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By Yolanda
Yonkers NY
We absolutely love this! ❤️❤️❤️
August 12, 2020
Ordering was simple and the price was affordable. Delivery came a day early and assembly was quick and easy. This stroller is AWESOME! The ride was so smooth and my 2 yes old LOVES the parent facing position. It’s comfortable, sturdy easy to operate. I love that it reclines pretty much flat in with front-facing or parent-facing position and the huge hood is absolutely delightful. Covers baby completely in any position. Definitely highly recommend this brand and product Going to gift one to my nephew who’s expecting soon! Recommendations: simplify folding options
ProsReversible seat Large hood
ConsIt takes work to fold
Best Uses3rd stroller, 2nd umbrella stroller- It?s the only one I use now!
By Diana
Perfect for grandmas house
August 5, 2020
Love it! We purchased this stroller as a second for grandparents home... use it for infant now when we are not near the crib or the baby just doesn’t want to be held all day when outback poolside. Rolls well, love the reversible positions and head incline options. Only comment would be the handles are slightly turned inward making it a tad narrow when placing baby in or out but still well worth the money!
By Marlene
Richfield, MN
Easy to put together, easy to use.
July 3, 2020
This certainly is worth the dollar amount we paid for it. Well made, rolls easy, even in grass, light weight so easy to carry when not in use. The storage compartment is small under the seat and a little hard to get to, but when we don't use the lay down feature, there is room behind the seat.
By Julie Z.
Baby Jogger
June 28, 2020
Was thrilled to get such a great stroller for this price! I wanted a bit sturdier for long walks but didn't want anything too heavy so I could travel with it. This does the trick perfectly & with a great gender neutral color.
By peimin
Washington dc
good and comforrable
June 27, 2020
good and comfortable
By Britny
brookhaven, ms
Best travel stroller
June 19, 2020
This is the best stroller for travel and airports!
By Jillian
New Hampshire
June 4, 2020
So glad I purchased this stroller! Having the option for reversible facing has been amazing! Color is wicked nice too! Not overly bright and can definitely be gender neutral!
By Toni
Queens, NY
Roomy and comfortable for baby
May 30, 2020
Roomy for baby. Allows more room to lay down. Not as easy to close as most umbrella strollers.
By Jackie
Vue lite stroller
May 22, 2020
I bought this stroller thought a compact stroller would be convenient. Its was on sale and for the price it is well worth it. The only complaint is folding it, one of the mechanisms gets stuck and its kind of annoying. Other than that its a great little stroller.
ProsVery large canopy. Baby can face you or face foward.
ConsDoesnt close so easily.
By Ashley
St. Louis MO
Fantastic stroller with some silly flaws
May 16, 2020
I bought this stroller as a second to my 3 wheeled jogging stroller that is quite bulky. I needed a more compact stroller, as we travel quite often for older children's athletics and spend countless hours at the ball fields or in gyms, but one that would still be sturdy and comfortable. This far it has met those expectations and for the price, it's an easy sell. The canopy is large and easily shades the entire stroller, which is incredibly helpful for those sunny days spent at the ball fields. Naps are a breeze in this stroller with both forward and rear facing options. My only real complaint is opening and closing. It's difficult to do, and maybe I'm missing something, or possibly because it's relatively new and not broken in yet, but it's a handed job for sure. Overall, I can't complain. Definitely satisfied with this stroller.
ProsLarge canopy. Forward and rear facing options. Tall handles. Maneuvers easily with one hand. And tge recline options are great.
ConsOpening and closing are definitely tricky!
By Lyndsay
Great Stroller
May 10, 2020
Great stroller! Fits my 2.5 and 7 month old too!!
By Ellie
Great umbrella stroller
May 2, 2020
Love the versatility of this stroller!
By Ellie
Great umbrella stroller
May 2, 2020
Love that this stroller is parent and world facing. Perfect for our baby while traveling.
ProsParent facing World facing Lightweight
By Alison
Great Multi-use Stroller
April 23, 2020
So far this stroller is what We were looking for to get us to and from simple distances. The handles are tall (maybe a little too tall for me at 5’5”), and seems to roll through town navigating the streets to sidewalks. We walk into town with the sunshine behind us, reposition toddler in the other side of the stroller on the way back so son is not in his eyes. Stroller pushes better then some, but does not glide. The two was design is a brilliant design. The leg room from back of seat to end of stroller is perfect for my toddler- not sure it would be enough for a big kid. The storage under is difficult to get to, but will hold a couple diapers, snack, water bottle and a change of clothes for baby.
