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By D
Great seat
March 28, 2018
Easy installation, very comfortable breathable materials, sits high enough that baby can see out the window, should have plenty of room for extended rear facing.Cons (which are all convenience issues for me but that makes the seat safer)it is very wide at the top, we will have to purchase a separate seat for when we travel and need three seats in a row, heavy, and the white plastic with the black fabric is a hideous color combination.
By Enna
Levittown, PA
Awesome features
March 28, 2018
My toddler loves this car seat. Very comfortable and easy to Install. Very happy with this purchase!!.
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By Sarah
Buffalo, New York
So far so good
March 23, 2018
We haven't installed it in our vehicle yet, but my 1 year old seems comfortable in it. It is fairly easy to adjust the straps and get a secure fit. I am a fan of the click mechanism to let me know the fit is just right.
By Tiffany
Pacific Palisades, California
Great car seat & value!
March 16, 2018
My little girl loves her new car seat :) she seems comfortable & Happy!
By RachelD
Kept My Son Safe
March 7, 2018
I am so glad we invested in the Britax Advocate. Although we never plan for a crash my husband and I wanted to take every measure to protect our son. This is why we decided on the Advocate which offers extra side impact protection. Yesterday my son and I were T-boned by a distracted driver, taking a direct hit to the door right next to my son and his car seat. Other than being scared by the incident my son was unharmed, and we owe this to oru Britax.
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By MiaB
Annapolis, MD, USA
Favorite Car Seat! We have four.
March 1, 2018
We bought four total (two sets for each of our vehicles). One set is rear facing with the anti-rebound bar (for our 2 year old) and one set is forward facing (for our 5 year old). Couldn't ask for an easier setup- including the rebound bar (not sure why others are saying it's complicated), adjustments are conveniently done and strapping them in is simple too. We love, love, love these car seats. Still have a while until the oldest outgrows his, but when he does we will certainly replace it with a Britax booster.
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By Amanda
Safe and easy to use
February 22, 2018
I love the ease of using this seat! Installation is a breeze and while this seat is heavy/bulky you can move it to another car fairly easily. You can't beat the price on it either!
ProsQuick installation Snug harness Sturdy frame
ConsLarge and bulky seat Heavy (but to be expected)
By Lacey
Decatur, IN
Love love love
February 16, 2018
This car seat is so sturdy and beautiful too. Less bulky than my first advocate and it is good for 10 years. Woohoo!
By Rosa z.
Spring valley
Excellent product is how appear on the photos.
February 8, 2018
Excellent product its perfect for the daily use.
By Gabrielle
St. Petersburg, FL
Very satisfied!
January 19, 2018
In love with the Britax Advocate Clicktight. The top safety ratings of this seat instills my confidence in this car seat. My son is so comfortable in this seat, and as a mom, it is my top priority to ensure he is safe. I couldn't be happier!!
By KateP
Jupiter, FL, United States
This saved his life
January 17, 2018
I bought this months ago. My son is rear facing at 15 months old. We were just T-Boned on his car seat side by somebody who ran a red light going 55 mph. I thought the worst. When I woke up to look back, he was completely ok. The door was jammed. The airbags went off. And the car seat didn't move. It's a miracle and I owe it all to Britax. The police even said they have never seen anything like it and that whoever installed it did it perfectly (Thanks husband). I must say, the rebound bar was not attached. I found it too difficult to install. But I'm buying this exact car seat again b/c of what it did for my son. THANK YOU BRITAX!!!!!
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By MummaCaro
New Zealand
Easy to use
January 10, 2018
Easy to install with ISO fix or seat belt! Makes me feel confident in the seat and our child's safety. Baby is comfortable and safe.
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By Yanglin
Don't miss out
January 6, 2018
Great quality and great price
By Simon C.
Britax - always a winner!
December 10, 2017
We have the older Advocate which was huge - this new version seems a little more streamlined. The greatest thing about it is the click-tight feature. It used to take me 20-30 minutes to install the old G1 seat -- and I never truly felt like I got the seat as tight as I wanted. With the click-tight seat, installation perhaps took 5 min? I did it twice because it was so easy I thought I did something wrong. The seat is rock-solid - it doesn't move at all. I feel much more secure in this new click-tight installation over the old G1.
