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Sherman Oaks, CA
Love Britax Car Seats
June 17, 2018
My LO finds this seat very comfortable and I like the stylish (Spark) fabric design. My friend was unfortunately in a car accident and she said all her kids were safe and unharmed in their Britax car seats and I was sold ever since then. They are heavy compared to other car seats but we don't need to transfer these between cars so it's not a big deal for us. But even then, the Click Tight installation makes it easy for those rare time we need to take the car seats out/move them. Only gave it 4 stars because this newer model slightly rattles a little (the side head protection pieces I think) when LO is not in the car seat. It isn't annoyingly loud or anything, just noticeable enough for me to wonder what it was the first time I heard it. My other older model Click Tight Frontier doesn't do that. It doesn't rattle at all when LO is in the car seat so I don't find it a big deal. I would still highly recommend this to car seat to anyone.
By Dana
Raleigh, NC
Best combination seat!
June 17, 2018
As a CPST, I love this car seat! It is very easy to install. My oldest daughter is almost 9 and can still use the harness. I feel much more at ease while driving with both her and our 6 year old in a harness for longer. And, with two of these seats in the third row of our Odyssey, I still have room for a passenger between them.
By Steph
Danville, CA
not our first Frontier
June 15, 2018
We were happy our 2nd child is now big enough to use a Frontier. Very easy to install and adjust and comfortable for the kids.
By Lindsey
Dallas, Texas
Great car seat
June 13, 2018
This shipped really fast and I was able to install it correctly very quickly! Fits my 3.5 yr old perfectly! I have two of these and they love the double cup holders to hold their toys, etc. They also like the arm rests. Easy to adjust for height of child. I am not sure how easy it will be to clean the cushions when the time comes. Doesn't seem to be a way to remove them? Otherwise this is an excellent car seat. I drive a suburban for reference. Check dimensions before purchasing if driving a compact car.
By Bean
Gresham, Oregon
Great Carseat
May 27, 2018
Super easy to install! My girls love them, very comfortable!
By Erin
Tampa, FL
Very durable booster
May 23, 2018
Excellent booster seat. It is very stable and was easy to install. The click tight hides the connection well and keeps the seat portion very comfortable. The padding on the seat is perfect. I would not hesitate to continue to use for long road trips. My favorite feature is the ease of the buckle. The base where you clip in the seat belt is very strong and stays up easily. Where other ones he would sit on would hide under his legs, this is easy to access. And the safety ratings are fantastic. We love this seat.
ProsEasy to install Great buckle Cleans well Secures well in the car
ConsHandles are in a slightly awkward location in our large SUV making it hard to place him in the car, but he can climb in ok.
By Devon
Temple, Georgia
Wonderful car seat
May 19, 2018
I love this car seat. It's so easy to get in and once you get it in it's so tight. Way more tighter then I can get it with other seats. My son loves it. It's so nice to have two cup holders. I think everyone should get this seat for their child. I feel like he is very safe in it.
By srnbsn82
Winchester, IN
May 19, 2018
I am a carseat technician. I wanted a carseat that was safe but also easy to install for anyone (AKA my husband, not a carseat tech lol). This carseat was a breeze to install. It literally only took one time to get it tight enough in our truck to not move (and we have slick seats, so that is not the easiest task). Luckily for us, I cannot rate the impact protection, but it seams to be just as excellent as I expected! Thank you for making another great seat, Britax!
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By onur
Great car seat
May 12, 2018
We have been a Britax family since our son was born. Just graduated from a convertible seat to this. He loves it. Very easy to install. Comfortable and has 2 cup holders :)
By Kelley S.
Gainesville, FL
Just what we were looking for!
May 9, 2018
Can't say enough good things about this product and company. My 2.5 year has a Britax convertible seat but we were looking for an additional seat for my husbands car. We thought we would try the harnessed booster so she has room to grow. It didn't disappoint! We love this seat! Its super comfy and easy to install! Delivery from company was very quick! We will definitely be using Albee baby again.
ProsSuper easy installation with clicktight system. Easy to remove fabric and wash. Multiple easy access cupholders on both sides.
By Ashley
Barnhart, MO
Love this car seat!
May 8, 2018
My sweet girl will be able to stay in a 5pt harness for a long time with this seat! The clicktight feature is so easy and is a must have!