Pros-Reclines -Has a brake -Child can ride forward or facing you
Cons-Tall handles -Break scuffs the tor of my shoes when unlocking
By Angela
Memphis, TN
April 4, 2020
Nice stroller-- however it is difficult to unfold and fold up. I'm hoping it's just because it's new. Versatile and baby fits well in it.
ProsFront facing and rear facing
ConsHard to unfold and fold up
By Becca
Seattle, Washington
Nice stroller!
March 26, 2020
So far we really like the stroller. The way it folds takes some getting used to and we are hoping the seat back holds up over time and use. The stroller was very easy to put together. It’s a really fun color and seems comfy for my 1 1/2 year old. Excited to use it more and love how compact it is for keeping in our vehicle.
ProsCompact Lightweight Easy to use Comfortable
ConsClosing the stroller takes getting used to. It is a two hand kind of job. The storage is pretty small and can be a little tricky to get into.
Best UsesIt would be great in most places.
By Jacqulyn H.
Exactly as described
February 29, 2020
It was much eAsier to put together. Love how solid it feels. I wish there had been a bit more padding in back rest but that the only slight issue. All in all I love it. It will be going on it’s first trip soon.
By Michelle
Convenient with a few technical issues
February 22, 2020
Love the size, rear facing option, adjustable footrest in rear facing, handle height for tall parents, large canopy, and ease of pushing. There are a few things I don't love. Right out of the box, the canopy is difficult to tell which way to attach it, and yes, it matters. It's also very difficult to force to clip on. Once that's tackled it becomes apparent that the tight packaging puts so much pressure on the canopy with how it's folded and crammed inside, that the shape is distorted and leans to one side. Some heavy handed bending and squeezing in the needed places can bring the shape somewhat back to center but the problem is still visible. This stroller is very difficult to open and close. Opening takes a lot of force, and closing additionally requires a second step. Neither of these operations is a one handed task. This is definitely the most difficult to operate stroller I've ever used, and that's speaking from 5 of my own kids and 18 years of home childcare. There have been many strollers to compare to. From baby's comfort standpoint, the straps are initially set at the largest possible setting, which uses all the slack and makes the initial sizing adjustments difficult and time consuming because the clips are attached with the double through strap configuration. Once baby is in and secure, the angle of the back rest only comes up as far as semi reclined. For older babies, over a year maybe, this may not be an issue because they can pull themselves forward to sit up without the backrest. And for very young babies that prefer to lay down this won't be a problem either. However, for babies in that middle zone, maybe 4 months to 1 year, that would like to sit up and look around, but can't yet support themselves with the stroller movement and bumps, this forces them to balance on their tailbone while their hips slump out from under them. This is not a sound sitting position and time spent sitting like this should be limited to very short sessions. There is also no padding under the seat. So as baby gets wider, their. Hips and outer thighs will be sitting directly on the bars of the frams that run under the seat. My baby is too small for this to be a problem yet, but I expect it will require some kind of additional padding at some point. Another place where baby's comfort is affected is the shoulder straps. They are set close together, which is perfect for little babies. However the material chosen is extremely abrasive. In the rear facing position, this has been addressed with shoulder pads. They work fine. However, in the forward facing position there are no pads and in order to move the pads from the back, the entire strap system has to be disassembled. This is not an easy task in this stroller and the issue could've been addressed by making the supplied covers removable by Velcro or snap. My 8 month old baby seated in the forward facing seat sustained significant friction burns on his neck from these straps. Additional strap covers will have to be purchased to make this seat usable. The basket is very small and only accessable from the front. This works for a diaper, a pack of wipes, and a water bottle, but isn't going to fit a diaper bag, not even a small one. When folding there a few issues. In addition to the force and second step needed to fold, the fabric from the sides gets caught up in the latch, preventing it from locking into place without extra deatil work. Also, if you fold it forward in itself instead of lifting the front wheels up with your other hand, the canopy and top of the front seat will press all the way into the ground. This gets dirt, mud, parking lot much, whatever, right where baby puts their head. Also be aware that this stroller folds into a wide v shape, not flat. So it requires an awkward amount of space in the trunk. Also worth noting, although minor, the brakes work a little oddly. Instead of being a step on, lift off procedure, these are a step in, kick off. You need to firmly kick the top of the lever forward to release the brakes. In closed toed shoes this is no problem, but if you wear sandles or flip flops often it will take some practice to figure out how you can kick this release hard enough to operate it without jamming your toes. Overall this stroller is just fine for quick trips from the car to pick up other kids from school, maybe a walk around the block, a brief shop through a department store, etc. This is not going to be your main stroller, one that you'll use for long walks, grocery shopping, a day trip to the mall, or a place for baby to sit through a siblings sports game. And be prepared to make additional purchases to make this seat comfortable for baby, including additional strap covers and seat padding.