ProsClick-Tight 3 layers of side impact protection Color
ConsPrice point Weight
Best UsesLarger vehicles (we have a Honda Pilot, Chevy Suburban)
By Tracy
Alhambra, CA
Love this carseat
December 6, 2017
I'm very happy with the Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat. Yeah its very heavy, but it feels safer than our previous infant carseat. It does take up more room in the car, but it worth the added protection.Clicktight is easy to use. Shipping and purchase though Albee were simple andeasy.
By jessica
West Frankfort, IL
Hands down best car seat I've ever purchased!
December 2, 2017
We have a couple of cheaper extra car seats for emergencies and I cringe at the thought of using them because I've been so spoiled by this car seat!
By Zpeezy1002
Chicago, Illinois
Great car seat
November 25, 2017
We have the britax marathon and decided to get the abdicate for our 2nd car. Love this car seat. Not only does it look good, it looks roomier and more connectable for our 13 month old. Love the added side protection as well. It is a bit wider, taking up more room in the back but its worth giving up a little space for the added protection.
By Susan
Britax-Love this product
November 1, 2017
I love the safety features and simplicity of installation for this car seat. I ordered the ARB with it and feel very confident that my baby has the most protection a car seat can provide him in an accident. Shipping and purchase though Albee were simple and haste free. Albee had the best advertised price I could fine.
By MaryAnn
Great Car seat!
September 19, 2017
Sturdy well made car seat. A little heavy but then the steel frame makes it a safer seat. I found the directions very confusing in the manual so I watched the videos online. I am a visual person when it comes to directions so it was so much clearer to me and so easy. I would definitely recommend this car seat!!
By Jennifer
Chula Vista, California
Great quality!
September 15, 2017
This is our second Britax Advocate ClickTight! We bought the Kate print for our daughter and it is beautiful.
By Ryan
So great we bought a second
September 15, 2017
So great we bought another in to put in out other car. Super safe and she is very comfortable in this seat. Sure it is on the heavy side, but sure beats something flimsy that won't protect if needed. Highly recommend.
ProsSafe Comfortable Easy to install Easy to pull apart to clean
By Kyungah
San Jose, California
Safety is 1st
September 1, 2017
Fortunately our little one feels comfortable in this car seat. And it is more convenient for me than infant car seat. I heard that Britax is #1 product in safety and this advocate is their high-end model. The baby loves it and we love it.
By Rebecca
Manteca, CA
Best Car Seat
August 21, 2017
I bought this car seat for my first son when he was six months old. His infant car seat didn't last long because he seemed so big for it, even though he was still within the weight specifications. I bough a second one for my next son due in September. It is built very well and has a lot of padding and protection. The bulkiness is a plus and a minus because we often move it from car to car. It's heavy, but worth it. It takes about ten minutes to move from one car to another. My 2 1/2 year old loves it and I get the piece of mind that he's safe. It does take up quite a bit of space in the car, even when it's in our SUV, but again, I think it's worth it for how much padding and structure it has.
ProsA lot of padding Fits infants to toddlers Rear and Forward Facing All material is removable and washable Material is like new after washing
ConsVery big The click tight strap seems to either tighten too much or not enough, it takes some time to adjust properly
By Debbie
Saline , Michigan
Britax Advocate click tight convertible car seat - the best!!!!
August 16, 2017
For first birthdays grandchildren,I have ordered from Albee baby the Britax Advocate Clicktight Car Seat. It is the best present to give children a car seat for a safe ride in a vehicle. I love Britax products , their car seats meet high requirements for safety of children. Comfortable seating and easy to install. Thank you Albee Baby - you carry excellent products, I am so happy with your company , ordering , communication of delivery time. And delivery , perfect condition of all products I order.
ProsSafety, Easy installation, comfort
By Diane
Sturdy car seat
July 16, 2017
Seat was easy enough to install and it fits my 20lbs 6month old son perfectly
ProsSturdy, safe, very plush. Easy to wipe clean. Fits well in my Xterra
By Iris D.
Houston, Texas
Great service!
July 4, 2017
I ordered my daughters Britax in 2015 and I was so impressed with the pricing and prompt delivery of it!! I will never buy my car seats anywhere else!
By Prince
Perfect product
June 2, 2017
I bought it a month ago, I just get it today,because I'm a Chinese father.Thank you for your product,my child enjoys it!
