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By Jennifer
Good seat
February 5, 2014
We bought this seat because I was unable to get a carrier seat in the back of my car without dumping my infant sideways. Also, we did not want to have to spend another $200-$300 in 8-9 months when our child outgrew an infant carrier seat. I love the way this seat feels, it's soft to the touch and I don't have to worry about scratchy material on my baby's skin. It is very easy to install and adjust. The buckle on the Chicco products are the best I've found; with most other brands I found myself almost breaking my thumb to unlatch the buckles. My child is still 6 wks old and this seat is in my 2-door 2005 Civic (because it's extremely difficult to get a carrier seat in the back without tipping it sideways). The main gripes I have about this seat are that the hard plastic parts of the harness that clicks in between her legs are long and they feel like they dig into her. Also, the shoulder straps are quite large for a very young baby. The buckle is short when the infant insert is in place. The only other con is that having a convertible carseat in a 2-door is extremely difficult!!! I have to carrier her to the car (in frigid weather or rain, unable to carry an umbrella), climb into the back seat through the driver's side, shut the door and lock (a safety issue if you leave the door open at a store or mall in a big city), remove her blanket or big snowsuit, lift her up above the high sides of the chair almost hitting her head, strap her in, unlock the driver's door and crawl back out to get in the front, and do all in reverse to remove her from the car. because of the high back and sides there is no way to get her in from the passenger side without getting into the car, I would be unable to reach the buckles or put them on from above. I am hoping that once the seat is turned around when my child is bigger, that these issues will resolve and I will love this seat!
ProsSoft material. Easy to install Easy to adjust
ConsNot easy to get child in when using in a 2-door car Plastic between the leg pieces are too long
By Henry Y.
February 5, 2014
very good
By Bonnie
Salt Lake City, UT
Cushy for baby's tushie!
February 4, 2014
I Love this seat! I have twins and I experimented with several car seats before choosing this one. My top two picks are the Chicco Nextfit and the Evenflo Symphony DLX. But... Chicco wins. Here is what I am looking for: Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. We are road warriors and travel by car A LOT. Chicco is the comfy seat we have tested. Price: I did not want to spend over $300 per seat. I am sure there are many seats out there that are amazing, but they are out of my price range. Also, I do not have a latch or tether system in my car. While this seat does use latch easily, it is also so easy and extremely secure using seat belts. It is heavy, this is not the seat to use if you have to move it from car to car, or use for airplane travel. I have done that, and it is a work out to shlep this thing through an airport terminal. The evenflow symphony is nice too, and about a $100 cheaper. For a while, I had one Evenflo and one Chicco in my car. All I can say, is that on long trips, which ever twin was seated in the Evenflo, would start to cry inconsolably. So, I would switch the twins seat and put crying baby in the Chicco, and guess what? No more crying. Why? Because it's the ultimate in comfort. That's why. There are a few cons. My older Chicco has shoulder pads that I cannot remove. And it was a common complaint, however Chicco has listened to the consumer and this never round of Nextfit's have shoulder pads that just velcro on and off easily. Both my 2013 model and my 2014 model, the seat pads do not come off easily. So far I have only spot cleaned them.
ProsEasy installation. Comfortable. Nine! Nine recline options!
ConsVery heavy. Also difficult to remove cover for cleaning.
Best UsesLong trips, every day use.
By LukeC
Easy to Install
February 3, 2014
My wife and I just bought this convertible car seat and we really like it. Our son seams to find it very comfortable. He falls asleep in this faster than he does in the Keyfit 30. He can also see a lot more and still be rear facing. The only thing that I would change to this seat would be to make it swivel to get our son in and out of the car a little easier. We also liked that the head support was much strong then other brands. After bending and just light testing I'm comfortable that our son's head is well protected.
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By Nikki
Love this car seat!
January 30, 2014
My husband and I bought this car seat when our daughter outgrew her KeyFit 30 car seat and we love it! We bought two, one for each car. The carseat is very sturdy and safe. The seat padding is great, very cushioned! So glad that Chicco came out with this carseat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dar
Exceptional Value
January 29, 2014
Great price, quality construction.
By Caitlin
Wichita, KS
Great Convertible Carseat
January 29, 2014
I purchased this carseat after reading many reviews. I like that it has 9 recline positions, super easy to install correctly, and it is not as wide as many other carseats. The material is really quality and the machine washable fabric was a must for us. We sometimes have grandparents or babysitters who use our carseats without us, so the levels on either side make me feel really confident that it is installed safely. Plus the chest strap is clearly labeled with rear and forward facing settings. The latch system is really easy to use as well.
ProsMachine washable. Cup holder. Nine recline positions. Easy to use level on both sides-shows for rear and forward facing.
ConsA little heavy if you have to switch it from car to car often.
By Brianna
January 28, 2014
I have to say, I have not used this seat with an actual child (of my own) yet, but practiced with a teddy bear, which is much smaller than any baby I will have. I was able to get the bear in the seat plenty snug and could have made it even more so if need be. The recline feature is fantastic for newborns, as well as the newborn insert (5-11 lb). I see no reason to buy an infant seat if you buy this convertible. Note about the recline feature, there are specific levels for rear facing as well as forward facing, so pay attention to those. And as always.... read the instruction manual!
ProsRecline feature, newborn insert, front adjust straps, chest clip has two settings for small vs large child, easy clean fabric.
ConsWeight, not easy to adjust recline while rear facing (just have the recline set before installing)
By Ali
Great Buy!!!
January 28, 2014
This car seat has been nothing but greatness for us! I did so much research on convertible car seats that I now feel like I can write a book about Convertible Car Seats 101! Too much research! I was stuck between 2 Car seats this Chicco Next fit and the Britax Advocate. We purchased the Chicco Nextfit and have been very pleased with this decision! The car seat is so cozy for your little one, very safe, and very stylish! I really enjoy being able to recline the car has 9 different levels! It's not bulky... Thank goodness! I was very worried about the car seat being too big for my car, I drive a Ford Escape and this car seat fits perfectly! My friend purchased the Britax and it is much bulkier than our Chicco and the Britax does not have as much padding for your kiddo to sit on. I can see how the shoulder padding pieces on the Chicco would be too large for an infant but for my child who is 1 these pads don't bother him at all. I believe that you can contact Chicco and they will send you replacement shoulder pads.
