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By Linda
San Jose, California
May 12, 2019
First Clek!
This was our first Clek car seat. We liked it so much we purchased another one, and I’ll be buying a third soon. Our child can sit high & see out the window. Love the anti-rebound bar also!
By Jessica
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
May 5, 2019
I love this car seat!
This was my second foonf & I couldn’t be happier. I love how safe it is. It’s easy to install in my car and my kids are both very comfortable.
By Jessica
Crestline, CA
April 7, 2019
Foonf forever
This is our second Foonf. Our first had to be replaced after an accident and of course I didn’t hesitate to buy a Foonf again because it is an amazing car seat. It is heavy, but we don’t need to switch the seat between cars, so that’s a non issue for us. Everything else is phenomenal from the anti-rebound bar, the high rear facing limits, the smooth belt tightening, the stylish look, the easy to clean fabric. We love this seat so much, we are about to buy our third Foonf.
By Nicole
Marysville, IN
February 27, 2019
I absolutely love this seat!
I was able to rear face my children forever! Haha! But seriously, this seat was my absolute favorite over any other brand and my kids loved it as well.
By Susie
July 17, 2018
We love these seats!!
We currently have 3 of these seats 2 in my car and one in my husbands truck! I always buy from Albeebbay! Great customer service fast shipping and great prices and deals!!
By venkat
Irvine, California
June 14, 2018
Best Car Seat
Its the best car seat I have purchased. Initial installation can be little overwhelming but overall very secured and easy to clean. Give Little one best seating position
ProsLooks easy to clean secured
By S
Nashville, Tennessee
May 18, 2018
Best car seat
I have 3 of these. I'm obsessed with safety, and I think this is the best car seat on the market. This thing is like a tank. It has the best height and weight limits for rear and forward facing that I could find. The children sit up high and love looking out the window rather than screaming their heads off once you clip them in. The anti rebound bar is amazing and you can see right away how much more stable this car seat is compared to others on the market.
By Hongmei
Saint Louis, Missouri
April 24, 2018
Great Car Seat, but hard to clean and unbelievably heavy
This seat is built very solid and seems very safe. The fabric is very breathable, and my kid does not get hot and sweaty quickly like he does in other seats. The fabric, however, is to removable and difficult to clean; and this seat weights a ton! It can't be moved between cars easily!
By Nancy
Seattle, WA
January 22, 2018
I don't like how tall it is
I found that the height of this car seat made getting the kid into the car an uncomfortable experience. I also find that its difficult to press the button to release the belts. Overall I am not a huge fan, but there is lots to like as most of the other reviewers have pointed out.
ProsI like the colors. The kid seems comfortable. The straps get twisted less than some other carseats I have used.
ConsCupholder install is hard / won't stay in. Very tall seat. Release button sometimes difficult to press.
By Krystina
Caldwell, Texas
November 28, 2017
Love this car seat!
We love this car seat! It's safe, it's stable, fabric repels spills and is toxic free. Very pleased with this purchase! The only downfall is it is very heavy. I like that because I feel like it's safe, but it's difficult to move between vehicles.
ProsSafe Non-toxic Repels spills
By Zeeshan
San Jose, CA
November 19, 2017
Awesome carseat
this is an amazing car seat and pretty easy to install
Prosyou can install any way (seat belt, latch , etc)
Consquite heavy if you need to move more often
By Christy
Philadelphia, PA
November 4, 2017
Mother of all car seats
This car seat is incredibly tough. We purchased this as a replacement of our Orbit Baby convertible following a car accident. The Foonf is far better than our previous seat. The fabric is very easy to clean and the width of the seat works very well for my rather thin son. Only drawback is it is so upright that when my son falls asleep his head hangs down significantly on his chest. Aside form that, its heavy and a little tricky to install but once you get it in its pretty great!
ConsHeavy Tricky to remove and install.
By Beimnet
houston, TX - Texas
October 16, 2017
My son loves his foonf car seat. the best investment on a car seat I have made. I Would highly recommend this car seat or any car seat made by Clek!
By Jeremy
Nashville, Tennessee
October 15, 2017
Fantastic Car Seat - sturdy and stylish
We are extremely pleased with this seat. Very sturdy, easy to install, and matches perfectly with our sedans interior. The elevated wedge allows our baby to see out the window which she enjoys. She is comfortable and well protected. The anti rebound bar is another nice feature that really locks the seat in place. We have seven children and have tried many car seat brands over the years. We must say Clek has risen to the top of our list. We also use their boosters now. Definitely recommend this seat. It is worth every penny.
