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Awesome car seat
June 3, 2018
I love Clek seats, all my kids have one, and Albee Baby has the best prices I've ever found.
By Haley
Lake Charles, LA
Amazing Carseat
June 2, 2018
Love it. Sturdy, easy install, slim and safe.
By Deanndra
Modesto, California
Best carseat ever
May 31, 2018
Thus car seat is super durable and sturdy, I love how strong it feels and the weight limits are awesome for keeping little one rear facing as long as possible. It's very cute as well. Only down side is it's hard to clean if there's been throw up or a major spill
By Catherine
Lynnwood, WA
Love this Carseat
May 13, 2018
I really like this carseat. It looks great, is slim while still being spacious for my son, and is relatively easy to install. The fabric is like a towel-like fabric, which I wasn't really expecting. I didn't like that at first but its grown on me.
By Maria
New York
Doesn't seem like we'll be able to use it as long as I had hoped.
May 7, 2018
The strap at the bottom is very short...not sure we'll her much use out of this seat. Not sure if we've installed incorrectly, if the product is defective or if the strap is supposed to be so short.
By renee
alexandria, Virginia
Super safe
May 7, 2018
We already have a two Clek Fllo carseats for our 4 year old, and we just purchased 2 more for our one year old, who is outgrowing his infant seat. The color name on this seat is appropriate, because that's what we call it -- the Tank. I feel so confident and comfortable having my children in these seats. They are solid and comfortable. We have two cars, and one of them is an older and smaller model than most -- a 2007 Honda Fit. It feels so small now, with our family of four, that I really wanted a strong child seat in there. The Fllo gives me the confidence I need that my kids are seated as safely as possible. Note on fit in the Fit: We've squeezed the Fllo in WITH the anti-rebound bar, behind the passenger seat side of the car. It does leave for very little legroom for the front passenger seat (we make it work, but we're fairly short and my husband generally drives the car with the passenger seat empty). However, the anti-rebound bar is optional, so if you left that off I think there would be plenty of passenger seat legroom (well, as much legroom as you'll get in a Fit ;)). Our other car is a Subaru Outback, and these fit great.
ProsSolid like a tank comfortably upright, so kids have great view Anti-Rebound bar is a great feature not found in a lot of US carseats less toxic flame retardants than many other brands Can do super extended rear-facing -- make sure you don't exceed rear facing Latch weight (we did at age 3) -- seat belt is actually a better install with this seat, esp for older kids.
ConsExtra large size and heavy weight make this seat a hassle for travel. does not fit thru TSA X-ray scanner, so needs to be swabbed at airport.
Best Usesage 9 months
By cb
dallas, tx
shallow seat
May 4, 2018
we have the fllo and peg Perego and the peg Perego is much more comfortable for our 2 year old. the seat in the fllo doesn't seem deep enough. the crotch strap doesn't seem to be in a good spot... very tight fit.
Prosnarrow seat
By Mk
These carseats are amazing
May 4, 2018
They are sleek looking and extremely safe. They are thinner/taller than most which is nice for fitting extra seats across and for kids to see out the window. They're comfortable according to my 4yo & they spot wash well.
By Ow
Great car seat
May 3, 2018
I had this car seat for our first child and knew we wanted the same one for our second as well. One of the longest rear facing seats I've found. My daughter is 2 1/2 (29lbs, 35'') And still very comfortable rear facing. Well made, and easy to install. The only complaint I have is that you cannot remove material to wash, but it spot cleans easily. Otherwise, I've never had any issues with the seat.
By Jessica
Denver, Colorado
Sleek & Safe
April 20, 2018
We purchased this as second car seat for my husband's car, as well as for travel. While it is definitely on the heavier side for traveling, we feel as though it is incredibly safe, which was most important to us. Its design is sleek, and my son appears to be comfortable in it. He likes that he is higher up, and can see out the window! To install rear-facing, the written directions were a bit confusing, but we were able to watch a video from Clek's website, which was more helpful. This car seat will definitely be nice to have as our family grows -- you can definitely fit three of these across the backseat easily.
Pros- Sleek Design - Comfortable for Baby/Toddler - Safety - Height/Weight Limit
Cons- Confusing Installation for Rear-Facing - Accessories Sold Separately (i.e. cupholder, mat) - Price - Heavy
Best Uses- Fitting Three in a Row Across Backseat
By Sarah
Love this car seat
April 3, 2018
We have 4 of these now and love them. They are comfortable for our boys rear facing from 1-2.5 years then forward our 3.5 year old who is tall and thin still is very comfortable. Great seats. They are heavy so not great for travel but safe and good looking.
By erica
Washington, District of Columbia
Not for shallow back seat
April 2, 2018
We ordered the Clek Fllo because we wanted a compact car seat + top safety ratings. While the Cleck seats are very NARROW, they take-up a lot of space front-to-back. We tried installing this in both the middle and the side rear seats of our 2014 Ford Escape and in order to fit the front driver or passenger seats had to be pulled uncomfortably far forward. Unfortunately that did not work for us, so we ended-up returning and purchasing the Nuna Rava.
Prostop safety ratings; free of hazardous chemicals; sleek, stylish design; narrow
Consrequires too much front-to-back space (too deep) when rear-facing; uncomfortable seat; difficult to clear
By Katy
Santa Cruz, Ca
Awesome car seat!