ProsInexpensive, lightweight, front and rear facing, near-flat recline option, tall handles, large canopy
ConsPackaging damages product, abrasive straps, difficult to assemble, difficult to adjust straps, poor seat padding, difficult brake release, difficult to open, difficult to close, difficult to latch shut, small basket, basket access only at front, no fully vertical back rest position, folds to awkward shape
Best UsesQuick trips, short walks, babies under 4 months, babies over 1 year
By Lauren
Richland Center, Wisconsin
Great Umbrella Stroller!
February 17, 2020
This is a great little umbrella stroller, and the parent facing mode with a click of a button is genius! The canopy is HUGE, and the footrest is moveable so my son can nap comfortably. My only complaint is that it’s hard to fold and unfold, and if you have anything hanging from the handles, it will tip over once you remove your child. So my parent console with my coffee, and water in it spilled everywhere when I removed my son. Other than that, no complaints! Especially for the price!
ProsLightweight, parent facing, front facing, huge canopy, easy push, looks nice, extendable footrest.
ConsHard to fold, hard to unfold.
Best UsesTravel, car stroller, shopping.
By Dawn
Baby jogger
January 29, 2020
This actually a very very nice stroller the only reason I’m giving it av4 stars is for two reasons 1 it is very difficult to open. And 2 the straps for buckling in baby have loose straps after adjusting them and there’s no where to put them safely. Thy part is very disappointing for the money though you won’t find a better made stroller
By Serina
Lawton, Michigan
Lightweight and Versatile
December 6, 2019
This is one of the only umbrella strollers made that can parent-face, and that is a huge benefit. I love the ENORMOUS canopy that keeps your little one protected from the sun and also allows older toddlers to hide in their own little cave.
ProsHuge canopy, reversible, umbrella fold, adjustable footrest when parent-facing
ConsSlightly heavy for an umbrella stroller, no adjustable footrest when forward-facing
Best UsesTravel
By Vicki
Nice stroller
September 21, 2019
The stroller is very well made. It is very hard to open and close. It is not very compact. It has a lot of great features.
ProsComfortable. Easy to push. Well made.
ConsPain to open and close. Not compact. Takes up a lot of space.
Best UsesShopping. Not a good choice to use outside.
By Mia P.
Lakewood, Ca
Love this stroller
August 18, 2019
The color is a really nice red. It is light weight as described. Overall, a good purchase.
ProsLight weight, large sunshade, front or back facing seat, fairly easy to assemble
ConsCan be difficult to open and close the stroller
By Qing
Fremont, California
Good product
August 13, 2019
Most of it is good. Only it is too narrow for toddler.
By Amy
Worcester, Massachusetts
Great little Stroller
August 13, 2019
I bought this stroller solely for the fact that you could face it outward or towards you. It was lightweight and quite durable. Happy with my purchase and I would recommend to others
By Carolyn
Pasco, Washington
Light weight and reversible !
August 4, 2019
My Daughter so far loves this stroller. We put it together, which was easy. We tried forward and the reversible position, which was fine, but the canopy was difficult to figure out. We watched a utube video to figure it out. It’s very nice to have the baby facing the adult.
Best UsesLight weight
By Kathleen
San Diego, CA
Perfect Umbrella Stroller for Infant
July 31, 2019
There aren't any travel strollers that are good for infants, but this one is perfect! Our baby is not even 4 months and he loves it. Great for the airport or just neighborhood walks. It's definitely a bit hard to fold, but still worth it!
By Jessie
Baby Stroller
July 23, 2019
I like the back and forward seating setting.
ProsIt?s good for traveling.
By Paula T.
Great reversible lightweight stroller
July 23, 2019
My baby loves the reversible option, its great to take a nap. Light weight and easy to move.
By Michelle
Chatham TownshipC, New Jersey
A reversible lightweight stroller
July 11, 2019
I ordered it since my previous umbrella stroller is very hard to push and change direction. I quickly set it up and this stroller is light and very easy to move around. I feel that I won't need the seat to face backward since I mostly use it for kid not infant. It took me a while to figure out how to unfold it. You need to step on a switch on the back frame which is not very obvious to me until I watched youtube vide. Overall, it is a lightweight umbrella stroller with nice maneuverability and can be brought to airplane.
By Molly
Belmont, California
Great Umbrella Stroller
July 2, 2019
So excited to have found this Vue Lite Stroller since it was discontinued recently. I was looking for a quality umbrella stroller to have on hand when it didn't want to use my everyday stroller. While this is a bit heavier than most umbrella strollers, I do love that I can switch my baby to be front facing or rear facing. Fabulous price for a great stroller!
