is slightly heavier, though I found myself at the pediatricians office with 2 flights of stairs and no elevator access. Wished the Aton 2 had the same full recline feature as in the Cloud Q. Loved that about the Cloud Q - was able to leave my son in there if he fell asleep from the car ride home. Of course, not in full recline while in the car but when we transported the car seat to the stroller. I know my husband prefers the LSP feature of the Cloud Q over the Aton 2. Both car seat LSP make have the same safety features, just the Cloud Qs seems more reliable. Love the integrated foldaway canopy - genius! Overall, we are happy with the new Cybex stroller and car seat.
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Los Angeles, CA
Super Stylish Stroller!
February 3, 2021
I received my Balios S Lux SLV Travel System as part of Savvy Parents Sampling program, and initially we were very impressed with the system. It came very well packaged, and our first thoughts were that the product itself was well-made and sturdy. The fabric lining on the seat is very high quality and overall it looks great. A stylish stroller system is hard to find! My favorite feature of this stroller is the one-handed easy fold. I've never used a stroller before that allowed me to hold the baby and close a stroller at the same time. It's also lightweight enough that I can fold it and lift it into the car one-handed. It may seem like a small thing, but it's incredibly helpful when the baby is fussy and doesn't want to be put down. I'm also really happy with the canopy. It provides a tremendous amount of shade, which is nice for a newborn to nap under with minimal sun. Installation on the other hand was a bit of a challenge. The load leg was hard to adjust to fit our car, and after we got the base secured, we clipped in the car seat - not the easiest, but after a few tries, you get the hang of it. We shook the car seat side to side, and it seemed very loose. The installation was a huge headache, but the product itself seems very well made.
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Kissimmee, FL
Sleek, stylish stroller and carrier.
February 3, 2021
We ordered this product a while ago for an easier stroller to manage in the car. I can say without doubt that it was the best investment for our daughter. The baby carrier is top of the line safety securing the seat to the car with ease and confidence. Being a firefighter paramedic I see many child seats installed improperly but when they are installed to proper specs, a child in a car seat is more safe than anyone else in the car. This car seat provided proper padding and belts to secure our daughter and provide comfort for long car ride sleeping. The stroller was easy to fold up and still left plenty of room in the trunk for my gear for work. Overall pleased with everything!
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A perfect comfort yet compact combo
February 2, 2021
The Aton 2 car seat got my attention due to the awards for design and safety. Two things that I really care about. Its so easy to use, snap and go, light weight, I feel my baby is super comfortable (in fact he takes long naps on the Car seat, even outside the car) and gives me peace on the safety matter. The S Lux is so well made, sturdy and yet compact and comfortable. Never had an issue going trough different terrains. The seat could be a bit deeper (but my son is super tal for his age, so is not even a con). I'm really happy with this combo, and most of all, my baby is safe.
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February 2, 2021
This is the best travel system that I've seen! The quality, the manufacturing, the details are incredible. Very comfortable and the stroller let me have my baby in two directions (rear and front) which is awesome because sometimes my baby wants to see me while we are having a ride. The basket down the sit, is pretty big, which let me put my baby's stuff and mine too. About the car seat, is pretty easy to install and my baby is very comfortable in it. I really loved this travel system and I would recommend it to every person who ask me about it!
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Madison, WI
A sturdy, smooth, and easy-to-use travel system!
January 30, 2021
We are big fans of this system! I will outline our experience with the car seat and stroller seperately: Cybex Aton2 seat: This car seat has a solid yet lightweight construction, and balances well when being carried with one arm. The car seat engages and releases from the base very easily, without requiring additional rocking or rotation of the seat. Installation of the car seat base is very quick and secure, especially when using the LATCH system. In particular, the belt tensioning plate provides an added layer of rigidity to the LATCH installation, and the result is little to no side-to-side movement. I also really like the sturdiness of the adjustable loading leg. The side impact bar that can be extended on the side of the car seat handle is another nice unique feature that I haven't seen on other models. While the car seat canopy doesn't extend beyond midway, it still provides adequate shielding from glare. Balios S Stroller: Assembling this stroller was very straightforward assembly. The stroller is made from great quality materials; and feels simultaneously luxurious and rugged. I love the overall look/design of this stroller, and it is very easy to maneuver. I am a big fan of the oversized rear wheels! They provide a very smooth ride and handle uneven terrain very nicely. The swivel cup holder attachment is a very nice and unique feature as well! When completely folded up, I measure the stroller at 24"W x 30" H x 18.5" D; it doesn't lay "flat" (more like a pyramid), so this should be taken into account when considering storage/trunk space.
