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Belton, TX
Verified Buyer
Great product
December 30, 2017
I really loved this combo! I was set on the Chicco keyfit30 car seat as it has excellent reviews. Very save and reliable. Made very well! I was a little concerned though with the stroller as it was a little bulky. I ended up swapping out the combo when my LO was over 30lbs for the Britax B agile.
  • Loved the lightweight and safe car seat!
  • Bulky stroller
Verified Buyer
Sturdy, good mid-range starter stroller set
October 24, 2016
The set has been functional and holding up pretty well. Only drawback is that the stroller is heavy and will take up trunk completely. We have a ford focus hatchback and with this stroller, not much else fits in the back. We are planning to buy a lighter / slimline version when our little one gets a bit bigger. Another improvement they can make is the sun shade. There is really only 2 positions, so when the sun is at an angle we have to drape cover over it to get the proper coverage.
Lacey G.
White Sands Missile Range, NM
Verified Buyer
Best, affordable, softest on the market
May 14, 2016
Love this travel system! We'd planned on just getting the car seat by itself, but then with the amazing discounts we could get the whole travel system for cheaper than you can buy it in the store.I did a TON of research deciding which car seat and stroller would be best for our new addition. We weren't on a particular budget, but I love a good deal and hate to waste money. This one is affordable, has excellent reviews regarding safety. Our little one has not arrived yet, so I don't have first hand experience how he'll like his car seat, but I love it. I feel confident he'll be safe and secure if the unspeakable happens and safety features have to be tested. We'd actually had our mind set on another brand- then we felt of the fabric the baby would be rubbing against and we were not impressed. Babies have such delicate tender skin; the last thing I wanted to do is irritate his skin by the car seat. So we went back to the drawing board and found this awesome system. Best of all- if you end up having a premie, which non of us can plan for, this car seat is the one recommended by the NICU from he hospitals. And of course, this one is the softest on the market- so we're set.
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  • Easy to assemble, user friendly. When they say instillation is easy, they're not joking. My 7 yo and I assembled the stroller correctly the first time in less than 30 minutes! Car seat was completely assembled, there was nothing to put together!
  • I'm about 7 weeks away from our 3rd boy arriving, I installed the car seat base and carrier in our Honda Accord in 3 minutes- so easy and secure. LOVE the leveling bubbles on the base- makes instillation a piece of cake! The clips they have to secure the base are SO much easier to use than when my older boys were babies; we'd fight with them and it was a pain to switch around the base to other vehicles.
  • Also I love the color, I got the Atlantis variety, and all the buttons and handles that you'd need to press are orange, so it's a nice color combo and distinction about what to push and where.
Best Uses
  • If you have older children or even school age, the adjustable handle bar can accommodate their shorter height, or if you're tall like my husband and I, click the handle bar into the other direction on the highest setting and it accommodates our height.
  • Another great use is the front wheels easily detach to make storing easier and less bulky. You don't have to own a Tahoe or suburban to cart this stroller around; it easily fits in the trunk of our Honda Accord.
  • You can see below that my 6 yo son is struggling to carry the car seat- it's not light as a feather, but with all the safety features I'd want it to be a little heavier and secure for my precious baby.
  • Any mommy or daddy will have no problem carrying baby around in the carrier.
  • The only thing I can think of that might be considered a con, is when clicking the car seat into place on the stroller, you have to pull these little flaps down that are connected inside the stroller seat. Then it clicks into place perfect- not a con just more of an inconvenience to have to remember.
Verified Buyer
Quick Shipping
April 10, 2016
Received before estimated delivery time, came in good condition, and would recommend to anyone
SLC, Utah
Verified Buyer
Amazingly easy to use travel system and great service from Albee!
January 21, 2016
I recently purchased this travel system after doing my research and deciding to go with the Keyfit 30, as it's one the safest seats on the market, and it goes up to 30 pounds. It was a definite bonus to be able to find a matching travel system where the stroller can also be used independently of the carseat. When I first received the shipment, I struggled with the giant, 50 pound box that FedEx left for me to deal with. I didn't open the box right away, as this was during the holidays. A few weeks later when I went to assemble everything, I noticed there was a broken clip on the stroller frame, making it unusable. I contacted Albee customer service and immediately, they scheduled a FedEx pick up for the return of the broken one. They also sent out a replacement order, for the same thing. Once the new order was delivered, I was quick to open, inspect, and put together the new stroller. Aside from the somewhat confusing directions, I was able to get it all together without any issues and it only took about 30 minutes by myself (being pregnant). The ease of use is great, it isn't complicated and it's pretty self explanatory on how to use everything, including attaching the carseat in the stroller. I haven't used the product with a baby yet, but I am certain that I will be pleased with it once we do. I previously did my research on these products and their safety. I found Albee Baby online and this was my first purchase with the site and I will certainly be a returning customer!