By Katrina
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 13, 2017
Love this seat
At first, it was not love. You have to watch a bunch of youtube videos to ensure it's installed correctly and the shoulder pads are bulky...but we were just in a collision and my rear facing daughter didn't even notice! She didn't cry and no bruising, which I figured she would from the crash but none whatsoever (even with no pads) Such a safe seat. And my daughter loves that she can look out the window which I don't know other seats that this is even possible. So glad we purchased and will be replacing with the same seat again.
By Bay P.
Burlingame, CA
September 15, 2017
Worthwhile investment
We love this carseat so much that we bought a second one. It has a surprisingly narrow footprint, is sturdy and heavy. It's weight makes it a little difficult to move between cars.
By Rosa
Los Angeles, California
August 19, 2017
Great carseat!
My little one love this car seat, no more crying on this carseat. It's fashionabl and safe. Highly recommanded. Also good price in albeebaby!
By Janine
Kensington, Maryland
July 14, 2017
Equivalent to 2017 model
We purchased a 2016 model as the second car seat for our second vehicle, while our primary vehicle has the 2017 model. Comparatively, the 2016 and 2017 are exactly the same, although we noticed the 2016 may have slightly different design features (e.g., crotch pad is shaped differently, some parts are made of different materials, etc.). Installation was pretty easy, although not recommended to take in and out of the car frequently due to bulkiness. Our son loves this car seat as he sits comfortably in it, and is elevated so that he can sit out the window (most other car seats do not provide this kind of elevation). As with most car seats, the crotch pad tends to come off a bit, so you just have to be careful when putting babies into and out of the seat. We love the seamless design and look of the car seat, and so far our son loves it! Our only con is that it does push the front seat up a bit when the seat is installed to be rear-facing. Additionally, our son's head tends to tilt way forward when he is napping in the car seat, since he is unable to fully recline when sleeping.
ProsEasy to install, elevated, narrow
By Allison
Jacksonville, North Carolina
July 12, 2017
Super safe seat
This seat is so heavy you literally feel how much it will protect your kid when you're installing it. We love the anti-rebound bar safety feature.
ProsAmple leg room for rear facing kids, anti-rebound bar, wipeable fabric, easy to tighten harness easy to get a tight install, low side so kids can see to the sides better, 50lb rear facing limit
ConsHas a rethread harness
Charlotte, NC
July 11, 2017
Best car seat
Best car seat hands down. You can fit 3 across.
By Erica
Bakersfield, CA
July 8, 2017
Small Car Seat
I really like the color of this carseat. It is small in width so three can fit across in the back of our truck or car.
ProsSmall Width
ConsNon-removeable cover
By evelyn
union city, California
July 8, 2017
Love Clek
I did a lot of research on car seats before buying the foonf and I'm so glad I bought this one. My son loves this car seat and it is very durable. I feel safe putting him rear facing until he's 5 in this seat.
Prosrear facing till 5 years of age sturdy durable
Best Usesrear facing
By I W.
July 1, 2017
Highly recommend
We had Britax for our first child, but found the straps hard to tighten at times and they would often be uneven. Britax was also clunkier in size. The Clek is much slimmer and seems more solid. Plus we could fit an adult in between car seats now.
ConsExtra heavy
By zoey
May 26, 2017
Good convertible car seat
Our daughter is 2 and half.We are in Texas. where is hot from April to Oct. we changed her car seat from maxi-cosi to clek Compared tp maxi-cosi, clek is cooler and more comfortable.
By Heatherly
Redmond WA
April 27, 2017
Sturdy and slim
We got this car seat as a replacement after we were rear ended. I wanted a more sound car seat and one that would fit well in our Volt. I am very pleased with this seat so far. It is well build and you can tell it is made well. Rear facing was easier than expected and my 10.5 month old seems happy in it. I probably should have gotten a lighter color but for the cold weather we keep getting in WA it is fine.
Proscompact great for smaller cars very sturdy
Consdark color not great for hot weather It is kind of a tall seat so may not fit well lengthwise in some cars
Best UsesIn smaller cars, safe
Providence. Rhode Island
April 26, 2017
Finally, Baby Loves the Car!
Since he arrived, my baby has hated the car. We cancelled trips over 15 minutes and suffered through the ones we simply couldn't avoid. With this car seat, he's comfortable and happy to look out the window. I can finally drive without fear of a meltdown that leaves us stranded halfway between points A and B. The unit was easy to install and simple to use. It feels solid and safe. I love it.
By Sheila
April 13, 2017
Car seat for Grandma's car
Love this car seat for my two toddler grandkidsSo easy to get them in and outOne caveat: the install takes a Mom of toddlers to do it
By Jen
Frisco, TX
April 12, 2017
Very heavy carseat, sits high in my SUV. Feels very safe and secure, no complaints from my child.