March 27, 2018
This is our second clek fllo and we love these seats! Super strong and safe and bonus...theyre adorable in the toki print. We needed a second seat and specially waited for the the release of this new print. So happy to find it on Albee Baby. Love ordering from them.
awesome carseat!!!!
March 22, 2018
my daughter loves her carseat best purchase I've made when shopping for carseats!!!
By Omar
Duarte California
March 6, 2018
So impressed and thankful We didn't need to buy a new car!!! So we bought three new car seats for our 3 1/2yo, 1 1/2 yo and our future new born due in two weeks!!! We looked at every car seat and searched every store and found nothing that would accommodate our mini SUV..everything was bulky and wouldn't fit three car seats... THEESE FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!!! They are a little pricey but cheaper than a new car!!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a car seat or multiple!!!! But recomend adjusting straps before installing... lol we got too excited my husband installed them about three times until we figured out all the tricks... so much easier to install!!!!
Pros3 Fit great across my 2011 CR-V.... sterdy and color options were wide.... I wanted all black but glad we got the green!!! Easy installation
ConsShould have bought them earlier
By A B.
New Jersey
I wish we would have found this car seat sooner!
March 4, 2018
We have had many car seats, but this has to be the easiest car seat we have ever had to install. We need to fit three car seats in a row and we were easily able to do it with this one. Highly recommend.
By Meghan
Clayton, NC
Great for safety and width, heavy and clumsy install
March 3, 2018
Love the safety of this seat, and was a necessity after we had twins and a 3 yo. Or at least was cheaper than buying a new car. Sucker is heavy, don't expect to be moving it daily. Also isnt quite as easy to put together and install as some of the other new car seats, especially if you are doing 3 across with seat belts. But would still highly recommend if you need to do 3 across and you want the kids to be extra safe. Also love that it will work for the duration of their car seat years and I wont have to fiddle with getting new seats when they grow.
ProsSafety, width, longevity
ConsHeavy, clumsy assembly and install
Best Uses3 across, as a tank
By Nichole
Holland, Mi
Great Car Seat!
February 11, 2018
We purchased this car seat by the recommendation of "The Car Seat Lady". We have this one and the Clek Foonf. The Clek Fllo is slightly smaller than the Clek Foonf. We wanted the Fllo so that we could travel easier with it on flights as it fits in the travel bag and is a little lighter, yet still sturdy. It's comforting knowing that our children are in strong, sturdy car seats. It arrived quickly and has been a great car seat! I would definitely recommend.
San Francisco
A great car seat
February 11, 2018
Definitely made to last. The Clek Fllo was recommended to us by some of our friends and it met everything we expected.
By Alexa
New York, NY
Great Car Seat
February 3, 2018
Great car seat! Easy to install and my son finds it super comfortable!
By Liana
Great experience!
January 27, 2018
The car seat arrived quickly and it is great quality. I am very pleased with my purchase and I recommend this seat and this site to anyone
By Britney
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Best seat
January 16, 2018
We have three clek Fllos! The prince color is by far my favorite! Safe, although super heavy, I know my kids are well taken care of!
By Erin
los angeles
wonderful car seat, only the best
January 15, 2018
I love this car seat so when I had my second child, I knew what I'd be getting once they grew out of their infant seat. The seat is good looking, safest to the highest standards, and overall exactly what I want in my car to know they're safe & sound. Wiping things off is easy, but if your kid throws up, it's not so easy. The cover is apparently very difficult to remove & then put back on (unlike other brands that advertise washable covers). Thankfully the fabric doesn't absorb too much but it took some scrubbing with a wet cloth and lots of airing out to get the smell out.
By Katherine
We love our Clek Fllo and Foonf BUT make sure you have the best one for your car!
January 1, 2018
One of the biggest selling features of the Clek seats is the REACT and EACT crumple zone/energy absorption in each seat that help when the seat is front facing.However, we are replacing our Foonf with a second Fllo because our new car doesn't have LATCH anchors in the middle seating position (we only have one kiddo and she sits in the middle in both vehicles). From what I understand, the Foonf car seat needs be attached to the LATCH anchors for the REACT system to work. Even if you are installing the car seat with the seat belt due to the combined weight of your kiddo and car seat, you are supposed to connect the LATCH hooks to the seat anchors. Of course, double check this in the owner's manual and on their website (in case things change or I have misunderstood). But at the time of writing this review, here is where I found the information:
OC, California
So sturdy!
December 23, 2017
This is a heavy seat and while it took me a bit to install, you can tell how sturdy it is. We have had In the past maxicosi pria and peg pereggo primo viaggio as well as Diono radian. The fllo feels much sturdier than all of these. We installed it rear facing in a Tesla s and it fits perfectly in the middle or the sides.
By 3 M.
Boston Area
They can see out!