Mommy 2.
Great All-Around infant carrier!
September 30, 2015
My son is 7 months old and I have used this from day one. The carrier is perfect. It's a good size, but not too heavy. My little man is very comfortable in it. Fairly easy to take apart to wash for those unfortunate accidents. Easy to put the base in. We move it from one vehicle to another multiple times. (The headrest mirror is harder to put on!) The stroller is really easy to use, and durable. It just pops into shape and latch the seat in. One lever drops/picks up the back for use with or without the carrier. I throw this thing in and out of our Durango (not gently by any means!) and it has held up. No damage, no squeaks, no cracks, nothing. Still in great shape, except for a few scuffs create by me and my bad self :) Keep in mind that this isn't a tiny stroller, so pay attention to the size if you have a small car or SUV and don't have much room for stroller. I love it. He's about to grow out of it height wise, and I'm planning on buying a Chicco Convertible and holding onto this one for my next one currently growing.
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Verified Buyer
Beautiful, Easy To Put Together, But Bulky
September 25, 2015
I purchased this travel system because it was billed as the easiest car seat to install, and had high safety ratings. The stroller had simple instructions and was easy to put together. Upon getting the stroller intact, my husband tried the one-handed fold-away -- it didn't work very well, and does take two hands, or one hand and a leg -- to fold the stroller away. And it's bulky and heavy. Oh well, this wasn't my priority when purchasing this system. The car seat base WAS easy to install, so easy in fact, it had me thinking I had done something wrong! So overall, four out of five stars.
  • Stroller is easy to put together.
  • Car seat base is easy to install.
  • Simple click-connect for putting car seat in, and taking it back out.
  • Beautiful colours.
  • Turns well.
  • Easy to click the car seat into stroller.
  • Bulky & kind of heavy.
  • Not quite "one-handed" fold-away.
Tacoma, WA
Verified Buyer
Very functional!
August 30, 2015
Great travel system! A breeze to setup and very simple to use. Material is quality and my wife loves how adjustable everything is without spending all day trying to figure it out. Included car seat base also easy to put in and take out. Very satisfied!
Grand Rapids, Michigan
well thought out
August 25, 2015
This travel system is a great buy.Car Seat: The car seat base is super easy to install with manual storage right in the base. The fabric on the seat is easy to keep clean. I love the infant insert as it is not after market so it is safe to use with my baby.Stroller: The stroller is easy to fold and store. I love that there is a removal able insert in the tray so if my child has crumbs all over in it i can simply pull it out and wash it. The basket underneath has plenty of storage. I also love the parent console with the cup holder and closing compartment. I also liked the locking front wheels so they don't pivot.
SUV of Strollers
August 18, 2015
We bought the KeyFit30 Cortina Magic travel system and everything functions well. It's easy to take down and put back up again, but it takes up so much space that we often leave the stroller behind if we drive, because it only fits in my husband's trunk if he puts down half the back seat. We jokingly refer to it as the SUV of strollers because it is just so big! I would much prefer a stroller with a smaller profile.
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Worst stroller ever
August 9, 2015
I HATE this stroller. It is extremely cheap and not well made at all. I bought this travel system from babies r us. I used it for about a week, but the stroller had a continuous high pitch squeaky noise whenever you would use it. So I returned that one and got another. The other one did the exact same thing and started falling apart in other ways. So I returned that one and went with the chicco bravo. So far, so good. It was just really annoying because my son is only a month old. And a $300 stroller should not fall apart in one month.....It's just a super cheaply made item. I would recommend spending a little extra more on a better system. I ended up going with the chicco bravo. So far, so good. But I actually love the car seat with this set. It was super easy to install, and just a great car seat. Wish I could say the same for the stroller...
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Great buy!
April 19, 2015
We got this travel system, after a friend of mine who reveiws/installs carseats for a living suggested Chicco Keyfit as the best. It is super simple to install, and to click in and out of the base. It looks sharp, too! We like the stroller a lot, too! It's lightweight and spins on a dime! The only negatives I have are: I wish the parts were easier to take off and clean. You can't take the shoulder pads off at all, which is really unfortunate if you have a baby who spits up often, like we do. Also, the stroller wheels scuff easily. Overall though, very happy with this system!