Best UsesSeat recline Comfort Safety
By Christa
Hillsboro, Oregon
Love this new car seat
January 28, 2014
My son normally gets over heated in his carseat. That did not happening this one. Chicco is easy to install and sage for my one year old to stay rear facing until he is two.
Best UsesAll kids up to 65 lbs
By katie365
Sadly Disappointed again
January 28, 2014
I'm searching for a new carseat as we are going to be having another little one soon. I'm looking for a carseat that will fit in compact area rf and ff, will fit newborn -3.5 year old+, and that my son is comfortable in (and hopefully new little one will love too). Upon putting my (18 month old, 31") son in I could not get the chest clip high enough because of the bulky chest harness covers/pads. And unfortunately my son is never comfortable in a carseat without chest harness covers/pads. Also, they could redesign the headrest adjustment so that there is somewhere you can grip....there just isnt anywhere clear or to pinch the yellow adjusment bar to raise/lower like other brands.
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By KateB
January 27, 2014
I had purchased this seat for my 8 month old as he had outgrown his Chicco KeyFit 30 (which we loved and used for all 3 of our children). I could not be more disappointed. It is difficult to get him in & out of the seat rear facing (I drive a Chrysler Town & Country) the side walls of the seat are very high and it's extremely awkward and cumbersome to get him in & out. The fabric is already pilling at the bottom of the seat due to his feet rubbing, we've only had the seat for about a month and I only have him in it around 4 times a week. The straps are nearly impossible to pull tight. EVERY time I put him in the seat it takes all of my strength to tighten the straps, and even then I'm not certain they are tight enough and I worry that he isn't safe in the seat. I was so pleased with our KeyFit that I jumped at the chance to buy a convertible seat from Chicco, I had purchased a convertible seat for my other two children from a competing brand and wish I had just purchased the same for my son as well. The NextFit has some major design flaws that need reworking. Forward facing may not have these issues but my son will be rear-facing for awhile longer so I'm stuck dealing with this for a while.
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By vn
columbus, Ohio
Very good experience
January 26, 2014
Got a 20% off and free shipping. It was a good price for the Chicco convertible car seat. Very nice quality and build. I receiv ed it on time. Had a good experience with Albee baby
By chris p.
lewis center, oh
pretty good
January 26, 2014
By Cesilia R.
Los Angeles
I love albee baby
January 25, 2014
Very pleased and happy with my purchases at albee baby
ProsLove the fast shipping
By Ellen
Long Island, NY
Good seat, lots of features
January 25, 2014
Very easy to install, like all the Chicco car seats. Sturdy, comfortable with lots of padding. The recline feature is great, it can lean back to the level of the infant Keyfit, or very upright for a larger child. We moved our son into this from the Keyfit at 8 months but I'm pretty confident we could use this from day 1 for next baby. Only criticism is the straps are slightly difficult to get around my son's shoulders. I think that is a combination of 1)getting used to buckling him in while in the car vs in the house and 2)the straps have to come from behind the shoulder blade for babies, and adjusts up to above the shoulders when child is an older toddler. So a necessary design in order to be used for such a big age range.
By Olivia
Denver, CO
Comfy seat!
January 24, 2014
I bought this for my daughter (she's 10.5 months and was originally in a Keyfit 30). She still fits in the keyfit, but this gives her way more room and looks a lot more comfortable for her. The fabric and padding is great!! It seems super comfy compared to other competitors convertable seats. I love the multiple recline options...but you can only use a few of them. There is a level in the seat and you can only use the recline options that match up with the level "range" depending on your car. For me I have about 2-3 level options for rear facing. I am happy with this purchase and would recommend it to everyone!
ProsVery comfortable, safe,
ConsSlightly hard to pull the straps tight in rear facing, heavy for travel (airlines, etc), does not fit on some car seat carriers that you use to transport (roll) around the airport
By tiredofthestrap
The strap doesn't work
January 24, 2014
No matter how much pulling or jockeying you do with the strap and seat, it is very difficult to get the shoulder straps tight enough on your child. If you take the seat out of the vehicle the straps work just fine.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By birdewife
Awesome seat, so comfortable, just cut the strap covers off!
January 21, 2014
I have read numberless reviews on lots of different sites. The ONLY complain nt that I have ever come across is the strap covers. People done seem to like them for a few different reasons. When I read that people were taking back an amazing seat JUST because of the strap covers it was silly to me! The first thing I thought of after reading this was why don't they just cut them of?! Seems very logical to me. So when my seat came that's the first thing I did. Then I replaced them with my own soft Minky ones that can be washed and removed. I prefer my own covers anyways so I probably would have cut the factory ones off anyways even if I didn't read all the reviews about how much people hated them. FYI the straps came off very easily, I used a knife that wasn't even very sharp and they came right off! I'm very happy with this seat, it's so padded and comfortable feeling. It feels like a baby recliner! I love it! So don't take the seat back just because of a silly strap cover, that just boggles my mind! Cut them off!
By Kristin
Love this seat!
January 20, 2014
I love this seat, its super easy to install correctly and is easy to adjust. highly recommended. love the multi recline positions for the perfect fit in nearly every car.
Proseasy install, easy adjustment, high rear facing limits
Consa bit heavy if you plan on moving from car to car but its not too bad. I leave mine installed in 1 car and never move them so its a non issue for me
Best Usesnewborn, infant, toddler
By Mammie82
The only car seat I will ever buy or recommend!!!
January 19, 2014
Dear Chicco, Yesterday evening my entire family was involved in a severe auto accident. A man ran the red light as we were making a left hand turn & t-boned us at 60mph +. My 18 mo old son was rear facing in the middle & the impact of the crash turned his seat sideways, however the anchors never detached & he was still strapped in as snug as a bug!!! Because of the way his seat turned it actually shielded him & my daughter, who is 12, from all of the broken glass & debris. Both of my babies were discharged from the ER with no injuries. The first thing my husband said was, " that car seat saved his life... We will never put him in anything else!!!" No words can explain the overwhelming emotion of realizing how much worse it could've been had he not been in this car seat! We are purchasing the same seat as soon as we are able to get out & about. You cannot put a dollar amount on having that peace of mind knowing that if we are ever in a future accident my babies life will be saved...all because of such a superior product your company has engineered & designed! "THANK YOU"seems to be an understatement at this point. This is the only car seat I will ever use or recommend!!! Carmen Stafford
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By Bsmommy
OMG so happy to have a CHICCO again!
