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By Heather
San diego, CA
July 16, 2017
great stroller very bulky
love this stroller. super easy to steer but man is it huge when its folded up
By bluewliwa
Fremont, CA
January 6, 2016
Like my BOB
runs so smoothly and is comfortable for my 2 and half year old son and 7 months old son.
Constoo heavy, I can't load it to the trunk.
By Kate
Arvada, CO
December 18, 2015
Hands down- a must have!
We have this exact same stroller as a single...we are expecting baby #2 and know there is no better money spent than on a double BOB. This stroller may be a bit heavy, but our kid loves it and so do we! We wouldn't go with anything else. It'd be a waste of money!
ConsA bit heavy and difficult to get in and out of the car.
Best UsesWe use it for everyday stuff. From walks to going to the zoo
By Mom of 4
Charleston, SC
November 15, 2015
Cadillac of strollers
This stroller is fantastic! Maneuvers with extreme ease. Easy to collapse and put away. It's a little heavy to get in and out of the car.
By Courtney
July 26, 2015
BOB Duallie Double
This stroller is well worth the money. Runs so smoothly and is a comfortable ride for my twins. I've had other doubles and this one beats them all!
ProsFits through doors, runs smoothly, spacious, grows with the kids, large shades.
ConsA tiny bit bulky to load in the car.
Best UsesJogging.
By Kari
June 22, 2015
Great price and quality!
I've been searching for this stroller for a couple months now so when I saw it for this price and free shipping I purchased it immediately. We're expecting baby #2 soon but for now our 3 year old enjoys riding in it solo. It's a very smooth ride and looks so comfortable. Only down side is that you need to purchase the cup holder and standard accessories separate.
By Stacie
June 19, 2015
Best jogger
So happy that we decided to splurge on this stroller. It is so smooth and light. My 3.5 year old and 5 month old love it!
By Jon Tran
Los Angeles, CA
March 19, 2015
We debated for a long time to go with double BOB vs Uppababy w/ rumble seat vs City Select GT double for our 2 year old and 4 month old. We are so happy we went with the double bob, the maneuverability and ease of pushing makes it outstanding - the big wheels are no comparison when handling uneven surface too. Highly recommend it.
By Saf
Kirkland, WA
March 11, 2015
With our last double stroller we used it 3-4 times a month. We use the BOB 3-4 times a week! I love it. We have some pretty uneven trails near our home and this just glides over them. I love the wrist strap too. Kids are comfy and never fuss!
January 22, 2015
Love our BOB!!!
We were looking for a double stroller and fell in love with the BOB. It is extremely well made and very durable. Our kiddos get so excited when it's time to go on a walk now. We also are extremely happy with the level of customer service that Albee provides. We love everything about the stroller and our shopping expirence!
By Jennifer
Sacramento, California
August 26, 2014
BEST double stroller for running and hiking!
I love this stroller for all things outdoors! I mainly use it for running. I bought the adapter that works with my carseat so I can strap my baby in while her 3 year old brother rides on the other side. The ride is very comfortable for my 2 children. The stroller has amazing shocks - it barely bounces when I hit a bump! It also handles REALLY well! You can lock the front wheel if you running on a straight path, or you can unlock the front wheel for cruising through neighborhoods. The big downside to this stroller is that you are probably only going to get use of it outside. The few times I've tried taking it to Target or the mall, it has been really difficult to get through the isles because it is so wide. Also, it is rather heavy and takes up a lot of space in the trunk of a vehicle. I have a Honda CRV, and it takes up the entire "trunk" area. For me, this isn't a problem because I bought it solely for running. But if you're thinking of a stroller that would be usable for walking and shopping, you might want to consider a front to back stroller instead of a side by side stroller.
ProsEasy handling, smooth ride, great shocks
ConsWide, difficult to transport in a small vehicle
Best UsesRunning, hiking
By monika
vancouver canada
August 12, 2014
love it
I used to have a Peg Perego GT3 ( which I also bought from Albeebaby ) and I thought THAT was a good stroller until I tried my neighbors BOB - that same day I sold the Peg Perego after which I bought the Bob Duallie. I've had it for 3 years and I love it,it steers perfectly you don't even notice the weight of the kids. It's big and sturdy ! I even use it to sit on when needed. From beach and water to snow it handles like a dream! We took it to Mexico, to Europe on our skiing vacations... It's not good for the city though, too big, people would give me weird looks when I'd take it on to the bus or the train. I recommend that all moms have a big stroller like this one and a little one for the city (I also have the Quinny Zapp for my smaller child) The BOB does fit through all accessible door ways. (It's the size of a wheelchair).
