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By Christopher
Berlin, Vermont
Best car seat ever
September 15, 2019
So solid, built like a tank. I definitely know my child will be safe in this
By Maria
Carthage, NY
Amazing car seat
September 5, 2019
Putting the car seat together and setting it up took a lot of reviewing the instructions, but once I got it and installed it in my car, it was fine. Adjusting the straps may be a little difficult when the car seat it already installed rear facing, as the seat has to be removed and the latch is pressed against the backrest of the seat of the car. I suggest adjusting it to your baby before you install it in your car. The moment I placed my son in it, he sort of melted. He immediately looked calm and comfy. Not long into the ride, he fell asleep. The merino wool is very soft so I guess it’s really cozy. It is quite large though. We have a Honda Pilot and it is right against the back of the passenger seat, with enough leg room for the passenger. It’s also tall, so I had to move the mirror I use to see my son to the middle headrest. These are all small things but if you want it in a smaller vehicle, it may be really tight. It looks like my son is happy in it, so I’m happy. Plus, it’s very sturdy and safe. Really feels like it’s built like a tank.
By Lisa
Nashville, TN
Comfort, Safety, Peace of Mind: AMAZING
September 4, 2019
After reading many reviews, seeing test results, and stalking the prices for many months, I am one proud parent to know that my girls are in the safest seat on the market.
By Alyssa
Miami, fl
Love clek!
September 4, 2019
We love this car seat. It is our second foonf model. We had a fllo but like this model a bit better. The color and fabric is great in Florida heat and the kids are very comfortable. It also looks so sharp in the car and clean.
ProsLook, safety, fabric
ConsSome other seats might be better for sleeping long periods in the car.
By Jeremy
Winston-Salem, NC
Good seat for extended rear-facing
August 28, 2019
We are big advocates of extended rear-facing, so we loved the Foonf. With it, we were able to rear-face our son until he was almost 5. At that point, he was 43" tall and had to switch to forward-facing even though he still had additional height in the shell. Now, other seats can rear-face taller children, so I would consider them as well.
ProsRigid LATCH install is easy for forward-facing, anti-rebound bar
ConsLower latch limits are low due to heavy weight of seat, 43" rear-facing height is not the heighest on the market now
By Shana
Loving this car seat!
August 21, 2019
The install was straightforward and relatively simple but this car seat is built like a tank! My daughter fits into it easily and seems very comfortable.
By Brianna
Bridgeport, West Virginia
Best seat on market
August 20, 2019
We have 2 Foonfs and LOVE them. I’m super diligent about car seat saftey and I feel great knowing my babies are riding in this seat. It lasts though 50 lbs rear facing so my 5.2 yr old is still rear facing in this seat !! 🙌🙌 it is the only seat on the market with the forward facing rigid latch and react system too , as well as having the anti rebound bar for rear facing ! Love these features . My kids are safe and happy newborn through age 5+ and they’re hands down the easiest to install , and the straps do not twist 💃.
By Alyssa
Great car seat
August 11, 2019
Sturdy and spacious. Both my toddler and infant are comfortable in it. It is very heavy and not ideal for travel.
By Padget
Marion, iowa
Sooooo safe
August 2, 2019
We’ve had Britax car seats - marathon and advocate. Really liked both but wanted a safer option that can rear face until 50lbs. We were between nuna RAVA and Clek Foonf but after comparing both, we bought the Clek and love it. I’m a pediatrician and think this is definitely the way to go. It is the best car seat I’ve seen. My girls also sit about 5-6 inches higher in the car than with the other car seats so they can see so well out the window, they don’t even seem to mind.
By Karina
Middletown, Connecticut
Love our foonf
July 30, 2019
We got this car seat for our daughter and love it for all the safety features but also because it was slimmer than our other one especially driving a smaller car.
ProsSafety Compact Looks good
By Amy
super carseat
July 28, 2019
After being strictly a Chicco baby seat mom I was hesitant to go with this brand that was unknown to me but I am sooooo glad I did. These seats are the real deal. They are very heavy duty, well made. I seriously have no safety reservations about my children riding in these whatsoever bc I can tell that they are extremely strong carseats. I love that my baby sits up higher rear facing bc she used to scream constantly; now that she has been in the foonf she actually enjoys carrides as she can see out the window. Go figure. My oooonly thing with the seats is that due to the snugness of the belt setup, it is very difficult to clip in a baby with cloth diapers. But even so, had I known about that beforehand I still would have purchased bc its a small thing compared to having a safe seat.
By Laura
Orange County, CA
Love it
July 26, 2019
Love it. Baby loves it. It looks nice and I feel like my baby is safe in it
By Janna
New York
Great car seat but difficult to install
July 17, 2019
This is a good quality car seat with no added flame retardants. However, it's quite difficult to install so it makes switching it to a different car quite difficult. It's also quite heavy and the seat cover can't be washed in a washer.