January 17, 2014
Just got this seat. My daughter had grown out of her keyfit 30 seat so I thought I would save money by buying a Graco convertible. WRONG. I did it this time. The Graco wouldn't tighten and it took about an hour to install having to use towels to make sure the angle was right and blah blah blah. So my mom picked up a chicco for my daughter. I installed it in maybe 10 minutes, if that long. It took me longer to get the old seat out than to get the nextfit in. I just feel like saying AHHHHHH were home again with Chicco. You pay for what you get and I learned that the hard way. No more Cheap, just Chicco. :)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By kp
harness almost impossible to tighten
January 14, 2014
Fits well in my small car, takes up a bit less room than the nextfit. Looks comfy and was pretty easy to install but the harness is a massive issue and impossible to tighten tightly enough for my liking.
By stefanie
love the recline
January 11, 2014
i bought this car seat because it could recline so much. we bought a new car & the back seat was sloped differently than our previous cars so our old car seat just sat our 5 month old too upright. this car seat eliminates that issue completely. plus i like that she's completely surrounded in this seat like she was in her infant carrier. the adjustable head & shoulder straps mean you don't have to take the seat out & re-thread the straps as baby grows. it took a little bit to get a really good fit when installing the seat. our only complaint is that it's a little difficult to pull the straps tight around baby, but this May get easier with time & we can still get a tight fit.
Best Usesextended rear facing, infants, toddlers
By Stephanie
Moodus, CT
Pay a little more and get back a lot!
January 8, 2014
Our family loves any Chicco products! My twin sons loved this car seat out of many they have sat in! Granted they smiled but we took that as we approved! We loved this seat because of the safety ratings, 9 adjustable levels, the padded seat!
Cons- a little on the heavy side
By Ashley
Kansas City, Kansas
Love this car seat!
January 4, 2014
We had the Chicco key fit as an infant carrier and loved that. So we decided to stick with the chicco brand and purchased the nextfit. It's super simple to install the with the LATCH system and simple to put my baby in and out of. As other reviews have said, the straps are kind of difficult to tighten. I literally grab with both hands to get them tight enough, but honestly that's not a big deal do me. It fits perfectly in my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee... And there's even more room now for the front passenger seat to go back. Lastly, the seat is super comfortable. I jokingly told my husband I wouldn't mind sitting in it as it felt super comfty. I've also had other people comment on how comfortable it felt. Overall I'm very very satisfied with this seat and would definitely recommend it to any of my friends!
By Sara
Very disappointed with the straps
January 3, 2014
The straps easily tighten without a child in the carseat, but I fight with them every time I put my daughter in it. I also need all my weight to try and tighten the straps. In fact, I don't think that it tightens enough and am unsure that she is safe. Very disappointed. I was very happy with the Keyfit 30, which is why I bought this product, but due to the struggle I have with the straps every time I put her in it, I cannot recommend this product.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dusti
South Carolina
Love this seat!
January 1, 2014
I researched carseats for months before making this purchase and I am so glad that I chose the NextFit. It is easy to install, extremely sturdy, yet small enough that both my husband and I (both above average height) can fit comfortably in front of the rear facing carseat.
Great Seat!
December 31, 2013
Great price! Free Shipping! Awesome Seat! doesn't GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!
By aoses
love it
December 30, 2013
My husband and I both needed new Carseats for our 1 year old. She outgrew the carrying type. We looked around and researched and loved the design. We just took at 900 mile road trip and she slept well in the Carseat for most of the trip. Very pleased with our purchase
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Elyse
Great car seat!
December 30, 2013
I bought this car seat as soon as it came out. I used it for my daughter for a few months before deciding to buy another one for my son. My daughter is forward facing and my son is rear facing. I will say, in the rear facing position it is much more difficult to tighten the straps, but I have had multiple different car seats (britax boulevard, safety first) and in my experience, they are all difficult in this position. Good news though, once they are forward facing, tightening the straps is a breeze! Other than that, this car seat is amazing. By far the easiest to install. Both kids look so comfortable in their seat. Love chicco!!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Lauren
Indianapolis, IN
Great Seat
December 27, 2013
Love the Chicco brand. This seat seems very comfortable for my little one and I love that it has different reclining positions. I will say that the shoulder strap adjustment button is rather stiff and but others have mentioned this and says that it will loosen with time/use. Otherwise, I think it's a great seat!
By Morgan
Great but heavy
December 27, 2013
Very easy to install and comfortable for my 10 month old. I did not realize how heavy the seat was when I ordered it. It is not a seat that you want to take out at the babysitter's each day. Otherwise we love the seat.
ProsEasy to install. Very soft.
Best UsesMain car seat that stays in vehicle.
By Alison
Grand Island, NE
Not as good as expected
December 27, 2013
We ordered the NextFit for our 3 month old son. The install was easy. It fits well behind the drivers seat in my Honda Odyssey. is extremely hard to put a baby into. The covers on the straps make it so you can really bend the straps easily around a smaller baby. Then to tighten the straps around him, it looks easy but pulling the tightening strap is hard! I can't get it as tight as I'd like. For this fact alone, we will be buying another Recaro ProRide (our 21 month old daughter has one and we love it). We are sorry we tried something new.
ProsEasy install
ConsHard to tighten strap covers are too rigid for smaller babies
By Maggie
Des Moines, iowa
December 26, 2013
We recently bought this for my 2 year old so she could stay rear facing longer. We put my 3 month old in it and he LOVES it. He screams in his keyfit and hates the car, but with this one, he is so content! We will definitely be buying another one for him! We have a britax for my daughter currently and she is about to grow out of it rear facing so I'm so happy she will be able to rear face a couple more years in this! I really love our britax, but since it doesn't last long rear facing, it's not my favorite. So far with the next fit, I'm loving the easy install, comfy seat, multiple reclines, and the fact that my kids love it. I've heard straps can be hard to tighten and strap covers are kind of big, but yhose haven't really been issues for us.
ProsComfy, easy to install, extended rear facing
Best UsesExtended rear facing Infant on up
By sheng d.
Northbrook, IL
Good quaility
December 26, 2013
robust design, perfect carset for my son
By Susan
Pasadena, CA
Look at options
December 19, 2013
I read the reviews on this car seat and many others. I thought I made a good choice but there are things that were difficult to handle on this car seat. The recline position with the nine levels, is very difficult to recline with the child in the car seat and with the car seat installed. I tried to recline the seat and couldn't recline to the first position with the car seat installed. Adjusting the head rest was quite difficult also. To get it into the right position for the height if your child was difficult. I kept trying to adjust the head rest and it kept going too low or too high. I was pretty frustrated.
