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By Eric
Car Seat and Base
February 12, 2012
Great Item for someone that has or is getting the entire package. The carrier base and stroller all work together to create an all around awesome system for transporting an infant.
ProsGreat item
ConsThey are discontinuing this particular system and coming out with newer version. Harder to acquire this specific unit.
By Paige
Hartland, VT
LOVE this seat, LOVE this site!
February 3, 2012
I really wanted the Midori pattern and this was the best price anywhere! I had searched ebay for weeks and every store on the web and all stores wanted 185.00-300.00 for just the car seat. I bought this item on the 31st of January and received it the next day, Feb. 1st. I was worried at first seeing the other posts about expiration dates so this was the first thing I checked when it arrived. The manufacturing date was September 2011 and the seat doesn't expire until 2017. I could not be more pleased with this purchase! Thank you Albee baby!
By Marcie
Boston, MA
Awesome car seat
February 2, 2012
I bought this seat after having trouble with an older different brand one. I am so in love with this seat I wish I had done chicco with our first daughter as well. The seat is lighter compared to most but still very sturdy. Very comfy looking and personally I love the color.
ProsEasy to install Light weight Sturdy
By mom 2.
west side
chicco keyfit 30 infant car seat-limonata
January 26, 2012
I had a chicco key fit 30 car seat before and my main complaint was the material - which made my daughter sweat while in it during the winter or summer... i would take her out and she would be all soaked. Well, with this car seat material (limonata) its not the case, it is soft and breathable as well as very cushioned. But the only problem with the softness is it will snag when something rough (like Velcro) comes in contact with it. So i am not able to use a snugglebag/bundleme with it, which I'm not too bummed about because the material feels so nice. Also the canopy doesn't come out far enough to shade my child and wears off over time where it doesn't stay put and slides back. Other wise perfect car seat... I am happy overall with it because it is the best car seat i have seen and i went through a few. The infant insert is great, my baby's head doesn't shake a bit while we are driving and it accommodates preemies. This car seat is light compared to all other car seats including graco. It is roomy without the infant insert and my child comfortably sleeps in it. The base is easy to install in the car, the car seat easily clicks into the base (unlike the graco which would wake up my baby when I would put it in the base from clicking in roughly and shaking the car seat.) Chicco car seats don't "fit" in the top of the shopping carts...and that was never an issue for me because it is very unsafe to put car seats in the top of the shopping carts whether they "fit" or not so i have always put my car seat with child in the big part of the shopping cart.
Proscomfortable light soft fabric infant insert easy fastening seat belts easy to install base color big enough to fit a bigger kid
Conscanopy a bit small fabric snags easily when in contact with something rough like Velcro (am not able to use snuggle bags or bundle me because of the Velcro in the back)
By Suzanne
Great Car Seat
January 18, 2012
The car seat has worked great so far. It is one of the lightest seats that you can buy. The installation process is a breeze. I would recommend this seat to anyone who wants a quality car seat for their little one.
By Ashley
Effingham, IL
Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat
January 17, 2012
Purchased this carseat even after reading reviews from other sites on Albee Baby that should have directed me otherwise had I listened to them. I will say that I was very impressed with the no sales tax, free shipping and the customer service. I received the carseat in 5 days and the manufacturing date is September 2011. Others had stated that they were worried about an outdated manufacture date but this was not the case. Overall, I was VERY VERY impressed!!!
By Brent
La Grande OR
safe and easy to use
January 11, 2012
This car seat has great reviews . We like to buy quality items and when it comes to your child safety and quality should be first. Our first grandchild was born in Dec.2011 we have cold temps and snow and ice for about 4 months a year so we needed a safe quick easy car seat . When we took it to the fire department to have them make sure it was properly installed , they were impressed! Not only dose it come in and out of the base with one click and a easy well placed button for removal. The harness with the one button push and pull to fit button makes fast ,easy and safe, size control. The noslip handle and light wieght construction makes moving in and out of the car in cold slippery weather a smile task.
Consnothing so far only used in rear postion but so far so good
By Kara
Review for Chicco KeyFit 30
December 18, 2011
This car seat is amazing. It is SO much easier to use than the infant seat I had with my first. With the last one it was so very hard to get the straps adjusted correctly, and to loosen them to put her in. With this one, we put her in, then just pull the bottom strap. We had some problems getting it installed in our car however. We had an older (97 I think?) Chevy Lumina w/o LATCH and the seat belts aren't down into the seats, they come up some, and it came up too high so we couldn't get it tight or get the seat to latch into the base all the way. But, even if we had been able to get it in, we couldn't get our 2 year old's seat secure anyway. So we did have to get a new (to us) car.With our newer car, it did have LATCH. The seat was SO easy to install with the LATCH. Because of my older daughter's seat we did have to put it on the side instead of the middle, as her seat is too wide for them both to fit with one in the middle. But it installed so easily. The seat clicks in and out very easily.We haven't had any problems with her getting too hot, but it is winter here, so I guess we'll see how she does come summer.The seat is heavy, but I think it's compareable to other infant seats.The only issue I have with it is the canopy. It's pretty useless. Pulled out all the way and with the little visor flipped, it doesn't cover anything. Plus you can't really pull it forward to where the sun is hitting. I had a mesh canopy I used with my last infant seat, that had a sun shade too. Unfortunately that doesn't fit this one. I've just been throwing a receiving blanket over it to block the sun/wind/rain etc. Would prefer a positionable, larger sun shade, but oh well.Other reviews complained of a smell, but I didn't have any problems with that.Even with the sun shade, this car seat is amazing. The ease of use/installation easily outweighs any negatives. REMEMBER: Proper use of a car seat means that the straps are SNUG-no pinchable slack at the shoulders, and the chest clip should be at the CHEST-at the nipple line. Please use your seat correctly. I've seen so many car seats used improperly, and it won't keep your precious child safe that way.