ProsGood quality
ConsHeavy Difficult to install
By Natalie
Jasper, Indiana
Worth the money!
July 15, 2019
This car seat was about 2X as expensive as our first convertible car seat. However, our 2.5 year old son complained that his butt hurt in the other so we took a chance on this one. So glad we did! He sits up so much higher in the car and can see out the windows so much better. He loves it! It also does not require as much recline which makes him more comfortable. Can’t beat Albee’s rewards and free shipping!
By Michelle
Parkville, MD
solid as a rock!
July 15, 2019
We have LOVED this seat and our other Foonfs. They are super heavy but this translates to really solid in the car when installed correctly. The fabric is amazing and so easy to clean. I also love the overall look of this seat - it's not bulky and bumpy looking. Both of my kids use Foonfs and love them. So, although it doesn't look plush and comfy, they are comfortable and love their seats! The Shadow color is great out of the box but after 2+ years of use, it has faded in the sun on the seat in the car without (factory-installed) window tinting. This doesn't change our overall love of the seat though.
By Yan
Los angeles
Hard to install but I hear it’s the best seat
July 4, 2019
The design the great and it feels sturdy. It was INCREDIBLY difficult to put together. I highly recommend watching the you tube videos!
ProsNice design, good quality
By Samantha
Clek Foonf-Mammoth, Non Toxic, Safe
June 27, 2019
We previously had a convertible Graco seat but after researching flame retardants and safety features we decided to go with the Clek Foonf in Mammoth Wool and couldn’t be happier! It is compact so fits in the center seat of most cars and can accommodate two next to each other or 3 across all with no flame retardants if you pick the wool option. The only negatives are that it is heavy and the seat isn’t easy to clean but for the safety features and non toxic benefits, it is worth it.
By Hanna K.
Seattle, Washington
No flame retardants!
June 22, 2019
We love these seats and have purchased 3, one for each child. The quality is superb, but what sold us is the fabric. Being that it’s merino wool, it’s naturally flame resistant and not treated in flame retardants that off gas in warm cars! Love love love!
ProsQuality Style Not treated with flame retardants Material
By Alexie
Omaha, Nebraska
Replacement for a 2018 and it's still great.
June 22, 2019
I don't think I'll ever buy anything other than Clek. It's just the best seat I could imagine.
ProsEase of use, safety, comfortably.
ConsHeavy, price.
By Alexie
Omaha, Nebraska
Best Car Seat Ever!
June 17, 2019
We adore this car seat. The peace of mind is totally worth the price. Plus, it's easier and more comfortable than any other car seat we've seen.
By Jordan
Nashville, Tennessee
Good quality, but not for us
June 16, 2019
We could tell that this seat is built very well, and I'm sure it's the safest seat on the market. But, they seemed to skimp in some of the other details, in favor of making a cool/minimalist looking seat... the padding on the seat is almost non-existent, and the padding on the harness/main buckle felt a bit cheap. Also, no way to hold the harness back while we're putting our kid in, and if we want to use this for an infant in the future, we have to pay another $70 for the insert, and $20 for each cup holder. That's $110 more than the seat we ended up exchanging this for, the Nuna Rava, which includes all of the accessories, and seems to be a lot more comfortable for our kid.
By Sarah
Comfortable and safe
June 3, 2019
Though a struggle to install to the point that I will never take it out (minus a star for this), the size and weight of construction seem like the safest on the market. Seat and material are very comfortable for my toddler.
ProsSafe Comfortable Durable
ConsHard to install Not portable
By Alina
Hanover, NH
Cleo is simply the best
May 31, 2019
I did my fair share of research when it came to picking out a convertible seat for my fast-growing daughter who was barely fitting in her infant car seat. Clek is simply the best - a tank of a car seat that manages to look modern, sleek and stylish at the same time. I hate gaudy things, so the look of the seat mattered almost as much as the safety rating. I feel like if you're looking at Clek, you already know what it's about. We've had it for almost a month so far and I'm very happy. It is almost magically spacious for my baby without taking too much room in the back. She loves being higher than before and being able to look out the window. Her head does drop forward a little when she's asleep, but I think that's the same with any car seat. It is expensive and heavy, but worth it if you want the best and don't plan to frequently move it from car to car. The manual was very helpful when we were installing it (rear-facing with seat-belts for us at this point.)
By Katie
Spring, TX
Best Convertible Car Seat on the Market
May 29, 2019
This car seat, like in its description, is the mother of all car seats. The safety factor with the crumple technology to absorb impact vs the baby is the main decision factor for me buying this seat. It also allows for rear facing for up to 50lbs to keep your child in the safest position for as long as possible. My baby loves that he sits up high in the seat and can look out. We got the mammoth wool fabric to help keep him cool especially since we live in Texas and it stays so hot for so long here. You definitely have to read the directions on how to install because it's more complex than just click it in. It is very heavy but I would expect it to be with a seat with steel structure. Another reason we chose this seat was because it is slim and only takes up one seat and not impinging on a second in the backseat making the seat beside it unusable. You able to use All your seats in the backseat. Its much more comfortable ride for my baby than his infant seat and does not scream on car rides anymore. It is worth the cost for safety factor alone and the fact that you will be able to use it for years as your baby grows.