December 15, 2017
So this is great moving out of an infant seat. My kiddo was all crunched in the bucket, could not move his arms (recently he's really hated it = screaming until we move and he falls asleep). In this Clek, he still dislikes being restrained, but I saw an definite change in that he can look out the window (the kids sit much higher than the other seats we have), and he's well tucked in there (using infant thingy for 15lb 3mo) but the seat is more open - he can move his arms more. Anyway, fabric has a soft hand which is nice and different from our other two seats. Good videos to prep the seat for install. Easy to get the seat in there REALLY tight which I appreciate. I like it so far - it's only been a few weeks. It is heavy, I can't imagine taking this on a plane, but for car use I don't care. Install and finished! My older kids were jealous! The strap pads stop twisting - great. Minor point, but I have a big-bottomed babe and would prefer to install the crotch connector in the outboard position but that does not seem possible with the infant thingy. Oh - and they should include the infant thingy with the seat or price it lower.
By Abby
Easy all around
December 13, 2017
Love the clek products. They make an incredibly safe product that is also attractive and comfortable. Easy to use, easy to clean, and my kids actually like sitting in them.
By Kathryn S.
Pensacola, Florida
Good carseat
December 13, 2017
This is the car seat we bought as our extra one for my husbands truck. Its nice and not quite as massive as other brands however heavy so for travel we have a light weight. My son likes it and feels very nice. Easy to install once get latch system out. We really like it but still prefer the one in my car as main car seat. However nice second car seat!
By Meaghan
San Clemente, Ca
Quality Seat
December 8, 2017
My Honest first impressions:First off I bought two Clek Fllos after lots of research and thought put into it. I previously owned Chico next fit convertable car seats which I was in love with but when we found out baby number 3 was on the way I knew I needed thinner seats so I could fit 3 in a row.I received the clek fllos yesterday and began the install today. The seats look great and high quality, they are heavy and I know they will be safe for my boys. Putting them together and getting the right adjustments took a bit but the directions were easy to follow. I don't think the headrest slides up and down easily and I was bummed there was no rethreading system because my last one had it and that was an awesome feature! The install wasnt as easy as my previous convertible seats and at first I had a hard time getting them snug but with extra effort I think they are good to go. I will likely be looking into getting the clek seat thingy that goes under the seat for an even better fit. So here is to hoping the boys like their new seats. My oldest doesnt seem to mind I'm a little worried about my youngest because its not as reclined in the rear facing position and not as plush as our old one.
ProsSturdy, safe, and high quality
ConsPrice, lack of a few added features
By Isabelle
Chicago, Illinois
Fits three in a row
November 28, 2017
The car seat fits three in a row.
ProsThe narrow size allows you to put three car seats in a row
By Erin
Newbury Park, CA
Great safe car seat
November 24, 2017
I did a lot research when it came to rear facing. My son is skinny and tall and I knew I wanted him to rear face a long time. The seat is perfect for him. It looks fantastic also! Only negative is if you have to clean it my son got sick in the car so that was a huge challenge to make the fabric clean and smell free. About to buy my second for my other son !
By Christina
Atlanta, Georgia
Best Weve Had
November 11, 2017
We have three little ones and we love these seats!! Relatively easy installation compared to our previous car seats. Very comfortable for our little one, and a beautiful design. We can fit three across rear facing in our Jeep Patriot.
By Vanessa C.
Awesome car seat!
November 10, 2017
Love it! Super comfortable for kids and looks great.
By Whitney B.
Best car seats!
November 10, 2017
I have owned several different types of car seats but Clek is by far my favorite. There is a bit of a learning curve involved in the initial set up, but once you learn it, its gold. Easy to get a good tight install. Love!
By Justine W.
Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Car Seat
November 8, 2017
I have tried multiple convertible car seats and this is by far my favorite. I love how how narrow it is, the straps loosen and tighten with ease, the fabric is really nice (it can not be washed but cleans up really nice!). The rebound bar is a great feature! It does back the car seat stick out a little bit more but we have a minivan so we have plenty of space. The price is more than other car seats but I really think it is worth every additional penny! I plan on buying a second for my daughter!
ProsNarrow, Great fabric, Great Straps
By Janelle
Love the Fllo!
November 5, 2017
I order this because i wanted a narrower car seat without sacrificing safety. I was originally looking at Diono but realized they just made a massive recall. I took a chance on the Clek brand and could not be happier. Its narrow and clean. My child fits perfectly and just looks really secure in it. Highly recommend this seat!
ProsSafe Clean Easy to use Narrow
By zhizhi
Canton, MA
Nice and stable
October 23, 2017
The car seat is very stable and comfortable. The space for baby is enough, by the way even in rear facing, the baby can get good sight.
By Samantha
Brighton, Michigan
Amazing Product
October 10, 2017
I love all the Clek car seats and this one is no different. I am so impressed with how easy it is to install and how amazing it looks!! I am so happy I chose to purchase it from Albee Baby, their customer service is impeccable! Wonderful experience all around!!
ProsLook-color Size Extended rear facing Comfort
By Jillian
Great Car Seat
October 1, 2017
We love our Clek Fllo. It was easy to install, only took my husband about 5-10 minutes. We got the Slate color and it looks great. It is also very easy to get my daughter in and out of the car sear. We are very happy with our purchase. I am also always happy ordering from Albee Baby. Fast shipping and products are exactly what are promised. Overall very happy with this purchase!
ProsLooks good, easy to install, easy to use
By Lindsay
Houston, Texas
Perfect narrow seat!