ProsIn my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. great stability great maneuverability enough sitting room enough sitting height (my 5 year old fits comfortably) big basket
ConsI am comparing it to the Peg Perego GT3 all accessories have to be bought extra (unlike Peg Perego for example) no handlebar brake cord too short , hard to lock when folded doesn't lay completely flat for kids to sleep - they don't seem to mind though I don't like the way you lock the back straps in order to lower/rise the backrest, they are too hard to use it would be nice if the basked compartment would fold out of the way to make items below more accessible not enough storage hard to take the stroller cover off the aluminum body frame in order to clean it (you need a screwdriver)
Best Uses- hiking/ off roading - beach/sand - snow
By Susan
Charlotte, NC
July 7, 2014
Love this stroller for our twins!
I wish we would have purchased this stroller much sooner. The quality of construction is evident. Every time my husband takes our girls on his 5 mile run they fall asleep. This says a lot about the shock absorption. It is well worth the money!!!
ProsQuality of construction, smooth ride, resale, sun shade options, comfort, & abundant storage,
ConsUsing in small spaces
Best UsesJogging, walking, going to park & hiking greenways.
By Lauren
Glenview, Illinois, US
June 13, 2014
Love this stroller!
Just the best double stroller. Sure, it is big, but that's the point. Pushes like a dream. So easy to run, walk, and maneuver. Great size sunshades and plenty of storage.
Best UsesOut and about, jogging
By Leigh Ann
Lake City, FL
May 27, 2014
LOVE this stroller!
We have 3 children (ages 1,3,5) they love this stroller and even my 5 year old fits comfortably. We use this stroller for jogging and walking. Easy to use, easy to fold. Great purchase for our family.
By Amanda
May 15, 2014
review from a runner
I bought this item as a stroller for theme parks for my 2 kids that are just too heavy to push in an inline graco style stroller anymore. I knew it would steer and push like a dream as I have a BOB Ironman. It didn't disappoint. I have even taken it out for a run and really enjoy this stroller. I have clocked myself running with this stroller at paces from 8:45 min/mile to an 11 min/mile, so more than just a light jog and it preformed well. I want to say it feels even lighter/easier to push than my pre 2010 Bob Ironman duallie. I was surprised. I thought I might like the swivel wheel for the twisty neighborhood routes I have to take (the 2 kids were just getting too heavy for me to pop a wheely with the ironman to turn). It has been a slight adjustment from the fixed wheel, but overall not too bad. I'm just getting a better upper body workout while I run. If you are a super speedy runner, then either locking the front wheel on this (I haven't tried this yet) or going with an Ironman might be a better bet for stability. My boys seem comfortable and I seem to have a far easier time getting the stroller started from a stop. I miss the handbreak a little while running, but not at all while just walking. My only complaint might be that the safety strap is short. It is tight to clip it together when the stroller is folded, it is fixed only in one position on the right side (not the hand I use to steer the stroller) and is short enough that I can't even reach up to adjust my earbud on the right side (and I'm only 5'3"!). Other than that, I am very happy with this stroller and am even considering replacing my Ironman with this one for running.
By jowelle
May 3, 2014
Makes life so much easier :)
I was not totally sure if it would be worth spending so much on a stroller, but I'm certain it is now. This stroller makes pushing my 3 yr old and 1 yr old so easy. I have been putting it through my own paces by going over several surfaces in my town and it goes over everything with ease. My kids love it as well. It does take some practice to learn to fold it and it is heavy when folded, but other reviews mentioned this so it wasn't a surprise for me. It fits in my trunk with the back wheels removed and they aren't terribly hard to remove so that is ok with me. The only bummer is it does take over most of my trunk space. (I drive a Dodge Dart) Overall I would buy it again. I love it!
By Whitney
Southern California
May 1, 2014
Great stroller
Had the single - upgraded to the double for the growing family. Just took it disneyland - couldn't be better!
By Cml
April 18, 2014
Worth it!
This is by far the best stroller on the market. It is very sturdy and handles so well on any surface. If you are a walker or a runner you will be happy. It is also solid....not cheap plastic. This goes up and over curbs without waking the baby. It also has a ton of padding and cushioning for the little ones. The canopy goes down far enough to keep the sun out. I also like the window at the top. The handlebar console is excellent and is a must. Good size and zips shut. Another note is albeebaby customer service is excellent. I received this stroller the next day after my order was placed.
ProsManeuverability, ease of pushing, good resale value
Best UsesRunning, walking
By Melissa
Virginia Beach, va
March 6, 2014
My favorite website for baby gear!
