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By To
Coldwater, Michigan
Easy adjustable
September 14, 2013
We bought the seat for our 6 month old grandson, as we are daycare. I like the adjustable height on the headrest and shoulder straps. With others, you would have to re-thread the straps as the child grows taller.
By Megan
excellent car seat
September 12, 2013
Excellent car seat!
ProsEasy to install.Compact well padded and supportive car seat!! Very happy with our purchase!
By Emily
Minneapolis, MN
Love this seat!
September 11, 2013
We love our new Nextfit Convertible Seat. Fits great in our Chev Traverse (have rear facing right now for our one year old daughter). I love the intrigue color- black with tiny chevron gray print. Very easy to install with the Latch system. Very easy to adjust head rest, seat belt, and reclining positions. Not much we don't like about it. My only complaint is that it is on the heavy side if needing to switch between vehicles. Pro to that is that we know it is safe! So happy we bought it.
By K
Washington, DC
Great, comfortable covertable car seat
August 14, 2013
Fast shipment and delivery. Received item in 2 days. Car seat is very plush. Easy to install and fits comfortably rear-facing behind drivers seat in 2012 VW Jetta (with 6'3" driver). Harness is difficult to tighten adequately in certain headrest positions. The shoulder pads are bulky, but do not really get in the way so much that it makes me hate the car seat. My child finds it comfortable and does not sweat in it like she did in the chicco keyfit30. The material is like neoprene and is very cool, even in 90+ degree weather.
By Dad
North Dakota
Great car seat
August 14, 2013
Bought this to replace a less expensive Eddie Bauer seat. My son could not get comfortable in the old one. Saw this one and it has been really good for us. My son sleeps in the car no problem and stays asleep. The seat adjustment is easy enough to adjust on the fly.
ProsComfort, style, safety
ConsPrice is a little high
By The H.
United States
Dream Car Seat!
August 13, 2013
We already have the Graco Nautilus carseat but frequently take long roadtrips and kept finding bruises and red spots on our 2-year-old's back from the seat. He was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in his seat, complained that his back hurt, and wouldn't nap which is a problem on a 7-hour drive. We ventured out to find a seat with more padding on the back, but couldn't have imagined anything better than a little extra cushion.I love, love, love this car seat! It has surprised me at every turn with ease of use. The LATCH restraints are by far the best I've ever seen. No more squeezing myself into the carseat and yanking and wiggling with all my might to make sure seat is secure. Also beautiful is the fact that you don't have to nearly disassemble the entire seat to adjust shoulder straps and crotch straps. The shoulder straps automatically adjust to fit the headrest height. The crotch strap changes position with the flip of a button! It's amazing!There is plenty of padding in the seat so now our little's back is comfy on drives. He is much more comfortable. With the multi-position recline settings we were able to find the perfect angle for our seats, and now his head doesn't bob and roll if he does fall asleep. The first test was a quick 3-hour trip, and he napped for 1.5 hours, woke up happy and didn't tell us his back hurts!
ProsAttractive, easy to use, comfortable.
ConsA little pricey, but really worth every penny.
Best UsesIn town, long road trips, naps.
By Melissa
Watsonville, ca
Comfortable Car Seat
August 9, 2013
Seems like my 18 month old son really likes his new seat. I love all the different recline options, his head doesn't droop when he falls asleep. Great padding, seems comfortable.
By Jennifer
Very happy with the purchase.
August 7, 2013
Carseat is great. Shipping time was fantastic.
By Sarah
Evansville, IN
Chicco Nextfit carseat
August 7, 2013
I researched seats for several months and fell in love with the Nextfit seats. The seat seems very comfortable. My daughter loves being able to see out the window now. I like that the height is adjustable and she will fit in it for a long time. The seat is very easy to install took no time. It's a little heavy but hopefully we won't be moving it in and out of cars much. It does not take away leg room from the front seat passenger in our Ford Escape. My biggest issues which are minor are that the tightening strap when in rear facing position is right up against the back of the seat cushion and makes it a bit difficult to tighten but if you find a good place and don't adjust it often its not an issue after initial installation and will not be an issue at all when forward facing. The other issue is that the harness buckles are always underneath my child when I'm trying to clip her in I have to dig around for them. It would be nice if they had a stop on them so they couldn't slide so much. But really it's a great seat, I don't think we will regret buying it.
ProsSafety, comfort, neutral color, long use, good for tall children
ConsTightening strap difficult to use in rear facing position, harness buckles slide underneath child constantly
By Brittany
Danielsville, Ga
August 5, 2013
Seriously the most amazing car seat i have ever owned!