September 27, 2017
I needed a narrow car seat and this one works great. It's easy to adujust the straps and the seat is very well made. Out of the box it was a little harder than a Chico to adjust the seat to get everything (head rest, straps, est.) into position but the instructions are easy to follow so overall not a big deal.
Best UsesFor people that need a narrow car seat...especially a middle seat.
Charlottesville, Virginia
Stylish, fairly user-friendly
September 25, 2017
Stylish, fairly compact, well-made car seat with an easy-to-clean material. It's not the easiest to install, and heavier than I expected, so we will probably buy a cheap seat to travel with. The "blue" Ink color is much more of a purple than a blue; if that matters to you, I might get another color.
By Louise
Chicago, Illinois
Best Convertible Car Seat
September 21, 2017
Super safe, easy to install and narrow. My two toddlers love this seat - they sit high enough to see out the window and the seat itself is super comfy. I recommend this car seat to anyone looking for a safe (materials used and impact protection) stylish and easy to use convertible car seat.
By Cheryl
New Jersey
Love Clek
September 17, 2017
Love clek because of the easy install and the safety features. Anyone who could give a discount on clek makes it very well worth it. The seat doesn't move at all once installed, forever.
ProsInstall Safety
ConsHeavy Expensive
Best UsesPermanent install
By Sarah
Second Clek Fllo I have purchased...still satisfied
September 13, 2017
This is the second Clek Fllo I have purchased. No major changes, just the design of the guards covering the buckle and straps. My son threw up the second day using the car seat but the fabric is great and easy to clean. Still looks new! Overall I continue to be satisfied with the product and I feel my children are safe sitting in this car seat. I plan to keep my children rear facing as long as possible. The travel bag is a must if you will be flying with this car seat.
ProsSafety Fabric
ConsHeavy and bulky
Best UsesRear facing
By Jennifer
super awesome
September 8, 2017
We bought this after a car accident, replacing two of our seats, one forward, one rear facing...super easy to install forward, a little trickier but not horrible for rear facing...feel great that my kiddos are super safe in these awesome seats...only drawback is that you can't remove the fabric...that easily...but it's a safer option as far as chemicals go.
By Corrie
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
very nice seat
September 1, 2017
Very well made, sturdy, heavy (but in a good way).Fabric is soft and easy to wipe clean.
ProsSturdy Solid install Extended rear facing
ConsVery heavy. Not the easiest to install.
By Tashina
Corbin, KY - Kentucky
Great seat
August 30, 2017
I love this seat and so does my son. I added the Clek Infant Thingy so we could use it a little sooner. Easy, solid install every time. My only complaint is the fabric seems to collect fuzz off my sons clothes all the time. It looks dirty.
By Timothy
Dayton, Ohio
Best, safest child's car seat.
August 25, 2017
Awesome seat, nearly perfect. I love the anti rollback bar. The seat is made of high quality materials, and steel! Very comfortable. Rock solid stable when installed, with seatbelt or latch. We also bought a Chicco Nextfit, I wish we bought 2 Fllos. The Cleck Fllo is what I would recommend to any parent.
ProsAnti rollback bar. Made with steel. Solid, stable, secure. Made of high quality "automotive grade" materials. A no compromise safe seat.
By Martina
Clek filo
August 25, 2017
Excellent safe
By Ec24
South Dakota
Fabulous seat!
August 19, 2017
We LOVE this seat. Easy to install and has seat belt lock offs so the seat doesn't budge. Cover wipes off easily. Kiddo seems to be comfy in it. We initially ordered a maxi cosi pria 85. Very comfy seat but we just couldn't get a tight install which made me nervous. So glad we returned it for this seat! The graphite color is nice, gray with just a tint of blue. Nice to save a little money on the 2016 model. If you're on the fence, spend the money to buy the Clek. You won't regret it.
By Dad
Clek Fllo Car Set
August 7, 2017
Kids like it. Fits three across in our car.
By Stephanie
Los Angeles, Ca
Just purchased second one!
July 29, 2017
Love this car seat so much we got 2. Easy to use and I have a sense of security knowing my child is in one of the top rated car seats for safety. Looks very sleek as well.
By Mslippy
New york
Clek fllo 2017!
July 29, 2017
I love this car seat. It seems so sturdy and safe. The seat belt install wasn't bad..and I'm glad they changed the crotch protector from that stupid circle version! This one is much easier to get to. My daughter loves the toki doki print too!
By Shari
Johnson City, Tennessee
Fantastic seat!!
July 26, 2017
This seat is perfect for those looking for a narrow seat for a 3 across situation. It's also great for extended rear facing. Easy to install and compact front to back. Love how sleek it is and how easy it is to clean. Highly recommend any clek seat, but especially the fllo. Would buy this again in an instant if I needed another!
Love the quality & safety features!
July 14, 2017
I absolutely love that this carseat allows rear-facing to either 50 lbs or 43" standing height. I also love that it's a narrow seat which makes 3 across easily doable as well as comfortable for passengers next to it. A great feature that not many other brands have is that it has an antirebound bar. My only gripe would be the weight of the carseat; it definitely should not be a travel seat. We took it through the airport on the go go babyz travelmate deluxe, wheeled it down the aisle of the plane with ease but carrying it and installing it on the plane was crazy tight. Not to mention it doesn't fit in small cars well especially when you have to install it more upright which isn't ideal if your kid still sleeps in the car. Other than it not being a good travel seat, I've still recommended this seat to ppl with roomy cars and those friends loved them.
