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By LilyG
Houston, TX, United States
Difficult to clean
March 1, 2015
I really like this car seat but hate that is not easy to clean!
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By Harriet
Chicago, IL
great carseat
February 26, 2015
Overall, the safest convertible carseat available. I did a ton of research regarding safety of seats before purchasing it. I also viewed and compared the seats in the Store personally. Love the side impact protection the most and that's the reason I chose advocate vs anything alse. Yes, its very expensive, but safety is the most important so I will invest in that a 100%. I purchased 2 seats one for 3 yo and one for 12 month old. Love the fact the seated shoulder height of harness is higher than average convertible almost by 2 inches!! Making it at 18.75" instead of the average 17". So that's a bonus and my kids can ride in it longer too before switching to a booster ( which will very possibly be the pinnacle 90 by Britax). The only thing I dislike is that the harness is kind of tough to pull when securing my kids all bundeled up in their winter coats. It just takes extra few times to tighten and pull so its tight enough but I can live with that... Otherwise, my kid loves her new 'ride'. The seat Also performed the best when I viewed the crash test on YouTube. I highly recommend viewing any seat you are considering. I originally was interested in Evenflow Symphony but after viewing the video the side impact wings were useless in that seat. They don't protect the head at all due to being too weak during an actual side impact crash. Advocate protected the dummy toddler much better due to having all the other extra side protection. So, advocate wins!!!! Recommend it to everyone. FYI, online is always cheaper than in the store plus no tax and free shipping so you can't beat that. Thanks Albeebaby!!!!
ConsHarness hard to tighten, takes extra time, but not THAT big of a deal.
By tldavis3s
Portageville, MO, United States
love it
February 23, 2015
I saved up and bought this! It is pricey but it seems worth it. Lots of cushion and seems really comfy. It has all of the safety specs but isn't big and bulky. It is heavy though!
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By pn
February 21, 2015
We bought this once my LO was too big for his infant car seat. We were set on the Recaro seats but after seeing the Britax, we were sold. I like it's compact design with side protection. The fabric was nice and the clicktight system works well. It is pretty large even for large cars.
ProsNice features, works well. Clicktight makes this easy to transfer between cars if we need to.
ConsDecently heavy (as expected). Also hard to get to recline lever in most cars so you have to set it before you actually install it for rear facing. Knowing that you can't adjust afterwards.
By SC333
California, United States
Awesome seat but frustrating design flaw
February 21, 2015
Love this seat and its literally the best buy I could've made amongst so many others. My 2 year old has been having the hardest time napping, but for whatever reason as soon as she sits in the Advocate Clicktight, she's out like a light. However that being said, this seat is so hard to clean especially when my daughter loves to stuff things into the hole where the strap loosening button is. Its so hard to clean and my daughter thinks its hilarious to shove banana bread in it (which I can't get out) and of course cheerios. I have to lift up this incredibly heavy seat upside down to shake most of it loose because my vacuum doesn't have a small enough tool to fit.
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By Esther
Sanger, Texas
Sturdy and strong
February 18, 2015
After researching car seats I am convinced we made the right choice. This car seat not only met my expectations I believe it exceeded them.
ProsEasy to install
By Megan
Chattanooga, TN
Feels so safe!
February 18, 2015
We bought this seat for our 14 month old daughter, so that she could be comfortable, safe, and stay rear facing to at least 3 or 4 years old and continue using the seat forward facing to age 6 or so and at least 40 lbs. It definitely fits the bill! Tallest convertible car seat on the market today! It installs beautifully with ClickTight and is very comfy for baby girl. I wouldn't want to move it often, cause it's really heavy, but other than that, I love it
Best UsesKeeping kids rear facing longer, longevity overall since it's the tallest seat on the market besides the Frontier!
By James
San Dimas, CA
ClickTight is very easy to use
February 17, 2015
ClickTight is very easy to use
Austin, TX, United States
My husband called it a tank.
February 15, 2015
My husband loves the click tight option because his car doesn't have LATCH, he said its so much faster. I love the safety features especially the rear facing tethering option! I wish it came in more vibrant colors or even a more gender neutral print.
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By sashag930
Staten Island, NY, United States
Pretty simple
February 13, 2015
In-laws bought this as a gift. Baby isn't here yet but its pretty simple to install and adjust. Will update to see how a new born fits in it.