By mwoolf
Pewaukee, WI
Will NOT Click Tight
May 7, 2018
In the past I have loved all our Britax. We have often had a hard time getting this one to click tight; and now I can not get it to click at all which makes it impossible for installation and for my toddler to sit on it. It has been difficult to install from the beginning. Not only that but the harness is extremely hard to adjust once the child is sitting in the seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tiptoes1228
May 1, 2018
I had this car seat installed only 48 hrs (this was a new brand of car seat for us) before my daughter and I were involved in a head on collision with another SUV traveling 50+ mph. I was knocked unconscious, had a broken finger, black eye and nose, hairline fracture on top of my foot, and huge bruising across my lap area from my seat belt pulling me back into my seat. HOWEVER, my 3 yr old daughter walked away with only a small scratch from the harness, but had no other issues!!! I purchased the seat again, and my daughter will be strapped into a Britax seat for as long as she can be put into one. The safety redundancy Britax uses is worth every penny and effort.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By shirley
corona, CA
Love it!!
April 30, 2018
we got ours today, and my husband put it in the car right away. easy to install, and my daughter loves the ride back from preschool!
By ParkerP
Feels Sturdy
April 24, 2018
This seat feels tight and sturdy when it's installed. I do have trouble installing it. It doesn't just click right in as easily like it should. I'm not sure if the anchors get in the way or what. Also, the bottom seat cushion slides off on a weekly basis. It's a heavy, sturdy seat and I'm happy that it will last until my child is old enough & big enough to not use a car seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Leslie
Auburn, AL
Great price!
April 22, 2018
Got this booster seat for a great deal during spring Black Friday. I already knew what booster seat I wanted so I was just shopping for prices. Albee Baby had the best and free shipping! It came pretty quick (ordered on a Friday, arrived on Tuesday) and was in good condition. They had the pattern my daughter wanted as well. Great experience and will order from them again!
By KPFlorida
We love Britax car seats!
April 15, 2018
Went from a Britax convertible (to be honest didn't care much for it although I did feel it was safe) to a Britax Pinnacle in one car and a Frontier in the other car. Love the Frontier!!! It's the same as the Pinnacle but without the extra head side protection which is not needed from about 4 years old and up. So easy to install and so easy to adjust. Perfect for older preschoolers and above.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By B
Duncan, ok
Love it!
April 11, 2018
We have a 7 yo autistic child who still needs a harness. This seat is perfect for him and he loves it.
By Naomi A.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Love love LOVE this seat!!
April 11, 2018
We are LOVING our new Frontier ClickTight seat! My son is five and has a muscle disorder which has caused significant delays in his muscle development and overall strength. When looking for equipment like car seats, there is always the concern that even if a seat is age-appropriate for him, it may not give him enough support. But this seat is fantastic for him!!! It has a lot of support and provides lots of stability to keep him safe, but still let's him feel like a big kid. It is very open on the sides so he climb into it on his own and let's him see out the side windows and, personally, I'm loving the cupholders! The other thing I love about it is the fabric. We live in Florida near the beach, so it gets HOT here and stays warm for most of the year. The thick fabric on our previous car seats would make him so hot, but the mesh on this seat keeps him cool, which makes things so much easier on long car rides!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Naomi A.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Love love LOVE this seat!!
April 11, 2018
We are LOVING our new Frontier ClickTight seat! My son is five and has a muscle disorder which has caused significant delays in his muscle development and overall strength. When looking for equipment like car seats, there is always the concern that even if a seat is age-appropriate for him, it may not give him enough support. But this seat is fantastic for him!!! It has a lot of support and provides lots of stability to keep him safe, but still lets him feel like a big kid. It is very open on the sides so he climb into it on his own and lets him see out the side windows and, personally, I'm loving the cupholders! The other thing I love about it is the fabric. We live in Florida near the beach, so it gets HOT here and stays warm for most of the year. The thick fabric on our previous car seats would make him so hot, but the mesh on this seat keeps him cool, which makes things so much easier on long car rides!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Los Angeles, California
Kids love this seat
April 9, 2018
Recently, I bought 2 frontier click tight for my twins. (4 and half olds)they love this carseat.It's easy to install, looks very safe, and kids feel comfortable.worth it!