By Brooke
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Best carseat
July 7, 2017
Absolutely love this car seat! Sleek and safe!
By Lara
Bay Area, California
Nice looking and safe seat
June 15, 2017
I originally ordered a Clek Fllo because I need to fit 3 seats (two convertible and one infant) in the back seat of my Honda CRV. This seat is one of the narrowest available at only 17" wide. I installed the Fllo without the rebound bar because of space issues - with the rebound bar attached, front passenger would have little leg room. My daughter likes riding in it because she can see out the window really well - the Fllo puts your child up high. It is easy to install once you've done it a few times. I really like the seat belt lockoff - it makes the seat super stable. I liked it so much I ordered a second Fllo for my other daughter to use front-facing.
ProsAttractive design, cool colors, soft fabric, narrow seat
ConsHeavy, pricey
By Rg
Great, safe car seat
May 28, 2017
2nd clek fllo purchase from Albee baby. Comfortable for kids, as well as being safe and well made. Arrived quickly
By Laura
salem ma
best carseat
May 27, 2017
I love this carseat. The construction and safety was extremely important to me when selecting a seat for my daughter, and this one fits the bill. It is large, but thats the idea: I know she will be rear facing in this seat for a while. Worth every penny.
Will never buy another car seat!
April 26, 2017
We are on the Clek bandwagon and there's no turning back. Sleek design. Awesome colors. Super easy and snug install. But most importantly-- safety safety safety. Published crash ratings. And no chemicals on fabric. I'm sold. Just bought 4! Thank you Albeebaby. Great service.
By Joanna
Berkeley, CA
Beautiful car seat, though not sure about the fabric
April 2, 2017
I have had 5 Clek Fllos (so obviously am a fan), with 3 different seat material. The material of the Special Edition Paul Frank was like felt. The material from a 2016 Fllo (Ink) and a 2017 Fllo (Flamingo) was a slightly nubby material, which is hard to describe, perhaps like a boiled wool. The 2017 Thunder is a somewhat slick material, like a scotch-guarded ski jacket or a high quality shower curtain. I'm guessing the Thunder may be a bit easier to keep clean (though I haven't had to clean it yet), and the material doesn't make a tremendous amount of difference to my daughters since they typically have pants and long sleeves. I love the color and pattern of the Thunder, though.
ProsExcellent safety construction Able to install 3 in a row, or two with one seat in the middle position Easy to get a secure fit with the straps
ConsStrap release button is a little more recessed than I would prefer LATCH installation is a little less intuitive than other seats (though I prefer using the seat belt anyway)
By Joanna
Berkeley, CA
Great car seat!
April 2, 2017
I'm currently using a Diono Pacifica and Clek Fllo. I have two girls in convertibles right now, and it's great to be able to put one seat in the middle position so that an adult can also sit in the backseat. Previously I had a Britax Advocate when my oldest was an only child, but replaced it with a Clek Fllo when baby #2 came along and we needed the two car seats in the back. I strongly prefer the Clek Fllo to the Diono Pacifica due to the poor strap and chest clip design of the Diono. The Clek straps are easy to get a snug fit, while I can just barely get the Diono tight enough to be considered adequate. The bright pink of the Flamingo is a little much at first, but my oldest likes it, and it's grown on me. The seat is not light, but reasonable for what it offers.
ConsThe seat belt release button is set a little far back, so you for those with small hands, it can take a little effort to reach in and release. Not a deal breaker, but I wish it were a little easier.
By mamazon
March 10, 2017
beautiful seat, especially fabric. very sturdy. not quite as narrow as had hoped (very small car).
Sykesville, MD
Best Car Seat on the Market
February 22, 2017
Love this car seat! My daughter loves it too! She doesn't make a peep when in this seat. It is easy to install, but on the heavy side. The weight wasn't a deal breaker because once it is installed I am not moving it.
ProsSafe Easy to install
ConsWeight Size
By Danielle
Boston, MA
Great car seat!
February 9, 2017
We were happy to find a green guard certified car seat. I love the 'capri' color. My son is happy to sit in this seat and can easily fall asleep in long trips.
By Jennifer
Tiffin, IA
Love this seat!
January 30, 2017
I am SO pleased with the Clek seats we own (both Foonf and Fllo). Installation is a dream and my daughter loves the ability to see out the windows with the high seated position. Clean-up is a breeze and they do not retain odors.
By Rebecca
Riverhead NY
love them
January 30, 2017
i love my new car seats. i love that they don't smell and the are so easy to clean(we tested that the first day) we forgot to flip the plastic piece forward on the bottom when we first put them in and they both had forward heads when sleeping but as soon as we fixed that problem solved. So far so good worth the money
By Stefanie T.
Great seat from a great company!
January 28, 2017
Love, love, love Clek products! My daughter is almost 3 years old and is still comfortably rear facing with no signs of turning her around for a while. I got a great price of this car seat and Albee Baby shipped this item so quickly that I received it the very next day after I ordered.