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By Janna
I'mpressive car seat
May 25, 2017
My daughter and I both love this car seat. Yes, it is a bit on the larger side, but to me that means safety. It has never seemed hot which says a lot in Alabama heat. She seems very comfortable in it and I think the fabric is very nice as well. I love the clicktight feature and the latch on the chest harness. I don't think she will ever be able to unbuckle it on her own. Overall, it's a very impressive car seat. I recommend!
By silverthecat
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Anti-Rebound Bar doesn't work
April 28, 2017
We had this product for 2 months. We tried so many times with tutorial video to set anti-rebound bar but it fits so loose that our 1 and a half year old can practically pull it off. We can't imagine how safe it is so we haven't used it at all. The dial to open the seat to set it to car is so hard I can't do without my husband's assistance. Our son seems comfortable in it so we kept it but the weight and the difficulty of the use made the review 1 star.
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By devon
Snohomish, Washington
Great car seat
April 18, 2017
We love this car seat. Great quality, you can tell that it is sturdy and safe
By Papaw
Brazil, Indiana
Very fast shipping
April 15, 2017
Best car seat. This the 4th seat I bought for my grandkids. Safety first!
By GIna
Click Tight
April 3, 2017
Loved the car seat when it worked! BUT the click part broke within two years of purchase, warranty is no longer valid and the seat is stuck in my car! Bummed.
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By Mommal1
Martinsburg, WV, United States
March 13, 2017
This car seat is the easiest I have ever used. I had to replace the cumbersome car seat of my oldest grandchild and buy a second one so I went with these. I wish every car seat was this safe, easy to install and comfortable - according to my grandson.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By CH303
Denver, CO, United States
For the price, it's not as great as you'd hope.
March 13, 2017
I recently bought this car seat and I must say that I feel let down, especially considering how much I paid. It is a heavy and bulky car seat. I have a Dodge Journey and It takes up quite a bit of room in the center seat. Any one else sitting next to it has to be fairly thin to fit comfortably. I had repeated issues with the click tight feature as once you buckle the seat in, you have to leave a bit of slack in order for the seat to click in, then you can't pull the strap to further tighten. I tried for over 30 minutes to get the slack just right so that it would both click down and the seat would not slide around. It was useless. I ended up using the included tethers and while those were easier to install, the issue, once again, with the click tight mechanism is that you have to leave a little slack for the seat to click down. Overall it's still not as tight as I would like but it's much better than using the lap belt to install. The other issue I have with this is that when you install it forward facing, you cannot adjust the angle of the seat- say, if your child falls asleep and you want them to lean back a bit. The car seats my nephews used allowed for one hand seat adjustment while it was buckled with no problem. With this seat, once you set the angle, it's what you get unless you undo the straps. I tried putting it slightly angled back in case my daughter falls asleep, and then strapped it down again and it just does not sit firmly on the vehicle as I would like. There is a gap behind the seat, between the car seat base and the vehicle seat and that causes the seat to lift at the base, closest to the vehicle seat. Other than these things, my daughter is comfortable in the car seat and it's pretty as well. I assume it's safe though I have it in the back of my mind because of the issue with tightening down the seat. If I would have read a review like this prior to purchasing, I definitely would have chosen something different.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sharon
Asheville, NC
Get this one!
January 27, 2017
I have purchased 8 car seats and numerous strollers from Albee Baby. Best price, best service, no tax, no shipping charge. My daughter loves this seat, it is the best one yet. So easy to install and the click when child is secure is fabulous.
ProsEasy to install, very comfy for child, very safe.
By Grandma 4.
Instructions too confusing
January 20, 2017
Bought this product for my 3 year old Granddaughter. I looked at the safety ratings. However, my husband & I could not figure out how to install this car seat. It took 4 State Certified Police Officers checking a web site to figure out the installation of this car seat. Directions are not User Friendly. Needs much better instructions not only for installation but also for adjustments for different size children.
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By Grateful
Keep my baby safe in an accident
January 16, 2017
We were rear-ended at 50mph from a minivan while we were stopped. My 10month old was kept extremely safe and secure. I am so thankful we splurged on this model. We are replacing the accident car seat with the exact same model. I will always continue to buy Britax. Thank you to the talented engineers and safety teams. You saved my babies life and I will be forever grateful.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Robles91
California, United States
All around great
January 15, 2017
Britax is the only carseat we buy now. Our babies are comfy and safe. And with the clicktigjt it's very easy to switch the carseats from one truck to the other.