I love this website for all of our more expensive items! Shipping is always Quick and the company is so thorough! As for this stroller, you can't beat a double bob for that price! I love It and how smoothe it is! Favorite buy so far!!
By Darlene
Bay Area, California
January 27, 2014
BEST stroller for active moms & dads
I walk my 2 large dogs everyday and recently upgraded from the Single to the Duallie BOB Revolution Stroller. I'm still able to push the stroller with one hand while holding my dogs with the other. Stroller turns on a dime with no effort. LOVE that I have the option to lock the front wheel and use as a jogging stroller too. This is THE BEST stroller out there!!! It is every bit worth the money.
Best Useseveryday use, running, walking
By Melanie
January 3, 2014
Great price and fast shipping!
We ordered this stroller less than two weeks before Christmas and the stroller arrived before Christmas Eve....and this was standard shipping. We were very pleased and happy about the price as well!
By Kristin
HB, California
January 1, 2014
Awesome stroller
This is the best double stroller! So easy to use. I've had other doubles but this is the best. The one I ordered, however, came with a defect wheel. I contacted Albee baby about sending a replacement. I was told I would be contacted on Monday, but have yet to hear back. So my stroller is useless until the wheel is fixed. I hope to get the replacement ASAP so I can start using my fancy new stroller.
By twannu
Dallas TX
October 27, 2013
Great ride
Babies love it! Walk / Jog with assurance that babies are comfortable and well-secured
ProsFolds easily for storage V. comfortable for babies Swivel / fix front-wheel
ConsHeavier than basic strollers, wouldn't prefer to take along on flights
Best UsesWalk / Jog
By Jennifer
Elmhurst, Illinois
October 16, 2013
This is the place to buy the BOB Revolution SE Duallie
After a ton of research, and loving my single BOB stroller, I decided to go with the double as well. Every where else I looked was between the $600 and $700 range so when I came across Albee Baby I hopped on it. Timely delivery and it's perfect. As others have mentioned, they could throw in the cup holders/trays for this price but it is what it is. It's large, but all double strollers are going to be big. You won't find a smoother stroller ride.
By Amish
Orange, CA
October 9, 2013
Good Product but too big for us
I had initially purchased a City Mini and then realize that it was not meant for jogging and I thought I would make a quick switch to this stroller. We are recieved it and I liked it but it is rather larger than I expected. For jogging it would probably be great, but it doesn't fit through a standard door and its is 15inch longer than a City Mini or (or standard non-jogging stroller). Also, its 34lbs, which is ok but, I think its too much for my wife to carry for daily activity. I think you really have to have the primary user be a avid jogger for this to work for you.
ProsVery Easy to Push...such a difference from our snap and go stroller
Constoo long..51 inches.
Best UsesI think you really have to have the primary user be a avid jogger for this to work for you.
By Vaughn
Tonasket Wash
September 6, 2013
One place I trust
Great price always and I have always got my order on time
Bellingham, WA
May 26, 2013
worth the money
We really enjoy this Bob Duallie, this new model has a lot of new features that we love!
By Mike Zakis
Schenectady, NY
May 19, 2013
Well built, well conceived.
Extraordinarily simple assembly
By Andre Beauchamp
Montreal Canada
May 19, 2013
great item very safe an useful to take to the beach even in the send
great to jog on the beach great to shop all over the best
By Megan
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 17, 2013
LOVE my Bob
This is seriously a must have! It is so easy to push and my kids love to ride in it.
ProsEasy to push Comfortable Stylish
By Laura
Fresno, CA
May 15, 2013
Great stroller
This stroller has a very smooth ride. It is easy to fold, and the back wheels come off easily for storage. The only problem I have had is that ones of the tires popped after only a couple weeks. Luckily a local bike shop was able to replace the inner tube. I love this stroller!
By Mom of 4
Long Beach, CA
May 1, 2013
Awesome price for awesome stroller!
Received this stroller within 5 days of ordering! Thank you Albee Baby! Prompt shipping and service - this stroller is the best double stroller out there. I have 4 kids and have tried lots!!!! Love the BOB!!!!!
By Marisa
Riverside, California
April 28, 2013
Highly recommend
Best purchase I've made!! Love it!! I have a 2 year old and a newborn!!
ProsReally light and easy to push!!
ConsYou have to buy the adapter for the carseat and cup holder
By Vanessa
Chico, CA
April 22, 2013
Love my BOB
I love my BOB! It is the best stroller! I don't know why anyone gets anything else! I appreciated Allbee Baby's promptness and overall customer satisfaction! Also, and most importantly, the price was by far the best! I am very happy withy purchase and have and will recommend this site to other people.
