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By Ellie
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Incredible product!
March 20, 2016
Love everything about this seat. Super solid and sturdy so I know our little girl is safe. Install is only a bit time consuming but the install videos are very detailed and helpful. Seat sits pretty high so my daughter is able to see out of the window which seems so make a huge difference because she no longer fusses on long rides! So happy with this choice!
By Cristen
Oakland, CA
Looooove this car seat
March 20, 2016
The Foonf is by far the best car seat on the market. It's so incredibly safe....heavy. I know my son is protected in this. We also have the Diono Rainier and there in no comparing the two, the foonf is hands down the better choice. We only purchased the Diono after trying to get the Foonf through airport security....what a pain.....I would not recommend as it doesn't fit through the scanner and takes a long time to get inspected by the TSA people who are obviously pissed about having to haul this heavy seat over to inspection. The only downside to this seat is it doesn't have a washable cover. Even with this one flaw, I still think it's the best seat!!!
By Rachel
Seattle, WA
Wonderful Carseat
March 15, 2016
A little tricky to install, just take your time and read the manual and watch the videos on Once it is installed though, it is a wonderful seat to use, and my son seems to find it very comfortable
By Divya
Best Convertible Car Seat
December 10, 2015
My little girl always had issue being in her infant car seat and she out grew it very soon that's when we bought Foonf. Little heavy but occupies very less space and the safety is impeccable. She now doesn't mind to sit in this seat and enjoys watching vehicles move by!
ProsCan be places on the center seat. Safe Material is amazing
ConsLittle heavy If placed on the extreme right side of back seat row driver cannot check the blind spot that well
By Jenn
Newell, South Dakota
Worth every penny
November 11, 2015
As a mama of six we have had a few car seats. I was a bit nervous about the expense of this one. I want sure if it would be "worth it". But oh my gosh!!! Yes! I am so very very glad we went with the amazing Clek foonf!
By Jen
Stylish and comfortable
September 21, 2015
I chose this car seat because of safety and design but what surprised me is how much my son loves it. Its high, so he has more of a view, but its also spacious and the fabric doesnt stick to his skin. My husband didn't think it was hard to install.
ProsSafe Adorable Comfy Spacious
San Antonio, TX
After 6 children and many car seats this is by far the best!
August 28, 2015
This is so far our favorite car seat. The straps are not twisting. The frame is the sturdiest we have had including the head rest. In fact this is the strongest head rest we have had. The seat is narrower than our Britax leaving more room for our other two growing children. The colors are bright and fun! I like bright colors in car seats for in the event a car is turn the bright colors indicate a child maybe in the car. Best part our daughter loves her "Monkey Seat".
ProsSturdy, straps to not twist, narrow, high for vision out the widow, bright colors, and fun print and colors
Conslarge (if you have small car - thinking of FLLO for our older 4 Runner), heavy and spendy
Best UsesWe are currently rear facing our 3 yr that is 37" and 30 pounds in a 2012 Honda Pilot center passenger.
By Angel
Mechanicsville, VA
Extended Rear Facing in Smaller Car
August 4, 2015
The Clek Foonf is a great carseat for extended rear facing in smaller cars, like my Toyota Matrix. Because of the height, the Foonf allows the passenger seat to move back a little more than it can with the smaller Clek Fllo. It's also one of the few options for extended rear facing with taller/long torso kids, since it goes up to 43" height rear facing. Because of its height, it can be difficult to get a kid in rear facing with a more curved door frame, like in my husband's Camry, but that's not an issue with more squared door frames. The seat feels sturdy and safe and is fairly easy to install, even with the seatbelt (since LATCH can't be used beyond a certain weight because the seat itself is super heavy).
Best UsesExtended Rear Facing Tall/Long Torso Kids
By Milly P.
Jacksonville, NC
So well worth it!
July 11, 2015
Ok so I totally love it! Installed it all by myself and it was super easy - don't know why so many complain - I just watched the tutorials on the Clek website. Baby hates car seats and normally screams as soon as I put her in them but with this one - not a peep! Super happy and even passed out within one minute of me driving the car! I think the reason she loves it is two-fold: 1) she doesn't feel enclosed in it with a ton of that extra padding and fluff that other car seats have and 2) she can see out the window - she's a super curious and observant child and loves to see everything. I was very hesitant to spend so much money on a car seat but the safety features on top of the seat height for my daughter was so well worth it. Score!!!!!
By nicole
Marysville, Indiana
Great sale and fast shipping!
June 20, 2015
I was so glad to find exactly what I was looking for and it was on sale! It came within 3 days so I was extremely excited for that!