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By Nat
Chicago, IL
Great Car Seat
December 11, 2016
This is the 2nd Clicktight Convertible Car Seat that I bought. It does not disappoint as it is very convenience to use.
ProsEasy to install
Easy to install!
November 16, 2016
Shipped in a timely manner. I love the color of the seat.. very easy to put baby in and out of seat! It's heavy but I don't take the seat in and it works fine for me.
ProsAdjustable positions
ConsVery heavy
Best UsesVery comfortable
By Orly M.
Beverly Hills, CA, United States
So happy with this car seat!
November 16, 2016
With my 4th child I thought I had seen it all. This car seat is not only easy to install, super safe and comfy for my baby but also very stylish. I am thrilled with this latest offering from Britax. Thank you!!!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
November 11, 2016
This is our second Advocate and we couldn't be happier. The one drawback is that it is very big. We are still rear-facing and in our CRV, I cannot slide the seat back as far as I would like when driving because of it's size.
By Momof3boys
I'mpressive car seat
November 3, 2016
I was a bit skeptical that the ClickTight would be worth the extra money. It is worth every penny! It is incredibly simple and easy to install and it is so secure. My husband jokes that our son looks like he could go to the moon in this car seat. it is big, heavy,and bulky, but it's also comfortable, easy to install, and safe! I'm a big fan of Britax because of their ease of use and safety ratings. This new ClickTight system really seals the deal!
ProsEasy to install Safe Comfortable
By Rachel
Great carseat!!!
October 13, 2016
I used to use a Chicco next fit convertible car seat which I loved, but needed to get another one after a severe car accident. I was thinking of getting the same carseat (since it saved my son's life) but read too many good reviews about this! We've been using this one for 2 weeks now and we Love Love Love it!! Secure ( love that it clicks), spacious and looks safe! Definitely recommend!
By BettySette
Fairfield County, CT, United States
Game Changer
October 5, 2016
I have been struggling with car seats for the last 5+ years. I've hated installing them all. They were such a hassle. Also they tangled easily, were large and bulky, and heavy. Last month I learned about the Advocate and wow was I impressed. As a working parent who sometimes has to click and unclick the car seat this new click tight install makes moving your car seat a five minute job. Boom! My five-year-old even commented on how awesome the car seat was. He told me it was much more roomy and comfortable. I can't stop recommending this to everyone I know. You won't regret the upgrade. *Britax supplied my car seat, but these are my true and honest opinions.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By TNB27
Great Carseat, Great Customer Service, Great Company
September 30, 2016
My husband and I first purchased the Britax- Advocate ClickTight about a year and a half ago. Not only do we love the carseat and its ability to keep our little one safe, we love everything Britax stands for. After owning our first carseat for about 6 months, we decided to invest in a second seat to keep at our nanny's house. These carseats are quite the investment, and of course safety is our number 1 priority. Unfortunately, on one occasion our nanny had difficulty removing the carseat and had to resort to force to get the clicktight dial to turn. We called the customer service line, and I explained the situation. I was honest about not being there to witness whether or not the un-install was being conducted correctly, but that we had instructed our nanny on how, given her the manual, and even had her perform the task a few times in the past. The representative immediately sent out a replacement carseat for our family and made returning our existing carseat a breeze. It is clear that Britax stands for safety first, and as a mother, that is refreshing. I am really amazed at how this company has put safety in front of all other questions. As a family, we have 2 britax carseats and a Bob stroller. The products are of great quality, easy to use, and informative!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Teresa
Salisbury, NC
Great car seat
September 29, 2016
A quality car seat with cute looks too.