By Montana Mom
Northwest Montana
April 14, 2013
Great for backroad, mountain strolls
We have had a single BOB Sport Utility Stroller for 3 years. We now have two little ones and needed the extra room. These strollers have great suspension and are built for Montana strolls.... super tough! We go for walks on many bumpy, country roads every day and it still looks and functions like it is brand new. I don't know who was more excited to receive our new BOB, my 3 year old daughter or myself! I would highly recommend it for anyone who lives in the country and needs a durable stroller for rougher terrain strolls.
Prossuspension durability steering ease of packing up/getting out of vehicles comfort for kids
Consdoesn't come with handlebar console (cup holders) or infant car seat adapter - extra $$
By brandy
Temecula, CA
April 8, 2013
BOB duallie
I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old. I went back and forth for 2 months trying to decide between this stroller and the new baby jogger city mini double gt. I went with the bob because of the price. I LOVE the way this pushes and the ease of use to jog with it. My biggest complaint is the straps and the comfort of the seat for the kiddos. The straps are attached to the sea, and I think too far down in my opinion, and my 2 year old doesnt like to sit back and Ive had to put cushion for my 4 month old. 2 days after I received it I asked Albee baby if I could exchange it, before I even used it outside, but I never got a response back. If you are an avid jogger and/or need it for grass/dirt surfaces, this stroller is the way to go.
Prosease of pushing, ease of use for jogging
Consthe comfort of the seats for the kids, straps make it very uncomfortable
By Melissa
San Francisco, ca
April 1, 2013
Love it!!
I'm loving my Bob duallie revolution! These are brand new 2011 models if anyone is wondering.
By Jen
Jacksonville, FL
February 19, 2013
I love my BOB! I had tried a cheaper jogging stroller (not a BOB), but was extremely disappointed. I went ahead and splurged on the more expensive BOB stroller and I'm extremely happy with my choice. This stroller is easy to push and maneuver. I like that I have the option to lock the swivel wheel or not. Both of my children (2-1/2 years and 4 months) seem comfortable in it. I would recommend this stroller to anybody who enjoys exercising outside.
ProsIt fits both children comfortably and can hold more weight than some similar strollers, so I'll get a lot of use out of it.
ConsIt doesn't come equipped with the snack tray for the kids or the handlebar attachment for my water bottle/keys/phone. For the price of the stroller, I think these things should be included.
By Pat Dickinson
December 26, 2012
Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
I ordered this item for my son's twins. It was extremely easy to assemble and fold to place on top of his car. The twins are too small for a run at this time but I'm confident they nwill enjoy their ride. I was especially pleased with the speed of the com[pletion of my order especially at Christmas time.
ProsEase of storing on top of car
By cristina
wilmington, de
December 17, 2012
I previously had a front to back double stroller and hated it....i felt like i was driving a bus and really never used oldest was two and fine walking...we used the single stroller as needed for the youngest...when we welcomed our third, the new "middle" child had a huge issue with the baby using "her" stroller...we borrowed another stroller-a single BOB-from my sister to take on the beach one day--and fell in love! it is so easy to maneuver and the ride is so rather than having a fight break out over strollers, we sprung for a double BOB! best piece of baby gear we have ever purchased! well worth the money!
Prosso easy to assemble, smooth ride, off road capability
By Sarah
Austin TX
December 17, 2012
Finally got the Bob Dualie
Supernice ride for the 2 kiddos. Wish it come with cup holder for handlebar, kinda chintzy that it doesn't. But all in all this is very comfy for kids and me. Works great on our hike & bike trail. Wide for shopping but great for most activities.
By Dyn
December 16, 2012
Bob duallie stroller
This BOB stroller is very easy to maneuver. No problems with turning. I think the size is reasonable for a duallie stroller. It is expensive but worth the money.
ProsEase of use
By Jane
Los Angeles, CA
December 4, 2012
Great for our twins!!
I was hesitant in purchasing ANOTHER double stroller for our twins, since we had already dished out a significant amount for a stroller before they were born. We found that the first stroller we had purchased wasn't very practical for neighborhood walks. In hindsight and had we done more research, we would've purchased this item and foregone the other. Not lightweight, but which double stroller is, manuevers well, smooth ride. Have yet to try for running, since the twins are not age-appropriate, but all the feedback that I have gotten from friends, is positive. So far, my only negative feedback is that I had to purchase the handlebar console separately. Feed it should be standard with stroller considering the high price. Also, seats are not easily adjustable because of the straps, but I'm assuming this is for safety reasons.