ProsSafety Slim Comfortable Temperature cool fabric
By Nan
State College, PA
feels like a tank
May 28, 2019
we have 3 kids and we bought 3 foonfs (or foonves) for them. Enough said.
By Lauren
Indianapolis, Indiana
Fantastic Price for a GREAT carseat!
May 26, 2019
When I was searching for where to buy a Clek Foonf from, I stumbled upon Albee Baby. The price was FAR better than any other retailer I found and I thought it was too good to be true. Not only did I do Google searches on Albee Baby as a company to make sure they were legitimate and that I would be getting a brand new, as-advertised carseat, but I also searched in my Car Seat Facebook group to see what their opinions were. Well, Albee Baby isn't too good to be true! They're a reputable company that not only offers great prices and products but also provide GREAT information about the products they sell. Now, onto the Foonf! We have a Clek Fllo and like it, although it was hard to get a good install in our minivan seat because of how the base is shaped. We even got a mat-thingy (directly from Clek) and while it helped, it still wasn't easy to get a great install. So, while I liked the Clek brand, I wasn't totally in love with the Fllo for our vehicle. So when we were ready to purchase a second carseat, I decided to try the Foonf since I noticed the base was shaped a bit differently. I AM SO GLAD I DID! It fit FANTASTICALLY in our van, is easy to get a great, secure, and correct install, and my baby loves it and is so comfortable in it! I highly recommend not only purchasing a Foonf, but definitely recommend buying it from Albee Baby!
By Rachel
Alexandria, Virginia
love it
May 23, 2019
Love this seat - it looks great, feels like a tank, and it sits my daughter up high enough that she can see everything and not get bored on long car trips. It is heavy, and not great for travel, but if you can just install it and leave it in your normal car, it's a fabulous car seat.
Prosquality, safety, fabric
Consheavy (not good for travel or switching between cars)
By Vivian
Rockville, MD
Sturdy car seat
May 17, 2019
It's a heavy and sturdy car seat. My daughter loves it.
By Linda
San Jose, California
First Clek!
May 12, 2019
This was our first Clek car seat. We liked it so much we purchased another one, and I’ll be buying a third soon. Our child can sit high & see out the window. Love the anti-rebound bar also!
By San
San Diego, California
Mother of all car seats
May 7, 2019
The best in class, built like a tank, super sturdy, super safe. We have 2 of these for both our cars.
By Jessica
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
I love this car seat!
May 5, 2019
This was my second foonf & I couldn’t be happier. I love how safe it is. It’s easy to install in my car and my kids are both very comfortable.
By Jessica
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Love our Clek Foonf!
May 5, 2019
I love these car seats. Safe, easy to install & easily fit two with plenty of room to spare in my tiny hatchback. Plus, my very tall toddler was able to rear face until 3.5 years. I just repurchased to replace our previous seats after our car was rear ended & couldn’t be happier with them.
By Katie
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 3, 2019
If you want a safe car seat that is easy to have other car seats in the car too, then this is the seat you need! I can get three across with ease. The install of the seat can be a pain but you know it’s safe
By Katie
Cincinnati, Ohio
Best car seat ever!
May 3, 2019
These seats are amazing! Super slim which is very nice if you have more than 4 car seats in a car. They are pain to install but definitely safe
By Meg
Chicago, IL
Safe Stylish Seat
May 2, 2019
We love this carseat and get lots of compliments on it and have recommended it to many friends who have also purchased it. It is very heavy and takes up more space in the car than I would ideally like it to but those trade offs are worth it for the safety features and the stylish design.
ProsSafe Stylish
ConsHeavy Takes up lots of space
By J
Love the foonf
May 1, 2019
Love the foonf! I can always get a great install in every car I’ve tried with this seat! Just watch out if your child throws up in it. It’s a huge pain to take apart to clean 🤮
By Yesi
San Antonio
Great carseat
April 26, 2019
Secure and easy to install.
By Devon
Glenford, Ohio
Amazing 💕
April 19, 2019
I can't say enough good about this seat. It is SO easy to install, my daughter is comfortable in it, and I will be able to.keepnher RF for a long time!
ProsEasy to clean Easy to install Built like a tank
ConsHeavy Pricey
By Christine
New Jersey
Excellent buy
April 13, 2019
This car seat wasn’t the easiest to install like other reviews stated BUT it’s excellent quality. My son calls it his racing seat. It’s very heavy and durable. Soft fabric and no fabric folds and flaps which can collect crumbs. Very happy with purchase. Fast shipping as well!