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Chicagoland Area, Illinois
Awesome Stroller Travel System
January 27, 2021
This stroller was very easy to assemble and folds easily as well. The suspension feels nice when pushing over uneven surfaces and over all the stroller pushes really well. The added parent cup holder is nice but thin so it will only fit cups on the thinner side. The rain cover was a nice addition as well, I used it to block wind in the cold and help insulate baby on our winter walk. The cannopy is very large which is nice for both sunny days and if baby falls asleep in the stroller. The seat is also higher which makes accessing the storage basket much easier than I am use to. As for the carseat my overall experience of installing the base was excellent. I was able to easily install the base by following the quick guide printed on the base. I then read through the manual afterward to double check everything was installed correctly, and it was! The latch connectors are great and make it easy to install or remove the base. With the huge variety of different cars on the road these days, the level indicator built into the base provides excellent piece of mind that you have installed the base at the appropriate angle. The load leg provides great support. I also appreciated the green button that pops out when the car seat is placed into the base to confirm that a good latch has been made. My favorite feature is the belt tensioning plate, it makes it easy and simple to get the base nice and snug against the seat. This means no more cranking on the strap at an awkward angle to try to get it tight enough, instead it's a more natural motion pushing straight down on a large plate to get the base tightened into place. The main downside to the carseat is the canopy feels very short when trying to use it in the stroller with the adapters. Overall I am reallt enjoying both items and I feel my baby is very safe in them!
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Acworth, GA
LUXURY Stroller/ Car seat combo!
January 24, 2021
This is honestly one of the nicest stroller/car seats that I have ever seen! The infant seat is what I would call the "lazy boy" of car seats! My son was so comfortable in it. And the stroller is so sleek and easy to operate. Absolutely 10/10 recommended! Bonus points that the stroller comes with a protective rain shield!
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Stamford, ct
High quality, beautiful and functional
January 20, 2021
The balios a lux stroller looked and felt great right out of the box. Took minutes to put together and immediately we could tell it was built well. The wheels are perfect for uneven sidewalks and going up and down curbs. The basket is nice and sturdy and I LOVE how deep the recline is . The stroller fabric feels and looks premium and it folds really nicely. The Aton carseat was super easy to install and weighs very little. Pairs well with the cybex strollers and is a great stand alone carseat. Couldn't be happier with this pairing!
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New Orleans, Louisiana
Great quality but fabric made baby sweat
January 18, 2021
We have use the carseat and stroller travel system and love the quality. The design and fabric looks luxurious but it does not allow for decent airflow. My baby would come out moise and sweaty on the back and neck area.
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January 18, 2021
The Cybex Balios S LUX and Aton 2 Travel System combines convenience and comfort into one safe and stylish package. It includes the stroller, car seat and base, and car seat adapters. The stroller has a reversible seat unit which can be easily positioned in forward or parent-facing mode using the memory buttons. The independent back and leg adjustments offer multiple positions allowing you to place your child for comfort. The car seat is lightweight weighing only 9 lbs which we found very easy to carry. The safety features in the car seat includes side impact protection and a leg base to reduce its movement. We loved this travel system.
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West Virginia
Ride in Style
January 17, 2021
The only stroller I will be using from now on! Not only is this travel system nice to look at, it all rides so smoothly! I can push my 2 year old and easily steer it with one hand while carrying my 5 m/o. I like that baby can face me or the world. There's one center mechanism that locks both back wheels with ease. And switching from the seat to the infant carrier is ridiculously easy. The only negative thing I have to say is that while the cup holder holds varying sizes of sippy cups, it doesn't hold mommy's 20 oz coffee tumbler. The infant carriers canopy is made from thin, breathable material and snaps, rather than velcroing on, which is nice. And the arm that adds extra stability to the carrier while in the car gives me added piece of mind.
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Tina M.
Boston, MA
Style and comfort!
January 17, 2021
I'be been using this stroller for 10 days every day and I'm loving it! I've used a few different type strollers before as this is my second child. I like strollers that are easy to fold as this one. It was very easy to assemble. I usually ask my husband to do it, but when the stroller arrived I couldn't wait and put it together myself. It took me less than 20 minutes! The only thing that was not easy to figure out was attaching the canopy to the stroller. I love the style and the look of it. I find very useful the the height -adjustable handle, as I'm short and my husband is tall and we are always adjusting it. The stroller is very light to push and I love the pivot front wheels. It has a basket with lots of space (please check all the stuff I have in the basket in this picture!). Bit plus is the cup holder!
