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Milwaukee, WI
Verified Buyer
Works Well For Traveling!
May 27, 2024
Very easy to fold up and is compact. Great for flying and traveling!
Truckee ca
Best everyday stroller
October 20, 2023
This is my favorite stroller! I used it for my 5th baby with the car seat adapter. It was so easy to pop out of the car for quick trips into the store with baby! It is folds so small I could put it behind a rear facing seat and the front seats. The tires are small but mighty they, push without a lot of effort of dirt and grass. I would definitely recommend this stroller.
  • Size folded and unfolded small, the push, the car seat adapter and so easy.
Best Uses
  • Car seat stroller and everyday use
  • The foot rest can twist and make it hard to fold down, the harness comes apart when your trying to buckle the 5 pieces together
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Great travel stroller
August 22, 2023
Easy to open and collapse with one hand. Easily fit in overhead bin. For the first few days of use.. the wheels were a little stiff and hard to turn but they quickly loosened up and it’s easy to push.
Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Happy with stroller but accomplish bag with broken zipper - customer service did not reply
August 11, 2023
The stroller itself worked great on our recent trip that included air travel. Unfortunately, upon getting ready to put the stroller in the accompanying bag when we arrived at the gate, we noticed that the zipper was broken. I reached out to customer service about getting a replacement bag, but have yet to hear back.
Concord, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Great stroller for Travel
July 11, 2023
Excellent for travel. The lighter and smaller frame (compared to baby jogger city GT) makes it ideal for travel. We were able to bring it on the plane because it fits in the overhead compartment. My kid specifically loves the raised foot rest. The closing and opening took us a few tries to get the hang of it but once we got it, it was so easy to get on and off trains/buses quickly when we were traveling. The wheels are not as smooth as Baby Jogger city GT but I can overlook that since its much smaller and better for travel compared to it.
Verified Buyer
Great stroller, light and compact
July 7, 2023
Great stroller, light and compact. We've used it on several flights, keep in the car for regular travel now (instead of our full-size stroller) now that the baby is older.
Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Should’ve gotten sooner!
June 30, 2023
My husband and I are quite minimalistic when it comes to our parenting stuff and this was the best purchase we have made as of late due to our lifestyle. It fits great in our trunk, allowing more trunk space. It’s slim, light, and compact to carry and even get through crowds at Walt Disney World. There’s not a whole lot of storage below but for us it’s enough because I don’t use a typical sized diaper bag. I use an 8L Baboon 2 the Moon mini backpack for essentials which easily fits underneath with still some extra room to give. What’s a plus is that I can access the the basket from underneath the footrest when it’s raised. The stroller has great maneuverability. The adjustable footrest is one of my favorite features, it’s also a good size! I have changed diapers on it when I didn’t have access to to a changing station. My kids had napped very well in it, especially at WDW! It was a dream to fold & carry onto the tram while carrying my baby in one arm, my bags on my back or shoulder, and stroller in the other hand. The canopy is quite sturdy. Overall, for a compact stroller, this one is reliably firm and not rickety which reassures me that as long as I take care of it properly, then it should last. Do keep in mind that you may need both hands to smoothly fold/unfold the stroller without it dragging on the floor or taking out your shin. It’s easy to do once you get a hang of it. There is one thing, I absolutely wish that the stroller would stand on its own when folded, however, it can stand as long as you make sure to put the brake on, lock the front wheels and once you’ve folded it, balance it upright. Of course, like most parents, a cup holder would be a great addition… what does it hurt to add another small piece to mix automatically if customers may end going on Amazon to buy one for 10-15 bucks? Or at least perhaps add a mesh pocket to the inner sides of the child’s seat for them to place their cups to stay hydrated. Essentially, this is my favorite stroller and I wish we had gotten from the start of my parenting journey. It’s price value is pretty good for the quality that it provides and yet I bought it with a. Memorial Day 20% discount, so definitely a good bang for my buck! I recommend this stroller for minimalist lifestyle, traveling, theme park days, napping and added diaper changing station bonus!
  • -compact, slim & light
  • -adjustable footrest
  • -change diapers
  • -easy maneuverability
  • -deep recline for comfortable napping
  • -good canopies
  • -firm & sturdy structure
Best Uses
  • -traveling abroad
  • -errands
  • -strolling at WDW Resort
  • -easy loading on trams, buses, trains, etc.
