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By Angela
February 11, 2015
I really loved how fast and easy it was to install. And there is no movement after installation. It is quite heavy so I wouldn't suggest this one if your looking to transfer between cars thou the fast installation is perfect.
By Kermitandfriends
BEST CAR SEAT WE HAVE EVER OWNED!! (And we've owned a lot!)
February 8, 2015
I love this car seat. Before purchasing I reviewed the one and two star comments about this and other ClickTight Britax car seats. Two common themes were: the straps got stuck and the ClickTight feature was nearly impossible to open once installed. Let me address these features....ClickTight....I'm glad it is hard to open! My 14 month old plays with the button and if it were easy we might have a problem. However, when I do need to open it to move the car seat, a little push down on the seat is all it needs to "loosen" the tension and make the open feature easy to twist open. Straps getting stuck....before installing I made sure all the strap pathways were clear and functioned as they should. I haven't had any problems. In the past we have had Graco (6) and Diono (2) car seats which I have loved. Unfortunately though, we were in a car accident (everyone is ok) and had to replace all 4 of our current car seats. The Gracos and Dionos are great forward facing in our new van; however, rear facing, I just couldn't get a good (tight) installation. I tried every! single! rear facing/convertible cars seat in the store (17!) because I didn't want to spend the big bucks that the Britax ClickTight demanded. Unfortunately, once comparing the installation to the others, there was no other option. It is solid! No movement at the belt pathway or near the head. It fits in the van so that it doesn't interfere with the driver's seat when it is in the rear most position and slightly reclined (my hubs is very tall). It is easy to get the baby in and out and she seems so much happier in this car seat than her infant seat (granted, she was nearing the max size limits). For me, this is the easiest car seat to install that we have every owned. I love this car seat! I'd buy this car seat again! We believe in extended rear-facing so I'm happy that it goes up to 40 pounds rear facing....approximately age 4 for us based on my older kids.
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By Grandparents G.
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Grandchild or Godchild
February 7, 2015
With the convertible feature of this seat it can be used for different ages and sizes when a car seat is not used for the same child every day.
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By Vannah'sGrammy
new england
Not worth the money
February 6, 2015
I find that this seat is not very user friendly. It is a heavy seat, which I am sure helps it to be safe but the tether straps are hard to undo once they are in place, the seat cover is very complicated to take off, you have to use a screwdriver to losen it around the clicktight latch, and it comes off in several pieces, not something you can whip off and throw in the washer if it gets soiled. Also using the seat belt was a nuisance, the shoulder strap stayed in the way so baby's legs always hit it either going in or out of the seat. Once the seat is installed it is hard to reach the lever to use the reclining positions, so why have them if you can't adjust once seat is installed? Also the strap does not tighten evenly on my GD, one side is always looser than the other and it never feels snug enough to be safe. After using it for a few weeks trying to get used to it we decided this is not the seat for us, too many problems with the design of the seat, GD will be potty training soon, I do not want to go through what you have to go through every time she has an accident just to wash the seat cover. Do people who design these chairs ever actually use them? I often wonder. We are ordering the chicco next fit, which is what I was going to go with in the first place, should have trusted my instincts!
ConsSeat cover is not one piece, needs a screwdriver to take off, screw fell inside the car seat when I tried to take it off. Seatbelt gets in way in rear facing posiition, straps do not tighten evenly on each side and one side is always loose. All others already mentioned also. It does not come with premium tethers, tethers are hard to remove from car once seat installed rear facing.
By lopez2525
McAllen, TX, United States
Great Seat
February 6, 2015
As a FTM I looked forever to find the "perfect" seat for my son. I'm glad I picked Britax. Opposed to the weight of the seat in general, its over all a great seat.
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By Elena
Milwaukee, WI
great seat, great price
February 5, 2015
This is a top of the line car seat. We feel very happy with our purchase. It was not too hard to install and it's easy to use, comfortable and high quality materials. Right now we are using it rear facing. It fits fine in my saturn ion. It shipped and arrived within a week. Allbee baby had the best price around.
By Anna
Comfortable and easy to install
February 4, 2015
We've only had our protects a few weeks but our son loves it and so do we. Albee had great service for shipping and tracking and I car seat came on time, which is a good thing because her son had just hit 20 pounds and reach a limit of our previous car seat. One thing that I would suggest for first-time users is that if it's wintertime keep the car seat inside and adjusted to your child while in the comfort of your warm house. Once you figured out where you want all the buckles and straps then follow the guide to install it into your vehicle. Once again we love the car seat. It is extremely heavy duty and durable and very comfortable because her son how's the sleep that every time.