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Great stroller but would pass on the car seat
January 16, 2021
Car seat pros: - Lightweight and feels lighter than my other infant car seats, but this isn't particularly useful for me beyond 5-6 months. After that, we mostly lift the baby in/out of it. - Recline is smooth and easy to adjust. - Seat seems really well cushioned and comfortable. I appreciate the snaps on the strap cushions instead of velcro. - Base is easy to install in both cars (mid size sedan and large SUV). The load leg is a new feature I haven't seen elsewhere, and it provides extra stability and security. Cons: - The release on the handles on car seat bar are placed awkwardly. Difficult to move bar. If sun canopy isn't entirely retracted, the bar cannot be pulled forward over the car seat. - Sun canopy is useless as it barely covers the baby's head. The plastic part gets stuck on the car seat bar. Since all the edges of the plastic part aren't adhered to anything, it gets caught on things easily. - Releasing the car seat from the base is difficult and has a learning curve. The release button is placed on the base, which is hard to reach when it is installed in the car, and there are two buttons to push, which is hard to do with one hand pushing up against the back of the seat in front of it. After pressing the release, you have to lift up from the baby's feet first, then the rest of the car seat lifts out. This is all new to me, as I've always had infant car seats that have a release directly on the car seat, which lifted straight up out of the base. Travel system pros: - Aesthetically, it is beautiful and classic, definitely a stroller I'd like to show off. The sleek black and silver look great with the brown leather handles. - The adjustable height handle bar is an awesome feature, as there is a large height difference between my husband and me. - It is really easy to maneuver and turn with even one hand. - Generously sized storage basket underneath. - The sun canopy is generous and looks great, but I don't like how clunky it feels when you open and retract it. - The adjustable footrest is helpful if the child falls asleep and you wish to recline the seat. - Wheels are great and smooth for all surfaces that I've tried (pavement, grass, dirt, gravel). Cons: - Opening/collapsing the stroller isn't as easy as they make it seem. I can not manage to do it with one hand, and I always fold it down the wrong way. It isn't super intuitive, and it has taken me multiple tries before opening/closing successfully. - Takes up more space than my other stroller when collapsed, and it is heavier. If I had more storage, this would be a beautiful additional stroller to have on hand for city trips and every day use. If you have limited storage, I would probably pass for something a little more compact and easy to use. - Brake is awkwardly angled and needs a lot of pressure so when trying to apply the brake without a child in it, the front of the stroller lifts up. - The cup holder attaches to the side of the stroller, which makes it bump into things more easily. The other strollers I've had utilize a cup holder on the handle, so that it is more accessible and doesn't make the stroller wider. Overall, the stroller is really nice, and if I had more space, I would definitely get it. It is so beautiful, smooth, and comfortable for the caregiver and the baby. I would just never collapse it unless we were doing a trip downtown or something. The car seat, on the other hand, is a big pass for me. For something higher end, it seems poorly designed/made.
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Cleveland, OH
Great so far, nice smooth-riding stroller.
January 11, 2021
INFANT CAR SEAT: We haven't had a chance to use it yet for the new one on the way but we've played around with the installation in the car and clicking it in/out of the stroller. The materials seem to be of high quality and the seat has good construction. Compared to our (albiet cheaper) Evenflo Sibby infant seat, I like that the fabric on this one doesn't slide around/come off on the bottom and side edges. At the same time it is easy to wipe clean. Also, compared to the Sibby travel system we had previously, this one seems to connect in and out of the stroller with more ease (less wiggling or sliding around til it clicks). This may be a "you get what you pay for"-type issue. Lastly, we like that the seat and stroller both have clean lines and a classic/timeless, gender-neutral color scheme. STROLLER: We've had the chance to go for some winter walks with this w/ our toddler, and by the time Spring hits we'll see how agreeable our two-year-old will be with riding in a stroller (?!). With that said I can attest to its performance over light patches of snow/ice. So far after about a month's worth of use anyway, there are no squeaks or rattles and it handles well. I still think the old hand-me-down jogging stroller works better in winter, but for a "travel system" stroller, it's nice to know you can still get around well in the Midwest all-year :-) My toddler seems comfortable in it (or at least doesn't seem UNcomfortable). The handlebar is comfortable and easy to quickly adjust--so my husband and I can both easily move it to the ideal position for our use. The folding took a couple times to get the hang of it. We may not have used it enough for the folding to be intuitive. Once it's folded though it is very compact- more compact than the Sibby so easier to slide into the trunk or store in our house. OVERALL: We mainly love that the whole thing is very lightweight, visually-appealing, and the seat clicks in/out of the stroller easily making for seamless transitions in/out of car. However the folding is a bit difficult--again maybe we just have to get used to it but I don't remember having such a hard learning curve with our (cheaper) Evenflo Sibby.