By Joshua
Arroyo Grande, CA
Great Car Seat
April 7, 2018
All around great car seat. The kids love it and are comfortable in the seat. It is stylish and will work well for both boys and girls.
ProsEasy to install Safe Stylish
ConsLittle bulky/heavy
By Sarah D.
Baton Rouge, LA
Great seat.
April 6, 2018
We love our new car seat! It was shipped quickly and was a great price.
By Doety
Great product overall
April 1, 2018
I'm very happy with my purchase. Only reason I'm giving a 4 is because the first time I installed it I had issues and it took a long time but after we figured it out it was simple.
By Nick
Acton, MA
Best Price
March 21, 2018
We shopped around as we were buying two seats and Albee Baby had the best trustworthy price. The seats turned up that week and werent overpackaged like other retailers. The seats themselves lock in securely, have plenty of growing space and cup holders. Would recommend a seat protector that our previous seats came standard with, but I feel confident we have very safe seats for if the worst happens.
ProsEasy to install <2mins after youâ‚"ve done it once.
ConsNo seat protector included (we knew this when purchasing, not a nasty surprise)
By Mary
Fontana, California
Very satisfied customer.
March 18, 2018
This booster car seat is very well made. It is easy to install. I truly believe my Grandchildren are safe in it!
By Rileigh
Mansfield, OH
Love this seat
March 16, 2018
It's so easy to install. Very good quality. Was bigger than i expected though
By Paul
Fremont CA
Great so far
March 15, 2018
So far seat is good Pros:Easy to installNot too heavyMy 5 year old can buckle herself inThe straps are easy to adjustCons:A little wideDesign could be nicerCould be a bit lighterOn the expensive sideAlbee shipped on time, not super fast, but the beat deal, and no issues.
By Briana
Britax mom forever!!
March 11, 2018
I've only ever used Britax car seats for my children and with each one I've thought I definitely have the best car seat for safety, comfort, and reliability! With each new car seat I've gotten its exceeded my expectations which are quite high after 12 years of using their car seats (all purchased through Albee Baby. This frontier has not disappointed in the least! Very satisfied customer here!!
By Melissa
St. Louis, Missouri
Better than expected
March 7, 2018
This seat is better than I anticipated! Not sure why, we have other Britax seats and all have been great! This was easy (relative- its still a car seat :)) to install. My daughter loves it and says its comfortable. She likes the drink/snack compartments too. I feel like its easy to get her in and out of, which is a huge plus!
ProsEasy to install, daughter says itâ‚"s comfy, not too big, not too heavy.
By Michelle
Best carseat ever!!
March 3, 2018
I was debating on whether to get the pioneer or the frontier. My daughter is 6 years old and 45 lbs. This will be her forever seat. She still has more room to grow in this seat. I was sold on the frontier because of the click tight feature. I feel my daughter is so safe in her new seat and there is no question her seat is installed the right way. Well worth the extra money in my opinion. We ordered another for my husband's car also. The color is cute also!
ProsEasy installation, cute colors, not too bulky, I can still fit my other 2 kids in the back of my small SUV
Best UsesFits perfectly in my small SUV. Still room in the back for my other 2 kids.
By Boy M.
Just what I was looking for...
March 2, 2018
We were in search of booster seat for our 4 year old who isn't ready for a standard booster. This car seat fit the bill. It has a 5 point restraint harness that can be concealed when ready for a seat belt. It was incredibly easy to install and doesn't move once clicked into place. The price was great and shipping was speedy! Very satisfied!!
ProsEasy installation, safe, affordable
By Holly
Brentwood, TN
Britax Frontier Clicktight
February 25, 2018
I am so glad I chose to order this from Albee! Incredibly fast shipping (we are talking two days after I ordered it, it was here) and product was just as expected in the Britax packaging! I will definitely be ordering from Albee again.
By J
Favorite forward facing seat
February 4, 2018
We now own 3 of these seats & they are our favorites for the 4 & up age group. Super easy install, very comfortable, & my kids can stay harnessed for longer than any other seat!
By Claire
Great seat
January 20, 2018
My 3 year old loves this seat. She can get in and out on her own and she especially likes the duel cup holders. It was very easy to install and is rock solid with almost no movement. We also have a Graco high back boostet in another car and we just can't seem to get it installed very tight. The Britax feels much more secure after installation. I think we will get a second one. Great car seat
ProsSecure and easy to install
ConsThe harness is a little hard to tighten at first but seems to get easier as it breaks in.