By NashMama
Nashville, TN
Super plush and really secure
September 25, 2016
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I've been using this seat for a few weeks and so far I'm very pleased with it. The initial installation took me a bit longer than I had expected. Make sure that you pre-tilt the base before you install this in your vehicle, or you'll be sorry. The click tight feature on the harness straps is a really nice feature. It makes it super easy to loosen and tighten each time baby gets in or out. Attaching the car seat belt and securing it is also SUPER easy. You just feed it through and click the seat closed to tighten. No more struggling with the belts. The ARB (anti-rebound bar) was easy to install but feels a little strange because it doesn't click in or hold securely onto the car seat. It does stay in place once the seat is fully installed but can easily fall out of the slots if you readjust or move the seat. Overall, I really do like this seat and would recommend it to other parents. To me, the extra security and safety measures are awesome. The accessories are really handy and great for everyday use. I also love the fact that I can continue to use this seat as she grows. Now my baby falls asleep so fast in her new seat and I can't believe this fits so tight and secure in my small compact car. It's a keeper!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Allie
New York, NY, United States
Awesome car seat!
September 20, 2016
I think this is by far the best car seat on the market. It is safe and easy to install and highly recommend for your little one!!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By RelocatedWife
Madison, WI, United States
Favorite Britax seat!
September 15, 2016
As a family we have always preferred Britax convertible carseats because of their safety ratings. We have owned multiple Britax models (pavilion, marathon, boulevard) and have loved them all. I received this carseat in trade for my fair and honest review. My husband and I have come to call the Advocate model the "baby cadiallc" because it is obvious my daughter is riding safely and so comfortably! The design far surpasses all past models. I love the new pocket on the back for the anchor strap. In previous models it was a cloth sack and now it is a sturdy built in pocket - love it! It's small thoughtful details like this one that makes the advocate so extraordinary! The optional cupholder and snack bag accessories are great too! As a mother with multiple kids in the car it is so nice to now not have to turn around while driving to hand back a water bottle. Installation with the new ClickTight system is so easy - it is truly amazing. After having my installed carseat reviewed (a marathon model) I was told that I had installed it incorrectly (and I think I am pretty good at installing carseats). After installing the new Advocate with the ClickTight system in my car the tech told me I had installed it correctly!!!! To know that I can properly install my carseat on my own is a wonderful thing. All of the safety features in the Advocate ClickTight with ARB is mind blowing. I was fortunate enough to watch a demonstration of this carseat and see first hand all of its capabilities and safety technology. From the EPP foam (foam used in motorcycle helmets), impact absorbing base, rebound bar, divided anchor strap (to separate impact motion), Britax in-facility safety testing, along with many more makes it very clear to be a Britax customer. With all the running around mothers do (errands, to and from school, activities, play-dates, travel) it is a no-brainer to want your child to be in the safest and most comfortable carseat while doing the most dangerous thing - driving in a car. From installation to clicking my daughter in each time I am so glad to know that she is safe and comfortable! Thank you Britax!
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By Julesbebeh
ruskin FL
September 5, 2016
This is a good product but the only thing i don't like it's because the seats don't have cup holder.
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By jenns999
Love this seat
August 3, 2016
This car seat has been the easiest to install of ANY car seat I have used. It seems the most comfortable for my girls and is well padded. I feel they are very safe in their seats.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Crystal
Knoxville, TN
Love this seat!
July 26, 2016
The seat itself is aesthetically pleasing and soft. The ease of transfer between vehicles is what sold me on this particular seat, the clicktight makes it super easy for anyone to do! It also was shipped very quickly, which I really appreciated!
ProsEase of transfer between vehicles. Colors.
ConsCould be bulky for someone with a smaller backseat.
By Rebecca b.
North Augusta, sc
Very comfortable!
July 21, 2016
This car seat is very roomy and comfortable! It was a little difficult to install rear facing using the seatbelt in my 07 crv, however once I used the strap with the anchors I had no trouble at all. I know my little one is safe and comfy!
ProsVery safe Roomy and comfortable Very clear instillation instructions
ConsBulky I had trouble installing using the seatbelt in my model car.
By meljd
Love it
July 11, 2016
Have been using this car seat for over a year now and love it. My son is comfortable in it and never complains being in it. It is a struggle to do the recline on it. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Nfbutterfly
Toledo, OH, United States
Comfortable and Safe
June 21, 2016
I've tried a couple different carseats and by far this my favorite one. It's safe and sturdy with the side impact protection without being too big while in the rear facing position. My favorite features are the easy to read ball gauge that shows if your seat is sitting at the correct angle (it's ridiculous to have to eyeball when your childs safety is at stake) and the padded chest harness (a rare find).
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sally
Torrance, CA
Great carseat
June 20, 2016
This thing feels solid! My baby fit comfortably in the carseat and seems to like being in it better than her infant carseat. Safety is a huge priority for me which is why I got the seat but I also love how pretty it is!