ProsEasy to install and my son seems more comfortable in his new car seat than his old one.
ConsDifficult to recline once car seat is installed and the head rest was very difficult to adjust. Cup holder is too small for most water cups children have.
Best UsesBought three for each car so I didn't have to take it out each time my son rides in a different car.
By Eliseo
Oxnard, CA
Best Convertible car seat
December 18, 2013
Best car seat purchased after extensive research and store by store search. My son sleeps in car automatically and seat is very soft and sturdy. very happy with this purchase!
ConsSomewhat heavy
Best Uses9 reclining options are awesome!
By Monica
Taft, CA
December 18, 2013
Love it.... we had been wanting to buy this for our soon for awhile and albe baby had the best price!
ProsEasy install
United States
Love the NextFit
December 16, 2013
We have one of those babies who does NOT like car rides, so we played around with a few options. This was one of our best choices. We love the recline feature and ordered this seat after a Graco seat didn't work out because our sons head would just plop forward when he slept. This also has great padding and support. My only regret is not ordering this seat sooner. Also, Albee baby gave a great discount on the seat!
ProsReclines, very comfy, great padding
ConsNone so far
By Megan
Moorpark, CA
Fits great in our truck
December 16, 2013
I was having trouble finding a decent seat that fit well in the middle back seat of our Toyota Tundra. Everything has a tendency to over-recline because of the very flat seats. Thanks to the NextFit's multiple recline options, this is no longer a problem! It installed easily (after I read the manual) and it is easy to adjust the harness height as well. I deducted one star because it is hard to tighten the straps. My little guy is almost 2 and 32" but only weighs 21 lbs. He loves his seat and it must be comfortable because he keeps falling asleep in it!
By jimmy
houston, tx
good item and good service
December 16, 2013
product received on time and in very good condition as advertised, very good service and product, will do business again.
By Kate
Champaign, Illinois
Almost as expected
December 15, 2013
I should start by saying that we used a Keyfit for our last 2 babies and have 2 Britax convertible seats purchased in 2007. All of our car seats are expired and baby number 3 is on the way so I ordered a new Keyfit and figured I would give this a try for our 14 month old. I love that the seat seems very sturdy and safe and like that it has many recline options. I don't like that it takes me 3 times longer to load my 14 month old in this seat vs the Britax. With baby number 3 on the way I don't have time for this. The straps are difficult to pull tighten down. It does not have velcrow to secure the straps on the outside of the seat when loading in and out so they are constantly stuck under him. In general the straps seem shorter than in other seats and not long enough to flop over the edges. It is also a really deep seat which I'm assuming adds safety but it makes it harder to get a sleeping baby out because I have to dig under him and lift further.There is nothing wrong with this seat it's just not as user friendly as others. I think it will ge easier to use once my son is bigger but for now I'm making my husband use it while I find an alternative.
ConsShort Straps Hard to adjust Deep seat
By Niki
St. George, Utah
Love this seat! Read this review!! It may help with your choice!
December 15, 2013
We love Chicco. We used the keyfit and the nextfit just seemed like the logical choice because we had loved our key fit so much. The one thing I will say is that because it is a very new seat on the market chicco keeps making little changes with the seat. If your seat has a manufactue dat before oct 2013 the chest clip will say rear facing for one slot and forward facing for the other. They have changed that now you can use either setting in either direction. The clip is still the same so no worries if you have the seat that was manufactured before it just doesn't state that specification anymore and the parent can choose which setting fits their child best. Also with the seats manufactured after oct 2013 they have changed the shoulder pad so that they are not as stiff , don't have the rubber backing, and can be more easily removed if you wish. The car seat is safe to be used with either version of shoulder pad or even none at all if you so wish however if you have the older pad and would like the new one you need to go to chiccos website and find the movie on how to remove the shoulder pads. You can then order new ones if you want the updated one from their parts section on their website for only $5. Like I said all are safe it is just user preference. I love that chicco has listened to the feedback from parents and are making this the best seat possible. Love chicco and and am VERY pleased with the nextfit!
ProsEasy to instal. Great seat for extended rear facing! This seat is one of the highest height limits for rear facing and goes up to 40 lbs rear facing ensuring you can leave your little one rear facing as long as possibly increasing their safety in the car! (It is now reccomended to rear face until at LEAST 2 and highly encouraged until 4, or they reach the max capacity to rear face in their seat.) it also has a high 65 lb forward facing weight ensuring that your child again will be able to be harnessed correctly in a 5 point harness as long as possible. Sleek design, great fabric that is easily wiped clean, optional cup holder, and 9 recline positions! What else could I possibly say? This seat is fantastic!!
ConsNone that I can think of other than the shoulder pads are a little stiff at first. They loosen up after a little bit of time though! And now chicco has even fixed that option with the choice to either remove them or order the newer ones so the only complaint that I have chicco has already addressed!
By Amy
So far so great
December 15, 2013
Our 4 month old son was to big for his keyfit 30 so we purchased the Nextfit. I was set on a Britax Pavilion, but when I went into the store to try out the seats, I found that the Nextfit was much easier to use. I am a big fan of the 9 reclining positions as my son likes to sit up as much as possible. The synch system is easy to use in getting the seat securely attached. Love Chicco and glad they finally put out a convertible seat! The only thing that gave me pause is that the chest pads are not removable for washing.
ProsEasy to install Multiple reclining positions rear and forward facing Easy to change harness height
ConsChest pads are not removable to wash
By Maria
Omak, WA
Good seat with one reservation
December 15, 2013
I really like everything about the seat (ease of installation, size, adjustability) with one exception. It is very difficult to tighten the harness once our baby is strapped in. I had a chicco keyfit 30 with the same design and it was very easy to tighten. I'm not sure if it's the bigger straps, bigger shoulder pads or some other issue, but both my husband an I find it challenging and think it takes too long to get as uh fit on our baby.
By Jessica
Orange County, CA
So comfy!
December 15, 2013
The padding on this seat is extra comfy...firm, yet soft.
ProsEasy wipe clean material.
By Emily
La Crosse, WI
Returning :-( I really wanted this to be as good as they say.
December 14, 2013
Not sure if I received a bad car seat but it will not fit in my car and barely fit in my husbands the straps to buckle the sit to the car are not long enough. The big selling point to it is that you can easily tilt the sit back. This one will not move, both my husband and I tried to tilt it and no movement. Not happy with the quality. I have the infant car seat and love it.