By Sweetpea
Dallas, Texas
March 23, 2017
Heavy as sin but secure and comfortable
This car seat is one of very few made in North America. No flimsy plastic substructure here.... the frame is solid steel and not exactly light. It took a little time to assemble. This would not be an ideal "travel" car seat due to its heft - best kept installed in your vehicle vs hauled on an airplane or transferred between cars. It was pretty simple to install in the car. Our little guy enjoys being positioned high enough to see out the windows. I enjoy knowing I can extended rear face (50 lbs max). The fabric should be cool on our toddler's skin, and is apparently easy to clean. That is to be determined :) Overall a great seat, reasonably priced, and. July to protect and last.
By Sophia
Chantilly VA
March 18, 2017
Best seats!
Love these seats. I have two foonfs and one fllo. Prefer the foonf for the recline option. My kids fall asleep easily in the car! I need the three car seats in a row option so this seat was perfect. The material is awesome in that I can easily wipe it clean. Other seats I've had, I've had to take apart to clean.
By Rachel M.
Lake Elsinore, CA
March 17, 2017
Easy install but instruction manual was not helpful for install
we recently purchased 2 of these carseats: One for our toddler and one for our 1 year old.PROS: *SUPER EASY when installing it forward facing using the latch system. It took me about 40 seconds to do it. this is honestly my favorite feature*The head rest requires a special tool (comes with carseat) to move it up and down which i love because it wont move unless i want it to.*the crotch buckle is easily adjusted*pretty comfy*using the latch system for rear facing installation is quick and simple (i wouldn't say easy though b/c you have to press down on the seat to get it really tight but thats no different than all the other carseats with the same latch system)*the cover is liquid resistant (it really is. my toddler already spilled milk and it easily wiped off. and the crumbs were easily swiped away as well)*latch buckles can be stored within the carseat so no flappy straps hanging everywhere*it has a metal safe cell technology so it absorbs the impact during a collision!!! :)CONS: *very heavy (a little bit heavier than the Britax Clicktight Advocate)*you have to remove the butt pad and crotch pad when installing it rear facing using the vehicle's seatbelt, which doesnt make it ideal for switching between vehicles*the instruction manual is pretty useless when trying to figure out how to install. i had to search and search for a good install video. i ended up watching how to install the clek fllo which helped the most for installing rear facing and seat belt. (tip: when installing using seat belt, only use ONE of the clips) *rear facing you need to attach the plastic cheese wedge (comes with carseat) which makes the carseat sit way too high. baby is window level in our Ford Fusion and Ford F250The pros of this carseat definitely outweigh the cons for us. we use these car seats in our Ford Fusion since theyre so narrow. before we couldn't fit a person in the middle with our other carseats but now they fit just fine.
ProsPROS: *SUPER EASY when installing it forward facing using the latch system. It took me about 40 seconds to do it. this is honestly my favorite feature *The head rest requires a special tool (comes with carseat) to move it up and down which i love because it wont move unless i want it to. *the crotch buckle is easily adjusted *pretty comfy *using the latch system for rear facing installation is quick and simple (i wouldnt say easy though b/c you have to press down on the seat to get it really tight but thats no different than all the other carseats with the same latch system) *the cover is liquid resistant (it really is. my toddler already spilled milk and it easily wiped off. and the crumbs were easily swiped away as well) *latch buckles can be stored within the carseat so no flappy straps hanging everywhere *it has safe cell technology so it absorbs the impact during a collision :)
ConsCONS: *very heavy (a little bit heavier than the Britax Clicktight Advocate) *you have to remove the butt pad and crotch pad when installing it rear facing using the vehicle's seatbelt, which doesnt make it ideal for switching between vehicles *the instruction manual is pretty useless when trying to figure out how to install. i had to search and search for a good install video. i ended up watching how to install the clek fllo which helped the most for installing rear facing and seat belt. (tip: when installing using seat belt, only use ONE of the clips) *rear facing you need to attach the plastic cheese wedge (comes with carseat) which makes the carseat sit way too high. baby is window level in our Ford Fusion and Ford F250
Best Uses*Best used forward facings using the latch system *it has a metal safe cell technology so it absorbs the impact during a collision!!! :)
By Kelsey C.
Rio Rancho NM
March 1, 2017
Great car seat
I really like this car seat! It leaves more space in my backseat and is easy to set up and comfortable for my son. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a cup holder but otherwise I love it!
By Kylie
Bay Area, California
February 19, 2017
Love the foonf!
We love our foonfs! My daughter has been in her pink one since she was 9 months old and is always comfy. She is 3 1/2, 90th percentile in height and has plenty of room to continue rearfacing. It is tall, but that hasn't given us any problems. When we first got it, she immediately stopped crying during car rides because she can see out the windows. Clean up is so easy, and so is install. We haven't been able to use our new Capri yet, because our son is not due until June, but I expect he will love it too. Also love that we are able to use it from birth this time since we bought an infant thingy to go with it.