By Rainhappy
Seattle, WA
We'll Buy Another
August 5, 2013
This is the first convertible carseat with which we've had experience, as our son just moved into this from his KeyFit about a month ago, at nine months and about twenty pounds. That said, the material feels like it's high quality; the seat fits behind the driver's side of my car (an Audi A4) without my having to sit too close to the steering wheel (I'm only 5'6", but my 5'10" husband just has to squeeze a little more than usual); our son has room to kick his feet and can look out the window comfortably; and the seat was easy to install confidently. The only downside (and I don't know whether this might be true of all seats or if it's only this one) is our son seems really hot and sweaty when we take him out of the seat on particularly warm days, even after the AC has been running in the car. All in all, we like the seat and will but a second one for our other car -- thanks to Albee's good shipping and generous coupons.
By Rebecca
San Francisco
Love this...
August 5, 2013
Great Convertible...we had the Chicco Keyfit 30 before and really love the Chicco brand, so once the little one grew out of that, we went with the Nextfit Convertible. We had no issues installing it in the car and really have not had any issues since. The strap to tighten is a bit tricky when you first try to tighten, but I felt like it's gotten better over the weeks that we've had. Really love the look of this one and I feel like it's super sturdy. Very happy with our decision.
By Sylvia S.
Des Moines, Iowa
Only the best for my grandson!
August 4, 2013
I ordered this carseat for my grandson that me daughter referred me to because of the safety features and durability. She really likes the reclining features the most. She said it was so heavy but that is to be expected when you get a product that is well made. Very pleased with my purchase and more so that my daughter is happy. I only want what is best for my grandson!
By Nicole
Good choice
August 2, 2013
It was easy to install in the car. No better or worse to put the baby in than any other car seat. I am short (5') and we have a small SUV. The height of the sides of the car seat and the height of the car, coupled with my lack of height and the rear-facing installation make it a bit of a challenge to put the baby in and buckle him in. I wouldn't not get the seat because of that but we're considering swapping the convertible car seat from my husband's car with this one as it may be easier for me on a daily basis.
By Jen
New Jersey
Easy to use
August 1, 2013
Greast price on ALbee! It was out of stock at BBRU but Albee had it and shipped for free. This carseat is very easy to install and easy to use with my daughter who is 20 months old. I like everything about it
By Susan
Salem, VA
July 31, 2013
Very good experience. Easy ordering and very timely delivery ... very smooth transaction ... no problems at all.
By Michelle
Love this seat!
July 31, 2013
Super easy install, will last a long time rear and forward facing. My son loves it!
By Chiccouser
Worth every penny
July 27, 2013
Got it for best price on Albee! It so far has been a great car seat. I've also had The chicco keyfit 30 an loved them both my son just grew out of it
ProsEasy to install, sturdy, comfortable for my son
ConsGets dirty easily
By Michele
Fantastic carseat!
July 21, 2013
I was apprehensive to buy a car seat of this price, but it was well worth the money and would do it again if we ever have more children. We went threw 3 carrier seats before we tried Chico brand. It was the first seat she did not cry an entire trip in. Then as she got older it was time to upgrade to a larger seat and we tried our sons older seat first. Same situation, cried entire trips. I decided to buy another Chico and she has been a happy rider since. The seat is very easy to install. I can move it from car to car and have no troubles getting it in. My only complaint is it is a little large, but I'm willing to deal with that in exchange for safety and tear free rides. Great seat!
ProsEasy to install
ConsA little large
By Kaya
Lakeville, MN
Easy to install & baby loves it
July 19, 2013
This seat is easy to use and our little girl loves it. We were originally going to buy the Britax but when placing her in it at a store she started crying and trying to get out. We put her in this one with no resistance. We then tried to put her in the Britax again with the same results. Who would have thought an 8- month old could pick out her own seat. We are extremely happy with this purchase, in fact we later ordered a second one for the other vehicle just because this seat is so safe and comfortable more than the one that we were originally going to use in our second vehicle that our neighbor gave us.
ProsEasy to install Comfortable for baby Easy to read level Multiple recline options Seat is deep - out baby girl has been in the 99 percentile in height since she was born and her first car seat wasn't very deep and now switching to this one, she has plenty of leg room!
ConsThe sides of the seat are deep which is great safety feature for the protection of your baby's head but makes one have to be extra careful getting baby in and out without hitting the ceiling, especially when seat is in the middle back seat. With that said, it's safer for baby to have that kind of protection!
By Kristen
Goliad, tx
July 16, 2013
Super easy to install in your vehicle and my little one loves it!!Well worth the money
By Sm
July 11, 2013
My son loves this car seat.
By Angie
Great Carseat!
July 8, 2013
This carseat seams to be super comfortable. My son loves it. It fits pretty well in reverse in a small car, although we put it in the center so it doesn't interfere with our front seats. It is easy to install and easy to get a kid in and out of.