ProsManeuvers well High quality Peekaboo windows Smooth ride
ConsNot lightweight Should include the handlebar console as part of the stroller purchase Seats do not recline very easily, adjusting straps takes a while
By Grandma Barby
San Diego, California
December 2, 2012
Double BOB Revolution Stroller
My daughter had the single BOB stroller and loved it but it became impractical when her second baby was born. We bought the double BOB for her along with the bar that allows for a baby seat to be used. The two year old loves the bar as there is a place for her drink and a small place for a toy. We bought the model with the swiveling front wheel and it is easier to push than the single BOB with the fixed wheel, even though the stroller is heavier. It is very wide and cannot fit in the door from the garage to the house but since the baby seat comes out easily and the older child can walk it is not a problem. The baby seat bar does not allow the double BOB to fit flat enough to fit in my daughters Camry trunk but the bar is easily removed so the double BOB fits in the trunk with the separated bar.
ProsIt is very easy to manuever even in tight spots. My daughter walks to the store and both children are "contained" while she shops.
ConsIt is wide and does not fit through some doorways and most small clothing aisles.
By Michelle
November 2, 2012
LOVE this stroller
After purchasing the City Mini double stroller and having it for a year, I sold it and put the money towards the bob duallie. I am SO happy I did it, and should have just gone for the Bob in the first place. It arrived today (2 days after ordering at a fantastic price!), I put it together, and instantly felt like running. It has the best steering/suspension out there, if you go "off roading" at all, even through a field in the park, it is worth having- so much easier to push. I'm very satisfied with the upgrades they made since I bought the single in '09 to the seats and windows are bigger. The only slight downside- with a thick hood on because it's getting cold, my 3 year old's head touches the top of the canopy. It seems like they put the seats just a smidge too high, so if you have a tall preschooler, this might not be right for you.
By OneLuckyMama
October 14, 2012
great stroller
I love this stroller. It makes running doable with 2 little ones. I only gave it 4 stars for these reasons: 1.Have to purchase separately items that should come with it- console, snack tray, etc. 2. It's hard to open and close- my single is not nearly this hard to open/close, maybe mine just needs a screw loosened or hinges oiled 3. Doesn't fit in the trunk of my car without having to take off the wheels 4. Price
ProsRides smooth Great jogging stroller Separate canopies Snack tray easy on/off
ConsPrice must purchase accessories separately hard to open/close doesn't fit in trunk
By Aprilcs11
Charlotte, NC
October 8, 2012
I truly wish I would of bought this stroller from beginning, but I insisted on a tandem double stroller first. This side by side double stroller manuevers around corners better than I anticipated and truly is worth the money. I enjoy walking/jogging in the neighborhood and shopping, and this stroller can make any experience with kids easier. This stroller holds everything you need for day trips out and about. I did purchase the tray, which I beleive makes the stroller. My kids can put their cups/snacks/toys on top. Perfect for entertaining them while riding. I also think it is helpful to purchase the handlebar cupholder/keys/ipod holder for your stuff as well.
ProsEase of use and ability to turn easily when front wheel is unlocked. Higher Weight Limit Ease of folding and unfolding
ConsIt would of been nice if the snack tray for kids would of been included instead of having to purchase it separate. Kinda bulky to put in car, but that is with any double stroller.
By Mindy
San Diego, CA
August 12, 2012
Active mom of two active boys
It's a little heavier than I expected. The stroller is super smooth and sturdy but be warned you may not fit through many doors. Great quality but with that quality comes the heavy frame. When people see me packing this stroller in the suv I will often receive offers to help me hoist it in. I can do it myself but I'm sure it looks funny because of my small size.
Prossmooth ride large seat for toddlers sturdy frame highly recommended for jogging or walking not for going to the doctors office or smaller stores because you won't fit
Consbulky and heavy
By Liz S.
Kansas City, MO
July 31, 2012
Amazing Stroller! A must for a mother of 2!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller. We had another double stroller before this one that we ended up selling. It was light weight, compact, but had smaller wheels. Strollers with smaller wheels don't allow you to go everywhere as a 3-wheeled stroller with larger wheels. I have been able to take this stroller everywhere and it is such a smooth ride. Our kids (3 years and 7 months) love the stroller too. I highly recommend the parent console and snack tray too! The basket underneath is so easy to access (much better than our old one). I have not had an issue with fitting through doorways either. It goes everywhere I go. You have to check out this stroller. You will not be disappointed!!!