By Jessica
Crestline, CA
Foonf forever
April 7, 2019
This is our second Foonf. Our first had to be replaced after an accident and of course I didn’t hesitate to buy a Foonf again because it is an amazing car seat. It is heavy, but we don’t need to switch the seat between cars, so that’s a non issue for us. Everything else is phenomenal from the anti-rebound bar, the high rear facing limits, the smooth belt tightening, the stylish look, the easy to clean fabric. We love this seat so much, we are about to buy our third Foonf.
By H S.
Bay Area, California
Beautiful Car Seat
April 2, 2019
We purchased the Clek Foonf in Flamingo. This is a beautiful car seat that is sturdy and durable. We purchased the Mammoth fabric for one car seat, and although the Flamingo fabric isn't as pure, it is still free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase, and happy that this car seat can accommodate infant to 65 pounds. Here's a summary from Clek of fabric differences: Most Clek seats are made with Crypton Super Fabric, which are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odour-causing bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Here are the differences between our available fabric options: The Noire models are made with a microsuede type Crypton Fabric, a synthetic fabric that is designed to resemble suede leather. It has a short pile (which is flatter than fleece) and a soft suede-like feel. The solid colour models, such as Shadow and Flamingo, are made with a microfibre type Crypton Fabric. This is a fabric with a tightly looped top, similar to a towel, and features a terrycloth-like texture. The grey editions, such as Thunder, Cloud, and Slate, are made with premium Crypton Fabric, which has a smoother texture, like a tailored suit fabric, and a more detailed heathered appearance. The wool model, Mammoth, is a charcoal grey fabric made of 100% Australian Merino wool. It is made from ethically sourced, 100% non-mulesed wool that is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, odour resistant, and temperature regulating. Mammoth is the ONLY fabric cover option that contains no added flame retardants. Mammoth is available on Foonf, Fllo, Oobr, and Infant-thingy.
ProsFree of several flame retardant chemicals Sturdy Beautiful color Easy to clean
ConsShort buckle length (difficult to buckle child) Flamingo and other crypton fabric options aren't as toxin-free as Mammoth wool option
By Jessica
Morgan hill, California
The best
March 30, 2019
Love our foonfs. Easy to install and so secure feeling. I also love the premium fabrics. So much easier to keep clean. Worth the upgrade.
ProsSteel reinforced, easy to clean, slim.
By grace
Goleta, CA
heavy but worth it
March 22, 2019
heavy but worth it
By Helen
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
March 15, 2019
very comfortable, sturdy, and fits my car perfectly. would highly recommend this.
By Ruthy
Corvallis, Montana
Best Car Seat Ever!
March 1, 2019
I am so happy to have found this car seat! There are a handful of car seats on the market using wool as a natural fire retardant, healthier, non toxic choice for infants but I was hitting a wall trying to find one for a toddler until I ran across the foonf. I am so excited that there is a wool option for toddlers that just happens to be the best new innovative technology, narrow profile comfortable and practical car seat available. Thank you foonf! We will definitely go with the clek infant seat for our next child. I hope there is an adapter available to make it compatible with our BOB stroller...
By Nicole
Marysville, IN
I absolutely love this seat!
February 27, 2019
I was able to rear face my children forever! Haha! But seriously, this seat was my absolute favorite over any other brand and my kids loved it as well.
By Chris
North of Boston
February 27, 2019
We already have 2 for our twins in one car, and just got 2 more for the other car. As you can imagine quite expensive, but from our research appears to be the best available. The first time we had to assemble was a nightmare since the instructions were worthless, and not intuitive at all on how to do without them. But once you know the tricks the second set went quite smoothly. You definetly wouldn't want to have to move them from a car often however.
By Nicole
San Francisco, California
S?per secure and safe and comfy!
February 14, 2019
We have owned a foonf for the last couple years for my other son and have loved it! We always had him forward facing since he got it when he was almost 3, but the rear facing for our younger son is great as well! I like that he sits up higher so it’s essy to get him out. I cannot stress how safe this car seat is! My husband said it wasn’t too hard to install and the directions are easy to follow. It’s an investment, but a worthy one!!
By Sara
San Dimas CA
Wool with no flame retardants
January 31, 2019
Came fast and good price We wanted the mammoth and that is what we got We like this car seat because it's the only one we need from birth till booster.
By Alison
Stuyvesant, New York
Still love Clek
January 29, 2019
I now have both the foonf and the Fllo and I love them both. I have tried the diono seats for extended rear facing but my older daughter prefers the extra leg room the cleak seats provide.
By JenB
Solid and Sturdy
January 28, 2019
The Foonf is sold and sturdy- I feel that my kids are safer in this car seat than others we've purchased in the past. It came highly recommended by a car seat expert in our area.
