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Tustin, CA
Verified Buyer
Great car seat for people with larger vehicles
January 16, 2017
We were deciding between this and the Diono RXT like many others even though we don't need to fit 3 across. We just want a safe car seat that also allows adults to sit next to it comfortably. Our 1 year old seems to be enjoying the seat as he can see out the window, and sleeps very well in it. The seat takes a little bit of initial effort to setup and get used to, can be difficult to install/adjust for many, but as an engineer I can definitely appreciate the design. Because of the seat design and the recommended rear facing angle, it can be difficult to fit this behind the driver or the passenger seats if you need rear facing and if you are driving a smaller car.
  • Elegant design
  • Narrow profile
  • Can be difficult to fit in a smaller car if rear facing
  • Can be difficult to install/adjust for many
  • User manual can be difficult to read (small diagrams)
New York
Verified Buyer
All the thumbs up
January 15, 2017
Love our new Clek! Once I read the manual, installation was easy! Fits so nicely in vehicle, love how narrow it is. The fabric lives up to its hype, everything really does wipe right off. My son says he's comfy in it. So far, despite it being the 2016 model, we have had zero issues with the belt buckle pad coming off when putting him in and out of the seat. It is heavier than a lot of car seats, and I like that! That's a big part of how it's keeping our babies safe!! Couldn't be happier! And it shipped super fast, arrived in 3 days.
Verified Buyer
We <3 Clek!
January 13, 2017
We love Clek car seats. We had a Clek Foonf for our SUV, and decided to try the Maxi Cosi Pria for our second, smaller car. The Maxi Cosi felt so flimsy when installed compared with the Clek, and it was hard to get the baby in and out. So we returned that one and went back to the trusty Clek, but this time we got the Fllo. The installation is so secure, the car seat does not move around at all. And the colors are so pretty. The Fllo seems a lot lighter then the Foonf, so that is the one we plan to take on travel with us, which we use the awesome Clek Wheely bag for. Also, the Fllo seems to sit a little lower in the car then the Foonf, which works well for our sedan. By the way, Clek customer service is amazing. I plan to stick with this brand for a long time to come. Both Cleks came from Albee Baby, which seems to have the best inventory and pricing on these. The shipping was fast and free.
Providence ri
Verified Buyer
We have four of these!
December 15, 2016
We have four of these! We got this for our now 2.5-year-old and absolutely love it. Any other seat that we have used pales in comparison to the Sturdy feel as welll as the ease and length of straps to get a large toddler in . Now that we have two children we went ahead and bought three more so that both boys will have them in both cars they are always much more attractive than any other seats we have seen is well.. We love being able to have him sit where facing for as long as possible as well. As far as we are concerned it is the best on the market. I just wish they were not so expensive!
  • in both cars ΓΆβ‚¬β€œ they are always much more attractive than any other seats we have seen is well.sturdy. Strap length. Elegant look. We are facing longer than other seats.
  • Super heavy ΓΆβ‚¬β€œ so this is only an issue if you plan to take it in and out of the car.
Riverside, CA
Verified Buyer
Everything I hopeed it would be!
December 12, 2016
I love this car seat! My daughter loves it & enjoys car rides more now that she can sit up and see more.
detroit, michigan
Verified Buyer
best carseat!
November 3, 2016
super comfy for baby (finally - a car seat where she doesnt cry every time), awesome print, compact and definitely worth the extra pennies!! seems very secure and safe.
SF Bay Area, CA
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
October 20, 2016
My son loves this carseat when we transitioned him from an infant carseat. I like all the safety reasons of Clek - will probably reorder for our second one!
  • looks comfortable and sturdy
  • can be hard to install
Verified Buyer
Such a great car seat!
October 2, 2016
I have this car seat now for about 2 weeks and I really like it! It is amazingly slim so I can fit a third car seat in my car! (Honda crv) My son loves it and is very comfortable in it! I use it forward facing so I don't have expletive with rear facing....
  • Very slim
  • Beautiful looking
  • Very comfortable
  • Not so easy to get the seat belt from ones to the next since your hand has to be extremely skinny but I didn't mind that much
Powder Springs, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Awesome car seat
September 1, 2016
Love how well made this car seat is made!!! Can be a Difficult to install and is very heavy. But love how narrow it is. My son loves how comfortable the seat is.
  • Can fit three car seats across in my Honda Pilot.
  • Car seat is large, and can be cumbersome to install.