By Ashwee7
California, United States
Amazing Seat
June 15, 2016
I purchased this seat 6 months ago. I Love this seat. I had an issue with the seat and called Britax customer service and they replaced the seat within 3 days. So happy with their customer service.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By sjp115
Lexington, KY, United States
So easy to use!
June 12, 2016
I love this seat! It is SO user friendly and the clicktight install easily allows my son to ride with aunts or grandparents, while staying extra safe!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Kyolxd
Dickinson, ND, United States
Conformt and Safety Combo
June 10, 2016
My daughter always seems comfy in her seat. The padded area around her head keeps her head from flinging all over the place. My favorite part is the reclining positions. Strapping it in and out of the car has been easy too.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Penelope
Cape Cod, MA, United States
June 9, 2016
My grandaughter love her car seat, you can tell she falls right to sleep, and what a great fit.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Traverse City, MI, United States
Easy install
June 6, 2016
We love the clicktight feature!! Super fast install. The angle was a bit tough to get just right but we finally got it. This is a 5 star seat. I gave 4 stars because the straps sometimes get uneven. That's annoying to uninstall the seat, even up the straps and reinstall. Great seat otherwise!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By MamaJK
Cincinnati, OH, United States
Easy to Switch between cars
June 6, 2016
I love this car seat as it is so easy to switch between cars. The only negative is the hole with the button to release the straps is a great hiding spot for snacks and toys while riding in the car. When my son decides to stuff the hole full it takes a while to get the food out in order to get him out of the seat. Other than that it is a great car seat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By BradiesMom
Williamsburg, VA, United States
Only the best of the best for my child!
June 6, 2016
We bought this seat approximately 5 months ago right around my daughter's 2nd birthday. She is large for her age and was quickly outgrowing our Britax BSafe infant seat. We instantly LOVED this seat as the ClickTight mechanisms make it easy to swap the seat from car to car and not worry that you can installed it incorrectly. You do need to be a bit prepared for the weight, as its SIGNIFICANTLY heavier in the ClickTight version, but safety is what mattered to us. We did exhaustive research both prior to giving birth to my first child and to this purchase and we found Britax to be the only choice on the market. The safety of their products does not hold a candle to any other brand on the market.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By jjmaxxdeals
Texas, United States
Very comfortable
June 5, 2016
I bought this a month ago and my baby has really enjoyed the transition to this more roomy convertible car seat. My only complaint is I had to remove the shoulder pad cushions because my baby got a rash around the neck area from it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Olsenmommy13
Seattle, WA, United States
Love the features!!
June 4, 2016
I bought this seat about three months ago and I continue to love it! So easy to install properly, quick and easy to uninstall! I love it! I also love the click tight harness feature! That is amazing!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Lydia
Warsaw, IN, United States
Easy to install
June 4, 2016
Pros; washable fabric, sturdy steel frame, harness clicks when it is tight enough on child, easy installation with the clicktight. Cons, shoulder straps sometimes become uneven or stuck, heavy, that's it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By blueeyes
Texas, United States
Great new installation method
June 4, 2016
This is the 5th Britax we have bought and they keep getting better. The ClickTight makes installation so easy. I love that the additional side impact is smaller than the previous model we have.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By RDikova
Houston, TX, United States
Easiest seatbelt Install
June 4, 2016
We have owned 2 Britax Advocate Clicktigts, and they are amazing. However I dislike that their harness usually gets uneven ( tight on one side and loose on the other side)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By CA79
Webster, TX, United States
So easy to install!
June 4, 2016
This is my second car seat from Britax... This was the newer version of my previous seat. It is so easy to install, between the easy locking of the seatbelt under the seat and the level indicator on the side- I can feel confident that my child is safe.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Grammy777
Chandler, AZ, United States
#safety, #easy to install AND remove, #choice of color
June 3, 2016
I cannot say enough good things, actually great things regarding my purchase of 2 Advocate Click-Tight car seats one year ago. My granddaughter and grandson benefit from your superb product each and every time I load them into their car seats. The safety features are at the top, the extremely easy to install AND remove next and color selections for both girl and boy made it very easy to choose Britax to protect my grandchildren. Thank you for making quality products that make it easy for grandparents to make a solid decision for protection, ease and happy kiddos(print and solid fabrics) when it comes to choosing the best car seat for their most precious cargo. My grandson had brain surgery(Chari 1 Malformation) October, 2015. The comfort for my grandson and the peace of mind for myself has been from choosing your Advocate Click-Tight car seat. His big sister loves her Limelight print with all the pretty flowers and pink trim, while he's not concerned in the least with his Tahoe print. Thank you very, very much!!!!!!!