By Steph
Best carseat!
January 23, 2017
The Clek Fllo is my favorite carseat! We have two in each car for my 2.5 year old and my 11 month old - both rear-facing.Pros:Very sturdy & heavyEasy to install once you've done itfabric is very easy to cleanstreamlined look and feelquality design and padding that is comfortable, but narrowable to fit 3 across the back seathigh rear-facing weight-limitoptional rebound bar for rear-facing, which is required in CanadaCons:Heavy, if you plan to move it oftenIt's a little bit deep, especially with the rebound bar - may not fit as well behind the driver's seat while rear-facingexpensiveNo cup holderIt is by far my first choice in carseats.
ProsVery sturdy & heavy Easy to install once you've done it fabric is very easy to clean streamlined look and feel quality design and padding that is comfortable, but narrow able to fit 3 across the back seat fits in an airplane seat high rear-facing weight-limit optional rebound bar for rear-facing, which is required in Canada
ConsHeavy, if you plan to move it often or travel often It's a little bit deep, especially with the rebound bar - may not fit as well behind the driver's seat while rear-facing expensive No cup holder
Best Usesextended rear-facing seat two or three kids across the backseat
By Danny
Tustin, CA
Great car seat for people with larger vehicles
January 16, 2017
We were deciding between this and the Diono RXT like many others even though we don't need to fit 3 across. We just want a safe car seat that also allows adults to sit next to it comfortably. Our 1 year old seems to be enjoying the seat as he can see out the window, and sleeps very well in it. The seat takes a little bit of initial effort to setup and get used to, can be difficult to install/adjust for many, but as an engineer I can definitely appreciate the design. Because of the seat design and the recommended rear facing angle, it can be difficult to fit this behind the driver or the passenger seats if you need rear facing and if you are driving a smaller car.
ProsElegant design Narrow profile
ConsCan be difficult to fit in a smaller car if rear facing Can be difficult to install/adjust for many User manual can be difficult to read (small diagrams)
By Ella
New York
All the thumbs up
January 15, 2017
Love our new Clek! Once I read the manual, installation was easy! Fits so nicely in vehicle, love how narrow it is. The fabric lives up to its hype, everything really does wipe right off. My son says he's comfy in it. So far, despite it being the 2016 model, we have had zero issues with the belt buckle pad coming off when putting him in and out of the seat. It is heavier than a lot of car seats, and I like that! That's a big part of how it's keeping our babies safe!! Couldn't be happier! And it shipped super fast, arrived in 3 days.
By Tatyana
We <3 Clek!
January 13, 2017
We love Clek car seats. We had a Clek Foonf for our SUV, and decided to try the Maxi Cosi Pria for our second, smaller car. The Maxi Cosi felt so flimsy when installed compared with the Clek, and it was hard to get the baby in and out. So we returned that one and went back to the trusty Clek, but this time we got the Fllo. The installation is so secure, the car seat does not move around at all. And the colors are so pretty. The Fllo seems a lot lighter then the Foonf, so that is the one we plan to take on travel with us, which we use the awesome Clek Wheely bag for. Also, the Fllo seems to sit a little lower in the car then the Foonf, which works well for our sedan. By the way, Clek customer service is amazing. I plan to stick with this brand for a long time to come. Both Cleks came from Albee Baby, which seems to have the best inventory and pricing on these. The shipping was fast and free.
By Lian-Marie
Providence ri
We have four of these!
December 15, 2016
We have four of these! We got this for our now 2.5-year-old and absolutely love it. Any other seat that we have used pales in comparison to the Sturdy feel as welll as the ease and length of straps to get a large toddler in . Now that we have two children we went ahead and bought three more so that both boys will have them in both cars they are always much more attractive than any other seats we have seen is well.. We love being able to have him sit where facing for as long as possible as well. As far as we are concerned it is the best on the market. I just wish they were not so expensive!
Prosin both cars ΓΆβ‚¬β€œ they are always much more attractive than any other seats we have seen is well.sturdy. Strap length. Elegant look. We are facing longer than other seats.
ConsSuper heavy ΓΆβ‚¬β€œ so this is only an issue if you plan to take it in and out of the car.
By Gaby
Riverside, CA
Everything I hopeed it would be!
December 12, 2016
I love this car seat! My daughter loves it & enjoys car rides more now that she can sit up and see more.
By deana
detroit, michigan
best carseat!
November 3, 2016
super comfy for baby (finally - a car seat where she doesnt cry every time), awesome print, compact and definitely worth the extra pennies!! seems very secure and safe.
By Emily
SF Bay Area, CA
Great car seat
October 20, 2016
My son loves this carseat when we transitioned him from an infant carseat. I like all the safety reasons of Clek - will probably reorder for our second one!
Proslooks comfortable and sturdy
Conscan be hard to install
By Chaya
Such a great car seat!
October 2, 2016
I have this car seat now for about 2 weeks and I really like it! It is amazingly slim so I can fit a third car seat in my car! (Honda crv) My son loves it and is very comfortable in it! I use it forward facing so I don't have expletive with rear facing....