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Orange County, CA
Ultra smooth ride and luxe finishes
January 9, 2021
The Balios S Lux stroller is a dream to use. The installation was quick and straightforward, using the illustrated instruction manual. The only confusing part was figuring out how to attach the shade canopy. My initial impression is the stroller had an ultra smooth push, with lots of finishes that give it a luxe high-end feel, and there are many adjustment options to tailor the stroller to both the parent and the rider. I received the Black finish instead of the Soho Grey, so my photos will look different than the actual product. Pros XL shade canopy Lightweight seat assembly is easy to lift Easy to switch seat from parent facing and forward facing, vice versa Ultra smooth wheels glides like a dream Easy to adjust the height of handlebar - we are 5'4" and 6'2" Cup holder can be installed on either side of stroller, you can probably install two holders if needed Nice sturdy handle to lift the stroller when closed Sandal-friendly wheel locking/unlocking mechanism - tap down, instead of having to lift up Nice padded seat, comfortable for my daughter Cons Difficult to undo the latch to open the stroller Can only access the peek a boo window if the shade is unzipped ----- The Aton 2 infant car seat and base is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and install/remove from the stroller and the car seat base. Pros Lightweight but secure Very easy to install in the stroller and carseat base Plush padding for baby Cons Shade canopy is smaller than expected
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Smooth and functional!
January 9, 2021
Great value! Sleek lines and easy to use. The car seat has nice padding to cushion baby, but not so much that they run out of room to grow. Stroller is lightweight (comparatively) and folds up easily and is narrow enough to fit in the trunk.
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New Jersey
Luxury travel system - all you could want
January 9, 2021
I was so excited to get this travel system for both the car seat and the stroller. The car seat is nice comfy and safe. The base has the extra load leg which makes it so much safer. What I wasn't aware of is it also has a little wing on the side that you can flip out on the door side of the car seat that is added protection in a side impact car accident. I like that you can use it with the base and without so I can use it other cars or taxis even. The handle ergonomic and easy to grip from the center and the side for when you hip carry the seat - since it is on the heavier side of the "light" infant car seats (9lbs). I LOVE how nicely the stroller maneuvers and folds with one hand and the super large storage space underneath that is opened to the "driver" making it easy to grab what you need (but also has enough space in the front to pull something from the bottom if you are infront of the stroller)- all the essentials are covered well. Additionally, it folds small and stays standing making the loading and unloading into a trunk easy. The extras such as the adjustable height handle (which is easy and smooth) adjustable car seat or child seat attachment also function easily and smoothly. I love that the seat can be placed forward or reverse, and can easily be fully reclined to keep a napping kid comfortably asleep. The extra large canopy is also a big plus for this! Another extra nice feature is that the height is perfect for a table so if you're at a restaurant or food court you can just wheel the stroller to the table without having to deal with a high chair. The only down side again is the weight (28lbs)- but that is also what makes it sturdy and a stroller I can confidently use with an older as well as a younger kid.
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Hereford, AZ
Sleek & Safe
January 5, 2021
I love this system it has a luxurious, modern design while still being comfortable & safe for little ones. It is lightweight, easy to push & easy to store. I would highly recommend, especially because the design allows your child to easily see the view around them, making stroller rides much more fun & exciting.
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Austin, TX
Excellent Travel System
January 4, 2021
I've been using this system for a couple months now with my 1-year-old and it has been excellent. The stroller isn't wobbly like some other competitors' in a similar price point, the car seat is very comfy, and my 4-year-old can even fit in the stroller! The brown leather accents make it a very pretty stroller as well. The only drawback is the car seat is quite heavy, so it can be difficult to move around with a larger baby. I had to read the manual to figure out how to collapse the stroller because it was not intuitive, but once I figured it out it was very easy.
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kansas city, MO
A great car seat and stroller combo
December 28, 2020
This car seat and stroller combo is the best thing that I could have asked for. My baby is comfortable with sitting in both of them she doesn't wake up when walking so it a good ride. I will be telling my friends about this combo they are going to love it.
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Great stroller, great car seat
December 9, 2020
As a diehard Uppababy fan, I wasn't sure I'd like this set. To my surprise, I loved the stroller. The completely flat seat, sunshade, and springy shock absorbers are particular highlights. It feels a little less sturdy than my trusty Uppababy Cruz, and the wheels stuck a couple times on curbs and cracks that we normally manage with ease. But the benefits make this a very desirable stroller, especially from birth. The car seat is excellent, but we only were able to use it for 2 weeks before my very large 9 month old was above the height limit. The size range is smaller than the Uppababy Mesa, which is tough for people who (like me) only have 90+ percentile babies. I'd definitely use this from birth with a future child, though. It's a great seat.