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very good quality
March 18, 2015
Highly rated, chicco travel system is The system my daughters chose for their coming babies. I am very happy with the two I purchased. The product easily converts and comforts me with its safety features.
United States
Verified Buyer
March 17, 2015
Our little one isn't here yet, so we haven't had a chance to use our travel system at this point, however the fast and convenient delivery was amazing and gave us a piece of mind knowing that if baby came early, we would be prepared! We are excited to use our travel system!!
  • Safety!
  • The only complaint I would have is that the car seat is already one year old so we lose a year of use, but apparently this is what you get when shopping on line!
Chaska, Minnesota
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and worth every penny
March 11, 2015
The delivery was super fast. It arrived in great condition. I put it together mighty fast. The stroller is light weight easy to open and close!!! The car seat is beautiful and perfect for Newborns (can't wait to use it) the car seat with base is super heavy. The car seat alone is a bit heavy so prepare yourself. (The car seat seems a bit more heavier than the stroller itself) I give this product an A (would've been A+ if car seat wasn't as heavy) so worth the money!!!!! I'd totally recommend this product. I couldn't had been more sastified.
  • Lightweight and easy to open and close stroller
  • Car seat is a bit heavier than I'd like it to be
Verified Buyer
great product
March 11, 2015
The carseat base was fairly easy to install and the clicktight system is awesome, made it easier to get ready and go. The extra pad looks very comfy. The stroller looks very nice. The storage area on the bottom is spacious, I can put a diaper bag, and 2 small bags there. I don't have to adjust the recline position everytime I unfold it because it stays to where it was prior to folding it up. The cup holders are very convenient.
Omaha, NE
Looks Good
March 3, 2015
The product looks nice once you get it assembled. The directions for putting it tog ether were pretty horrible. I ended up just ditching the instructions. Once it is together though it seems to be a nice set.
  • Looks very nice
  • Folds into a compact form
  • Easy to remove baby carrier from stroller
  • The dock for vehicle use is great once it is installed
  • Horrible instructions for assembly
  • Wheels appear cheap (hopefully they hold up)
Houston, Texas
March 1, 2015
Love this system. The only negative is the stroller is heavy. After my baby was 6 months she refuses to be in her car seat so we just use the stroller but its heavy so we have bought a new lighter stroller. Its great before 6 months when they will be in there car seat and you can load the car seat on the stroller.
  • easy to use
  • heavy stroller
Reno, NV
Verified Buyer
Great Travel System
February 21, 2015
We are 1st time parents and this travel system is everything we need to take our baby from one place to another. It's easy to assemble and the baby seem to enjoy being in it.
Verified Buyer
Chicco travel system Sedona
January 22, 2015
I bought this stroller system for my son & daughter-in-law for their first child. I couldn't be happier. It was exactly the one they wanted, and I was so pleased to be able to purchase this from Albee at a much better price than other sites, they offered a coupon with it, with a $63 savings. Since I am from Canada with exchange of money I saved $163 compared to the same product in Canada. Albee doesn't deliver to Canada, so I got a drop off address in the states and everything went very smoothly. I had the product within a week from when I ordered with out one bit of problems. Would definately order from Albee again.
Best Uses
  • Baby hasn't arrived yet so haven't been able to use it , but love how the stroller looks. Seems like it's a very well made stroller.
Verified Buyer
January 6, 2015
We bought our travel system early as we didn't have a solid due date for our son. We bought it in February 2014 and he was born in April 2014. We love the car seat but hate the stroller. I was on bed rest for a few months after having our son so we never used the stroller till the summer which was 5-6 months after buying. At this point we had all kinds of problems with the stroller. 1- the stroller never would collapse and was put into the car many times fully open. 2- There are snaps that hold the padding on but would never stay snapped. 3 - the memory recline never works. 4- It hardly ever locks and when it does lock i don't think it has ever stayed locked. There have been many more issues. We contacted Chicco and they sent us a replacement of the same stroller. which we were happy with this response till we got it and had to take that stroller apart and put parts of our old stroller on to make it whole which we could never even get some of the pieces to get on the new one. right away we were having problems with the snaps not holding and the stroller not latching. We contacted Chicco again and just wanted our money back for the stroller. They couldn't do that. So they again sent us another stroller of the same... we again are having all the same problems. even more of the padding doesn't stay on. We now have 3 of there strollers in our garage just sitting there unable to be used. We would have been happier if they would have just sent a different one of there strollers. As we have now wasted almost $200 on something we cant use. Very unhappy and will not buy from them again.