By Jing
Odenton, MD
Good backup stroller
June 26, 2019
This has become our backup stroller. We used it even inside the house. My son is about 5 months old and he loves to take a nap in it during the day. However, it’s not very easy to fold together and pack away like the baby jogger mini city. Overall, we likes it quite a lot, especially considering how affordable this is.
ProsBaby loves it Two positions
ConsHard to fold together
By Josh B.
Pretty good
June 17, 2019
Great except for the canopy, which I can live with since it’s just an umbrella stroller
ProsParents facing mode
ConsHorrible canopy but it?s large so it?ll work.
Best UsesTravel, restaurants and shops
By K K.
very versatile
May 16, 2019
Love the sturdiness and the ability to have baby facing forward or facing the pusher of carriage. It is well built the reason for 4 stars is because the hood is difficult to put on.
ProsNice size versatility good height on handles locking wheels adjustable back and foot rest for baby
ConsMy concern is with the 1 year guarantee, because was manufactured in 2014. If it's brand new why doesn't it still have a 5 year guarantee? If there was no use of the product it should still have 5 years worth of service.
Best UsesCarting baby comfortably
Hard to fold
May 12, 2019
I wouldn’t have bought this stroller again. It’s extremely hard to fold/unfold. Not worth the struggle. The positive is it has a very large sum canopy (why I purchased it). Our main stroller is by the same brand - the city select - which we love. Also wished it had a larger and easier to access basket underneath to hold items.
ProsGreat sun canopy Less weight than some of baby joggers other strollers
ConsHard to fold Very small basket underneath
By Lauren
Ft lauderdale, FL
Great umbrella stroller
April 24, 2019
This stroller is an incredible price for a premium stroller. It is very lightweight and maneuvers well. It folds a little bit differently but, once you get the hang of that you are good to go. The basket is a tad hard to access but, comparatively it serves its purpose.
By Jennifer
East wenatchee, Washington
3rd time’s a charm
April 13, 2019
after three different strollers, we found this one to be the perfect overall. We love how it flips the seat to a forward or reverse facing with just a pull of a lever. It lies almost completely flat, which is also a bonus for a sleeping infant. And did I mention that the canopy is HUGE? Fold up easy and even has a nice little spot to put your purse when the seat is in forward facing position. Only one con and that is that is took us quite a bit of time to figure out how to fully use this. Not too much of an issue though, thanks to YouTube!
By Kate
best Parent (rear) facing umbrella stroller option
March 13, 2019
There is no "perfect" stroller... just one that is "best" (checks most boxes) for each family/individual. we own a nice (Thule) jogging stroller which is a must due to moderately frequent fitness, and environment (rural gravel/dirt driveway). However for traveling, navigating cities, a long jogging stroller (even if not heavy) doesn't work well. Thus my search for a lightweight or umbrella stroller began. Our child was just over a year when we needed such an option and as much as I love the Thule Urban Glide ---it, and all other off-road/all-terrain jogging stroller options do NOT offer a rear-facing/parent-facing option (very disappointing!). Many friends have/love the City Select so I knew the Baby Jogger brand. The Vue is one of very few (short of buying another full size stroller like Ergobaby 180 or 2018 (redesigned) Baby Jogger City Tour Lux) umbrella strollers offering a rear-facing/parent facing option. Basically it came down to this or Urbini Reversi (sold only online at Walmart) which I wasn't sure quality wise would hold up (and also wouldn't fold in rear/parent facing mode). Even with the known flaws (basket size & accessibility) and unknown (folding nightmare) - being that the cost is currently (2019) equal btwn the 2 options I had narrowed down to, I still think this was the better choice for us.
Pros(1) lightweight. (2) really fantastic (large!) sun canopy (3) rear/parent facing mode is awesome! very "nap" friendly (4) easy to navigate (5) small footprint/size (6) neutral colors (more than just black/grey) without obnoxious characters. (7) easy break (though can be a pain on stairs)
Cons(1) Folding is HARD. it's not easy and it's also NOT COMPACT. and doesn't self stand (2) forward facing is a VERY SHORT seat (i.e. may not work for many older kids in strollers (3+) (3) basket is small and somewhat difficult to access...but I was aware/knew and okay with when purchased. (4) no cup holder (parent or child) (5) I wouldnt expect this of ANY umbrella stroller but worth noting that handlebars are NOT adjustable. it does comfortably fit many people though ranging from 5'3" - 6'3", without having to stoop.
Best Usescity terrain - sidewalks, etc. short trips into stores, museums, etc. crowded areas (malls) traveling
By Kimoon
College station, Texas
March 4, 2019
This stroller I ordered is really great for my kid. Very light and easy controllable.