By Sarah
Peoria, Illinois
July 30, 2012
I love this stroller
I live in the country and wanted something to be able to get around gravel/dirt roads easy. I have the Chicco Keyfit 30 system and it just wasn't cutting it out there. Don't get me wrong, I love my travel system but that stroller is best for the mall or zoo. So far I really like this BOB. I was pretty hesitant to spend the money but after looking into cheaper models this was the winner. Alot of cheaper models barely fit my small 3 yr old now and I will need it for 5 more years as I am expecting. I do feel for the price however that the parent tray and child tray should be included. I don't like paying out the nose for the name BOB but feel a little like I did. Great stroller but pricey. I definately plan on getting many years use out of this. Also I don't plan on taking this stroller anywhere. I know some reviews had issues with fitting in car etc. I have a tahoe and it would fold and fit in there just fine but I only plan on using this at home.
ProsPushes easy, tackles bumpy, gravely roads well
Consto expensive, parent tray and child tray not included
June 11, 2012
Love this stroller
I knew I wanted a BOB once I knew that number 2 was on the way. Several of my friends have BOBs so I had already test drove the older models. I love my BOB. It is super easy to push both on pavement and in the grass. It easily folds up and fits in the back of my Outback. I like that the seats have more support than the older models. My only complaint is that the sun shade seems a bit more flimsy that previous models. The frame on the older sun shades was made of metal and the frame on mine is made of plastic. It is pretty heavy but for a double stroller that can accommodate up to 100 pounds of children I would expect that.
By Amanda
May 30, 2012
Bob duallie
After reviewing many double strollers I chose the bob because it seemed to be able to do everything I needed. So far I am very happy with it. I have taken it on The trails and running. With a 32 lb toddler and a 15 lb. infant I can jog steering with one hand and dont notice the weight difference. It is Definatly a monster and would not go shopping with it. The storage is decent with back of seat pockets that are handy. I am a little disappointed with the seatback/ canopy height. My 2.5 yr old is bigger but not huge and I feel like his head is almost touching the canopy. Also for the money I feel like the way the seats recline and sit back up could be a little nicer/easier. I don't think the seat sits up enough. And one more thing...there is not much ventilation. I was hoping for some mesh or some opening when u recline the seats. There is a small opening where air can pass but not much. With all that said my kids love riding in it and it is a dream to push. I still have my old single jogger and if it put my son in it and push it around it feels so cheap and wobbly in comparison to the bob!
By Happs
May 28, 2012
Great stroller
We love this stroller. I only gave it 4 stars because it's a little bulky and cumbersome to fold.
By Jim in Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
May 16, 2012
Extremely well-designed!
My kids, my wife, and our nanny love this stroller - no sense buying a cheaper alternative if the main users do not care to use the equipment because it is too heavy or does not fold-up as compactly as possible. I highly recommend it if you can get past the cost, but I ALWAYS do a lot of research on purchases and this was the best and AlbeeBaby had it the least expensive of anyone on the Internet. Delivery was about average (I think around 4-5 days) and the cardboard box was a little banged-up, but I carefully examined all the contents before assembly and everything was fine. Instructions are not well laid-out, but if you have a modicum of mechanical common sense you'll be able to figure out how to put it together without them.
ProsThis is a great stroller and extremely well thought-out construction - whoever designed it put a lot of thought into the layout. Very lightweight and well-built, and folds-up compactly. Make sure to also buy the drink holder/pocket attachment made for this stroller - we keep keys, garage door openers, sunblock, mosquito repellant, cellphone, etc. here and it is invaluable.
ConsAll that technology and lightweight/compactness comes at a cost - it's on the pricey side for sure.
By Jill
Hudson Valley NY
May 14, 2012
Bob stroller - THE BEST
I went from a BOB Single to the BOB duallie and couldn't be happier. I was concerned about the width of the duallie and almost considered a mountain buggy. I am so glad I stayed with the BOB. The new 2011 version is great with its upgrades - better harness and better cushioning on the seats. We brought this down to FL with us and it was amazing on the beach. Running with it is just as good as the single. LOVE it! Also - the service from ALbee was awesome. Shipping was free and super quick:)
By Amber
Atascadero, CA
May 14, 2012
Just buy the really, now! :)
After months of trying to decide if this product was worth it- and all the mixed reviews for everything else, I got this on sale on Albee with Free Shipping and just went for it. I don't see how any other stroller could every match the way this thing rides. It's crazy that you can push it easily with one hand and spin it in any direction. I also ordered a joovy sit/stand for the smaller shopping days- but that thing is so heavy and hard to turn compared to the BOB. I'm sure I'll use it if I need to go where aisles are tight somewhere- but I plan on using the double BOB as much as possible instead. I can't say enough great things- so as my Title says "Just buy the BOB" you won't regret it!