By Tiff
Los Alamitos
February 10, 2017
Beautiful Car Seat & Excellent Design
Love how streamline this car seat is! Will be using rear-faces for as long as I can with my youngest and love that you can do this with this car seat! My oldest is using it forward facing and my favorite feature is the locking mechanism bar to the seat latches! It's seems very sturdy and way more secure than ordinary belted latches!
By Alison K.
February 3, 2017
Love this carseat
We have one for our older daughter and just. Ought a new one for my son. It's amazing, comfortable for the kids and I love the safety aspects!
By Brittany
February 3, 2017
Great car seat great company
So glad I found Albee to order from! This car seat is amazing and they offer quick shipping and great peices. I'll be back for all our baby stuff for sure. Albee is wonderful
By Christine
Winchester, VA
February 3, 2017
Very pleased with this car seat
We purchased the Clek foonf for our 5 month old, as he has outgrown his infant carrier. We never used Clek before, but we decided to try it based on the superior safety reviews. He fits very comfortably in this seat with the infant insert. The height and adjustability on the head rest is nice, as it will hold him until he is 5-6 years old.
By Kevin
January 26, 2017
Foonf lives up to reviews and money
High safety ratings, ease of installation, beautifully designed, quality materials, accessories specifically designed for travel and seat protection, what more would you like? Installation was step by step in the manual, and easy to do. Clek also offers videos of each step online. We have it rear facing with the rebound bar secured with the latch system belts to the metal anchor rings which make install that much easier. Once we forward face the seat the install be even easier with the latch system to the seat anchors. I've read reviews on the weight being an issue; seems to be about 10 lbs more than other seats. I've moved the seat between cars once and it didn't bother me. If I had to move a convertible seat daily, it wouldn't matter which seat, size or weight, it would be cumbersome. Aesthetics are important to me, as I do not enjoy the look of most "kids" stuff, but this is the best I've seen. Great modern design and refined fabric on the "cloud" seat. This seat is taller than most other seats with the leveling base that is included, but it will be forward facing in a year so it doesn't bother me. I like the seat has a 9 year expiration. This seems to be the longest I saw compared to other seats. This is important since this is our first child and plan to have more. The seat also has 2 different recline positions for rear facing, (note the further reclined, the more space needed.) lastly the pad at the buckle for the leg/shoulder straps has been redesigned on the 2017 seats. The 2016 we have is round and forces the buckle to lay down under the child, so you have to pull it back before or after seating them. 2017 seats they corrected this and will sell the pad to previous model owners.
ProsSafety, materials, design, brand accessories for this seat, ease of install/un-install, 2 recline settings for rear facing, anti rebound bar, seat leveling base for rear facing included
ConsHeight in rear facing (due to seat level base only used in rear facing)
By Jordan
Pataskala, Ohio
January 23, 2017
Tiny car long baby perfect fit for both!
After much consideration and research this by far was the safest seat I have found! Bonus is that it fits into our Nissan Vera and our Dodge Charger well while still providing enough leg room for my 1 year old!
By Leah
Seattle, WA
January 19, 2017
Quality car seat
I did quite a bit of research before choosing the Foonf. It is exactly what I expected and I'm pleased with the purchase. Our 10 month old is comfortable and happy in the seat. It is very heavy, but feels sturdy and safe- exactly what I'm looking for in a car seat! Fast shipping and best price I could find online!
By yumeng
Belle Mead, NJ
January 19, 2017
what i want
for not having a big car, this seat is just what i wanted! the seat itself is narrow enough for 2 seats in the back and a adult sitting with them. and kids in seat still feels comfortable. i am really pleased!
Prosnarrow, fancy!
Consprice is high.
By Cindy
PLANO, Texas
January 9, 2017
Clek Foonf
This beast of a carseat! It is super heavy, but comes with all the added safety! It is not fun to install, but again worth it. The seat looks great and when I've had to clean it, it has wiped clean easily. We are currently potty training so it does make me a little nervous that the cover is not removable.
ProsSuper sturdy; Wipes clean easily.
ConsHeavy; cover doesn't come off
Hollywood, Florida
December 30, 2016
We love this car seat! It is really like a tank! It is very heavy car seat. We loved it so much we purchased another one for our new born with the infant thing insert. Would def recommend to parents who are looking for a safe car seat. You know right a way you paid for top quality.
By Bo
Fairfield, California
December 28, 2016
best seat available 2016
this seat is great for your infant all the way up to your 65 pound child. It's narrow enough to fit in your backseat along with 2 other children or even adults pretty comfortably.
Prossafe. durable. comfortable.