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Excellent ease of use with a high quality look
December 9, 2020
In short, this travel system is a perfect combination of compact size and high quality. It sacrifices neither. Here's my experience after a few weeks of usage: Installation and setup: incredibly easy to set up out of the box. It was fully intuitive and I could do it without reading through the instructions and it only took about 20 min all in all. Configurations: easily switch from forward to rear facing seating for both the car seat and the stroller seat. It literally takes 5 seconds! I especially love that after you press the release buttons on the seat positioner you can take it off without having to hold the release buttons while removing it. In my experience, I can better grip the seat and remove it without having to use as much force and I can do it using only one hand if I'm holding either the car seat or my toddler daughter in the other hand. Connecting the car seat and the stroller is super easy using the connectors, but I'd love to see a stroller that doesn't require connectors to use the car seat to avoid having to carry them around when you want to switch between the stroller seat, the cot, and the car seat. Ease of use: navigates various terrains easily, great turn radius, easy and smooth to push. My daughter loves to help push it when she's walking next to the stroller. The wheels are solid and I have no problem going up and down sidewalks, getting into public transport, or navigating other somewhat uneven terrain. I also really like that I can move the stroller handlebar up and down using only one hand. My partner and I prefer different heights and often switch who is pushing the stroller when we're out for walks, and it's super easy to change the height without having to stop and adjust the handlebar. Design: great design and high quality look of the entire system. I've received many compliments on this stroller setup from neighbors and friends. As I mentioned, it's easy to use, and I find it very smooth and comfortable for my daughter compared to other models that are designed for traveling or compact living. I'd love it if they would have a protective travel bag designed for this stroller and car seat since I'd like to keep them safe when traveling. Car seat: we're using the Aton 2 car seat with the stroller. It's one of the lightest car seats I've ever tried, I can easily carry it in one hand and move it around without feeling the weight. Obviously once the child is in the seat it gets heavier, but at least you don't have to worry about the added weight of the seat itself. For us it's essential that the car seat can easily be moved from car to car. When using the lap belt to secure it, it takes about a 1 minute or less to get it strapped in with the child already seated in the car seat. We use the base in our primary car, and it's easy to install, but I recommend watching installation videos beforehand to ensure you do it right and feel confident in your setup. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the car. We have the Aton 2 and the Sirona S both setup in our backseat with room between the two car seats for one more person in the middle. While the shoulder straps require a slight re-treading to change height position, it's easy to do and doesn't require you to take any seat parts apart to do so. Overall, I definitely recommend this setup and it's definitely my preferred day to day stroller!
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Sunnyvale, CA
Solid Construction.
November 29, 2020
My 2nd son will be arriving in about 30 days and I wanted a new stroller and car seat combo. This combo caught my eye and I decided to test it out. First off, the box it came in was super heavy. It might have been better if they shipped it in 2 separate boxes. Next, construction for the stroller is solid. Everything screamed well built and expensive! I would not recommend it for traveling. Folding it and lifting it into my SUV was awkward. The stroller is very heavy and I am not sure how my wife who would have just given birth be able to lift it up into the vehicle. But using this around the neighborhood, this is perfect. The wheels has suspensions in them so any bumpy road would not be an issue. Last, the car seat, which is one of the lightest I have ever carried. This is awesome. I remembered for my first son, I gave up using the car seat from a different brand after 6 months because he plus the car seat equaled my arm breaking. I reckon with this car seat, I can use it till at least 9 to 12 months and the weight would still be acceptable. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. No plans to travel anytime soon, so using it around the neighborhood, this would fit the bill perfectly!
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Sleek and portable travel system
November 28, 2020
I have used the Bugaboo stroller and the Chicco travel system and this is hands down my favourite for the following reasons: 1. This Cybex product is a true travel system. You can easily remove the seater portion of the stroller, snap the connectors into place and snap the car seat on the stroller base. There's no need to purchase connectors as this is included. 2. The stroller design is sleek and compact, making it perfect for travel. It folds into two and takes up less space than your typical travel system. 3. The umbrella on the stroller hangs lower, providing protection from the elements. The front part has a net in the centre that assures good ventilation. I put my 4 month old on the stroller, extend the umbrella all the way, and then cover the lower part of her body with a blanket and we're good to go. 4. Stroller is smooth and sturdy. It is also easy to assemble. I use it for my 4 month old and 2year old. 5. The car seat base has a leg (see photo) that provides added protection for the car seat. It holds the base in place too if it tilts towards the front. I like the extra protection Like the stroller, the car seat is a sleek design. I like that I can configure the base for a newborn or an older baby. This ensures the right tilt forward or backward. The base can be set in the vehicle with the base connector or the seat belt. I haven't owned a car seat that does both. I used both the seat belt mechanism and the connectors to secure the base. The car seat cover/umbrella has a sturdy rubber at its top rim. I really don't care at all for this feature but it's a personal preference. I don't see that it has any particular impact on the travel system. Overall, I love the product. Time will tell how long it holds up but it is sturdy and the wheels on that stroller is suitable for a jogger. I expect it to last a while and withstand plenty of rough terrain.
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Astoria, NY
The SUV of Strollers
November 27, 2020
Up-side: it's very solid, well built, and has great suspension. This is ideal for a family with lots of space at home and space in their vehicle. Down-side: it's a tank. If you're an urbanite in NYC living in a 2nd floor walk-up, it's almost impossible to use. It's heavy, does not collapse much, and easy to carry.