  • -minimalistic approach to parenting lifestyle
  • -fits great in small to medium sized trunks without taking to much space
  • -does not stand easily on its own
  • -no cup holder for parent or child
  • -May need both hands to fold and unfold smoothly
East Hartford, Connecticut
Verified Buyer
Better options available for a compact stroller.
June 9, 2023
I wanted to love this stroller but everything bothered me while using it. Opening and closing are not as easy as they seem. The upright position is nice but getting it there is a hassle. The handlebar is pretty high. The front wheels make so much rattling noises. Definitely a flat terrain stroller because the wheels can not handle the bumps of a sidewalk. It’s also alittle heavy for a compact stroller. The canopy does not cover much. The only thing I do like is the recline.
Love this stroller
April 17, 2023
Love this stroller. When our upppa baby broke after 8 years this is what we switched to and I love it. It’s so light , easy to fold and folds into such a small profile. Can also sit up or lay flat.
Minneapolis, MN
Great stroller, however missing key features
January 19, 2023
I want to love this stroller. The base stroller is great. Lightweight, compact, easy to fold and comes with travel bag. However, there isn't a tray accessory for the kids. That makes this less functional as kids get order. The belly bar without the tray is pretty useless.
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Compact for air travel
December 19, 2022
The stroller itself is great! It is easy and quick to fold- very compact, but is not an easy 1 handed opening. Besides that, the only other downfall is that it does not come with even a simple cup holder, although one is available for purchase. Overall, would recommend, especially for air travel!
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Sam Y.
Perfext for travel
December 15, 2022
We've only used the stroller once since purchasing, however it has been exactly what i've been looking for. I need something lightweight for travel and recline all the way down during naps. It was super easy to assemble, literally click the wheels in and you're good to go. I wish I had purchased the travel system stroller as well too when the kids were babies.
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Laura E.
San Francisco, CA
Exactly what I needed
December 11, 2022
Super convenient travel stroller - comfortable for the toddler, handles well, easy to breakdown and store, and easy to set back up again. We bought it for a Disney cruise, and it was a perfect choice. I highly recommend it and would buy it again if I had to make the choice again.
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New Jersey
Travel stroler
December 6, 2022
Bought it for my Europe trip. So easy to maneuver.
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Michael f.
Richmond va
Great travel stroller
November 10, 2022
Would give six stars if possible. Works great. We have several strollers and this is a go to now. Perfect for flying
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New York
Good for travel, but cheap details such as straps
November 6, 2022
Pros: folds up small, built-in leg rest, decent amount of recline, comes with a bag. Cons: Many of the small things are cheaply done, which make it frustrating to use. For instance the straps on the stroller are difficult to adjust, to click in easily, and are not comfortable for the kid. The mechanism to recline is also a bit cheap and a hassle to bring back up if the child is in the seat. The carrying bag strap is also uncomfortable.
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Angie M.
Love it!
October 30, 2022
I love the stroller and so does my baby! It's very comfortable and it reclines near flat which is great when baby falls asleep. I like the foot rest can adjust as well and make it more comfortable. It's also very compact, easy for traveling and I can fold with just one hand! Fits perfectly in my small suv trunk.
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Nadia C.
New Rochelle, NY
Good value for the cost
October 20, 2022
Pros: lightweight and has a compact fold (great for travel), good canopy coverage, the seat reclines at a near-flat angle which is good for naps on the go. The built-in foot rest is also great, especially with younger babies. The travel bag that comes with the stroller is a nice addition and is useful, especially when you need to gate-check the stroller before boarding a plane. Cons: doesn't stand on it's own when folded, you have to lean it against something if you don't want it to lay on the floor. Although the bag is useful, and there is a carrying strap (it's part of the folding mechanism), the stroller doesn't have a shoulder strap, which could be nice for situations when you need both hands free.
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M O.
Bluffton, SC
Highly Recommend! Great solution for a small car!
September 5, 2022
We have an EV with a small trunk and this stroller has been perfect! It fits neatly in the trunk with ample space to get groceries and other packages in the car. Stroller rides well, baby looks comfortable and harness is very secure. Overall very pleased with our purchase and highly recommend to other families looking for a reasonably priced ultra compact stroller!
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Be w.
Cincinnati, oh
Great portability but lacks quality
September 2, 2022
Our baby is 3 months old and the entire handle is already wiggling, the folding mechanism sticks frequently, and it also scratches very easily. I had high hopes for this stroller but it just does not work for everyday use. The bottom basket is also very small so I would suggest viewing it in person to make sure that it will work for your family.