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Great product
December 25, 2014
Our baby will born in a few weeks, but the stroller look like strong and confortable
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December 22, 2014
I bought it on Cyber Monday and it was one of the easiest purchases I've made. I put in the wrong address for shipping. I called and they changed it and actually called me back to let me know they had done it. EXCELLENT Customer Service. Thank you.
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So easy to use
December 16, 2014
Love the adjustable handles, great for both my hubby and I. Easy to fold and unfold and the wheels can get through anything!
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Clarksville, TN
Verified Buyer
great all in 1 system
November 26, 2014
We absolutely love our chicco travel system! I never have to worry about her being safe in a car. It's so simple to use and know she is locked in tight. I also love the color...it's so versatile whether you have a boy or a girl (this was important to us because this was our first child and we plan to have more but don't want to have to invest in a whole new travel system.) We love this product! !
  • Safety
  • Stroller is kind of heavy
Verified Buyer
handsome color
November 22, 2014
One of the top travel system of 2014.I like the color.i would definetly recommend to a friend.I thought it wont fit in a Honda civic.But it got in to it super easily without any problem.
Verified Buyer
Love this travel system!
November 2, 2014
I have used this system with 5 grandkids and will use it for number 6! Easy, safe and durable!
Salt Lake City, Utah
Extremely heavy and very bulky
October 25, 2014
I'm a first mom and I wish I would have known how difficult it would be for me to lug around such a large and heavy car seat. When we found out we were going to have a baby boy I started looking at travel system. I had heard so many great things about Chicco that I automatically Decided on this set an plus when I had seen the car seat/ stroller in person I loved the extra padding However I never gave any thought to the fact that I would need to lift and carry the car seat and with a growing baby it only gets heavier. The car seat does NOT fit on top of shopping carts like other car seats and if u put it there be very carful because this car seat has buttons/hooks on the sides so there isn't anything to lock it into place. The safest way that I have found is by placing the carseat inside the shopping cart or turned sideways and using the bottom of the carseat (by the feet) and an indented part below the latch (by the head) to latch/rest on to each side of the cart. Oh and the sun visor is very short.
  • Well made
  • Heavy and bulky
Verified Buyer
Bought as a gift
September 17, 2014
I purchased the travel system as a gift. After they had checked it out with consumer reports and it had good ratings
Verified Buyer
August 23, 2014
We love how this care seat for our new bundle of joy looks and feels
Love this combo!
August 23, 2014
Our "baby" is almost two. At 5 lbs. 10 oz. we brought him home in this car seat, and he is STILL using it today. He weighs about 27 lbs. now, and has no problem sitting in this car seat for up to several hours a day. Love the color, and ease of use, not to mention, it still looks new (we take good care of it). Maybe all seats have this problem, but it barely fits in the backseat of our 2010 Pathfinder, the front seat is almost all the way forward (good thing I'm short). I also really like the stroller. Very easy to maneuver, and has held up just as well as the car seat. The basket on the bottom holds everything I've needed it to. I also like the adjustable handle. Fairly easy to fold/unfold. But (like most) it takes up a lot of trunk space.
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Riverside, Ca.
Verified Buyer
it was a gift
August 21, 2014
This set was a gift so I can't actually review the product. However, my daughter has the same set just in a different color and the quality is great. She picked this set because of the high safety ratings. That was enough for me to order the set for my daughter-in-law. The price was wonderful, much lower than any other place. Free shipping was great as well. Will order from Albee again.
Best Uses
  • gift for daughter-in-law
Miami, fl
Verified Buyer
Chico stroller. Car seat
August 9, 2014
Very good quality, best price, free shipping . Thank you!!!
Verified Buyer
Awesome Service!
July 23, 2014
I was very pleased with the service that I received from Albee Baby! They were very attentive and punctual when returning my call. They made sure all of my question were answered and were very knowledgable. The shipping was fast and the prices are great! Also Albee Baby runs sales periodically. Keep an eye open and you may get a good deal on what you're looking for!
New Jersey
Real Flat reclining
July 22, 2014
After analysing many travel systems, found this is the only travel system with 100% real flat reclining. Will be much useful for the baby to sleep and change diaper. All wheel suspension is another great advantage.