ProsVery slim Beautiful looking Very comfortable
ConsNot so easy to get the seat belt from ones to the next since your hand has to be extremely skinny but I didn't mind that much
By JBarnes^2
Powder Springs, Georgia
Awesome car seat
September 1, 2016
Love how well made this car seat is made!!! Can be a Difficult to install and is very heavy. But love how narrow it is. My son loves how comfortable the seat is.
ProsCan fit three car seats across in my Honda Pilot.
ConsCar seat is large, and can be cumbersome to install.
By Paul
Great so far
September 1, 2016
We already have a Clek Foonf, but wanted one for the other car and also for travel (lighter). We are still using the fllo in the backwards facing with the rebound bar and it is very secure and easy to install, just like the foonf. Way lighter, but my wife feels it is less sturdy. But better than any other seat. Also easy to loosen and buckle. I can't really tell much difference from the foonf which we love. The green was not as bright as we thought, actually is pretty nice. Overall very happy. Shipping was not fast, but since it was free, definitely reasonable ship time for a big item (over a week).
By Joel S.
Byhalia MS
Good Customer Service
August 31, 2016
We found the Clek when we were searching for a car seat that would allow us to keep our baby rear facing as long as possible. Clek had amazing reviews so we ordered it. The fabric feels and looks nice. Construction seems sturdy. It is difficult to install and to get tight enough to not have more than one inch of movement. This is our 4th car seat to purchase and install. We have installed our 3 previous car seats in 4 different cars and none of them were even half as difficult to tighten as this one is. We had to contact customer service over the weekend so I sent a message via the website. The next morning I had a response that was very clear and concise. Excellent customer service!!!
ProsGood customer service. Seems sturdy. Has good safety ratings. Nice fabric. Baby has lots of room.
ConsVery difficult to get install. We needed 2 adults to install it and get it tight enough to not have more than an inch of movement.
By Courtney
Dallas, Texas
Love it!
August 26, 2016
Easy to install and our daughter is so much happier now that she can see out the windows due to the added height. We just took her on a road trip of 4.5 hours each way over 4 days and there was a lot less fussiness than we experienced when traveling with her in her infant seat. We placed it in the back middle seat. I sat in the back seat with her in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had plenty of room for myself. Would recommend.
ProsQuality product, small width footprint, water/stain resistant, anti rebound bar, ease of use
ConsLarge length footprint (probably won't fit rear-facing in most small cars comfortably)
By Alex R.
Miami, FL
Best Car Seat!
August 10, 2016
Best car seat. Honestly the worst I could say is that it's not super cushiony but my baby liked it better! ( we also have a chicco nextfit). This car seat is super easy to put your baby in and help your baby out. It doesn't take up a lot of space if you don't use the rebound bar, if not, it takes up a lot of space where you have to push the passenger seat up a little. Not a big deal when you want the safest car seat icon the market. Absolutely love it! My daughter loves it! I want to sell my chicco keyfit and get another Fllo for my husbands car!
ProsEasy to adjust seat belt.
ConsTakes up a lot of space if used with rebound bar
Best UsesEasy to put baby in and out of car
By Fred C.
Concord, Ca
A real pleasure to shop
July 31, 2016
The item was a great price and super fast shipping.The seats were exactly as described and a very high quality product.Much stronger and safer then the average child car seat, well worth the higher price.I verified with the online sales consultant to verify that they were indeed in stock, and ready to ship, before placing the order.I received both seats within a week-very pleased
ProsVery well built, and well designed for safety and comfort.
By Paul
Atlanta, GA
Great car seat!
July 21, 2016
We owned the Foonf already and bought the Fllo for our other car. These are lighter than the Foonf. Both of our kids love their Clek seats.
By Maria
Valencia, California
Clek covertible car seat
June 8, 2016
this is the third car seat I have purchased for my grandchildren. My daughter-in law loves them, as she now has 3 across in her SUV. The material is great, and the size fits perfect in the smaller SUV's. A great product, and once you own one, you never go back to the other type of car seats. The safety features are superb.
By Jennifer
We love this carseat!
May 17, 2016
My 3 year old son actually prefers riding rear-facing but he is tall, so we had a hard time finding a seat that would work for him. Enter the Fllo - which fits him perfectly.He likes the additional padding and great colors. We appreciate that dirt wipes off the crypton fabric pretty easily (but it is showing a few spots). We also like that it is pretty easy to strap him in (unlike many other seats we've tried).Installation was not nearly as difficult as we'd feared based on other reviews and he loves it. We're hoping this one will last us a while!
ProsExtended rear-facing for taller kids. Great colors.
ConsBig. It is smaller than the Foonf, but still makes it very hard to see out the side or back windows -- even in my minivan.
By Jamie
Bend, or
Awesome carseat
April 17, 2016
It's perfect! Super clean appearance, easy to install. So glad we splurged on this.
By Molly
Macon GA
April 14, 2016
I was a little worried about the install but this was super easy! Love that it is eco and that I can extend rear face my kids! Also love that I can get all ages into this carseat and that it will be comfortable for them all!
By Kate
Baltimore, MD
Wonderful Car Sear
April 6, 2016
This car seat is wonderful. I love that our little one seems so safe and secure in it. Its a little bulky in our Subaru I'mpreza pushing the passenger seat very far forward. I like the extended rear facing with this seat and I hope to rear face as long as possible.