By Amy
Amazing car seat
February 4, 2015
I bought this for my daughter after having several different brands of car seats for my son. I wanted a car seat that was safe and easy to install. This seat exceeded all my expectations. It looks great, feels very comfortable and installs so easy, It took me less than five minutes to read the instructions and install. Just make sure you recline it to the proper spot before installing it (for rear facing) otherwise you can't reach the decline lever. This is by far the best car seat we have owned and I would recommend it to anyone.
By Amanda
Safe and stylish convertible car seat!
January 28, 2015
Very happy with the purchase of this seat. The click-tight technology is very secure and easy for anyone to install. Overall the seat is fairly heavy, but we rarely move it. Love the cowmooflage pattern!
ProsClick-tight technology is user friendly. Seat feels very secure when in place. Anyone can install.
ConsSomewhat heavy.
By Sarcol13
Great Lakes, Illinois
Great seat!
January 28, 2015
I just recently purchased this seat and love it so far! Easy to install and my son seems to enjoy the comfy ride!
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By jlyn
just installed
January 25, 2015
Just installed this car seat. Very easy to install. It was a little hard to push seat down to get the click tight to click. Material feels nice and looks nice also.
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By Jason
Jupiter Florida
Great seat!
January 24, 2015
Our 4 month old son hated the Britax infant seat. We couldn't take him anywhere more than 2 minutes away. But with this seat he loves car rides. Very well built and easy to install.
By Eric
College Station, TX, United States
My little one loves it
January 21, 2015
It looks firm and comfortable. And the safety is the most important!
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By Leeanna
Petaluma, California
Love this car seat!
January 18, 2015
Recently ordered the marathon click tight for my 7 month son. He had the britax infant carrier and he grew out of it. We love the click tight system. The seat is heavy duty and super safe. I had trouble figuring out the click tight system at first but once I figured it out, I loved it! Great seat and highly recommend.
By RBAllen
Washburn, ME, United States
Easy Installation
January 18, 2015
Been using this seat for a couple weeks now and have no complaints. The installation was super easy and quick. No sitting in the seat or driving you knees into it to get it tight enough. Just snug it up, close the cover and let the ClickTight system do the work. Love Love Love this seat
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By mscorey
California, United States
Happy So Far
January 9, 2015
Satisfied so far. Only had a few months. Very supportive and comfy and I feel that my child is really safe in this seat with the steel frame and how deep he sits in it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mary
Easiest seat to install!
January 7, 2015
This seat was so easy to install and so easy to use. Will for sure be recommending to others. Only downfall is, it is very heavy. But it won't be moved from vehicle to vehicle, so that is not a problem.
By Jorge
Manhattan, KS
Great car seat!
January 5, 2015
What a great car seat! Our son loves it, it is very comfortable. The money spent was really worth it.
By Melissa
Philadelphia, PA
So easy to install!
January 4, 2015
We love our Britax convertible car seat and when the ClickTight was announced I couldn't wait to try it. I move this seat multiple times a week between our car and our nanny's car and it is super easy to install and get a tight fit! No more worrying if it was installed correctly or fighting with the seat. My only complaint is that the seat is HEAVY, but I did know that when purchasing.
By Natalie
Had to Have It in Cowmooflage
January 3, 2015
As the daughter of a farmer I had to have the new click tight Marathon in Cowmooflage. My niece has the G3 in this same pattern.Now the new baby can match his older cousin in safe fashionable style.Origninally the new baby was going to use a brand new recaro sport but when I saw this new Britax I had to have it for a variety of reasons. Safety, convience of removable cover and seven tilt options. That sold me the most honsetly, We know the baby is going to be small and we wanted a seat to accomadate him rear facing even after he outrgrew his infant seat-also a Britax.
ProsEverything... Its a Britax.
ConsCup holder keeps popping off.
Best UsesInfant to squirly toddler and beyond
By Caitlin
Great seat!
January 1, 2015
We love this and so does our son! It was easy to install and just seems so comfortable!