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Columbia, SC
Great features!
November 25, 2020
We've had this for a few weeks and I love it! The stroller rides so smooth! It's a little on the heavy side and it does take two hands to fold and put in the trunk, which can be difficult with little ones, but I love all the features.
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New York, NY
Easy to use, compact but wide enough for baby
November 24, 2020
We have been using Cybex MIOS for more than 1 year. We loved it is light, and easy to use. But, as our son grows, we started feeling the width is getting tight for him. Then we purchased this. Overall, it is as easy as MIOS to use. It's wider, and the frame is stronger, makes the weight heavier. But the bigger basket space is also more useful. Only feedback point was found when we turned the seat to face us. After tidying to put on a car, we found the seat is not easy to open, the bottom of the seat stacks with the basket. The car seat is just normal. We also have Cybex Cloud Q. Comparing with it, the overall quality and functionality are just normal.
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Queens, NY
Smooth ride; easy to use!
November 24, 2020
It is the stroller's features that separate it from others. Living in the city, we encounter uneven sidewalks and potholes. The large wheels make for a smooth ride and bumps are no obstacle or worry while out. My one year old stays safe and secure and feels no noticeable difference due to the way the stroller absorbs the shock on uneven pavement. As someone who has purchased another stroller in the same price category, I am blown away by how far superior the features are and what a difference it makes in my life. Something so simple as the strap covers being attached AND removable. Genius! A cup holder that actually keeps my drink secure on our walks - no spillage! A seat that is able to go 100% flat so my babe can nap comfortably for longer. I would have to say my favorite feature is how small and light the stroller is, while being heavy duty. I am able to single handily fold the stroller to fit in the corner of my apartment. It also folds so quickly and is extremely light weight that getting it in and out of the car with two kids is a breeze. My only criticism is you need to have the footrest of the seat in a certain position to open back up easily or else it gets stuck. Overall, I think this stroller is superior to my previous "city" stroller and the two umbrella strollers we have gone throught!
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Teaneck, NJ
Quite Impressed!
November 22, 2020
I received Balios S Lux in exchange for my honest review. I have many Cybex products, including their platinum line Priam stroller, which we purchased in 2018 and used from birth for my son. Let me just say, at half the price tag of the priam, this Balios S Lux is definitely no downgrade and overall, a better stroller! First, It comes with the cup holder, which was a nice add in! Assembly was simple except for the canopy which I found to be very difficult to put on (not sure if that was user error but it was far more challenging than the Priam). The fabric and feel of the handles are all superior to my Priam. As is the storage basket, which is larger, more open and has much easier access. The steering and ride are absolutely wonderful...with a nice smooth feel. The addition of the padded sides on the seat back was a plus for both comfort and warmth (this feature was something I wished my Priam had). The one very noticeable difference between the two is that my Priam has way more clearance under the canopy for my son to grow. While he just turned two this month, he is on the taller side and His head sits just below the top of the Balios seatback, so not much room for extended use. Overall, it is a very nice stroller and between my Priam and BabyZen, the Balios is my new fav to keep in the car for being out and about.
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Phoenix, AZ
Amazing Travel System
November 17, 2020
I received this travel system a few days ago, and my first thought was that it looked very nice. The car seat is very cushiony which I prefer for my baby, and very light weight! The stroller is lightweight as well and has a neat fancy design. My baby girl loves the car seat so far (I wasn't done pulling on the straps before taking this picture). It does have some features I hadn't seen in other car seats for example the side impact protection. I haven't been able to place my baby into the stroller without the car seat since she is still small but I am looking forward to it! I definitely recommend this travel system to anyone who is considering buying it. (: Thank you Cybex!
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Hampstead, NC
Luxurious, Well made Travel System
November 15, 2020
I had the pleasure of receiving this travel system through the evenflo product review group. This is a top of the line travel system. Being a mom of three, I've used many travel systems, strollers, and car seats and this is one of my favorites. When you open the box, you're welcomed with that lovely new car smell. The leather on the stroller provides this. It's truly an all senses, enjoyable activity to open, assemble and use this product. The materials used in production of this system are high quality. The fabrics and padding are plush and comfortable for my baby. The structure of the car seat and stroller are sturdy and safe. It gives me a sense of extra safety for my baby. I was impressed by the springs located above the wheels on the stroller. They work as shock absorbers while wheeling my little one around. It provides a smoother, more comfortable ride. The assembly of the stroller was a bit cumbersome, but I attribute that to how tightly and securely everything fits together, which overall isn't a bad thing. Once everything was assembled, I didn't have any struggles using the stroller or the car seat. This travel system truly is made for someone who is living within the city. It is quite large and the stroller isn't very compact when folded down. But, if you mostly walk to all your daily locations, this system is a perfect. It's certainly made for long walks with elevated comfort for you and baby. Style and beauty were a top priority when this travel system was designed. It's apparent in the gorgeous stitching on both leather hand rests, and the shape and a sleekness of the entire system. If you're looking for safety, quality, and beauty in a travel system, this one is for you!