ConsVery heavy, Straps to secure the seat are not long enough to fit all cars:-( Doesn't tilt like description given.
By Ashley
December 14, 2013
I've only been using this car seat for about a week but I love it. My baby girl is 5 months old and we also have the chicco key fit but we needed another car seat for my car. Using the key fit my LO would cry anytime if stopped the car even at red lights. Since using the nextfit she is just as happy as can be and never even fusses! It is a lot bigger and I have to push the passenger seat all the way up but I have a tiny Mazda 3 so it's expected. This was def. a good investment!
By Melissa
Sussex, NJ
Great purchase
December 12, 2013
Great purchase, we had the Chicco Key Fit 30 for my son and we loved this seat but since he is now 9 months we decided to move him to a bigger seat and he is much happier. He has more room and is able to move around much more. I also love the recline option this way he can still sleep comfortably while in the seat.
ProsEasy install Easy to get baby in and out
By Emmanuel B.
Carteret, NJ
The most secured and snuggie seat i'v ever seen
December 12, 2013
My 7 month old loves it and it looks great and feel very secured. We absolutely love it!
By Ashley
West Coast
Very comfortable and easy to use
December 11, 2013
Recently purchased this for our 9 month old daughter after our previous Graco Snugride seat was in a wreck and did not perform well (fortunately our daughter was not in the car). It is super comfortable and we love the ability to recline it to a position she likes. We ended up buying a second one for my husband's car, we liked it so much.
ProsQuality materials, well padded, comfortable
ConsHeavy, difficult to move
By holleybaby
Shoulder pads are awful!
November 27, 2013
I loved the Chicco KeyFit infant seat so I bought the NextFit. My only complaint is the shoulder pads. They have this awful rubber-backing on them which creates resistance with the straps when my son is in the seat, so I can't tighten the straps. If he's not in the seat, the straps tighten just fine. They are also too big. If Chicco had put on the shoulder pads from the KeyFit, there wouldn't be any problems with the NextFit.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Missy14
Excellent Quality/Easy to use!!!
November 26, 2013
I just purchased this and love it! Have a 2yr old and needed a 2nd car seat for my husbands vehicle so we purchased this one because we had the Keyfit 30 infant seat which I also loved. At the time I purchased my 1st convertible car seat this one wasn't available. Boy do I wish it was! So well made, most padding in a car seat I've ever seen, love the quality, so easy to use!!!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By G-Ma
Great Car Seat
November 24, 2013
I bought this to use in my car for my granddaughter. She loves it. Very easy to install. Looks nice in my car.
ProsEasy to install.
ConsIn rear facing position hard to reach pivot button and a little more difficult to pull tightening strap.
By grandmother
Houston, Texas
Best carseat available
November 23, 2013
This is the next step up from the infant seat and is the best available. The seat arrived on time with no problems.
By Debbie
North Canton, OH
November 21, 2013
I had read several negative reviews regarding service and product delivery but am totally satisfied with the product I ordered. Tracking was easy and delivery was speedy. I would order from Albee BABY again!!!!
By Asra
Chicago, il
Nice but some drawbacks.
November 20, 2013
I loved it at the first sight but when I started using it I found out there is one big drawback! Whenever I try to put my son in the sides are super large and I have a Volvo XC90 so it's a compact SUV so it makes it so difficult to put my son in the car seat. Other than that the car seat is very comfortable and pretty easy to use. The structure is the only problem.
By Elizabeth
Great seat
November 14, 2013
I got a great price after using a coupon code ($224) plus free shipping on this great seat. It consistently gets good reviews and we are very happy with it!!
ProsLooks very safe and comfortable.
ConsA little bulky. We have a compact car and its positioned on the center of the backseat, it's tight if someone wants to sit on either side.
By Coleen
Denver, CO
Amazing Seat
November 13, 2013
Seat was easy to install. I love the colors. I purchased two and they arrived super fast. I love that it will grow with my children.
By MamaKing
Love it!!!!
November 8, 2013
Very comfortable, easy to install and get baby into and out of. Much better head support that some other manufacturers. My only complaint is that it is difficult to reach the recline lever when the seat is installed rear-facing, but I do not expect to adjust it very often. My 3 year old wants one to match her baby brothers :)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Candikane
Bronx, NY
Nice car seat
November 4, 2013
I have had this car seat for about 4-5 months now its been great so far now problems. My 1 yr old gets in it and most of the time goes right to sleep. Oh yeah i did purchased this at Albee baby. A bit pricey but worth it, and the coupon help.
ProsIt is an convertible car seat which can save you money. Very sturdy and comfortable, the cushioning is superb.
ConsYou can't take off the harness straps to clean them cleaning the car seat is problematic at times, my son throw-up in it and it was very hard to clean the car seat thoroughly.
November 3, 2013
By Shanna
November 3, 2013
Love love love!!!
By adavidson
Very comfortable
November 3, 2013
I have this in my car and my husband has the Britax Pavilion in his car and this one is so much more comfortable for my daughter. Both are still rear-facing, but she enjoys sitting in the Chicco much more.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By erin
Stephenville, tx
love this seat!
November 2, 2013
bought this seat for my soon to be newborn, I installed and am trying it out with my still rear facing 2-yr-oldI love how easy it was to install, and it's super easy to adjust the harness and to tighten/ loosen my son had been using a myride65-I absolutely hate that seat, especially compared to the nextfit
Pros easy to get child in and out, easy adjust recline, easy adjust harness straps, easy to tighten/ loosen straps
Best Uses newborns,infants, toddlers, rearface to at least age 4,
By Puddintater
Great car seat!