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By ChristinaB
Park Ridge, IL, United States
Easy, Easy, Easy
June 3, 2016
I bought this product a few months ago and just LOVE it!! Not only do I feel like the car seat is durable and safe but it's easy to transport in between cars!! I would recommend this car seat until I'm blue in the face!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Nini
Altoona, AL, United States
Steal Structure, softness, easy to install, safety
June 3, 2016
Hands down best investment I've ever done with money! I can put my grand daughter in it and not have to worry if I'm doing something right. Choose safety, choose Britax!
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By Matty
The best
June 3, 2016
Best quality car seat ever made. This is by far the best
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By Ray77
Chattanooga, TN, United States
Quick and Simple auto installation
June 3, 2016
I love the quick and easy installation of the seat to move it to other cars but it is to easy for the two year child to unbuckle.
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By Mommy b.
Palm Desert, CA, United States
Safety and Comfortable
June 3, 2016
I bought this for my son that is 2 and I will be buying it for my daughter when she grows out of her Britax infant car seat! Super sturdy and comfortable! My son loves it. Easy to clean!!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Garcia7786
Riverbank, CA, United States
June 3, 2016
We bought 2 for our daughter and LOVE it. We ONLY use britax..infact we are expecting twins and just registered for the newer infant car seats, and already have the double stroller. When letting my parents borrow it when they take my daughter they comment how its so easy that even my dad can figure out how to install it. Meanwhile, my husband spent 25 minutes trying to install my parent's cheaper car seat they bought for her. Theyre so impressed they might purchase one of their own.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By KerriApr
South Dennis, MA
Click tight is an amazing feature!
June 3, 2016
My mother purchased this seat for my son, my first child. I had done all the research and kept coming back to the Advocate, it truly is the BEST convertible seat. The click tight feature assures me my son is safely buckled, as a first time mom, this let's me breath! I wouldn't use any other seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Flashdion
San Francisco, CA, United States
Fantastic seat
June 2, 2016
We have had ours for a year. What a solid built seat. Comfortable for our son with the added solid protection for Mom and Dad. Fantastic car seat
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By hsimmons
Manor, GA, United States
We Live Our Advocate ClockTight!
June 2, 2016
We have been using the Advocate ClickTight for our son for a little over two months now. we are very happy with our choice! It is comfortable for our little boy and we have one less thing to worry about knowing he is surrounded by the best safety features! The only downside to this car seat is that it takes up so much space. It is a tight squeeze for an adult to sit next to it. Overall we are very happy with thus product!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By jmaricg
Louisiana, United States
Safe & Cozy
June 2, 2016
Comfort knowing my child is in a safe seat. Thanks!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Ccwhite
Oshawa, ON, Canada
Absolutely amazing!
June 2, 2016
I bought this almost 4 months ago and I absolutely love it. I love the pattern choices and love how easy it was to install. The click tight is awesome! My daughter loves her new car seat as well!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Musli
June 2, 2016
Compare with b-safe, the material is more breathable, baby sweats less in the seat. The belt twists less due to the chest pads.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Susywhi
Stamford, CT, United States
Easy to use and a tank!
June 2, 2016
I bought this for my son when he turned 6 months. He's a heavy kid and I couldn't lug him in the infant car seat any longer. This car seat is awesome. It is a tank! Makes me feel confident that he's safe. It is also extremely easy to install in the car and easy to get my son in and out of it. I highly recommend it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Hayday
Cypress, tx
Our favorite car seat!... After having the first replaced.