ProsBoth sides available
By Chenny
Downey CA
Stady but it so hard to open and close
February 27, 2019
The stroller is good and fit my son that have a big and tall body. But it is so hard for us to open and close it.
MIAMI, Florida
February 18, 2019
By Esmeralda
San Diego, CA
Great convertible stroller!
February 2, 2019
I was looking for a compact easy to use stroller for my 6 month old boy. This one is a winner!
ProsDual front and rear facing
ConsOpening and closing takes practice
By Daniele G.
Overland Park, Kansas
Great stroller
January 24, 2019
Great stroller.... light weight... bought it for our family cruise, we love baby jogger products
By Jessica
Nice stroller
January 14, 2019
I haven’t messed with this too much but it seems like a durable stroller which is what we were concerned about when buying one. My daughter is already 18mo so the two sets of straps and ability to reverse really does nothing for us but I am sure it would have come in handy for a smaller baby.
ProsDurable handles well big suns shade
ConsA little bulky because of the two sets of straps and two footrests.
By Anna
El Paso Tx
Nice & functionali
January 12, 2019
I bought baby jogger vue lite stroller and its perfect but not only the stroller also the price, fast service and shipping from Albee baby thank you !
By Chelsea
Redding, CA
Just buy it
January 12, 2019
I wavered about buying this because it’s discontinued so I figured it was lacking. Nope! This is a great stroller. Other reviews give a lot of info, only thing I couldn’t find was this- yes! You can fold it with the seat reversed! Woohoo.
By Emily
Very Good quality
November 18, 2018
The stroller is very light. It's easy for moms when they hangout with friends. It's my spare stroller, especially for traveling, because the weight is light. I usually change the seat pad for my little son when he wants to nap. But the storage room is not big enough.
Proslight, convenient, reversible Seat
ConsNot easy to fold below storage is not big
By John
Los Angeles, CA
Light, strong, and affordable
October 25, 2018
We have been using Baby Jogger City Select and this is a nice option when we don't need the bigger option. It's easy to manage and works well for our toddler.
By Elizabeth
Windermere, Florida
October 19, 2018
Its amazing , compact and lightweigth
By Sora
Seattle, Washington
Lightweight stroller great for a toddler
October 9, 2018
This stroller is great to throw back in your trunk. Very light weight, easy to assemble, and also easy to fold/unfold. Only downside is literally no storage options... The basket is incredibly small
By Jennifer
Livermore, CA
Great compact stroller
September 23, 2018
I have a 2 year old and was done with lugging around the big fancy stroller. I just needed something easy to toss in the trunk and that she could hop in and out of as she got tired. This stroller has a nice little area to stash your purse and things. The seat changes directions and has a huge canopy. Just what I was looking for.
By Ningynancy
Bought this twice
September 6, 2018
I purchased this stroller a year ago for my daughter. It’s handeling and ease of use was amazing! Folds, and switches front or rear facing with ease! She moves to Texas and I purchased a second one for my other daughter. You won’t be disappointed! I have used many strollers and they were all complicated in folding and switching seat positions. This one is by far the easiest and is holds up well!
ProsEase of use
By iay
i love it
September 5, 2018
it flexible to flip to both side :)
By KarlA
El Paso Texas
Super recommended
September 1, 2018
Love it. Reversible
By Jim
Minneapolis MN
First Grandson
August 10, 2018
We bought the Baby Jogger so we would have a stroller when he was at our house. Decided on this stroller based on the price and it’s versatility. The ability to switch the seat from forward to backwards will be a great feature once our grandson gets a little older. Overall the function of the stroller is pretty good. It is a little difficult to fold vs. unfolding, but overall functionality is good.
ProsBeing able to switch the seat forward and backwards is a plus!
ConsWhen I went to register the stroller I discovered it was manufactured in 2015. Their recommended useful life of the stroller is 2020 or 2021. Am I supposed to just throw it away in two years?
By denise
new york, New York
great stroller
June 19, 2018
brought this stroller for my grand daughter because my friend had one. Love the dual facing seat. easy to manuver
Prosbirth to 1year and older
By Linsey
North Dakota
June 10, 2018
Not our main stroller, we have a city select lux. But this is a nice one to throw in the car for quick trips
By Jenny e.
Very nice stroller
May 30, 2018
My toddler loves it very comfortable easy to move around and fold I would recommend this
By BJ B.
Mobile AL
Great stroller except for
April 20, 2018
I love the stroller. My only complaint is not enough storage.
By Robyntos
North Carolina
Overall great stroller with one con
April 5, 2018
Great stroller but the only con is the break. It seems hard to undo once its been activated. I'm unsure if it just needs time to break it in or it was made that way. Other than that it is a great stroller.