November 2, 2013
I bought this before my daughter was born in the beginning of sept. It is heavy, and not the easiest to take from vehicle to vehicle, it is best to leave in one car although I don't. I do realize it is not made to go to car to car. My biggest complaint may be that my daughter was a little over 6lbs and this car seat didn't really help her head with newborn insert. It would kinda flop over, but if your not going anywhere much at first and don't mind sitting in the back to watch them it's fine. It really didn't take her long to grow into it so I wouldn't decide on that fact alone. I just wish someone had told me! You also need to make other arrangements if you need to take lo when you go out to eat. Buy a cheap carrier from a second hand store for that purpose only. I abosolutly love the car seat. Once it's in you don't worry about having to reach over and strap a seatbelt over them every time!!! I regret nothing!!!!!'n
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Monica
Southern IL/IN
LOVE my Chicco Carseats
November 1, 2013
I had a Keyfit 30 infant seat and was sad that Chicco didn't have a convertible seat, as my DD approached the limit not long ago. Finally my hopes were fulfilled, and they came out with this seat. I bought one immediately from another retailer for my 2011 Honda Pilot. It is just as easy to install as the Keyfit base was. It has the same built-in level and has multiple recline positions. The straps have been hard to move at first, when compared to the Keyfit infant seat. However, when it came time for my mother to get a convertible seat for her car, we tried another, less expensive seat/brand, and were seriously disappointed. We ended up returning that seat immediately and buying this one for her 2010 Honda Accord and a third one for my husband's 2003 Pilot. The quality is beyond compare. My DD is secure and comfortable, but the thing that sold me immediately and has made me a die-hard Chicco fan is the fact that they are SO easy to install. If it's not isntalled properly, the child cannot be safe.
ProsEasy, easy, easy to install. Fits VERY well in a sedan (Honda Accord). We don't even have to move the passenger seat up to accomodate it. We did have to move the seat up in the Pilots, but an adult (5'8") passenger can still fit comfortably in the front seat.
ConsIt is heavy. This is not a seat that you're going to easily move from one car to another. However, what we found was that it was worth the investment in additional seats for other vehicles just because it's such a sturdy and well-made seat.
By Kelly
Love it! Fits the car, fits the baby, easy install
October 30, 2013
In the great debate over safety versus ease of use, this car seat has done the best so far and achieves both. I originally got a Recaro convertible but that did not fit in my car well (Audi A4) and it now resides in my husband's car (4Runner). I really like our Chicco Keyfit for the infant seat but this one feels so much more secure and safe. The versatility with the recline has made if the easiest install of a seat in my car yet. I haven't tried forward facing, but know that there are enough options that it will work. The second pull on the latch strap is a great development. If I had to move this from car to car every day or on occasion, it's much easier than other's I have tried.
Best Useseveryday use, travel, multiple vehicles, small cars
By Angel B.
Irvine, California
I'mpressive Design / Relatively Compact
October 29, 2013
Easy to setup. The 9 recline positions for rear and forward facing are a nice touch. Very impressed.
By Jessica
Amazing car seat!
October 27, 2013
Love this car seat! So comfortable and my son loves the cup holder! Shipping took a little longer than I expected but its fine for the great price.
By Scott
Cedar Hills, UT
YAY for a toddler seat my son can sleep in!
October 27, 2013
We originally bought a Gracco Nautilus and after two long car trips with almost no naps, we found ourselves frustrated and hating that he had outgrown his Chicco Keyfit (the baby seat) which he traveled GREAT in. I vented my frustration on facebook, and one of my friends told me Chicco had just come out with a convertible car seat. We ditched the Gracco at a loss and have never looked back. He is SO comfortable in this seat, the materials are quality, and it reclines a little, just enough for sleeping. YAY Chicco- as always, a little pricey but it delivers. Worth every penny.
By Emily
Roswell, NM
Great product, great price
October 24, 2013
Found this car seat on here and with coupons I found it was close to $60 off the normal price! Shipping was very fast as well!
By Samantha
Really nice seat
October 24, 2013
I was having trouble fitting a convertible seat rear facing in my small SUV so I tried this one at babiesrus and was so happy it fit without having to move the front seat up to the dash board! I also love the fabric and cushion of the seat. My 9 month old must be pretty comfortable in it bc she always falls asleep when in the car. My husband installed it and said its so easy that he wished the infant chicco keyfit base was that easy. The only reason I gave the seat 4 stars instead of 5 is bc if the shoulder strap cushions. They are huge and make it difficult to tighten the harness sometimes. I have read in other reviews that it gets easier the more you use the seat so I'm hoping that's true. I have also seen reviews where people say they cut them off but the manual says to not use the seat with the should cushions so I'm not sure that's a great idea. Overall I really like it. My husband wasn't crazy about spending this much on a car seat but once we got it he said he was really happy with it. We also got a great deal on Albee and saved almost $60!
ProsFabric Size Ease of use 9 recline options
ConsShoulder strap cushions are big and can be hard to work with at times
By Kathi
Nashville, TN
High safety, low functionality
October 23, 2013
My husband and I went to Babies R Us to check out convertible car seats as our 19 lb. 6 month old has almost out grown her Chicco Keyfit 22. Since we loved the ease and comfort of that one the next logical progression was the NextFit. We were excited to see a more reasonable price at Albee Baby and quickly purchased two. This was my first Albee Baby experience and it was great. The seat itself was hard to install - or so my husband said. He is very mechanically inclined so I can only imagine if I'd try to do it myself. The first few times we used it, the pull strap to make the shoulder straps tighter was too tight and couldn't be loosened and I could hardly get my arm in the awkward angle needed to pull it (rear facing). This strap has finally seemed to loosen up a little with use and is easier to pull. Perhaps you should tighten/loosen a few times before installing it. My daughter cries every time I put her in this seat, although lately it is only for a minute or two. Maybe she is getting used to it? In short, I was very excited about this seat, but it is not as easy to use as the Keyfit.
Prossafety, padding, large weight range
Consstraps are too hard to pull tight around baby, especially rear facing.
By Laila
Almost perfect!!
October 22, 2013
I love this seat. It looks really cool and it seems to be super comfy for my baby. It has an insanely easy install. It literally only takes a couple of minutes. I can't imagine anyone installing this seat incorrectly. I appreciate the nine recline options which ensure that it will fit in any car without needing pool noodles or anything. It is also very compact and thus should fit in every car. The flat/ solid base makes it so that this seat won't damage the seat in my car. My only complaints are: I wish it came with a bigger cup holder because most of my daughter's sippy cups won't fit in it. I wish the harness was slightly easier to adjust. (It's not that big of a deal, but it does seem more difficult than my infant seat.) I also wish that the harness was replaceable. I'm so nervous that my daughter will vomit or spill something on the harness, ruining it. I would feel much better knowing that I could switch the harness out.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By marco
Chicco Keyfit to NextFit, still a happy customer
October 21, 2013
Chicco Next Fit is very comfy, very robust and safe, easy to install, and it is heavy, but we don't take it out everyday. We have two cars, so we bought two NextFit, and we are very pleased. One minor design flaw is the shape of the buckle(where it comes into contact with my kid's thigh) that can be an ergonomics issue, But it is not a big deal. I'd have given this 5 stars if it's not the buckle thing.