By Auntie
El Paso, TX, United States
Awesome Car Seat -Safe
January 17, 2018
I have bought several Britax car seats for both of my great nephews. I have bought as gifts to the parents and to have in my car. I spend a lot of time with them, traveling back and forth . I feel safe having them in the car seat. The clicktight version is a feature I really like. And with the tether belt, those car seats do not budge.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By LaurenK
Naperville, Illinois
Mostly perfect!
January 5, 2018
We have two of these car seats. It is super easy to install, looks good, and is solid. My two complaints are: the cup holders are too narrow and don't fit some cups (CamelBak kids sip) and it is difficult to tighten the straps. The ease of install though outweighs these so we keep the seats around :) Also, shipping and price at Albee Baby is always top notch. Thanks!
ProsEasy install, lasts a long time
ConsSmall cup holders, hard to tighten
By martha f.
overland park, ks
Great product!
January 4, 2018
I had to purchase a new seat for my petite 3yo daughter. This seat is very sturdy and will grow with her to the end. I am impressed with the ease of switching it from car to car. It is a wider seat, but still fits comfortably in my Toyota Corolla.
By Clay
Northen Virginia
Best Booster Car Seat
January 2, 2018
If you have ever installed a car seat before then you will appreciate the ClickTight mechanism. Its only 2 steps of buckling the seat belt then closing the car seat. 2 cupholders and a tiny bit of room to store small toys. We own two and both kids love them. We have done 800 mile trips in them with no complaints of comfort.
ProsClickTight Comfortable Cupholders
ConsThe harnes tightening can be a little tough. Sometimes a 2-hand job
By Chris G.
Port Hueneme, CA
Our Third Frontier
December 31, 2017
These click tight Frontier seats are top notch. The are built like a tank and are such high quality. Occasionally the straps gets a little twisted if you loosen them too much when letting your kid out, but well worth that trade off compared to other seats we've tried.
ProsHigh quality Cute print cup holders click tight
Consstraps get twisted sometimes
By Chrissy
Fresno, CA
December 16, 2017
I don't write many reviews, and this one is coming after I have owned this seat for a year. My 4 yo daughter got car sick today and, well, the car seat needed to be cleaned. I started carefully dismantaling it, removing each pad, strap, and cover. Although its not machine washable, the material cleaned very easily, and its all drying now. I have had other Britax seats which did not come apart this easily, and were not easy to wash. Kudos!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Booster Car Seat
December 12, 2017
excellent booster car seat, could not ask for more. Child is comfortable and first of all secure. She loves this seat and as a parent I love the click tight feature.
December 10, 2017
By jrae24
Sioux Falls, SD, United States
Harness system is flawed
December 10, 2017
This is my second attempt to post this review. Britax rejected the first one on the basis it did not meet all the facilitator's guidelines. no details were given. Here is the short version: The harness system moves freely when the seat is installed in our vehicles. As soon as the child sits in the seat, the harness is extremely difficult to adjust. The harness is not pressing against the seat as others have experienced. I have tried playing with incline and position, and it makes no difference. Our other Britax seats have been fantastic. These are a huge disappointment.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Super M.
Britax Frontier: Absolutely amazing: EASY to install: WORTH every penny!!!
December 8, 2017
We upgraded to this booster car seat as my little one is about 60 pounds and I want to still use the 5 point harness as long as we can. This seat easily enables us to do this until 90 pounds. This is our 3rd car seat that we have ever purchased (the first was a chicco keyfit 30 infant seat, the second was a chicco next step convertible car seat, and now the britax frontier). This is absolutely the EASIEST car seat I have ever been able to install. Due to the click tight technology, it is a fast installation, and immediately secure. The seat does not even wiggle. Our little one reports that the seat is super comfortable and is quite enchanted with the cow design and the two cup holders. It is roomy and has great padding. My parents were so impressed with our purchase they also purchased one for their car and were able to EASILY install it within just a few minutes. Afterwards, I checked their installation and the car seat was so secure and tight, it did not even wiggle. Installation was so easy the grandparents achieved perfection on the first time.This is a game changer for us and had I known about this amazing seat earlier, I would have purchased a Britax rather than the Chicco (which is still a great seat, but this one allows us to maintain the 5 point harness up to 90 lbs) I am now a Britax supporter for life- and will only recommend this brand to friends and family.Worth the investment. Easy installation. Super tight, safe, and secure. Excited about the 5 point harness to the 90 lb weight limit.