Prossturdy comfortable
By Tasha
Big Lake, MN
Very happy with it
April 1, 2016
I had looked at this for our first and passed because of the price. We got the Chicco Nextfit instead, to save a little money and i wanted the no re-thread straps. With our second we needed something that didn't take up so much space and since I drive so much i wanted something that would allow our girls to stair rear facing as long as possible. I also wanted something that didn't require me to move my seat forward that much. I am tall and have my seat all the way back in my GMC terrain, even with the rebound bar I only had to move my seat up a little. I like the look and feel of the car seat. It was easy to put together and install however this also isn't my first car seat i have worked with.We will be getting a second one for our oldest. The fabric on her Nextfit is pilling and the straps are still difficult to work with even after about a year and a half of use.
Pros It isn't as wide as others, love the look, out of the box the shoulder straps were easy to adjust, it lasts 9 years!! and my kids are both very small so they will very likely get to use this for many years.
ConsPrice, but you get what you pay for with this, have to re-thread shoulder straps
Best UsesIt does fit in a GMC Terrain rear facing with the rebound bar
By Mystee
So far we love it
March 24, 2016
I love how slim this car seat is, I was able to get 3 across with it and 2 radians. My daughter just turned 1 and usually cries in the car but she hasn't cried once since we moved her to this car seat. I also like the rebound bar. The only con is that it seems like it might be hard to get the cover off to clean but I haven't tried yet.
By Cynthia
Windsor, CA
love the seat, but the install.....
March 22, 2016
This is a sturdy, adorable, sleep inducing seat for my little guy. It would be a 5 star rated item if the install process wasnt a bear! I am typically great with building/installation , visual and written instruction but this took a long time
By Katie
Searsport, ME
Great Seat!
March 21, 2016
This seat is very well made and very pretty to look at. It is a bit hard to recline, but overall its a great seat! Highly recommended!
ProsWell Made Safe Beautiful
ConsHard to Recline
By Ian
Gorham, Maine
Great seat but like the Foonf better
March 12, 2016
This seat is great, but I would pick the Foonf over it. The biggest reason is that the base is not adjustable. It is a lot lighter weight than the Foonf, so for travel through an airport this would be the better choice. The quality is very high. The fabric is second to none. The second best seat out there!
ProsLighter weight Great fabric Comfortable padding Extremely safe
ConsNo adjustable base
Best UsesTravel Everyday life
By Laura
Atlanta, Ga
Gorgeous color, fabulous seat!
March 12, 2016
Sleek design and a wide seat! The fabric is so comfortable too. The install was simple with the enclosed instructions, very happy with this car seat!
ProsGreat fabric, beautiful color, rebound bar, high rear facing limits, intelligent design, easy to use, skinny for three across, long lasting, low sides, smooth harness adjuster
ConsDetailed instructions get a little confusing, takes up lots of front to back room with rebound bar, doesn't fit infants without purchase of separate insert, high price, heavy!! Cupholder sold separately, harness has to be manually rethreaded, not as padded as competitors
Best UsesIn the car, extended rear facing, according to the manual!
By Jessica
Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
Best Price for the best seat!
February 21, 2016
I ordered two of these for my twins after thoroughly researching all of the convertible seats on the market. Yes, all seats meet the same safety standards in the U.S. But Clek goes above and beyond plus the added bonus is how stylish they are! Albee Baby had the best price by far of any online or in store retailers of this seat that I could find and they were shipped promptly.
ProsConvertible Car Seat Rear Facing until 2 years old Stylish Stain Resistant
ConsHeavy and the travel bag for it is very expensive. Definitely only for permanent installation in one vehicle
Best UsesConvertible Car Seat Rear Facing until 2 years old
By Jill
Parker, CO
February 10, 2016
I'd done my research on the Clek Fllo, so I already knew I was going to buy it. It was just a matter of who from. Price was best I found and from a site with a good reputation! Received on time and could track it all the way to my doorstep. Overall very pleased with the service and will make other purchases from Albee Baby!
By Lysha
Los Angeles
February 10, 2016
I really couldn't recommend this car seat higher, it's so good I ordered another one to replace my daughters car seat as I was so inpressed.
ProsVery sleek and minimal looking, which I like.
By grammie M.
Best car seat
January 28, 2016
My daughter-in law loves the two car seats I bought for our twin grandsons who are 3. She has a small SUV and they are perfect for her. Our grand-daughter is 4 and she wants one also, and there is a fight when they are all in my daughter-in laws car, as who gets to go into the new car seats. We plan on getting a third car seat soon, so all 3 grandchildren will be happy, when traveling. Best car seat we have given, and we have gone through several types of seats since they were born. As a grandmother, I feel good that they are safe, and easy for my daughter-in law to get them in and out of the vehicle.
ProsAll good.
ConsNo downsides that we have found.
Best UsesLove this product for small SUV's. Love the material, and the way they are made to cradle and protect my 2 twin grandsons.
By Ashley
Valencia, CA
Best Carseat
January 24, 2016
This is such a great fit for our small Toyata Corolla! Amazing quality.
ConsHer head does fall forward a bit when she sleeps, but I am learning this is a convertible carseat problem. I am just used to the infant carseat recline.

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