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Brooklyn, New York
Verified Buyer
Compact and Easy to fold
July 6, 2022
This stroller definitely folds much more compact that my Uppababy Minu so I like that. The lean back to let the baby sleep is similar to the Minu, so Im not entirely sure why one would pay more for that except for the convinience of the click in car seat. I wish this had adapters for the Mesa. What could be better: the basket could be bigger, but Im sure thats a factor in how compact it folds. The sun shade leaves much to be desired and that is one of my biggest complaints. I also think it would be great if the upright position was MORE upright. I do also wish it was easier to open. Either I am doing it wrong, or you have to really push a part of the stroller with your leg top open it up.
  • Great for the price.
  • Compact easy to fold.
Best Uses
  • Travel or leave in a car.
  • Sun shade could be bigger.
  • More upright for the upright position.
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Great compact stroller!
June 28, 2022
I researched a ton of travel strollers and ultimately decided on this one! I love the size, it's perfect for travel. It seems sturdy and well made. I love the extended canopy. The basket fits just what I need it to. The ability to almost fully recline is amazing! I love how versatile it is. It folds up nicely and fits in so many small places and comes with a nice carry bag. It rides smoothly. My toddler loves it too! We are using this one primary for travel but also everyday use with my 20 month old. It's perfect for everyday because it's easy to unfold, lightweight and compact.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to handle
  • Built sturdy
  • Large canopy
  • Almost flat recline
  • Calf support
  • Ability to attach infant car seat
  • Nice fabric
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Every day for toddler
  • Cannot stand up without tipping over on its side
Avi L.
New York, NY
Super convenient for city use
May 19, 2022
Very easy to fold and expand, quite sturdy to navigate city sidewalks and the subway, the ability to recline and adjustable calf support set this above other compacts in this price range
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Verified Buyer
Great / Compact Stroller
May 12, 2022
Fits everywhere
Verified Buyer
Practical and travel friendly
May 4, 2022
you can’t take it with you on the airplane folds and unfolds super easy Looks nice
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Air travel
Bre T.
City tour 2
April 8, 2022
I love this pram and brought it for travel but tend to use it more then my 'everyday' pram! I do wish I could buy a replacement cover for it so I can wash one whilst using the pram. However I would highly recommend this pram to anyone!
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New York
Love Baby Jogger
March 15, 2022
Great stroller ! So lite and Convenient. Closes easy and you can store it anywhere safely . My Granddaughter is very comfortable in it. We love it.
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Westchester, NY
Broken fold mechanism
March 9, 2022
Was a great stroller but it didn't even last 2 years, the lock mechanism to fold the stroller is broken. We have to carry around an Allen key to take apart the handle every time we go anywhere. Not worth the money!
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Great for Traveling
February 23, 2022
This stroller is great for travel. We purchased it to use in airports and to keep in the car. We love that it comes with a travel bag. I gave 4 stars because it is pretty easy to fold, but not seamless. Also, the buckle is a little tricky at first if both parts come undone. We still like the stroller and are glad we got it.
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Mount Pleasant SC
Verified Buyer
Nice and compact.
February 13, 2022
Nice stroller.
Kp a.
Incline feature
January 14, 2022
My child can not sit up right enough in this stroller . Any suggestions
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Verified Buyer
Great for travel
January 9, 2022
Light weight. Easy to push, good canopy, easy to maneuver.
Burlington Vermont
Verified Buyer
Great for monms who love to move alot
November 14, 2021
I bought it for my niece for a shower gift. She did. lots of researches and felt this would meet her needs. She really loves it and uses it every day. Durable, easy to travel with.
New York
Verified Buyer
Perfect Travel Stroller
November 2, 2021
Super lightweight. Perfect for the airport and small city streets such as those in most European cities. Really easy to pack and carry when not using
Laredo TX
Fit's anywhere
October 19, 2021
I was able to fit my stroller inside my pick up truck under seat. That's mainly why I bought it. It's easy to open and close very light weight. The inly thing i did not like was that has no cup holders and the under basket it's way to small. But overall it is perfect
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Mama B.
Very Compact but breaks!
October 9, 2021
We bought this for our vacation because it fit in our trunk with our luggage. It was perfect for our trip and I thought about buying a second one for our other car. However after only using it maybe 8-10 times it broke to the point of being unusable!!! I have owned over a dozen strollers some very high end and some cheaper and this stroller held up worse than cheaper ones I have purchased when we have forgotten a stroller or needed one for a specific purpose. I would have expected a lot more from Baby Jogger.