Verified Buyer
Great so far
September 1, 2016
We already have a Clek Foonf, but wanted one for the other car and also for travel (lighter). We are still using the fllo in the backwards facing with the rebound bar and it is very secure and easy to install, just like the foonf. Way lighter, but my wife feels it is less sturdy. But better than any other seat. Also easy to loosen and buckle. I can't really tell much difference from the foonf which we love. The green was not as bright as we thought, actually is pretty nice. Overall very happy. Shipping was not fast, but since it was free, definitely reasonable ship time for a big item (over a week).
Joel S.
Byhalia MS
Verified Buyer
Good Customer Service
August 31, 2016
We found the Clek when we were searching for a car seat that would allow us to keep our baby rear facing as long as possible. Clek had amazing reviews so we ordered it. The fabric feels and looks nice. Construction seems sturdy. It is difficult to install and to get tight enough to not have more than one inch of movement. This is our 4th car seat to purchase and install. We have installed our 3 previous car seats in 4 different cars and none of them were even half as difficult to tighten as this one is. We had to contact customer service over the weekend so I sent a message via the website. The next morning I had a response that was very clear and concise. Excellent customer service!!!
  • Good customer service. Seems sturdy. Has good safety ratings. Nice fabric. Baby has lots of room.
  • Very difficult to get install. We needed 2 adults to install it and get it tight enough to not have more than an inch of movement.
Dallas, Texas
Verified Buyer
Love it!
August 26, 2016
Easy to install and our daughter is so much happier now that she can see out the windows due to the added height. We just took her on a road trip of 4.5 hours each way over 4 days and there was a lot less fussiness than we experienced when traveling with her in her infant seat. We placed it in the back middle seat. I sat in the back seat with her in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had plenty of room for myself. Would recommend.
  • Quality product, small width footprint, water/stain resistant, anti rebound bar, ease of use
  • Large length footprint (probably won't fit rear-facing in most small cars comfortably)
Alex R.
Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Best Car Seat!
August 10, 2016
Best car seat. Honestly the worst I could say is that it's not super cushiony but my baby liked it better! ( we also have a chicco nextfit). This car seat is super easy to put your baby in and help your baby out. It doesn't take up a lot of space if you don't use the rebound bar, if not, it takes up a lot of space where you have to push the passenger seat up a little. Not a big deal when you want the safest car seat icon the market. Absolutely love it! My daughter loves it! I want to sell my chicco keyfit and get another Fllo for my husbands car!
  • Easy to adjust seat belt.
Best Uses
  • Easy to put baby in and out of car
  • Takes up a lot of space if used with rebound bar
Fred C.
Concord, Ca
Verified Buyer
A real pleasure to shop
July 31, 2016
The item was a great price and super fast shipping.The seats were exactly as described and a very high quality product.Much stronger and safer then the average child car seat, well worth the higher price.I verified with the online sales consultant to verify that they were indeed in stock, and ready to ship, before placing the order.I received both seats within a week-very pleased
Customer Images
  • Very well built, and well designed for safety and comfort.
  • None
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Great car seat!
July 21, 2016
We owned the Foonf already and bought the Fllo for our other car. These are lighter than the Foonf. Both of our kids love their Clek seats.
Valencia, California
Verified Buyer
Clek covertible car seat
June 8, 2016
this is the third car seat I have purchased for my grandchildren. My daughter-in law loves them, as she now has 3 across in her SUV. The material is great, and the size fits perfect in the smaller SUV's. A great product, and once you own one, you never go back to the other type of car seats. The safety features are superb.
Bend, or
Verified Buyer
Awesome carseat
April 17, 2016
It's perfect! Super clean appearance, easy to install. So glad we splurged on this.
Macon GA
Verified Buyer
April 14, 2016
I was a little worried about the install but this was super easy! Love that it is eco and that I can extend rear face my kids! Also love that I can get all ages into this carseat and that it will be comfortable for them all!
Big Lake, MN
Verified Buyer
Very happy with it
April 1, 2016
I had looked at this for our first and passed because of the price. We got the Chicco Nextfit instead, to save a little money and i wanted the no re-thread straps. With our second we needed something that didn't take up so much space and since I drive so much i wanted something that would allow our girls to stair rear facing as long as possible. I also wanted something that didn't require me to move my seat forward that much. I am tall and have my seat all the way back in my GMC terrain, even with the rebound bar I only had to move my seat up a little. I like the look and feel of the car seat. It was easy to put together and install however this also isn't my first car seat i have worked with.We will be getting a second one for our oldest. The fabric on her Nextfit is pilling and the straps are still difficult to work with even after about a year and a half of use.
  • It isn't as wide as others, love the look, out of the box the shoulder straps were easy to adjust, it lasts 9 years!! and my kids are both very small so they will very likely get to use this for many years.