By Christie
Eureka CA
Our Daughter Loves It and We Do Too
January 19, 2019
So glad to find the wool instead of plastic. It was intimidating at first to set it up and install because the instructions are complicated. But it's really easy once you get started. Our daughter absolutely loves it. She used to cry in the old infant seat we had. She doesn't cry anymore. I can tell she's comfy. Only complaint is that it sits very high in our car. So there's not much room for her head when taking her in or out of the seat.
Baltimore, Maryland
Our second foonf
January 8, 2019
Husband was able to install. So solid and secure, and easy to use. These car seats are worth every penny.
By onetu3gurl
San Gabriel, ca
Sturdy car seat
December 20, 2018
This is my second Clek Foonf. I love these car seats. They weigh a ton but are top rated for safety. Well made and looks great.
By Alice
December 18, 2018
My baby is 10month and she likes her new car seat so I guess it’s comfortable
ProsEasy to clean and safe
ConsIt was lilttle not hard to install
By A S.
Southern California
Our Little One Loves This Seat!
December 15, 2018
Our child now excitingly hops into the car seat!!! Which speaks volumes to the quality and comfort of the Clek Foonf Convertible Seat!
ProsThe Clek Foonf Convertible Seat sits high so our child can see outside of the car well, explore their surroundings and be involved in the car riding experience
ConsThe Clek Foonf Convertible Seat does not install into our middle seat of our Toyota Prius V 2013. I would prefer that our child was placed in the middle of the car for safety.
By Msmomma
Love Clek
December 13, 2018
This seat is a beast. We've had the Fnoof before but after accident it was replaced. Bonus the mammoth wool has no flame retardant chemicals at all. This is an upgrade from previous version. I think the white /gray contrast looks sharp.
By Wynne
St. Louis, Missouri
My kid was so happy when we got this car seat
November 25, 2018
My kid was so happy to have switched to the convertible car seat. I got this because of peace of mind. It truly is a tank! It is the only car seat on the market that i know of that has non-toxic cloth. It was also easy installation. Be sure the seat belt goes to the black portion, not between the blue lock offs. I made that mistake, but the car seat check place I went to corrected me. I wish my kid could have held out till the black friday sale, but we are happy none the less.
By Kathleen
Centennial, Colorado
Sturdy, heavy, and fits 3 across
November 23, 2018
Easy to clean, heavy, sturdy. One of the few to fit 3 across in our Odyssey. Pretty easy to install, tighten, etc. Just a pain to move, so it's not one of those seats that is amenable to swapping in and out of cars easily/quickly. Otherwise, we love these seats!
Best Uses3 across in minivans
By Sara
West Palm
November 23, 2018
This seat is HEAVY. The fabric is super soft and I feel good knowing that my kid isn’t being exposed to all the fire retardant chemicals. I had some issue with the crotch strap placement, but Clek customer service was super helpful. Very happy with this purchase.
ProsHeavy, soft fabric, baby sits high
ConsNot good for moving between vehicles
By Britta
Topeka, Kansas
Love Clek
November 22, 2018
We own two Clek seats now ... love that they are not only narrow and look great, but they are also some of the safest seats on the market. Some may find it a con but, I love how tall it sets, my toddler does also. It gives her a great view out her window.
ConsSuper heavy !
By Natalie
Irvine, CA
Excellent Convertible Car Seat!
November 9, 2018
My son is so much more comfortable in this car seat in addition to it being incredibly safe!
By Mike
Favorite Car Seat
November 9, 2018
We really like these car seats. They are so narrow we can fit three across in our vehicle. You can keep your child rear facing a lot longer then many other car seats. They are easy to use and clean. The only negative I have is they are a lot longer when rear facing and can make it hard to put in some places of a vehicle. They seem very well made and safe I just wish they were not so expensive.
By Megan
Arlington , MA
Love these carseats!
October 22, 2018
We have two foonfs for our daughters. I love how easy they are to install and how easy it is to keep them clean. They also fit well in our tiny Corolla!
By Jordana
Harker Heights, Texas
Great car seat
October 12, 2018
I have two of these seats and love them. It is very safe and looks nice. It is heavy and tall so slightly harder to put the kids in but the safety makes it all worth it. We even took this seat on an airplane. We ended up getting a thing to roll it around the airport so we didn’t have to lift it and it was narrow enough that it fit through the airplane aisle while other people were struggling with their car seats.
ProsGreat safety features and a nice looking seat
ConsSits very tall rear facing and is heavy
By Sarah
Denver, Colorado
Great carseat, but short crotch buckle
October 10, 2018
I read this somewhere else and dismissed it but it is TRUE- the crotch buckle for this carseat is ridiculously short and thus the buckle snaps into place right at my daughter thighs, almost pinching her every time. Everything else about the carseat (comfort, fabric, overall look and safety) are great but I don't understand the logic behind the short crotch buckle.
ProsComfy Safe well made and durable nice fabric
ConsRidiculously short crotch buckle
By Liguan
Cleveland, Ohio
this item is very good
October 9, 2018
This safety seat is very nice and easy to clean, with no disadvantages other than being heavy.