Consone con would be that although it's footprint is small horizontally, it needs more space front to rear. As a result, the front driver or front passenger will have to move their seat quite a bit forward and sacrifice leg room
By Thomas
December 14, 2016
Expensive but worth it
I never thought i would spend so much money on a seat, but it was worth it. No doubt my child will be safe in this. The seat itself seems pretty basic compared to some other seats, but it is built like a tank. Not super padded but my child is still comfortable. She easily falls asleep in this seat when she wouldn't in her uppa baby we had before this. It doesn't have the self adjusting straps but everything is very easy to adjust. It is heavy and was a pain to initially install in my truck. Now that it's in no problems though. Probably not the best seat if you have to constantly move between cars. I drive a GMC Sierra 1500 and with seat in there is still plenty of room for passengers in the front and backseat. The seat sits up pretty high so there is not a lot of room to maneuver baby in and out. This is my first convertible car seat so this may be a problem with all seats. Overall very pleased. Bit the bullet and just bought a second for my wife's car because It was on sale and I was tired of moving it from car to car. Expensive but they can last 9 years, great warranty, and worth the money for peace of mind my child will be as safe as possible.
ProsSturdy, safe, comfy enough, easy to clean, should last forever.
ConsLove everything about this car seat but with all the safety comes the increase in weight. It is heavy, making it hard to maneuver when loading into vehicle.
By Peppermint
December 14, 2016
Love my clek
I bought this for my 3 yr 3 month old grand daughter. We had a Britax clicktight boulevard that we love as well. But the clek is so well made. You can tell that that it's a fantastic seat when you open the box. It is eas to install. I bought the cup holder and it's nice too. I am going to purchase another for her younger brother too.
Pros Sturdy, well made, nice fabric.
ConsHeavy.. but glad that it is
Best UsesFor anyone that needs a convertible car seat
By Amy
December 3, 2016
So happy with this seat that we own 3!
Completely satisfied with the Clek Foonf and confident that my daughter is as safe as she can be buckled in her Foonf.
ProsExtended rear-facing Latch system Seat cushion fabric is washable Easily wipes down
By Lauren
New York, NY
November 30, 2016
The Tank of Car Seats
We only just started using this seat but it is like a tank! So heavy and solid. I really feel like it provides the best protection for my son. A note about the Ink color - it is a bluish-purple. In some lights it looks more blue and others it looks more purple.
By Tu
Woodland, CA
November 19, 2016
Heavy Duty Seat
After much research, we settled on this seat. I love it!! It's heavy duty (although emphasis on the heavy). We wanted something with a bit extra in terms of safety and design so this is the perfect combo. We are looking at getting a carrier with wheels so taking it through the airport won't be as stressful. My husband is a strong man but even he said hell no on just carrying this thing through the airport.
ProsLoads of safety features Heavy duty Beautiful design Sits higher Can sit 3 across if needed
By Lola
Winston Salem, North Carolina
November 19, 2016
Lives up to the hype
I had heard so many mommas raving about this carseat and sucked it up and bought it. The quality is impeccable and unparalleled to anything else on the market. While it took me a few extra minutes to configure it for my eight month old in a rear facing position and very heavy (my husband had to carry it to the car), it only helped to confirm other's opinions on how safe and well made this seat is. Highly recommended!
By Kate H.
October 30, 2016
We love this seat
While this seat does take up a bit more room than my Britax, I prefer it and so does my baby. This is arguably the best convertible seat you can buy. It's extremely well made, baby sits up higher to see out, fabric cleans easy, chest clip isn't too big, harness pads are thin but still plush, rear faces forever, steal frame, light fabric options for hot climates, ridged latch for forward facing, crumple technology, and the list goes on. While this seat is more expensive, you get what you pay for. Clek is the only car set company that publishes ALL of their crash test data, not just what they want you to see. This seat also has a longer expiration date than a lot of other manufacturers. As a NICU nurse, mother, and CPST, I fully recommend this seat.
ConsVery heavy so it's not great for lugging around an airport, but hey it's also what makes it so safe Compared to other car seat manuels/ sticker instructions, directions for install aren't as clear. This is why this seat scores lower in consumer reports, however, with a bit of reading you should be able to get a secure fit.
By Erica H.
Walker, Louisiana
October 5, 2016
Waited A Long Time For This
I wanted this car seat when I first became pregnant with my 3rd baby. I wanted one for each of my kids. But we went with Chico Next Fit Zips and I regretted the decision shortly after. We were in a devastating car wreck a few weeks ago and although We all made it out safely I had HAD it with standard plastic framed seats. Since insurance was replacing all 3 of our seats we thought FINALLY we can upgrade to the Clek's I've been drooling over!! So far we've bought this TokiDoki SpacePlace and it's amazing! The stock photos do NO justice. The colors are so beautiful in person. The design make this artist Momma's heart smile. It's perfect to fit 3 across the rental car we are driving and it is a TANK! It's heavy as all get out but that makes me pleased because I know should we be hit again *which I am sure given the road we live on and this being the 3rd time in 2 and a half years we've been hit* that all of my babies will be beyond safe, from my 6 month old to my 6 year old whom we bought the Oorb Booster for!