By DeionsMom
Washington, DC, United States
Worth Every Penny
December 24, 2014
Great product, worth your hard earn money. Love it
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By bruingirl9
California, United States
Love the new Click tight
December 14, 2014
I have owned at least 3 different Britax carseats and boosters since 2005 (when I had my first child)and this is by far the best seat of all of them. The new click-tight system is amazing and soo much easier to install. I did not want to buy a new Britax seat because I hated installing my old Britax seats, but after seeing this seat in the store, I bought it for my new little one right away. I used to have to sit in the seat myself to install my Britax Boulevard, but now I can install this seat in less than a minute without any problems and it is very secure. The fabric is so nice, comfortable, and easy to wipe off. The Britax seats are all really heavy which kind of makes it hard to install and remove, but I think that just shows how safe the seat is. My 3 months old is very comfortable in the seat, even on the 8 hour car ride we took this month. The indicator on the side is great, so even my mom knows when the seat is in a safe position for my baby. The recline is just enough, so my baby's head does not fall forward. And since my first Britax seat is now 10 years old I know that it is going to last and keep my baby safe. Needless to say I am very happy with my new purchase and glad I stuck with Britax.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By VivianF
Fremont, CA, United States
Best in class
December 13, 2014
I had to replace my Pavillion G3 after being rear-ended. I didn't even consider other brands - Britax does not disappoint. It IS a heavy carseat but it's sturdy and does not budge with the ClickTight installation. I wouldn't buy this if you have to move it between cars on a daily basis. Otherwise, if the car seat is dedicated to one vehicle, I'd highly recommend this.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By gardengirl530
Georgia, United States
Super tight fit
December 9, 2014
Just bought today, it was a little confusing reading some of the instructions on installing, but we finally figured it out.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mom D.
Most difficult car seat I have ever had
December 9, 2014
I bought this for my 9 month old and it is difficult every day. The straps constantly get stuck behind the seat. It is nearly impossible to open the click tight once it is closed.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Amanda
Ashland, VA, United States
Easy to Install
December 5, 2014
I thought the 43 page instruction manual was going to be overwhelming. This is the first convertible car seat I've ever owned, and so far, so good! It was a breeze to install, and the instructions are thorough.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By zrsmls0723
great features and awesome car seat
December 3, 2014
Love this product if we have another one we will definitely be getting Britax
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By gatorfreak
Very interesting design and simple design
November 30, 2014
We have had this car seat for about month and right now just getting used to it being different on how to install it into car. We had the old style Britax of tie down points to car tie down points but this one uses standard seat belt pull across and shut cavity and no need to retract seat belt. Couple of things on this system found challenging is hard to shut cover to get it to click so seat is secure, very heavy compare to other Britax. Another thing, it just used seat belt which yesterday sibling sitting next to this seat and unbuckled this seat by mistake. Child was sleeping so had to get child out of seat and redo seat belt since couldn't pull seat belt to rebuckle. But like said it is change to us but I really do feel this product is one of the safest things I could find for my child.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By southerngirl
Greenville, SC, United States
Win for baby and parents!
November 30, 2014
We bought this after seeing its safety features and ease of use. Our little girl loves it!!! She hated her infant seat but loves this seat. She just laughs and smiles and doesn't try to get out of it like her last seat - a little pricey but worth it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Joe
Lancaster, PA
Outstanding design!
November 27, 2014
Installing this seat is incredibly simple and very secure. Once you click the seat back in place, I challenge anyone to even get ANY movement out of this seat. As soon as I saw this design, I got one for my grandson. I wish I had had one of these when my daughter was little and I was faced with the never-ending struggle of securing her car seat.
ProsEase of use, high quality, level of side protection
By jewel91
Foreston, MN, United States
so user frindly!!
November 27, 2014
I love this seat it was so easy to install correctly. I was worth every penny; One of my favorite purchases that I've made for my son.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Corinne
Lyon, MI, United States
A decent carseat to get in and out of
November 25, 2014
This was a car seat recommended in a book and we took a second look at it. It is easy enough to put into the car, and easy enough to get my child in and out without too much trouble. That's my biggest issue with car seats is trying to get my son buckled in.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By nurz
easy to use!
November 22, 2014
this car seat is so easy to install and very comfy for children
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By April
Blue Ridge, GA
A few letdowns...