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In lovee!!
November 12, 2020
I can't be happier with this car. The material is excellent and luxurious, my baby is super comfortable and you see her is modern and safe. The stroller is super light, perfect to be able to store it in my vehicle and when we go out for a walk or to the mall I don't find it heavy or uncomfortable, on the contrary it is very comfortable. the basket compartment is super spacious. It allows you to also accommodate it in different positions. I recommend this car 100% super happy we are my baby and I
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Verified Buyer
This stroller is a Nightmare
April 18, 2020
terribly upset !!!! this stroller is my nightmare !!! from the first day the frame was constantly stuck and I could not fold it. we have been using it for 9 months and all these 9 months we have been suffering with it. I wanted to buy a separate new frame, but it is not sold separately. I'm tired already !!! I so dreamed about this stroller
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Tucson, Az
Verified Buyer
It gets stuck
June 23, 2019
I bought this stroller 6 months ago and it's not working out. When closing the stroller it gets stuck. The bottom of the seat gets stuck in the basket. Tried switching the seat facing forward and it won't click. So now the seat is separated from the base. My family dislikes this stroller and asks if I have a less complicated one. I am so disappointed, I really wanted this stroller. Now the stroller sits in my garage.
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Verified Buyer
I like it
January 28, 2019
I'd say I really like it, but I don't love it. If I could I would take only half a star off for the cons below.
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  • I like the color.
  • The harness straps are nice, baby loves to chew on the shoulder pads.
  • I like that it can face the parent or the world.
  • I do love the canopy, that's probably it's best feature!
  • It's not terribly heavy.
  • It fold weather the seat is facing on or out!
  • I don't like the way it folds, it's ok but could be better.
  • I wish the foot rest came up a little higher like other models do.
Boston, MA
Smooth Ride
December 28, 2018
We find this stroller to be a great product for our 9 month-old. Good features include the ability to flip the seat forwards or backwards, the extendable canopy, and easy locking / unlocking. One weakness is how tricky it is to fold up the stroller. The stroller is small and light enough, and has a very smooth ride. Lots of positions and options to keep baby comfortable.
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Boston, Ma
Definitely an Upgrade
December 12, 2018
My first thoughts when first using the Balios S was that it felt much more sturdy than my previous stroller. The adjustable handle, large storage basket, and sturdy frame all stood out as vast improvements over strollers I have used in the past, I never realized how nice it is to be able to adjust the size of your stroller to make things more comfortable. My favorite feature was the ability to be able to switch the seat from forward facing to rear facing as well as the ability to lay the seat down almost completely flat. My child had never been so comfortable in a stroller before! The seat straps are super easy to adjust and don't cause any additional headache like I have seen from previous strollers. The stroller does take a few attempts to figure out how to close it, but once you get the hang of it it's a piece of cake.
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Wilton, CT
Compact and Stylish Design
December 10, 2018
Great stroller. Cybex car seat is easy to snap into place and remove. Extendable handle makes is easy for both my wife and I to comfortably push the stroller. It does have some suspension, but not fully equipped for non paved paths. Folds and unfolds easily a majority of the time, but sometimes refuses to fold without repeated tries which can be frustrating. Wish there was a handle to pick the stroller up when using with car seat. Overall, we really like the stroller however. We get compliments everywhere we go on how compact it is and how nice it looks.
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Redding, CA, United States
Neat stroller!
December 6, 2018
I really like the flexibility of this stroller. It's not huge and bulky, but is sturdy. The storage underneath is a nice touch.
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Great, great Features!
December 6, 2018
I absolutely love the Bailos S stroller! There are so many amazing features that are must haves for my traveling family. Having all terrain wheels is very important and this stroller does not disappoint! It is smooth and very easy to maneuver. The handle bar has a cushion, which is a plus! I love the reversible seat, being able to have your child face you or face forward. Also the recline of the seat, allowing your child to lay flat. The extended canopy is also amazing, with a mesh screen that you can keep open or close! The Bailos S also has a large basket, which we know all us mothers and fathers need!! But one of the main features I was super impressed with is the foot rest. Having a tall baby, the foot rest is everything!