ProsTrim sleek design Rebound Bar Extended Rear Facing Specs Steel Frame and crumple technology Water Resistant Material Removable Seat to store Straps Color and Pattern Options
Best UsesRear facing
By Amanda
Philadelphia, pa
September 24, 2016
Clek foonf
Excellent seat-- safe and easy to install.
By Madelyn R.
Prescott, Arizona
September 10, 2016
The perfect car seat
I ordered two of these car seats and love them. The fabric is so easy to clean. Nothing stains it. They are very slim while still being comfortable for my kids. Also you don't lose any style when you purchase a Clek. I highly recommend.
By Nancy
Los Angeles
September 4, 2016
Best Convertable Seat
The foonf is a car seat that will actually last until it's time for a booster. It's modern simplicity and easy install make it a seat you won't grow tired of or frustrated with. The seat never stains and with a quick wipe looks brand new.
By Ashley
Cambridge MA
August 28, 2016
The BEST Car seat!
We have the 2013 Foonf for our first child and love it, so we got the 2016 for our second child. We love this one even more than the first one! It's a tank and weighs a ton, but we rarely move it so that isn't an issue for us. It's a good looking seat that goes well with our interior, repels the sand and drool and general grossness our daughter gifts it with, and is comfortable and a great height for looking out the window (these last two traits are confined by picky four year old Clek loving brother himself). I like the new color choice and the improved crotch strap and shoulder pads on the 2016 model.
ProsInsanely safe Durable Easy to keep clean Attractive Lasts for an exceptionally long time, both by expiration date and by how long it can be used by a child Simple to install Narrow width Straps don't twist Clek also has excellent customer service if you have questions
ConsHeavy (but unless you move it around daily.... And it's far more durable, comfortable, and long lasting than the lightweight spare we've got. And it's safer.) Price (but we've used our first one over four years now, so price for longevity isn't bad)
Best UsesNewborn-age four (so far!)
By Jennifer
August 28, 2016
Love it
We have both the black and white capri. Would take another. Safety ratings are the biggest driver. So far so good and hope we never have to put safety to the test.
By Nikki
August 24, 2016
Love the Foonf
This was a replacement after being in a crash with our original. This model has softer shoulder pads and better seatbelt lock offs than the previous one- both upgrades that I was happy to see. We've been very happy with both of our Clek seats and their customer service is excellent.
By Lucinka
Los Angeles
August 23, 2016
Great carseat
The carseat was easy to install. It's narrow, but tall and heavy. I wouldn't take it for traveling. Our baby seems very comfortable in it.
By Brian B.
Discovery Bay, California
August 19, 2016
Best out there hands down!
My wife and I put a lot of research into a car seat for our son. After weeks of comparing seats and their pros and cons we decided the clek foonf was the one for us! Albee baby has the best price because the seat was tax free and had free shipping! When the car seat got here it was exactly as we researched! We love it and our son loves it as well. It gives us peace of mind knowing our baby boy is riding in the best!
By Ashley
July 14, 2016
Nice seat
This seat is heavy and takes up a lot of room front to back. I have a 2016 forester and have to have the drives seat forward more than I'd like to be comfy.
ProsFun colors and claims to be very safe
ConsHeavy, no cup holder, difficult to get in place to install due to size and weight
By Chickadee
Duluth, Minnesota
July 11, 2016
superior car seat
We've owned a Diono Radian for our oldest daughter for 4+ years. We just purchased a Foonf for our 10-month-old and I could appreciate the step up in quality by the time we had it out of the box. This is the highest quality car seat I have ever seen. It is well-built of quality materials and I absolutely love the fact that it is made in Canada instead of China. Additional details that stand out to me are that the head-protection piece won't slip out of place as it regularly does with our Radian, and the straps snug up nicely - much more smoothly than the ratchet system in our Radian. We purchased this car seat due to the great reviews and because it was designed for extended rear-facing. We have been using our Foonf for around a month and we are so happy with it that we are considering buying another one to replace our falling-apart Radian.
Proswell-built head-protection stays in place straps easy to loosen/tighten Made in Canada longer life than other car seats before expiration date recyclable
Conssits a little high in the vehicle when rear-facing
By Jill
May 8, 2016
Love our new car seat
This is our second Foonf and we love it. I would also highly recommend the cleaning products.