Best Uses
  • It does fit in a GMC Terrain rear facing with the rebound bar
  • Price, but you get what you pay for with this, have to re-thread shoulder straps
Verified Buyer
So far we love it
March 24, 2016
I love how slim this car seat is, I was able to get 3 across with it and 2 radians. My daughter just turned 1 and usually cries in the car but she hasn't cried once since we moved her to this car seat. I also like the rebound bar. The only con is that it seems like it might be hard to get the cover off to clean but I haven't tried yet.
Windsor, CA
Verified Buyer
love the seat, but the install.....
March 22, 2016
This is a sturdy, adorable, sleep inducing seat for my little guy. It would be a 5 star rated item if the install process wasnt a bear! I am typically great with building/installation , visual and written instruction but this took a long time
Gorham, Maine
Verified Buyer
Great seat but like the Foonf better
March 12, 2016
This seat is great, but I would pick the Foonf over it. The biggest reason is that the base is not adjustable. It is a lot lighter weight than the Foonf, so for travel through an airport this would be the better choice. The quality is very high. The fabric is second to none. The second best seat out there!
  • Lighter weight
  • Great fabric
  • Comfortable padding
  • Extremely safe
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Everyday life
  • No adjustable base
Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
Best Price for the best seat!
February 21, 2016
I ordered two of these for my twins after thoroughly researching all of the convertible seats on the market. Yes, all seats meet the same safety standards in the U.S. But Clek goes above and beyond plus the added bonus is how stylish they are! Albee Baby had the best price by far of any online or in store retailers of this seat that I could find and they were shipped promptly.
  • Convertible Car Seat
  • Rear Facing until 2 years old
  • Stylish
  • Stain Resistant
Best Uses
  • Convertible Car Seat
  • Rear Facing until 2 years old
  • Heavy and the travel bag for it is very expensive. Definitely only for permanent installation in one vehicle
Parker, CO
Verified Buyer
February 10, 2016
I'd done my research on the Clek Fllo, so I already knew I was going to buy it. It was just a matter of who from. Price was best I found and from a site with a good reputation! Received on time and could track it all the way to my doorstep. Overall very pleased with the service and will make other purchases from Albee Baby!
Los Angeles
Verified Buyer
February 10, 2016
I really couldn't recommend this car seat higher, it's so good I ordered another one to replace my daughters car seat as I was so inpressed.
Customer Images
  • Very sleek and minimal looking, which I like.
grammie M.
Verified Buyer
Best car seat
January 28, 2016
My daughter-in law loves the two car seats I bought for our twin grandsons who are 3. She has a small SUV and they are perfect for her. Our grand-daughter is 4 and she wants one also, and there is a fight when they are all in my daughter-in laws car, as who gets to go into the new car seats. We plan on getting a third car seat soon, so all 3 grandchildren will be happy, when traveling. Best car seat we have given, and we have gone through several types of seats since they were born. As a grandmother, I feel good that they are safe, and easy for my daughter-in law to get them in and out of the vehicle.
  • All good.
Best Uses
  • Love this product for small SUV's. Love the material, and the way they are made to cradle and protect my 2 twin grandsons.
  • No downsides that we have found.
Valencia, CA
Verified Buyer
Best Carseat
January 24, 2016
This is such a great fit for our small Toyata Corolla! Amazing quality.
  • Her head does fall forward a bit when she sleeps, but I am learning this is a convertible carseat problem. I am just used to the infant carseat recline.
Minneapolis, MN
Verified Buyer
Best Seat Yet
January 8, 2016
I have been through many car seats with my kids. Britax, Graco, Safety1st, Diono, and now the Clek Fllo. I am in love. This seat was a breeze to install. I was a bit concerned because of the comments online about a short crotch strap, but when reading the manual and following the instructions for the initial set up the crotch strap comes meant to be adjusted. It has two lengths and two slots in the seat for it to go through - no issues there. My kids are 27 and 38 lbs right now and we moved to these from the Diono Radian RXT due to a minor car accident. I loved the peace of mind that the Radians gave me but hated using them. I never felt that the ratcheting system would get the straps tight enough on my kids. This seat tightens so easily - my 3 year old can actually get herself bucked in with a quick double check from me. You do need to actually go through the manual to see all of the points to set-up, but once you have read it is pretty easy. I was able to get both seats set up, sized for my kids, and installed rear-facing using seat belts in maybe 45 minutes. My kids love these seats too. They used to hate taking our van anywhere with the Dionos, they always wanted the Gracos in Daddy's car. Now it's all about mom's ride all the time. They love being up a bit higher and seeing out the windows (they are not so high that they seem unsafe). While the price still makes me wince a little bit, I will never buy another car seat again - front infant to the Fllo from now on for this mama.