  • The Keyfit 30 Carseats's fabric is different from the one if we buy a carseat separately.
Annapolis, MD
Best buy!
July 21, 2014
We got this travel system for our first child - he has not been easy on it and we have certainly put it to the test!The car seat and travel system we got based on color and safety reviews. Never did I think we would be using 4 yrs later for baby number 2 but we sure are! The seat was great and easy to carry (it is heavy with a bigger baby but you tend to get used to it - frankly they are all heavy). The stroller we still use on occasion and has traveled every where with us! Great for shopping, traveling, walking, - everything.
Brian D.
Waterville, Maine
Verified Buyer
What a Ride
June 5, 2014
This is THE travel system for our new little bundle of joy! It is very well made and has great features to assure that she will be very comfortable and safe. It is well worth the expense and Albee Baby is where to get it!!!!! Super Fast Delivery!!!!
  • Ease of getting it ready
  • Well designed.
  • Adjustable for the shorter Mom and taller Dad.
  • Lots of storage below.
  • Should last through more children
  • Great maneuverability
  • For the price it should have had better tires.
  • Hard to see through the plastic mesh to see the baby
Mount Union, Iowa
Verified Buyer
May 28, 2014
We are not finding out the sex of our baby and we absolutely love this system. It was so easy to put togethor and we got a great deal on this website! Will be ordering from here again.
Kosciusko, Texas
Verified Buyer
Great item
May 20, 2014
Easy to put together. Absolutely love it
Watauga, TX
Verified Buyer
the best setup for a baby
April 30, 2014
from infant to toddler this set up is all u need to get u started loved it got 2 for the price
Hurricane, WV
Verified Buyer
review of Albee Baby
April 22, 2014
I can't really review the product since it is a gift and has not been used yet. I will be happy to review it at a later time. However, my experience with Albee Baby was excellent. Ordering was easy, pricing was great with the special promotion they had going on and the travel system was delivered very quickly. It was packed well. I highly recommend.
Peggy W.
Inverness FL
Verified Buyer
April 21, 2014
My daughter-in-law wanted this so bad! Haven't gotten to use it yet but soon! delivery was very quick and a decent price
Omaha, NE
Verified Buyer
Easy to use and great for tall parents!
April 2, 2014
This is our second Chicco travel system - we love the brand. The system is very easy to use and the Endless pattern is a great neutral color without being boring :). I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'5", so we appreciate the adjustable handle!
Dee T.
Minot, ND
Verified Buyer
Chicco is the one to buy
February 6, 2014
My first grandson has this travel system and with the extra base, the car seat can go from car to car without any extra installation. It is so convenient that I purchased the same system (with an additional base) for my soon to be grand daughter.
Abilene, Texas
Verified Buyer
January 10, 2014
Pretty good quilty and steers really good
Metro atlanta area
Verified Buyer
Great product
December 27, 2013
I purchased this system for my son and his wife based on my daughter's enthusiastic recommendation. I purchased it from Albee for the excellent low price, free shipping and no sales tax. It arrived in a few days. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
Verified Buyer
December 14, 2013
Super easy to use. Plus with multiple bases it makes it so much easier going btwn 2 vehicles . Plus I got it for 25% off so it was a great deal. Bottom line...... buy one!
Havre de Grace
Verified Buyer
Great Deal
October 19, 2013
I bought this for my daughter who is due in December. Though we haven't tried out the stroller yet, it seems well made and definitely worth the price. I looked everywhere for the cheapest price for this stroller. Glad I looked as she was registered with Babies R us and the stroller was $50 more, not including shipping. So I thought this was a great price in itself. However, I was surprised they offered a free $100 gift card. At first, I thought there was a catch. But there was none. I had the gift card sent to her e-mail and she was able to use it right away. The stroller got here within 3 days. Very pleased with this company and glad I found them.
Verified Buyer
Premie Perfect
September 29, 2013
Love this travel system! My baby was born a little early at 4lbs 13oz. She was tiny in the seat but secure. Easy to fold and store! Great system!
Eric B.
Madisonville, LA
Excellent customer service
August 6, 2013
I had a great experience with the customer service dept! We ordered a pink travel system bc I was told I was having a girl but then a month later my girl turned into a boy, and with the help of your company we exchanged it with no problem. Thank you for the easy process because I do not know what I would have done and would have been very upset. I love the travel system, very easy and convenient.

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