Pros-EASY to install -Once installed seat does not even budge -Super cute design (cow print) -Two cup holders -Easy to use and adjust
Cons-On the heavy side (but it is rock solid)
Best UsesAmazing seat- enables 5 point harness up to 90 lbs- easiest car seat I have ever installed- so easy grandparents could do it by themselves and have it locked in perfectly. Seat does not budge.
By Nick
November 9, 2017
Recommended by a friend, was a little suspect of it with the click tight mechanism but man, it works! Great seats!
By Grants M.
San Antonio, TX
November 4, 2017
This is our 6th Britax we just purchased between our two boys and having two vehicles over the years.WE WON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE! They are simply THE BEST in SAFETY and so easy to install!I have called their customer service a few times over the years when I had a question (never a problemwith the seat) and they are always helpful and nice. You won't regret buying a BRITAX!
By Fred C.
Britax Frontier Click Tight Booster Car Seat - Cowmooflage
November 1, 2017
We have loved our new Britax car seat so much we are getting ready to order another one just like it for our other car. Thank you Albee Baby so much. We couldn't be happier with our purchase or your promptness with getting us our product.
By Tara
Birmingham, AL
Britax Frontier ClickTight Booster car seat- Vector
October 28, 2017
This product is exactly what I wanted. Super easy to install & my child loves it! Also it shipped super fast
By Henry
Myrtle Beach, SC
October 26, 2017
Well constructed and easier to install with the seat belt than the older versions with the hooks that are difficult to attach in the back seat. It was also cheaper from Albee than Amazon.
By MountainMom
Boulder, CO, United States
Perfect for grandparents!
October 20, 2017
I've been using Britax ClickTight seats since they first came out -- and when my mother-in-law wanted to have a dedicated seat that she could use when picking up my kids, I knew immediately that ClickTight was the way to go. Because the installation is so easy and doesn't require messing with LATCH, I knew she'd be able to get it in and out of her car without our help -- especially important for last-minute pickups to help us out. I also wanted to be sure she'd be able to fit three seats across in a Volvo, so she can have all three of her grandchildren in the car at once. I also love the Harness-to-Booster functionality, because we'll be able to use it for many years to come (and when buying a seat that's not for everyday use, I want to make sure it's good value). I'm a long-time Britax customer (even before ClickTight) because I love how far above-and-beyond they go with their safety features, but having a safe and easy seatbelt installation makes this #1 in my books. (My mother-in-law can get it installed herself in under a minute!) Couldn't recommend this more highly.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Northeast Texas
Right Choice!
October 19, 2017
Watched the videos on setup and installation before purchasing. Decided to purchase Britax ClickTight model for son that is now 4 1/2 and 43lbs. Didn't realize but old car seat rated for 31lbs. max. Unpacked, set it up for my child in the house first and then installed. Everything went according to videos and installation was a snap. ClickTight system really works. Car seat very secure!
ProsSuperior side protection and overall protection all the way around. Feel like I made the right choice for my child that will take him forward for years.
ConsVery heavy and hard to get into back seat of 4 door truck. A little difficult to get him in and buckled in. These really aren't negative comments when you consider the added safety and security compared to what we had before.
By Stephanie
Granger, IN
Great Car Seat!
October 19, 2017
This car seat installed super easy. My son loves how comfortable it is and I love I did not have to keep tightening it to get a good installation. I am very pleased with my purchase!
ProsEasy installation Tight installation Safe
By Lindsey
Morristown, TN
We always choose Britax
October 6, 2017
This will be our fifth Britax purchase. You just can't beat the quality and safety. Our girls are comfy and protected. And the Clicktight makes installation a breeze.
By Laura
Cabot, AR
Best carseat ever!