ProsEverything. The way it turns, easy to get in and out of car. It's just awesome
By Joshua
San Luis Obispo, california
April 24, 2012
Great experience. Very satisfied.
I am very satisfied with my experience with albee baby. The stroller was exactly what we were looking for for a remarkable mark down in price. Shipping was also free and I received the product quickly. I am very impressed and will use this site again.
By Jess
April 17, 2012
Love this double just like i loved the single :)
By Bryan
San Diego
April 15, 2012
Great stroller
I was a little hesitant at first about getting the double bob since we already have a high end single stroller (non-jogger), but this stroller is worth every penny. Very well made and easy to use out of the box. It does take up quite a bit of space at home if not folded up. Taking it to the park on trails or sidewalk it is super smooth. Easy to maneuver through crowded amusement parks. I like the little landing area above the front wheel that my daughter uses as a step to get in the stroller herself. Wish it came with a cup holder instead of having to buy an add on, but that would be my only knock. I look forward to my Saturday morning jogs with my 2 girls now that I have this stroller!
ProsIncredible amount of features. It's like the Swiss army knife of strollers. I would recommend this stroller even if you only had one kid and aren't sure if you'll have another :)
ConsNo cup holder or storage around the handle area
By Ariana Feinberg
Santa Fe, NM
April 12, 2012
Double BOB Revolution
I have the single BOB Revolution, and love it, and love the Dualie just as much!! This one is cushier and much nicer, too, than my older model.
ProsWe live on a dirt road and it rides great over bumps and gravel/dirt. It's comfortable to push and easy to assemble and fold down to put in car.
ConsNothing, I love it!!
By Becca
San Diego, CA
April 11, 2012
Love it!
I have only had this stroller for a few weeks, but I love it. My only problem is the basket which already ripped. I don't store anything heavy under there so I blame it on the quality of the materials.
ProsEasy to push and collapse. Comfortable fo the kids!
ConsThe basket ripped already. Poor quality materials!
By Brett
west palm beach, fl
February 29, 2012
Great Purchase
We have two children and are a very active family so this stroller comes in handy all the time. We use it for jogging, cruising around town and for theme parks. The kids love it too because how comfortable the seats are and the extra pockets they get to put there own toys into.
By Elise
Nashville, Tennessee
February 13, 2012
This stroller is absolutely amazing. Unbelievably easy to push, fold, travel and run with. We will only ever buy BOB. ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE COST! :) Great features- storage, viewing windows, safety straps etc. Very safe and sturdy, but lightweight. Super smooth ride.
ProsEase of use Great to run / everyday use Not very wide for side by side Lightweight Variety of features
By Katie
Saylorsburg, PA
February 13, 2012
Love this stroller!
I was hesitant to spend the money as I have an infant and a three year old and was not sure how the older kiddo would take to the stroller. It is plenty roomy for the 3 year old and super comfortable for both, steers wonderfully (I've been using it in the swivel mode) when we walk on both paved and dirt road surfaces. This stroller has been my sanity saver this winter as I bundle both kids up and can get out for some fresh air and exercise instead of being cooped up inside. Well worth the money overall, but really it should the handlebar console included in the price. Haven't run with it yet, so can't comment on it in jogging mode at this point. Hoping to start running again soon.
By Monica Sedia
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
February 7, 2012
BOB Snob and I love it!
I opened the box, snapped the wheels on, strapped my girls in and off we went! It is so easy to steer even with one hand! It stows away in my Ford Focus' trunk fairly quick and is compact enough that we can even go to Costco for our monthly groceries and everything fits! My girls love the smooth ride. They both fall asleep all the time! I love that the five point harness straps do not irritate their sensitive skin at the neck. I can not say enough good things about this stroller! Don't hesitate to purchase!! I am a BOB snob, no doubt about that, but after one push down the street you too will become a BOB snob. I promise that this stroller is worth every penny!!