November 14, 2014
After being rear-ended, I needed to replace my previous Britax Marathon (which, might I add worked perfectly!!). I was excited to see the "Clicktight" had come out to replace the previous model. I have Britax seats in all of our vehicles and have the upmost confidence in them. I also replaced my older son's Frontier. I received the Frontier first and must say that I LOVED how the ClickTight worked. Not only that, the seat seems a little more compact, which is nice, considering how bulky these seats are. So I was just as excited about getting the Marathon in, however, I have to say that I'm not AS excited about it now that it's here. They've changed a few things:-The material. Personally, I prefer the material of the previous model. The new seat is made with a neoprene and a vinyl (I believe this is the correct material). I didn't mind the neoprene material, however, I do not care for the feel or look of the vinyl cow print. It does not feel good. It does not seem like it will hold up as well. -This seat does not work the same as the Frontier. On the Frontier, you click the button and the bottom half of the seat lifts up for easy access to buckle (which works awesome!!!). They changed the D ring straps on the Marathon. You only tighten from one side, which is hard to do. The seat does not have easy access, either.-The shoulder straps do not seem to extend out very far, which makes me question how long this seat will last. I never was concerned with my other Marathon. So, these are just a few of my complaints. I'm sure the seat is still excellent quality and meets Britax's safety standards. Just my thoughts. And even though this is not a review for the Frontier, I will say that I'm VERY pleased with the updated ClickTight version of it.
By lilstephy
Easy Transport
November 14, 2014
I have only had this car seat for a week, but I am very happy with it so far! I love that it is so easy to put in and take out of the car, because I have to transfer it from car to car when I go to work and my mom watches my baby. It is a bit heavy, but other than that it is very easy and convenient to transport. I love the safety features of this car seat, and it seems very comfortable for my baby.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By WindsorMom
Windsor, CA, United States
Wonderful Car Seat - The Best!
November 11, 2014
This is the perfect car seat. My daughter is soooo safe in it! I now am considering upgrading my older daughter's car seat because it seems to pale in comparison. The cover does not slip off when in use, but can be removed to be washed if needed. My only request is that the finger hole to press the button the loosen the strap not be so deep; I have small hands and my finger only barely reached to press that button. But otherwise, this is perfect. I really appreciate how easy it is to adjust the height of the straps as my daughter grows. Oh, husband did have a request. When he installed it, he pulled the tether super tight but then the click tight did not click shut closed. Turns out the strap had to be loose, and then when the click tight shut it would hold the strap tight. No where in the instructions did it say the strap needed to be loose; he had to figure that out.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Me11Be11
Kingston, MA, United States
By far the best car seat. Super easy to install very comfy as quick as my daughter gets in it she is out like a light.
November 11, 2014
Wish I had this car seat from the day we took her home. But I am so happy I have it now :)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Katelyn
Pennsylvania, United States
November 11, 2014
Truly the EASIEST and tightest install ever!!!!!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By tugie
Chicago, IL, United States
Love Love Love !
November 11, 2014
I recently purchased this seat for my 1.5 yr old and it was so easy to install. I will be purchasing another one for my 6 month old soon.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sam
Great seat
October 31, 2014
As always a phenomenal seat from britax. So easy to install and sooo soft and comfy for baby.
By Anonymous
Norwich, CT
ClickTight - Wow!
October 31, 2014
I'm a CPST, and ClickTight is going to put me out of business. It really is 'that' easy. I did an install recently of a Frontier 90, and the mom was blows away. She said, "That's it?" I had her do it, and she then, that's it. This spurred me to buy a ClickTight Marathon for my 2.5yo son to use in my mother-in-law's car as she struggles with proper installation if she has to remove the seat for anything. This is a God send. I own 2 Frontier 85s...wish I could justify replacing them. Great job Britax. This is the best thing to happen to car seats.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anonymous
WV, United States
Fantastic product
October 29, 2014
Very protective car seat, performs as advertised and a great value
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kelly A.
Austin, TX, United States
solid car seat
October 28, 2014
I spent a considerable amount of time researching car seats for my second child. We had purchased a Britax years ago for our older child, and loved the quality and safety. But there were so many new options on the market when we had our son, and that I entertained the idea of looking at other brands. When I saw it click tight model, I got very excited. Car seats are expensive, especially good ones like Britax! my husband and I did not want to sacrifice quality and safety for the sake of being able to afford two car seats, one for each car. The click tight is a heavy car seat, but the ease with which I installed and uninstalled it between our cars is worth every penny. I also like that the in-laws and grandparents can easily install it to and it isn't rocket science. There is a ton of padding on this thing, so far my son seems to be happy with it. my only concern is going to be in the summertime, I hope the padding doesn't make the seat too hot to sit in! Overall, we are very pleased with the car seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Reno, NV
Its all about the installation
October 27, 2014
The easiest carseat install I have ever experienced. I am a firm believer in carseat safety and I used to say to other parents, "if you aren't sweating and you don't have bruises after putting the seat in your car, your carseat is probably not installed correctly". The Britax click tight system is truly fast and easy and very secure, without breaking a sweat or inflicting bruises. The other features of the seat are true to Britax quality that our family has grown to trust.