September 29, 2017
I just bought this carseat for my 4 year old. I don't know how I missed the clicktight craze but where has it been all my child rearing years? This thing is amazing! I can install it by myself in less than a minute, no lie! I've seen youtube videos where people swear this is the easiest to install seat and then I felt like I was wrestling a bear trying to install it. This is really that easy to install. Just feed the seatbealt under the seat liner through the slots and buckle. Push down hard on the seat bottom til it clicks and you're done. It is amazing! My 4 year old daughter picked the Vector color because it was the most colorful. She's happy. It is easy to install and is still supertight weeks later. I would 100% recommend this seat. The only downside is that it is a little wider than some we've owned but that's no issue unless you need to install 3 across. Overall, it is the best seat we've owned and I'll be looking for one for my younger daughter when she's big enough to forward face.
ProsEasy of install!
ConsWide design
Best UsesPreschoolers Grandparents/babysitters cars because of ease of proper install
By Marta
Dewey, Arizona
Excellent Safe Seat Option
September 24, 2017
This really is easy to install as the company states! We are very happy with the seat. My son loves it too.
By Kelly
Easy to Install!
September 14, 2017
We bought this seat for my daughter, and I was really impressed with how easy it was to install! Well worth the money just for that. My daughter seems comfortable, enjoys the two cupholders, and can climb in without a problem.
ProsEase of installation
By Karla
Bolivar, Missouri
Britax seat
September 13, 2017
I bought this seat to update my sons other and love it even more. The click-tight option is amazing! Very safe, and love the higher weight/height limit!
By Uriah M.
Darlington, Indiana
High Quality
September 10, 2017
Doesn't move at all. Has comfort all around. and with the harness my daughter can't lean over or get out of her seat, as easily.
By Meredith
Booster Seat
September 10, 2017
We love the convince of this booster seat. My son seems to be very comfortable. One important thing that is not mentioned is the latch buckles to secure the seat to the car can only be used up to 40lbs. So you will need to use the seatbelt/clicktight system instead.
By Rob
Charleston, SC
It's a Britax, what more is there to say
September 9, 2017
This is out second Frontier Clicktight Booster. I love the design, simplicity, and peace of mind that it is installed correctly
By Emma
Wetumpka Alabama
Britax frontier
September 9, 2017
I love it and we have always have britax and this one hasn't disappointed! We love the cup holders too.
By Angela
appleton Wisconsin
September 8, 2017
We just love the clicktight. They don't move at all.
Houston, texas
Great car seat!
September 7, 2017
I'm so happy I purchased this car seat. My son was outgrowning the britax boulevard and this is perfect for him. So easy to install and it is amazingly sturdy!
By Melinda
3 year old loves his big boy seat!
September 2, 2017
This was the easiest installing car seat I've purchased-love the clicktight feature! It was super easy to adjust to my sons size and he loves sitting in his big boy seat now.
ProsEasy install Easy adjustments Looks nice
By Yoram
Car seat
August 31, 2017
A great and safe car seat
By KellyH
Northern indiana
Amazing narrow seat!
August 29, 2017
I recently bought this to fit in the middle seat of our 2012 Chevy traverse. It's a narrow fit between the rigid buckles, but it fits and is super secure using the should/lap belt combo because of the clicktight feature. Highly recommend this seat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By WillDob
Frankfort, KY, United States
Very easy to install.
August 28, 2017
This car seat is very easy to install but is a little difficult when trying to tighten the straps. The kids love the cup holders and the seat in general.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Svetlana
Richardson, TX
Great & Safe in Blue (Liberty Sapphire)
August 25, 2017
Britax Frontier Clicktight Booster Car Seat - Liberty SapphireWe love Britax Frontier ClickIght. It's safe and easy to install and is great to have it in the kid's favorite color.
By Svetlana
Richardson, TX
Awesome & Safe in Red (Congo)
August 25, 2017
We love Britax Frontier ClickIght. It's safe and easy to install and is great to have it in the kid's favorite color.
Love it after a month
August 23, 2017
I got this for my 5 year old starting kindergarten. I had read the recent American academy of pediatrics suggestions and decided a 5pt would still be necessary and safer even at 45 lbs. the click tight has changed installation forever. My seats were always able to move more than the 1" they suggest but you can mess this one up. She's comfy in it. It's more narrow than her convertible seat but wider than some of the narrow ones out there. Especially with cup holders on both sides. But I'm able to fit the frontier and a convertible in my middle row of my suburban with enough space for someone to fit in the other seat.