Prosits light weight fits through standard doorways folds down to be very compact (with wheels off) great steering capabilities option to lock front wheel while running rear wheel brake system dual sun shades all terrain wheels
By Gabrielle
Chicago, IL
February 3, 2012
Stroll with ease
I've been using the single Bob revolution for about a year and a half and love it! A lot of people don't like the giant wheels, but if you're planning on going for runs/walks on trails, in snow, etc, it's great - you can steer and push with such ease. I have used cheaper strollers and it is a lot more work and a pain to go over different surfaces. As for the double, I find it equally easy to push, albeit naturally a little bigger. It takes a little getting used to the extra width, and you definitely need a good amount of trunk space to fit this baby in the car. I also have not taken it into any stores or the mall. I had a hard enough time getting through doors with the single Bob so I'm sure it would be tough to maneuver this one through tight spots. But, for outdoor use, it's a great bet. Make sure you order a bar to hold an infant car seat (if you plan on using one with the stroller). It's not included.
ProsThe ease of use, the fact that I can take it seemingly anywhere outside and it moves smoothly.
ConsThe width and size. I have a large trunk in my car and it still takes up most of the space. It's also super wide, so it would be hard to take into stores. Feels a little like driving a mini-van when you've been used to a compact car.
By Dawn
Atlanta, ga
January 30, 2012
Best double jogger
I am so happy with this stroller. They have updated the bob since I bought my single, and my double feels lighter than the single! Very lightweight and super easy to push. Also love that each seat has a separate visor. definitely worth the money!
By Kyle
Tucson, AZ
January 27, 2012
Actually Worth the Ridiculous Price
This is our third stroller and cost significantly more than the other two combined. That being said it is a real piece of machinery - well-engineered covers, incredibly smooth and maneuverable ride, extremely well balanced even with a kid on only one side, narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway, folds small enough to squish into the boot of a Honda Fit. Definitely a case of "you get what you pay for".
ProsSmooth Ride Excellent Balance Extended Covers
By Phil Howard
san antonio, tx
January 17, 2012
Taking my granddaughter for walks.
Have been using to take our granddaughter for walks. Easy to use going down or up hill.
ProsSo easy to push and store. Light weight but very sturdy.
By Janice
New Smyrna Beach, FL
January 9, 2012
Great double stroller
I bought this double stroller for my daughter when she was expecting her second child. She already had a BOB stroller and wanted the double BOB. My grandson is only five weeks old and they have used this stroller so many times. It is very comfortable and it pushes and turns so easily. I highly recommend this stroller.
By corrie
atlanta ga
December 29, 2011
love it
I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. We got the stroller when my little one was just over a week. We absolutely love it. My 2year old loves as well. I have friends that tell me how their kids don't want to sit in the stroller....well, mine loves getting in and staying there. He does not mind being in the stroller even at the mall. I was surprised to find that I was able to fit in most stores (I've read so many reviews with people advising not to take the stroller at the mall).
ProsStorage the height (I'm 5'6" & my husband is 6'1") suspension. (I can rock the little one back to sleep) how easy it is to handle
ConsI have to take the back wheels off to fit it in my candy. So its big!
By Kakdyoung
December 6, 2011
Would buy it again
The stroller itself is wonderful. It's durable, easy to maneuver and fits through standard doorways! I'm giving it 4 stars because it is so heavy and for the money it should come with the adapter console/bar and car seat adapter. Or at least a cup holder!
By Mom of twins
December 5, 2011
Must Have Stroller!
We have twins, and love to run with them, needless to say, this is the best stroller yet! Light weight, great easy features and the snack tray clicks in and out so easy. Albee has the best customer service, and the delivery was quick from the east coast to the west coast! My twins now ask to go running in MR. BOB! Thank you Bob, and Albee baby!
By Marily
San Francisco, CA
December 4, 2011
Love my duallie!
It doesn't fold up as compact as I had hoped but I love everything else about it!
By Cristy
San Antonio, TX
July 7, 2011
Excellent workout buddy!
I admit I am a "BOB Snob" mom, but for very good reasons. I first owned a BOB Revolution single that I bought back in 2008 for my first daughter. When we found out we were having another baby, I knew I would be getting the duallie. I love it! It is an awesome stroller for our walks/hikes. It makes me want to get out there and enjoy our neighborhood, nature trails, beaches, etc. It really is easy to push and a dream to steer. My two kids (ages 2 3/4 and 10 months) love it! They often fall asleep in it during our walks/jogs. It is an awesome all terrain stroller, it goes over practically anything very easily. If you need more of a jog/run the front wheel locks. The only issue we have is that it is a bit wide for use in shopping malls, stores. I have another stroller for those situations. Also, sometimes like at the zoo or Sea World, my older daughter likes to get out so we use a stroller-and-a-half model for those times. This is the one stroller that gets the most use, almost on a daily basis since we love to get out for exercise.
ProsSteering Light weight Makes workouts easy Keeps the kids comfortable
ConsWidth Bulky when folded for transport

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