  • Extended rear facing
  • Simple install
  • Easy set-up
Newport Beach, California
Verified Buyer
Great fit for smaller size car!
December 9, 2015
I had to research carseats that would fit my BMW 328i because the car is quite compact and would not be able to fit most carseat heights/widths. I came across a review specifically of carseats for BMWs and it was recommended that one try the Fllo. We purchased it and the other day we fit it in the car and it fit perfectly. It was alittle snug as you have to move up the front seat quite a bit and don't think someone can sit there, but it fits great if it's just the driver and child riding on a day to day basis. Highly recommend it for someone also looking for a great carseat to fit their smaller size car
Denver, CO
Verified Buyer
Overall great product
November 19, 2015
I love the narrow lines of the carseat and the overall design. It sits up high so my little boy loves to look out and watch the other cars. It's very sturdy and feels well built. The fabric is easy to wipe off and I haven't had anything stain it. Couple notes: I wish it could tilt back a little further in the rear facing, but it might need to be upright for safety reasons.
Mom 3.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Fits 3 across
November 3, 2015
I was able to fit 3 car seats in the back seat of my sedan. The children love the seats, as they are higher and allow them to see out of the window, even in the rear facing position
  • Fits 3 across
  • Well made
Culver City, CA
Verified Buyer
Clek Fllo
August 28, 2015
I have been using my Clek Fllo for about a week now. The materials are very soft and comfortable and seem durable. I have had a Britax Marathon and a few Recaro Convertible seats with my first child and the Fllo seems to be of much higher quality compared to the previous. It is much heavier than the other brands but not overly heavy and I wouldn't have a problem transporting between cars if needed. The main reason to purchase the Fllo was because of the narrow width to fit in the back of a 2016 BMW X3. We use a Recaro Performance Sport Booster for my 8 yo and we need to fit another child (carpooling) in the rear seat so having the Fllo makes it easier to get the multiple kids in the back. If I rearrange the seats, my petite wife can fit in the back as well. The Fllo although narrow is high. In rear facing mode the seat is about 3-4 inches from the front seat. Luckily I am short at 5'5" but it may be a problem for taller people to fit behind the driver seat. It is fine when the Fllo is in the middle slot in the rear. I prefer not to put it behind the passenger because it creates a large blind spot when making lane changes. People may say that it is too expensive but it really is high quality and solid in it's construction. For my needs it was the best choice and so it made it easier to justify the cost.
  • Solid construction
  • Soft exterior cover
  • Narrow width
  • May be difficult to fit behind driver or passenger seats rear facing
Verified Buyer
April 10, 2015
Great car set. Easy to install, safe and easy to clean.
GIg Harbor, WA
Verified Buyer
Solid car seat
April 9, 2015
We really like the seat and our 8 month old loves it so far. The seat is way heavier then I was expecting so not the best seat to take with you on an airplane but I believe its so heavy because of its solid construction! Its a tight fit in our smaller car in the rear facing mode but I think this is a problem with nearly all toddler seats in the rear facing mode and our back seat is pretty small.
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
HARD--but well-built, and looks nice
January 19, 2015
While I think its looks are a little over-rated (it's still very much a car seat, after all), it does look nice. However, for the price and quality of construction I was expecting something softer. The Diono Radian seems to be equal to the Clek in terms of safety but surpasses the Clek in almost every other category (comfort, lifespan, price, etc.) except looks. My first thought on receiving was that I wished we had purchased the Radian, but I didn't want to have to pay return shipping which would be ridiculous. I highly recommend checking locally or purchasing somewhere you can return for free so you can be certain the seat isn't too hard. If you find it too hard, returning to Albee Baby will put quite a dent in your pocket. We don't need something super cozy but goodness, this is one firm seat! Thankfully our child seems to find it comfortable enough so far as I can tell--but be warned--there's virtually no padding. I do really like the anti-roll bar, however--it seems to make the seat sit much more securely.
  • Looks, extended rear facing, build quality, anti-roll bar
  • Very hard
Verified Buyer
Ugh! Very Disappointed. Highly Overrated.