By Allison
Webster, NY
Great Seat!
August 21, 2017
Bought one for both my Subaru Outback and my husband's BMW 335. The seat was easy to install in both vehicles and fits great. The seat seat feels very secure once installed. My son is taller than average so the multiple harness position works well for us.
By Angela
Madison heights, Virginia
Great seat
August 20, 2017
This seat is amazing. It has the cup holders that the convertibles lack which is a plus, with the same britax quality they are known for. It is a little on the heavy side compared to a marathon, so not ideal for moving around a lot, but is still easy to install. The click tight feature is wonderful and I actually prefer it over the latch.
By Stacy
So secure
August 16, 2017
I really, really like this seat. It fits perfect in our Acadia, feels very sturdy, and has my 5yo's stamp of approval for comfort.
ProsFeels sturdy and secure. 5yo says it's comfortable.
ConsWe have the clicktight and it really isn't super easy to install. We have the boulevard clicktight for our 1yo and installation is much easier on that beast.
By Nicole
Britax frontier
August 15, 2017
Absolutely love this car seat. My 4 year old daughter is able to sit straighter in it rather then her old graco convertible seat. We've had the seat for a while now and absolutely love it. Clicktight is an amazing feature and makes installs with seatbelts so easy!
ProsVery safe car seat with alot of safety features Clicktight is amazingly easy to use Very colorful
ConsMy only con is i wish they offered cuter girl prints
By Kristen
Salt Lake City, Utah
Best Car Seat Ever
August 13, 2017
I tell my friends all the time that they need to get the Clicktight car seat. It takes out all the fuss of trying to get the seat tight enough. It's amazing!!!!
By Lindsey
My Favorite Britax so far!!!
August 10, 2017
We had the clicktight advocate for our son from 9 months through almost 3 years and kept him rear facing. He could have stayed in that seat much much longer, but our 10 month old daughter needed it, so we purchased this one. It is even easier to instal and works great. I love that this one comes with cup holders too!!!
By Sara
New Orleans, LA
Great seat!
July 28, 2017
Awesome seat! Amazingly easy to install. Just click and go! My daughter loves this "big kid" seat. It has more room than her convertible seat and it has cup holders. I let her choose the color and she picked red. Happy kid and happy parents.
ProsSafest brand Easy to install Great colors Cup holders
ConsMore expensive than other brands Doesn't recline much
By Amanda
Love it
July 28, 2017
Best seat ever! The click tight is amazing seat does not move at all!
Love this harnessed booster for my 5yo!
July 14, 2017
We received this booster in May as a replacement for a different carseat that was involved in an accident. I noticed the harness was much easier to tighten in my husband's car than the Pinnacle in my car. It must be the angling of the seats or something. I feel very confident that our daughter is safe in this harnessed booster and I love that it has high weight/height limits to last her a very long time!
By Becky
Plano, TX
Only one you'll ever need
July 14, 2017
Great chair! I bought two for my twin grandkids. These are easy to take in and out of the car which I need to do because my car is small. They are solid as a rock once installed, and very comfortable for the kids. Cup holders are such a welcome feature too. They are a bit pricey, but since they convert to a booster once the kids are big enough, I expect I will never have to buy another car seat.
By Jessie1234
One big issue
July 1, 2017
I love the clicktight feature. It installs tightly in Camry, and that is paramount. However, the way the seat is designed, there is a crack running across the seat and any car snacks that are eaten fall into the crack, and I have to uninstall the car seat everytime they eat something to clean the seat out. This doesn't happen on any other car seat I've ever owned. Poor design in that way. Perhaps Britax could add a flap to cover and block the crack.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tara77
Pennsylvania, United States
Spectacular seat
June 29, 2017
I bought this seat for my long lanky 5 year old that is just under 40lbs. He is comfy on long trips and the cup holders are a nice feature.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By nsheppard
South Florida
Easy Installation
June 28, 2017
We bought this seat for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. It fits so much better than our convertible Recaro seat we had for her. She's very comfortable in it and she likes having a cup holder of her own to keep her drink in. The installation was SO EASY AND QUICK! I wish every seat was as effortless to install. The construction of the seat feels extremely solid and safe. I'd recommend this seat and I'd buy it again!