By Annie
Cleveland, Oh
Great seat, a bit of a hassle to install
June 20, 2015
I wanted to buy this seat, but was hesitant because of the cost. I am on my third and final child, and finally I am "splurging" for all of the things I really wanted since the first one. This seat is worth the price tag if you are looking to have your child rear facing for as long as possible, and have multiple car seats in the car. My husband was a bit frustrated with getting it installed properly, even after I told him I read other reviews stating the same thing. Once in, it has been great for my 11 mo. old who is on the bigger side. She seems very comfortable and can see out the window as well as watch her brothers next to her. She grew out of her infant carrier early, and I wasn't sure about the transition to this larger seat, but there really wasn't a transition. We put her in it, and she was fine. I like that I will hopefully not have to buy her another car seat.
Prosnarrow, great design, comfy, rear facing longer
Consheavy, a bit hard to install
By Meg
Minneapolis, MN
Great Seat
June 17, 2015
Great seat. My child thinks it is comfy. Fairly easy to install. Secure install. Lots of slot options for straps to get the best fit. Only negative is the seat is very large for rear facing.
Prosgreat fit, secure install
Conslarge, heavy
Best Usesextended rear facing
United States
LOVE it!!
June 7, 2015
We love our new Clek Foonf! My little guy enjoys sitting in it and being tall enough to see out the windows. Great seat!!
By Erin
Salt Lake City UT
May 17, 2015
This is a much more substantial car seat than the previous ones we owned. I bought it for the ability to rear-face for longer and the added security features. You have to do some assembly out of the box. There are some good videos on the company website for installing the car seat correctly. It feels solid and safe and my kid can see out the window which seems to have reduced his car-ride fussiness so far.
By Vicky
Fast and Careful Shipping
March 25, 2015
We received our much needed upgrade of a carseat for our daughter. The transaction was fast and easy. The package/item came without any damage.
ProsGreat for safety as it is made of materials such as Steel and Magnesium, Its one of the longest rear facing car seats in the market. We searched for other carseats that will offer Rear facing the longest but having to go cheaper and we found that we would either spending way less but didnt have the option of rear facing which was a no brainer for us. We love that most parts (or all, not sure) are biodegradable and made by a group of people that worked on designing safety in cars. It also has a 9 year expiration date.We love Our Foonf and Our daughter does too!
Best UsesIts best uses would be rear facing at up to 50 lbs. or Age of 4. It fits great on Our '06 Toyota Corolla. Easy to Install. I love that our daughter can see our the window.
By Angela
Hershey pa
Solid, huge, heavy seat
February 21, 2015
The seat is solid. I feel my daughter is safe in the seat. Extremely heavy. Not good for moving from vehicle to vehicle. I am disappointed with it because it doesn't feel comfy. It's almost hard. I'm actually giving it away and will be buying a different seat.
ConsWeight Not comfortable / soft Too big for car
Best UsesSuv
By Y J.
Freehold, NJ
Love it
June 6, 2014
Got this car seat for my 10 months baby boy. He was 18 pounds at that time but he cried every time when we put him in the infant car seat. So we got this one thinking maybe he would like it. And this is the best choice. He loves it! He has more room in the seat but yet it is safe and he sits nicely. the pattern is bright and pretty. He likes to look around the pattern when he is in there.
By Lora
Excelsior Springs, MO
Overall, pretty good!
April 2, 2014
I love how well my kiddo fits in this seat, and love the style - but it is HEAVY. The steel frame is definitely there, and it makes it difficult for me to move this seat...luckily I have a strong hubby. I invested in this seat due to the wonderful reviews and the fact that it isn't supposed to take up much space in the backseat, but as far as I can tell, it's just about as wide as a normal carseat. I am currently using it as a rearfacing seat for my 23 lb 8 month old, and when installed in the middle, it makes the seats on either side almost too small to use (we drive a Ford Escape.) When installed behind a seat, the seat needs to be moved forward quite a bit to accommodate. My Husband and I are quite tall, so it's a bit of a bummer, but to be expected regardless of which seat we use. Overall, I definitely dig this seat, and the munchkin is pretty happy about being out of the infant carseat.
ProsSturdy, stylish, will last for YEARS and can be used rearfacing for quite a while
ConsHEAVY, a little bulky, crotch strap release is difficult to press sometimes
Best UsesKeep kiddo rearfacing for as long as possible, and invest in a seat that will last well into the time for booster seats
By Barbara
Manhattan Beach,CA
Clek Foonf
February 20, 2014
Its a good quality product, engineered and made well. I was a bit surprised at how the pattern looked in person, its pretty but looks a bit more bright in real life than on the picture. Fabric looks pretty durable. Was quite easy to install and it fits fine even in a smaller car.

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