By hkchang
Boston, MA, United States
Sturdy, well made.
October 27, 2014
ClickTight is much easier than prev model. However, it is better to youtube the installation than the given instructions. Also, not clear whether to use the center seat in the rear of sedan for rear-facing. One can assume to install on left or ride side instead of center seat based on the diagrams and video but would be nice to clearly state this. Unlike the 1st car seat, this next level seat is heavy (as expected since your child is growing), so you're not going to lug this seat around - it's staying in the car. Depending on the slope of your car seating in the rear, you'll need to adjust the child seat angle again when you install the seat since it will be different than the flat surface where you first adjusted the angle. This is well made and sturdy. Looking forward to when my child will graduate to sit forward facing. Good product.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Faith
Easy to Install
October 22, 2014
My 9 mo. old fits perfectly and it has nice padding to keep her comfortable. Seems very safe and well-built.
By Samm
Hopedale, MA, United States
Super soft and easy to install
October 22, 2014
I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the click tight, but it really is fast easy and secure! I love how incredibly soft and padded this seat is. Such an improvement over our other two marathons we purchased in 2010. My newborn will be loving this seat I am sure!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Teddy G.
NYC, NY, United States
Easy to install and adjust.
October 22, 2014
Great product, easy to install and adjust. A bit heavy though.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anony
Los Angeles, California
Good Car Seat
October 21, 2014
I like this car seat because it's rated the safest car seat out there and of course, you want the best for that reason. I also love the look of this car seat; very sleek, stylish and looks very comfortable. It's simple to install. I love that you can recline it. It's super heavy but that's because it's built with a steel frame and this is the type of seat that you're not going to want to move or transfer around too much. We've had the seat for a couple weeks and I'm still finding it hard time to unbuckle it.
ProsSafe, stylish and comfortable.
ConsHeavy and hard to unbuckle.
Best UsesFor automobile only.
By WWWest
Bakersfield, CA, United States
so happy with our new clicktight
October 20, 2014
I bought the clicktight marathon a week ago it's my daughters transition seat from the be safe. My daughter loves the roomier seat & I love how easy it is to install. She's still rear facing, I plan to keep her that way at least until she's 2 and she has plenty of leg room now to do so.I'm very happy with my purchase.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Missie71009
MO, United States
October 20, 2014
I just bought this product today, but I tried my baby in many car seats and the only one he seemed truly comfortable in was this one.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Uhhhduhhh
Bellingham, MA, United States
Wow, so easy to move!
October 18, 2014
This is our transition seat from the carrier and I couldn't be more pleased with how easy it is to move it from car to car. I would have given it 5 stars, but the straps seem a little too stiff . I'm sure they'll loosen up as times goes on , but for now I feel like I get a work out when tightening them up.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Bshah6
California, United States
Cool product
October 18, 2014
Happy with the product Easy to install Safe and secure
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jen
Overall I'm happy
October 17, 2014
I just bought this for my son for my car. I wanted a seat that would be relatively easy to install so I wouldn't have to decide if I really wanted to take the seat out for a night out with friends, etc. Overall I'm happy with the seat. Even though the click tight mechanism is easy, there is a slight learning curve. Once you do it a couple time though and learn the tricks, it's pretty easy to install. However, it is a fairly heavy seat. Definitely heavier than our G4 Boulevard, so I'm not sure it would be the best seat for a grandparent or caregiver that can't lift heavy objects easily.
ProsEasy seat to get a great install once you get the hang of it, the sides aren't too high so I can easily lift my son in and out, the straps are nice and don't get too twisty
ConsThere is a bit of learning curve. It took me a couple tries to realize that I have to unlatch the seatbelt to be able to turn the click tight button to release the seat. I also had to learn that I can't lock the seat belt tight before closing the seat or the seat won't shut.
Best UsesEveryday use, caregiver seat (assuming they can lift it)

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