ProsLight Weight Reversable seat Large canopy Can be used from newborn up to 50lbs Lockable front wheels Adjustable leg rest Easy fold
ConsHard to undo break once activated Hard to access basket No peekaboo window
By Joan
houston texas
Quality product
April 5, 2018
Very quality and affordable stroller although i purchased it when it was on sales of about 50percent off
By Natalia S.
Whitestone, NY
Good Umbrella Stroller!!
March 28, 2018
Good stable body, light enough to carry, and love the switching to both sides!
By Lana
San Diego, California
Love this stroller
March 18, 2018
I love this great find. Really excited to have it be able face both ways and be light enough to be quickly thrown into the car.
ProsGreat canopy Excellent padding Good steering with one hand
Very Comfortable, Great Quality
March 7, 2018
Purchased for my 3'2", 32lb, 4 year old for some trips this summer. It's basically a better quality umbrella stroller and fits him well. We love the weight limit. Doesn't fold up all that flat, but still more compact than most. Rolls easy and smooth. Yes, the under storage basket is small like others mentioned, but would still fit a smaller bag or diapers and wipes. Nice that it has velcro access to storage in the front under child's feet. Also, if you're using forward facing and don't need to lay the seat down there is plenty of room for a bag between the rear seat position and foot rest that flips up and down. Only con is the locking mechanism when stroller is folded seems ineffective.
ProsWeight limit Rolls smooth Seat fabric is machine washable Adjustable rear footwell Huge canopy that's UV50+
ConsAuto lock seems ineffective Smaller basket
Best UsesTheme parks, day trips
By GrammyT
Great Deal
December 8, 2017
Love this stroller. Got for when my grandson comes to visit. Compact and gives options for baby to face toward you as a baby then allows toddler to look forward as he gets older by just flipping the seat. My kids have a big stroller that is great but loved mine so much for the compact and light weight that I got them one for quick trips. They love it.
Proslight weight, compact
ConsI have trouble closing it up...only due to arthritis issues but my kids have no problems using it.
Best Usesquick trips and walks
By Nazmis
Fairfield, CT
Great lightweight stroller
December 6, 2017
This is exactly what I was looking for in a stroller. Its lightweight (weighs only 15 lbs) and folds up easily and quickly. You can adjust the seat so baby faces you or gets to see where you are going and it adjusts from upright to reclining. The canopy is large so baby is protected from the sun. The wheels can rotate in all directions but can also be locked in a forward position. I highly recommend this stroller.
ProsLightweight Seat can face in either direction Large canopy Comfortable handles Great for travel
ConsSmall basket underneath stroller doesn√Ę‚‚¨‚"Ęt hold much
Best UsesEveryday stroller Travel
By Erin
Parker, CO
Great Travel Stroller
September 24, 2017
We purchased the stroller to travel with through airports and in Disneyland. It was easy to do both - gate checking the stroller was easy, especially with the quick fold. We were able to navigate the different surfaces of Disneyland with ease, and the reversible seat, which allowed our toddler to nap nearly fully reclined, was a plus. Storage is ample for a stroller of this type, and the handles make it comfortable to steer.
By Cindy m.
Montgomery TX
Great stroller for the price
September 17, 2017
Great stroller for the price
ConsHard to unfold and fold up for storage
By Kyungah
San Jose, California
great deal
September 1, 2017
We were looking for a compact stroller for our 2month and this did for it. Of course there are many products better than this, however in cost wise the baby jogger vue lite would be very good solution with the features.
Prosworking for new born, light weight, cost effective, good handling, convenient canopy, simple convert for positions
Consnot conpact fold, easily dirty canopy from folding
By Shell
Moves nicely
July 9, 2017
Love the color, easy to push. The only problem is the basket is so small doesn't really fit anything. Also at first had a hard time closing just make sure the seat is pushed forward when closing.
By Dee
San Jose, California
Love it!
June 9, 2017
I love that it can be forward as well as parent facing. It's amazing for when my daughter wants to still interact with me or my mom. It was so worth the price! She seems to love it as well. It reclines nicely too. Perfect for naps at the mall or around the block. I would buy this stroller again in a heartbeat!
ConsSmall basket. It's kinda heavy.
By Malika
Very good stroller
May 4, 2017
Very good quality for this price. Comfortable for babies' sleeping.
By Jessica
Exactly what it advertises!
April 26, 2017
Love this stroller! I got it for the reversible seating and the weight limit. I have a 40 pound toddler and a 10 month old and I can use it for either one!