ProsSafe & well designed
ConsHeavy, and it would be nearly impossible to travel with.
By Shikira
Brooklyn, NY
April 28, 2016
Luxury Overload
I bought this seat for my eight month old daughter. She's very tall for her age so she outgrew her infant seat quickly. This reclines and is super spacious. It does take up a lot of room vertically and horizontally in our infinity qx60. The height makes it a tad hard to see if you look over your shoulder through the back windscreen. She has a lot of room to grow and she loves sitting in this seat.
By Debra
April 28, 2016
Great seat!
I bought a this seat for my 4 year old. She is still rear facing and should be able to continue to rear face for a while. She has no complaints regarding comfort, the straps sit where they should, and it is easy to tighten/loosen. I think the newer versions have improved padding as opposed to the one we had previously. These seats are simple to install and the anti - rebound bar gives a rock solid install. I plan to buy one for the next baby since they have the infant insert now. Highly recommend. *They do sit pretty high, so if you have limited head room I suggest you check the dimensions.*
ProsExtended rear facing, easy install, stain repellent fabric
ConsSits higher than other seats, so while my kid likes to see out, it could be a tight fit in lower profile vehicles
Best UsesExtended rear facing
By Reannen
April 8, 2016
So happy!
I transitioned my almost 2 year to this seat a few weeks ago from his orbit G3 infant seat. I went back and forth for quite some time because I loved my orbit and wanted the same convenience but ultimately decided to go with the Foonf and I'm so pleased with my choice! It fits in the back seat rear facing very comfortably and my son loves it. Even though he is quite petite the seat fits him well.
By Marina D.
Phoenix, AZ
March 31, 2016
Our 2nd one because we love it so much!
My 3 1/2 year old son is still rear facing in his Foonf we got in 2013, and I just got this one for my 13 month old daughter. In my opinion, this seat is the easiest to use properly and has such high limits to keep our kids as safe as possible. I also love that this is the only seat that allows my kids to see out the window in our Toyota Highlander. I recommend this seat to every parent if the topic of car seats comes up. In love with the Foonfs!!!
By Karin
San Jose, ca
March 25, 2016
We have 4 Foonfs!
For our 2 girls, we have 4 Foonfs for our 2 girls. This is the safest car seat out there. I have the Diono, Orbit, and Britax and Clek has been the obvious high quality, well built car seat for our family. My daughters are rear facing till 3. The fun colors are great and fun for he kids. They are expensive but worth it in my opinion. Safety is not negotiable in our family.
ProsSafety, extended rear facing, fun, sturdy, easy to install with YouTube videos, and extremely quick install for forward facing.
ConsHeavy so not good for travel although the weely bag makes it easier, large for small kids
Best UsesExtended rear facing
By Marina
Houston, TX
March 23, 2016
Great purchase
Great car seat. Shipped efficiently and arrived pretty quickly. The cardboard of the box the seat was shipped in was a bit beat up, but the seat was intact- no damage. The color is beautiful - looks like Tiffany blue. The seat is compact, 2 more people easily fit in the back. Baby has plenty of room in the seat and loves looking out the window ( seat is high).
By Kristen
Baltimore, MD
March 7, 2016
Most recommended car seat
This seat is the most recommended convertible car seat from the nationally certified car seat installer and expert that lives near me. Haven't installed it yet but very exited.
By Igor
February 24, 2016
Clerk Foonf
Fantastic product quality and features. Comfortable for a baby with plenty of room to grow. Very easy moving buckling system with plenty of strap length. Great modern look.
By Ian
Gorham, ME
February 20, 2016
Great seat
We bought this seat to replace a Chico infant seat. We were most interested in the Foonf because of the safety this seat provides. We've been using it for a few weeks and so far I would recommend it. It feels much more sturdy than the Chico and your can see why the price is higher once you handle it. It seems well built and the fabric is more like nice upholstery than a typical car seat. This seat is worth the money and then some. I feel that it provides the safest choice for our son. He seems to like the seat more than the Chico which is great. This seat has it all; looks, safety, fit and finish, and comfort.
ProsStylish, safe, easy to use, sits up high, side impact protection, comfortable.
ConsTakes a while to set up the first time
By Julie
Chino Hills, CA
February 17, 2016
Love the seat!
love the sleek look and it fits great into my Toyota Highlander. The color is beautiful and my LO looks comfy. Lots of leg room. Fabric seems easy to clean. The safety is amazing. Does not move and simply so easy to install
Pros3 row seating clean and sleek modern style easy use to install comfy for the little one the seat is high enough for the LO to look out the window
Consfabric can not be taken off to be washed not able to use middle seat in some cars for rear facing heavy pricey
By Austin H.