By Alyssa
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sturdy and comfortable
September 30, 2018
My toddler loves this car seat. It feels sturdy and it is easy to buckle/unbuckle, unlike some other car seats. The fabric/color is beautiful. The only con is that it is very heavy, so it is not easy to transfer or travel with it.
ProsComfortable for toddler
Best UsesPrimary car seat that does not require transferring often
By 2016Mama
We Love It & So Does Our Daughter
September 26, 2018
We wanted the best rear-facing car seat for long term use, and this is it! We had done a ton of research, and finally bit the bullet to spring for this seat. Install was a bit more involved than our infant car seat, but it's so incredibly secure. My daughter sits happily and proudly in her "big girl" car seat — which is great since she'll be in it for awhile!
By Jenny
September 16, 2018
We have the 2016 version, and this one has only gotten better! Sturdy seat, great color combo, and my kid loves sitting in it.
Mclean, Virginia
great carseat good for new born til toddler
September 15, 2018
By Juliana
Cocoa, Florida
Amazing car seat
September 13, 2018
We have purchased two of these seats, both in the merino wool option. Fabric is very soft, and I appreciate the cooling feature, in the Florida heat. This car seat is very heavy and very sturdy. You will not be able to transfer this seat from vehicle to vehicle tho - too heavy. The straps are quite easy to tighten and loosen. My LO has always hated car travel, but in this seat, he sits to high up that he can look out the windows, and he now enjoys looking for trucks and has fun. The seat is pricey but worth it. Clek customer service is also amazing and a pleasure to deal with.
ProsVery safe and sturdy Baby sits high to look out windows Fabric is very soft but durable Straps are easy to tighten and loosen Clek customer service is awesome
ConsNone. This car seat is amazing and worth every penny. Car seat safety is not where I want to save money.
By Mom
Wonderful upgrade from previous convertible
September 10, 2018
This is so easy to install and use compared to a previous convertible car seat we owned, and is so secure in place. So glad we tried a new seat. Kiddo loves the pattern. It does cinch down pretty tight, so you'll need to experiment with the best way to do that without pinching the next/shoulder area.
By Brittney
Salt Lake City, Utah
Love it!
August 12, 2018
We purchased the foomf because of its narrow profile and couldn’t be happier. Our daughter loves it and it fits well in our SUV. Also the delivery was really quick, which we appreciated! Overall, 5 stars.
ProsNarrow Nice fabric Solid design
By Tara
Good item decent shipping rate
July 22, 2018
Item is awesome. Shipped in about 7 days. Item needs to be behind driver because otherwise can’t see through passenger rear window. Very tall car seat!!
By Hongmei
Saint Louis, Missouri
Good product
July 17, 2018
This is our second car seat, very satisfied with this.
By Susie
We love these seats!!
July 17, 2018
We currently have 3 of these seats 2 in my car and one in my husbands truck! I always buy from Albeebbay! Great customer service fast shipping and great prices and deals!!
By Mallory
Wilmington, NC
I'm sold
June 30, 2018
When I unboxed our foonf, I was really blown away by the quality of the seat. It looks like a miniature version of an actual car seat. It is sleek and trim, and despite being very heavy, I'd never describe it as bulky. I got the mammoth wool and it is really, really nice - super soft. I love merino wool, but wasn't sure about it holding up to wear and tear over the years as a seat. After reading way too much about merino, I decided to give it a go because it's supposed to be incredibly durable and hard-wearing. I installed this seat mostly by myself and highly recommend purchasing the mat-thingy to go with it because this thing puts a lot of pressure on your car's seat. Everything about the installation was easy for me to accomplish solo except getting the seat tight enough against our car's seat. Not a big deal, I had my husband push down on it while I tightened the LATCH straps, and that did the trick. I am a big fan of the anti-rebound bar. It really keeps the seat from wiggling and makes it feel like an extension of your car. Comfort-wise I expected a little more cushion to the seat, but I think it'll be fine for a little bum. My daughter absolutely hated her infant car seat. More often than not, she was completely inconsolable on car rides. She slept for nearly two hours on her first outing in the foonf. She rarely takes naps that long at home. Lucky I had my awesome mom with me to sit in the car with her while I ran my errands!As other reviewers have stated - this is not a seat you'll want to move from car to car. It's built like a tank and is almost as heavy.Only time will tell if my daughter will be content in the foonf, but I'm sold. If she still hates riding in the car, at least I'll know she's screaming in the safest car seat on the market!