By Katherine123
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Lots left to be desired
April 4, 2017
I bought this stroller over a year ago to be my travel stroller as I was tired of putting my big stroller in and out of the car. Big mistake...I barely use it and still lug the big stroller 9 out 10 times anyways. My biggest complaint is that it is not easy to fold and I ended breaking the clip that holds it together when collapsed out of frustration (by accident) when trying to get it in my car. Second frustration is the is all bent and wonky from when it is collapsed. When I open it the canopy is bent and floppy. Still does the job but looks ridiculous. Lastly, no matter what I tried my 1 year old would slide down in the seat. Never had that problem in other strollers. I would not buy it again and pretty disappointed considering the price tag. Only thing I like is the height as we are tall people.
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By Rikke
Orlando, Florida
March 13, 2017
Good stroller for traveling. Doesn't fold as flat as I was hoping. Worked well on our recent trip.
By Aku p.
Macon, GA, United States
March 8, 2017
I bought this stroller last month and it's so good but need more space for diperbag to hold stuff..
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By luvmykids
Leesburg, VA, United States
Worse stroller ever
February 9, 2017
I purchased this stroller 3 years ago. I did a lot of research and what sold me was the reverse seat feature. This stroller has been a nightmare. The reverse feature is awkward because the distance between the two handle bars is tight which makes it difficult to put baby in and take out. The seat never stays in place. It would always recline back. The worse part is closing and opening the stroller. It is very difficult. It takes several tries to fold the stroller. Some days I'd just put the stroller as is because it wouldn't close. The handle bar completely broke off after trying to fold the stroller. Unfortunately the warranty has expired. I really wish I would of addressed the issues sooner. Hopefully the current model is better. Test the product first before you purchase this stroller.
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By puremama
Super smooth ride
September 18, 2016
The stroller is very durable and it's high-quality - we really like going for long walks and we walk frequently and it is held up nicely for all of the walking we've done. I would highly recommend the stroller if you want a smooth and comfortable ride for you and your child. The canopy has really nice coverage. The storage basket is a decent size, nothing too big. I'm very happy with it overall.
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By MomOfTwo
Omaha, NE, United States
Great stroller!
September 14, 2016
I bought this about a year ago at target when it was offered as a stroller+car seat combo (babyjogger Vue lite travel system). Although we had to send back the car seat due to recall which we would have liked a voucher for the new city go, we were able to keep the stroller. I loved that the carseat attached to the stroller! It was a versatile option for us as baby grew. Both were very comfortable for our son and lightweight! Our son was comfortable sleeping in the stroller facing us and as he grew we had the option of facing him forward. I never had to worry about sunburn as the canopy is extremely big offering lots of coverage! The stroller is narrow, easy to maneuver and very lightweight. I definitely reccomend this stroller!
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By Beatka
Chicago, IL, United States
Love the reversible seat feature!
September 10, 2016
I was in need of replacing my old umbrella stroller I used with my first born son. Since my 2nd son loved his pram so much, the reversible feature on the Vue Lite is perfect. He now is too big to fit the pram I used on another baby jogger stroller but if Vue lite is placed in parent facing mode with full recline it's almost like his pram ride. I plan on using parent facing until he is 1 year old. Easy to switch from forward to parent facing. I love the umbrella fold feature, very compact and doesn't take up so much room in my trunk. I drive of sedan for reference. Heavier than a typical cheap umbrella stroller but about 50% less weight then my stroller. I use it when I have a quick errand to run and don't want to lug the heavier stroller. Good for shopping mall use and indoor use and great for light outdoor with level smooth surface like sidewalks or blacktop. Cup holder good to hold baby sipper or a standard water bottle. Basket on the bottom is small, but will hold a diaper changing kit or some small baby toys easily. However need to access the basket via the side and not rear of the stroller. The zippers allow for easy loading of items into the basket. Love this "high end" umbrella stroller.
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By Lmarie1690
Best lightweight stroller ever
September 8, 2016
I have the Summit X3 and needed something smaller and lightweight for quick trips and shopping trips. I wanted something that would parent face for naps and to avoid the sun, but also have the option for my toddler to see the world around her. Here's what I love: it is light, easy to swap from parent to world facing, can be pushed by my husband and me comfortably (he is 5'11 and I am 5'1), and my daughter sleeps in it. The only strollers she will nap in have the Baby Jogger logo on it. Any other stroller, she fights to get out of. Its fairly easy to push with one hand. The only thing I don't like, is the basket. The dual seat covers the basket and makes it hard to go through it when a 30 pound child is sitting in either side of the seat. I haven't used it much instead, I bought stroller bags to make storing stuff easier for me. I would recommend this stroller to anyone whom will be around children under 6. Can be used from newborn and up.
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By Agentxt
Jersey City, NJ, United States
Throw it away!