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By Rebecca
Best Seat
February 12, 2015
This is the best seat I've ever purchased or used. The ease of install is fantastic! The high height limit ensures the ability for extended rear facing. I bought 4 of these and love them. The kids are comfortable and secure. My 2.5 yr old rides rf with tons of growing room left. I imagine we will make it to age 4 before turning around. So glad I picked this seat. It is worth the money for sure! I would recommend this seat to everybody
ProsEasiest install ever! High rf height limit, well padded for comfort, several recline positions. Compact in front to back size allowing for plenty of space for front seat passenger even when it's in a full recline.
ConsWould loved to have seen the weight limit for rf increased to 45 lbs to keep more children rf longer. Getting a proper recline level for a newborn not possible in my vehicle (although for me this doesn't matter as I don't have a newborn).
By Joan
We believe we purchased the best/safest car seat for our grandson
February 12, 2015
Although harder than expected to install, we love this car seat. Directions are not in the best order; for example, after installing the seat per instructions, then the instructions provide direction to adjust straps...which can only be done while the seat is not installed in the car. So read the long set of instructions first; then install. Again, although instructions were a bit confusing/skewed; the product itself is phenomenal. Highly recommend!
ProsGreat car seat for the protection of the baby/toddler.
ConsCompany needs to provide install directions in correct order.
By Lyz75
Houston, TX, United States
clicktight system plastic? hard to recline when installed
February 6, 2015
Have had the Advocate Click tight for a week and I needed a video from youtube in order to install it correctly. Once I watched the video it was easy to install. 2 things could be improved. A) the click tight system is made of plastic!, which is kind of scary, I am really hoping for the best because a lot of pressure is going against that little piece of plastic; B) when the car seat is installed rear facing it is impossible to recline it, it has to be uninstalled to recline it and then installed again. Other than that the product looks sturdy.
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By AngelYEnidYAva
Pennsylvania, United States
Love at first sight!
February 3, 2015
Car seat is easy to install and the features are easy to understand as well as maneuver. The color and pattern are gorgeous! My baby girl is comfortable and safe couldn't be happier.
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By Staci
Wisconsin, United States
Safe, not as easy to install as stated
February 2, 2015
Took awhile to install and very bulky. Purchased because it is top of the line and it said would only need one because of the easy install. Now I'm thinking of buying another car seat for the other vehicle that is lighter and easier to maneuver, so we don't have to constantly move it back and forth.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Julia2879
Victoria, TX, United States
January 21, 2015
Bought this seat online w/out seeing it in person & I wasn't disappointed. The limelight is adorable. I own a frontier 90, an older boulevard & now the advocate clicktight. Britax is the best seat for my 3 girls.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mary
Wilson, NC
Great Product
January 19, 2015
Very happy with my order, quick delivery
By Kate
Newport, RI
January 18, 2015
Highly recommend this car seat to all parents who want a safe comfortable seat for their loved one. The click tight is very easy to install and is worth the extra $. I end it this way, we have the chicco next fit zip and this car seat and hands down we will buy this car seat over chicco.
By JesseKat
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Superior Safety Features
January 18, 2015
I did a lot of research on convertible carseats before choosing this Britax Advocate ClickTight. It was between the Britax and Chicco (convertible seats), and I went with the Britax because of the ClickTight feature. It is a very heavy seat, but if I have to use another vehicle, the ClickTight feature makes its very VERY easy to install correctly into another vehicle. I do not have to worry about vehicle LATCH weight limits because the seat belt is used. The pattern of the seat (limelight) is very pretty. I wish there were more color options, but I am pleased with the pattern. Also, my child is very tall for her age (11 months old), and this seat provides the maximum height and weight limit than any other convertible car seats, so I know we will keep this seat at least to age four, if not longer (I hope longer, but like I said, my child is very tall for her age).
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By LersMommy
Honolulu, HI
Great carseat!
January 15, 2015
Used it for the first time yesterday and 2 year old fell asleep without a hitch! I did have a bit of difficulty with the install but I think it's because I was trying to make the seat belt too tight.
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By Snug r.
Quick and easy install
January 13, 2015
I like the quick and easy install but the seat fit my 3 year old (33 pounds) quite snug and i am not sure if it will fit right once he reaches 60 pounds. The bottom snap is very close to his leg almost too close. I have another britax for my other son and i like how that one fits better. Any it is quite heavy but i believe it offers better solid protection.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By mharder88
Pontiac, IL, United States
Excellent Seat
January 13, 2015
So happy I went with this seat! I love it, couldn't ask for a better seat for my precious cargo!!!!!!!
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By ariana
Great design
January 11, 2015
it just arrived and seems really nice, my baby is happy.