November 20, 2014
Ugh, highly overrated. We have a Maxi Cosi Pria for our toddler but because that seat is quite wide, I was looking for a narrower car seat to compensate the width of the Pria, so that we can have access to the third row when we have family over, or sit 3 across in the future. So it was between the Diono RXT and the Cleks. In the end, we went with the Cleks because they sit higher and my daughter really enjoys looking out the windows from her Maxi Pria, so we wanted the same feature for our baby. Hence, we decided to go with the Fllo since it was cheaper than that Foonf, and has "the same features" other than the rigid latch.Let me just say that I have been really disappointed with this car seat. My Pria is much better!!! (amazingly comfortable padded seats, narrow front to back, machine washable, easy to install, cup-holder!) I just wished they made it a little less wide. PROS:- Narrow- Higher seat base - allows child to look out window.CONS:- WAY too much work to set up the car seat. It comes disassembled so you have to assemble it, fix the latch belt, install rebound bar, etc. I guess for first time parents that have plenty of time while their baby is sleeping, it's OK. But when you have a toddler running around and wanting to know what you're doing and trying to touch everything, it's a real pain.- No non-Rethread Harness- Seat is not comfy. I knew that before purchasing, but it's still a con.- Causes Head Slump. Initially, I installed on highest incline hoping to reduce front to back space. Result: Head Slump. So I adjusted driver seat, hence reducing my comfort level to accommodate the incline. However, even on the baby incline, daughter's head still slumps. My daughter is 25 mths and we have never had this problem is the Pria.- Takes a lot of space front to back. I have an Acura MDX and am only 5"1. However, I can barely move my driver seat. My poor husband can no longer drive my car.- Expensive: rarely any sales, no coupons - Cleks are excluded from most coupons. - $20 extra for a cupholder!!!Overall, I am stuck with it since I wanted narrow and high, but I am really disappointed + my husband is pissed that he can lo longer drive/borrow my car, unless he removes the car seat, but who really wants to do that every time? I might buy another Pria for now, and only use the Clek when we actually need to sit 3 across, or access to the third row. My recommendation: Only use if you absolutely need 3 across. Otherwise, there are plenty of other car seats out there that are cheaper and more comfortable all around, for both the driver and the child.
  • - Narrow
  • - Higher seat base - allows child to look out window.
  • - Anti-Rebound bar
Best Uses
  • Only use if you absolutely need 3 across. Otherwise, there are plenty of other car seats out there that are cheaper and more comfortable all around, for the driver and the child.
  • - WAY too much work to set up the car seat. It comes disassembled so you have to assemble it, fix the latch belt, install rebound bar, etc. I guess for first time parents that have plenty of time while their baby is sleeping, it's OK. But when you have a toddler running around and wanting to know what you're doing and trying to touch everything, it's a real pain.
  • - No non-rethread Harness
  • - Seat is not comfy. I knew that before purchasing, but it's still a con.
  • - Causes Head Slump. Initially, I installed on highest incline hoping to reduce front to back space. Result: Head Slump. So I adjusted driver seat, hence reducing my comfort level to accommodate the incline. However, even on the baby incline, daughter's head still slumps. My daughter is 25 mths and we have never had this problem is the Pria.
  • - Takes a lot of space front to back. I have an Acura MDX and am only 5"1. However, I can barely move my driver seat. My poor husband can no longer drive my car.
  • - Expensive: rarely any sales, no coupons - Cleks are excluded from most coupons.
  • - $20 extra for a cupholder!!!
Verified Buyer
So far so good
September 30, 2014
the pros: super safe, looks great, install feels solid.the cons: pricy, no non-rethread harness, install isn't super easy, and most of all- takes up a lot of room front-back (i.e. prepare for anyone sitting in front of it to have their knees smashed into the dash). That said, even though i said going in that the one thing I DID NOT want was to have to pull the seat all the way forward- I'm still keeping it. Call me shallow, but looks matter! And the safety is unbeatable.
  • (see above)
  • (see above)
austin, tx
Verified Buyer
believe the hype
September 27, 2014
This is a wonderful car seat. Our 9 month old daughter hated her infant seat and cried like she was being tortured every time we had to drive somewhere. In her Fllo, she is relaxed, comfortable, and content. It is built like a tank, and I can tell it will easily last us the next 4-5 years. It was a little difficult to install properly into the middle seat of our volvo station wagon. We had to roll up a towel where the seat had a seam. I'm short (5'1) and can see over this seat better than I could the infant seat we had (maxi-cosi), so it is not too tall like the reviews for the foonf said. It's seriously the sturdiest seat I have ever seen, I feel like the baby is very safe in it. When we have our next child we will be getting a second one for sure.
Customer Images
  • sturdy, rear faces longest, safe, pleasant simple design
  • takes time to properly install, very heavy for travel

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