April 19, 2016
The vuelite was perhaps the single most frustrating part of my first months of parenthood. I wish I could turn back time and go with another stroller. Right from the start, the system failed us. The car seat bases were sold out and no longer made by the time we decided to buy another base. Luckily, the taxi strap function works sort of well, negating the need for another base. Then, before baby arrived, we ordered the car seat adapter, which was unnecessary, as the stroller came with an adapter for the BJ car seat (not mentioned in the info). We returned the adapter. For a daily use stroller, if you only walk a few blocks and never ever EVER have to fold up the stroller, then it's a fine bare-bones stroller. But don't be fooled. This thing DOES NOT FOLD EASILY. The braking mechanism constantly becomes entangled in the foot release. You have to bend over, manually release the foot lever, pick up the stroller, place it on its side, and force it together, fight with the carrier adapters (which will definitely fall off and skid across the parking lot), all the while hoping that the seat doesn't become stuck in the up position--because then you're going to strong-arm that thing into submission. After enacting this scenario in parking lots in freezing temps, I broke the adjustable seat, which will now not hold my 15 lb baby upright. In the trash it will go after she's out of her carrier. I'm sure Baby Jogger has some nice models that I could try, but this whole experience has soured me for the company.
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By BabyLove
Bellingham, WA, United States
Nice Little Umbrella Stroller
March 16, 2016
Nice umbrella stroller with a twist! Good storage, light, compact - what's not to love?!
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By Linnylou23
Baltimore, MD, United States
flip around!
March 15, 2016
I used my friends vue while out of town and I love the flip around feature! It was pretty easy and its nice to be able to control where baby is facing. It definitely isn't the stereotypical umbrella stroller and is a bit big when folded but it features that you don't generally get with the umbrella stroller so its worth the extra space
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By Ciara
Hagerstown, Md
Best umbrella stroller ever!
March 10, 2016
Great stroller! Small, lightweight, stylish, comfortable! Just purchased it for my 5 month old.
ProsSuper easy to assemble! Just snap on wheels and canopy and off you go! Canopy extends and does a great job of blocking off the sun. It's probably the smallest lightweight stroller that is reversible (making it good for newborn +). Nice size basket.
ConsNo cons as far as I'm concerned! Just wish it came with a rain cover!
By Annie c.
Santa Monica, CA, United States
lightweight, city/travel stroller
July 25, 2015
I bought this about a month ago. It is a lightweight stroller with a reversible seat. I have a six month old that needed to lay flat in the stroller for naps, look at me as we cruise around, and I need to lug my stroller up stairs, into the trunk of my car, onto the bus, and around the city I live in. This stroller is very good for the price. The wheels are sturdy enough to get around the messy sidewalks in my city, and the stroller is narrow enough to go in stores and restaurants. Although it is not a sturdy, heavy travel system, it gets the job done. The one down side is that it is so narrow a larger person would have a hard time getting their baby in and out.
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By Mom2threecritters
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Stairs are a problem
May 27, 2015
I really like the fact that my daughter can face me while in it. I need to be able to see her to clean her drool & spit up. The canopy doesn't cover her fully & I still have to cover the stroller with a blanket to block out the sun. Also, if you need to take the stairs (I live in the city) the brake is a major flaw. The brake gets in the way as I'm going up or down the stairs. Lastly, folding the stroller is a major problem. I have to close it my hand because the foot release system doesn't seem to work. With that said, I do like the stroller but the canopy, brake and folding mechanism needs to be adjusted.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Minders
Chicago, IL
Love this stroller
March 21, 2015
I waited for this stroller to be real eased for a long time. I really wanted a light stroller that folded easily, reversed, and had a large canopy which this stroller does. I like that it locks when folded as our large stroller doesn't do that and it's awful to put in the back of my SUV. I find the stroller sturdy and my 7 month old fits in it well. Some of the light strollers I tried were not sturdy at all! I like that it reverses easily and reclines to almost flat in both directions. He has napped in it numerous times. It has a small basket and no parent console but that's par for the course with a light stroller. It got dirty immediately when I folded it where the canopy touches the wheels but I don't think that can be helped. I am super happy with our purchase. Baby jogger has a great reputation and this did not disappoint.
* This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Alize125
Bronx, NY, United States
Not what I expected
March 2, 2015
Not what I expected it to be. To put canopy was difficult almost pinched my fingers trying to clip it to stroller! I hate the straps they are to thin and when I put my baby in the stroller and clipped him in, the straps were rubbing against his face and that's not right. The straps don't feel secure. I bought this stroller because of the reversal use which is good but the everything else needs to be fixed. Maybe others will have a different opinion and that's fine but this is my experience and I just purchased this on Saturday.
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