By Auntie
June 15, 2017
It's always a winner with Britax and Albee! Love Britax for lots of reasons and the concept of no unthreading/threading straps is certainly one of them. With the availability of the extra cover, when/if the original cover gets too stained, the car seat can look totally new again and it doubles the life of the car seat. Love Albee for making the original car seat and the replacement covers available at a very reasonable price! I work with and transport children of all ages so yes, I have all three of the seats and all three of the covers! Thank you Albee for making that possible.
ProsEasy to "replace"
By Rachael
Frankfort KY
Bought for 2yr.
June 15, 2017
Our child really likes the seat, especially the cup holders. The seat is super easy to install and love the look of it. My only complaint is that it is hard to tighten. I never feel I get the straps to the proper tightness for my child's safety.
By Brian
Nice car seat!
June 14, 2017
Durable and easy to install. Only drawback if any is that it is heavy. However, anything well built would have some weigh to it. Would recommend and would purchase again.
ProsEasy to install
Best Uses2-5 year old
By Cassie
Sorrento, Florida
Britax frontier
June 7, 2017
I absolutely love this car seat. My son is so big at 4 he wasn't able to fit right in a normal car seat. This car seat has anough room and easy to buckle him now along with him being much safer.
By jennicia
IA, United States
If only it would "ClickTight" every time!
June 6, 2017
We've had ours for 2 years. 1/3 of the time it won't click. Mechanisms aren't dirty, etc. I've almost been stranded trying to get this seat to "ClickTight" and it just won't do it sometimes. If it would, it would be 5 STARS.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Meghan
Great Seat
May 25, 2017
We love Britax seats. My daughter is 4 and we just transitioned to this seat. She loves it because the cup holders are within reach. It was hard for her to reach the cupholder in the Boulevard. I just bought another one for my car.
Love it!!!
May 10, 2017
Best decision made for my tall almost 4 yo. She loves getting in and out of it. We bought two because of the price and other reviews. Love Love Love this product! Easy to install, use, safe and comfy too!
By Melissa
Great Booster Car Seat
May 10, 2017
This car seat is great and durable. I'm very happy with the durability of the seat and the cup holders are an added bonus!
By Crystal
Great color great car seat
May 8, 2017
Click tight technology snaps in easily, holds car seat in place. I ordered 2 for both my 3 year old and 5 year old. Has 2 cup holders. Manufacture date was 2017!
By Crystal
Great car seat
May 8, 2017
Click tight keeps the car seat snug-- doesn't wiggle or move. Love that it has 2 cup holders!!
By Toni
May 6, 2017
Super quick and easy install. Comfortable. Even when not reclined child can still sleep in it. Straps don't tangle. Easy to adjust the straps with simple button. Overall simple, good quality, frustration-free carseat. Love it.
ProsReclines. Fairly slim. Good quality. Simple to use.
By Kim
Great seat
May 4, 2017
This is our 2nd Britax Frontier. We liked the first one so much we purchased another one for our back up car. I love how easy it is to install and our kids find out very comfortable.
By Katie
Ellicott City, MD
Easiest install
May 3, 2017
I love the clicktight feature on this car seat. It's so incredibly easy to get a tight install (I've only installed using LATCH so far). I did have to do it twice; I think the first time I tried, I had too much slack in the LATCH belt. But even doing it twice took almost no time. Seconds! And my three-year-old is enamored with his "cool big-boy car seat).
By Sophie82
BC, Canada
So easy to use.
April 28, 2017
I cannot recommend this product enough. Having used other carseats, this is by far superior. So easy to adjust strap and head levels, so easy to install, the click tight feature is wonderful. My 4year old is so comfortable in it and I can rest easy that he can remain in a 5 point harness to the highest limit available.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Keely
Love this seat
April 27, 2017
Safe, secure. Recline feature is perfect if they fall asleep. Great cupholders.
ProsSturdy. Safe. Recline. Cupholders.
By Laura
5 star carseat!
April 23, 2017
We bought this carseat because my 3 year old son is almost out of range for his convertible seat but I was not ready to put him in a booster with the regular seatbelt. This seat will harness to 90 sounds! It is exactly what we were looming for in a carseat. His head does NOT fall forward (which was also a concern) when he sleeps! Probably the best purchase carseat wise we have made yet.

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