June 2, 2016
I bought ours during the pre sale, when it first came out. We had a major problem with the click tight shortly after we received it. The click tight part completely broke, even thought I was always very careful when I took it in and out because I always felt like it was a little flimsy. Customer service was amazing, as expected and they told me they'd send a new one right away. A couple weeks goes by and I never received the replacement. I called customer service and they apologized quite a bit and apparently the first one was never sent out. They expedited another replacement and I got it very quickly. I understand things happen and luckily, I was able to borrow my mom's extra car seat. I haven't had any problems with the new one and absolutely love it. This thing is HEAVY. I mean, I struggle to carry it and I'm 100% okay with that because I feel it's that much safer for my daughter. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and wish I could buy one of the boosters for my older daughter. If you're thinking about buying this or any of the clicktight products, be sure to take extra care with the clicktight! You will love this thing! Nothing compares to Britax! This is my first Britax product and I'm a believer in this company! You can't put a price on your child's safety.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Dan B.
Denver, CO, United States
New and I'mproved
June 2, 2016
We bought an advocate for our now four year old a couple years ago. That was/is a great car seat, but this one is even better. It's more secure and more comfortable than before. We were already happy with Britax carseats. Next we will be purchasing booster seats! (How quickly they grow :)
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mama K.
Vista, CA, United States
Amazing seat
June 2, 2016
I bought this several months ago and am in love with it! My son hated riding in the car until we got this seat! So easy to instal and clean! Love the easy adjustments as well and that it will last so long!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By CasonsMom
Washington, DC, United States
1-2-3 Installed
June 2, 2016
I bought this seat to replace my B-SAFE infant seat since my son reached the maximum height for it. The ClickTight installation is a breeze as easy as 1-2-3.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Alabama, United States
About to buy our second child one!
June 2, 2016
We've had it for almost two years and love it!! It installs quickly and easily and feels very sturdy and secure. It provides a comfortable ride for him too. We initially used it rear facing and turned it forward facing when he was two. I can't wait to get our 13 month old one soon!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tupperware l.
Great seat!!
June 2, 2016
I love this seat. Its heavy but I know that my son is as safe as possible. Super easy to use and get him buckled properly. He also loves this seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mama
Great carseat
June 2, 2016
Had this car seat for several months! I love it it's got extra padding and a headrest for extra comfort for the baby! Their heads don't slump forward when they fall asleep!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By JackandNathan
NC, United States
Great seat.
June 2, 2016
I wish this seat had been around when my children were little. I feel that my grandsons are safe.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Tiffany22089
Abilene, TX, United States
Great install
June 2, 2016
I got this seat about a little over a year ago and love it. The only complaint that I have is that when the seat is rear facing the cinch strap is very hard to pull because it is up against the seat.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Rachel31
Little Falls, MN, United States
Awesome Carseat.
June 2, 2016
I bought this a few months ago and I LOVE it. It's so easy to install and I feel like it's always safe and tight. I can install it in any vehicle! The only thing is that it's heavy, but that means it's safe!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Wendy42080
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Constructed to make you feel safe & secure!
June 2, 2016
I bought this almost a year ago and feel that my baby is secure! It's heavy and strong against impact and super easy to install. I recommend this brand and model to all parents!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Drkalli
Texas, United States
Very secure!
June 2, 2016
Very pleased with this car seat. Very durable, well made, and wiped clean somewhat easily. Straps don't twist and tangle as badly as the infant carseat!
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Mtcruzf
Santiago, Chile
Best Convertible Car Seat EVER!!
June 2, 2016
I bought this Car Seat about 6 months ago, and I'm proud to say it was a great decision. Because my son was to big to feat on the Infant Car Seat, my husband and I had to buy a Convertible Car Seat for him to use since he was 6-7 months old, and for all of the market study we did, the Advocate Clicktight Car Seat from Britax turned to be the most secure one, as it is algorithm one of the few options there are for infants to use when they're not using the Infant Car Seat. It was definitely a great choice, very secure and extremely great quality. Highly recommended.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Stephmadison
Madison, WI, United States
Easy installation
June 2, 2016
Brought a couple weeks ago and love it. The new feature of clickdown installation is easy and i was amazed on how secure it was. Would recommend this product to anyone with infants/toddlers.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Natalie
Washington, United States
Comfortable and fits great
June 2, 2016
I bought this car seat for my daughter a few months ago and she loves it.She doesn't complain in it and doesn't want out.I like that she can nap comfortably in it.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Stef
Floral Park, NY, United States
The best
June 2, 2016
I stayed with britax after the car seat I had! I love this company and its one of the top safety seats!!! I would use them again when I have another child
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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