ProsBuilt like tank, love the merino wool, super safe and secure, anti-rebound bar, easy enough to install, straightforward instructions
By Spring
Chatfield, Minnesota
You Will Not Regret Buying This Car Seat
June 30, 2018
This is my second Clek car seat. I bought the Fllo model about two years ago for my first daughter in Thunder (beautiful gray color) and loved it. This time around I decided to get the Foonf. My youngest will be taking over her sisters old Clek for now because my 3 yr old really wanted the pink seat. I was worried the bright pink was going to be too over whelming but it's not. It's a very pretty color and my 3 yr old loves it. I plan on ordering a second pink for the baby so when she gets a little older she won't be jealous of her sister's seat. Then the older Clek will move to dad's car. I love both the Fllo and the Foonf, you will not be disappointed with either choice. I chose Clek because it's one of the few brands that make seats with non toxic flame retardants, this was a #1 priority for me. The next consideration was ease of use. I tested out the other two Brands that were rated non toxic (Maxi Cosi & Britax) both we're very hard to tighten the harness. Clek tightens and loosens so easily. I purchased both car seats through Albee Baby and they have been a wonderful company to do business with. I will definitely be buy from them again.
ProsNon toxic flame retardants very sturdy beautiful color choices narrow base yet very roomy & comfortable seat easy to put kids in and take out rates for up to 50lbs rear facing Top safety ratings
ConsVery heavy- I don?t move my seat back and forth from vehicles so not an issue for me. Price - all the safety features makes this well worth it to me. Fabric cover is not removable to wash- it does wipe down very well with a damp cloth though and I?ve never not been able to get a stain out.
By Leslie
Montebello, CA
I love the new material on this Clek feels soft and nice
June 29, 2018
I love that the chair is nice and soft but the outer material is hard and sturdy.
ProsI love the material and the fact is won't get as hot especially in California summer weather
ConsI found it a little hard to install even though I had help .
Best UsesSeems comfortable for my 16 month son.
By Cindy
PLANO, Texas
Great Car Seat
June 29, 2018
Love this car seat!! It isn't bulky which is great for aesthetics, but also my daughter just looks more comfortable in it than she did in her Britax Boulevard. Worth the cost!
By Mallory
Bentonville, Arkansas
I would buy it a thousand times over.
June 24, 2018
I adore this seat. It just works. It's sturdy and safe and sleek, and it never complicates my life. The fabric cleans easily with the Clek cleaning kit, and I love not having to take the seat apart to wash a cover. My 29 pound 2 year-old rear faces comfortably. He loves that he can see out the windows and the rear glass. I know this because he tells me every. single. thing. that he sees. I also love that Clek has a crash-tested seat protector. The weight of the seat was leaving impressions in my car's leather upholstery, but I wouldn't risk safety for something so frivolous. We ordered the Clek seat protector, and it's doing a great job protecting the leather without interfering with a very secure installation (that sucker does not budge).
By stephanie
Fredericksburg, Virginia
BEST convertible Car Seat!!!
June 21, 2018
You may not know this but this car seat is even green guard certified (the only car seat that is)It sits higher up and my toddler can see so much more out of the car she loves it. The material is soft and comfy. The kick bar is great. It also is more narrow and so much less bulky than other convertible car seats. Its expensive but definitely worth it!
By Katie
Los Angeles, CA
If you are hesitating... don't! This is the best car seat!!!
June 18, 2018
I know this car seat is very expensive... but we decided to go without in other areas (for instance, we don't have the most amazing strollers because we are deciding to prioritize spending on car seats). We love this car seat and it is actually the second time I am purchasing this make and model. I have one for each of my children in my car (which is the car they are in most often). We do have Britax models in my partner's car and all grandparent cars... but I prefer the Clek Foonf to all other car seat options because of the safety aspects of this seat, the height of this seat (the kids love to see outside). The extended rear-facing feature is also a must for me as we drive a great deal and I really want to be as safe as possible. FYI- We have both Clek seats in Shadow as the fabric does receive a great deal of wear and tear. Since it is not removable, it is less easy to keep spotless. I highly recommend a darker color unless you are in the position to purchase a new seat when it looks less cute due to wear and tear or if you won't be bothered by this issue. Also, there are two different fabric feels and I prefer the look and feel of this fabric type. It is so soft and luxurious.
Prosextended rear-facing fabrics used seat height slim design environmental impact the beauty of the design
By NadK
Wonderful seat
June 16, 2018
Clek makes a great seat. They alsohave good customer service, and replaced a cover for me after testing showed it had a chemical in it that was not intended. I've bought 2 seats from Albee now without any problems.
ProsSafe and healthy!
Best UsesBest seat for everyday.
By Chelsea
Love this car seat
June 16, 2018
Best car seat out there! Safe, easy to use, and great quality when buying from Albeebaby! Best customer service!