ProsEasy to use
ConsCanopy too small
By Vanessa
Seattle, WA
Fast shipping, perfect condition
December 13, 2011
I just received my chicco keyfit 30 carseat in the Midori pattern. I live on the West Coast and it only took a week to get here. It is in perfect condition. The seat was only manufactured a few months ago, so it won't expire until September 2017. I was nervous that because of the discounted price, I wouldn't be getting a newly manufactured item, but it wasn't so. I am very impressed. Thank You.
By JaymeS
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Great Price, Fast Shipment and Safest Car Seat on Market!!!
December 8, 2011
This car seat was rated the safest car seat from consumer reports. We priced around and ordered from Albeebaby. We found the best price here and received the car seat in no time!!!
Houston, TX
Great. Nice and Snuggly
December 7, 2011
My two month old LOVES his carseat. He sleeps in it all the time. So much that I'm worried I am starting a bad habit! lol. Car seat is easy to snap into car and BOB stroller and the snap and go. I'm very happy with this purchase.
ProsEasy to install in car
By Brenda
Chicco Keyfit 30 infant Car Seat-Limonata
December 5, 2011
I really like this car seat. Seems to be comfy for baby.. Car seat is a little heavier than some and that probably helps in the safety factor. I did research online before purchasing this particular car seat and it seems to be rated pretty high in being a safe car seat . Also it has very very little chemicals in the far as flame retardants go. So that's also a plus. You can look on this website for the levels of chemicals in your car seat. Good car seat all around.
By Mommer
Ogden, UT
Pretty good seat
December 2, 2011
I like this seat except I wish that the sunshade came forward further. It feels like it's just a little short.
ConsSunshade too short
By TheCats
Sunny California
I'm impressed! FInally...What a wonderful car seat!
February 3, 2011
Our first car seat three years ago was the Peg Perego Viaggio 30/30. I have used the Graco car seats a few times as well. After reading every review available on the web, we purchased this seat for our new baby and I can't be more pleased. Some of the reviews mentioned a toxic odor due to fire retardants on the fabric...I do not smell an odor. This review is for the Midori, which has a wonderful cotton fabric insert...and more cotton throughout the seat, so it may be this seat is treated differently or does not retain the odor due to the cotton fabric vs. some of the other plastic sticky ones. If you are considering buying this seat, this is the model to go with. Another you tube review I was concerned about was a complaint that the sun shade did not move all the way forward... so that when the child is rear facing with the sun directly behind the have a screaming baby with no solution but to GET HOME QUICKLY or drape a blanket over the seat, which isn't a great option. Well, to my surprise .. THE SUN SHADE DOES ADJUST ALL THE WAY FORWARD and this is not a problem at all.... could have been addressed after complains with older models. Everything about this seat is great. You will not be disappointed, much better than the Graco (which is cheaper, yes, but does not stand up to this car seat), as well as the more expensive Britax and Peg Perego models. One more thing... it is the best seat for smaller cars...actually fits without having to dig your knees into the glove compartment when the baby is behind you. Very impressed! Wish I had it with our first baby...
Topsfield, MA
Great car seat!
January 23, 2011
I bought this car seat for my first born and I'll be using it for my 2nd! Not only is it one of the safest on the market, but it installs and adjusts so easily, is easy to clean and comes in great colors! I also love that it has extra head support for newborns. I didn't need the head support that I purchased separately.
By Navy w.
Love it!
September 28, 2010
Ordered, shipped, and arrived within 1 week! I was hesitant to purchase from an online store that isn't a major retailer such as target or bru, but I really wanted the midori pattern, which is only available online from stores such as this one. I was pleasantly pleased with albee baby. Shipping was free (and fast!), and there was no tax. Arrived in perfect condition. I LOVE the colors/design of the carseat... it's black and kiwi-lime green (not neon at all) with chic white w/ black pinstripe accents. I know the chico keyfit 30 is one of the safest carseats, and with it fitting up to 30 lbs, my baby should be able to stay in it until she's ready for a forward facing convertible seat! My daughter will be very safe, as well as comfortable. The fabric is wipeable, so it will not stain up. It's very easy to adjust the harness straps and take the seat on & off its base. The bubble levels on the base are great as well. I originally ordered from, and was notified after I ordered that it would not be available for several weeks, so I canceled and went with albee baby. I'm glad I did!
ProsGreat design/ colors User friendly Fabric will not stain Nice quality Bubble levels on base Will be comfortable for baby

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