Portland, OR
February 10, 2016
Subtle but notable changes.
We own a 2015 Clek Foonf and just bought a 2016 for our second son. The new seatbelt lock offs are SOOOO much better and made installation much much easier in the rear facing position. I love the Foonf. It's built like a rock and gives me peace of mind. Downsides include no way to adjust the shoulder strap height without rethreading the straps. This is a minor inconvenience.
By Lauren
October 17, 2015
Great seat!
Arrived quickly. Read the manual and was able to put it together quickly (headrest arrives uninstalled). Installed the anti-rebound bar and made a few harness adjustments and was ready to install. Went in easily and my toddler loves seeing out the windows rear-facing! Thanks for excellent purchase!
ProsAnti-rebound bar included Great for extended rear-facing Easy install Super safety ratings
ConsCup holder sold separate
By Pavlina
Irvine, CA
June 17, 2015
Amazing car seat
Love the modern design! Very comfortable and easy to install.
By Montana
May 9, 2015
Car Full of Foonfs
We had such a great experience with our first Clek Foonf purchase from Albee Baby last year that we knew we wouldn't trust anything else with baby 2! Foonf is sturdy, solid, and sleek! We love that our kiddos can see out of the car windows so well while rear-facing until at least age 4! Installation is simple and straightforward. Our car-hating kiddos have both shown noticible improvement since switching to Foonf (and our toddler -who formerly screamed non-stop in the car) now asks to go for rides! Awesome! Thanks to Clek for sending us their Infant Thingy infant insert a month before it's release, we were able to get our littlest babe in a Foonf even sooner!
ProsSturdy Safe Comfy for babe Amazing quality North American made (if that's important to you) And can now be used from birth with the Clek Infant Thingy!
ConsIt is quite heavy - I consider this a pro as it is more sturdy and better protects my little ones. Large - again, a pro for me because it will comfortably accommodate my kiddos for quite some time.
Best UsesRear-facing until college -well maybe just until elementary school
By veronica
, Oregon
May 7, 2015
Love to hate
we bought this in snowberry for our baby, she was about 6m when we got it. I love the seat but we ended up having to use a pool noodle to get the angle right so that her head didn't slump forward. The seat is also hard to install if your seats have lips like or sienna does. It's super easy to clean you just need water and the dirt comes right off. I wish it had washable fabric though. At 3 yrs old our girl is still rear facing and has three slots before she outgrows the seat which means she will be in this till she is 7 yrs old at the rate she grows.
Consgetting the correct angle is tough in some seats without a pool noodle.
Best Usesrear facing for a very long time.
By Samantha
Brighton, mi
January 7, 2015
Love This Seat!
We were very excited to finally get this car seat. It fits really well in our car and our daughter loves it! The color looks just as the photo suggests. The install was a little tricky in our car but the folks over at Clek were wonderfully helpful and we were able to safely install this seat. I definitely recommend!!
By Andrea
December 31, 2014
Love our Foonf
I just LOVE this car seat. It was a super easy install. Baby really enjoys being in it as well. She can see out of the window and this keeps her occupied. PROS: Easy to adjust straps. Easy Install. Fabric is super easy to clean. CONS: Heavy (but understandably so, with the building materials) It fits in our 2007 Honda CRV but it's a tight fit (rear facing). Mainly it's a squeeze getting baby in and out without hitting her head. Once she's in the seat we are all good though :) Upgrading to a bigger vehicle soon and that should solve any of the issues we are currently experiencing.
By EvyMom
springdale, ar
October 17, 2014
The Best
I purchased this seat for my daughter when she was 9 months old. It has been six months and still looks brand new. Super easy to clean and she loves being able to see out the windows while we are moving. I am debating about getting another foonf or a fllo for my niece. I am not going to buy any other brand of car seat since Clek makes the best products. It can be a little hard to get at the right angle, I drive a Montero and the seats are very sloped, when installing. Once it is locked in though, it is solid and wont give an inch. My niece's nautilus seems cheap and flimsy compared to the foonf. I love this seat and brand.
ProsSolid construction, Easy to clean, Beautiful
Best UsesERF, toddler
By Nwiilson
Mattoon, Il
July 26, 2014
Safe Attractive Car Seat
When spending this much, I did tons of research. Trust me you will def be happy with your purchase! Did I mention they can stay rear facing up to 50 lbs? This was a major selling point for our family. We love the waterproof, anti bac fabric...haven't had any problems at all:) It is also one of the narrowest car seats on the market if space is an issue. Love the re-bound bar for safety too!
By Kim
May 7, 2014
Clek Foonf
The color of the material looks faded a deceiving look from the picture
ProsLooks nice except for the quality of the cloth material use I hope it's not a 2013 product that e color faded

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