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Redmond, WA
Fantastic stroller, good mix of luxury and compact
December 4, 2018
We are very, very happy with this stroller. The main stand out feature for us is just how compact it gets for being a luxury premium stroller. Typically you get either one or the other (luxury OR compact), but this marries the two well. The brake is super easy and intuitive as well, which is surprising how many other strollers get this wrong. The massive canopy and peek a boo is nice, the ride is smooth, and the weight is not too heavy (but also not necessarily light). A few minor things set me back from giving it a full five stars. The plastic on the buckles and handle for carrying when it's collapsed felt a little low quality (even a bit sharp at some angles). The seating position is also at this in between level of not quite sitting upright but also not laying down. My son loves to sit straight up, which is something hard to find in strollers. This one gets him very close to that when we adjust, but still not how he prefers. Overall we're both very happy and it has taken the position as -the- stroller we use when we go out. We just leave it in the trunk of the car whenever we need it since it fits snugly.
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Atlanta, GA
So Much to Love!
December 2, 2018
I like pretty much everything about this stroller. It was easy to put together, looks stylish, and drives like a dream. I really appreciate how this stroller is comfortable for my 18-month-old as well as my much taller 4-year-old. The two footrests allow your child to grow and still fit comfortably. I absolutely love the zippered extension of the stroller's canopy. If you have a sleeping baby, the canopy will keep all the light (or anything else) out of his/her face. The handlebar height adjusts easily because of the telescope design, which, being a taller mom, I simply adore. And probably my very favorite feature is the brake. It's a lever style, so you push it down one way to lock and push it the other way to unlock. You will never scrape the top of your flip-flop-clad foot again when trying to unlock your stroller. It's the best. The one thing I don't love about this stroller is that it's a little hard to fold. I have to sort of jimmy the handle a bit in order to get it to work. But overall, this stroller is great!
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Valrico, Fl
Such an amazing stroller
December 2, 2018
I'm falling in love all over again with this stroller this 3rd time around with my new addition of my daughter . The cyber balios s is such a easy stroller to push with its wheels and and such elegant design and extended sun canopy that is perfect for afternoon walks to the park that helps keep the shade out of my little one eyes. I love how easily compacted it folds making it easy to store in my trunk for a mom on the go like myself . I definetly recommend this to any mom on the run always like me.
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Mamma b.
Chesterfield, Virginia
Lavastone Black Balios S
November 27, 2018
The quality and style of this stroller are excellent! I love how easy it is to push and my toddler enjoys riding in it. The seat and harness are comfortable and well made. It feels durable and modern. I took it to the park yesterday and it did wonderful! Even on grass it glides well. I love that my Cybex Aton 2 infant car seat fits on it great! The only feature I wish it had was a standing riding spot for my toddler later, but after searching online I found that Cybex sells a "kid board" you can add on to the stroller. The assembly of the stroller can be a little tricky, but Cybex has a step by step video online to help you out. Overall, I have no negatives and it seems that the parent and child's need were well thought out in the making of this stroller.
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New Jersey, United States
Smooth Wheeling Stroller with all the Perks
November 27, 2018
I am already in love with the Cybex Balios S! The stroller came practically assembled. I just had to attach the wheels and the shade canopy. The manual has pictures that explain the different functions of the stroller. If you have a hard time understanding them Cybex has instructional videos on their website. The only thing I had a hard time understanding was how to fold the stroller. First you fold down the seat, and then you have to push the handle down and out at the same time. I appreciated the attention to detail Cybex showed in this stroller. The shade canopy almost completely covers the seat and has a mesh peek a boo window. The seat fully reclines. The straps are easily adjustable. The brake is large and easy to use. One can easily lock and unlock the front wheels by stepping a switch. The pads that cover the straps even come with a small elastic that lock them into place so that they don't slide around. The stroller folds easily and compactly, and you don't even have to remove the seat. It is very easy to reverse the seat. The stroller comes with a rain canopy, a cupholder, and car seat attachments. The stroller is not heavy and easy to carry. I was easily able to carry it up a flight of steps with one hand. The bottom of the seat has a handle to hold the carriage once it's folded. The stroller is made well and feels very sturdy. It is very easy to buckle a child into the stroller, and I was able to adjust the straps while my child was in the stroller. There is a five-point harness, but you only have to deal with two straps that click in easily. The stroller is comfortable and rides amazingly smooth. The sidewalk where I live is very uneven and bumpy, and the stroller easily glided over the big cracks and bumps. The shocks really absorbed most of the impact. You can recline and raise the seat while the child is in it. The handlebar adjusts with one hand to find the perfect height. It pushes well and practically feels weightless, even while pushing a 30 pound 2 year old! Cybex really outdid themselves with this stroller! They thought of everything a mom could want and ingenuously incorporated it into the Cybex Balios S. This stroller is definitely a winner!
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Mhad M.
New York/Georgia
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller
November 2, 2018
This stroller is extremely easy to assemble. It’s a simple stroller that’s mommy made in heaven. My niece is super comfy in the stroller. My sister and I love the stroller.
Catherine P.
Verified Buyer
Love this stroller!,
October 3, 2018
Love the quality for my granddaughter

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