By MommaO
Chicco does it again
July 2, 2013
We had the keyfit 30 made by chicco, and my little one could've stayed in it for a couple more months- but I was anxious to get his next seat. We chose to stick to the recommendations to ERF for at least 2 yrs, and we are loving this seat. We also have a Graco size 4 me 70 in my husbands vehicle, but I was having difficulty buckling that one without it installed. I loved our keyfit so I gave into the price of the nextfit, and it was totally worth it. My little one loves the ride, usually in a carseat LO is sweating- but this one he's comfortable. He's a 13 months and on the shorter side of things, but is able to reach his cupholder, and he loves that. We love that its another easy install, and we know and feel confident we have him correctly installed without seeing a tech. The buckles are easy to work, the only trouble we have are with the shoulder pads. You can't remove them and since my LO is on the smaller side it took some figuring out to get his straps tight enough, but now that we've had it for a month and used it, they are easy to work. Love this seat. (Hubby also loves the graco if you're wondering) But Chicco is totally worth the $$!
ProsWill allow you to use this seat for a long time because of its bigger shell and weight limit. Plus you can keep the little one safer rear facing as long as possible. It's super easy to install.
ConsShoulder pads/straps don't remove, they are a bit big and bulky and a bit difficult to work around AT FIRST.
Best UsesERF (Long shell, will work for many years for most children)
By Amy
Chicco Convertible Carseat
June 25, 2013
This is a great car seat. My only complaints deal with the harness. The straps get twisted too easily and are hard to keep adjusted. Also, the strap covers are bulky and the baby doesn't like them. Other than that the seat is easy to install and is easy to use.
By First m.
Joshua, TX
Great SAFE Carseat!
June 18, 2013
This seat is great, easy to snap in the vehicle and the tightening system is top of the line! So easy to use- you know it's installed correctly! The recline system makes it fit in al types of vehicles; we have used it rear facing in a Nissan rogue, a Tahoe, and even a Chevy Cruze without a problem! We have been pleased with every chicco product we have purchased and will continue to buy chicco brand.
ProsEasy to use Fits in all types of vehicles Big, sturdy and safe
ConsReally heavy! Pricey
By Vanessa J.
Hillsville, Virginia
Worth the price!!
June 17, 2013
I think this car seat is worth the extra price you pay for it, it is top quality. I love the easy installation, I am a dummy when it comes to installing a car seat and this one is easy to install as advertised. It has a neat storage place for your instructions, the cup holder is nice too. I like that it has all the different reclining positions. It has all the padding in the right places, if I could buy myself a seat like this I would. :P I give it a 10!!!! I installed it in 2 mins if that, it's quick simple and a tight. It fits well in small and big cars GREAT BUY!!!!
ProsI love everything about this seat
By Sarah
Watertown, New York
Can't beat 15% off!
June 15, 2013
I fell in love with this seat after seeing it in person at another store. The 15% off coupons here made it an easy decision!
By Kayla
Best Car Seat Ever!
June 12, 2013
Easy to use, stylish, comfy for the baby, no complaints! I am in LOVE with this car seat!
By Steven
Aurora, CO
Great follow-up to our Keyfit 30
June 11, 2013
I've been using this car seat for my 15mo old son for about a week. It seems very comfortable for him and was super easy to install. I was skeptical about the super cinch being as easy as they say but it truly was. The only down side is I feel the belt tightening strap is a bit hard to pull tight, but not unmanageable and will probably get better with more use.
ProsEasy to install Roomy and cushy
ConsBelt tightening strap can be difficult
By Carla
Great carseat
May 26, 2013
Fits into our small SUV well. Daughter loves riding in this seat and she seems very comfortable. Great product.
By Rainedrop
Exceeded our expectations!
May 8, 2013
This is an amazing carseat, that exceeded our expectation! First of all it's a beautiful seat! So very sleek and stylish! The recline is amazing. 9 positions allows for our 8 month old to look out the windows and still not have a crooked neck when he falls asleep. The quality is durable and solid, a bit heavier when compared to an infant seat but it only emphasizes it's durability. I did a lot of research looking for our convertible seat, and I'm so glad I waited until this came out!
By amanda g.
Oak Ridge, TN
1 word... LOVE!!!
May 7, 2013
I have been searching/researching a carseat for my LO!!! She is tall for her age so she outgrew her keyfit a little early... I tried the Britax but was dissapointed in how flimsy they seemed. My next option was the Radians (which I do still love) However, our little one stays in daycare 4 days a week and I leave the carseat their my Husband picks it up. This car seat it SOOO easy to put it and take out!!! IT seems sturdy very well made and she falls asleep in it instantly! I am very happy with my color option the intrigue it hides well and looks amazing in both vehicles. He has tan interior I have Black. It is a little heavy but to be expected with the base to help with the recline levels (we don't have to fold a towel and put under the seat!) I do have a bigger SUV so size was not an issue but my MIL has a small kia optima and her front seat has plenty of room to come back! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Best UsesFrequent vehicle changes Everyday
By Raina
Exceeded our Expectations!
May 3, 2013
I was a little worried when I placed my pre-order. Having not seen one in real life, I went out on a whim bc of all the great reviews I've read. Alas Chicco did not disappoint. This is a beautiful carseat and so convenient to install. It's roomy but not bulky, and stylish all at the same time. Super durable and the quality is prime! Cushion is great in all the right places. Most of all Babyboy loves it! We are ordering a second one for our other car!

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