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Thumbs up
August 27, 2021
It's a great umbrella stroller with good handling. Easy to open and close and the compact size is perfect for short trips.
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August 16, 2021
I'm so disappointed in this product! It's so cheaply made, the child sits so low, and it's impossible to fold one handed (this is the main reason why I purchased it). It looks and feels cheap. It's hard to unfold as well. Really wishing I would've gone with a different brand but now it's too late to return since I've used it.
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May C.
Hoboken, NJ
Fantastic travel stroller!
August 11, 2021
Loving this so far! Very sturdy for a travel stroller. The fold gets stuck just a bit but once you get the top handle down, the rest is really easy and the unfold is very easy as well. The stroller maneuvers very well. It is moderately lightweight at 14 lbs. Certainly lighter than a regular stroller but could be lighter for a travel stroller. The basket is VERY small and there is no mesh pocket in the back of the stroller that the City Mini has. The seat does recline very flat though.
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July 24, 2021
Loved this stroller I already recommended to several friends. Super light, but durable.
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Philadelphia, PA
Great lightweight stroller!
July 8, 2021
Haven't used it yet but unpacked and tried opening and closing several times. It is definitely compact, lightweight and easy to use. The only room for improvement I see is a strap that could be used without the bag. I like that the bag offers protection but for short distances it would be nice to not have to place it in the bag and have an easy way to transport.
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Verified Buyer
Good product
July 4, 2021
Purchased 4 months ago. Works well but my only complaint is whoever designed the buckle has never loaded squirming kid. It is way too complicated.
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New Orleans
Toddler mom
June 23, 2021
Everything is great so far. I do not have a problem with opening and closing the stroller. It is indeed light weight and very easy to maneuver. The last test for me is traveling with it by train and by plane. But so far it's good.
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Totally recommend
June 21, 2021
Absolutely love this stroller. The one hand fold, the weight everything!
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Verified Buyer
Eh it's alright
March 20, 2021
I got this for travel and keep in the car for errands. The seat is very short and uncomfortable. Because if the short seat the makes the buckle press between babies legs. It's ok for a short time and it's so light weight and small it's easy to get in and out of the car. Would be perfect if the seat was deeper unfortunately.
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Verified Buyer
Love it but...
February 13, 2021
Love this stroller, its very sleek and very easy to maneuver, lives up to the size and weight of the stroller. My only gripe is that over time and due to not regular use (covid times), the leg rest somehow will not stay flat now, even if we put it down before we fold the stroller, when folded the leg rest is sticking out. I've folded it back down when its folded and still it pops right back up. :/
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Verified Buyer
Love it
July 24, 2020
It's smooth and really easy to manage! Love the color for my baby can't wait to use it
Freehold, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Great Travel Stroller for the Price
June 16, 2020
I looked around at all different travel strollers (wasn’t concerned about air travel but quick errands) and this was the best bang for the buck. The ride may not be quite as smooth as the Minu, but it’s a much better priced option. I’m happy with my purchase.
Norwalk, CT
Verified Buyer
Very Good Travel Stroller
May 8, 2020
We bought this to use on a trip to Spain with our 8 month old daughter. Unfortunately, due to COVID19, our trip was canceled, so I cannot comment on use for traveling. However- it does fold up very small and comes with a bag, so I am sure it would not have been an issue to put in overhead bins. We do still use this stroller almost daily though. We use it for quick little walks around our neighborhood and also when we are going away for weekends as it fits better in a fully packed car. It handles well on many terrains. I recently walked on a rocky, bumpy dirt road and it held up very well! Obviously it was not as smooth as a full size stroller, but it worked! The only thing I find to be tricky is the folding and unfolding. Sometimes I am able to do with one hand, but sometimes it's just impossible. This is not a deal breaker for me, but just something to note!
Shanghai, China
Verified Buyer
April 21, 2020
As a travelling mom of two kids under 3, the CityTour2 has been an absolute godsend. Our 10 month old averaged an international flight each month, and often flying with just myself and the two kids. The Tour2 made it manageable....super compact and lightweight but the best part, I can fold it with one hand, baby in tow! Not only was it amazing for the newborn long haul flights, but for our exhausted toddler as It can recline almost flat with leg support and fits easily in the overhead compartments. Living in Shanghai at present, it's been the perfect pram for on the go squeezing between people and crowds. Well done. I have and no doubt be recommending all parents your way! 
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