By Zoya
Chicago, Illinois
Love it
October 21, 2013
I didn't find the store but I found from I purchased with good price. My son loves it. It is comfortable. My son loves it.
By Ramseymomma
Great carseat
October 18, 2013
I love this carseat! After spending 2 hrs in babies-r-us, this is the one I got. I even put my 3 yr old in each carseat to see how he fit in them for when my daughter grows into the carseat. I really like the fabric and how I can spot clean it. I use it for my 19 month hold who is barely the weight limit (I had a chicco infant carseat too) but she fits in there great since it is convertible. The recline is great too. Every cars/trucks backseat is at a different angle, so it is nice to change the degree. The bubble is a lot of help too! It is compact compared to other carseat too! We have 2 toddler carseats in the back of our jeep and could possible be back to adding our chicco infant in the future, so I like how compact it is. It is also easy to install especially since our car has the carseat mounting system in the seat. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because there isn't a handle to carry it with. It is a little heavy and if there was a handle that would make it easier to carry. I went to register with my sister-in-law, told her the pros with this one compared to the other carseats and she registered for this carseat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By allthingsbeautiful
Love it!
October 15, 2013
I love this seat. I have never been one for names and expensive baby items, but Chicco earns it. When we had our third I was able to get a Chicco travel system and absolutely loved it. I had tried just about every average priced brand and I can honestly say the extra for Chicco is worth it. We loved it so much that we couldn't wait for the Nextfit to come out. At first I balked at the price, but after researching and seeing what was available on the market, we waited and bought the Nextfit. I actually had my sister in-law from south FL pick it up and mail it to me as it was released in her area months before it would be released in my area. I did not wait for my daughter to outgrow the keyfit 30. One of the things I love about the Nextfit is that it can be in a rear facing position, but can be in a more upright/less reclining than an infant seat. My daughter hated reclining pretty much from birth, so short or long car rides were torture. I wish they would have released this seat so much sooner. My daughter no longer screams in the car, she will fall asleep when she is tired. We have been on several long trips and she does fine. It is different from an infant seat when it comes to getting her buckled in, but just takes a learning curve. I love how easy it is to instal. One of my main concerns is that the straps cannot be taken completely off the seat. I understand this from a safety perspective, but it isn't very practical when you think of all that happens and can happen in a car seat, potty training accidents, sickness, etc. Also I did have a small section of the seam on one of the shoulders to start pulling and showing stitching. I contacted Chicco about this and they took care of the issue right away. All in all. I would recommend this seat. I would purchase it again. I do hope that Chicco will continue to make improvements on the minor issues, but I feel that this is one of the safest seats on the market and possibly the most comfortable seat for my child. I love the new colors they are coming out with and am slightly jealous of all the options that weren't available to me. I did recommend this seat to my sister for her youngest. They recently purchased it and she loved it from the start.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tina
Washington DC
Love this carseat
October 14, 2013
I love the car seat, I feel my little guy will be very safe. I love the pattern of the fabric as well.
ProsThe seat fits well in my 2010 Kia Soul (rear facing) and I can now have a passenger in the front (I wasn't able to with a previous car seat due to the size)
ConsThe harness tightening strap is difficult to use in rear facing position.
By hghg
easy to install and great design
October 14, 2013
I bought it a month ago and very happy with that so far. It is very easy to install. The reclining feature is good, atlthough it cannot be used without taking the latches out. The design and colors is very good.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great product
October 13, 2013
Love it. Second one we have for each cr
By Ckeeler
Great seat but needs better fabric
October 13, 2013
We love our chicco nextfit. It's easy to install & align which is why we chose it over Britax marathon 70, which was a close 2nd to our shopping results. My ONLY complaint is that the fabric, specifically around the child's feet, is not durable enough. Ours is already pilling & frilled from our sons shoes rubbing :/ extremely disappointed in this, especially since it is such an expensive purchase. Not sure why they didn't put same or comparable type of fabric as key fit 30? Also when we put his seat in a car, it's really tough to get him in because the car seat is so deep. We drive a Nissan Titan truck & dodge ram truck & it's easy it put him in & get him out in our vehicles. We just suck it up if we have to rent a car or ride with family.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Carebear560
Best Convertible Car Seat Ever
October 11, 2013
We loved our Keyfit 30 so much that we stuffed our daughter into it till the Nextfit was released last February... and I'm glad we did because it has exceeded all of our expectations! It was so easy to install and felt so luxurious compared to other seats we looked at, and I love the fact that you KNOW it's installed properly instead of being left to guess whether it is or not. The only thing I didn't love was that the cover wasn't removable and I was concerned about spills and leaks, so I purchased a washable cover that was made to slip over any car seat. It was a very simple and affordable solution. We bought a Nextfit seat for each of our cars, and are very pleased with them! We highly recommend these to any parent!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Stacytex
Perfect Convertible Car Seat!
October 11, 2013
I loved my KeyFit 30, so when Chicco came out with a convertible seat I was ecstatic. This car seat is so easy to install, takes up a minimal amount of space when rear facing, and my son seems very comfortable. The latch system is by far the easiest to use of any brand out there, and the level indicators make it so simple to install correctly the grandparents can do it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By goodall
Latching system is difficult
October 11, 2013
This was our 2nd purchase from Chicco. We were so pleased with our KeyFit 30 that we decided to stick with the company for our baby's next car seat. We did TONS of research but since the NextFit was so new there weren't as many reviews as some of the other brands out there. We decided to try it. The car seat is super easy to install which is a huge plus! My baby falls asleep in it very easily and stays asleep even when the car comes to a stop (that rarely happened before). The biggest problem I have with it is that it is difficult for me to latch my child into the car seat in the rear facing position. I did test it in a store in both rear and forward facing positions and it seemed very easy. I was aware that some users had a problem with the latching once the child was in the seat. This was true for us as well. It is very hard to pull it tight enough so that you can't pinch the straps (like it says to do so that you know it is tight enough). I latched my child in the car seat per Chicco's insturctions and that did help a little bit but it is still difficult for me to do. I've seen marks on my child's legs from the lap belt and yet at the same time the belts on the child's chest seemed flimsy. Other than that it seems to be a good seat. I just wish it was as easy to latch my child in as the KeyFit 30 was.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By sbb2315
October 11, 2013
My daughter is now too heavy to carry in her infant carrier (Also Chicco) so we upgraded to this. I couldn't be more happy. She is small for her age but she fits just perfectly. It was so easy to install. We wanted something that would last a while - with Chicco's quality, we know we have the right product. We feel that it is so safe and secure. If I had 1 complaint - the should pad protectors - they are a bit long and stiff. They are too cumbersome. My daughter seems as though it is too much and in her face. I am going to remove those and see if it helps. Other than that - no complaints.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Bmoremom
So comfy!