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By megan
Very Comfortable
December 27, 2014
My Daughter seems very comfortable in the car seat. The installation is simple. Fits well rear facing in my Grand Cherokee. Only complaint is the hole where you press the release to loosen the is an awkward angle for any 'normal' size finger unless you are sitting beside the car seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By emalema
Minnesota, United States
Good quality, but some features that I was looking forward to are disappointing
December 22, 2014
It is evident when you test hit this car seat that it is sturdier than any other. I am positive it's as safe as it claims to be. However, the straps DO get tangled and they are not tangle free. Also, the bottom click tight part is very hard to press into place . The video makes it look easy but its not! oh and one strap gets stuck just like all my other car seats ive ever purchased.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By emily
Minnesota City, MN
So excited, but disappointed
December 21, 2014
It is quality made and im sure as safe as they state which is the most important thing. however! the straps are NOT tangle free, in fact, one strap gets stuck so we have one shorter than the other all the time which is a big hassle and is one of the major reasons why i was switching to britax. Also, the click tight is NOT easy to push down to click into place . In fact, it is as hard as heck! You have to put a lot of pressure into it to get the bottom shut.
By Jane
Jacksonville, FL
Even my granddaughter is happy with her car seat.
December 20, 2014
Our grand daughter likes her new car seat so well we bought one for all our grand children.
Best UsesI like putting a mirror on the child and watch them in their car seat. This is the best results we have had so far.
By Hannah
Great safe car seat for any car
December 12, 2014
I love the ability to be able to use the seatbelt and safely secure this car seat in any car no matter the year. I feel this car seat is much safer than what I had and the convenience of different features has made it a great purchase. Buying it through Albee allowed me to get the car seat I wanted for about $100 less.
ProsEasy adjustments. Easy installation. Can stay refacing longer then some. Very safe.
ConsAbout 20lbs. Which of course means it's safe and sturdy to me with metal Bars for safety. Alittle heavy to move around. But I know it buying it.
By Grandpa I.
New Jersey, United States
Great feel. Professionally installed. Feels safe
December 6, 2014
I bought it a month ago and had it professionally installed by New York DOT. This seat is rated very high and this gives a very good feeling.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Eloquentia
Boston, MA, United States
Comfortable and Safe!
December 3, 2014
I just received the Advocate Clicktight yesterday and couldn't be happier. My 10 month old was comfortable in it from the very beginning, we had no problems whatsoever transitioning from the infant car seat to this one. I think part of it is the 7 possible positions/angles. The scale on the side makes it easy to find the right recline angle for newborns/infants with head control/ forward facing toddlers. I spent 40 minutes reading the manual, after that installation was a charm and took literally 5 minutes, including getting the right harness position. I installed the infant car seat myself too, so I would have been okay with the "normal" version of this seat, but the click tight feature gives you a piece of mind. Since this seat is quite expensive, the click tight makes it so easy to just switch the seat to another car in a second. So no real need to buy two. There's a lot of padding all around the child (even comes with a seat pillow for newborns). It looks very well-made and feels great. What I like most about it is the click system of the harness. I can loosen the straps when taking my child out, tuck them to the sides, so I can get her back in easily. Don't have to break her arms etc. When buckled in, I simply pull the strap and the harness tightens until I hear a "click". Child secure and safe. No worries about slacks etc. Highly recommended, if you can afford it. My parents/grandparents bought it for their (great)grandchild as an early Christmas gift. Best ever. The first one I ordered was on in limelight. Unfortunately after four weeks they told me they couldn't deliver. I ended up paying more on, but ordered the Tahoe color. I LOVE IT. Even for a girl, it is gender neutral, and the color and fabric are really pretty.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By ni71
Great car seat... BUT
November 23, 2014
No hesitation at all to say its a great, safe and very easy to use car seat. The only issue is when releasing the harness before putting our baby in and then snug it, one of the harness gets stuck which makes it difficult to put the baby easy and quickly. We received our seat 48 hrs ago only.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anonymous
Irvine, CA, United States
Outstanding quality
October 31, 2014
I love the design of click tight, the new feature allows the car seat easy to install and remove. The weight with high standard of protection is also reasonable. The Quick-Adjust seems very convenient which allows me easily move harness to a proper position. I feel my child is very secured under britax safecell protection. My wife and I love it a lot, you will love it too.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Anonymous
Asheville, NC, United States
Great Car Seat
October 30, 2014
I bought this car seat a month ago and my son loves it! It is easy to install and adjust to fit my son perfectly.
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