Pros-built like a tank -safest car seat -Clek share crash test results and information -sits high so baby can see out rear window -narrow enough to fit 3 across -long warranty -long lifespan of car seat -fabric cleans well -harness is so much easier to use than other high end car seats -open feeling so child doesn?t feel enclosed -pretty :) -retread harness (I put this as a pro because it?s amazing the difference this makes with the everyday feeling of tightening the harness on the child. Rethreading is so simple too and you rarely have to do it
Cons- not super soft and padded -harder to install (not hard, just not as simple)
By merryfairy421
Great Carseat
June 16, 2018
This is our 2nd foonf carseat. We purchased one for our 1st child, loved it, and so we bought one for our 2nd child. The fabric is great and does not stain. We like the soft foam cushion. My child looks comfortable in it. The design is nice and sturdy, yet simple and not bulky.
Prosfabric, simple design
Consthe price (but you do get what you pay for)
By venkat
Irvine, California
Best Car Seat
June 14, 2018
Its the best car seat I have purchased. Initial installation can be little overwhelming but overall very secured and easy to clean. Give Little one best seating position
ProsLooks easy to clean secured
By Bluey
Great product
June 13, 2018
Our second clek. Feel safe and secure.
ProsVery sturdy
By Negin
Lexington, Massachusetts
Sturdy and easy to install
June 3, 2018
This car seat arrived in time. It's easy to install and I like the fact that it can be installed both rare facing and forward facing. My son seems to be so comfortable and happy as he can see out the window.
ProsSafe, sturdy, narrow and comfortable.
ConsHeavy for one person to assemble and install.
By Martha
New York, New York
Very happy with purchase
May 24, 2018
Take your time with the installation and read the manual before you dive in. It's straightforward but you don't want to miss anything. Baby is very happy in the seat. It's helpful that it sits so high, makes it easier to get her in and out of the seat. Built like a tank. Just graduated from the Nuna Pipa.
By S
Nashville, Tennessee
Best car seat
May 18, 2018
I have 3 of these. I'm obsessed with safety, and I think this is the best car seat on the market. This thing is like a tank. It has the best height and weight limits for rear and forward facing that I could find. The children sit up high and love looking out the window rather than screaming their heads off once you clip them in. The anti rebound bar is amazing and you can see right away how much more stable this car seat is compared to others on the market.
By S
Nashville, Tennessee
Best car seat
May 18, 2018
This is my third clek foonf. I'm obsessed with safety, and I think this is the best car seat on the market. This thing is like a tank. It has the best height and weight limits for rear and forward facing that I could find. The children sit up high and love looking out the window rather than screaming their heads off once you clip them in. The anti rebound bar is amazing and you can see right away how much more stable this car seat is compared to others on the market.
ProsSafety Height and weight limits
ConsChallenging installation. I took it to our local fire house to have a certified car seat safety inspector take a look. They said it was the most impressive car seat they had seen.
By Katie
Somerville, Massachusetts
Great car seat!
May 12, 2018
As the mother to a very large one year old, I was looking for a car seat that had increased height/weight restrictions for backwards facing, and this one was best with the added bonus of being much more slim in profile. He also loves his new car seat! He sits up high and now sees out the back window.
ProsSafety features, very nice fabric, slim profile, comfortable
ConsSlightly confusing instructions but actual installation was smooth and easy
By Maribel
The best car seat we have ever own
April 27, 2018
Easy installation and incredibly stylish design
ProsEasy and quick to instal Amazing design
ConsIncredibly heavy
Best UsesBMW i3
By Hongmei
Saint Louis, Missouri
Great Car Seat, but hard to clean and unbelievably heavy
April 24, 2018
This seat is built very solid and seems very safe. The fabric is very breathable, and my kid does not get hot and sweaty quickly like he does in other seats. The fabric, however, is to removable and difficult to clean; and this seat weights a ton! It can't be moved between cars easily!
By Mom 3.
Los Angeles, ca
Love this car seat
April 20, 2018
Heavy but secure so not good to travel with it love between cars. Looks modern and sleek.Kids say very comfortable and sits high so toddler can finally see out window. Fits narrow so can get 3 across in 2017 Subaru Outback.
By Stacy
Worth every penny!
April 13, 2018
I love this seat! So easy to install and I know itEtms weird to say this about a car seat but itEtms so pretty! Perfect transition from our infant carrier.
New Orleans, LA
Great carseat - worth the price!
April 9, 2018
I love this carseat. It had been recommended to me from several friends for the safety ratings it receives, and also for being much narrower than many other carseats. This was easy to install, though it is definitely heavy. The fabric is so soft and I love how my room my son has to grow in this carseat. I definitely recommend this carseat!
By April W.
Mobile AL
Best carseat available
April 4, 2018
Before purchasing a carseat for our large 10 month old baby we researched for 2 months. This car seat far outshined any other that we looked at on the market. From the fabric to the design we were impressed. Once we got the carseat (delivered) we were in awe of how sturdy and sound this seat was. I'll admit though it is heavy so if that is a problem going with the Fllo would be in one's best interest. The color is awesome, the construction is fantastic and our son loves his new seat. I have already recommended this seat to a couple of friends with small ones and will continue to do so. We love this seat.

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