October 11, 2013
I had the KeyFit 30 for my daughter and was impressed with that so decided to stay in the Chicco family and purchase the NextFit. The safey aspect was #1 of course but I also love how comfortable it is and I LOVE the color. It does recline in 9 different positions but I won't be able to take advantage of most of them until she FF. I do notice that the harness straps are a bit snug. I haven't had to figure out how to loosen them because the weather was still nice out but now that winter is approaching I will need to allow more room for heavier clothing. A bit pricey but worth it in my opinion.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Lindsey
Disappointed, should have tried it first
October 11, 2013
I love chicco infant seat so I was so excited when the nextfit was released. I knew I wanted it for my second child for a convertible. It is easy to install but doesn't fit well in my middle seat like the keyfit did. It is impossible to tighten the straps well and easily. This is all in rear facing. I haven't tried forward facing yet. I'm very disappointed and wish I had bought another Britax.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anonymous
great, long lasting car seat!
October 11, 2013
I bought this carseat for my then 3 month old. he fit great in it and it currently has the 2nd tallest rearfacing shell on the market so it should last him quite awhile. My only complaints are the shoulder pads are 'grippy' on the bottom which makes them hard to adjust and the harness is hard to tighten. Also, the harness is not replaceable so i hope nothing ever happens to it. Adjusting the harness has gotten easier and i have learned to use the seat more efficiently over time. Chicco customer service gave me some pointers on adjusting the seat harness which helped alot!! The seat's pro's far outweigh the above complaints. Install is a breeze with latch and with seatbelt in my Mazda3 and F-150. i love the chestclip and buckle. the fabric and overall look of the seat is very high quality. The seat is small front to back and fits great in our very small Mazda3. My son seems very comfy in the seat and always falls asleep in the car. Overall i love this seat, it was worth every penny, and i would not hesitate to buy another one :)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mom f.
Jacksonville, North Carolina
It's not all I hoped it would be
October 7, 2013
I was so excited the first time I saw this seat in person, I was so excited, it was time to move her out of her Chicco Keyfit, and this was the seat we were going to buy! It is very soft, very deep(for my long legged girl), and had a nice neutral look.Unfortunately it kind of falls short. I bought the Mystique model despite the red piping trim(it's not a bright, offensive color in person)We bought it in Sept, so not an exceptionally warm month, but she sweats a lot in it if I don't keep the van frigid. She is not in direct sunlight, center seat, center row of the vehicle, so the sun is not contributing to the warmth. The sides are very deep, which makes it difficult to lift her over and into the seat, without bumping her head on the ceiling of the vehicle. Her straps are very difficult to get snug, there is something weird about the shoulder pads and her neck gets pinched under them unless we are really cautious, and that is after we have to dig the quite thin straps out from under her in order to strap her in. Now, for the latch straps that secure the seat in the vehicle, in the Toyota Sienna, I have to pull strap 1 as tight as I can get it, hook it in, then hook up strap 2, and pull. It's not terribly difficult, just took a couple minutes to figure out the first time. It fits very secure, rear facing, in our vehicles. I like the way this seat fits my daughter.I just wish it didn't make her sweat so much & wasn't such a pain to get her in and out of. If Britax makes a deeper seat(longer leg room), this will become our backup seat! I miss my older child's Britax Boulevard!
ProsGreat fit for long legged kids! Fits child well. Very comfortable, squishy! Looks nice(if this matters to you)
ConsThe sides are very deep, which makes it difficult to lift her over and into the seat, without bumping her head on the ceiling of the vehicle. Her straps are very difficult to get snug, there is something weird about the shoulder pads and her neck gets pinched under them unless we are really cautious, and that is after we have to dig the quite thin straps out from under her in order to strap her in. Child sweats a lot in it if I don't keep the vehicle very cold.
By Elizabeth
Tampa Fl
Great Seat
October 6, 2013
Easy to install moved from car to car. Super soft with lots of padding. Only thing is its heavy. And wish the pads on seat belt were little smaller otherwise Great!
ProsEasy to install. Super soft. Did a lot of research to find great comfortable seat for my son.
By Elena C.
Kennebunk, ME
Couldn't be happier
October 3, 2013
This car seat is fantastic. It is very easy to install. It is stylish, padded and my son seems very comfortable in it. I love the fact that if you install it correctly, it doesn't badge from its spot. I feel very comfortable that he is safe while in it. It's heavier than your typical convertible seat. That's the only con I can think of. Not enough for me to give it less than 5 stars though. I highly recommend it.
By James T.
Great Seat!
October 2, 2013
This seat is just starting to gain popularity and the reviews are all very positive as far as I cna tell. This is a great seat, well constructed, easy to install. I was able to get this with the 20% off and it was a great deal. I feel like my son will be very safe in this seat for years!
By Josie R.
Oakland, ca
Great, comfy carseat
September 30, 2013
Our twins seem to love these seats-- the recline so that on long car rides they can snooze comfortably. The are well padded and easy to get in/out of.
ProsWell padded, comfy, leaves decent room in front seat.
ConsHeavy, kind of hard to get kids in/ out of the rear-facing mode
By Debby
Chalmette LA
Roomy and safe
September 30, 2013
Ordered this for my grandson. They love it and so does baby!
By Yvonne
Minneola, FL
Awesome Convertible Carseat!
September 16, 2013
Sturdy, classy, easy to adjust even with baby in it!
ProsEasy to recline even with baby in it!
ConsShoulder guards are a little stiff and hard to adjust, but maybe they'll soften up in time!
By momof4
Best carseat on the market
September 16, 2013
Feels comfortable,easy to use and adjust,the straps do have a hard rubber piece that sit on the back that sit on the baby and the straps aren't removable but you can easily cut them off and use other strap covers,the print looks better in person than in the picture and the gray fabric is slightly different than the black .overall I would say its worth the money.if your not sure and have not seen this car seat in person I would recommend that you do before ordering to make sure its what your looking for
By Trish
I recommend this item!
September 14, 2013
Great product! Great price!

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